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    Franky's strategy revovles around him standing his ground and using his range to bring down his team. He will have Kuma prep an Ursa Shock and release when it is done followed with Paw canons/another Ursus shock.Franky will spam his lazer where his team supports from both the ground and air with their abilities which include other Projectiles.

    Doots has Moria takes all the shadows excluding MMC from the fodder where he keeps Usopp's and gives the rest to Teach. MMC will keep the team safe in the back with a tied knot and a bag with breath dials. Moria will use usopp's skills to take the sky using dopple man and start sniping, he will then split dopple man into 2 (?) and use the second one to aid.

    Bart will create a barrier to protect Teach and everyone at the start and teach will then push this barrier forward using his soru/speed while using BH while moving forward. Once he makes it to a far enough distance Bart will recall the barrier towards himself and defend the team with it. It is then Teach close in vs everyone

    I think this match is broken into how does Teach and his team interact with Kuma's Ursus shock, to be honest I see no real way for Franky's team to deal with Teach if is able to get in close like he wants to with his plan. I guess the firs thing is to address how their initial prep time interact. Personally I think Kuma gets a total of 2 Ursa shocks where Teach is not close to him. The first one is when the shadow transferring is about done and Teach is ready, the second one occurs when teach has made his way to the enemies team with support from Barts barrier.

    Looking at the first time US will land doot's will have his team rather clumped up, during this time there will be attacks like Radical beam and other projectiles getting launched. I don't think this does too much but it provides a small annoyance. When the first US lands it will do a lot considering the team is incredibly clumped up during the early stages before they spread. If we look at the two panels of US when it was used in TB and Marineford there are two things that are incredibly obvious that occur. The first involves how the damage is spread, looking at TB Kuma used the attack with no real target but releases it around him. The result shows TB suffering structural damage and causing some waves to occur on the outside of the ship. It knocks out everyone aside from a couple exhausted SH's. Looking at Marineford it was strong enough to lift oars off his feet but cause some rather poor surrounding damage. The marines near buy did show some struggle when maintaining their foothold but only a small percentage really were lifted and tossed. The common denominator between these two feats is that the structural damage is rather significant and only the main target of the US will be damaged heavily where the by standers are able to tank the shock rather easily.

    Looking at prep time Kuma didn;t take that long when against the SH's on TB. Several back and forth dialogues gives us a rough amount of time it takes to prep one, this is also supported in marineford with Kuma using it again. If we assume he starts to prep it when Oars starts to run through marines it takes a bit longer but nothing too significant to really sway my from assuming Frank'ys Kuma in an ideal situation gets off at least two given the distance.

    The first Us will be launched when Doot's team finish prepping and the second will be launched when Teach is moving towards them with bart's barrier. During the first launch of US I think will deal the most damage considering how clumped your team is at the start and how much more clumped they will be given that Franky's radical beams will be forcing you to come closer to the barrier. As for what happens when the attack is launched I see your team taking rather heavy damage on the weaker end members where the stronger ones will hold their ground. The barrier will help a bit but given how US works mechanically with compressed air expanding at an incredibly fast rate the barrier will not do too much. The issue is what happens with the bag since I see this being the only way for Franky to win, looking at the panels knowing that the center of US does the most damage and that Doot's team will be clumped for the first one it really suggests that it will do the most damage to them at that time.
    We see here that Oar's shirt is perfectly fine before US and after
    Here we see it torn along with the sword being broken

    Im assuming something similar happens to your bag, considering the size of oar's those individual holes are bigger then your bag.

    With a weakened Teach without the aid of his supporting skills I do think eventually Kuma and his team will be able to defeat him on the ground after weakening him significantly at the start.

    Vote Franky

    Since this is Sudden death Franky Advances 1-0, Congrats.
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