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    Ordeal of Blood R1M7: Kong vs Great Potato

    1. Vote clearly on the victor. You must state a reason why you feel that team would win. Your vote is voided if: You don't have a reason stated, you have less than 100 posts (unless it is decided differently), and if you don't put I vote for: (Participant Name here) at the end of your post.

    2. Only 1 vote allowed. If later you are persuaded by someone and choose to vote for the other person, then only that vote will count.

    3. No filler abilities, none period.

    4. No character hype, yes Zoro is fucking awesome, but please try and be serious and just go off their skills

    5. Experience of fighting WITH or AGAINST character's are in play. (eg Baroque Works pairs, such as Mr 4 and Miss Merry Christmas will work well together).

    6. There is no prep time. But your characters have unlimited time before a match where they can discuss strategy and share knowledge etc. But no actions may be taken before a match.

    7. The In character Rule
    Characters will do their best to follow a strategy. They will happily attack the enemy (even Sanji will kick a girl if she is the enemy). Characters have no fear (Ussop will not run away). When left with nothing to do and no guidelines, characters will behave incharacter as they would do in the manga.

    8. If caught bribing for votes or cheating (making aliases), you will be disqualified from the tournament.

    9. Logias are not intangible, they can be hurt by all normal attacks (eg, you don't need water to hurt Crocodile). Zombies character are also the same, they can be hurt with normal attacks, not just salt and fire.

    10. A strategy cannot plan for things the characters have no knowledge of. For example, a team cannot plan for Don Kriegs poison if no one on that players team has knowledge of it.


    Burgess- 90
    Sanji- 60
    Moria- 25
    Wiper- 2
    Absalom- 2
    Jango- 1

    Team Bear Trap

    Bartholomew Kuma (Teleportation of people/objects limited to 150M) - 70
    Trébol - 40
    Caesar (No intangibility) - 30
    Monet (No intangibility) - 15
    Caribou - 5
    Current Usopp - 5
    Vander Decken - 5
    Absalom - 2
    Foxy - 2
    Perona - 2
    Wiper - 2
    Gedatsu - 1
    Wapol - 1

    Location: Loguetown
    Location rules:
    Teams start out at opposite ends of plaza and can not leave it.

    Distance: Short (100M)

    @Great Potato;
    Melmoth the Wanderer;

    The match is 72 hours long where teams have 48 hours to submit a strategy. Good luck to both of you.

    Match ends at August 14th 11:35 pm

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    Here we go.

    Knowledge: Full, except on Burgess.

    Preparation: Wiper gives Usopp his Seastone Skates.

    Phase One:

    *Bullets one and two happen simultaneously

    •Perona stands at my team's far end of the plaza with Wiper guarding her, Burn Bazooka in hand.

    She sends out her Ghost Network to spy on the other team, seeing what they're planning.

    Wapol uses his Munch-Munch Factory to fuse Foxy and Absalom. We'll call this creature Foxalom.

    Foxalom then meets up with Kuma and the two of them hitch a ride with Caesar (in gas balloon form). Now, this technique is slow, but as long as Kuma is with them, it's not a problem. He'll propel them meters a pop to their destination. And of course, Foxalom will turn them all invisible.

    •Burgess is the problem child of the other team, so dealing with him first is paramount.

    Monet will take to the sky with Trébol in her talons and Gedatsu piggybacking on her. The Birkan will use his Mantra to pick up any thoughts in area, and possibly alert them to Sanji being in the sky. Around the middle of the plaza and beyond, Trébol will drop his gloop everywhere possible. An attack like Beta Betton Launcher should do the trick. Trébol is a fast fucker, so it shouldn't take long to accomplish this task.

    •By the time that's taken care of, Kuma, Caesar and Foxalom will be before the field of Trébol's paste, on the other team's side of the plaza. Foxalom will be piggybacking Kuma, along with Caesar and they'll all still be invisible. Knowing Burgess and his impulsive behavior, he'll be charging recklessly into battle. I'd imagine that his team uses him like a blitzkrieg, being backed up by more tricky fighters like Moria or Absalom. Not that it matters, because by the time Burgess is in sight, an invisible Kuma will teleport him into a fresh batch of Trébol's glue.

    Burgess is a strong fucker, so it's wise not to give him too much time to struggle in the glue. To mediate this issue, Foxy will hit the glue and Burgess with a Noro Noro Beam, leaving him unable to struggle in real time. Once Trébol, Monet and Gedatsu are behind the line of gloop, Kuma will smack Burgess with an Ursa Shock. He'll probably have time for another Ursa Shock as well. So by the time Burgess is freed of the Noro Noro Beam, he's gonna feel the force of two Ursa Shocks, at which point, it's GG. And if Burgess is still somehow conscious, Caesar will just suffocate him to death. If any of their weaker fighters like Absalom, Wiper and Django are in the area, they'll undoubtedly be taken out. Even Sanji could take a nasty bite if he's low enough in the sky. Thus, phase one ends...

    Phase Two:

    •With the MVP of the other team taken care of, it's time to clean up the scraps...

    Assuming everyone on the other team avoided the Ursa Shock(s), my team's strategy will be as follows...

    •With an invisible Kuma, Caesar and Foxalom on the front lines, they'll probably have to deal with the two other big threats: Sanji and Moria.

    The trio of Kuma, Caesar and Foxalom could reasonably fight off those two, perhaps even overwhelm them.

    Now, I'm sure the other team will be planning something with Wiper's Seastone Skates, but so is my team.

    Monet will once again take to the sky, this time with Usopp on her back. He'll be mounted between her wings and pull out Great Kuro Kabuto. With the Seastone Skates wrapped up in Bagworm Star, he'll wait for the opportune moment to snipe out Moria. Kuma will have been informed of this, and will be waiting for an opportune moment to throw Moria into the line of fire, just in case he notices the attack ahead of time. With the Shadow Man rendered unconscious with two Seastone Skates plunged into his body, Sanji will be the only real threat remaining.

    •By this point, Trébol will have crossed the field of his own glue to either take care of whatever fodder is left or to assist Kuma in taking care of Sanji. And if the previous plan to fell Moria had failed, he'll deal with the Shadow Man

    Either way, by this point, the opposing team will have been overwhelmed by my team's numbers and crippling hax. Eventually Sanji will fall the same way Kuma did. They have some useful abilities, but no real way to implement them effectively against a team that outnumbers them more than two to one, backed up by even more convenient abilities
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crispickle
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    The rest is history: Kong very skillfully discovered our group (that was not even hidden) and spent long wet days exploring every thread, going through every post and stalking our entire stack byte by byte, until he found about 2 or 3 questionable instances, and proceeded to make the dish richer with creative additions like hardcore lolicon porn or the infamous star children pics -whatever it's supposed to mean- and soon after i logged in to me being the Al Capone of children trafficking, ordering constant refill of actual holo 3D virtual reality cp videos, and something about emma watson whose meaning and origin i've yet to understand, since it's definitely the most bizarre claim on top of a cake of more or less unbelievable bullshit. At that point, i wasn't much shocked of Kong, cuz he was just being the slimy Kong we all know and love, but of GP, who i've always seen as the scales balancer between me and Pops in the past, and now he'd be very unbalancedly deploying all his rethorics against me and that circle of people, making a long shade of made up stuff, banning us one by one without giving the chance to speak, hiding the group from everyone's eyes with all the evidence it contained, and proceeding to a fervent damnatio memoriae for still long time after the ban.

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    Kuma- Full
    Trebol- No knowledge
    Caesar- Full knowledge
    Monet- No knowledge
    Caribou- Full
    Usopp- Full
    Vander Decken- Partial knowledge via Sanji
    Absalom- Full
    Foxy- Full
    Perona- Full
    Wiper- Full
    Gedatsu- Partial knowledge via Wiper
    Wapol- Full

    Burgess- No knowledge
    Sanji- Mostly Full
    Moria- Full
    Wiper- Full
    Jango- Full

    Wiper takes off his two seastone skates, he gives one to Sanji to wear on one of his shoes and the other to Burgess to weild like brass knuckles. The opponents will be flabbergasted at my crew going in assymetrical, hooh hah! Jango... I'll have to save my more juicy machinations I have in store with him for later rounds if I make it, but for now he'll just use hypnotism to calm the minds of my team and raise the situational awareness of my team, the goal to keep them alert of minor details and work under pressure. Wiper let's his reject dial eat a point blank surge elbow, he gives this to Moria.

    Moria starts out the match sending out a rectangular dopplman to serve as a mobile protective wall, with my team trailing behind it towards the opponent team. There will be a small gap for Wiper to fire his burn bazooka through on the way over, which can close if it senses an attack coming, the prime targets for the burn bazooka are Foxy, Perona, and Usopp in that order (if they are away from the battlefield Sanji's CoO will notice and he will alert Wiper). Sanji will be at the rear keeping his guard up with CoO and anticipating any teleportation Kuma tries to unleash on him.

    Once we get within a decent range our protective wall will break down into a swarm of brick bats that flood the opponents, leaving a few on the back of Burgess. The bats will cover a fairly good area, not only will this keep weaker members disoriented, but any invisible opponents in the area will be caught in the swarm and exposed.

    As soon as the offensive begins Burgess will launch a galleon lariet into Kong's main group to clear out some weaklings and disorient the rest, and try to follow it up by lunging straight at Caesar and giving him a nasty blow with a full powered seastone hook. He'll then try going ham like he did when he wiped out block A in an instant. Sanji will kick it off by taking off a short distance into the air and try to locate Kuma with CoC, who he will aim to engage in battle with. Sanji excels in agility, he will use this to try closing the distance between him and Kuma, and avoid his blows while deliver crushing blows with his seastone skates, something that will have quite an effect on a devil fruit user, if possibly he'll be aiming to pin him down with the skate and then use his free leg to finish the schichibukai off. Sanji will be utilizing Diable Jambe on his none seastone leg in this confrontation for extra power and a possibility to singe anyone working too closely with Kuma.

    Moria's role will be keeping back a fair distance and keeping an eye out for Burgess. His brick bats will already be in place and he will utilize them to protect the blindspots of Burgess. Both Burgess and Moria are aware that a reject dial lies amongst the opponents. If they see an opponent equipped with one of them they will be given a wide birth and Burgess will try to take them out with his range tech like surge elbows and galleon lariets. If someone jumps towards the back of Burgess then the brick bats will fly off of his back to block the blow.

    Wiper will be focusing his attention on the battle between Kuma and Sanji. If any support comes for Kuma's aid he will lay down suppressive fire with the burn bazooka. If not he will aim it at the schichibukai himself to try and distract him and allow Sanji to get in the seastone kicks.

    Jango will be at Moria's side, as long as Jango is alive Moria can dedicate full attention to Burgess while Jango keeps an eye on Sanji. Moria holds a trump card that he is allowed to use freely with the reject dial. If Sanji is in a real sour position and not holding out well enough against Kuma then Moria will bring his doppleman to that fight and swap with it, aiming to land it on Kuma. Otherwise if someone is overwhelming Burgess and it looks like he'll be lost, then Moria will do the same and try rejecting whoever it is that's threatening to bring down Burgess. If possible he will swap his hand with that of the doppleman to spare himself the recoil of the attack.

    If Sanji defeats Kuma he will help Burgess in clearing out the support. If Burgess clears out the support first then everyone left on the battlefield will help in defeating Kuma.

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    His name is Great Potato
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    He might as well be named Plato
    But he don't really play though
    Except if it's Ordeal of Blood
    In front of the Webb (web) but my name ain't Spud
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    A nice motivator, but I don't smoke pot.


    Strategy puts too much faith in Kuma's ability to transport Burgess into Trebol's sticky setup.

    Kong assumed Burgess would be rushing in like a blitzkrieg and be easy bait, but they are proceeding defensively with the utmost caution, a mindset drilled into their head with hypnotism even. He also didn't pay enough attention to Sanji in this phase. My Sanji was expecting invisibility and a sneak attack and once an invisible Kuma teleports behind Burgess he will go on the attack and Moria will activate the brick bats attached to Burgess to block his teleporting touch; the doppleman barrier between Burgess and the sticky substance will block off the teleport route as well. Kuma put too much confidence in his invisibility and fell right into my team's trap. Sanji stays at the back of their advancement because he's anticipating teleportation tactics and invisibility. As soon as Kuma teleports behind Burgess he will be surrounded by Burgess with seastone, Sanji with seastone, and Moria with a Burgess empowered reject dial, all with heightened senses from Jango's hypnosis to alert them of the 20 foot bear of a machine that crashed into their group. And even if he does somehow pull off launching Burgess into Trebol's goop, he's not going to be pulling off two Ursus Shocks with Sanji hot on his ass, he'll get a seastone skate crashing over his head for his efforts.

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    So your favorite food is Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato? I thought it was steak.

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    - Kong's airborne travel strategy really limits the mobility of his team, Monet and Caesar can't avoid enemy attacks while bearing the burden of the team members they are carrying, making them very vulnerable.

    - With no plan to defend Wapol while he's creating the fusion abomination either him. foxy, or Absalom is likely to be taken out by a Burn Bazooka blast.

    - Invisibility won't be a big benefit to Kong since Sanji, and most likely Burgess have CoO and can detect their presence anyway.

    - Trebol should successfully rain down his snot on the field. However, Kong shot himself in the foot by focusing in Burgess as the target for Kuma to shoot into the snot. Sanji will be the one engaging Kuma, and Kuma would have a shot at pulling off that strategy on him, but that's not Kong's approach for taking him down. Sanji should win the engagement without much of a problem with Seastone equipped.

    - Overall Kong's team should already be at a disadvantage once the distance is closed since GP has the stronger range assault with Galleon lariette and Kong doesn't have any defensive measures. His plan to disable Burgess won't work, but the snot field is still quite the threat since GP doesn't have knowledge. With Kuma engaged by Sanji and eventually defeated, however, Kong just has no way to take down Burgess, bottom line.


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    Congrats to GP for advancing to Round 2 with a 1-0 victory

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