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    Ordeal of Blood R1M4: Poopy vs V

    1. Vote clearly on the victor. You must state a reason why you feel that team would win. Your vote is voided if: You don't have a reason stated, you have less than 100 posts (unless it is decided differently), and if you don't put I vote for: (Participant Name here) at the end of your post.

    2. Only 1 vote allowed. If later you are persuaded by someone and choose to vote for the other person, then only that vote will count.

    3. No filler abilities, none period.

    4. No character hype, yes Zoro is fucking awesome, but please try and be serious and just go off their skills

    5. Experience of fighting WITH or AGAINST character's are in play. (eg Baroque Works pairs, such as Mr 4 and Miss Merry Christmas will work well together).

    6. There is no prep time. But your characters have unlimited time before a match where they can discuss strategy and share knowledge etc. But no actions may be taken before a match.

    7. The In character Rule
    Characters will do their best to follow a strategy. They will happily attack the enemy (even Sanji will kick a girl if she is the enemy). Characters have no fear (Ussop will not run away). When left with nothing to do and no guidelines, characters will behave incharacter as they would do in the manga.

    8. If caught bribing for votes or cheating (making aliases), you will be disqualified from the tournament.

    9. Logias are not intangible, they can be hurt by all normal attacks (eg, you don't need water to hurt Crocodile). Zombies character are also the same, they can be hurt with normal attacks, not just salt and fire.

    10. A strategy cannot plan for things the characters have no knowledge of. For example, a team cannot plan for Don Kriegs poison if no one on that players team has knowledge of it.


    The doctor isnt in today

    Law 70
    Mr.3 1
    Enel 25
    Magellan 60
    Monet 15
    Blueno 5
    Wiper 2
    Pre skip robin 2



    Blackbeard - 110
    Enel - 25
    Franky - 15
    Crocodile -5
    Pre-Luffy - 5
    Pre-Zoro -5
    Pacifista 5
    Wiper - 2
    Abaslom - 2
    Inazuma - 2
    Buggy - 1
    Pell - 1
    Don Kreig - 1
    Arlong - 1

    Location: Impel Down Level 4/Scorching Heat Hell
    Location rules:
    Teams start out at opposite ends of Scorching Heat Hell, separated by the bridge over the Pond of Blood. Teams may not leave Level 4.

    Distance: Long (250M)


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    So the time has come eh V...

    His team is a bunch of pussies like him so when it comes to fights, they don't show up

    My team wins

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    The Three Bros.

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    Enel on both sides

    Looking forward to this.

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    This should be interesting.

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    Yea good luck zoro

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    Teach Little
    Enel Full
    Franky Pre skip Robin + Law, we know he is a cyborg (Robin) and roughly how strong he is (Law)
    Crocodile A fair amount from Robin
    Pre Luffy Full
    Pre Zoro Full
    Pac Full
    Wiper Full
    ABasolom None
    Inazuma A little from Magellan
    Buggy Mr3+ Magellan
    Pell Robin
    DK none
    Arlong None

    Monet's abilities are not very effective here due to the heat, same goes for Mr.3
    Magellan knows this location like the back of his hand, we use to our advantage
    Wiper gives his bazooka to Blueno
    They have very limited knowledge on Blueno
    My team will split into groups in this strat, just not at the start.

    1 Magellen law mr3 wiper
    2 Blueno Enel Monet Robin


    These three things happen at the same time
    - Enel locates the enemies team and tells Blueno this
    - Blueno opens a door where the entrance is near Magellan
    - Robin will place eyes ears and mouths near the top of blueno's head

    Enel will then through the use of his cloud dial begin to hover above our team where using mantra will start to use El thor.Enel will then relay the location towards our team and will coordinate with our team. One of three things happen

    Teach and Co move forward together
    Teach and Co hold their ground
    Teach and co seperate and move

    For the first to scenarios the same thing will basically occur, Magellan will feed his hydras into the enterance Blueno made and then have Blueno open the door with the coordination of Robin and Enel create the exit really close to the enemy team. With Soru/geppou he should be able to cover the distance required to set this up.The strength of this is the surprises factor that Blueno provides and the general mayhem that Enel will be causing throwing El thor's to the general direction of the enemy.

    While this attack is happening Law and the rest of the team will start to make their way towards the enemy team.Group one will move forward knowing the enemies location given Enel using mantra nad Robin communicating to the rest of my team. once they get in range Law will activate his Room and immidately throw an object towards himself as fast as he can, this can be his hat or whatever he can toss. Once the object reaces the end law of Law's room magellan will be swapped with it and activate Kinjite/hells judgement. Ideally by the end of this Magellan will have become the front tank in the middle of the enemies team with Hells judgement activated.

    Dealin with the rest. Ideally by now we will be inside Room's diameter and law will begin to absoltely destory them. With absoltely no haki on them aside from teach they all get cleaved and dropped, Law will if necessary swap our his teammates if they arein his way with random rocks that his team brought with him or other enemies. With magellan and Law really close now they should be able to clean up comfortably.

    If nothing else comes up Wiper will throw the sea stone in a weird direction and Law will swap someone where the seastone will hit Teach.

    Blueno will keep doors open to let Enel keep attacking and using a bazooka from range/rankyaku on those affected by poison.

    What Ifs

    Anyone that gets pulled in that is not magellan or Law gets swapped out using room, the goal for our strategy is to get Teach inside of Law's room using Enel and Magellan to buy that time. If law gets pulled he will swap himself out with magellan so he gets covered in poison.

    We get blitzed?
    Level 4 has been shown to have rather narrow Hallways that are flat and straight which make it easy for Enel and Magellan to buy time

    Your team is worthless in the heat
    I think Monet should be able to keep Robin under a reasonable temperature where she can accomplish her goals. Mr.3 is going to be used to soak some damage his wax shouldnt work.

    Enel attacks?
    With our enel floating above he should be able to counter with an attack and keep Monet robin safe.

    Friendly fire with poison?
    Magellan will be carefull, he wont use any of his gas techniques and any poison that might be a problem will be handled by law with room.
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