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    He slept through the whole thing and probably put the weight back on

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    For me a 10/10 isn't something with no flaws... it was an 8/10 for me. Even then, I still think it was poor, in that the arc behind it and the lazy writing choices in my opinion affect this episode.. I don't think it can be judged individually.

    The fact that all the universes got restored without a hitch rubs me the wrong way. Feels wasted. Would have been better if spectators realised overtime that Goku if he wins, would wish instead for something selfish (something true to Goku's desire to just fight, fight fight - wasn't that the central theme at the beginning of the arc? Hence the suspected heel turn of Goku being worth something rather than a wasted and, likely, an unintended investment). Hence there would actually be stakes, interesting character contrasts (given Vegeta's newfound family and his weirdly prioritised Cabba mentor stint) - uncertainty as to who won. And the value of Goku's nakama power up last episode would have been more profound.
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    Quote Originally Posted by V View Post
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    He slept through the whole thing and probably put the weight back on
    So he just got shafted for the entirety of DBS what a shame lol.

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    Did Hit actually just get fodderized by Jiren

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    What were you expecting.

    SSG is stronger than Hit in the manga, Jiren just btfo of MSSB Goku.
    Hit is trying to punch well above his weight class here

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    There's the chapter if you have not read it yet.

    Jiren was surprised a little when Hit fully powered up and mastered blue was getting fodderized also. With Hit's new ability I would say hes a blue tier.

    I like the manga version more of Hit vs Jiren, but the anime was way better when Goku and Jiren first fought.

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    That was a little sad.

    Hit was just a toy to be thrown aside when Jiren was done playing

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    Actually I like the anime version better of Hit vs Jiren.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hit got flat out embarrassed

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    I liked Hit vs Jiren even though jiren was jobbing hard so he could troll hit. Wasn't much between Goku vs Jiren (i think the power difference is even greater than in the anime) or Goku + Hit vs Jiren.

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    The anime version of the fight was silly honestly.

    Hit actually did better in the manga. In the anime version Jiren was sandbagging so hard, hitting Hit so many times but not knocking him out because he was barely using any force.

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