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    Chapter 155: Magma

    An unleashed torrent of cinnabar red fire was gnawing at whatever it was able to touch. Rax's inner strength was rushing out all at once. Speaking was starting to slip away from him. He wasn't able to utter out anything at the moment other than monster like snarls and groans. The right with his father was twisting his love of combat into a hunger for carnage and revenge against the stem of all his deepest pains within his life.

    Granite Slates!" Galder shook off the hits that Rax dealt to him, avoiding the lava that was spilling around them and moving to the nearest clear space of untouched rock. With this he kicked his legs forward in a repetetive flurry, sending stone disks that each weighed over five tons at Rax at speeds that were shattering the sound barrier. "

    From each impact of the stone attacks Galder launched at him Rax was bothered him but none of them were slowing him down, even with visible bruises and scrapes formed from each attack. "Mmhh!" Rax took a claw like motion overhead at Galder, the flames carving into his shoulders and across his forehead.

    "Boulder Sandwich!" Grabbing onto two huge balls of stone fifty feet wide each Galder slammed them together, encasing Rax inside and then chucking it into the ground so fast it caught fire. "Boulder Drop!"

    Once he made contact with the ground the bolder broke apart, spilling out a pool of lava that splattered around upon the ground all around where it hit. Rax tumbled along the ground, leaving a melted trail of all he touched and slid up to his feet where he pumped his arms back with a further surge of heat that was for a normal human would scorch their lungs to dried up plums within the very first inhale.

    "Rax has lost all control!" Allara was panicking from watching. He could barely make out anything that happened. Now he just knows from what he can see off in the distance are explosions of great fire he could still feel from all the way over from where they jumped back to.

    Skaryuu seemed to have a tone of understanding at this sight of Rax he'd never witnessed before.
    "He's succumbed to his rage."

    Worry rattled Apricot seeing Rax like this. He, as a concept, was a staple to her youth. The idea of Rax losing himself like this was saddening to her "I hope he's okay..."

    "That's not rage..." Extending out his sensory range into far more thinned down point instead of omni-directional let it reach out to where Rax was now. From what he was picking up he was able to strike out the fuel for his current strength was from rage. "My sensors are reading something strange."

    "What do you mean?" Latching onto the first chance she would be able to get that would lead down to more information to soothe her mind of Rax's current situation was what Apricot was glad to do. Her rapid sense of paranoia was running around the various possibilities that could be causing this.

    The first to know this wasn't Alaude, it was Dohawk. It was a deep sense he was able to pick up. It was what really set off his panic that moved his wings back when things began only a couple minutes ago. A deep set feeling that was stemmed from his below his conscious thoughts.
    "I can feel it... That pressure, the feeling of fangs against my throat, as if I was being hunted."

    A soft word whimpered out of Apricot's mouth as she watched on, looking through Alaude's sensory feed that was set u p so they could see the fight going on as if they were only a hundred yards away.

    "Flipping Layer!" Deep into the ground below him Galder tore the tectonic plates apart. Overhead he swung a gargantuan plate of granite five miles thick and roughly twenty to twenty five miles across in each direction. Crashing this down onto Rax in the assumption he would be crushed Galder put great force into his, the veins of on his arms, torso, and face were popping out against his skin.

    Upon impact Rax pushed back against this behemoth of rock. It took everything he could in his physical strength, even in this state where his power was surging out of control, to hold up this thing.

    "You've managing to hold that up? Maybe you inherited at least some genetics of value from me, you fussy brat." This was impressive. Galder acknowledged this. Alas, it still wasn't enough to win over his father's approval As of now he had a son that was seated within the Sigils of Crown and Throne (Though he was on the verge of retiring) that had given him all that he wanted, all that he strived for. Not only was he a member of the Sigils, but he was the leader of that team; The Sigil of the Throne. Even with Stratos on his way out of his position Galder was going to be forever respected and revered for his son's accomplishments until the day he passed on from this world. It was a pedestal Rax couldn't even see the ledges of, unable to meet up to his father's expectations.

    Gripping onto the rock and trying his best not to be crushed by it Rax began to force heat and flames at the stone in order to melt the area around him to push past it

    "Maybe you need a time out? Take some time to think things over... Beneath The Basalt! Igneous Gorge!" Motioning his feet Galder opened a deep fissure into the ground below Rax, dropping him miles and miles below the surface. The slam down motion from the massive stone plate he slammed onto Rax propelled him down at a much faster rate than free fall, hitting the bottom of the fissure in seconds, slamming it shut before Rax had a chance to get up. "What an ungrateful little shit.

    Rax was now submerged dozens and dozens of miles below the surface of the land, encased in a tomb of stone that was determined to hold him in place "Aaaggh!"

    "A disappointment through and through. You were just always so determined to disappoint your father." Rax was able to give his father a mild run for his money, but Galder, in his mind, could never lose to the son he threw away.

    Multiple little dots of red began to freckle the ground around the battlefield. Galder didn't know what to make of it. Each of these minuscule red specks began to bubble for a few seconds before huge geysers of molten lava began erupting from the ground. Miles around him began to melt, burning, boiling, being morphed by Rax's hungry flames. It wasn't more than four seconds after this began that the area was twisted into a sea of molten red, swallowing up whatever was in their path with liquid power.

    "What the hell?" This vision that was laid out before him, occurring everywhere around him, was boggling his mind. Galder wasn't sure if it was even Rax anymore at this point he was fighting

    Out from this molten red sea burst out Rax, a the lava sliding off of his body like water off of glass. Flames were spewing out of his eyes, mouth, fingers, and the star shaped piece of hair upon his head. From his maw he roared with great force at his prey "FAAAAAAAAAAATHERRRRRRR!"

    "How is his strength still growing?! The heat of his flames are getting more intense by the second!" What was happening here? Galder couldn't make heads or tails of it at all. Throughout their fight Rax's power just kept up on the rise. Everything he was doing was hurting him, but from what he could tell Rax was already hurting even without contact. This pain wasn't emotional pain either, it was clear physical pain. Areas on Rax's body began to crack, the skin was losing its struggle against the power that was to much for his current body to handle.

    Chapter End

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    Chapter 156: Orphan

    Heat relentlessly went berserk around upon the a two man battlefield between Rax and his father Galder. It looked like a natural disaster just occurred. Lava lakes littered the land for dozens of miles around them, only little speckles of the ground that remained untouched by the scorn.

    "What do you mean Rax isn't angry? Look at him." Skaryuu didn't really understand how what Rax was going off of was anything but rage.

    "He's clearly enraged." Allara spoke out seeing as he didn't get it either

    It was a feeling that came from his Essence. Dohawk had a higher level of sense "Maybe to the naked eye, but it's not that... It's like he's... Hunting."

    "No... I can feel it too, Dohawk." Apricot's emotions of worry was transformed into a look of being completely mesmerized, like a cat watching another from a window. A look of great interest and understanding took place within her

    "It's not rage that's fueling Rax's power increase... It's something far more... basic and... Primal!"
    Dohawk knew what this feeling was... It was as if he was watching a predator killing its prey

    Blazing on Rax continued to peruse his father, fires uncontrollable as he was as he ushered out chaos and destruction to anything he crossed paths with. Any beast that hadn't fled in time was surely melted from the heat of the lava pools all around him. What was to come of all of this? Rax was moving more and more further away from a path of a sane human and more of a rabid berserker. Each second it was getting more difficult for Galder to avoid getting hit. He's noticed Rax's power only kept increasing, the heat of the flames rising higher and higher.

    "You sure are making a mess of thing place, Rax!" Galder began to make hollow attempts to quell his son "How about being a good son and cooling down?!"

    "Rrrrragh!" His cinnabar red flames continued to burn upon his fingers like the claws of a beast, as well as from the sides of his mouth and eyes, and the lock of hair on his forehead that shaped out like a five pointed star.

    "Have it your way then!" Upheaving a slab of rock in an attempt to launch Rax like a catapult failed once he simply jumped out of the way, but in reality it had another purpose "Slate Toss!" Hundreds of boulders as big as the Immortal Rune air ship began plummeting down from the sky "Stone Rain!"

    Galder flipped back and landed at the base of a mountain, flipping it overhead and kicking it towards Rax with a motion that caused it to spin rapidly "Mountain Drill!"

    "Shrapnel Earth!" From the broken up chunks of Rock that weren't melted Galder caused them to explode with force that would have these rocky bits tear through solid steel. He took this moment as a chance to rise a giant platform that took Rax twenty miles above the ground "Stone Lift!"

    "!!!!!!" Across the plate of rock Rax went underneath it and rocket jumped back towards the ground

    "How is he still going?! Is that actually my son I discarded as trash?!" Worry began to form within Galder. Tightening his toes down he was able to pierce the air with jagged spears of rock "Spike Canyon!"

    "If I don't get serious he'll kill me! But with all this heat I just need to dig down deep..." Galder's Essence, Warden of Earth, gave him control over natural minerals from within the ground. Deep below him he moved up large masses of coal from around a three hundred mile diameter, drawing it towards him, banding it all together, and placing it all within these lakes of Lava that were made from Rax's attacks "And add pressure!"

    The ground below them began to shake, crystal clear pillars began to rise up through the lava, something that Rax wasn't going to be able to melt with what he was capable of at his current level. Towering above him these spires of diamond were of Galder's ultimate attack "Diamond Enforcers!"

    "?" Pillars raised into the air, easily three to four hundred yards long, fifteen yards across of diamond bent over like clutching hands that were coming for him. Rax just took once glance and moved forward.

    These rectangular diamond tendrils began rushing towards Rax from all sides, coiling up and intending to destroy him. Galder shouted out as this happened, no mercy was joined with his voice "Mineral Crasher!"

    All it took was a quick look at what was before him, to know what was there. A single glance was all he required before moving forward. It was reckless, dangerous to a lethal tier. Rax didn't care. It wasn't on his mindset right now. His body was beaten up immensely. The power from his flames was the only thing that was keeping him standing right now. Well, that wasn't entirely true. The power from his flames was only part of it, the rest of the portion came from a strange feeling in the back of his mind. Something that felt new. It was glorious though, a feeling that wasn't known to him but very much so welcome. A feeling of a higher standard... No, of all around superiority that drove him to charge forward.

    Diamond tendrils, flattened around like perfect rectangular prisms, came directly at him. It was like ten square headed snakes all attempted to strike at him in unison from different areas ahead of him. Rax showed no fear. Flames began to clad onto his feet like talons, exploding and bursting him forward several hundred feet. Once he passed by the diamond tendrils they began to tighten and twist around him, like a collapsing tunnel. Each and every way behind him began to close up with a crushing power that Rax would surely die from if he got caught. The walls of these were mere inches away, slipping past and out by a split second and landing right before his father, launching a claw of flame from his right hand directly towards his father's chest

    "Cataclysmic Red!" All the flames and lava that Rax created throughout the fight, or rather the heat that had been generated from his Essence, flowed to him all at once in a fraction of a second and into his hand as it struck with great force. Once his hand made contact all that collective power and heat erupted out in one fiery blast that reboiled the land and morphed it into what looked like an asteroid had struck it... Galder's flesh burning away into ash almost instantaneously from an eight inch diameter right where he was just struck. Now Rax gripped onto his Father's spine, a hole through his chest, lifting him into the air.

    "Blegh..." Galder began to spit up blood, though each droplet burnt away before even getting an inch away from his mouth. Why was his body still in tact for the most part? After a brief few seconds he realized it... Rax wanted him to suffer so he was holding his flame's heat back "So you got me after all... You must be happy..."

    "I used to... wonder..." The flames that clad Rax's hands, feet, eyes, teeth, and the star shaped lock of hair on his forehead soothed down as he spoke "Wonder why you threw me away..."

    "Because you were a defective tool!"
    Spouting out at what Rax was saying, Galder didn't want to discuss the whole matter "You couldn't achieve my goal!"

    "No... I think you realized something about me..." A fire burned in Rax's eyes, not real fire, but flames of his determination to see this through. What he was about to utter was formulated during his solitude on Pangaea, gripping down onto his father's exposed spine as he did so "That you couldn't gain my true loyalty... That unlike Stratos, who looked back and thanked you, that if I made it into the Sigils I wouldn't attempt to return any gratitude to you... That I would let you rot in that shitty little shack you lived in."

    "What a stupid thing to say! Just because you're ungrateful doesn't mean you have to forge lies to reassure yourself of your own insignificance!" Such disrespect! It was all Galder felt from Rax's belief of his actions, acting as if he needed a reason to rid himself of trash... He didn't want him to know he was right...

    "Don't lie!" Rax give a single snap of angry before calming back down. What he had to say was from years of pondering over his abandonment "All the harsh training you forced me through... I hated it, but I never hated you because of it. I assumed when you threw me through that portal you were going to come for me, that it was just another training idea you had. It wasn't until I realized you weren't coming for me that I felt true sadness... true hatred... But those emotions were overcame by an even greater state of mind... Survival."

    Galder could feel his son walking forward, drawing his arm back a few inches "W-what are you doing?!"

    "I'm just throwing away a little bit of trash." A single motion of his arm... Something thing that was to end the deep rooted agony that he had deep within his soul, of the first true pain he ever suffered in his life. It was with this motion that he tossed his Father forward, Galder landing right into a pool of Lava, melting him away into crisp cinders as his screams were drowned out by the sound of boiling lava and roaring flames.

    Chapter End
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    Chapter 157: Tension

    A long battle between father and son had only settled a couple of minutes ago. Their fight left the land disfigured. Warped. Melted into slag that had created an entirely new lava biome into the kingdom of Vendreiga that surely Earth Menders would wish to fix. As soon as the fight had ended in Rax's mind he collapsed on the spot. This fight to him wasn't only the battle he just had started less than an hour ago, but since the day he began dealing with the strife and pain his father pushed upon him, what Stratos passed to him. He was tired now. The pain, wear, and damage that ran all throughout his body at that moment were nothing in comparison to the duo of the weight lifted off of his shoulders, that which he was able to realize and feel very directly and ever so clear, but as well as the malefic scar that he had just carved upon his very soul that he hadn't even given a single shard of attention or acknowledgement of. For him there was only one thing that he was wanting to experience out of the resolution of such a long, shacking wound that plagued him for many years.

    Vibrant silver light rays radiate out from Apricot's hands for a few seconds, then focusing down onto her palms and then into Rax's body. "Bright Shimmer!"

    "His body is so heavily damaged to the point I'm surprised he isn't dead." Alaude had deduced this from his scanners that he had going on throughout the fight.

    How Rax's Essence worked exactly wasn't something they all just knew off the top of their head, but they knew it wasn't so cut and dry and having fire based punches. Dohawk did notice something though just from that one fight itself.
    "The attacks from his opponents didn't even do a fourth of the total damage he's suffered."

    "Then where did it come from?" What was being said didn't really click with Allara.

    "It was his own ability." Alaude continued reading from the device he created to store information, processing all of the data and info he gained from the fight with Galder, as well as the one that was broadcasted months prior against Crag. "From what I understand about his Essence is that the heat of his fire increases the longer he's in a fight and that his power is proportional to the heat of his flames."

    "So? That just sounds like he'd be constantly closing the gap in any fight." A power that only gets stronger as the fight goes on. For Allara it sounded like an extremely useful skill, something he'd welcome into his arsenal.

    "Technically, yes, but that doesn't mean the threshold of his body can withstand that level of power." With his vast level of understanding and intelligence Alaude was able to figure out Rax's ability just from those two fights.

    "So most of the damage is from his own ability?!" Allara was trying to grasp the explanation of Rax's power

    Skaryuu gave but a soft and quiet answer "Yes."

    "What a frightening double edged Essence." To have an Essence that could kill its user was frightening to Dohawk, not for himself, but for the person with it.

    Hearing all of this out loud only brought Skaryuu to a silence, digging into his core. "..."

    "Rax... Please pull through this." Nothing left in her life seemed that important to Apricot than Rax. Though they just met and he didn't feel even a fraction of the same level she did towards him, Apricot had built an affection for him that only grew stronger once they actually met. "If you die I'll have nothing left!"

    [Within the Dungeons of the Capital of the Vendreiga, Lorenthal]

    With the bulk of the Immortal Rune team, and Umbra, sitting patiently inside of a cell they were just moments away from a very important meet from taking place. They had the ability to break out, but knew that could cause unnecessary commotion and create more issues with their entire reason for coming to Vendreiga, to uncover a very likely villain influence and threat towards the entire Kingdom.

    The echoes of footsteps filled the halls of their darkened corridor. Stepping in front of their cell was none other than Reiyshell, the current leader of the newest people to be Sigils of Crown and Throne, and Ibex, the woman who was the secret weapon that was set aside if the Kingdom ever needed it, someone far stronger than even Reiyshell and Sombrero. What they came for wasn't something as professional as interrogation. It was far more raw than that... It was because Reiyshell wanted to see who it was that hurt her friend back in Algrasias... Who she planned to crush with her own hands.

    It was an expression of utter hatred, disgust, and violence that Reiyshell had on her face when she saw Ossa. From the description that she was given from Mescirca herself of a small girl with white hair that contained two black spots on the top.
    "So you're the little bitch who crippled my friend."

    "Excuse me, but don't even know what your dumb ass is talking about." Ossa, even when a met with such a pure aura of murderous intent and hatred wasn't shaken at all. Luckily for her she met with this a lot throughout her childhood. She could tell though that it was true ferocity within this woman's eyes, similar to the feeling she experiences whenever she sees Algroth

    "Heh... It doesn't matter." Reiyshell could barely hold herself back. She needed this. She needed to see the face of the one she wanted dead face to face before it happened, even though she was aware that it would push her to the brink of her control. Truth be told the only reason that Ibex was here was because Reiyshell asked her to, to have someone she knew could prevent her from going beyond her plan of just meeting her prey. "I'll get to kill you soon."

    "Ooooh nooo~~ I'm so terrified~~~!" Ossa made it all seem like it was a joke. If there was something she knew how to do it was provoke others and talk trash. "If you wanna fight me so bad then open up the cell and we'll go at it, come on, bitch."

    Victoria jumped into the conversation to prevent anything getting out of hand. "Ossa, don't taunt her! Also quit swearing so much~!"

    "She started it, not me." This was the truth, but Ossa was known to take pleasure out of escalating a small argument into a larger one.

    "Well, try being nice!" Glancing next to Reiyshell to see Ibex, Victoria gave one of her regular warm smiles that seemed to always make others feel more comfortable and at ease. "HeeeeeeeellooooO~~~~ I love your hair~! It's really cute. Oh! Is that your natural color? It's so pretty~ Such a soothing color~ Anyways, I'm Victoria! This is Ossa, Bondor, Umbra, and Sloth"

    She wasn't used to compliements that weren't related to her strength and fighting prowess. On occassion she'd get a compliment from a man, but this might have been the first time another woman had given Ibex any form of kindness in over ten years. "Ummm... T-thanks... And yes! It is natural. I-I like yours too. The shade of pink is gorgeous... And my name is Ibex... and her's is Reiyshell!"

    Feeling triumphant over that one small trading of words and niceness Victoria acted as if everything was already done and over. "See? Being nice is always the better solution~!"

    "Do you feel the tone that's going on right now at all or are you doing this on purpose?" Ossa felt a clash of vibes were crossing between the two pairs right now. Between Ossa and Reiyshell with the verbal claws and fangs and between Ibex and Victoria who were having a school girl lunch time chat.

    Tapping onto her chin Victoria took a few seconds before giving an answer "...Maaaaaaaybe."

    "Give an actual answer!" Ossa barked at her teammate, frustrated with her response

    "ENOUGH!" They were acting like this was a little trouble and not the level of severity that they were actually in. Reiyshell didn't seem to like any of them, not just Ossa. "Criminal scum like you all will face the end you deserve for your resistance against us. You worms better realize the situation you're in! Rebels and traitors will without a doubt he issued the cruelest of deaths!"

    "Wait." The voice of the one who was thought to be unconscious suddenly brought its way into the corridor "Hold on a moment."

    With a shift from anger to mild delight Reiyshell had her joy momentarily brought back once she saw the handsome ladies man of the Immortal Rune team, Sloth, awake and better. "And who might you be, extremely handsome young man."

    "Hello, miss." Back to his normal self again, ego and personality included. As he stood up Sloth used his Essence to create and opening out of their cell, looking at Reiyshell and Ibex with his normal look of superiority "My name is Sloth Hammon, and I'd like to speak with your queen."

    Chapter End
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    Chapter 158: Earning Favor

    Everything had started to move itself back into place. That was, at least for the fact that Sloth had come back to being conscious. Unfortunately, the team was without their fiery brawler. On top of that Ossa just received blood thirsty callings from Reiyshell who sought revenge for the defeat of her friend.

    Ossa even after taking this altertment for carnage, she didn't seem to care much about it. It wasn't the first time in her life she was getting threatened, though never as strong as this one. She had other things on her mind that were bothering her. Victoria and Umbra were just watching, intrigued by what was going on around them. Bondor on the other hand was simply writing down notes into his tome, trying to figure something out for himself.

    "Sloth's awake?" Going on ahead and showing more how little she cared about Reiyshell's threats, Ossa laid down and went to sleep. Right before she closed her eyes she looked to the empty area that would be taken if their missing member were with them. "I'll take his job then."

    "You want to speak to the Queen?" A request like this was really something that wouldn't come out so common... Especially to a potential death row criminal.

    "Yes, I do."Popping the joints in his neck on both sides Sloth looked back right into Reiyshell's eyes, showing not a single sign of wavering from his request. "I'm curious about a few things."

    "I don't have time for this." Once she had decided she was done with them, Reiyshell turned to take her leave. Before she left she made a short glance at Sloth, standing up straight with her arms across her torso and beneath her breasts. "If you manage to be set free, how about taking me out for dinner sometime?" Leaving without Ibex was also part of her plan. Though she didn't have any personal problems with the woman, she was very cautious about being around her based on all of the stories she'd heard about her infamous short temper and fits of destruction.

    Umbra faced Ibex in a straight forward stare (Though she couldn't really be staring, technically), hearing her comrade leaving down the hall. "You're not going to go with your friend?"

    "She's not my friend." It wasn't really her thing to have friends. Ibex always wanted friends, but was never to keen on making and keeping them. It was mildly... complicated for her. "She's kinda bit of a bitch."

    "That's rude!" Victoria didn't take well to the insult that Ibex said about her own teammate.

    "Oh! You're right!" A wave of embarrassment washed over Ibex. Being ladylike was one of the things she strives for the most (Though that wasn't something someone could guess just by looking at her). Her embarrassment turned into anger, flexing out her Essence without realizing it. It was something that could rival that of a natural disaster. "I probably look so unladylike right now...!"

    "She's different from the rest of them." Victoria felt instantly the power that was surging from Ibex. It had been a while since she had this feeling... For months now she could feel only those below or above her by a good margin, but now... She felt the presence of a combatant...

    Umbra felt it too. It was quite remarkable. From what Umbra could tell, Ibex was the strongest woman that the Vendreiga kingdom had to offer. Her strength was untamed, unrefined. Raw, unstable power. The level of potential that she held was quite noticeable, even from someone of Umbra's level. "She's... Much more than the Sigils..."

    "So what about you?" Switching his target source of information Sloth analyzed Ibex up and down, figuring the woman out. From what he could tell, it was going to be rather easy to get information out of her. "Are you going to help me with my request?"

    Ibex very loosely followed the laws of her own Kingdom. Given her strength and reputation the only people that ever had a chance of preventing her from doing whatever it was she wanted to do were the Sigils of the previous generation, but she'd have to do something extremely egregious in order for them to be brought down upon her, but when it came to something as regularly concerning as safety of the head of the country she knew there was at least some standards of being a citizen of the country she needed to preform at. "I could never allow you to just stroll up and talk to the queen."

    "Surely a woman as beautiful as you must be some sort of royalty." Sweet talking a woman was one of Sloth's best talents. To his dismay he often ended up in an either painful or embarrassing situation, but even with that it didn't take away his ability to find various ways to court women. "I'm sure it'd be easy for you."

    "W-well, I could if I wanted to, but there are rules." She was being talked to like a young woman by a man who was interested in her... Normal, or even annoying, to a lot of women was not something that Ibex got often. It was a feeling and experience she lacked in her life. Men were more often than not afraid of her given her power and reputation. "...But you could earn the Prince's favor..."

    Bondor on the other hand was not partaking in any of this conversation at all. He was far to deep into writing down ideas he had, mumbling to himself theories and ideas.
    "If the static runs this way..."

    "And how would I manage to do that?" Sloth continued to fish for information on his plan

    "I shouldn't be telling you these things..." She wasn't to sure if she should even be giving out these things, but Ibex was happy to hear anything that Sloth said in response to her. "But..."

    "You're so cruel, Ibex." Knowing that his compliments and verbal gifts were working for Ibex, Sloth just kept tossing out what he could "Toying with me like this and all~"

    "...If you manage to impress Prince Jasper then you can request an audience with him." And there it was. Ibex began telling Sloth exactly what he wanted to know. "I highly doubt the Queen wouldn't be there when the future King meets with a requested audience when earned. And to do that you'll have to compete whatever trial he gives you."

    "A trial? Sounds like a lot of fun~~" Clapping happily, Victoria imagined what this could be like.

    "I hope I can watch!" Umbra doing one of her rather dark jokes that only she found funny, though she did really like the awkward silence that followed. "Watch? Get it? Ehh???"

    "Yes, a trial. Every week the prince has a two day event for it. The first day is just presentations of what you can do. If you impress him the most you'll go the next level on the second day." Explaining it all through, Ibex fiddled her fingers together, a thin hue of red forming on her cheeks

    Thinking things through, Sloth already knew he was going to go through with it, but he would try to press on more to get as many details as he could
    "What are his trials like?"

    "I've seen a few, but from what I know they're always completely random. Whatever he feels like on the day of is whatever people do." A shift from defense to attack was swift for Ibex, immediately following up with what she wanted in exchange. "I'll help you get in, but as long as you survive afterwards... You're mine ♥" Her words were as hard as diaminds. Ibex meant what she said, Sloth knew it too. "Deal?"

    "Only Sloth gets to have the fun?!" Things were getting boring for Umbra. Fighting wasn't really her favorite thing to do, but she was starting to get the urge to fight at least a little bit "No fair!"

    Victoria felt that something wasn't right here. It might have been her just being paranoid, but regardless, she was concerned for Sloth. "Are you you wanna do this, Slo-"

    "I'm sure... It's a deal. Sign me up." Right when things had just began to line back up they were kicked into an entirely different direction. Now Sloth was set to do his best to impress the future King of Vendreiga. If he was able to achieve this it could potentially lead everyone one step closer to finding out what was going on with the work behind the shadows of the throne, what exactly was twisting things around and distorting generations of a kingdom's existence.

    Chapter End

    Your friendship?
    I'll take it!

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