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    The Enchantrum Chapter 40: Skyscrapers

    After having the two attacks collided it was what would send the fight into a vital point. Lux was sent shooting backwards more than five hundred feet from the force of Sloth's attack whilst Sloth was frozen in place from the attack, doing his best to crack through the ice damage and regain himself. It was like sky scrapers smacked beside each over and making an opening between a square of them, large forestry growing between them. Lux was sent directly to the top of the middle one, causing a large dust cloud around his impacted area. The attack lowered the entirety of his stats and caused severe pain from the cold. If it wasn't for the fact Lux was sent away from him there would have been a sure loss for Sloth.

    "Shiver Shark!" An unseen Lux yelled, though the sound came from the spot he was sent towards, meaning he was going to be stuck in the same spot as he is now. Eleven more trails rushed out from the area, and around against the buildings around him and just around a massive tree that was directly below where Lux was.

    Each of the trails were racing towards Sloth, going right for a chance to attack. Surrounding Sloth and going in to the throat as they always seem to Sloth was prepared this time. Parrying each of them as they came in using a combination of his Zero Zone technique he was able to speed himself up to do so, even though the eleven of them attacked simultaneously. Normally the lighter levels of gravity would give his opponent a stat boost along with him he noticed how the reflected copies were unphased by either increased or decreased gravity. Sloth was able to jump out of their area and move around to inside of a skyscraper, trying to buy time so that he could devise a new strategy.

    The eleven ice trails went and looped around the skyscraper to make complete rings around it. "Fin Blade!" Lux had his ice rings created by the trails of his Essence close in on themselves. Having turned into complete Ice disks the skyscraper was cut into sections of its former self and with enough force it shot each of the sections up sixty feet into the air. All of this was in an effort to cut down Sloth

    "Perfect. Now bear witness to the godly powerful strength and mind of someone of my level of superiority and greatness." Running out and jumping out of a window of the opposite side of where Lux was, Sloth whilst in mid air tilted his body at his signature forty five degree angle with his palm flat and facing towards the skyscraper sections as if he was going to push onto them "Shifting Shot!"

    Sloth used his area of affect to its fullest so that he could cover all of the sky scraper with his gravity manipulating zone. Having yet to fall into back down from the slashes that Lux preformed that sent it upwards into the air Sloth used this to give the flow of Gravity so that was pushing down towards where Lux was. Each of the sections of the skyscraper smashed right into the one Lux had been on, crumbling it right down into rubble.

    Emerging out of the rubble and clouds of dust from the impacts of Sloth's attack, Lux came out pissed and ready to attack, his azure blue hair starting to get iced over with frost as he crossed his arms arms across each other and over his face "I guess I'll show you my strongest attack!" "Articgeddon!" Once again temperatures in the area began to rapidly drop to zero. Lux was ready to launch his strongest move as of now, his arms icing over with icicle spikes upon him. Just though as he was about to use it a flock of Snap Pigeons, a breed of monster at the level of 6 Stone Stars, flew out of the newly fallen tree due to the falling building Lux had been on. Each of the birds were the size of a normal human, luckily though they were extremely docile and passive most of the time. Because of this though they coming out by the multiple dozen, multiple of them hitting into Lux and causing a strong POP noise they were named from, something that was because of fluids that were tipped on their feathers that caused small, harmless explosions but were able to cause dizziness in folks hit by them. Due to the birds sudden and unexpected hit onto Lux he was stopped from using his attack and was left wide open for an attack

    Seeing as his chance to go in and attack Sloth took immediate action, dashing as fast as he could to cover the distance in the second of an opening he had. "Gravity Criss Cross!" Using the same technique he had against X which had been his current strongest known attack to those who were not him. By sending multiple uppercut and down arced punches right into Lux's chest Sloth was able to send the individual soaring backwards while being seen like a rag doll flung up and down from the differential directions of gravity being sent through him.

    Lux lay unconscious, unable to fight any longer and leaving his team with an unfortunate loss. Though Sloth had been able to claim a victory from it, he felt it as not a real win. There existed something... strange from Lux's attack he was about to use. It held great power from what he could tell. And if it wasn't for those convenient and lucky birds flying into him he wasn't sure whether or not he'd have been able to take on whatever Lux was going to throw at the young man named Sloth

    "Good job, Sloth! You won!" The big fella named Bondor congratulated his teammate as he came to give him a celebratory high five, Sloth responding properly to it with a joint slapping of the hands.

    Victoria clapped her hands a bunch while squealing like a school girl for Sloth's victory "I knew you could do it!" Meanwhile all of this was going on whilst Rax and Ossa just gave nods of approval

    "No, if he hadn't of had hose birds fly into him and give me the opening then I'd be dead... I can tell that attack was powerful." Sloth knew of the power of the attack that was coming. He was't at the state to be able to withstand what was coming. He was it in his mind, almost as a premonition. A massive blanketing of ice that he wouldn't be able to withstand.

    "Lux." Goose ran over to see if his comrade was alright with the rest of his team, Xiam included.

    Sckys, not knowing how to really say it without it possibly creating an awkward moment for all of them spoke towards Lux to try and give him some reassurance "You were so close, man! So close."

    Perucho just shook his head as his unconscious friend, Sakura on the other hand had kept her normal strange smile "It's okay! You tried your best, and that's all we ask for~"

    Just them the scrolls lit up again as they did before all these little games started. It issued out a message as it did before in order to get everything clear rule wise for the entirety of the two teams. Linking together through some form of weird synchronizing enchantment that carried the same way they even knew about this game the two scrolls would issue out what was to do next due to the winning team found out.


    Only one action and response were shown. It was because The Immortal Rune team just looked unto the losing team of Divine Salvage with wicked villainous faces as they saw the losing team was essentially their servants at this point. All of the members of the losing team just stood here with a look of astonishment and horror. At this point now the losing team was essentially going to be a band of servants and lackeys to the winner from the bout between the two.

    "Well then." Rax went on over whilst having seen what his team had won.

    [Meanwhile back at the Republic of Vess inside Abraham Links' Estate]

    "Sir, who are you rooting for the most in this spectacle of yours?" Abraham's butler, Wilks Jooth, a who was a young man in the proper attire of a butler with his hair slicked all all the way back and his facial hair trim and proper.

    "Hmmmm." Abraham scratched his beard as he thought some things over "There are so many promising teams out there, it's hard to choose."

    Wilks Jooth seemed not that interested in any of this, but pretended to in order to converse with his boss "You have that Immortal Rune team that fought that Team in Marrow not to long ago, right? Surely it's them if they were able to blaze such a debut."

    "Yes, they truly are ones to keep an eye on. But there are others as well. Blade of the Horizon is one of them. I heard their leader is one of the children of the Ji Dynasty's royal family. That kid shouldn't need to adventure if he's of such a status. There must be something interesting about his reasoning." Abraham picked up a large hollowed out log that he dipped into a massive pool of booze he had next to him that was a few hundred gallons worth inside it. "But what's the most interesting is that there are members of each base faction here. But what even exceeds that is that the teams I have the most invested into are the ones I see as the strongest, each of the three belonging to one of the three factions."

    Wilks just did his normal as he responded to Abraham's words as if he cared, doing his job as to care to his boss and keep him well kept. "Really Sir?"

    "Of course, Wilks. The team of Heroes, Immortal Rune. The Team of Anti-Heroes, Alcatraz." Abraham's expression went from his closed eyes old man grin to a more of a serious look as he stated the last of the three teams that intrigued him the most. "And the team of Villains, Killing Colors."

    "You're not worried at all of the villains at all, sir?" Wilks honestly was curious this time as he stood beside his master, awaiting his response.

    "Villains are always to be fussed and worried over, but both myself and everyone above those kids would never attempt at doing anything about them. Always stay in your strength level unless absolutely necessary not to. It's something every faction lives by, that way each level of fighters can grow the correct way we all always saw." Taking a large gulp from his log sized mug of booze Abraham let out a strong breath of relief as he went back to talking. "The only issue now is whether or not any of those teams meet on in the fields of battle during this game, otherwise half of the point of this Scavenger Hunt is for naught."

    Questioning his boss's doings yet again, he was going to see whether or not he was going to just hope for it all to happen "You're going to leave those three teams fighting up to chance and fate, sir?"

    "Chance? Fate? Ha, no." Abraham took another drink from his mug, taking out his own personal scroll from inside his large top hat that looked like the ones the teams had with them but more detailed in design in comparison to the rest. "My wants outweigh the works of destiny." A wild and wicked look on his face struck over as Abraham opened up the scroll he had brought out and looking over it before touching it, slight changes in the sketchings on its parchment self..

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 41: The Answer Above Is Below

    After a fierce battle of both games an actual fights, the two teams between Immortal Rune and Divine Salvage had settled down to rest inside of a small forestry area that resided a dozen or so miles further into the city (Seeing as where they were before was laid to ruin after the scuffle between Sloth and Lux) The area they had now settled in was quite calming and peaceful. Like a tranquil grove complete with a small pound with a run off steam brook. It seemed perfect for a night's rest before fighting out the rest of what they needed to know about the city before discovering what clue resided within the area. With the members of the Divine Salvage team now essentially servants to the winning team, they had been tasked to gather make the dinner for everyone during the night. The only member of the team that was excluded was Lux as he had multiple broken bones and could barely walk anyway, though Ossa had decided to be a fair sport and mend his bones for him (Though without anyone noticing she inscribed Divine Salvage is full of sniveling bitches, Immortal Rune kicks ass.)

    Both team members had seemed to gain a strong bond between strife and struggles were enough to really be considered as such. People like Ossa had obviously though not shown a single shred of care for anyone outside of the two teams but she did carry some bits of kinship formed from their events. Xiam as well had nothing really to say towards any of them, he just sat quietly by the fire that was made and stared into it, the warm light revealing a small scar across the middle of his neck, though he did cover it up shortly after it was visible in the open.

    "Hey, Xiam, how did you get that gnarly scar on your neck?" Rax questioned the guy immediately at sight of it, wondering if he could get the so far entirely quiet guy to talk.

    Xiam himself was a rather tall individual. Not to the height of men big enough that they were questioned if they were even human still. Around six foot three Xiam towered over the likes of everyone but Bondor and Perucho. His hair fell down to the back of his neck with a emerald green color, his hair forming the blade tipped cross that his team had donned as the symbol of their cause, though he lacked the halo that the actual symbol held. His pale white skinned almost melded into his clothing. He nearly looked like a monk with his robes, his team's symbol plastered directly onto the chest of his clothes, all of white was mixed between white and a malice looking black purple mix. There was something about him that caused some form of emptiness in his eyes.

    Lux looked over at Rax after asking the question, answering for his leader "Xiam can't speak. It's the result of a battle a few months ago." Goose had gone away to talk to Bondor in private, something about where they grew up.

    "A fight? Damn, that must've been a serious one if your opponent was going for your throat. Mind telling us what happened?" Sloth really wanted to know what happened as he was always intrigued by the fights between the leader of the Divine Salvage team and the unknown enemy they had faced.

    Ossa just badgered right into it, not happy about the current servants of their team not being obedient with the winning team's questions. "Who cares if it's personal? You guys belong to use until we finish this clue."

    "Ossa, that's mean~ You should respect everyone's privacy." Victoria let out a koo whilst trying to lecture her teammate about her words.

    Lux looked onto Xiam to see if he was going to get the approval to share what happened, a simple nod indicating that it was. "You saw that other team, right? Blade of the Horizon?"

    Answering the question of what was asked of him by Lux, Rax spoke to await the answer "Yeah, that's the one who is led by some prince of one of Everlast's major cities, right?"

    "Correct. They're all pretty strong, around level with our teams from what we accessed. But there's one amongst them that stands above the rest. He might even be in the Bronze Star area." Revealing the fact of someone amongst the Blade of the Horizon team was above the levels of the the two teams currently within Bilai (Aside from Victoria that is.)

    Sloth seemed slightly shocked at the reveal he was placed with. He was a smart guy and was able to decipher what the differences between star rankings are good to. "Bronze Star?! Aside from Victoria I haven't heard of anyone in our current level of teams that exceeded Stone Stars. It's the prince guy, VIII I bet."

    "No." Pausing for a moment Lux took a short breath before continuing with the story "Amongst there team there is a very powerful swordsman, he goes by the name Skaryuu, the Scar Dragon."

    "Scar dragon? That's a bad ass title he's got..." Impressed purely by the guy's title, the Red Hero was now tantalized with the rest of what was to say about the fight

    "Yes. I can remember it even now." Recalling all the memories of it, Lux put to his head a small broadcast vision trinket that was able to project his memories as a visual scene.

    What was scene from his vision was a battle ready Xiam. He wielded a cross headed staff, turning it over to use the top as a handle. Running his Essence, Fallen Angel, Xiam was able to channel dark energies through the staff rod to form an energy blade of wicked auras. To spread the will of the holy Xiam had been cursed to hold the path of darkness upon the forsaken weapon of an upside down cross, that of evil powers.

    The being he faced was that of the team Blade of the Horizon, the one called Skaryuu, the Scar Dragon. Having a white half cloak sash upon his left side and a single brown pauldron upon his right shoulder he appeared as that of a foreign bladesman. His chest was garbed in grey sashes and strips of cloth that were almost like yarn around a spindle. Around his legs were a pale yellow with white speckled nylon pants with a belt that looked like a long skinny dragon going around to eat its own tail. This as well as some form of dark wooden foot wear that were known as Geta. Along with this he carried a single edged sword sheathe that looked almost as long as he was, something that nearly dragged on the ground but held above it by just an inch or so. Hair colored that of a magenta colored hair that slicked back, curving up twice to an intersection that made it look like the claw of a scorpion. Along with that there was a run off strand of hair that started at the center of his brow and ran down his left side in an upside down and mirrored over L shape.

    Xiam charged in for a strike, no audio present for the fight due to the type of trinket Lux had used. It was all silent as they watched. Going onward to try and cleave down his opponent with his unholy blade, Xiam was met with an unstoppable issue. Skaryuu reaching back to his empty sheathe he gripped down onto the space forward of the empty hole of the blade holding item. With one swift jab of his right hand. With a scowl on his face Skaryuu brought forth a movement that Xiam couldn't even detect. Before he was even able to notice Skaryuu's movements there had already been a blade into his neck and had completely destroyed his voice box. All it took was single strike for Skaryuu to end it, Xiam collapsing on the spot. The wick fast swordsman had already dispersed his sword, turned, and walked out of the area, not bothering any further with the opponent he found so far beneath him.

    Looking upon all of the people after learning of the story of Xiam's current state, Perucho did his best to try and stop it "So what was your guyses clue anyway?" Perucho tried to settle the tension and bring it to another subject.

    One who once stood Tall and Bright it fell down from an Unneeded fight. Horror descended as the sight of bones, a bloody sprawl as a clash of thrones. In the bowels of the skeleton by the hands of skeleton few may know, but that goes up green but For its roots that glow. If it's for this game you wish to be winning then you must obtain what aids life in its beginning.

    Sckys gave out the fact that both teams had been after the same thing, something that could prove good for the both of them. "Wait, you guys got the same clue as us?"

    "I guess so. That's makes sense seeing as we're in the same area." Sloth retorted back, not giving much care to it form what was said.

    Lux decided to tell them something that would help both teams, seeing as they would be able to get the items for both of their teams but also end the stupid temporary servitude his team had with Immortal Rune's. "Well it's lucky for you guys, cause we know what we're looking for."

    "Really? Spill it, now!" Requiring the information Ossa nearly clawed at the information she was so after

    Sakura, the still smiley girl of the two teams had been the one to discover what was needed in order to take down the first thing to find in the Scavenger Hunt "I know a lot about nature. One of the most beautiful of all aspects of it in Everlast is a tree that only grows deep below the surface of Bilai, down in the Catacombs. It's called the Glowbor, a tree that illuminates everything around it with a vibrant yellow with its roots that sprout from the ground. It's so beautiful from what I hear~"

    "That makes sense!" Not really good as word puzzles, Rax was able to come to the realization of what was presented to him, all the pieces falling into the right place. "The bright aspect to it and the green above it is it's leaves! You're a genius, Sakura." Giving the girl compliments and praise, Rax clapped his hands together then gave the girl a strong pat on the back, the girl not budging at all even from Rax's strength.

    "So we just need to find the entrance to a mine shaft or something~" Victoria happily informed them, hoping everyone would get into good spirits from it.

    "Better idea!" Loosening up the chains on his right arm, flames burst out as Rax slammed his fist into the ground "Biting Flames!" He continued on strikes of his punch caused a crater about fifty feet wide and causing everyone form both teams to fall down, Bondor and Goose falling into the hole just as they returned.

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 42: Dwelling Caverns

    Now falling down an extremely deep hole made by Rax both of the two teams were angry and descending to where ever the bottom was. Stacked onto the annoyance of Rax's decision there were big rocks and chunks of rubble the size of watermelons everywhere and the heat from the fiery attack had caused some throat irritation. They had been falling for some time of about fifteen seconds before all of them smashed into a mossy and wet cobblestone flooring. Some of them didn't actually hit the ground, having used their abilities to stop the flow of such. Sakura had formed an umbrella, revealing herself to have an Essence weapon like that of Xiam. As a member of Divine Salvage and more over Sakura's boyfriend, Sckys moved over to her in mid air, bringing his hand upward so that a gust of wind would flow into the token girl of their team's umbrella, slowing them down extremely to where they would just softly touch down instead of free fall impact. Sloth on the other hand just used his Essence to make himself an exclusion from gravity, descending at his own pace and trying to act like this stupid thing Rax did didn't actually happen. Ossa, well... She was standing ontop of Rax's body as they plummeted down. He currently was a safety pillow for when they hit for her. From what was seen both teams had landed into a cavern of sorts, possibly an underground tunnel system. What they didn't know was that the shock wave caused by their impacts had caused a large echo of noise that shot throughout the passages and crevices where they were. It was enough to wake up anything inside it for at least a dozen miles in all directions. Everyone had a moment to recover after their falls. If it wasn't for the fact all of their bodies were far more durable than a plain human those that actually hit the ground at full force would have died.

    After everyone touched down and regained themselves they all had a similar response, rage to attack Rax. Ossa, who had currently been sitting comfortably on Rax's back as he lay face down into the ground, was ready to halt any aggression from the other team or even her own if need be. They had landed inside of what looked to be a two way passageway deep underground, the lightning still working all throughout it every thirty feet or so.

    Lux, who hit the ground and shattered into splinters of ice for a moment before reforming together, had jumped to his feet with the full readiness to attack "You asshole! At least give a warning next time! I'll freeze over your dumb ass for this!"

    "Yeah, what the hell?" Not that mad but more confused Sckys teetered towards Rax to try and get answers

    Being in no danger at any point from the fall, Victoria clapped her hands together with a smile on her face "I think it was fun~"

    "Me too, me toooo~~~~" Sakura ran up to Victoria, clapping her hands together as well to imitate someone she saw as a role model

    Coming to a groaning realization Ossa gave a result of her analysis of the similarities between Victoria and Sakura "I think I'm beginning to know why Sakura bothers me so much..."

    "I barely felt a thing." Crinking over his neck Perucho looked at Bondor, trying to seem tough

    Going to one up his current adversary, Bondor chuckled just prior to telling Perucho his own words "I felt nothing."

    "Do I need to send a lightning bolt right up your ass, Rax?!" Charging up a cloud next to him he formed to fire off a lightning bolt Goose glared at Rax as he was ready to begin an assault

    "What good is lightning against the sun?!" Overhyping himself as essentially a real star, Rax tried to bait on Goose to see what he was made of. He did all of his talk while still face down into the ground from the falling impact.

    Forming a bone spike between the two of them, Ossa halted the argument and possible fight between Rax and Goose to take complete control over the situation "Hey, like it or not, he found us where we needed to go." While Ossa was talking there were small but noticeable movements by Rax, not moving any of his arms or legs and staying in his face down cashed status. "Whether it be dumb luck or he somehow knew is irrelevant, we're here and that's what we required." Slowly but surely Rax moved inches again to where he was beneath the standing up Ossa, turning over to look up her skirt. "So let's get going."

    Acting as if he both couldn't move and that he landed in such a position Rax played it all as casually as he could. "Ossa, I can see your underwear from this position."

    Looking down to see Rax was looking right up at her panties, Ossa hesitated for a moment before smashing her foot right into Rax's face, something that pushed him down into the cobblestone flooring and making him look like an upside down sun flower. Her face was flushed over red from him seeing, she glared at Lime who slithered up Rax's leg and onto his foot, ready to shoot one of her small energy beams at Ossa if she attacks again. "L-let's just start looking already. You said that tree grows underground, right, Sakura?"

    Looking towards where Sakura was, Ossa saw no one there. The girl had walked over to pull on Rax's feet to get him out of the ground. With a huff and a puff, she gave a few tugs and pulled until she was nearly out of breath before Rax popped out of the ground. "What color were they? Tell me, tell me~" The girl leaned down to ask, giggling with her hand to her mouth as she pestered the freshly dug up red haired rookie.

    "Uwahhh..." Groaning for a moment before regaining himself, Rax dusted off his face and jumped to his feet, teetering a bit before answering, Lime going back up to his shoulder and standing lookout for any more attacks "They were this light light pinkish with butterfly patterns to it. She's secretly girly but doesn't like people knowing."

    "Oooooooooh~~~ How cute~ Ossa, can we be friends?!" Leaping to the more Gothic like dressed girl who wore mostly black in her look aside from her white fanged skull shaped hair, that of which draped down to her shoulder blades, had only wanted to hit Rax again but was stopped by Sakura's clinging presence.

    "If you get the hell off me then fine." Grouchy from all the people who she found annoying, Ossa decided to just try to get Sakura to stop and quit bugging her as much. On top of this she felt a sudden new wave of sickness, all from Algroth's residual energy that she found completely disgusting.

    "Ooooooo~~~ I can tell the environment around here is messing with your stomach~ Lemme help you." Clasping her hands together Sakura bloomed a singular flower that looked like a bright pink chrysanthemum, poking fun at the very darkly dressed girl's very feminine underwear. "It's a Afterlife chrysanthemum. They feed off of left over energy from places where people die. It should absorb whatever left over around here is bothering you so much~~~"

    Instantly the sickness in her stomach went away. Feeling much better Ossa felt slightly bad for being so rude to the girl who was nice to her even still. Her face blushing over a slight red again she turned around and began walking down the corridor. "Hurry up if you wanna search with me, Sakura. You guys go the other way and try to find these glowing trees. If you find it then send someone our way and tell us. We'll do the same if we find it."

    Overwhelmed with joy, Sakura jumped into the air and ran over to Ossa's side, smiling as much as she always had been. "Yaaaaaaaaayyyy~~~ Victoria, come on~~~ We can have girl talk time~~"

    Happy to have some time between just her and the two other girls she wanted to be good friends with severely, Victoria rushed over to follow. "Splendid! I have some candy we can share left over." The three girls left without even bothering with a response from the guys, most of which were still encased in the small holes they made upon falling down into the cavern passageway, not noticing the cuts and grooves that were etched into the walls like something strong had been dragged across them at some point.

    After about ten minutes from separating from the guys, Victoria pounced right onto the topic she had in mind
    "Soooooo, Sakura... Sckys is your boyfriend, right?"

    Nodding her head and responding to Victoria's question, Sakura just went on with it. "Yes, he is~"
    "B-boyfriend?" Ossa wasn't one to have ever had any form of close relationship with anyone in such a manor, it was all a foreign nature to her and something that made her nervous thinking about.

    "Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" Pushing up against the smiley faced girl of team Divine Salvage, Victoria finished her question "How far have you two gone?" Having asked such a dirty detail question, Ossa just listened in with a tomato red face of blush

    Giggling prior to answering the question, Sakura waved her hand at Victoria to signal she had the answer "Oh no no no no~~~ We have't done much but plain kissing~~ We can't do much now, not until we get married. Otherwise that'd be sinful~"

    "How lady like of you." A compliment and sheer words of kindness from Victoria to her new friend.

    It was quiet for a moment, but that silence was broken as Sakura opened her eyes fully, her eyes a tint of hazel as she looked forward with a serious and viscous smirk.
    "But when we get married I'm gonna fuck his brains out~~~" The other two girls just continued to blush red from the comment, Ossa though was at a point she was having trouble standing up from the heat she had on her head.

    Half an hour passed between the two parties separation, Rax and the rest of the men had gotten up and went down the other way of the passageway underground to find out where exactly the Glowbor trees were. Lux looked around the caverns which were now more wide as they were. Doorways had been scattered randomly upon the walls. Thanks to either Rax's instincts, somehow knowledge on the location of said area, or sheer dumb luck he landed the two teams into what looked like the main corridor of the underground passage system. From what Sakura had told them the trees where somewhere deep below the city. Given the fact they were such a valuable item there was a very likely chance that there was a way leading into where the trees were grown, or at least finding some on the way.

    "Guys, look!" Bondor pointed onward, alerting towards a withered down tree that was about twenty feet in front of them.

    There had been such, an old and worn down tree. There was barely even a glint left in the roots that stretched out of the ground. It barely alive as the way it was now, something that the group had all noticed.

    Goose examined it and rested his hands upon the lowly lit roots "We're getting closer. If we continue we might find where more flourished ones are."

    Missing her girlfriend already and caring more about seeing her over finding the Glowbor trees, Sckys wondered about of how the girls were doing "How do you think the girls are doing?"

    Perucho grunted out of annoyance from the question from his friend and teammate, he did his best to squash the pondering from Sckys "Sckys, you're to dependent on Sakura. You'll see her in a few hours, don't bring her up anymore, man."

    Lux broke the possible argument between Perucho and Sckys with his own comments "So let's keep going with this. I want to get this done with and get some work in."

    "Trying to get stronger already from the defeat I handed you?" Taunting the person he just earlier that day battled with, Sloth poked fun at Lux

    "What was that?!" A now very upset Lux leaned towards his adversary, a now formed hand for a Karate chop iced over was ready to strike at Sloth

    Ready to fight, Sloth had his Essence at the ready if need be to fight against Lux "You heard me, Frosty."

    Before anyone had the chance to stop the two from fighting there was a chilling feeling that ran down the entire bodies of all of the guys. Behind them the sound of claws scraping along the stone that formed these passageways, the gentle yet aggressive breaths of a monster. At first all that could be seen was a large singular eye, one with multiple gleams coming off of it on the face of what was similar to an eel. It wasn't long before the creature loomed out from the darkness, the first thing that was seen was that it had one large compound eye, looking almost like a disco ball. It appeared to be mostly covered in what looked like pipes shaped things all slicked back along its body, that of which was taking up about eighty percent of the twelve foot wide and twelve foot tall hallway. Behind it was a long tail that looked like that of a set of rotary blades inside of a blender. Each of its three sharp front claws (One for the left and right walls and one for the ceiling) the creature crept towards the eight men, small bits of drool escaping its hidden maw.

    Rax looked at the beast with an expression of dread on his face, knowing what they were facing "That's a three Bronze Star Monster, A Narrow Dweller! They lurk inside cramped spaces to attack it's prey." Keeping calm he stepped his foot back "We need to run."

    Snarling intensely the creature opened it's mouth to reveal a spinning system of teeth, something that would completely shred someone into scraps. Along with this all the pipe like pieces that covered its body extended out, now touching all four sides of the passageway, revealing themselves to be spikes. The Narrow Dweller let out a fierce and predatorial shriek before charging towards the eight rookies, all who turned and began to sprint away, the creature rushed after them, it's spikes scrapping against the stone to where it was carving into it.

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 43: The Glowing Orchard

    The escape run from a flesh hungry monster called a Narrow Dweller had set out after the eight men of the combined two teams of Immortal Rune and Divine Salvage. The beast drug its sharp spikes along the stone walls of the passageway they were in, the tearing sound driving right into the ears of those who were within a mile diameter of a vicinity. It wanted nothing more than to indulge in its own most basic instincts, to consume and defend it's own territory. Drooling down onto the floor below it, the creature left behind a trail, though because its saliva was corroding down the stone floor.

    Keeping his utmost to keep running, Lux alerted the rest of those around him of the shocking news that he'd just realized "It's gaining on us!"

    Noticing a big bulls eye of a target, Rax hatched a plan in order to slow the beast down. Pointing back and aiming for the big glinting eye of the Narrow Dweller, Rax directed for his trusty strange pet snake to take action "Lime, fire!" Lime herself had a weird connection with her master, she did always exactly as he said but didn't seem to understand or bother with anyone else. The green snake who had a weird construct on her head made of the same material that most creatures horns were made out of, hers kind of resembling a bottle opener. Opening her mouth and firing off a small emerald colored energy beam directly at the Narrow Dweller's eye. Though it wasn't strong enough to damage the beast, it was able to anger it and slow it down due to momentarily disabling its vision. "It's weakness is it's eye, if we can keep hitting it we'll get a better lead on it!"

    "Who here is even a ranged fighter?!" Perucho, the big bulky guy of team Divine Salvage, asked them loud enough to try and get everyone on the same page.

    Out of the eight of them the ones who had been really ranged fighters capable to reaching the creature behind them had been Sckys, Goose, Sloth, Lux, and Lime. Rax had some ranged attacks, but if the beast caught one of his chains that might spell the end of the for the rookie adventurer. Though with the current cramped environment they were in kept Perucho from using his Essence and Sloth's wouldn't be able to work that well without anything to fire upon it. The best Sloth could do was push against it with his gravity manipulation attack called;

    "Shifting Zone!" Sloth extended his right arm out behind him, hand flat and facing back at the monster. Using his best steady wave of gravity pushing against the Narrow Dweller to slow it down as much as he could, that of which he did do. The Narrow Dweller was forced back about ten percent of its speed, though this made it far more angry as it was snapping its teeth at them as its claws dug further into the walls with each grasp and movement forward.

    With hair colored a foggy vanilla, the one to take best action had been the member of Divine Salvage who had been their leader in a sense, Goose Atlands. He wore a pair of soft cloth gloves and a mahogany red buttoned up coat that looked extremely expensive and fine, as well as having a large puffy hat that he had set on his back. His lower body had been garbed in a very well matching jet black dress pants and shoes. In total Goose looked almost like a guard of some kind.

    Goose, the member of Divine Salvage who was known for his weather manipulation Essence called Oncoming Storm, had been probably their best bet at fighting against this creature. Prior to moving he slicked back his hair as it was to look like a duck resting atop his head, colored a foggy vanilla. "Pouring Storm!" A cloud took shape between the fleeing eight men and the Narrow Dweller that was after them, sustaining the distance as they kept running. Droplets of rain shot out of the cloud like watery bullets, bombarding the creature and striking all over it's front. "Sckys, combo attack!"

    Sckys had been in fact a wielder of an Essence Weapon, just as Xiam and Sakura on his team had been as well. His Essence has been called Self Hurricane, a power that let him command winds that can expel out from all inches of his body. It was with one fluid motion that Sckys threw forth a strongly made wooden boomerang made by his Essence, calling out its name "Typhoon Boomerang!"

    Heading right for the intensely active rain cloud that Goose created, Sckys' Typhoon Boomerang went right into his, combining with the two attacks together, both Sckys and Goose shouting out "Merging Move: Extreme Monsoon!" With the two moves combined the attack power fused into something far greater, smashing right into the eye of the Narrow Dweller and creating a large shockwave that sent all of the eight of them forward and onto the ground.

    Now losing the large lead they had on the creature the members of both teams had been knocked down. Though everyone had the worry of getting killed and eaten now, Rax had only one thought on his mind "We don't have any team combination attacks..." Nearly tearing up at the fact Divine Salvage had been so far ahead of them in terms of team work.

    "You Idiots, it's gonna get us now! We have no choice left but to fig-" Sloth started in on them before noticing the attack on the Narrow Dweller caused a small puff up of dust, shrouding the monster to where no one could see it.

    Having caught his boomerang as it came back to him, Sckys shouted out a happy cheer as he jumped into the air "We stopped it!"

    "You guys did good." Bondor extended his fist outwards to give a well deserved knuckle bump to the two who managed to supposedly stop the rabid creature.

    The smoke cleared to reveal the Narrow Dweller was unharmed. Having its anger only rising only by the second the creature changed its aggression to a different level of hostility. All the spikes on it switched forward, now like spears and pikes that were to piercing into the rookie adventurers as it were to pierce into it. All of its fangs elongated and spun at a far higher speed, wanting only to shred whoever met a fate of befalling into its bladed maw.
    Realizing the results of the attacks that were launched towards the creature, Goose came to get the picture of what was going to be needed if they were going to live. "Yeah, that's a big 'No, we didn't stop it.' Not even close. Run!"

    Re-initiating the chase and flee, the hunt from the beast was back on. There bad been a half in the run as there had seemed to be a fork in the road. On the right it was clearly visible and on the left there were large spikes that were ready to strike into them. Thinking to go for the obvious route the sights forward could be noticed that there the remains of other people who had gone down that path, possibly being a nesting ground for the creature (Which would explain the trap of spikes set upon the other way down the corridor just parallel to it)

    Yelling out to the entire group, Rax pointed and directed everyone as such "Go left!" Just as he said this he turned commanded his well listening pet Lime once more "Lime, go for the eye again." Doing so once more, Lime turned towards the Narrow Dweller and shot another energy beam right into its eye, stopping it again for a moment just long enough for Rax to turn around, swinging his arms upwards. Due to this he was able to send the chains on his arm partially upwards and into the rocky ceiling of the corridor they were in, ripping his arms down and tearing the rock down with him all ontop of the beast itself.

    Thousands of tons of rock had now fallen down onto the Narrow Dweller, hopefully killing it for the sake of the sprinting group, but none of them believed such a thing would kill something in the Bronze Star Rank area. They had only temporarily halted it, causing the beast a slight inconvenience. It took minutes more of running before they managed to reach a spot where a deep glow could be seen, an end of the tunnel now a possibility. Once they managed to get all the way down to the doorway that this light had come from, they were all met with a look of immediate amazement. There before them was an entire underground forest. Dozens of miles of open space in width and length and about a mile high, the newly found area they were in was riddled with big luscious trees, all with vibrantly deep green leaves and roots that slithered out from the ground and illuminated the area with their warm glow. Countless hordes of them, they were a plentiful clutch of what the teams had been looking for. It seemed for a moment that they had made it fine and dandy, but then remembered what led them here. This thought was interrupted as the girls that they had separated from a while ago had all walked up to them, noticing the guys coming from a while away, coming to their entrance to greet them.

    "Hey, you guys made it. The tunnels must be one big loop or something." Giving a nice greeting to them as she usually would, Victoria waved in her friends over to the grouping there were by one of the Glowbor trees.

    Ossa questioned the reason that the eight men had all been so heavy winded, suspecting something had been up
    "Why do you all look so tired?"

    "Did you all skip here or something?" Sakura giggled, poking fun at the fact they arrived much earlier than the group of boys

    All of them had been panting for a moment, Rax managing to get out the breaths of available to him to inform the girls of what was going to be needed. "You girls are gonna wanna join us and run..."

    Just as this was said the Narrow Dweller burst in through the wall behind them. The Beast was wanting nothing more than to impale and consume them all. It's wrath had grown steadily throughout the encounter between it and the group. Coiling its head up and back, it's drool melting the ground below it, and setting its gaze upon all of the members of the two teams, the creature let off a series of clicks from its tongue just before letting out a violent roar, snapping at the group before lunging forward to attack.

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 44: Out Of Our League

    All things seemed to be on the up and up for the two teams. They had finally found what they'd been looking for all day, the Glowbor trees that they needed for the Great Scavenger Hunt of Everlast! Indeed, all things were fine and dandy, or at least that would be if one only looked at the bright side. In reality the guys of the two teams had gotten the attention and the chase on from a Three Bronze Star Monster, a Narrow Deweller. A Creature who now had hundreds of spikes leaning out forward to impale into anyone it get to. Out of all of them they were all upper Stone Star level, aside from that of Victoria of course. There seemed to be a very dangerous situation the they were all in. If they didn't all team up to try and take down this beast there would be only certain death for the the rookies that were to fave this creature.

    Sloth thought for a moment something that was directly in his face about facing his creature. Though none of them could normally take on this creature one on one for people of their level there was a huge abnormality amongst them: Victoria Nisean, the girl who was ranks above the rest of them and could easily dispatch of the beast. "We got Victoria though! She's actually Silver Star Ranked!"

    Filled with a sense of satisfaction and relief, Perucho was surprised at the realization given to him of Victoria's apparently strength level. "What the hell, really?!"

    "We got this then!" In total agreement with how Perucho felt, Goose was in the same mood after hearing how they had a possibility of being saved and not having to face possible death.

    Pumping his fist in the air, Sckys leaped up and down at the news "It's so nicely convenient."

    "Correct!" Victoria herself said, clapping her hands together at the sight of the beast and the words of her friends. This could change though upon what she had to say over the entire matter of her just going in and wrecking the Narrow Dweller by herself. "Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, I'm not gonna help."

    Though the only one who seemed not surprised and fine with this were the members of her own team (Mainly as they forgot she did something similar back in Marrow where she took the by far weakest of the enemies so that her teammates could progress in strength properly). Lux on the other hand was now pissed off at the audacity of the girl "What do you mean you're not gonna help?!"

    Being an honest as she could, Victoria laid her reasoning right there onto the table for all of them to know. It didn't matter how much they protested, there was not going to be a change in her decision.
    "I can't in any sense of myself keep you guys from defeating what will be a big benchmark and milestone for you all~~ Unless someone is gonna die I don't plan on helping with anything besides moral support~~!"

    Words were set, there was nothing they were going to be able to do to get Victoria to help unless a life or death matter were at hand. All that was left was for the rest of the people from both teams were to fight against the monster known as the Narrow Dweller. What was going to need to be done was everyone was going to have to give their utmost just to take this creature down. Each member then spread out to fight, the creature keeping a firm sight onto them thanks to its compound eye.

    "It's alright, we're still gonna win!" Punching his fists together, popping his fingers and causing the heat around him to rise."Let's go!" Rax shouted out, his fiery will power burning up and wild as he was happily ready to fight this emissary of their deaths. Loosening the chains on his right arm Rax let loose a strong torrent of flames that exuded out of his arm, scattering around him as he charged in along with everyone else. What they didn't notice was that the creature was not willing to come all the way out of the passageway, its species not liking big open spaces and not feeling comfortable in doing so. It was about half way out, only able to do so due to its anger towards its pesky prey resisting it.

    Spreading out each person charged in to strike against the true enemy of theirs. The Narrow Dweller Kept its claws on the wall behind it

    "I think we can do this, look." Rax pointed out what he found due to observation towards their enemy, something that might help them in the overall sight of things "It's not using its claws. They're clung onto the wall." Given these aspects of the creature in a weakened state due to not being able to fully harness its strengths because of its new set environment, the Narrow Dweller's defeat was in fact a possibility. "From what I've read about them is that they don't like to go out into open areas like this, it's keeping itself close tot he wall and holding onto it in case it wants to leave. I'm pretty sure being out here is causing the creature anxiety."

    Going out in an all out assault, each member went about in order to attack this creature.

    It seemed all hope had been lost for the two teams, but that wasn't the case. Divine Salvage had been easily one of the most well tuned teams in terms of working together out of all of the ones inside this tournament. They held something hidden up their sleeves, something that they could use in order to defeat the creature. If they were to do this, there was going to need be some strong wills and strengths from both teams just to exceed through the ferocity of the Narrow Dweller.

    "I know what we gotta do." All of the Members of the Divine Salvage Team seemed to be in legions with each other, their eyes darting towards each other and ready to work on what needed to be done. "Looks like we all are on the same page then, hey, Immortal Rune guys, you all game for what we're about to do?"

    Rax clenched his fists up tight, wanting to just brawl with this beast more, but knowing that they all were needing to defeat it and move on, after all, a Scavenger Hunt was time based. "If it means we're gonna live and defeat this snarling jerk, then yeah.

    Sloth chattered his teeth together, his high yielding self attitude coming up as he just wanted to get this over with, ready to come forward with it. "Let's get this thing going. I got to start making breakfast before long."

    "Quit hesitating and start this shit!" Ossa Barked at them almost, she was tired of this annoying beast and wanted to move on to the next spot and next clue to see what it held for them.

    Out of the four participating members of Immortal Rune the gentle, in a way, pacifist, in another way, guy named Bondor was calm and tried to tell Ossa what should be done. "Ossa, you should be nice your friends..."

    Each member of the Divine Salve Team moved around Xiam in a circle, knowing what was going to need in order to be done. Because of this though they all held themselves in a very dangerous and deadly setting to where they could very much so be risking their lives. Curiously looking about the humans that were as if snacks to the viscous monster, the Narrow Dweller lowered its head so it could attack before the team could attack.

    Sakura made the first move. Though she possessed the strength to fight, she preferred to support, not being one for violence unless she was really needed. Otherwise she would rather go on the defensive. "I'll set up a guard!" Slamming her hands onto the ground, Sakura sent out a large number of vines that dug into the ground. Digging deep they wrapped around what was below them, tightening down and condensing the rock it held to be ten times the normal strength and density of rock. Bringing it up to form a wall more than ten feet thick and covering a semi-circle about two hundred feet wide, all lined up with slithering plant vines. Sakura stood strong and tall, not wavering at all from the presence of such a powerful creature, she uttered the name of her attack, knowing that the rest of the two teams were going to begin their attack. "Behind The Garden Wall!"

    Sckys was first to move, his boomerang called upon in order to strike at their foe. With a sharp twitch of his hand he sent his weapon spinning towards the Narrow Dweller. "Gale Twister!"

    Along with Sckys' ranged wind attack big guy Perucho jumped up behind the Narrow Dweller, sprinting upside the wall. Each step of his caused the rocks in the wall to swell up and increase in size. This was due to his Essence, Hill Forge, a power that let him multiply rock he touched and allowed him to create such a mass of such above their foe. "Large Landslide." Reaching up to the ceiling Perucho turned and went right into the bulbous trail of rocks he made. Because of his there was a massive drop down of heavy rock that was directed right at the creature.

    "Gravity Clutch." Joining in with teamwork Sloth used a newer brand of his gravity techniques. Within his zone he was able to target a single being and place a layer of his Essence onto it. Sloth then clasped down onto the air as if he was trying to grab and tear something, pulling back with all his might, the Narrow Dweller now being pulled by gravity out of the wall. Fighting against this, the creature wasn't able to block the Boomerang that came towards it, that which struck right into its lower jaw and forcing its head right up into the downfall of rock from above.

    Taking the three combo set up attack, the Narrow Dweller flailed its head about, spewing acid all about and melting about half of the rock that was coming down upon it. Though it did take damage, it wasn't a lot. Meanwhile all of the members from both teams were being showered upon by powerful acid that burnt their flesh.

    "Course Storm." Without letting any big of the last attack settle, Goose formed a dark cloud just above the ground between the two groups. He had two targets: The Narrow Dweller and Bondor. Sending lightning bolts to both, he was able to hold off the creature for a moment while Bondor brought his arms across his body.

    Letting his anger free for a short instance, Bondor swung across his body to release a horizontal slash of electrical power. "Lightning Cleave!" This gave forth a surge of electrical damage right into the creature's lower neck, causing it to go into a short frenzy. It was from this that it lashed its head about, striking into everyone but Perucho, Lux, and Ossa. Everyone else was knocked back from the attack and given a painful level of damage, giving dark bruises and deep cuts from a single strike.

    Rebounding from her dodge of the attack, Ossa went directly on the offensive.
    "Bone Drivers." Crossing her arms from shoulder to shoulder Ossa created two bone spikes that came upward against the Narrow Dweller. She was away that her bones weren't strong enough to pierce its hide, but she was able to think of something else to do about it. The two bone spikes came from across the creature's neck, but just below it, propping it up and causing it to have difficulty in moving downward at all.

    Rax leaped up and charged in, aiming right for the beast's eye. "We'll get a combo attack of out own! Lime!" Once again his pet snake lifted her emerald green and lime green colored self, opening her mouth and firing a small green laser right into the eye of the Narrow Dweller, enraging it and causing it to flail about, but wasn't able to fully due to the bone spikes that were restraining it. Cocking back his right fist, Rax swung his fist forward in a fully followed through punch. "Red Eruption!" With his strike a large blast of his cinnabar red fire went forward, like the bottom of a rocket. Smirking at the fact, Rax decided something with this move, and what he decided was to make his own duo move with Ossa. The bone spikes lit up with Rax's signature hued fire, searing against it for a brief moment. "Merging Move: Red Spires of Fire!"

    Xiam, the mute of the lot, brought his sword forward, his reversed cross sword engulfed in a malice energy that he used to fight the wicked. Flickering with his step movement, Xiam nearly flashed towards the Narrow Dweller, slicing right through multiple of its hardened spikes, but only causing the creature what would be like a thorn scraping amongst its side. His base Essence did most of its damage based on the level of Evil one held, for something like a wild beast who had no sense of the concept of good or evil and only knew survival, this meant a very bad match up for him.

    The Narrow Dweller roared in pain form the fires against it, smashing its head against the ground and shooting spikes around the area. Out of the ones hit by the attack, Rax had been one of them. But due to his chains he was able to change the force from a piercing attack to a very powerful blunt strike, pushing him back and against the wall Sakura made, the wall instantly picking the pieces up and reforming the damaged areas with its vines. The others who had been hurt were only grazed by the fired off spikes, the friction given by them scraping away flesh that it touched, that being everyone but Sakura, who had positioned herself back for more helpful uses.

    Seeing her new friends as well as her teammates hurt like that though caused her to form some upset. She waved her right hand across her face, flipped her hair slightly, causing dozens of vines to circle up the wall behind the Narrow Dweller and all around it. Flowers bloomed from the vines, spewing out a thick cloud of pollen. "Purging Pollen Surging." The young girl brought her hand back from where it had been to the original position on its respective side, causing the pollen all to explode, enough to break apart the bone spikes that Ossa formed.

    Throwing his boomerang out in front of him, Sckys kept his weapon directly before him and began spinning it. It became like a very powerful fan, stirring up the explosions that Sakura made. Spinning fast enough to multiple times over shatter the sound barrier, Sckys joined his attack towards his girlfriend's in an effort to boost its strength with his own attack "Sonic-Boomerang."

    "Ice Swim." Lux moved about, freezing over the air before him and heading right into the powerful winds created by Sckys' technique. Going all the way around in an three pronged combo, fusing his attack with the two moves unleashed by his two teammates. Colliding into a singular attack the attacks became large frozen clouds, all of which were smashing against the Narrow Dweller, creating thick barricades to which it couldn't move about freely. "Merging Move: Frozen Burst Hurricane."

    Given the chance for this, Rax came up forward, sending his chains up and into the walls above the beast, pulling it down onto it. With all the debris falling onto it, the Narrow Dweller had no choice but to concede and fall back into the caverns. "I think we did it." Rax, full believes of hope as he wiped the sweat from his brow, hesitating for a moment of pulling his chains back it which were currently dug deep into large boulders of rock as tall as he was.

    Slightly puzzled at the retreat of the creature, Lux seemed sort of confused, dusting himself off and trying to avoid all the scrapes and bruises he had obtained from the beast."That wasn't very hard."

    Clapping her hands together, Sakura jumped into the air in an excited manner, very much so in joy with her friends."I guess we got stronger without realizing~"

    "So we're all good now, Victoria?" Bondor questioned her, believing she'd know what they all were to do or if they were finished.

    Victoria looked at them all and shook her head.

    "Wait, what?!" Ossa seemed angry, hearing that there was more to come.

    Perucho got down into a defensive stance, readying himself for whatever were to come next. "I think we're in for some more trouble, guys."

    Looking forward Rax could still see the eye of the Narrow Dweller in the passageway, something he sort of felt as it were about to occur. A short snarl from the creature lurked out as just before lunging forward, biting down on the two chunks of rock that Rax's chains were plunged into. "....Oh Shit." And with that Rax was now being ripped towards the creature with its full strength. He was only able to withstand such muscular strength for a few seconds. His fate seemed lost until all of the members of both teams joined in and grabbed onto Rax (Aside from Victoria) and pulled back against the beast with all their might. Managing to get a few steps back, the beast was seemlingly overpowered, that was until it got a firm grasp of its surroundings, taking one strong yank backwards and taking all of the ten fighters with it into its cavernous lair.

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 45: Everything Without Results

    Having been pulled by the Narrow Dweller back into the caverns, all of the members of both the Immortal Rune and Divine Salvage teams (Aside from Victoria who sat out this fight) were being currently drug back deep into the dank array of underground passageways. Strung along for thousands of yards, the creature took them a good long way before letting go, snapping at them to signify it wanted to fight more.

    "We're in its favored environment now. Looks like we're gonna be on mostly defense." Sloth thought calmly, trying to access what was going to need to be done with the given situation.

    "Mostly defense?! Screw that~!" Rax bolted forward, knowing right now it was an attack or die scenario.

    Nodding his head, Lux realized though he didn't like Sloth, he did enjoy Rax's company and attitude. "I like his attitude!"

    The Narrow Dweller didn't bother with confronting them. It dove right into the wall, slithering in the rock and making new tunnels. They had no idea where it was going to come from, their only hint would be from the vibrations from the surroundings. Crashing out from the rock, the beast came at them with an open maw, everyone managing to anticipate and dodge, Perucho kicking a large rock right into its mouth, something that was shredded instantly by the beast's rotating long mouth of teeth. It repeated this process again and again. Diving into the rock and coming out, forcing them back, moving them closer to the turn that they had seen earlier and analyzed as the beast's nest. It started to learn though that they were acustomed to its attacks. With its next one when they felt the vibrations coming and adjusted themselves to react as so, they were surprised when what came out to their top right was its tail, the maw of the beast snapping from below them. Most of them moving out of the way, Xiam and Perucho had not moved in time. Falling down towards its jaw, their deaths seemed imminent.

    Rax though lashed his chains forward, catching both of them and pulling them back to the group. This would be irrelevant and useless, the creature closing its mouth. Luckily for all of them the friends of theirs would aid in. Ossa created a large bone spike in between multiple of its teeth, Sloth pulled them back with his Gravity manipulation, Lux slowed down its muscles with his ice, Sakura reinforced Rax's chains with her vines, but they seemed to fall off dead and limp, as if the power that she had put into them was emptied out, and Sckys and Goose created a flow of air to help swoop them out from its jaws of death. Snatching their friends from the face of death, they all managed to move back.

    "It's moving us to its next, move to the corridor with the spikes." Informing them, Rax directed the lot to do so, smashing the spikes as they had to tactically create distance between them and the Narrow Dweller.

    Sloth decided towards them, knowing that if they were to win they would need to unleash themselves fully. "We need to use any of our best attacks. Maybe then we have a chance!"

    Knowing what his team was capable at least to an extent, Rax knew that there was something about a member of his team that would prevent him from going all out. "Most of us can at least, Bondor can't."

    Scratching his head and not understanding, Sckys questioned the purpose they had. "Why not?"

    Rationally going over the entire reason, Bondor didn't want to cast forth any doubt "If I do the rage might overtake me, and if it does, I don't know if I wouldn't get you guys in the cross fire."

    Thinking it over and remembering that he saw Bondor's unleashed rage from the Broadcast Vision in Marrow not long back, Lux Came to an agreement that letting that loose might end up killing them faster than the monster. "...Fair enough."

    "Me neither." Goose revealed to them, though his team was aware. "There isn't enough room for my attack in here." He then looked to Xiam, who had nodded his head at him. "Yes, Xiam, we'll use it if all else fails."

    Rax roared out, cocking back his right hand, flames bursting from his arm from the small gaps in the chains. "Well those that can let's go!"

    The rib bone that Ossa received back from her father, Molar, seemed to meld in slightly with her skin as she crossed her fingers together. "Banshee's Rib Cage!" Out from from the walls, ceiling, and flooring were thick bone spikes that stabbed through the Narrow Dweller, coiling up as if the ribs of a creature, causing it to bleed and helping hold it into one spot.

    Crouching down slightly, his arms extended, hunching over his back, Lux's eyes came over with slits like an animal, his body temperature dropping to sub zero temperatures. The air around his mouth froze into ice droplets as she spoke "Articgeddon!" There was one fell movement, Lux moved more than three miles to of the caverns and back, freezing everything he passed by solid and layered over with his ice, a frozen shark fin of ice on his back as returned.

    Sloth held out both arms, one ahead of him and one behind him. Both hands were full extended, his body at his signature forty five degree angle. Both palms were flat and towards himself "Colliding Zone!" With Gravity crushing in on the Narrow Dweller from both sides, the creature was having extreme difficulty moving at this point. "A thousand times Gravity on both ends.... I can't keep this up for long, go Rax, you stupid asshole!"

    Rax giving it his utmost bolted forward, facing the beast as it was now. Gaining a power boost from Sloth's Gravity pushing against him, Rax was melting the round walls around him as he moved in closer even at such speeds. "Ravenous Flames! Red Ruin Meteor!" Striking right into the eye of the beast, Rax had launched his attack that managed to destroy most of Algroth's Mausoleum of the Dead. The surge back of fire coursed all the way back thousands of feet and managed to go all the way upwards from the hole he made at their camp sight before they fell into the caverns, melting away sixty percent of Lux's ice.

    Seeming down, the Narrow Dweller gave out a faintly lingering exhale, lowering its head. Looking dead a wave of relief washed over all of the rookies. This though was shattered as the creature's eye turned to a burning orange, smashing its head all over and charging down rookies, its spikes growing in length.

    Perucho though strong had most of his skill in set terms of defense. With the creature charging towards them fully enraged and blood thirsty now, he was forced to use his greatest of all techniques, slamming his hands down onto the ground below he was able to force up a piece of dense rock all the way from down in the lower levels of crust miles below them.
    "Tectonic Shield!" This move completely covered the passageway, wall to wall, and for four hundred feet of solid rock. This would wouldn't be enough to stop the Narrow Dweller. Smashing its head into the rock it pushed the the large mass of rock and forced it all the way back from where they were and forced them all back into the open forestry of Glowbor Trees.

    "I've got this!" Sakura was on the go as well, dropping her strongest move. Her hair stood on end and upward, her eyes shining a tint of the same color as her hair. Without movement of any of her limbs a luscious up heave of pink flower petals seem to flake off of her skin, all wisping around the entire group and becoming a softening cushion for them, canceling out any impact damage from being sent back into the room, possibly saving many lives. On top of this it also numbed their pain to a degree, a sign that it is a form of healing power, but such a level wasn't within her grasp as of now. "Haven of Cherry Blossoms~" "Is it gonna pull us in again?" Sckys got back to a strong footing, resummoning his Boomerang in his head at the ready just in case.

    Popping his shoulder and spitting out a mouthful of blood, Bondor also got in a stance in case of an oncoming attack. "Pretty sure we just pissed it off more."

    Though prior the Narrow Dweller had been part way in and part way out of the passageway, keeping its strength in check, there was something unusual to its species about to occur. Bursting out from behind the wall, the creature circled around the ten rookies, completely ignoring that it was out in an open space and not in its species natural and well preferred habitat. Though it was still up, the creature was damaged. It was covered in broken spikes, burnt bits, frosted areas, and pierced areas, though those had closed up.

    "Yeah, we definitely pissed it off more..." Rax clenched his fists together, surprised that he was witnessing this. His astonishment was new to him at this level, due to something that was unknown to any book he'd ever read for such a creature. "I've never heard of one coming out of it's lair before."

    Giving no time to let the least have any free time to attack again, there was now a Forming a lightning cloud above the beast, Goose formed his attack he used at the start of the Scavenger Hunt
    "Static Storm!"

    "Shock Onslaught!" Bondor shouted loudly as he went into a split second of his Essence, blasting forward surge of lightning into the cloud Goose had made.

    Bondor and Goose out of the two teams were the only ones that could fully use a Merging technique of their two Essences. This was only due to the fact they were both of the same area of origins and a similar power type (At least they are and can whenever Goose is using his lughtning cloud) With their attacks combined, they let loose a massive Lightning bolt as big as the Narrow Dweller was.
    "Merging Move: Lightning Cast!"

    The electrical power that held the energy of a thousand lightning bolts, the Narrow Dweller shook off the attack and elongated its arms, slashing across the chests of the likes of Rax, Sloth, Lux, and Sckys, as well as the lower leg of Ossa. All of them had to trek through the pain, holding themselves together and doing their best not to give in to something that seemed so far above them.

    A small spire of rock about twenty times the height of Perucho himself, the man up rose a large mass of rock.
    "Grand Slide!" Stomping down onto the spire of rock it was sent in a wave towards the creature, trying to force it back into the tunnel.

    Lux froze over all the the boulders that were headed for the beast "Arctic Run!" Combing their two moves together the union of powers by Lux and Perucho became a big tumbling of frozen boulders, all heading towards the Narrow Dweller. "Merging Move: Tundra Fall!"

    Now in a complete blood lusted state of things, The Narrow Dweller was in it purely to kill them. Whipping its tail towards the dozens of frozen boilers as tall as the Glowbor trees, the creature smashed them into rubble before racing forward, attacking all that were around it. Though there had been hundreds, if not thousands of Glowbor Trees, that was originally. About twenty percent of them had already been destroyed due to the battle around them.

    Rax slapped his hands onto the ground, using the heat of his fire to melt the ground into a small layer of lava, all which from the force of his slap caused the lava to be forced upwards and onto their foe, causing it to shriek in pain, but only receive small bits of damage. "Red Splash!"

    Throwing his boomerang once more but now above the Narrow Dweller, the young man caused his weapon to stay directly over the beast, spinning and creating a tornado ontop of it, that of which super cooled the lava all over the it and layered it in rock. "Hovering Typhoon." It wasn't even a single second before the Narrow Dweller shattered the stone that was encasing it, snapping its vile jaws and looking down at the lot.

    Getting knocked back from the attack, Sloth was launched through four Glowbor trees from the sheer level of force from the shock waves caused purely by the Narrow Dweller's sharp and powerful movements. Though the Narrow Dweller was damaged to a decent degree, especially the crack Rax put in its frontal shell around its head, this was done with a multitude of attacks, including merging moves and multiple top level attacks from each member of the two teams. "Is this thing unbeatable for people at our rank...?" Sloth groaned out as he worked back up to his feet

    Goose wasn't sure what to really say to them. His team did have something he believed they would be able to use in order o beat the Narrow Dweller, but such a way was dangerous and could risk the lives of all of the members of both teams, even with Victoria present. "No, we have a way we can beat it, but we are gonna need you guys to hold it in pla-"

    Without letting Goose finish his sentence, the four members of Immortal Rune rushed out to do their best to keep the Narrow Dweller in place. "You don't have to tell us twice!"

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 46: Band Together!

    All seemed lost. They had taken out their strongest attacks in order to defeat the Three Bronze Star Beast, the Narrow Dweller. All of their best attacks that were applicable to the fight were used. All of these efforts have been used and exhausted, hurting the creature but only so much so as to get it in an enraged state. Narrow Dwellers were known for only living inside cramped caverns and areas of the like, as with here, the abandoned underground passage way system like in this fallen and nearly forgotten former capital of Everlast called Bilai. Though their hope nearly began to waver, the Divine Salvage team seemed to have a secret trump card up their sleeve. Though to use this their friends from the Immortal Rune group was going to need to hold it back for a moment. This was something they didn't even question twice, charging on in and ready to take the beast head on so that it could be defeated.

    The Narrow Dweller completely stretched out its body, guessing Rax saw it at about a hundred and thirty two feet long. It was one that could easily make its way into the record books for a member of its species being so large. With this it went completely out and began to roll over, planning to overtake the group and impale them in the process. Striking down into the rock below them, Rax created a crater below them, just saving them from the tips of the attack, though Rax as the one to fall last from the strike, took slight jabs into his back, causing dribbles of blood to run down his back.

    After its attack the Narrow Dweller coiled back, like a Cobra that was deciding of when to strike again. Though now it was planning on making a more frontal attack. Now it was closer to one the walled area just right of the hole they all came from, being near the tunnel kept it calm even when it was in such a big area. The creature had already improvised a means of attack, it was showing signs of slight intelligence, of adaptation. Something that if left unchecked it would spell nothing but death for all of them, easily being able to take at least some of them out before Victoria got the chance to intervene, unknown to her knowledge.

    "Think Calmly, Bondor... Just try to release a small portion of your rage and direct it..." Though Bondor had in no way control over his swelled up rage inside himself he had been able to use it in small bursts as long as it was something he could directly concentrate on. Something like just holding back a beast like this would be completely within his current hold over his emotions. It was in a sharp burst of electrical current and a vast growth of his Muscles, Bondor grew from his Essence, Lightning Juggernaut.

    Snaking its way forward and going to crunch onto any of the members of the two teams, the Narrow Dweller was halted mid bite by Bondor, who's bulking muscles all pulsating with electrical currents had clasped down onto the beast's jaw and top fang of his mouth. Though Bondor was able to hold back his strength, there was still more strength to come from it, luckily for him he had three other allies at the ready to help him and were to do so.

    "I'll keep gravity increasing on it! I'll have to undo it when you attack though!" Slightly trembling due to his body being worn down and tired at this point, Sloth did his held himself strong as he helped keep the monster in place. Sloth held his high self leveled ego and position as he did, even when facing something so far above him. "Some lowly cretin beast like you damaging a god like entity such as myself? Disgusting, fall into the dirt, you putrid worm!"

    Sloth stood back behind Bondor as a secondary and precautionary wall, but currently had been in his normal stance while using his Essence, Wysteria Presence. With his hand own, palm down, and putting his utmost amount of increased gravity with his Yielding Zone. Thanks to this it added on another thing that was trying to keep the Narrow Dweller in place. Sloth would only be able to hold this for a moment. With energies running low, he wasn't sure it would last even ten seconds. None of the fighters could even manage that. They were all running on fumes right now.

    Ossa on the other hand had noticed the spikes on the creature's body were made of a similar make up as bone. Though she couldn't control it as such entirely, she was able to manipulate it to a decent degree. Elongating the creature's bones and causing them to sink into the walls behind them, hooking him into the stone, while the ones beneath it dug into the deep underground rock.

    "Hurry the fuck up, this thing is pissing me off." With her head down, Ossa snapped these orders to the other team, sweat dripped down her face as she tried to hold the monster the most she could. Adding onto this Ossa gave a skeletal buff onto the members of her team, strengthening their bones so that they wouldn't snap from the strength of the creature.

    Rax joined in as well, wrapping his arms all along the creature's neck and pulling back against it, keeping it in place at the best level he could. Even for being as physically strong as he was there was such a level of effort he had put into it just to keep the creature back. Adding in on top of his already present chain restraints onto the creature, Rax set the things up ablaze with his cinnabar red flames that burned against the creature.

    "I'm in no hurry..." Shaking as the others did due to the level of strain put onto his body just trying to keep the Narrow Dweller back, Rax joked about while gripped down onto his chains as much as he possibly could. He was more worried though about the chains themselves breaking than the creature itself, something as a reason there. "This is fun! Just keep aiming for the eye, Lime. " The great attacking snake pet of Rax's kept her small energy beams firing out right at the Narrow Dweller's eye, the concentration of it bothering the creature, only angering it even more so. What was seen though was that Rax's left arm chains were loosened as his right, fire surging out of it wildly as he tightened down his hold on the creature, blood dripping down from his hands as he struggled to keep it in place. "I hope this works. If I have to go any further, I fear what I might do..."

    All of the members of the members of Divine Salvage gathered around their leader, placing their hands out together towards him. Swelling up the last remainder of their strengths into a raw level of energy, each one carrying over with their respective elements or powers. One of the reasons they had Xiam as their leader was due to his Essence in a way; The ability to take in the powers bestowed to him by those who held within them complete faith in the man, something they could all add onto Xiam to bestow him with a powerful attack that they were going to need in order to defeat something this powerful. The weakness to this was that while getting it ready they were all completely defenseless, that meaning they were not even able to guard themselves or each other when readying this attack, they also had to remain in such a trance of being melded into Xiam's power until he was done. It was almost entirely something they would only be able to use with the air of someone outside their team or a good enough amount of time to do so. This was all only done due to their teams well done in sync, something that the Immortal Rune Team lacked.

    Taking in all of the powers sent to his blade, Xiam was able to fuse them with his into his upside down cross made sword, The energies fusing together and increasing themselves multiple times over. Shining with a holy glow of gold, the power of it swelled and condensed around the blade, the attack seemingly waiting purely to cleave down the Narrow Dweller. What's more is Xiam was able to muster up the strength in his Voice box to say out loud the name for this attack "Merging Move Six Fold! Crucifixion Cross Blade!" Xiam's vanilla colored hair swayed about as he readied out to cut down the Narrow Dweller.

    All that was left was for him to charge out forward, doing so and readying himself in order to cleave the creature. His blade coursing with a shining color of a flashing silver. It pulsed with power as Xiam bolted onward, leaping up to the Narrow Dweller, that who had which gathered up a large congestion of acidic drool, spewing down at Xiam, he who drove towards it without fear, Sloth dropping the gravity increasing around the entire beast itself and all concentrated on Bondor, all to keep him more steady in plac. Slicing through the small river of acid and cutting the creature right down the middle, a hundred and thirty two feet all the way down through its tail. Xiam stood panting for a moment before collapsing down after preforming the attack, having completely exhausted his Essence to its last scraps and passing out.

    "Hooray~~~" Victoria and Sakura leaped to the air and clapped their hands into each others, giggling like fools.

    "We did it?" Sckys seemed flummoxed at the result of there battle. Leaping into the air, he was radiating with joy as he cheered out "WE DID IT!"

    "Everyone alright?" Crackling his back by pulling his arms upwards behind himself Sloth groaned out what he could in his current state

    Lux rubbed the front of his head, trying to work past the painful headache from this all. "I think so."

    The one to notice first the one who the teams lacked around them was Ossa, alerting the rest of the issue. "Wait, where's Rax?"

    Everyone gathered around their passed out comrade, checking to see if he was okay. From what they could tell he was just unconscious from exhaustion and was going to be fine. What's more is that Rax was nowhere to be seen, he himself had been furthest back behind amongst the Narrow Dweller and could have been caught in the attack.

    There seemed to be nothing for a sign of him. It took nearly enough time for sadness and depravity to sneak into the hearts of his comrades with idea of losing a friend at the last second before Rax stumbled out to the others, carrying the eye of the Narrow Dweller in two halves, the pieces themselves with a similar property as glass. Staggering up to them, he tossed one of them to Goose. "Spoils of war, right, friend?" Shortly after speaking he fell down to a knee from the pain. Wincing from the injuries he'd recieved throughout their fight with the creature, Rax's vision started to blur. This tough was set focus on something that came before him. With his free hand that wasn't holding onto the half of the Narrow Dweller's eye, Goose reached out to help Rax get up, the Cinnabar hair colored hero taking him up on the offer, slapping his hand into that of his comrades and getting up back to his two feat.

    Goose chuckled at Rax, seeing the big idiot of a grin he had on his face, even when he was so beaten up. "Well, you did saw we were gonna win. Guess you were right."

    "I did. I Toldya we'd win." Tightening up his chains, Rax turned his head with a big closed eyes smile, giving his team and outward fist for a knuckle bump.

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 47: The Second Clue

    A last ditch effort was made to take down the creature who out ranked all of the members of the two teams of Immortal Rune and Divine Salvage. The monster, a Narrow Dweller, a three Bronze Star ranked creature was seemingly invincible had been slain by the six part fusion technique of the entirety of the Divine Salvage team whilst being held in place by the Immortal Rune group, giving it everything they had just to keep the creature from evading or halting the attack Xiam had. Using his Crucifixion Cross Blade Xiam managed to cleave the Narrow Dweller right down the middle and end their encounter with something completely overwhelming to the lot of them. Now all there was for them was to collect the item they were tasked to find and obtain for the Great Scavenger Hunt of Everlast that they had all been participants in.

    "Well that was a pain in the ass." Tapping the side of her left temple with his knuckle, Ossa staggered through the current condition of her body and its wounds, something they all seemed to have to a degree.

    Noticing something that brought a quite amount of upset, Sloth commented on what he saw from both teams.
    "Time out. What the hell is with this?" Scanning the two teams, Sloth saw that the Divine Salvage team had been hurt, but mostly with just bruises, scratches, cuts, and mostly minor injuries. Meanwhile Rax, Sloth, Bondor, and Ossa were all deeply cut, had multiple broken bones, and rips on their flesh from holding the Narrow Dweller in place. "How come you guys got away so easily yet we all got nearly ripped apart?!"

    "Because unlike you guys, we don't consist of a team of idiots who just charge into battle close range with monsters way out of our league." Lux, only being hostile and insulting them due to the fact it Sloth was the one questioning them, the azure haired young adventurer tried to egg on the member of Immortal Rune he just wanted to continue fighting with due to their bad relations with each other.

    "You wanna repeat that, you frosty asshole?" On the brink of attacking Lux, Sloth took a step forward but collapsed on his right leg, which was broken in multiple spots. "Actually, maybe later..."

    Feeling generous and wanting to make sure everyone was good enough to part ways as soon as possible, Ossa offered her skills to help fix everyone up. "Okay, everyone line up. As the polite and pure maiden that I am, I will mend all of your bones."

    It wasn't long before the token female of Divine Salvage joined in. Currently she just wanted to strengthen her friendship with Ossa, seeing as she didn't have any other girls in her team and Victoria and her already had a natural friendship.
    "Oooh, ooh, oooh! Ossa, lemme join you~ I can heal wounds a bit!~~~"

    Sckys went for what was needed to be reminded, making sure no one would look over the entire reason they came down here. "Wait, we need one of these trees first now, Don't we?"

    Though Perucho was the biggest and most muscular of the two teams, he seemed almost burdened at the idea of having to lug a tree and whatever else they needed all over Everlast. "Carrying an entire tree around the continent on our ship is going to be really troublesome."

    Putting out a thumbs up gesture for them all to cast their attention towards the unharmed girl, Victoria.
    "I've already taken care of that, everyone~"

    "You already pulled up some trees, Victoria?" A slightly surprised Ossa looked towards her teammate, something she did that made Ossa not entirely detest her.

    Goose looked at the girl who refused to fight with them, trying to figure out what had really happened. "When did you do that?"

    "She's fast, I doubt we would've even seen." Rax informed them, almost as if he was bragging about his strong teammate.

    Victoria had spent her time while she watched the fight also in pondering what the meaning of the first clue really meant. "Nope, I've pulled up not even one tree, we don't need to."

    Jabbering on as he does, Lux tried to put some sense into their heads, assuming Victoria was missing a few screws upstairs "We're supposed to get one of these trees, so how are we gonna check it off out list if we don't get it?"

    Perucho pointed out what Lux said, seeing if it fixed anything out from the confusion "He's got a point, Victoria."

    "Do you remember what the clue said?" Slinging around her backpack to her chest, Victoria re-spoke the last sentence of the first clue both teams had. "
    'If it's for this game you wish to be winning then you must obtain what aids life in its beginning.' We aren't looking for the trees themselves." Victoria reached into her backpack to show them what she had obtained during the fight with the Narrow Dweller. Pulling out two seeds shaped like pieces of corn, Victoria showed everyone the findings she had, a glow hue of light emitting from them."We're looking for their seeds."

    Standing around at the top of the hole they had all originally fell down from, the two teams had readied to part ways. "Guess this is it for our teams grouping up." Rax extended out his hand, fist bumping with Lux.

    "So we finished what bound our team as servants because of the rules of the game. Now what?" Goose asked them, wondering if anyone had any idea, holding onto his teams Glowbor Seed. It was with this that the two scrolls for their teams lit up as it did before, informing them of what was to happen


    Sckys, the usually very energenic member of Divine Salvage was in a bit of a slump, even after all the members were fixed up and healed by Ossa and Sakura.
    "That sucks."

    "Oh yeah! Now that we have a Glowbor Seed, we can get our second clue!" Rax took his scroll over to where Victoria was, who had taken out their seed and held it near the scroll, hoping it would have the enchanted parchment to tell them what was next. The scroll emitted a spray of ancient letters, all that floated around then reformed on the paper to where it was readable

    High up towards the clouds with the souls of fighting, a violent land that's showered in lightning. Starting and ending for the hammer and axe, the villages were structured upon false facts. Dive into forests etched with the deaths without a cause, for inside you must find a beast with the hide tougher than its own jaws. Be on alert, for the beast and its wear aren't what will threat, it will be the inhabitants of these lands if your presence is what they detect.

    Looking slightly angry, Goose put his palm to his face, displeased by the near freebee that Rax and Co got. "Damn, You guys got really lucky with this one."

    "What do you mean?" A curious state after hearing what was said, Sloth was intrigued by Goose's words

    Impressed, Rax patted the cloud creator of the other team, questioning about his words. "You already figured it out, Goose?"

    "Wouldn't surprise me. Goose is pretty good at puzzles." Not surprised by the intelligence of his friend, Lux scoffed at any surprises from anyone else.

    Rax had re-realized that he didn't accomplish anything in deciphering the first clue they had and now he didn't even get a chance towards this second clue, he could only whine about it now. "I wish I was good at word puzzles..."

    "Goose, you're so smart~" Flattening to her hands together behind her back, Sakura gave high praise to her teammate who had already figured out the clue that the Immortal Rune team had been given.

    Jealous that his girlfriend had been complimenting anyone other than himself, Sckys kicked at the dirt at his feet, mumbling just barely to where people could here. "Sakura, give me a compliment once and a while. You're supposed to...."

    Snapping from the pointless squabble of Sckys and wanting to get everything finished so she could get away from the other team, Ossa glared them all down "Would you guys shut up and let him finish?!"

    Giggling at the cruelty directed towards her own team, Ossa was one to amuse her newly made friend Sakura. The girl of Divine Salvage nodded her head at the scene and spoke accordingly "Ossa, you're so scary~"

    "Terrifying..." Where as Sakura was just happy and kidding about Ossa, Perucho was genuinely scared of her and din't want to anger her anymore than she already was, stepping behind Sakura for cover.

    Resuming, Goose knew that there was another amongst them that was just as aware of the answer as he was. "Yeah. In fact Bondor should know as well. The look on his face tells me he already does anyway."

    "Whoa, Goose, do you mean their next clue is taking them to-" Lux had been about to finish and tell them where their next destination was, but that opportunity was stolen by Goose, though Lux himself was trying to steal such a position from Goose in the first place.

    Cutting off Lux before he could finish, not wanting him to spoil the reveal for him, Goose immediately began talking to finish what his teammate was going to say. "Yes, the same place where Bondor and I were born and raised;
    The Static Highlands."

    Clapping her hands together at his chest, Victoria seemed excited to learn more about one of her friends "We get to see where Bondor is from?"

    Having an occurrence of his bad habit of verbally saying what he was thinking, Sloth openly said something that he'd regret. "Good. The only member here I actually know much about is Ossa, who's barely tolerable."

    Not hesitating for an instant, Ossa used her Essence, Lonely Graveyard, to swipe by Sloth, taking the bones from his thumbs. "I'll give these back when you learn to talk to a lady."

    Sloth knew there wasn't much he could do. If he kept himself speaking to where Ossa got even angrier he would eventually lose his leg bones. Despite this idea of his he accidentally spoke his more ill tempered thoughts once more."Fucking bitch..."

    "What was that?" Her Essence activating, Ossa was ready to steal more of the bones in Sloth's fingers before long.

    Passing the blame and not wanting to lose anymore finger bones, Sloth went to push the blame onto another "Rax said it, I dunno, sounded like he called you a bitch, I dunno."

    Ossa just let it pass, she was to tired to continue onward. Meanwhile Rax's energy spiked back up, despite how worn down his body current was. Jumping onto his back, something that upset the snake, Lime, inside Rax's coat pocket, but she herself was so exausted after using her energy beam attack as she did today. "Carry me back onto the ship, you near useless candle."

    "Sounds so much fun! I've never been there before." Riled up and ready to head out now to the point some wisps of fire slipped out from the tiny gaps between Rax's chain clad arms. However, this good nature would be deformed as he looked at his teammate, he who now held a very saddened look on his face. "Huh? Bondor, are you alright?"

    Bondor had realized that the second clue referred to the Static Highlands the instant it finished its first sentence. A look of upset and despair washed over his face for a moment, it was this that caught the attention of Rax to think he had something upsetting him. Shaking it off and putting on a false smile, Bondor answered him. "No... I'm fine... Let's go." Turning away from them and walking back to their ship, Bondor's fake smile slipped away and reformed again as a look of depression and depravity.

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 48: Fall Comes After A Gentle Storm

    Eight days passed from the events on Bilai. There were only scenes from the outer most parts of the city, but the level of ruin was enough to make out the massacre that took place. Having teamed up with their first ally team, Divine Salvage, they journied down into the bowels of the underground beneath Bilai. While down within these caverns they were attacked and forced to combat a Narrow Dweller, a Three Bronze Star monster. It took everything they all had jus to damage the creature. When all hope seemed lost the Immortal Rune Team gave the rest they had just to hold it in place so that Xiam could merge powers from his entire team into one to strike down the beast. Now the Immortal Rune team had obtained their second clue, heading to area of birth for both Goose Atlands, the second in command for the Divine Salvage Team, and the young cast of rookies' own Bondor Stormbjorne.

    Four out of the five members of the team seemed excited about going there. The Static Highlands themselves had always been sort of a no go for most people, whether they be Adventurers, Map makers, or just Scholars researching the environment and its fauna/flora. Holding a trail very similar to another member of their team's homeland, the Static Highlands were at least possible to be allowed into, where as the other place known for keeping themselves walled in and everyone else out was absolute with their rules. Though now there was a case where people were going to need to enter, to obtain what they were tasked to find for the Scavenger Hunt.

    "Hey Bondor, come get something to eat." Sloth walked out to their forward end of the boat, trying to get his friend to come down and join the rest of them. It was apparent that Bondor was weary about going back to his homeland, but none of them pried as it seemed like a possible sensitive topic. Whatever it was would likely be revealed once they arrived or over time anyway. For now Sloth's only concern was getting Bondor to cheer up and have some food. "We're having Pepper steaks and apple bread. I even got some of that kind of Booze Perucho had before we left last week, I was saving it for the night before we arrived."

    "We'll be there in only five hours... We'll be there in five hours. I can already see the fjords from here at the edge of the Horizon." Standing up and turning to Sloth, walking towards the doorway at the left hand middle side of their ship's deck, conceding with their wishes and coming down to eat. Truth be told he was quite famished. It had been three days since his last meal. With so much on his mind his sense of hunger was entirely over cumbered. Ever since setting out to the Static Highlands. Even with realizing how hungry he had become over these past few days Bondor was still being pulled away mentally as she saw those rocky Fjords inching closer. His sleep especially had been laying thin. There were only attempts at getting any sleep the first two nights after heading out. Both of those nights he awoke in a horrid sweat, tossing and turning with the mixing ocean of emotions upon him. Mumbling to himself, Bondor walked down the stairs to get to the teams small dining room that could barely fit the five of them. "It isn't much of an entire night."

    The night quickly slipped on by. As the rising presence of the sun made itself aware by illuminating the land, the team, aside from Bondor, was awestruck at what they saw. It looked like the entire land was raised into the air. Immortal Rune's ship had been nearly fifteen hundred feet into the air, yet the mighty Fjords of the Static Highlands stretched miles into the sky. Such a level of majestic nature was truly breathtaking, seeing the clouds just circle this large upheave of rock.

    "Damn, this is pretty cool looking. How big do you think it is? Two, three miles?" Wanting to climb it from the base of the fjords to the top, Rax kept himself and his anxious nature together as to not cause any unnecessary issues.

    "It's just short of three and half... I've climbed down them before." Taking a serious tone wasn't really recognizable on someone like Bondor, a man who usually kept on a jolly emotion.

    After rising their ship up high into the air to where they could enter the lands were more clearly seen. It was truly breath taking of a sight. Hundreds of miles of spiraling mountainous peaks to split up apart rivers that swirled down long runnings that disappeared into the lakes and cavernous spaces below all upon a massive plateau. Because of hos high up they were clouds floated upon the ground, even to where they slipped along the Icy and snow covered glades that were riddled with large black spots where the land had been darkened by lightning strikes. Though the skies were clear here, it could be seen a handful of miles away that dark and thick storm clouds were present, striking the land intensely with their presence of electrical bolts.

    "Wow... What's with all those markings in the ground?" Rax was very much so intrigued by everything he saw from here, that especially that looked like the carvings into the land by possibly a beast of some kind.

    "The land had been carved with what looked like gashes into the ground, as if there were carved out. In truth they had been worn down over the years from the immense lightning storms that the Static Highlands are known for." Informing him of the reasons that the land was like this. The Static Highlands themselves were something that Bondor had always loved, it was what was residing inside it that he didn't like.

    "Guessing they're not big enough for the Earth Menders to come and adjust to?" A curious Sloth asked towards the untouched damage to the biome.

    Giving the proper answer, Bondor just rumbled under his voice "That's what we've- they've always assumed, yes."

    Earth Menders were something that all knew of. Regarded as the most vital of creatures to the beings in all the different realms besides specific religious deities or biased favorites, they were large living quantities of rock, literal beings of the earth. When a large enough amount of damage is caused to an area that could result in being detrimental affects to the environment one will appear. All they do is join with the damage, expanding and not only fixing the damages done but leaving behind more rock, dirt, or whatever that was destroyed. It is widely believed they were what made the planet so big, thus making them a very dear entity to everyone and killing one is regarded amongst the worst crimes across any kingdom.

    Touching down, the Immortal Rune team stepped off their ship and began setting up their ship and ready to leave as soon as they got back, that taking close to an hour the awkward silence was alarming. Bondor had been the one to know these lands the best. He lead the group to where they would be going he broke the silence without hesitation, wanting this all to go as quickly as possible.
    "Okay, judging by the clue we're looking for something with extremely strong and thick hide. There's only one such monster in the Static Highlands that's known for its hide; they're called Timber Boars. It takes three people my size just to pierce its thick armor like skin. I know how to catch them, so let's get in and get out as fast as possible." Explaining about how they were going to get things done, Bondor began walking into the brush nearby, looking to begin the search "The further out areas like this only receive lightning storms in the afternoon to just before day light. We need to get this done before then."

    "You sure you're okay?" Truly concerned, Sloth again tried to help out his friend in any way he could

    Out of the group, Rax had been the first one that Bondor befriended. It was him who asked him to join the team, even then they're the two that get along the best out of their team. Speaking honestly, Rax just tried to deduce his friend's worries and wanted to calm him of them if possible.
    "Bondor, we've known you long enough to tell when you're upset. It's obvious. You don't have to tell us in depth why, but you can at least tell us if you're okay or now."

    With her usual scowl wavering and lowering down a slight degree, the usually mean member of the team did her best to be nice to their teammate who had trouble obviously on his mind. "We're comrades after all, big guy." Ossa patted Bondor to console him, trying for as high as she could, though that only went to about the middle of his back in reality.

    "Best friends is more accurate I'd say~~!" Victoria emitted her cheery self, wanting it to exude out afflict Bondor with her lighter side of things attitude she held.

    Walking for a while, in search for any marks or remnants of what could signal the whereabouts of a Timber Boar, the Immortal Rune team wandered about a forest of thick walnut trees. It wasn't long before they were able to discover one. Looking like a normal boar but with small tree shrubs that grew around its tusks, its odd skin that seemed to blend in not only in color with the surrounding tree bark, but also with similar texture as well, and that was a few feet taller than a normal boar. In strength it barely held itself even in the four wood star level area, and that only was because of its durability. It was nearly harmless to anyone with an Essence. All it took was for Bondor to charge it, smashing an elbow down onto its back, landing ontop of it, punching it right into the chest with enough force that the creature died from shock.

    Rax was slightly impressed at seeing Bondor have such ferocity, when in actuality the large fellow was calm the entire time and without any signs of anger or anything of the such "Damn, dude. I don't think I've ever seen you be so aggressive."

    "It's not aggression, it's survival. As long as we use all of its parts in a way then it's not as bad having to kill a monster. I'm sure you can cook us up something great, right Sloth?" Trying to lighten the mood, wanting his wavering silent emotions to go away, Bondor smiled at his friends, even if it were fake.

    Being the best cook on the team, though only a step or two ahead of Ossa, Sloth had been the one to cook most of the time, seeing as he didn't usually like whatever Rax made, which was mostly just bread, cheese, and meat, not even in the combination of a sandwich. "Of course, buddy. If we grab some herbs and vegetables on our way back I can make some boar stew."

    "Sounds like plan. Is there anything else we need to do?" Ossa made it out with the question if anything remained for them to do

    Not hesitating in answering, Bondor dropped his answer right away "No, let's get out of here."

    "Yaaaaaay~~ Good job team~ You're all so great~~~ Lemme help cook tonight, Sloth~" Praising her team, Victoria was just happy to be there. Now all she wanted to do was aid Sloth in cooking their meal.

    Taking out their team's scroll, Rax walked over to the Timber Boar Corpse "Well that was easy. Next clue guys?"

    Though Rax brought the scroll to the dead creature itself, nothing happened. Giving a guess about it, Victoria gave her two cents on the matter "I think we need to skin it first, Rax~ We might as well have kept it alive and let it adventure with us for a while~"

    Breaking the news to her, Ossa told Victoria the issues with that. "We would've gotten attached to it if we did, Victoria."

    "But we need a pet for the team~" The busty chested, pink haired member of the group whined as she longed for a pet of her own

    Pointing to the light green snake that looped up around Rax's left shoulder, he snapped at Victoria, frustrated with her statement "We already have Lime though!" Looking towards his snake, Rax's grouchy attitude turned to one of jelly and smiles as Lime pushed her head into Rax's cheer, nudging against him with affection "She's the mascot of our team! Aren't you girl?"

    Sloth wasn't very fond of Lime. Though he and the rest of the team were there upon her hatching as well as they're all nice to her, Lime never showed anyone a shred of attention or kindness to anyone but Rax "Why is a snake the mascot when it doesn't have anything to do with our name." "It's Immortal Rune, not crabby little green snake who only likes a bright red haired dip shit and no one else."

    Without a word, Rax just flipped off Sloth, petting his beloved familiar. Ossa was slightly flustered and upset, she turned to head back to their boat, wanting to go now as well as after seeing them argue over a small snake "Well let's get to it then already, geez."

    Going with what Ossa told them all, Bondor was in full agreement. This was both due to personal reasons and ones of full reality that he had in mind "Let's take it back to the ship to skin it. We need to leave before the night storms start. If we don't we're gonna be stuck here for a day."

    From the high tree tops an unknown figure drops down ontop of Bondor's shoulders. Whoever it was had been shrouded, wearing an amber cloak with a hood that looked like a doe's head, similar to Bondor and his straight orange and a slightly lighter orange mixed fur vesting made from the creature he had derived his Essence from, a Panductor, who's skinned head fur was upon his right shoulder. Said stranger's cloak draped down to Bondor's shoulder blades, leaving nothing in sight of their true self. With a lift of the unknown assailant foot, a strong kick was planted into Bondor's forehead, knocking him backwards and nearly falling over. This was finished though as the shrouded person spun around and planted their legs right into Bondor's chest, springing off and sending the large man crashing backwards and through multiple large trees. Catching the Timber Boar and slinging it over their shoulder, this unknown person landed onto the ground and looked towards where Bondor arrived from their attack, almost like they were looking past the other four members of Immortal Rune and not giving a shred care for them.

    "Bondor!" Yelled out Rax, looking towards his knocked back friend, then turning back towards his attacker, ready to retaliate.

    With their teammate attacked, the other four readied themselves to counter and go in against this person, Bondor though could tell what they were going to do and yelled towards his team to stand down "Stay back!" Dusting himself off and teetering for a minute before making his way back to his group just fine, Bondor had a few things to say. "I can handle this." A shift from a more serious tone seemed immediate as Bondor went back to his normal pleasant and kind self, speaking to the person with a sense of friendliness and formality. "Hello, Autumn... Still holding onto that little orange riding hood goes to war look? It's been a while, hasn't it?"

    "A while?" Spoke the voice of a girl, a pretty high toned one at that. Pulling back her hood and bringing her arms out of her cloak, there stood a very upset looking ginger haired and lightly freckled girl. With a freckled face and a body taller than Ossa's, this girl crossed her arms at Bondor's comment, a look of annoyance upon her face "Nine years, four months, seventy two days, and eight hours to be precise. "

    Autumn was as Bondor said. Along with her amber cloak, everything underneath it was a combination of cloth clothing sewn in with leather and light metal. She wore a set of white floral blouse and a tangerine colored shorts that didn't even make it down to her knees. Across her arms were leather straps that came to the tops of her shoulders, as well as ones that were across her stomach and chest. She brushed her hair back and glared at Bondor for a minute before walking towards him.

    Not really sure what was going on, Sloth just asked "Who's this, Bondor?"

    "Is this one of your friends from back when you used to live here?" Rax was just as confused, trying to get some detail on this stranger.

    Excited and hyper after the possibility of meeting one of Bondor's friends, Victoria clapped her hands together across her chest "Introduce us, introduce us~ I'm Victoria, it's a pleasure to meet you~"

    "Quit spazzing out so much, Victoria. It makes you look even stupider than you already are." Not wanting that bad of an impression, Ossa did what she could to calm down Victoria, not wanting to be associated with someone so dumb.

    Not giving Bondor a chance to answer, Autumn interrupted, clinging to Bondor's arm and looking at everyone else.
    "No." Being completely stern with her position. Clearing her throat for a moment she began to speak once more, making sure to get her point across of who she was. "My name is Autumn Ingred. I'm Bondor's future wife." Out of the six people, and one lime green snake, all of them seemed to be affected differently. Rax didn't really seem to care on any part. Sloth seemed jealous, Bondor seemingly getting the ladies and not him. The one that seemed ecstatic was Victoria, who was just wondering what she'd wear to the wedding. Lastly was Ossa, who just thought of lewd acts between married folk, her face steaming red as she stayed silent. Back with her words, Autumn clinged closer to Bondor, informing him of something he'd prefer to have forgotten. "Now that you're returned, you're going to go back to becoming the next leader of our clan, right?"

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 49: Return Of The Lightning Beast


    Sudden news had just been dropped. Bondor, upcoming leader of the Static Highlands Clans? An Heir to a savage throne? Maybe a lost prince? This brand of news had never even been hinted by the man. At no point did he ever seem like someone of Royalty or a high position. All now was for the rest of his friends to try and work their way into this. Though prior they wanted to respect Bondor's privacy, now they all had the thirst to find out more, even the most caring and polite, Victoria, was going mad to find out more about this. Staying silent for the hopes that Autumn would say more, the four other members of Immortal Rune watched and awaited for further developments to be brought out for Bondor.

    "Are you? Bondor, answer your fiancee!" Autumn was getting inpatient, even though it had been less than a couple of seconds from when she originally asked him.

    Eyes were glued to Bondor, waiting for a reply.
    "Autumn, you know why I can't do that. The only reason I ever stepped foot back onto these Fjords was because of us needing to get a Timber Boat." Smacking the Timber Boar corpse, closing his eyes, and letting out a heavy sigh, Bondor managed to hold himself together from whatever was troubling him, at least for now. "Now that we've got one I plan on leaving and never coming back."

    "The drama..." Whispered Rax as they gazed at the lumbering giant of their team and the orange haired stranger to them.

    Putting her finger against Rax's mouth and scowling, Ossa tried to silence him, then went back to watching, her girly side for romance setting in. "Rax, shhh!"

    Bondor knew Autumn. She was not one to accept no as an answer, it's one of the things she was known for as being the most stubborn of their entire village. To his surprise, Autumn didn't seem to mind. Giving a faint smile, Autumn was not seemingly phased by the refusal by Bondor to come back with her.
    "That's okay! Go back to adventuring or whatever you've been doing with your loooooovely friends~"

    This brought Bondor to a state where he wasn't sure how to act from this, he just reverted to his usual kind self. "That's great to hear, Autumn. It was nice seeing you."

    Autumn seemed to be ready to leave, taking a few steps and collapsing. Running to see if she was okay, Bondor picked the girl up. Whatever happened to her seemed unknown for a moment, Rax being able to deduce the cause almost immediately
    "Something is causing her body to sky rocket in temperature. She's got a temperature of over a hundred and forty. Does she have an Essence?"

    Shaking his head, Bondor knew the answer to that from their youth "No, she refused to take one when we were young. Autumn wanted to be a plain house wife whens he grew up."

    "We're taking her to the closest village or city nearby." Sloth decided, looking towards Bondor, knowing that was the only option.

    Ossa could see the look on Bondor's face, but had to give it to him in reality of their situation "Big guy, I know you don't like it here for whatever reason, your little wifey here will die within a day if we don't get to a doctor or any form of healer seeing as last time I checked, no one in our team can do anything to actually help her ourselves."

    Picking her up walking deeper into the forestry, Bondor accepted what was to be done if he wanted his apparent Fiancee to be okay. "Follow me. If I remember correctly there is a passage that leads to a warp gate nearby here that connects to the clans only a couple miles away. It's probably how she managed to get out here."

    "Bondor..." Victoria could tell that their friend was going to put aside whatever his issues were for now to help Autumn. It showed that he wanted to help others and protect his friends more than anything else.

    The team had made way thanks to Bondor to a large carved out hole in the side of a large rock hill. Within this hollowed out zone was a set up of four rings. Each one seemed half the side of the one that was outside it, the largest one being about forty feet wide, the smallest being around five feet wide. Wrap Gates were what existed in the world so that long range quick travel was possible. They were a commonly known tool of transportation, but were used mostly by people who lacked an Essence and were not able to travel at high speeds. This was not the case for the Static Highlands. Though there were tons of dangerous zones inside the Realm, the Static Highlands was one that caused a very large amount of issues for those not strong enough to stay out within its wilderness at all time due to the massive lightning storms that cover most of the hours of the day, the times of the day being different for other areas. The one the group was taking was to Bondor's home village, the second biggest ring lighting up a faint white, turning over and creating a gap in space. It was like going through a window to another world, even if they were only however many miles from the warp gate they went from. Half way through when the ring was in the middle in the air they would be able to see one side as Bondor's old village and the other side the area the Warp Gate was actually at.

    The village of Blitzhelm, the birth home of Bondor and Autumn. Though Bondor seemed to be so worried about coming here, there wasn't anything out of the norm. Small log houses were scattered about the hillside they were on, the people didn't look abnormal at all either, it was like Bondor was all puffed up and bothered by nothing at all. At this moment though he was just worried about the girl he carried, a look on his face as if distress was lightly hovering behind him.
    "Don't worry, Autumn... We'll get you help."

    What would cause him quite the response, Autumn smirked, jumping onto the ground, the lot of them just passed the village's secondary entry way. "Oh, no I'm fine." Dusting herself off and laughing mockingly, Autumn grabbed onto Bondor's arm, pulling it into her chest. "I faked that all so you'd come back with me. Your friends can stay for a while, I'm sure they'll be better than that other group with all those muscle headed dudes and that bitch who eats all that candy."

    Expressions went from worry to astonished, though right now it carried more of a sad look like a child who was being bullied, Bondor made more a whine at the girl "You tricked me, Autumn!"

    "New developments!" Rax quietly informed Sloth, Ossa, and Victoria, even if they were right there seeing it.

    Astonished by this, Victoria put both her hands to her cheeks "I've never read any novels that turned out with stuff like this from the heroine~"

    "You have romance novels back on the boat, Victoria?" An interested Ossa asked, her face shading over a slight blush

    "Of course~ I even have a couple on me." Confirming Ossa's question, Victoria was swift to answer. Having more to say, Victoria nudged up to Ossa, whsipering into her ear "They're dirty though~"

    Now with a face flushed red, near steaming, Ossa tried to keep it down when she asked about it.
    "C-could I borrow one late-" Scowls and a normal mood that resulted in her being mean were what she was known for, But Ossa held the same interest in such things that Victoria did, something that Victoria saw they could maybe bond over (Even though that something was inappropriate books.)

    Snapping at them, due to his peak level of annoyance at the two girls that were talking about something like they were when Bondor had been deceived by an old friend of his and was likely flummoxed but it, as well as it was making them all look weird to all that might hear the girls. "Shut up you two! You're being extremely annoying in front of all these people who likely don't get many outsiders!"

    "You didn't have to do that, Autumn!" Wanting to punch something, but instead taking a deep breath, his anger needing to be quelled, Bondor did what he could to hold himself in a state of tranquility, but Autumn made it hard.

    "Of course I did. You refused to come to your home." Boasting her easy ability to manipulate Bondor's actions, Autumn seemed amused at how upset he was. Though making him angry was dangerous, she knew Bondor would do what he could to keep his anger inside and wouldn't do anything to her. "It wasn't even hard. You're just as naive as I remembered." Strutting up against his front side, the orange haired girl ran her right hand up Bondor's stomach to chest, her index finger tapping right into the middle of his chest. "I like that side of you, Sweety."

    Trying to stay calm, Bondor was just ready to leave IMMEDIATELY. This though was not going to happen. "Welcome Back, young Stormbjnorne." A deep and threatening voice made itself present to the group, a very bulk of a man walked towards them from a stable nearby. "You did very well, Autumn. I'd ask if there was a way to reward you, but I already know your only want is the role of being Bondor's bride. If anything, we will make sure to give you two the most exemplary wedding you can imagine." For a moment he only saw the two individual youths before him that were born within the lands they were in. Shortly after though he was able to take notice of the other four. "He has companions as well?"

    Standing easily within the fifteen or so foot tall area, this stranger was massive. The size of him made Bondor look like a child. Brown hair the shade of burnt earth dropped down to his shoulders, all through his massive helmet that had slicked back ram horns, two on each side that were the size of Ossa. Bronze armor clad his body, though thin, he wore it all casually, likely his every day garbs. Small domes lined up his armor, all in a linear layout on his armor plating (three on each wrist/shoulder plate and eight total on the front of his leg plating), even his shoes were metallic, looking like hooves in design. Behind him was a short cloak, similar to Bondor's, but held the skinned face of a ram on it, though it missed its horns. Rubbing his beard the same color as the hair on his head, though with a slight tint of grey in it, he seemed happy to set eyes on Bondor after so long.

    "How is my young successor these days?" Mjolnir slammed his fist into his own chest, looking at them all to do the same.

    "Yes, Brute Chief." Autumn nodded her head humbly, then proceeding to strike the old man in the chest, him not wavering at all. "You four better show some respect and strike him!" To their people, striking someone in the chest in such a manner was a form of high respect. It showed that they didn't waver from pain and it was a way to boast one's strength on both sides of the greeting. However, this man was out of the ordinary for the average person they'd meet inside of the village. Autumn seemed disgusted by the four of them, telling them whow as before them "This is Mjolnir Utgarde, the Current Brute Chief of the Static Highlands."

    Silence scattered throughout the area. Even those not involved amongst the conversation or even knew of its existence within the village fell silent, they all felt the same ominous feeling of danger approaching. Bondor was what gave off this feeling, the eyes of him widened, an expression as if he was looking at an endless abyss, because of his change in expressions everyone just looked unto now.

    Everything within Blitzhelm had been expected by him, even seeing this man had been something Bondor knew would happen. Mentally dealing with it and it really happening though were two different things. "Mjolnir..." Something in Bodnor halted at the very presence of this old man. His heart started to speed him, his fists tightening, small sparks of electricity began to twitch around his body "The fact you'd show your face to me... The gull you have to address me as if we were on good terms!" Swelling in size, unleashing his Essence, Lightning Juggernaut, a level of rage that dwarfed the one in Marrow, a massive surge of lightning blasting area him, knocking all of them besides Mjolnir and Victoria back hundreds of feet, Bondor became the relentless savage of electrical power that he had despised so strongly, but now was letting run as wild as can be. Calling upon his mighty axe, Omega Bolt, and charged towards his target for the slaughter "THE VERY IDEA OF YOU EXISTING IN FRONT OF ME IS FUCKING INFURIATING!"

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 50: A Tale Written In Lightning And Blood

    After being tricked and fooled by the girl he knew since childhood, Autumn Ingred, Bondor had been brought back intoi the town he grew up in, Blitzhelm, a small village built into a mountainside. Now. So many hours spent trying to tame his inner ocean of anger, his deep abyss of fury, his endless horizon of rage. Even after so much of this deep mental and spiritual bindings he had worked so hard to set up, Bondor had just threw all of that aside the moment someone met his presence. Mjolnir Utgarde was the man's name, a giant man nearly three times as tall as Ossa, an obvious powerful warrior, the current Brute Chief of the Static Highlands, and worst of all, someone who had Bondor willingly unleash his Essence, Lightning Juggernaut, just to lay siege to this man.

    With Bondor charging towards him, Mjolnir smacked his fist into his own chest, laughing at the being of angry lightning that was coming towards him
    "As lively as ever, you youthful bear boy." Taking his own helmet off, his burnt brown hair slicked back due to his helmet. All he had to do was toss his armor piece over to Bondor in order for his assault to falter as he dispersed his axe, slamming both of his hands into the helmet at full force. All it took was that loose item that Mjolnir normally wore on his head, it caused upon contact to launch Bondor as a projectile backwards at a speed that Victoria couldn't even follow, sending him right back miles away from the spot was he was in, slamming into a mountain, going right through it with a hole left around four times as wide as Bondor was as tall in his enraged state.

    It was like Bondor was there one instant then was gone the next. As soon as he realized it, Rax went to the Alert, looking back towards where he assumed his friend was sent due to the way the Helmet Mjolnir tossed was directed in "Bondor!"

    "Rax, stop!" Doing her best to halt Rax from making any stupid moves towards someone like Mjolnir, Victoria stepped out in front of him to issue the situation at hand "If anyone is gonna right this guy," Slapping her hands together, producing a loud BOOM and creating a shock wave that managed to make the likes of the three members of her team around her and Autumn stumble a few steps aside, Mjolnir though standing tall and unphased, though a slight grin on his face now. "It'll be me."

    Sighing at the decisions of Victoria, Ossa just walked over to a nearby bench that was up against a wood paved pathway to some of the shops that were scattered amongst the Blitzhelm village. "Oh no, the big titted idiot is gonna break this quaint wooden village."

    Unlike the rest of his teammates and those around him, Sloth got tired of the drama and fighting for now, leaving to go find some bars or wherever pretty girls may be present until morning.

    "Quit being so noisy. Bondor will be fine. Chief Mjolnir has been beating up on Bondor since he was a boy." Autumn wasn't so far taking to much of a liking to Bondor's team, planning on having them kicked out in the morning when they wouldn't have the issues with the viscous lightning storms around where the area they were in when she found them. "If he couldn't take that much I wouldn't have decided to become wife. If anything your pink haired bimbo friend here better back down if she doesn't want to get decimated by our Brute Chief."

    "Hey, Gingerbread," Taunting at the girl's orange hair and pale complexion covered in freckles, Rax got the girl's attention "She's way stronger than the rest of our group, that includes Bondor. Don't take lightly of her either."

    "Gingerbread?! What's that supposed to mean, you jerk?!" Riled up from Rax's comment, Autumn bolstered up her self, standing on her tip toes and jamming her pointer finger just short of Rax's face. "Just cause you have that fancy hair star thing doesn't mean you can talk down to red heads!"

    "YOU'RE NOT A RED HEAD!" A fuse in Rax snapped, but more of a frustrated one rather than furious one. It was as someone had been constantly shooting rubber bands at the back of his head when he wasn't looking, more of an annoyance like that. "I have red hair! Red, RED! Yours is orange!" Rummaging his hands through his hair like a crazy person, Rax was flaring about, trying to regain his stability. "Why do people call orange haired people red heads, you ginger slag?!"

    "FWAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!" Mjolnir burst into laughter, one hand still holding his helmet and the other running through his thick beard that ran down to his stomach. "I like these Lambs. You're all welcome to stay now, just make sure you cause a ruckus before you leave and get into a few fights!"

    Not really sure how to bring it up, Rax just went right to the point in order to figure out what Mjolnir was going to about the actions he just took. So for this, he just strolled up to the giant, leaping into the air and striking him right center mass in the chest. "Brute Chief, what about Bondor? You remember you kinda sent him miles away?"

    "As team leader I don't believe I can stand for you doing that and not at least bringing him back here, Mjolnir. I suggest you do so." Ossa wasn't moronic. Gauging the style of these people it was a strong, brave, or useful people that held position. Seeing as she was nowhere near that of Mjolnir just by making a well gutted guess, nor had any use to the people of this village to her knowledge, but if there was something she knew how to do, it was being aggressive.

    Impressed that Rax had already taken a memory of how their forms of respect were held by, Mjolnir had already spaced for a second that he actually did that "That's right, isn't it? Seeing my Helmet still in such a shape to do that brought my mind to such a stout state." Putting his hand back up, a slightly flex of Mjolnir's arm muscles, which were bigger than Rax and Victoria even if they were standing back to back, and coming right back was his helm, Bondor nearly having the thing embedded into his chest, unconscious, but still faintly in his Lightning Juggernaut state. Plucking the barely awake Bondor off from the helmet, Mjolnir smiled at the boy again, then turning and tossing him far off like a rag doll. "I tossed the lamb to his old house. It's in a decent enough shape still, but no one's been there in years. In the direction I tossed the lamb, about a mile from here beside large stone plum tree." Placing a hand onto Rax's shoulder, Mjolnir seemed interested in the fact Bondor now was part of a team from outside the Static Highlands. "Lambs, you might be what can mold Bondor into what he needs to be."

    "This day has been soooooooo long already. Let's go get some rest~" Victoria knew Bondor would be fine, tans like him wouldn't go down from such an attack anyway, at this point she just wanted the day to get over with.

    "If you don't me asking, what is the relationship between you two?" But before he was able to get an answer from Mjolnir, the old man had already put his helm back on and vanished, the only thing Rax saw before it was to late was a slight smile across the bearded giant's face.

    The team made their way over to the area that Bondor was thrown towards. Whatever the reason why Mjolnir had sent Bondor this was really irrelevant to the team as they just wanted to retrieve their comrade. Four people had been traveling down to their destination, though one of them wasn't part of their team; it was Autumn who tagged along to see Bondor some more.

    Already not liking it on the adventure given to them due to the second clue that lead them here, Rax had already been reminiscing over their friends so far away
    "I miss hanging out with Divine Salvage. They were funner than this." Remembering his time in Bilai and his time between the two teams, Rax recalled what upset him the most about being done with his time in Bilai with his team and Xiam's team "I never even got to fight any of them..."

    "Next time we see them you can ask for a fight, Rax~" Staying positive, even when running on her last bits of energy and wanting to sleep, Victoria tried her best to talk to Rax and cheer him up

    "Of course I will." All Victoria was doing was stating the obvious, but he appreciated the effort made by his friend. "You know, we would've had had to come into this village to help Autumn if we had a healer. Even if she was faking." Rax was right about this. Ossa had been the closest thing they had to a healer and all she could do was mend bones.

    "Rax, I don't know if you've realized this, but our team doesn't really have any form medical power aspects." Ossa was ready to be entirely honest to Rax about their situation "We've got a bone snatcher, a smug gravity sponge, a big titted muscle headed moron maiden, a coin who's two sides are between the marshmallow soft personality and a relentless electrical marauder, and you, the fiery dip shit who just wants to fight people and rustle around in whatever danger zone you plunge us into." Seeing the small green snake that pretty much lived somewhere either in one of Rax's pockets or coiled up a arm of his, she at least didn't leave Lime out this time when discussing their team roster seeing as she was a familiar for them (Pretty much just Rax). "Oh, and your only loves her master laser lizard."

    Jealous over Divine Salvage having a healer and their team not, Rax slightly sulked while continuing to walk "They had Sakura, who was a healer. Wish we had a soothing nurse on our team like her."

    "Who's Sakura?" Autumn asked them after hearing about the girl, trying to join in the conversation, only to be ignored by them all due to her tricking them all to get here.

    In truth, Ossa new different about Sakura and her position in Divine Salvage. "Actually, I talked to Sakura for a while down in the caverns below Bilai. She didn't get on the team for being a healer, she got on it for being able to nearly beat Goose. She's just short of being the second strongest of their team. She prefers to heal and support because she likes to help people rather than get violent."

    Figuring out that her presence might as well be non-existent to the three members of Immortal Rune, Autumn groaned at what was going on. "Great, they're ignoring me..."

    Hearing how strong Sakura was, Rax was left mildly shocked "This news disturbs me..." Rax didn't even imagine such a thing as possibility, knowing the nice gentle girl of their team could give him a run for his money

    "Hey guys, I can see the plum tree from here." Autumn told the group, getting at least acknowledgement this time from them

    Once they made it to the building they were able to a full view of the place. It was like a forty food wide and two stories tall tree stump had been set with a doorway and a window. There wasn't much to this lightly detailed home. Half way looming over it was the stone plum tree that set as a marker for the place, its magenta fruits wavering in the soft winds around them. Sitting against this tree was Bondor, who was now completely spaced out, not even paying a shred of attention to his many bone fractions that he currently held.

    In his mind, Sharing a personal feeling would help Bondor, or at least that's what Rax assumed "You still mad, dude? Shouldn't your old house cheer you up? I know the one I used to live in a couple years before the team was made would brighten my spirits up on the spot of getting to go near it again. There a lot of good memories in there."

    Victoria's loving and caring eyes began to glisten over, her emotions starting to take hold due to Bondor's "I've never seen Bondor so void of emotions like this, it's kinda weird..."

    "Me neither. I don't like being here either, it really gets to him." Rax was in full agreement. Though he'd known Bondor less he'd prefer, he already could tell that how he was acting now wasn't normal for him.

    Guessing towards this all, Ossa wondered something about it "Is this house the problem?

    "Want me to just tell you all what happened to him?" Speaking as if she were about to tell them all about something like a small daily event, Autumn asked the three if they wanted to hear the story or nor of Bondor's youth and what the problem was with him, Mjolnir, and this village.

    "No, I'll do it..." Walking into his old house, something he had not wanted to look at who a period of time he never even really considered. "Ossa told us her past when it became an issue with her and the group, so I guess it's my turn to." Walking over to the back left corner, Bondor picked up with one hand a large dresser, dust and cobwebs puffing up with its movement to show it hadn't been touched in years. "Before this untamable anger that took up residence in me I was a compeltely different person, someone I am glad I am no longer... But..." Punching through the floorboards, Bondor pulled back a small chest, just bigger than the size of a a stick of butter, a slight layer of tears forming in his eyes, wiping them away as quickly as they came. "But it's also something I would discard and return to my former self if I could prevent what caused me to become who I am now."

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 51: Before The Raging Storm

    Within the Static Highlands there carved out a zone of deep earthly gashes that left nothing to the area but the look as if a god had cut up the land around several hills. This area was known as Kindle Spark Ridge, the favorite play spot for the children of the Static Highland villages of Blitzhelm, Bodn, Svalin, and Gungnir. Born within what strove to be the land of pure bred warriors, all of them had a strong affinity for combat. Amongst these youngers had been one that would hold his place as an brewing storm of a barbarian, one who rejects his born calling; Bondor Stormbjorne, dressed in a leather tunic and trousers with some worn down tanned hide shoes.

    Dozens of children fought with branches made from Jolt Woods, trees that carried electricity within their needles. What looked to be a large circling of kids burst out as they were sent flying backwards, a kid much larger than the rest stepped forward. Only ten years of age he stood at five foot eight inches high, built the same as he was an grown man. Though this younger point of his life held something significantly different. This version of Bondor before whatever made him leave his home land seemed to love the thrill of battle! Carrying what looked like a Jolt Wood stomp, Bondor smashed the challengers and opponents that came towards him away, zapping the kids with small bolts of electricity and rendering everyone hit unable to continue.

    "Looks like I won again! HAHAHAHAH!" Booming with arrogant laughter, Bondor tossed the tree stump off to the side, landing on a beaten down boy. "Am I even surprised though? No. After all, I am the strongest of our generation."

    "Bondooooooooorrrrrrrr~~~ You did so amazing! It's always more fun to see you beat up a majority of the fighters by yourself." A small girl with wavering orange hair ran up to Bondor, her small hooked cloak to match the color of her hair fluttering behind her.

    Not really caring much for the girl herself, Bondor just took it all as a source for his future bloodline "Autumn, if you want to win my heart you better lean how to fight first."

    Hours passed and Bondor made his way back to his home a handful of miles outside Blitzhelm. It was a small wooden shack beneath a stone plum tree, an arbor that grew, well, plums nearly as hard as stone for skin. Entering his home he was greeted by his only family in the world, his little brother Nikolog. Slightly shorter than his older brother by about a half foot, Nikolog was very similar to his brother. A large individual, Nikolog was carving a small wooden figurine

    Nikolog asked his brother something he already knew the answer to, but enjoyed asking everytime "Bondor, did you win again?"

    "Well, everyone else lost." Bondor said this with a straight face for a moment just before he and his brother started laughing

    "Here, I made this for our table so it looks more filled in this room." Nikolog placed down in the center of their beat up old home on a large flat stone that they used for dinner table the piece of wood he was carving.

    Looking closer at it, the carving looked like a miniature replica of the stone plum tree that was just outside their house.
    "It looks great, Nikolog." "How come you spend so much time trying to make things? You're from the Static Highlands and my kin! You should be battling and showing how strong you are!"

    "Fighting is... Fun, sometimes... But I really like crafting stuff. We wouldn't have chairs otherwise." Patting onto the wooden oak chair that he was sitting on, Nikolog admired his work, but also wanted to make his brother proud and being a warrior seemed to be the way to do it. "Oh! Brother, Brute Chief Mjolnir came by here while you were gone!"

    "The Brute Chief? Did one of us do something to far?" Bondor pondered to himself of any of his recent activities that might of been a bit to much, like last week when a couple kids picked a fight with him of six on one and he used one of the bullies to beat down the other five like the boy was a club.

    "I don't know, but he said he wanted you to go talk to him tomorrow around noon. Maybe he's gonna tell you how great you're becoming, brother!" Complimenting his brother but at the same time being realistic, Nikolog was fully aware of his brothers great potential as a warrior.

    The following morning Bondor made his way to the main village of his people, Blitzhelm. Once there he sought out the main hall where the Brute Chief Mjolnir resided in. Making his way within he mustered his way to the armory where Mjolnir was known to be found, which was exactly where Bondor located him in. "Brute Chief, what is it you requested me here for?" "Did you wanna fight me now or something?"

    Mjolnir seemed slightly surprised that Bondor had shown up already, something though that he should've expected. Knowing that Bondor was an eager young warrior, it likely stoked his blood to have a personal summons from the leader of his people. "Oh young lamb, your aggression to win and beat down your opponents so that you may become stronger daily is very nostalgic, you remind me of me back in my youth."

    "I can only hope, Brute Chief." Giving his leader some unnecessary praise, Bondor just wanted to get to the point so he could go home and hang out with his brother before the next battle royale took place. "Is it important though?"

    Mjolnir spent a moment recollecting his mind over the rush of memories of his youth that were brought out after looking at Bondor, someone who he saw a reflection of his younger self within. Mjolnir held the save born heart for battle, the will to strike down everyone that was not an ally in the fields of war, the burning rage to obliterate his enemies. Though... Bondor seemed to have many of these aspects, but didn't contain the swelling rage that Mjolnir held. It was something that made the boy seem... incomplete. Wanting to correct this, he halted his pause and resumed speaking to Bondor.

    "Of course it is." Turning away from Bondor, Mjolnir spoke with his eyes closed, wanting to hear nothing but the exact answer he was looking for, not wanting to picture anything else from the young man he had such high hopes for before him. "You understand why though this land and our people are depicted with the sparks of lightning and electricity, right?"

    The answer to this question was branded into the minds of everyone that grew up in the Static Highlands at a young age, Bondor only recited what he was taught. "It's to inform all that we are and live amongst lightning itself; Every strike we send at our enemy is like a lightning storm."

    "Very good, young lamb." Pleased with his response, Mjolnir knew Bondor was to be forged into greatness within their clan.; Along with his previous question, he followed in with another question for their one on one meeting as it were "But do you know why it's extremely rare for anyone here to actually use lightning as an Essence element?"

    This knowledge was something many wondered within the Static Highlands, but it wasn't entirely common knowledge, but something one could find with research without to much effort and strain, Bondor being one of these people to look into it. "Yes. It's because with the levels of electricity throughout the static highlands it's very easy for someone to absorb or be directed at by lightning strikes to where they can be overloaded and die."

    To be honest, the aspect of the lightning element was the only one that grasped Bondor's attention so firmly. Other powers, whether standard or something complex, hadn't the same spark that one based around lightning held for him, the power to represent his own people. His largest dream was to be able to leave the Static Highlands to show the world how strong he was, how strong his people were, and most of all, see the world with his little brother Nikolog. If he were able to achieve all three of these things Bondor believed he could truly obtain a complete life. It was the reason he worked so hard to be strong, to be powerful. It wasn't only for himself, but for his entire clan.

    "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Splendid, Bondor! The fact you're so strong at your age shows that you are going to become a valuable warrior one day." Mjolnir was one to recognize strength when he saw it, especially within his own people. Giving Bondor the credit he was long overdue for, the Brute Chief was ready to explain to Bondor what the reason was for going and having the young fighter report to him. "I tell you this because I think you will be the one to succeed me and become the next Brute Chief, young lamb."

    "Bad ass." Brought in by the words of his Brute Chief, Bondor was ready to partake in whatever it was that his leader had for him. "What do I have to do?"

    "First thing before it's set in stone is we're going to have you participate in the Valhalla battlegrounds." Mjolnir had decided on this, it was set in stone. At no point would he waver from the commandment of Bondor needing to partake in a match inside the Valhalla Battlegrounds.

    "In Valhalla? I've fought in there all the time though before." It was pretty much a standard thing to the youth of the Static Highlands. A battle ground where one could fight all out without worries. Any damage after one is deemed unable to fight is undone and sent to a remedial training course. It was made so that the strong could get stronger via real combat and the weak can be corrected upon their flaws and can grow from them. Bondor himself could recall breaking the spines, skulls and torsos of many in the fields of Valhalla, knowing that any harm to them would be null after the fight is done.

    Tapping his hand to his rustic metal helmet's horn, Mjolnir spoke to Bondor with the intentto finish their conversation. "This will be a different case, young lamb. Now go home, it will be tomorrow."

    "Got it." Bondor nodded and struck Mjolnir directly in the chest to show respect, then turned to leave. All that filled his mind now was the excitement of battle and the future that was presented to him, but what he didn't know were the events that were to unfold.

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 52: Raised On Lies

    "He wants to take you into special training? That sounds amazing, Bondor!" Nikolog seemed extremely riled up for his older brother that had been given the opportunity to take direct lessons or something of a similar nature possibly from the Brute Chief of the Static Highlands, Mjolnir Utgarde.

    Bondor, who had been in a boastful mood after getting personally picked for what seemed to be Mjolnir's apprentice or something of the kind.
    "Seems that way, little brother. I'm gonna head out late tonight to get a work out in before I head to Blitzhelm for whatever Mjolnir wants me to do." Getting his bag and walking outside, Bondor was ready to leave.

    "Bye and good luck!" Shouting words of encouragement to his older brother, Nikolog stood in the doorway as Bondor left

    "Try and train while I'm gone, Nikolog!" Smiling and waving away his little brother, Bondor turned to head out. After a few steps he turned back and put his fist out to Nikolog, a big grin on his face, showing he was excited for whatever it was Mjolnir had for him to do extra in the Valhalla Battlegrounds. "Bye!"

    Once he made his way to Blitzhelm the following morning, Bondor met up with Brute Chief Mjolnir. Once there, Bondor and him went to the Valhalla battlegrounds, a massive construct of a pure fighting arena at the center of the Static Highlands made for the warriors within the inhabitants of the warrior land may do battle in a setting perfect for them. Two more days passed just for Bondor to get settled in before the battle that he was going to take place in. From what Mjolnir told him, it would be the a battle royale of the strongest members in the land that didn't have an Essence ability. This means he was fighting people who were all nigh super human. Not even this phased Bondor's resolve to win.

    The time had come. Bondor as well as many others, though all but one seemed years older than him, had gathered inside the Valhalla Battlegrounds. The Battlegrounds had been a large lush open field covered in jagged mounds of rock, heavy cliff sides, ravines, and more points of intense environmental combat centered areas. Around this area had been a constant ring of lighting strikes from the clouds above, something to prevent any possible cowards who would run away.

    After looking at the people he was to fight, saw something... strange. Though all these grown men were about to fight with all their might in something that included a young boy only ten years of age at the time, though that didn't waver Bondor's being at all as he welcomed the challenge, he saw one other person who didn't fit in with the rest of them. It took only a moment before he realized who it was.

    "Nikolog? Is that you?" Confused as to why, Bondor wasn't sure at all the reason his little brother had been participating today, his brother never prior fighting in Valhalla.

    "Hey Brother! I'm fighting today too!" A very excited Nikolog shouted. Though the boy had been only at the age of 7, he had the will of a fighter naturally inside him, even if he wanted to be a craftsman instead.

    "What?! How'd you get in here? This is going to be a match of real warriors just short of those with Essence abilities!" Whatever the case was, Bondor was worried about his brother. None of these guys were push overs, it was what they had one spot lower than those with an Essence ability.

    "It's this cool?! I never did this kinda stuff before, but it's so cool! I might try this warrior thing out!" Nikolog was excited to the point he was shaking a bit, though some of that might of been fear mixed in, nervousness for the fresh experience he was going to participate in. "Mjolnir brought me. He said I should fight in it too! I wanna win, even if I'm a rookie!" Even if this was strange, Bondor couldn't help but go with his brother's enthusiasm. Even if he suffers complete defeat he would learn some lessons on how things go. Given though that they were of the same blood, Bondor was sure he wouldn't go down without a fight.

    As soon as the fight began the two brothers split and went the opposite direction. Bondor had chosen a two handed, two sided battle axe as his weapon, Nikolog shooting a club that looked like it were a large tree branch laced with metallic platting. Throughout the all out everyone versus everyone engagement, Bondor alone had taken out many of the other fighters by himself. Even with the other participants being older, more experienced, and bigger than he was, the will and strength of a true warrior resided within him. Cutting down all that faced him with his Axe, Bondor met up with one of the last few remaining members of this battle; his little brother who he ran into near the end of the fight.

    Locking gazes, the two now felt something new to their brotherly love and bonds; It was the drive to win. Even though new to this, the fire inside to take down his opponent was already burning within him.
    "Bondor! I hoped I'd get to fight with you before this was over! I wanted to tell you something neat! I beat a guy all on my own! I smashed his head with my mace! He's gonna be real mad after he gets healed up later!" Laughing, Nikolog wanted to know something before he tried to fight his brother, even though he already knew it was going to be of quantity; that being Bondor's score so far. "How many guys have you beaten so far?"

    "Sixteen." Out of the participants competing there was a total of fifty. This had meant Bondor had taken our just shy of a third of them by himself. What Mjolnir was within him was real, Bondor was a being blessed with the soul for battle.

    "I expected nothing less, big brother!" Charging in, Bondor swung his mace towards his brother's chin, hoping on hope that he could defeat his older brother, even if he knew it was impossible as he was now.

    Going in and instantly parrying the swing of his younger brother, Bondor says a few words before striking
    "I hope you had fun your first time here, Nikolog! See you at home, little brother! We're having pheasant tomorrow to celebrate!" Knowing his brother would be fine after the fighting was over, healed and just slapped on with some training before he can leave, though for his age it would only be a couple of hours of said training. With this Bondor swung his axe down, cleaving right into his brother's torso and cutting his down diagonally. The level of pain and screams he let out was something Bondor had come accustomed to. To him it was just what happens when a new person makes their way into Valhalla for the first time, like a right of passage. Later he planned to tease his brother of how it probably was for him, just something to taunt him how brothers do. Bondor just kept on going, fighting anyone he saw, cutting down everyone in his path.

    Hours passed and the day came to a close. Bondor had passed the trial, being the last man standing and winner of the round. Returning home after the large feast after the events in the Valhalla Battlegrounds, Bondor went into his home to settle down and relax before Nikolog came home as well. When he walked in the door he caught eye of a small wrapped package on the table, something that peaked his curiosity immediately. After investigating this oddity It looked to be a gift that read TO BONDOR, FROM NIKOLOG. A present from his little brother to congratulate Bondor's Success! Such a thing was a wonderful refreshment to his violent day. Bondor then sat there at his table while he waited for his brother to return home, a smile on his face as he was excited to celebrate with Nikolog the great success that Bondor achieved earlier in the day in the Valhalla Battlegrounds.

    The night passed by, Bondor had not moved from his seat or slept as he waited for the return of Nikolog. One night turned into one day. One day turned into three days. Three days turned into a week. A week turned into eighteen days. Nearly three weeks had passed by since Bondor took his place at the table to patiently await his brother to come home. Not sleeping, eating, or moving. The young boy of only ten sat back into his chair, waiting, shriveled and looking sickly.

    Opening the door to the house, Mjolnir walked into the home of the Stormbjorne family. The first thing that caught his eye was him seeing Bondor's worn down self. Looking upon the previously big and healthy young warrior, now a withered down skeleton of his former self. Mjolnir was concerned. Bondor had been supposed to meet back up with his days ago, but assumed he was still celebrating or training and just let it slide, but now it had been to long. "Boy, what are you doing in here? It looks like it's been ages since you've eaten."

    Starving, parched, and beyond tired, Bondor seemed barely alive. His body and mind held on to the highest point they could given what was going on. Gathering the energy he was preserving to greet Nikolog upon his return, Bondor responded to Mjolnir's question. "I'm... waiting... waiting for Nikolog to come home so we can celebrate becoming your apprentice..."

    "Bondor... I assumed at your age you would've figured it out by now." Mjolnir seemed to be hiding something from him. Something that he was to tell young Bondor. Whatever it was it seemed like he'd been tricked somehow.

    Confused and baffled, Bondor was not really in a level of understanding of what was going on. Now he felt a strong sense of uneasyness, something he knew wasn't a good thing.
    "What do you mean? Is my brother doing some long extra training for losing his fight time in Valhalla?"

    "No." A short pause that felt like an eternity befell the room. All that could be heard now were Mjolnir's words, and those alone. "We don't tell the kids about it, most are able to deduce it all by around eight or nine." Whatever he was to reveal to him, Bondor knew it would be grave, something he didn't want to accept. Something he figured out on his own just by the clues that Mjolnir had been dropping to him. "Your brother isn't coming back. You killed him."

    His mind cleared at the sound of this. What had just been a slightly upsetting moment, where as he just had to hurt his brother but he was told he'd be fine afterwards, had suddenly turned into news that his brother was really dead... And by his own hand. "W-what...? It was in Valhalla, he got healed and put into some remedial training! That's how the Valhalla Battleground works!"

    "That's what they tell you young lambs when you start to keep you from worrying about killing another." Revealing the lies that the adults had been spreading for who knows how long, Mjolnir looked at Bondor as if it were no big deal, as it were like he had just done a normal daily chore like gathering fire wood or taking out old food to throw out. "Your brother is gone, by your hands." Not giving Bondor any time to deal with all of this, Mjolnir was ready to leave. "Now let's go, Bondor, we have to start you training."

    Something... formed within Bondor's mind at this moment. Before all of his fights, his scuffles, his bouts, his battles were all driven and fueled by a thrill of combat. What he felt now was just... bloodlust. He wanted nothing more than to obliterate Mjolnir from his world, to obliterate this land from the world. To erase the lies they rose and the lives they ruined. All that was left in Bondor right now was rage, something that began to flow with the swelling hatred in his voice "I killed him...? Nikolog? My beloved little brother... is dead? I thought it was just a training game... HE thought it was just a training game! That he'd be fine afterwards and he and I would go home together and eat dinner and laugh! NOW HE'S GONE BECAUSE OF YOUR LIES?! BECAUSE OF THIS CLAN'S LIES! I KILLED MY ONLY FAMILY! I DID IT WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE AND LEFT HIS LAST MOMENTS LIKE THEY WERE NOTHING!!!"

    Something snapped within him. Bondor's mind just seemed like it collapsed. The last thing he remembered was picking up the large stone they used as a table, weighing multiple thousand pounds by itself, and swinging it towards Mjolnir. When he came back to himself, Bondor was lost deep within the forests, somewhere near Surge River, the constant stream of lightning that crossed through the skies. Looking to his surroundings Bondor was faced with the composure of a creature eating leaves beside him, an orange bear like creature, what he knew as being called a Panductor.

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 53: Life Forsaken And Life Revitalized

    Despair had overcome young Bondor. From the start he and the rest of his people were lied to. From what was told to be a safe haven where all lives are saved and wounds can be undone, Valhalla had been nothing but a false sacred ground. It didn't even strike into Bondor's mind of how many he must have killed over the years without realizing it, how many lives he ended, how many families he ruined. This was due to his world collapsing in on itself. From the one he had just participated in, Bondor had cut down his own younger brother, Nikolog. Now through everything he trekked on for, everything he worked for, everything he cared for, was gone. All in an instant of his own doing fueled by the lies of his own clan.

    The only thing left he had that he could think of was the moment before him. In a state of such an unstable mind, Bondor looked just forward of him, where only a foot away was the face of a Panductor. Such a beast was a large orange bear like creature that had the very docile personality for the most part, but was known for going on electrical rampages when angered, though they were known also to always be so relaxed that their guards were down at all times.

    "What are you looking at?" Bondor had been stricken with grief to the point he wasn't all there mentally right now. Talking to such an animal as if it would respond, Bondor just assumed that it was ignoring him. Pitying him. Belittling him. Looking upin him as if it was judging him for his actions. All of this was entirely in his head "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!"

    Logically the creature didn't respond. Going to eating the grassy shrubs that were at Bondor's feet, the creature did not pay any attention to this boy, though it would become its own bane. Prior to leaving, while in his fit of uncontrollable, unconscious fury, Bondor had taken the carving knife that his brother had used to carve his wooden sculptures with. The wood that Nikolog would use as a base were from the Stone Plum tree. Such as the fruit it bears, the wood as well was as hard as stone. Because of such the knife he used was from a wild beast's fang, something that could slice through solid rock as if it were cheese. Using this Bondor has been washed over in a surge of aggression. The creature to him was but mocking his fatal mistakes with his brother, though such was all crazy. What followed was in a flash. Driving his blade into the skull of the Panductor, Bondor pierced the weapon into the creature's brain, causing it to flail around before dropping dead.

    Huffing deeply from the over exertion of killing the creature, Bondor came back to, instantly regretting what he had done. Though he had killed this creature, he knew one way he could at least honor the beast. Skinning it and cooking its flesh over a small fire, Bondor would use its meat to eat and regain his energy. Using its hide and fur he would cloth himself in a garment that would not only protect him from the harsh treatment of nature, but also would be constantly reminded every time he looked at such garbs that he can't let his anger get hold of him or he may take another life. Lastly, what he saw the the greatest reminder and a way the creature would continue on through him, Bondor took on its Essence.

    Taking on its Essence was more greatly, a testament to him. As he knew, having an electrical based ability was dangerous in the Static Highlands. A person would easily become a magnet for the electricity and get overloaded to the point they die. Though this was the case, not any lightning strikes came to him, even when so close to the Surge River, which was a massive stream of lightning bolts that constantly flowed to a small lightning rod like mountain to where it looked like a flowing yellow river. He saw this as it was, a sign. Bondor was meant to live on, even if he so strongly didn't want to. To try and go with this, he knew the only way he would be able to bear with this was to run. Leave the Static Highlands, to forsake the place he was born and raised. With another test to see if he was truly to live onward, Bondor stood at the edge of the massive Plateau that was the Static Highlands, the Fjords etching down to the ground three and a half miles down before it met up with the rest of Everlast. Bondor made his way upon these great cliffs, climbing down the terrifying slope, something that he could make fault and lead himself to his own death.

    To his dismay he survived the entire climb down. For whatever reason, the flow of life was on his side. Bondor just started to wander, going from town to town, never getting attacked by wild creatures. For whatever the reason he couldn't even get the will of bad luck to cross his path where he might run into a blood thirsty monster. It was something that he could barely stand, but something he came to accept. Through his years his anger, his rage, his fury all would build up over time, resulting in outbursts of his uncontrollable fits of aggression. As years passed, he continued to flee from his path, not even looking forward, but just refusing to look back. To Bondor he had came to the assumption that's how his life would always be. This though would change in the blind of an eye around the time he turned eighteen, running into a single being that would shift the flow of his views on the world.

    Upon his travels Bondor came across the presence of an old man, someone who immediately took attention towards the young man who had been stricken with the life of sorrow and deeply carved pain. The fellow looked like nothing more than a wrinkly old guy, who's short grey hair intersected with his trail of a beard that draped down to his waist, all of this dressed in a strange brown robe that looked as if it were made of metal but swayed about like cloth.

    "You there, whipper snapper. Why does your aura wreak of ill emotions?" This stranger seemed quite perplexed by the state Bondor was in, he would tell that it was a sadness that had been festering for years.

    Looking towards this old man, who had to be around six foot even with his clear old age, Bondor gave a respectful response but it still carried the level of Leave Me Alone! that his tone had molded into over the past eight years. "It's nothing that would concern a stranger. Now if you excuse me, I have to leave..."

    Knowing that Bondor was not telling the truth a greater sense of persistence was set by this odd old man. "You know, when you've been around as long as I have you learn to just... know when someone is riddled with troubles. You also see a lot of tragedies, a lot of disasters, and a lot of pain. I'm sure you can share with me, kid. Maybe it would relieve some of your pains?

    As of now Bondor had barely felt alive as it were. Giving a shot to the man's proposition was worth at least trying. So as the man asked, Bondor and He sat down and explained the strife that occurred to him years back. It took a moment of silence for it to sink into this man's mind, but it was something he would do his best to help with. "Lad, though I can believe you that the aspects of your childhood are... grim, but I can assure you, things are not lost for you."

    "What do you mean? I lost my brother! I lost everything! And it was all my fault..." Bondor's emotions started to spike for a moment, though fell and dropped towards a sea of depression rather than his anger, something that seemed to be the only thing that could quell his rage these days.

    "Oh Bondor, that's where you're wrong." Interupting Bondor's set self upset, the old man looked to him with what he hoped with heal the emotional wounds that had been left on Bondor's very soul for years. "Though what happened was by your hand, it was not by your intentions. You were fooled, your brother was fooled, all of your people's youth were fooled. I can bet your brother would never blame you when you had no idea of the matter. Do you think he could hate you for something you could not of foreseen?"

    "No... He was never someone to be angry with anyone who was not at fault... He was a very understanding guy." It had never crossed his mind after all these years. To him, Bondor had always blamed himself, the shroud of torn feelings had blinded him all this time. This and remembering what a kind boy Nikolog was had warmed his heart at least enough to muster up a smile, something he had not done since the day he discovered of his brother's death.

    "You know, I had been very similar to you long ago. My brother had an incident as well, though his was a bit... more of his own choosing." Revealing a shard of his own dark past, the old man spoke to Bondor in the hopes experience from his own life could aid him in recovery of the young man's.

    Drawn in by the old man's invitation into a tale of his past, Bondor simply asked towards it "What happened?"

    Touching onto his shoulder, popping it a bit, the old man began to speak with a painting of harrowed memories in his eyes
    "Well, due to some mixed up circumstances, my brother fell into the path of the evil. He had chosen to live as a villain in this world. No matter how much I've tried over the years, I could not alter his choice of such a life, not could I ever build the will to end his life, to end the wickedness that had possessed him or to the wickedness he had wrought to this world. No matter what, he is still my brother." Letting out a sigh, the old man looked back to Bondor, words only of truth and knowledge coated his voice, the aura of complete honesty linking to his words "I know what you did was due to the false words of another. You cared a lot about your brother. I know, you know, your brother knew most; you would never have the urge to do what happened if you knew the true results."

    Shortly after Bondor and this aged fellow parted ways. After he met this man it was like the pain that clutched onto his heart and mind had loosened immensely. Bondor stilled held dark feelings for the horrors that were caused to him and the loss of his brother, but he had been able to see clearly now. Nikolog may be gone in physical form, Bondor knew he would always live on within his memory. Bondor managed to come to the realization that if Nikolog couldn't live his life, Bondor would live his twice as much, for the both of them. He felt that if he could truly make the best of his life, then his brother could at least be happy that his death wouldn't hinder Bondor from making use of his life. Because of this he decided to become an adventurer, but someone who only would fight if he needed to, not for fun and pointless combat.

    Back in his worn down home, Bondor looked towards his comrades, Rax, Ossa, and Victoria, as well as his friend from years ago, Autumn. Sharing the tragic tale of his youth, Bondor finished what he could manage left, doing his best not to tear up "I trained years to overcome this... this rage. But I never accomplished it. Then I heard about the FREE organization and the rookie displays about a year ago and went the day you guys did... I thought that I had found happiness again with you guys, but I ended up coming back here. I didn't want to ruin it for all of you... And I realized after all these years that I had been running from my past, fearing it, praying that it's ugly head wouldn't poke out into my life again, that I could just forget about it..." Pausing for a moment, Bondor had chocked himself a bit, resisting the urge to tear up. He managed to regain himself then go back to speaking as he had been. "But I realized if I forget about it, I would be forgetting about my brother as well, and that I find more painful than what I did."

    Standing firm to his statement, Bondor looked at the box he had in his hands. It was something that his Brother had the intent to give to him. Before he realized what had happened to him nearly three weeks later, he had hid it inside the floor boards. What he planned to have his brother teased as if it weren't there and maybe had misplaced it, turned into nothing more than a nigh forgotten last gift from his severed but oh so dear family. Opening it up, there had been six items within it. Two forks, two spoons, and Two knifes. They had Bondor and Nikolog's names etched on them, so that each had one of the three utensils. Inside was a note, reading it silently, Bondor saw the last message from his brother that was left to him

    Bondor! I already know you will pass Mjolnir's test! You're the strongest guy I know, I don't care what anyone would ever say otherwise. These are so we can eat our own celebration feast after your amazing victory. I love you brother, you're the best!

    All that was left to Bondor after trying to hold in and mask his emotions were the overflowing steam of tears that ran down his face. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't steer away these tears of his. Gripping onto the utensils his brother made for him, he knew he would hold them as dear to him as his life itself- No, greater than that. What he had left was the remaining brotherly bond that he and Nikolog held.

    Chapter End.

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 54: Burning Soul

    The painful tale of Bondor's young life was unfolded before all of his friends, minus Sloth who had been wandering about the village preforming whatever shenanigans he had in mind. Though Bondor held the burden on his mind and soul, he had come to terms with it over the years. It will always remain painful to him, but now it was at least something he didn't dwell on so hard anymore. Nikolog would be far more upset that his death would hinder his brother's life more than actually getting killed. Something like that really warmed Bondor's heart, something that kept him always going. Even if this was the case he was overwhelmed when he saw Mjolnir after so long of trying to forget he existed, having him before him almost immediately as he entered the village struck him with a blast of anger he couldn't retain.

    There seemed to be a high level of awkward tension in the room after this story. No one said anything for a good five or so minutes after Bondor finished retelling the events of his past. Though Autumn and Ossa remained silent even more so. Autumn held more of an awkward position here as even now she didn't disagree with the village's teachings and lessons. Whatever was with the girl's mind, all she cared about really was Bondor and no other entity. Ossa though had been pushed back into a quick glimpse of her own past. Both her and Bondor had their younger days destroyed by the goings of a few ill chosen actions. Bondor though had been far more consumed with his own inner rage and relentless emotions. Ossa had been taken hold of by just hatred, depravity, and the sole purpose of revenge.

    On the other hand Rax and Victoria had a very much so different approach to the stories presented to them. Leaping over and wrapping their arms around Bondor, both sobbing, the two were in a heavy wave of tears over the dark memories of their good friend. Taken by surprise, Bondor was hesitant for a moment before hugging back his pals.

    "B-b-b-b-bondorrrrrrrrrrr!!! I didn't know you went through so much!" Rax did his best to not sob to much onto his friend's chest.

    Victoria on the other hand could barely make out any sounds that weren't gibberish. Bondor just patted his friends on the back and tried to bring the mood back up, working through his own pains to hopefully soothe them with the smiles of his friends
    "It's... Something that I don't really like recalling ever so often, but it's something that isn't something I will run away from ever again. But for now, let's go get some food and drink until the morning when we can leave, whattda ya say?"

    The two of his broken up friends nodded their heads as they did what they could to get themselves together. Bondor may have been a big fella, but he was smart enough to know what Ossa had been thinking over after hearing his own story of pain and hardships. Autumn though was a hard case for him, someone he could never really deduce down to a good level. All now to be done was for them to leave the house and head back into Blitzhelm. There were four villages in the Static Highlands. Blitzhelm, Bodn, Svalin, and Gungir. Out of these four Blitzhelm held the status of the essential main one, the capital in a way. It was where the current Brute Chief resided.

    Walking into the town with the other four behind him, Bondor would see if there was still left something left that his younger self, before all the incident with his brother, had looked forward to for so long. It was a small bar that was in Blitzhelm. It was famous for their drinks, and in all honesty it was the reason why Mjolnir picked to live in the village over the other four to be completely straight forward. When he was young, Bondor and Nikolog always dreamed about going to this bar. Going there might kindle a small spark in his heart towards his younger brother, something that would make him smile and happy knowing he got there, and in spirit, his brother too.

    Pointing to the building, which he could see from the few minutes of walking away that they were, Bondor informed them a few things going for it. "It's called called The Viking's Mug. From all the hype I heard of when I was little, it's the best bar in the Static Highlands."

    "Bondor, are you sure you're okay being here?" Victoria was concerned obviously, not wanting Bondor to go into another rage state as he did before.

    "Yeah, I'm okay. Before was just because I was faced with that guy all of a sudden after such a long period of time. I should be fine now." Bondor was honest about his feelings and his well being. Though it would bother him greatly seeing Mjolnir again, he believed the next time he saw him as long as he kept a sound state of mind, he could contain himself.

    "We won't see him there right now." Autumn announced to them, not seeming like she had anything to lie about. "The Brute Chief has been busy lately from what I heard. Something about some Algor guy or something pressuring him."

    The other four people knew immediately that she meant Algroth. Though the Brute Chief Mjolnir held the title of strongest in the Static Highlands, Algroth held the title of strongest on the continent. Whatever the issue was, Mjolnir had been shaken up by the Skeletal asshole that was Algroth Talus. Meanwhile the rest of them were about to have their own problems to deal with.

    "Ready to get hammered, Ossa?" Rax questioned his friend and team leader, seeing if he could bug her about the upcoming drinks they'd all have.

    Taken from it, Ossa wasn't one for such a matter. Responding to it with the utmost of her truth, Ossa put her hand to her chest like that of a rich woman scoffing at a peasant. "I don't get hammered. I'm a lady and will have an appropriate amount."

    Walking up to The Viking's Mug the group of five, that being Rax, Bondor, Ossa, Victoria, and Autumn, were suddenly faced with... a precarious situation. Just when they made their way up the to the bar, a familiar set of faces came crashing out of the window and about a dozen or so feet past the group. Upon further inspection the faces held to one Wild Call, a member the team Muscle Tank who also had been participating in the Scavenger Hunt and lead by Steel Angler, and Immortal Rune's one and only Sloth Hammon. The two individuals were in mid fight as they came through the window, punches flying.

    "You piece of shit, I was talking to her before you!" Sloth slammed a palm into the gut of Wild, pressing down onto his stomach with a wave of Gravity.

    Taking the attack and only needing a second to recover, Wild swung an elbow up towards Sloth's chin, whapping the guy hard and nearly making him bite his tongue off. "And I think she suits me more, you flimsy little pretty boy."

    "Get him, Sloth! Kick that dude's ass!" Rax seemed extremely amped up from this, wanting nothing more at the moment than his teammate to wreck his opponent.

    Autumn had her own idea of the situation. For their teachings, men weren't to be such thin shrimps. Though there was evidence of strong people not all being such beefy individuals, she forever believed in such a foolish thought. "Sloth is the scrawny one, right? He's not gonna beat that giant dude."

    Rax became swiftly upset at the lack of confidence that Autumn had for Sloth, something that the red star haired rookie would not tolerate. "Shut up, Gingersnap! Sloth is tougher than you'd know."

    "Quit calling me Gingersnap!" Autumn seemed very riled up after hearing the mean name Rax had given her again.

    "Victoria, would you please?" The leader of the Immortal Rune Team was annoyed greatly at this point. It wasn't for her right now to have to deal with the drunk stupidity acts of her teammate, and just wanted it to stop for now.

    Thinking she was being cute and funny, Victoria decided to call Ossa by a new nickname after hearing Rax call Autumn one again "You got it, Bossa!" With a quick and accurate set of strikes, Victoria punched both Wild and Sloth in the gut, rendering them both unconscious from the force and pressure.

    Coming outside with the rest of his team and Pulling Wild up from the scuffle, the leader of his respective team had something bigger in mind than the little squabble between the two who had just been fighting.
    "Ooooooy, little Rax boy from our little clash on the brow of my ship." "I'm glad we can finally meet back up, even better so in a fighting centered civilization like this one. Guess It's time I challenge you to-"

    "STEEL!" Rax rushed forward to interrupt Steel, this way he could make the challenge and not the other way around. During this Victoria scooped Sloth up off the ground "My team against your team in a contest of Strength!"

    "Not yet." Autumn stepped up between the two groups. Before they had a chance to completely set up the bout between the two teams, the orange themed girl had a personal issue to settle. Looking towards the token girl in the muscle order group, she looked to her with a pair of eyes that burned with the soul of a warrior. "That Girl pissed me off the moment she stepped foot into the Static Highlands. I'm fighting her before you guys have your little battle."

    Out of the team of all ripped muscular dudes who had nothing on their minds but being strong, there was one quiet flower amongst them (Though flower was a very wrong word to use with her.) The girl didn't seem to fit well with her group. Wearing a lot of gold, the lightly brown skinned girl brushed back her soft black hair as he looked towaeds the one wanting to fight her. Around five foot eight inches, maybe an inch taller or shorter, she didn't seem to stand out really in anything feature wise that made her pop in a group. Her chest was of an average size, her clothing only consisted of a spandex shorts colored slightly darker than her skin tone, and a skirt that looked tattered and worn down with its gold coloring wearing down and looking dull. High heel Boots with the same gold colored strapped all the way up to her knees, and suspenders that covered over her shirt that carried the designs of various sweets upon it.

    The girl seemed to have a very monotone set to her voice, the look on her face seemed like that of a bored and tired person. Whipping back her silky and cascading black hair, the girl spoke words that didn't fit her look at all. "I, Xerces Grimshaw, accepts your challenge in the name of love and friendship..."

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 55: Candy Girl

    Getting into the famed bar that Bondor had seemed slightly excited to tell his friends about. To their surprise, right before they managed to actually get inside the place, a person who they had known to be their friend Sloth crashed through the window out front of the establishment. Along with him was the member of the team Muscle Tank, Wild Call, someone who had seemed to have picked a fight with Sloth. Hearing what they were talking about briefly as they hit the ground it was apparent that their dispute was over a girl they had likely met inside the place. Because of this the two of them were in a rough struggle of a fight, neither side seeming to waver at all.

    Regardless of who started it and who was right or wrong, Ossa just asked Victoria to do what she knew she wanted; to knock both of them out cold so that they could further on their evening and enjoy themselves. Shortly after this as one would expect was the entire team of Wild's to join him; Kong Caesars, their leader Steel Angler, and the unnamed girl who revealed herself to be known as Xerces Grimshaw. To whatever the issue was, Autumn had a personal problem with the girl. Because of said sparks between the two girls, Autumn had challenged Xerces to combat, someone that was willingly accepted.

    [Far away at Kettle Hill]

    Unknown to them, something that held greater importance for the Scavenger Hunt was going on at just such a moment. At the basin of the mountain known as Kettle Hill, a giant cup shaped mountain with a strong flow down its side to forge a rapid waterfall run way, this where the fight between two teams had been about to come to a close. This battle was between the leaders of the two teams clashing; Kenneth Siegeston of team Cut Morbid, but was the entity that was making this bout hold itself with such signifiance was the other fighter; Void Tract of team Alcatraz. To his dismay, Void was the one getting taken for a hard time in this fight. Kenneth had for him an ability that caused great distress late game into his fights. His Essence was called Constant Punch and it left the force constantly strike in areas that he swung his fist into, even after he moves to a new location. Because of this Void would move and get hit by an attack that happened far earlier in the fight.

    "You were an idiot to make this a one on one match, Void! Now my team will get a free win over such a pathetic bunch with a leader as weak as you." Laughing and boasting to his opponent, Kenneth had full confidence in himself at this point in their battle.

    Bored by this fight, the member of Alcatraz who was known for her deathly and ghostly appearance, Exchelsi, wanted nothing more a the moment other than the fight to end. "How long until Void gets upset and finishes this weakling? He's cruel for letting them get his hopes up."

    "It's not what you think. He's not being cruel. We- I should know, I've known him the longest after all." Interrupting and displaying his well known strange speech impediment, Night began to enlighten a few things that were going on. "It's how he was taught in the Sulfur Lock. If you pity an opponent you let them get in free hits like this."

    "That's not cruel?" Lemur, the small hyperactive girl of the team had a mentality of being distraught of exactly what Night said

    Showing a more sadistic side, Night told them what it was to him "It's funny to us- me."

    "Look out for my finishing move, Void!" Going for a swift ring around Void, Kenneth struck multiple times, then over the top of him multiple times, creating a closed in half sphere of his continuously striking ability. "Punch Dome! Welcome to a prison of pain, loser."

    "Nope, it;s over." Sleepah, who awoke for a moment to see something he would be extremely upset if he missed, commented on what was going on. "Here he goes."

    Prison? The idea of being in such a place once again skittered through Void's ears. Through his mind. Through his very being. All of this caused him to unleash something that he would only otherwise bring out for someone of strength, something he held only to use when needed. But alas, to him now it was a moment of loss of control. Void's Essence was a strange one. All that was known about it was its name: Maw Of The Abyss. Whatever its nature was very few knew about it. All that was seen at that point was a single flash of purple energy and the snarling fangs of a beast around Void's body, as well as the powerful bark of whatever horror his Essence originated from.

    A large cloud of smoke and dust heaved up into the air, covering the two. As soon though as it ended all that could be seen was a winning member of Alcatraz, who walked back with the same glare of hatred painted upon his face, the six dog ear shaped tufts of hair that ran down in two lines of three upon his head waving in the wind. Behind him was an unconscious and very bloody Kenneth, who looked as if he'd been torn apart by a beast just short of where his limbs would start falling off. All that was left was a fallen warrior who was barely alive.

    [Back at The Static Highlands]

    This had gone down several minutes ago. Now well into their fight, the two girls had brought out a large surprise to at least one of the people; Bondor was believed to know Autumn to never have any want to get an Essence, something that she proved to be incorrect. With her power, Scorching Season, Autumn had the ability to manipulate the temperature around her to create large clusters of heat, even pockets of them. With her more of a ranged styled combat she herself didn't really fit as a warrior in the eyes of her people, something she didn't care about. To her, as long as she could become strong enough to eventually to find Bondor when she found herself ready to leave and enough for her to stand beside him then whatever power she got was irrelevant to her.

    A battle which was pushed back into the hills just outside Blitzhelm. Such a type of scenery was perfect for Xerces, who had been dancing around all of Autumn's attacks, literally dancing around them.Twirling around, tip toeing like a ballerina, Xerces plunged her hands into a mound of rock that was easily a couple thousand tons. Chewing on a chocolate bar that was in her mouth, the girl of Muscle Tank chucked the hill towards Autumn with the intent to crush her. Xerces had a very peculiar Essence. It's limits depend entirely on the user. Her Essence was called Sugar Bank, it was an ability that let her store up large quantities of sugar to amplify all of her other stats. In all honesty Xerces seemed far more like a warrior of the Static Highlands than Autumn did.

    What was a possibility was that Autumn was upset that someone who fit so well with her people so easy. Again, such a thing wasn't the case. Such a reason had to be momentous, something important, something worth a lot. Autumn revealed her reason, yelling out at Xerces "It's unfair you get to eat so much junk and stay slim because of your Essence!" Waves of burning anger scattered about and covered a frontal cone towards Xerces, someone who evaded it with little effort.

    Such a... jaw dropping reveal... Another thing that Autumn loved in her life were sweets, as do most people, though due to her fiery attitude Autumn took her issues of personal problems to a much higher level. Xerces hadn't shown a single shred of caring. Throughout their fight she was making quick glimpses at Victoria, having an actual interest in the girl in some kind of manner. It was at the moment when Victoria let out a slight yawn that really set Xerces off. The oddly monotoned yet gitty young lady kept her same facial expression but the depth of her pupils sank down like someone was witnessing their dreams die off. In a burst of an instance she ate multiple candies she kept in her pockets, using the sugar from them all at once, then bringing them into one powerful kick of her thin legs. Autumn foresaw this coming, bringing forth a large wave of heat that could melt Deep Brick stone. Though she did see the attack coming, she did not predict the level of magnitude from it. Without even making contact with her, Xerces blew away the aura of heat and sent it all away behind them with a strong surge of force. Said force was enough to completely knock Autumn back and render her unconscious. Despite her efforts Autumn lost in her own homeland.

    And just like that, Autumn fell to the ground, unconscious from the kick by Xerces, an attack that carried more of her very being itself into the motion than just her muscles themselves. Xerces walked back to her team, turning her head to gaze towards Victoria, then just to flick her hair back behind her, as if she were setting a vision for the future. The fight had been brief but held such a level of burning passion from both sides. Autumn held her own more... personal and silly reasons and Xerces seemed to be more of a center based mystery around a certain member of team Immortal Rune. Whatever the circumstances may be, the two the two had given everything they had for the fight and the fight itself was over. All that was left now was the fight that had been ready to sprout from the grounds in which were formed early upon the start of this game.

    "Autumn..." A single word escaped his throat towards his fallen friend he'd known practically his entire life. Though she had done what she could, he knew she was going to be crushed at the fact she lost in front of Bondor upon her waking up from such a state.

    Meanwhile Bondor walked up and picked up Autumn, not another word, just a smile on his face after seeing how much she'd changed. All that was left for them was the rising tension of the one on one battle between the two foes that had a small skirmish at the start of the Scavenger Hunt; That which was between Rax and Steel, both who were wearing a sharp grinned expression as they eyed each other down for a fight.

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 56: Thermal

    A flare of fighting spirit began to rile up as the two punch happy guys intertwined gazes upon one another. Steel held the spot of the more intimidating one by glance, but Rax so far in his time as a rookie adventurer has already had a flashy battle; the one he had with Crag back in Marrow a couple weeks ago. Thanks to this Rax was at gave off the aura of a higher reputation. Though this was a sign of a good advantage, it was also in this moment a disadvantage. Steel already knew how Rax fights, the basis of his Essence, what to look out for. Though this was the case, Steel had nothing to worry about in reality. The way these two fighters were facing it was to be nothing more than a straight bare knuckle brawl. No fancy tricks or wild powers, just the punch fest that the were ready to dish out.

    "So you wanna fight, eh, Rax?" Cracking his knuckles, Steel did what he could to intimidate Rax with low levels of effort, but to his dismay Rax had no reactions to it that were to Steel's liking.

    Responding to the question, Rax was fired up and ready to brawl "Yep. You and I fight first. Then the rest of th-"

    "I don't wanna fight today~~" Victoria jumped right in to interrupt Rax, informing them that she didn't want to fight any bit for this day. "I just wanna have fun drink ~~~~"

    For once, Ossa was in total sync with Victoria, speaking her opinions as well. "Gotta agree with you on that, Victoria. I want to drink, not fight."

    "I'm still worn down from earlier with Mjolnir." Bondor reminded them all of the fact not to long ago this afternoon the Brute Chief Mjolnir sent Bondor flying miles away into a stone hill.

    "Hey! One of you guys have to fight! My team is ready to beat your asses!" Booming towards them, Steel's voice carried on hard for what he said. "Right guys?!"

    Even though he said this, Steel was entirely mistaken and had a strong misunderstanding of the situation. Turning to face his team, Steel met up with an unfortunate turn out; Wild, who had been the one locked in a fight with Sloth not to long ago, who also is now knocked out, was still unconscious from a smiling Victoria. Xerces, after just finishing her fight, went back into town to buy more sweets after running so low on her supply. Lastly was Kong, who sat about a half mile away, cross legged, and staring into the large expanse of land, dead eyeing the violent lightning storms that were covering the landscape. Unfortunately, even though he was the leader Steel knew that Kong was a special case in which he didn't take orders from anyone. The man went with his own choices and one of them was the cause Steel pursued: Showing all of those around their strength.

    Given these decisions by both sides, it was apparent that the only ones that were going to fight at all were Rax and Steel. The rest of the two teams didn't have the want to fight, but that was just going to make this a straight forward single round bout between the two brawlers of the teams Immortal Rune and Muscle Tank. There now just existed an awkward yet powerful tension between the two fighters. Neither of them moved for a solid three minutes before the wait broke.

    Slapping his hand onto his shoulder, Rax loosened the chains that clad his right arm as he had a few instances before in fights. Just as before flames surged and sprayed about from the now much larger gaps and crevices within the chains, and just as before his power spiked up significantly, making his way to that of a nine stone starred being. Arming his feet with his Feet Fire Pop technique, Rax blasted towards the larger man with a fist of cinnabar flames.

    Garbed as he was before, Steel was in his dark green tank top and camouflage pants with thick heavy leather combat boots on. The guy looked like a member of a dangerous army. Even though Rax had made the first move, it was the same thing that Rax started with last time. Different though from this time Rax held a much higher level of regard to Steel as a fighter and respected him for his strength.

    "Polar Fist!" Steel brought in his own starting move, going with more a standard than anything with his left hand

    Striking in to hit Rax, Steel met with a big surprise. Rax brought in his hand up across Steel's shoulder, moving right past his punch. Using his fire pop to flick his own fingers together, Rax made his hand shoot backwards from the explosive power he shot forward of his hand, grabbing right onto Steel's arm and pulling him into and past him. Because of this Rax was given a free first hit. With his right arm, the one that had its chains loosened, Rax punched forward and drove his knuckles up and into Steel's chin, claiming the first hit.

    "Rising Red Flames!" Shouting out his attack, Even with the level of force given off from his punch, Steel was only lifted a dozen or so feet off the ground, multiple times less than what Rax expected would result in.

    What Rax really thought to himself over this much smaller level of lift that his hit did, he wondered if Steel's name really matched his being. As he guessed, Rax was correct. Being called "Steel" wasn't just a name. Steel himself used to be a monk at the Star Stream Shrine, a religious monstary that held the historical fact of a powerful monster that had been about to lay waste to a small village that had no hero to save them, but just as it was about to attack a gigantic meteor from the unknown struck down ontop of it. The Shrine itself was almost as large as the Combaticon, something that was forged with the scattered excess of the meteor, making it far more durable than most metals on the planet. One day when he was cleaning high in the rafters inside the center of the shrine where the core of the meteor was up upon a high set pillar, he fell to what should have been his death. Landing ontop of the meteor core, Steel somehow managed to do what no other person of the religious order had done before, taken in the Essence of the meteor, something no one knew was contained within it, something that had never once shown a sign for it.

    On that day Steel was changed forever; shifting from a quiet and weak man of his deity to a bulking bad ass rookie who wanted to clash fists in any fight he saw as worth his time. Just as Rax was able to deduce, Steel's name matched his ability. This was apparent when Steel got up, his chin glowing a cherry red from the high level of heat Rax struck him with. Though he carried the name and appearance of being a metal man, Steel's power resided elsewhere. It was true that his body was like that of steel, same strength, same density, same hardness, same weight, it was at the same time, flesh. It appeared though not to be the whole of his Essence, something he had yet to show.

    The truth of the matter was in the name of Steel's technique names, such as the one he just used; Polar Fist. Polar, as in polarity, was in relations to magnetism. Because his body held the same properties of actual steel, it was also magnetic. Steel's Essence, Magnetism Match, let him use his magnetic essence to project his fists to lead them to go at high speeds, increasing the power from them to be much higher than his normal striking strength. Because of his previous background prior to getting his Essence, Steel was smart enough to know that a power is only as good as the user's ability to fully use it. Steel now held a look of disappointment to his opponent. Though Rax showed to be strong, it wasn't where he wanted him to be at. In their fight back on his boat, Rax was already at a point where the chains on one of his arms were loosened. Again, though not a genius, Steel was enough to put a few things together.

    "Rax, I can tell you aren't giving it what you should be." Steel seemed to stop his actions, now meeting Rax with a look that didn't appear to be that of a well ready fighter, but to that in which you would give to someone you found ever so putrid. "I've noticed some things about you, something I saw first in your fight in Marrow, then in first person..." "You're hiding something beneath those chains, and whatever that may be, you get stronger the closer those things get to coming off of your body." "How about you show some respect and fight me with everything you have and take those off, you cocky little shit?!"

    Steel was entirely right. Though it was noticed by his team, none of them ever confronted Rax on the matter. They were all entitled to their secrets and it was seemingly something that he wanted to keep quiet about. It was as he said; in all of his fights if Rax was down when he loosened the chains on his arms he seemed to have a strong rise in power. Whatever it was it seemed to have some relevance in his abilities in general. Even though none of them knew it, Algroth had been shocked at whatever one of his personal guards, Rubix, discovered upon research of Rax in further depth. Whatever his secret was, Rax didn't want Steel to pry anymore than he already had, nothing more about it to be said in such volume, not a single sound of it to be uttered in such a way where he isn't the one discussing it. All that was with him now was the resounding words that Steel gave to him, what he was really expecting out of the red haired rookie.

    "If that's what you want..." Mumbling so quiet that it was barely heard, Rax reached over and loosed the chains on his other arm, something he'd only done once since he joined the Immortal Rune team; that being during their encounter with the Narrow Dweller in the undergrounds of Bilai. Fire streamed and roared upon Rax, he who now roared his words and smashed his fights together as he aimed to strike Steel down. "THEN YOU GOT IT!"

    Whatever the hidden mysteries behind Rax there was something Steel felt now... When people interact with each other they feel the auras they get off, actions, words, emotions, their beings themselves that one associates them with what comes to mind, what they feel in their instincts. A strong fighter can feel when facing another strong fighter, or if around a weakling. Sales folk can feel when someone is a thief or a swindler, parents can feel when people are potential dangers to their children. What Steel felt was more primal... it was the gut feeling of a creature staring down a ferocious beast... the feeling of being face to face in the presence of a predator... This feeling eroded away at Steel... Chipping into his bravery, his courage, his strength... This feeling made him feel... ALIVE! No hesitations were held within him now, he hadn't ever before fought with someone who gave him such a feeling, if there was something he loved more than a fight, it was the idea of meeting a rival! Bringing back his arm Steel shot his fist forward so fast that it caught fire from the friction alone.

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 57: A True Fighter

    Through the passions of a man bound by his fighting spirits Steel was able to coax Rax into going a step further and getting to the level he was about unleash during their initial fight just after the start of the Scavenger Hunt but had been interrupted by some personal team issues on Rax's side. At least now they would be able to see what the two of them could see what will become of the clash of their two souls of battle. Steel could feel the level of power that was flowing from Rax, it was pushing him forward, strengthening him immensely, pushing his abilities to match that of a 1 Bronze Star monster, something that was holding him already at a level higher than Steel as he currently were, but even so Steel kept his strong foot forward and his arms ready to swing and strike. The other members of Immortal Rune watched with astonishment as to whatever was going on with Rax, not sure how to handle something they'd never seen go on with him before.

    A grin of ferocity painted itself upon Steel's face, a wave of his energy burst through his body to where all of his muscles began to gleam with an mild glow "This heat... This pressure... This aura from not only your Essence but from your being itself as well!" Steel seemed extremely hyped up over this.

    For Rax though he held himself in a different position. Something was wrong with him, clearly he was having more issues with himself that he had when he did it when they fought the Narrow Dweller. Whatever it was it looked like his body was taking mild electrocutions, tensing up in spots and looking like he could lose stability at any moment.

    Managing to speak after a few moments, Rax mustered up the words he could find here "Steel... I have no idea how long I can hold this... SO GET READY FOR A FAST ASS BEATING!"

    It wasn't even a single second after he said this that Rax moved at an incredible speed towards Steel, his fire leaving behind a heavy trail of embers that crackled in the air. Steel had been in some deep shit after that sudden attack. Though it wasn't at a speed that Steel wouldn't be able to do anything at all, it was still something at a quick drop of a coin that gave his reactions a hard time. Luckily for Steel he made a quick and smart decision, nearly at a level of his own basic instincts. Creatures are usually set with one of two types of responses to danger; Fight or Flight. Steel on the other hand had a strange combination of both. With his magnetism he repelled himself against the metals in the ground below him to shoot himself backwards to give himself more timing for Rax's oncoming attack.

    "Polar Left!" Ready for a fight Steel drove his punch right into Rax's chest, crashing his high speed metal fist into the fiery rookie's chest and followed up almost immediately with another attack "Polar Right!"

    Though hit with both moves Rax didn't give off one bit, the pain causing him to wince from each hit. Lifting his arm upwards he brought down the bottom of his fist in a hammer strike motion, giving off a condensed and short, but potent, burst of flame coupled with the force of his might "Volcanic Crush!"

    Getting pushed back slightly from the attack he just took, Steel regained his footing and struck with both firsts at the same time, hoping to get Rax to back down at least slightly. "Polar Right Left Combo!"

    Again Rax took the power of Steel's attacks without budging from them yet still taking on all the pain and damage from it. All of this was from his current surging power, not his actual durability and stability. If it weren't for the current rise of his strength after loosening both chains he would have been knocked back from each hit from the power house that was Steel Angler. Regardless of such Rax was in a state at the moment where he could take them and remain in place, continuing onward with a combo move of his own "Red Eruption! AND! Red Rising Flames!"

    "Polar Left!" Even amongst the attacks from Rax, being struck in the chest with a mini-volcanic eruption and hit in the jaw with what felt like a tiny shooting star Steel still managed to to get another punch in as he was pushed back. On the way down though after taking the hit to the jaw, Steel brought in a One-Two punch follow up to hit right into Rax's face. "Polar Right! Polar Left!" Landing right after he finished his double timed punch, Steel came in for another hit, trying to squeeze in some extra power into this one. "Polar RiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIGHT!" Driving it right into Rax's chest as hard as he could with his standard attack style, Steel seemed perplexed that he couldn't get Rax to fall back. "He's not stopping at all even after my attacks... Even though I can see them hurting him he doesn't slow down or falter at all! He's like... A burning predator on an absolute hunt!" Deciding that he'd need to put in everything he had to try and take Rax down Steel was going to need to put in every single scrap of power into his strongest attack. Moving his right leg back a few feet behind him Steel locked his right arm behind him and swung his left arm around into it, forcing the two steel like punches colliding due to magnetism but repelling each other. The two forces kept pushing each other back and force in place before his right arm overcame the power of the other, blasting forward with enough force and speed that the punch created a vacuum behind it, hitting in with a deep trailed behind the actual punch, rocketing right into Rax's chest "RAIL GUN GAUNTLET!"

    Though he stood in front of Steel with a ready will to attack Rax had his head tilted slightly downward, his eyes shadowed by his brow, speaking aggressively while doing so, not ready to give up even though the attack he just took gave him immense pain and damage, he could feel it internally, the broken bones, bruised organs, and slight internal bleeding. Even so he was still able to speak, a tiny bit of blood dripping from his mouth as he did so "If I don't discharge all this built up fire I'm gonna lose control, so sorry about this, Steel!" Cocking both of his arms back, Rax's shoulders to his wrists swirled into a twister of embers. The strange star shaped formation of hair on his forehead wavered and gave off a dim glow for a moment before igniting up in a blaze of fire that just layered over it ever so slightly. Gritting his his teeth hard as he did what he could to hold himself together, then moving his head upwards to lock gazes with Steel Rax roared and burned out with a tone of a beast "Ravenous Flames: Fiery Feeding Frenzy!!!!"

    It was like zero to a millisecond and Rax already began his assault. A flurry of punches came forward to bombard Steel with a mass number of hits. Truth behind the technique was that when he punched his opponents with this move embers of his cinnabar red flame and hit into Steel, each hit carrying hundreds of wisps that when hit were equaling up to one of his Biting Flames attacks. The explosions created by the embers sent his arms backwards, but more embers on his shoulders exploded upon so to send his arms back forward to where he would land another hit, explode back, then explode forward again in a cycle. Thousands and thousands of times Rax punched Steel, each one sending what looked to be a stream of heat and force through his body and out the other side to where it scorched the ground black and melting bits of it without even touching it for over a mile stretch.

    What began in a flash of attacks came to an immediate halt. It was like if a race car stopped perfectly and completely after going at max speed to completely motionless. Rax and Steel stood in front of each other, neither of them saying a word or altering their gazes from each other. It seemed like there would be more to come until a small gust of wind came through the area and swept up a single leaf that whistled about before landing on Steel's chest, knocking him over and showing him to be completely unconscious. Rax on the other hand kept standing, the flames that were scattering out from his arms continued. All he did was reach over to his left side and fix back up his chains so that they were before he loosened them, then did the same for his right side, the spur of flames subsiding, then as soon as he finished both sides Rax toppled back over and passed out on the ground.

    "Rax wins~" Cheered out Victoria, who was more happy to get to going so they could all drink at this point, disregarding what she saw go on with Rax

    "You did good, buddy." Picking up an unconscious Rax as he ended up doing back in Marrow, Bondor seemed more worried about Rax this time than before. The gaps between the loosening of his first set of chains compared to the second set seemed fairly very large. Quietly mumbling so that only he and Rax would even be able to hear, even though Rax wasn't conscious, Bondor spoke some words of kinship "So you got something troublesome about your Essence as well, eh?"

    Giving her own thoughts on the matter, Ossa pushed her hair back behind her ear and looked towards the other members of her team "Bet that dude Steel is gonna be really pissed off when he wakes off to find out he lost."

    "You're Wrong." Making his way into the area, Kong Caesars, the large fur shouldered fella looked down at his unconscious ally "Steel didn't care about winning, he's never cared about it one bit. What he wanted was to show his strength, at least that's what he says." Looking upon his face, he saw even though he was knocked out, even with all the bruises, even with all the stretched muscles that Steel carried a smile on his face. "In reality though I can tell he only cares if he gets a good fight, whether he be the victor or the loser." What he spoke was the truth. Steel held within him what every warrior truly needed: the real soul of a combatant "He's a True Fighter if you ask me, the outcome of the battle doesn't matter as long as he participates and has a good time."

    Once the battle was over the two teams headed inside the Viking's Mug bar and drank their hefty fills. The night passed quickly and with everyone having a lot of fun and cheer. When the dawn arrived they would be able to leave without being at risk of the ferocious lightning storms that riddle the Static Highlands during its darker hours. All that was left for them now was to gather the hide of the Timber Boar to gain knowledge on the next clue, but what there was something that held a higher level of importance existed within Bondor; his need to part ways with this land once more and to head back out into the world where he could adventure forward with his friends through the Great Realm. Once the sun arose, the stride forward would follow from note only Bondor, but essentially his team as a whole.

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 58: When I Return!

    Hours passed since the two teams became drinking at the Viking's Mug after the conclusion of Rax and Steel's fight. Though the fight had been long over, Rax and Steel were both in a sleeping state after wearing themselves down and using so much energy. Luckily for their teams the two would be fine after resting for another half day or so. Wild and Sloth had woken up and joined in with their teams. Both teams had separated after the night of fun and drinks and now separated back to their own ships.

    Everyone in the Immortal Rune Team was on their boat and ready to leave except for Bondor. It was obvious for his team that leaving was going to be as difficult for Bondor as it was entering the land once more. Though he knew he was going to join his team and fly on outta here, it still carried with his a strong feeling of his memories and past that will always reside in the Static Highlands, whether they be ones of joy or grim times. Turning to head towards the boat to join his team, the Timber Boar hide swung over his shoulder.

    As Bondor was about to take his first step there was a voice behind him, one he knew to be Mjolnir. "Little Lamb, you're leaving again?"

    Without turning around as an attempt to keep his emotions in check, Bondor replied to the Brute Chief in what he hoped would be a brief conversation. Few things he dreaded more than the presence of that man. "Yes. I didn't intend to come back yesterday anyway, it was due to my team needing to be here, nothing more."

    Mjolnir was carrying his helmet, his aged face looking to Bondor with an expression that honestly didn't understand
    "Why?" "Why leave this land? Why leave your people?"

    "You know damn well why I can't stay here." Replying with an angry shout, Bondor nearly let his anger get out of check for a moment but managed to regain himself. "You lied to me, everyone did. And the result of that lie cost me the life of my little brother."

    Letting out a grand sigh, Mjolnir said what he could to try and talk Bondor into accepting what he was offering him. "Nikolog's death was something I needed you to do to make you the next Brute Chief. If your spirit wasn't strong enough to accept the death of someone you love then you aren't strong enough to take on such a position, which you passed. When you found out you became enraged, stronger than you've ever been!" Though Mjolnir meant well, he did it all in a way that nearly destroyed everything that made Bondor who he was. If it wasn't for a run in with a wise old Man Bondor might have never recovered from the wounds Mjolnir inflicted onto Bondor's very being. "A level of relentless anger that can fight on when faced with tragedy is exactly what I was looking for, you even have an Essence now, and a lightning one at that! You're destined for the spot as the next Brute Chief." Trying to get more towards his emotional side, Mjolnir brought Autumn into the conversation. "When you left Autumn was crushed. That young lady sure adores you. You know she took on an Essence so she could one day drag you back here herself if she had to. She's a fiery little one."

    "Autumn..." Hearing about the girl did in fact strike Bondor deep in his heart. Though Nikolog was the most important person to him, Autumn was still someone he did care about, though it wasn't to the degree she had towards him.

    Shedding some more light on the situation with Autumn, Mjolnir continued on with what he was sure to ring Bondor into staying "Did you ever wonder why she knew where you were when you came back here? It's because it's around the area you left in. I bet you didn't know she followed you when you left, did you? She would go there every day and put all of her hopes into you coming back. Now you have and you leave the day after?"

    Thinking it over for a moment, Bondor let out a soft laugh as he gave an unexpected response to Mjolnir's words. "Heh... You know what, Mjolnir? I agree, I might be destined for it after all..."

    "Good, you're at least using your brain and realizing what you should be doing." Putting his helmet back onto his head Mjolnir awaited Bondor to turn around and join him before he left. "Now let's go back to the village."

    "I don't think you understand, Mjolnir." Breaking the illusion that Mjolnir had towards the situation, Bondor was ready to lay down his choices on the matter. "I will become the next Brute Chief, that's a given because now I want it." What Bondor said was exactly what Mjolnir wanted, but there was more to it than what he expected "And when I return next I will take that spot."

    Pleased to hear what Bondor said, Mjolnir smiled and clapped his hands together at his waist, joyed over the turn out
    "Oh, you're gonna finish this silly little gathering game you kids are doing and come back? Very well, be quick with it then. I have many plans to forge you into someone who can match even me."

    "No." With a sharp and immediate response Bondor was ready to make sure Mjolnir what his intentions were- No, what WAS EXACTLY going to happen. "I will continue to adventure with my team- no, my friends. I will see the world and face whatever troubles come along with it. I won't fight for no reason like you do. When I fight it will be for protecting others." Speaking with only the absolute truth, Bondor gave it everything he had to say what he had been wanting to since the day he regained his light in the world "I will return when I'm strong enough to take you down! And when I do I will take control over the Static Highlands and make sure that nothing happens like what you did to my and my brother ever again!" Finishing up his heart felt speech, Bondor had one more sentence to add to it all. "Tell Autumn if she wishes to be near me before then better quit waiting and come after me."

    Letting out a heavy bundle of laughter Mjolnir gave back the only thing he really could at this moment. "I will await the day that happens with open arms and promise you I won't be an easy opponent, Bondor. You are talking about beating me after all."

    Remembering what Autumn had said the day before and what Ossa said to Algroth before they left the stage about Rax and Crag's fight destroying a lot of his collection, Bondor was struck with what he knew he could do to really stick it in Mjolir's nerves before he left "And Mjolnir, I heard about how Algroth Talus has been harassing you."

    Hearing Algroth's name Mjolir's attitude went down to aggravated near instantly "What of it? I've never even met this man, yet he sends messages to me of such disrespect. He threatens me for the hell of it, I doubt he even knows the depth of my strength!"

    "The thing is I've met Algroth." Revealing this to Mjolnir, Bondor knew the look of surprise that was on the Brute Chief's face without even having to actually look at it. "And he's stronger than you'll ever hope to be. Have fun as some six foot hundred eighty pound man, someone only a fraction of your size making someone as big as you look like a weakling." Walking to his ship with the smile and glow of victory on his face, Bondor stepped onto Immortal Rune's ship. Not another word was said between the two of them, Mjolnir just watched as the ship lifted itself into the air and flew off towards where ever the next location the Scavenger Hunt took them to.

    [Back at the Republic of Vess]

    The man who started and was hosting the Scavenger Hunt event was sitting out on his balcony patio once again, fiddling with the scroll he had before. This time though he had a strange look on his face, as if he were looking for something in that he knew was supposed to be there that actually wasn't. What's more is that that was just the case he was dealing with right now.

    "What's the matter, Sir? You look displeased by something." Abraham's personal assistant and butler gave a look towards his boss as he brought in a drink he fetched for him

    "Actually, yes, Wilks." Abraham reached over for his glass. Putting it to his mouth he took a short sip before continuing what his worries were. "For whatever reason the master scroll isn't showing a couple teams on the continent. For whatever reason they're just... gone. It's as if... they were destroyed."

    "That doesn't sound good at all, sir." Now genuinly interested in the matter, Wilks stood beside Abraham who was lounging about on his stretched out chair to where he was nearly lying down. "Don't you think gathering people of all three factions could have resulted in a... potentially grave future? Having the youth of the villains in a way they could meet each other in such a grand game you've created?"

    Snapping at his employee, Abraham acted like his words and ideas were absolute with no chances of being anything different "Villains don't work together, Wilks, don't be a fool." Fiddling with his scroll, Abraham took another sip of his drink and looked out upon the rest of the vast city he lived in. "Every villain is out for one thing; themselves. They wouldn't know that if anyone would screw them over and leave them for dead would be another villain." Taking another drink of his glass and finishing off the remaining liquids inside it Abraham handed the glass back to Wilks as soon as he finished, indicating he wanted another glass. "There doesn't exist a man who could be so mad as to try and bunch them all together in any form of way other than what I did; a blind gathering where they couldn't even identify who's who. Plus villains working together outside their own groups is unheard of and an idiotic idea regardless." Before Wilks left there was a loud smash just behind Abraham. Upon looking the glass that he just drank out of had dropped onto the floor and broken up into pieces. From what he saw Wilks had probably dropped it and was already cleaning it up.

    [Several thousand miles North East of The Static Highlands in an area called Rotting Groves]

    To Abraham's own arrogance and his long years of experience that had him believed that there was no chance of it happening there was a large abnormality occurring at that exact very moment. In the area of Rotting Groves, a dead and decayed land where plants and trees would grow just to rot and die as soon as they sprouted, continuing their growth but slowly dying as they did so. Even the animals weren't the same anywhere else in Everlast. They were all undead, zombie like creatures that wandered the lands without a thought in their minds that attacked the living on sight. Even though the virus that afflicted this area was potent it was constrained in an area and unable to spread out any more than it already has due to constraints humanity has put upon it. Humans on the other hand were fortunate enough that they could not catch the disease from the air and only on direct contact from an already infected creature getting it into their blood.

    Now within this land there was a quiet little little research facility, snug right between two large rotting willow trees that grew right on top of it that was constructed in the heart of Rotting Groves as a means to try and develop a solution to the place, but to no avail. Now it was discretely used from time to time to hold meetings for dark goals and purposes between various people. Entering the building through a gap between dangling roots of one of the willow trees, the last group who had been invited to the gathering that was taking place arrived. Inside the building in what looks like a meeting hall and as such kept its status as such, eight teams were gathered around a long and skinny table. What looked to be around thirty five to forty five people where standing around, the team leaders the ones that were actually sitting down at the table itself.

    At the head of the table there was the being that organized this entire meeting of ill path chosen rookies. Speaking with a maniacal tone, the being broke the silence of the room
    "I'm just peachy that I got such a bountiful turn out of wicked young scum!" Swinging around in his chair a few times in a three ringed spin, the man slams his hands down onto the table to stop its motion. Leaning into the table, the individual revealed to be the one and only Brimestone "Nowwwwwww, let's get down to business."

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 59: Bastion of Discord

    In Rotting Groves some bunch of thousands of miles North East of the Static Highlands the unthinkable happened. What long running and experienced adventurers, either Heroes, Villains, or Anti-Heroes, they all knew that Villains were to devious and vile to form any form of ties outside their teams themselves. What they didn't consider is what was going on here. Brimstone, though a psycho, was intelligent. For them, the new villains were at a fresh point where they hadn't taken out any personal issues with any other villainous groups and had yet to form that sensation to cut down anyone who got in their ways, they still lacked the ferocity and actions that veterans had in their dark paths.

    Everyone seemed content not to give the first word as to see which one of them had the gull to break the ice and begin the topic that was at hand "Well okay, my fellow villainous newbies! As I had one of my team members inform you about during the start of the Scavenger Hunt, I will make this all worth your while. But first, let's see what I'm working with here, shall we?! How about first we all introduce ourselves?" Clasping his hands together in a scheming pyramid, Brimstone smiled menacingly and set his elbows on the table to await whoever went first.

    From the lot of the groups there was one who was ready to speak at any moment as an attempt to take charge of the whole situation, but much more preferred to see what the man who organized this all. Taking his chance now though the guy introduced himself as requested "I'm the Head of team Valiant Dark, Santismo Thresher. I'm from the Kingdom of Treidu and was banished for leading a 4 Bronze Star level monster called a Scythe Mantis into the Kingdom where it went on a rampage." Recalling his memory of the matter Santismo gave himself a light smile, then looked back at the others around him and with an arrogant grimace on his face told them his opinions on the meeting thus far "Don't think you pieces of shit are gonna impress me, but let's see if you can surprise me."

    Santismo was an extremely cocky individual. Out of the others he was the one that some people would refer to as a massive douche. Skinned with a look of mocha and wearing a long sleeved snake skin shirt that was obviously smaller than what he should be wearing just to show some of his muscles. Slicking to the left his small front tuffet of mustard colored hair and slightly flexing before looking at the one who took control of the conversation from him, glare now etching itself upon his face.

    Out of the leaders there was one that had the strong sense of hostility radiating off of them, and that being was next to introduce himself. "Name: Aion. Team: Final Hour's boss. And that's all I'm saying."

    Whatever the deal was with Eon he held himself to a far more discrete standard. The man wore a mask that had no mouth hole, nose hole, or eye holes that looked like a thin metal gear that fit the mold of his face that ticked once over and turned one notch to the right once every minute. Not much else could be seen by him other than having a head of platinum that looked like thin bandages that wrapped back to his left side and almost to his ear. Along with this the only other thing that Garbed his body was a thick and well drapes cloak of tattered robes.

    The only member out of the team leaders that seemed well riled up over all this was the one who was leaning back into his chair until he saw the right time to strike and have his turn introducing himself.
    "I'm Crass. Crass Ink! Leader of my band of freedom, Anarchist Applause! So, what sort of fun are we stirring up?" Out of the groups gathered, Brimstone knew of Crass' actions well. Having started shortly before Brimstone did, Crass already has dozens of counts of looting, starting riots, throwing unauthorized street parties, excessive abuse of substances in public, vandalism, and several accounts of destruction of property.

    Crass wore a large bandanna across his brow with a symbol on it of two hands clapping with a line through them to form a large jagged cut A. With messy hair colored pistachio green and forming up in small spikes, Crass didn't wear a shirt to show his muscular torso and his large scar that was going down his left back side, as well as the scars near his spinal cord. The man wore baggy cloth pants that looked foreign, as well as sandals made from a lite but durable leather.

    Up next was the first girl to speak in this was a young lady, one who showed not a shred of hesitation talking with full confidence in a room entirely of villainous men "Hello boys~ I'm glad to see another woman as their team's leader. You may call me Lady Bernny Castella, Mistress of my team, Goddesses of the Omen." Putting her right handed index finger to her mouth, Bernny gave her finger a slight lick before letting out a siren like tease towards the men around her "I hope you men have fun while it lasts, cause when I reach the top you will be nothing more than pleasure toys to me. ♥"

    Unfortunately for her, not many of the guys around weren't interested, mainly due to the situation and the fact they could tell the obvious bait was dangerous. On the other hand Crass seemed interested in it genuinely and Santismo just wanted to conquer her. Bernny on the other hand was dressed to a very high class and seemed far to much for hoodlums such as Santismo and Crass. Garbed in a silken dress that was laced with glittering material colored a dark red that draped down to cover her feet entirely and was only covered by her fox skin slung over her shoulders, her iris blue hair wrapped around her neck and sloping down to her cleavage.

    One of the teams stood out amongst any other, no matter the affiliations, and that was this team that was up to speak. Out of them, there were three men standing beside each other, refusing the chair and keeping themselves on an equal footing with each other on their team. The one to speak though was the one in the middle a sand skinned young man that gave off the aura of a geezer "Our team has a joint leadership. But out of the three of us I hold the largest business discussion capabilities and will be taking the lead of this meeting for my team, World's Fortune." This man seemed to have the most experience in business as he said, both in what could be assessed as both fair trade and some more... questionable things. "People call me Pops. My associates here are Craysn Gath, the one to my left, andon my right we have Quun Eilburg."

    Strangely enough Pops was very oddly dressed. Wearing a light purple suit and matching feathered hat, there wasn't much to his wardrobe aside from his his added walking Cane. Quun matched with but a larger hat with strange curly hair Q's coming down at his ears. Craysn just looked like a standard coal miner, but gave off this weird feeling of a killer.

    One of the leaders, a young lady with darkened tan skin on the other hand had someone with her for a more professional level. Being from another continent far away she wasn't one who was well versed in the common speak language and had her first language of some mysterious language that was unknown to almost everyone anywhere else than where she grew up."Mi nombre es Cake y como mi nombre indica soy la heredera de la Crescendo Cartel. Puedo ser una hermosa mujer joven, pero no creo que por un segundo no voy a cortar su garganta y tirar de la lengua a través de él si me cruza."

    Cake wore a dark leather coat that covered down to her waist, there at which she wore a pair of skin tight silk pants, her gold hoop belt keeping them firmly in place. Rose colored lip stick and a faint blush, Cake seemed to plan on being presentable at all times. It was likely a part of the business. Upon her forehead rested a pair of thick dark sunglasses, them seemingly needed for her... line of work. The brunette seemed almost lost as she waited for her translator to do his job.

    A new member of her team that joined just short of the start of the Scavenger Hunt, Dellinger Lariosauro, a young man in a well toned aqua marine suit with dark sunglasses, even though they were indoors, and his hands crossed down at his waist, as if he was ready to pull a gun on whoever got near him. "She said: My name is Cake and as my name suggests I am the heiress to the Crescendo Cartel. I may be a gorgeous young woman, but don't think for a second I won't cut your throat and pull your tongue through it if you cross me."

    "As per my slave name I'm called Enigma Ardent. I'm in charge o my small and precise team Dawn and Dusk. I apologize if my team with me causes agitation, but it's necessary for me to know this wasn't some form of trap." Behind Enigma against the wall stood two faces that were scene not to long ago to the public. These people were Woylia and Bold. They were known as previous members of the Rocky Valley and fought in Marrow with members of Immortal Rune.

    Enigma had his back braided hair that stayed in place even when he moved his head. With a singular plate on his chest over his dark purple shirt and a very dark blue colored pants, both of which were strapped in leather belts. Along with this he had two guns holstered to each side of his hips.

    "And lastly the one who gathered all of these fresh villains was the leader team Killing Colors, Brimstone." Introducing himself as if he was another person, Brimstone gave off a carefree and friendly smile, though anyone who had any real idea who he was knew that behind that fake expression was the look of a killer.

    At first someone was going to question the fact Brimstone said it like he did, but none of them went through with it when they realized how he must actually be when the guy is wearing a straight jacket with holes ripped through the chest for his arms. Wanting to get down to business, Pops took the initiative to figure out the plans of what was going to go on "So, Brimstone was it? What is it you gathered us here for? Out of everyone here, I'm aware of all of them rest of the team leaders in this room from various rumors of their accomplishments and acts. You on the other hand I've never heard of you before today. How do we know we can trust even you?"

    They didn't trust him. Brimstone knew right now that what he needed was to show that he was entirely the top positioned here. Luckily for him he had an ace up his sleeve "Do you know Cawtswell?"

    "Cawtswell? That town that got decimated weeks back? Yeah, that was brutal! Thousands killed and half the town destroyed beyond repair. Whoever did that must be brimming with a free spirit." Crass seemed very much so in good smiles after hearing about the acts of someone doing as they please.

    Quun, the rather plump weirdo of World's Fortune spoke for the first time in the gathering, wanting to know more on the story "So you do know of it? I understand that criminal is worth a lot already. More than a million Flint right off the bat. I bet he's worth a lot of golllllllllld..."

    "Who hasn't heard the words of it? The whispers? It's been all over the place since it happened." Enigma seemed slightly down after remembering the event, but then snapped back to a look of anger, scanning the area to know if any of the others noticed.

    Giving a handful of words added along with his few he said earlier, Eon was slightly intrigued on the whole thing "Some big villain did it I heard."

    "Sounds like someone who might be impressive, at least not when comparing them to me." Boasting himself even though he's yet to do anything of such a level, Santismo did what he could to hold his image amongst them that he had already began trying to set up.

    "Good! Because I did that." Breaking the pondering and straight telling them all he was the culprit behind the attack on Cawtswell, Brimstone began chuckling as the memories of seeing those glorious explosions of fireworks that brightened the sky to lighten up all the burnt corpses his toys made. "Funnest evening I've had all year! HKEHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

    A slight smirk waned onto her lips, Cake was rather dazzled at hearing this interesting news.
    "Bueno hombre, Brimstone..."

    "She says: Good, Brimstone..." Dellinger informed them what Cake said, not wanting them to miss anything she said in her strange foreign language.

    Though it seemed like Brimstone had the others trust to a degree of at least to which they would hear him out. What would end up being a pure stroke of good luck towards him as if the gods wanted him to accomplish his goals. Bursting into the room came an uninvited guest to try and join in on the private gathering. "Hey! I overheard some of you guys before the hunt started! I want in, I'm a villain too!" The loud and obnoxious kid who looked like he was dressed in school boy clothes multiple sizes to small for him, the risky guy kept his blur of words. "My name's Akira."

    No one said anything, they were more perplexed at the guy himself and how he looked more than anything. It was different though for the one who made the call for this little shindig, Brimstone, who didn't seem very pleased of this uninvted guest showing up. "Hkehahahahaha... Akira, Akira, Akira... Whatever it was you came here for, you're not getting into any of it. Now go back to playing in your parents yard."

    "How come I can't join?! I'm a strong super villain? I shouldn't have to listen to you!" Akira wasn't happy at all over these news towards him. Riled up at the level of disrespect and underestimation they were giving him, the dirty haired blonde kid kept rambling on

    The usual maniacal grin that Brimstone had on his face faded into what looked like a frown... A frown of uncertainty. "Hmmmm... I'm a nice guy and I, so as the saint I am, I gave you a free warning to leave. I SUGGEST you take it."

    Feeling like Brimstone saw him as nothing more than a stupid kid, Akira wasn't gonna take such pity "And what are you gonna do about it if I don't? You can't force me to do anything!"

    Agreeing with what Akira said, Brimstone saw it as what Akira said was true. "You know what? I can't. But you know what I can do?"

    "What? Look more like a stupid retard?" Knowing that he was going to need to go on the attack, Akira made his move. "Taste my Essence, Mad Blur!" Spreading his hands out and then putting them to his head, Akira channeled his Essence directly towards Brimstone. "My ability let's me enforce my thoughts into yours to drive you mad and insane!" Almost as soon as Akira got into Brimstone's mind he was forced backwards and onto the ground, yelling in pain "AGGCK!" No one ever actually touched Akira. As soon as his mind tried to get inside Brimstone's he was forced out. It was like a rabbit hopping into a cage of lions, crazy lions at that. "I didn't even get anywhere... your mind... your thoughts... What are you? Do whatever you want, but you can't ever make me do what you want, I'm no lackey!"

    "Unfortunately for you, I've been mad already for a long, long time... And no, I can't tell you what to do." Crouching down to Akira who was on the ground and slightly shaking in fear from having his mind get near Brimstone's for a moment. In an instant Brimstone swung his right hand forward, sticking his middle and index finger into Akira's mouth, his thumb up as well to look like his hand was a gun, maniac le grin carved across his face as usual . "Bang~" Bending forward his thumb as if it were the hammer of a gun, Brimstone smiled wickedly as a fire work exploded in Akira's mouth, popping off the top of his head and making it look like a two-thirds of the way eaten grape, smoldering and letting out the smell of burnt human flesh "But I can turn you into a human candle! HKEHAHAHAHAHAHA!" After his psychotic laughter, Brimstone stood up and looked back at the others "So~~~ Who's on board with this little plan of mine?"

    "I know I am." Kicking back in his chair with his hands behind his head Crass was all in

    Cake as well was one of the few to respond immediately, ready to invest in whatever this Brimstone man was plotting. "Si, Me puedes contar en el así , colorido hombre la muerte."

    "My Mistress says: You can count me on as well, colorful death man." Dellinger translated as he did per usual

    The rest of them seemed to have a more assumed in on the discussions, just a bit of a heavy tension that set throughout the room. Before he would go more into the ideas he had, Brimstone had something left to say "One last thing... I think we a name for our little allegiance. Something dark! Something edgy! How about... we call ourselves...Bastion of Discord?" Along with Brimstone, the leaders of the other teams seemed to meet a silent agreement on the name, something that would start an avalanche of vile events.

    Chapter End
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