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    The Enchantrum Chapter 20: To Poor to Adventure

    Within the short span of a few seconds since the hatching of the snake like creature before the crowd about the area before Rax had been swooning over the being that now looped up his head. Out of the ones left in the tavern at this point had been just the ones who needed to be there at this point, it was just fourteen. Five from Immortal Rune, the adventure hungry lot of rookies. Five from Alcatraz, the band of prison escapees that had a strange motive involving Rax in some way or at least just had their motives involving him. One of the being known as Manticore, the dashingly predatorial radiating man that had shown up and was revealed to be a close friend of Ossa and a member of the mysterious mercenary group known as the Order of the Shroud. And lastly were the humble bar keep and two of his waitresses that quietly sat behind his counter. Though he held such a job he had been a retired adventurer himself. Dealing with people like Rax or Void was one thing, but someone like Manticore had shaken him to his very core itself.

    One thing had all of these fourteen, and that was the fact they had been all curious over the strange snake like creature that had just come into the world. It was strange looking. Normally, a snake would possess eyes even though they had been known as blind creatures that saw through heat given off by things around them. This one had no such eyes. It was like a horn that covered a majority of the top of its head. It smoothed into what looked like a bottle opener. Colored a light and gentle green with a criss-cross pattern along its back in a swampy green it just perched itself and went about its time, sensing about all of those in the room.

    It was the one who had forged all of this turmoil and tension had been the one to ultimately end it. Void had turned to exit the tavern, having no reason left to be be there. The remaining four members of the Alcatraz team had turned to follow their leader, having no intentions to even give another word before exiting. The one who had initiated conversation about them had been the shit shot of the room himself, Manticore.

    "I wasn't aware that snarling puppies just turn tail and flee whenever a big scary cat wanders in. Pretty anti-climatic from all that bad ass tough guy show you were sending around earlier." Manticore gave off a half cackle of bait in order to harass Void more than he had already had for just showing up.

    Void turned his head to give a proper and honest response, his constantly serious and angry expression and tone not faltering for even the slightest bit
    "I'm not afraid of anything that exists in this broken fucking world. The difference between fleeing like a coward and just leaving is simple; I'm not a simpleton who challenges everyone who snaps his fangs at me. The gap between you and I is obvious, like I'd just walk into my own death to look like a hard cored douche just to save face." Void's strange hair feature that was like two sets of claws riding back his head seemed to point themselves out as he finished, what seemed like his own natural sign of true aggression "In a couple years when I catch up to you expect to hear the snapping jaws of the abyss looming towards you as the final sounds of your life." Before he left he gave one last addressing to the one that they had showed up for in the first place, the foolish rookie with the star of hair on his brow, Rax "I'll see you around, Rax. Just know, even with whatever pasts those four you're with have they'll never carry the same unified hatred that Alcatraz has... That you have. Eventually you'll be part of us, part of the true prison."

    Rax took a moment before giving his response to Void, not giving much thought to it but just giving his pure and honest thoughts on the matter "No I won't. Not because of any of the feelings and stuff. Mainly because five members in the group is the most optimal number and I plan to keep it that way!"

    All that was give off by Void at this point was a smug chuckle, amused by Rax's response whilst the other four members of Alcatraz were more dumb struck by Rax's idiotic response. It wasn't more than a second later that Void snapped his jaw down like a beast. As this happened after this point had been had been what looked like a blur of purple, like the maw of an unknown monster had whipped up and had taken all of the five members of Alcatraz into its mouth in one go. Whatever it had been, it was some form of teleportation or spacial displacement, which though exactly is unknown, it was only a sheer speculation by those watching.

    As soon as they had left Rax had gone back to giving his undivided attention and energy to his new familiar. Taking extreme notice of one thing in particular as others tried to get close to the creature but it would just move away from them. It seemed to only have a liking to Rax and not any other person in the room. Out them Ossa had really wanted to befriend the creature but had no luck to it. Because of this she had been frustrated and flared out of against it

    "Why is it that cute little reptile only likes you of all people?" Grouched out at the findings before her, Ossa had just wanted to strange Rax at the fact the creature liked him and not her, but didn't want to risk having it dislike her anymore that it had already

    "Maybe it's cause his body is so warm from his fire and I heard reptiles are cool blooded? After all, you're as cold as a skeleton, Ossa." Bondor gave off a pretty reasonable and intelligent idea on the matter, it wasn't the case. It was more like they had been more like they were related somehow.

    "Pffft. whatever then!" Ossa snapped at them before getting to flustered by herself.

    Sloth seemed more towards the creature's behavior, but at the same time didn't want any form of personal time or relationship with it, just enjoying that it upset Ossa "Looks like the mean diva is left in the corner by that weird creature. Seems like my kinda attitude of a beast."

    Victoria just tried to give Ossa a hug to comfort her due to the events "Come here, Ossa. I'll consul you." Only to be rejected by the girl as Ossa had already sat down and began to drink more to soften the shot to the heart the newborn snake had given her.

    "Hmmmm" Rax pondered to himself over everything that had occurred moments ago that led up until now, coming to one final conclusion "I'll call her... Lime!" Everyone around them looked awestruck once more at Rax's declaration, not even getting a word in from any of them before he came back with his reasoning as to why "Cause of the color of her scales." It was obvious even to him that he had confused them greatly with the name.

    "How do you know it's a girl?" Victoria was curious as to how Rax had gained this assumption or somehow brought to knowledge

    Rax had waited a moment to even try to speak but had been answered in another steed by Bondor who hit the nail directly on the head "Is it cause she doesn't like Ossa?"

    Ossa grunted a bit before turning back towards them, not really sure what to make of what was said "What's that supposed to mean?"

    Sloth came in directly with a truth bomb at break neck speeds "Meaning that thing doesn't wanna put up with your alpha female shit from the moment she hatched."

    "Pretty much." Rax confirmed the guess right on the spot

    "I like you, Ossa!" Victoria shouted, trying to cheer up her friend even if their friendship had been entirely one sided

    Even more annoyed now that ontop of the fact the newly named familiar, Lime, had disliked her but now she had Victoria bugging her Ossa burst out momentarily before trying to go back to her scotch "Fuck off, slag bitch!"

    Manticore, who had taken momentary amusement in watching their squabbles had decided that he had to get back to business as to why he had even showed up in the first place. "Ossa, my friend, how about we get this all finished up now we get back to why you even asked me here for, eh?"

    Without letting Lime out of her peripherals, Ossa spoke to Manticore with the utmost confidence and honesty "Yeah, whatever. Now, you got the info of some quest or missions that can take us somewhere wild? I need these oafs to get stronger. The best way to do that is through experience out in the world." She didn't seem to carry her normal level of upset while talking to Manticore, something Rax immediately picked up on and went to give his own words in on it as he didn't trust Manticore at all

    "I wouldn't ask for any other way, Ossa." Rax appreciated that Ossa had shared at least the longing to adventure stacked upon her thirst for revenge against Everlast's Skeletal Tyrant.

    "Cool... Yeah, cool. Anyways, I dunno. I watched your fights. All of it, even yours, Ossa. Though you probably didn't notice me." As he said this he had taken Rax's mug of ale from him without him noticing, now gripping it firmly in his hand, Rax not ready to make a big deal over nothing just due to not liking him but holding back so that they may get some good info on something to do. "I got the info and all, but after those fights I dunno if you little kids are even ready for it. To small, to inexperienced, to boring~~~!" Manticore had been intentionally going for buttons to upset Rax at this point, the man's sense of observation and environmental awareness had instantly set him towards Rax's frustrations, the older gentleman enjoying teasing those around him, whether they be weaker or stronger to him.

    The thoughts of all of them were the same on the matter. Though they wanted to talk back to him about it, they hadn't wanted at all to risk losing their chance at whatever kind of quest info someone of Manticore's caliber possessed. it wasn't until he tried to take a sip out of Rax's drink that he had upset the fiery guy to the point something strange happened. With just a reaction to Rax's emotions towards Manticore, Lime opened her mouth towards the issue, firing off a bright green energy beam about a centimeter wide that hit the cup directly, melting it and vaporizing the metal near instantaneously. Manticore stood wide eyed, not sure what to make of the scene.

    Rax just pointed up to his good familiar Lime and spoke with what seemed like honesty "I taught her that."

    It was an obvious lie by his part, no one even bothered with it this time. Lime had hatched less than a half hour ago and everyone had been with the two of them the entire time, so obviously Rax was just talking shit. Meanwhile from this Manticore had been once again amused, both by the fearless audacity of the newborn creature Lime and the humor of Rax himself with his last comment. "Heh. You guys show promise at least in the areas of keeping my entertained. Fine, I'll give you the info." All of Immortal Rune had been filled with enthusiam and relief over this bit of news, but was shattered down shortly after with what Manticore followed up with. "It'll cost you though. I am a business man afterall. Well, a mercenary, but sorta the same thing."

    "And how much is this gonna cost us? I think with all we have combined we got about four hundred thousand Flint. That's enough to feed all of us for like a year." Sloth asked, assuming that was at least close to what he was gonna ask for.

    "Three Million." Manticore stated the number, the five members of Immoral Rune completely baffled at this, not sure how to respond. "This quest info will cost you three million Flint as payment to me."

    "That's not... unimaginable at least. Sure it's a lot, but we can easily make that much in a couple weeks or so I bet!" Bondor, staying with his level of optimism did his best to boost the morale and confidence of the team. "If three million is all it'll take I know it'll be short work for us!"

    "Huh?" Manticore interrupted, something that brought goosebumps above everyone as they knew something was up. "Three million is just the cost for me. I can't give you any spoilers of it, but getting there will cost you about another twenty five million Flint or so."

    The will of the team collapsed at the number that was given before them. There was utter silence for a good minute before Rax gave out a suggestion as to how they'd raise the cash, something that was to much even for his jack ass styles "Bake sale?"

    Everyone just gave him a good level of silence, something far meaner than the standard shut the fuck up of a response that would normally follow such a stupid idea. Victoria a strong look of displeasure on her face, as if she had been eating something she found putrid. "I know where we can make the amount of money in just two months or so if you four can work as hard as I know you can."

    Manticore knew what she was talking about and brought on a wicked smile from sheer anticipation from wanting to see it all happen. "I guess I'll meet you guys there so I can watch." As he finished Manticore vanished in an instant, no trace of him left behind.

    "Where're we going?" Sloth just now was more curious as to where they were gonna have to venture towards just to make enough money to adventure in the big picture of things.

    Rax came in right after with a question of his own "Does it allow pets?"

    "The place I know more than anywhere else." Victoria paused for a moment out of upset, having the memory of her past trickle into her mind. "We're going to the country of brawls and cheers... The Combaticon."

    }Meanwhile, back at the Spinal Spire{

    Algroth sat upon his beast fur lined throne, waiting for his lead researchers and informants to gather what he had requested after the events that transpired not to long ago. He just mumbled to himself whilst spinning a pen that looked to be, and likely was, made of a human finger. "What were their names again? Rax and... Night, that's what it was."

    Footsteps came towards the Skeletal Tyrant. The difference was he didn't fully remember the sound of those footsteps, they hadn't been the usual ones that were throughout the mass of his spire. The bone structure of them had been different, but one he had heard before at least a couple times in all his years. The person managed to get past every single guard, maid, janitor, and the like without being noticed. This person was none other than the one that had made his presence known not to long ago, Manticore himself.

    "Did I really get all the way up here unseen and unheard of? That's pretty amusing, really amusing." Manticore boasted to himself as he walked right into Algroth's throne room, the sudden halt to his speed had rattled the bone spikes and pillars that were about the room.

    "Not everyone, yeah. Algroth noticed you immediately. It took a moment but I got you too, as did the other Silver Skeletons in the spire I'd imagine, yeah?." Barracuda informed him as leaned against one of the pillars of bone, etched along them in a crescent and diamond shaped pattern.

    "Yeah times a million, fishy. You always act so mean to me yet we've only met a few times. Is it natural instincts?" Without even giving him time to respond Manticore continued onward to speak with Algroth as he intended.

    A random guard had gotten angry at the sight of this stranger mocking someone of such nobility to the kingdom of Marrow such as Barracuda and attempting to talk to Algroth in such a formal manner and stepped forward to try and stop him, only to be halted by Algroth himself.
    "Don't. You try to attack him and you'll be dead before your brain even has time to process what the fuck just happened. There's a reason he obtained the title Scourge Lion."

    The guard did as he was warned. Algroth just busted out with a hoard of laughter seeing the hate the two had for each other, no matter how many times it occurred. "So, what brings you here, Manty muh boy?"

    "I know you saw it too, you bundle of dusty bones. The two in that battle yesterday that gave you a stirring deep within your instincts, you noticed them, right?" Manticore cut right to what he wanted to ask him, not waiting any shred of time

    "Oh course. I already have my top men looking into the two. Luckily we were able to gather traces of their essences that were left over from their fights up ontop of the spire. We were damn lucky about that one!" Algroth laughed again as he felt the need to bring up how he barely made it in time to have his minions gather the bits of essence left over from the fight.

    "How is this stranger acting so familiar with the Tyrant himself, Sir Barracuda?" The guard seemed more frightened about the fact this was happening far more than what Manticore is actually capable of.

    "This guy Manticore, though I find him disgusting, he's extremely capable himself. He's a member of a really strong bunch of people." Barracuda seemed like he was repulsed at what he was going to have to admit towards someone he found so foul. "If I had to guess, he and Algroth are near level with each other." The guard was only able to look in awe of the two, the pasty haired ruler of marrow dressed in his metal spiked biker gear and the stranger who looked to nearly have his own mane.

    It was just as this had happened was when Algroth noticed the foot steps coming of someone he did recognize It was Rubix, the head of Algroth's research team and one of the Silver Skeletons. Rubix wore a multi-colored tuxedo that was colored differently from going each arm, leg, and half of the chest colored as red, blue, yellow, green, white, and pink. Strangely enough the colors seemed to switch places after every few seconds. The average built male had one other major sign of appearance. Not only was he bald, but his head was entirely square shaped, and only his head. The rest of his body had been normally shaped and built. He carried a clipboard covered with a guarding layer of material to hide its contents, labeled all with how it was extremely top secret.

    He broke in a strange tone, like his voice was slightly muffled. "Algroth my lord, you're gonna wanna see this now!"

    "Calm down, Rubix. I'm sure it can't be that cra-" Algroth's speech was cut short and halted as he read the piece of paper that held the results of what he had wanted to know about Rax and Night, something that had him wide eyed and his jaw dropped.

    "How is it so bad that this old timer is shock-" Manticore followed the same way as Algroth upon reading the piece of paper, his face riddled with astonishment

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 21: Bursting Colors

    Ossa, Sloth, Victoria, and Bondor all stood around inside of a shopping street within a small town known as Cawtswell just a few hours travel outside of Marrow at their speeds. Their destination was to make it to the Combaticon to raise enough money to pay for information of a quest from a big shot named Manticore, as well as to get the funds to make it to said place mainly. Currently they had just over four hundred thousand Flint. Just getting enough for the information of where they were going and what they were doing was going to be an issue. They needed more than twenty million more to meet their goals.

    Amongst the crowds of people there were two that stood out pretty well, two clowns that were handing out free toys of some kind to children. One male and one female clown, smiling and cheerful towards the youth of the crowds. In the lines with all the children was Bondor, the large member of Immortal Rune who had some... anger issues. He came back to his friends with a small item. It was a pyramid shaped hunk of glass, something that when Bondor held it up to the sunlight emitted a rainbow that streaked down and popped off small firework like splashes of color off of it, something that pleased him quiet well. After this he felt the looming presence of someone he had known quiet well already coming towards the group

    "Guuuuuuuuuuuys guys guysssssssssssssssssssssss!" Rax's voice came booming towards them, the other four turning to their left to see the guy rushing towards them.

    "Rax, what's up?" Sloth gave him a chance at whatever he had been so worked up about.

    "Look!" Rax held up a piece of paper, one that was all rolled up and tattered. "I got us a crucial tool for our future in the world."

    The map looked like it was drawn in crayon and by a child. Not a single one of the four seemed happy about the fact Rax spent any money on such a thing at all. Luckily though to Ossa's dismay she say the price tag was still on it. The tag read 120 across it.

    With a large sigh of relief Ossa spoke to calm down the rest of their party "At least it only costed a hundred and twenty Flint."

    Rax looked slightly confused for a moment. He came back with some corrections to Ossa's sentence, not realizing the issues that would ensue "What? No, it was a hundred and twenty thousand Flint. It was from a dude who looked realllly familiar."

    The news that it costed a mass fraction of their total money had near instantaneously enraged Ossa and Sloth, Victoria and Bondor just stood back not caring that much about the issue. Ossa had taken the piece of paper to shred prior to assaulting Rax , but before they have been given the chance to attack Rax in an act of fury a surge of knowledge went into her mind. She was able to gain the names of the big key places on the map, something strange about it.

    1. Everburn Mountain
    2. The Black Cavity
    3. Landing Divide
    4. Kingdom of Treidu
    5. Bonelands
    6. The Remains of the Skelemera
    7. Silver Cove
    8. Fort Carbo
    9. Static Highlands
    10. Enclaved Mountain
    11. Wisping Shadows
    12. Clouded Wastes
    13. Ant Peaks
    14. The Encroaching Hive
    15. Flora Fields
    16. Blue Gleamed Tundra
    17. Pristine Canyon
    18. Lake of The Pure Shores
    19. Kettle Hill
    20. The Capital of Everlast, Marrow
    21. Tower of Gul
    22. Darda, HQ of FREE
    23. City of Weal
    24. The Overgrown
    25. Aqueous Bay
    26. Republic of Vess
    27. Starstream Shrine
    28. Razor Stream
    29. Rotting Groves
    30. The Combaticon
    31. The Lost Kingdom of Bilai

    "What the hell? I never heard of most of these places before, but now I can name them just fine on this map." Ossa seemed extremely interested in the map at this point as she looked over it entirely to see there was nothing to it than paper.

    "Must be enchanted." Victoria assumed while holding up Sloth at the waist as to have kept him from attacking Rax.

    "That'ssssssss mine~~~" Rax whined slightly as he tried to reach for his map, something Ossa refused to give to him by any means.

    "Heh. Bondor, here. You can be our map guy." The white haired girl decided, tossing the bundled up paper to the lumbering pacifist of their group.

    "Cool." Bondor seemed entirely pleased with this role he had been given in the group. Though he rarely voiced anything that could cause turmoil in the group he had been jealous of Rax's new pet and wanted something in the group that he could take charge of, this now being directions. "But how long until we get to the Combaticon anyways?"

    Once he finished saying the words The Combaticon the map itself gave him the information they wanted. It informed him that the Combaticon was about three thousand four hundred and seventy one miles from their current position. Though to a plain human this was a great distance but to those who have changed their blank essences to be like that of the monsters of this world at their level it was merely a week's travel.

    "So I guess it's only a weeks travel from this town to reach the Combaticon with our normal means of things. Let's head out tomorrow." Bondor informed them on the matter before going on and proposed on giving them the time to head out.

    After a handful of hours in the dead of the night Rax sat up top on the rooftop of the inn they had been staying at, looking out into the starry sky that was above them. It was something he had always done out of nervousness. The Combaticon itself wasn't what had been causing this, it was the fact he was going to need to keep at full throttle and win a good deal of battles so they could get the money they needed to pay for Manticore's fee and their travel funds over to where ever they were going.

    As he looked down to try and clear his head a bit he came to a sudden state of surprise. Below him stood one of the clowns that Bondor had went to earlier in the day, someone Rax had barely caught a glimpse of. The large painted smile across his face frightened him momentarily before he came back and wanted to punch the dude into the street below them for the sudden appearance but he didn't feel anything form of hostility or intents in the red from him, just that he was a creepy shit.

    "Goooooooooooooooooooooooood eeeeeeeevening, guy." The clown greeted Rax gentlemanly before sitting down beside him "You look troubled."

    Rax seemed rattled at the friendliness of the stranger, but tried to see how the guy just wanted to talk with Rax, not even paying much mind to the fact he was a complete stranger. "Y-yeah. I just got a lot riding on my shoulders in the next couple days."

    "Ooooooh. You're that guy that was in Marrow the other day! Rax Spellbound!" A wave of impressed emotions went through the clown as he spoke to Rax, praising him for his achievements as of recent after seeing his debut against Rocky Valley.

    Rax seemed a bit embarrassed at his efforts being addressed. It was like being a celebrity in a way to be recognized so soon. Though it was just a case of shiny new face syndrome washing through the lands that people knew who he was, but it was still something that meant a good deal to him "You saw? Yeah, it was kinda my debut I guess. I'm an adventurer you see, I want to save the world and kick the asses of all the assholes who stand in my way."

    The clown clapped his hands together at the words of Rax's first big showing, something that he was ready to have as well. "You're debut? What a coincidence!"

    "What'd you mean by that?" His words baffled Rax on what exactly there coincidence was. He just awaited for the stranger to tell him exactly what he meant

    "I mean, I witnessed your debut, and you're here to witness mine!" The stranger clown went on and revealed that he was about to make his big debut as well

    It was a nice idea to him. Seeing others start off their journey as well was a warming idea, maybe even a future rival for Rax was within his vision now. "You're a new hero too? Are you about to fight some villain around here or something?"

    The man seemed to be brought to a hint of a smile at the idea of such. He stood up and spread his arms out wide, as if to display all of that around him "Nononononononono. I'm about to debut as a great villain~!"

    "Huh?!" Rax thought he missed something or wasn't getting what he said at all

    In his hand he held one of the toys that he and the girl clown had been handing out earlier to dozens, if not hundreds of children. The stranger gave off a burst of laughter, laughter that gave off the distinctive tone of insanity. It was when he shrieked with humor the toy exploded in an expansion of vibrant colors that blew Rax back across the building top.

    The star haired hero looked back to see the man with all of his make up and clown wear blown away. Wearing a straight jacket with his arms torn through the chest. It was on his chest that he wore a large smiling face symbol, the torn out pieces of cloth around his arms were like eye holes, all that were splattered with different colors. The only other thing he wore were a pair of black and white striped set of circus pants and a pair of strange entertainers slippers. With Neon yellow, like that of crystallized Sulfur, colored hair spiked back like they were in the midst of an explosion, the marauding stranger set off more of his colorful bombs he had all throughout the town, smiling as he did it, a sharp and wicked smile that drove itself right to Rax's very core

    "Better keep it in the happiest part of your memory, Rax. Mark today as the day that the future king of baddies stepped out into the world! But you're my newest pal, so you can just call me by my name, Brimstone!" The man cackled and laughed wildly as he lit off dozens more of his firework bombs throughout the city, Rax could only look on in horror as he heard the screams of children and parents from buildings for miles, bodies burnt to a crisp falling out of their windows or being blown out in a burst of beautiful, yet terrifying, colors. "Looks like I get to be your first bad guy nemesis! A classic story of the boy playing with fire and a dangerous bunch of fireworks! How about we have our first bout sometime soon, Rax my pal! "

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 22: It's all for Fun

    All throughout the small town of Cawtswell there currently been explosions as colorful as a rainbow, though not in any way a pleasant set of kind. They had been bombs set out by a villain trying to debut himself with an unknown accomplice. This man's name was Brimstone, a maniacal mass murdering rookie villain who seemed to work with fire works. All that was known between the two of them, Rax and Brimstone, was that Brimstone was happy to have Rax there to see his debut as an up and coming villain due to him being witness to the recent events that occurred in Marrow. In less than a minute Brimstone had already had his body count, or at least his body count as of now for his debut and forward, chalked up to around to or nearly at a hundred people, a body count that which most included children. All that was left for him really was to leave some form of words of declaration of his presence and threat to this world, something for villains as important as it were towards heroes.

    Brimestone just ran his hands through his spiked back neon yellow hair, cackling wildly as he did so. It was truly a scene of beauty and enjoyment, not even taking in for a minute of all the burnt and smoldering corpses of entire families hanging from window frames or in the streets, the level of age pretty much hitting everywhere pretty hard. It took Rax a moment to take in everything going on around him, his emotions going from straight helpless shock to a dangerous level of anger.

    "What the hell have you done?!" Rax bolted towards Brimstone, flames flowing out of the openings in between the chains wrapped up along his arms, the difference now was that they were moving the chains about as they tries to look for more ways to exit as if the flames themselves were caged beasts.

    "Hmm?" Brimstone seemed slightly confused and beside himself, all with a strong wicked toothed smile across his face. Even with this he saw Rax coming towards him with hostility. All Brimstone needed to do was point out his left handed index finger directly into Rax's face "Strobe Sparkler." As these words went out Brimstone's finger light up in a bright pulsating light that caused Rax to miss entirely, then had to turn to readjust himself and try and rely on his other senses. "What'm doing right now? Well, I'm kinda hungry. Contemplating whether or not I want waffles or french toast for breakfast. Why hasn't someone combined the two to or something? You think anyone has that already claimed or wha- Ooooooooh! You mean this?" The young psycho turned towards' Rax then to elongate his hand out as if he was showcasing something "It's so people can see the beautiful town streets and buildings in the light, all thanks to my show bombs. Pretty phenomenal, huh? Hkehahahahawhaahahaawha!" Far more wicked laughter came about from this fresh noobie villain just following out immediately from seeing Rax struggle to see where was.

    "When I get a chance to punch your ass into the dirt you're gonna regret ever doing anything like this again, no matter how crazy and unstable you are." Whilst trying to regain his vision Rax was able to grunt this out, his fire now looking like water rushing through holes in a pipe, Lime poking her head of his his hoodie pocket, hissing and ready to attack.

    "Crazy you say?" Brimstone seemed at a loss of his wild emotions, he now held a calm and serious expression. This held for only a moment before his cracked grin came back over his face and he looked right into Rax's presence itself to speak in a way of his utmost honesty "I'm not crazy, I just love to see such big festivals like this! Everything I do in this world is for one thing; To have lots of fun! Hkehahahahahahhaha!"

    In the midst of all of Brimstone's madness Rax had gotten a decent sliver of sight to where he was able to determine where his enemy was. With a whip of the chains that garbed his left arm he was able to get a hold of Brimstone's ankle, pulling him back towards him. Brimstone didn't even lose a single shred of his composure from this, he had been from what was seen as perfectly prepared for this, or possibly his mind was just unshakable to a degree. It was when Rax had cocked his right arm back to use his Biting Flames technique that Brimstone just turned his hands to his right, palms flat like he was about to push something away

    "Laughing Rocket!" From upon his hands Brimstone fired off a powerful burst of firework explosions that propelled him around Rax, wrapping the cinnabar star haired guy in his own chains.

    Given the situation and oddity of his enemy, Rax had to think fast on how he was going to get out if this situation. Breaking through the chains with his physical strength was well within his power. Yet, for some reason he didn't. There had seemed to exist a variable in the presence of the chains that kept him from reducing them to scraps. He twisted his body around, his fingers as well, going about to use his Fire Pop technique, something that set off a strong counter spin from what Brimstone had done, sending the guy around and fling him across the roof top. It wasn't even before he had stopped moving back from the force of the throw before he had made it back onto his feet. Despite his strange appearance and attitude Brimstone had skills in fighting.

    In his left hand sparkled a flurry of colorful wisps of tiny fireworks, the sound of sizzling and crackling going about the air. Brimstone's hand had now been gripping down tightly yet he couldn't close his hand as if he had an apple due to the force coming from it "Crazy Candle!"

    The two newbies rushed towards reach other, ready to clash attacks. Rax's right hand clasped tightly as a fist, his red flames spraying out of the crevices and tiny gaps between the chains that ran up his arm. "Biting Flames!" Rax called out the name of his most basic and standard technique, all the flames that had slipped out from the confinement beneath said chains rushed forward as the two attacks collided.

    The collision between the techniques caused a heavy clap of power, something that surged them both back to the edges of the roof top they were up. Luckily to Rax's favor the attack went up into the air, the combined force of their attacks clearing away the clouds in the night sky for about a solid mile around.

    The maniac looked to his hand after the matching of two attacks had met. He was entirely pleased after seeing that they were about the same "We went even? Weiiiiiiiiiiiiiird! I thought paper covers rock." Brimstone grin just chattered together from his laughter, his attention locked directly to his opponent "You're an interesting guy, Rax!" "I won't kill you today, cause now you're my nemesis! Be there to thwart me next time before I get off so much fun and festivities like here, Hkehahahahahahaha! Before I go though, I'll let you witness the big bad end of this show with my very own Essence, Cackling Carnival!" Brimstone raised his hands up into the air, his wrists touching and his fingers tightened down as if he were holding up a ball. Inside of his hands formed a flashing core of multiple colors, glimmering and shining. "Mayhem Madness Fountain!"

    Flying high up into the air soared the shimmering core of color up to about a half mile into the air. It just sparked for a moment before expanding in a large scale explosion, one that sent fragments of the attack all throughout the town, destroying more than eighty percent of the town in a flash killing thousands. Rax tried his utmost to think of anyway he could prevent any form fatalities but came out with nothing. It was the first time he witnessed something like this. He was aware it existed in this world but never before had he known the feeling of having no idea how to prevent or even halt it. Within seconds he just came up with the solution of smashing in Brimstone's face, but to his dismay, the guy had already vanished just after the attack of his went away. With his presence gone Rax thought he was finished with him for now, but that wasn't the case. Echoing throughout the night amongst all the screams and crying was the laugh of the one who is responsible for all of the tragedy that just happened

    "Rax!" Ossa shouted out from their room with the rest of his team directly below him.

    Moving in a quick and sharp go Rax twisted his way from the roof and into the window, hoping that none of his team was hurt in the commotion and mayhem. He came down to see Sloth, Ossa, and Victoria all in one piece and seemingly ready to fight.

    Sloth was the one that would question on what exactly what had happened.
    "What was all that? Did a monster make it's way into the town?"

    Fully aware of what happened but not wanting to say anything about it, Rax just went with the first thing that came to his mind "I-I think it was some villain attacking the town."

    Victoria, worried all over the place, perplexed about over the entire thing as if the world was going to end "Did you see whoever did it? Maybe we can try and take them down!"

    "No... Whoever it was disappeared right after it started I believe. I never got a real look at them." Rax seemed very discouraged at the moment. Hiding the fact he was right there, saw the guy, and even his name was something he didn't want his team to ever know he did. It took a moment but it came to his mind in a mass revelation that Bondor was one of the people that had one of those toys that Brimstone and the woman he was with were handing out. "Where's Bondor?"

    "No, he slept through the entire thing." Sloth pointed towards the sleeping Bondor. The toy had been clasped in his left hand whist sleeping. The only sign of it going off had been the blackened soot around his fingers and on the ground. Rax was not sure whether to be shocked or impressed that firework explosion was confined and controlled entirely within Bondor's gripped hand.

    Immortal Rune left the following morning, trying to not pay a lot of attention towards the death and destruction that had been brought about the town during the night, Rax planning to not tell anyone of his meeting of Brimstone. He was scared, scared as to whether or not they would think lower of him if they were to find out he wasn't able to stop him. All that was next for them was to make it towards the Combaticon to gather the funds they need. Rax didn't even noticed upon their leave that Brimstone had snuck back onto the rooftop, placing a giant flag. Upon it was a colorful smiley face, blood dripping from its jaw and having its eyes cut out. Written across the flag in an arc read Killing Colors, the name of Brimstone's team.

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 23: The Combaticon!

    Amongst the great structures and land marks of this ever growing world there was one everyone knew of. A mega ultra coliseum that stretched for nearly three thousand miles of hive built battle domes titled as the one and only Combaticon! The epitome area for youngster fighters looking to display their strength within the ring, millions of cheering fans so loud and grand that the vibrations can be felt from miles outside of this mighty interlocking array of arenas.

    Over in the Coliseum W-1072 was the new team making an uproar already was the group Immortal Rune. Out of the five of them only four had been competing. Currently a team with nineteen consecutive wins with zero losses the group had already massed together just over nine million flint in just a span of two weeks.

    Currently Rax had been in a fight of his own, one he was just finishing up.

    "Biting Flames!" Rax surged his burning right fist forward directly into the face of a midget like person who sort of resembled a Koala. With that decisive strike he sent the man, one who's name was Bolster, speeding back and smashing into the wall behind him to leave a perfect indent of his body directly into the concrete barrier. Now unconscious, Bolster toppled down and onto the stone ground.

    The announcer of this match, a volume booming individual called Persper. With the vocals strong enough that everyone within a two thousand wide arena, the size of all Wood Star ranked coliseums, he roared up the crowd with the results "Down! Bolster is down! He's done it again! Now with his forth consecutive victory, I give you our winner... Rax Spellbound!"

    Raising his fist into the air in a very cocky and douchey manner just to begin walking out Rax disappeared into the tunnel he entered the arena in. As he went by one of the next to fighters had passed by him, a man who wore a large rolled up wrestling mat on his back with the words De Boss written across it. The man looked like some form of masked wrestler with a mask that looked more like a paper grocery bag than anything and a dark blue spandex singlet. The voice of Persper could be heard as the masked man walked out into the arena. "Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rre he is! Here for his promotion fight to make it into the ranks of the Stone Star Arenas... The man who's never taken a scratch in any fight; Team Mourning Song's very own ALEX DE BOSS!" Finishing up his announcing for the first guy Persper went out to usher out the opponent of this unscathed man called Alex De Boss "And facing this man is another who aims to rank up with a win, the man who has pounded his opponents through the air and into other arenas multiple times, the second seated members of the team Muscle Tank.... Koooooooooooooooong Caaaaaaaesarsssssss!"

    Kong wore a fur mantle, exposing his extremely muscular arms and torso for all around to see, his body etched with dozens of scars. Across his face was another scar that went from eye to eye, almost like a blindfold. Garbed upon lower half he wore thick leather shorts that draped shreddings of thinner light leather in the front and backside, but not the sides, that went all the way down to his knees. With his intimidating look he had been a frightening man with presence, but what seemed to balance all that out was his hair. A smokey brown his style had looked like that of a heavy cow lick, one spot in the cent back of his hair sticking right up.

    Persper readied himself for a moment as the two combatants gazed at each other, ready to fight for victory. From this one would rank up whilst the loser having to restart and get another five wins. Tension drifted throughout the air as he prepared to speak, complete silence set itself upon the area "Ready?.... Brawl!" With these words the crowd shattered out into an upheave of cheers. Kong rushed towards Alex, bringing his strong arm forward for a punch whilst Alex just stood there with his arms crossed and a large grin across his face.

    Waiting for him outside of their groups lounging room stood Ossa, the assumed leader of their team and the vulgar and aggressive fang that keeps the others in line. The girl had been currently sitting on three victories, the same as Bondor and Sloth. Unlike Rax, the rest of his team hadn't been entirely ego monsters from winning against those far weaker than them. The girl especially had been irritated by Rax's attitude at the moment and had been trying to keep it down as much as possible

    Ossa, now with her usual annoyed scowl upon her face, had been prepared already to lecture Rax on his match "You need to quit messing around so much in these matches, Rax. You're wasting to much time playing around. Your next match is your fight to get into the Stone Star Ranked arenas, where you SHOULD be right now instead of messing around with people far weaker than you."

    "Next match? That shit'll be easy. I'm just to strong for this place already I guess." Rax, gluttoned up with his easy victories, had been far swelled ego wise at this point.

    With the sound of Rax's high overconfidence slipping into her hears"Pfft. Don't be such a cocky cock, Rax. Currently you're a bronze fighter in strength, but you're still in the fights for Wood Star ranked people until you earn enough to make it into the rank you should be fighting people at." Ossa again attempted to calm down the guy's overconfidence, trying to humble him.

    Rax, unphased by Ossa's attempts, went about his current ways and again went on to over talk himself to another limit "They'll be easy as hell to. I bet I'm a Silver Star fighter right now. I must be there, easy!"

    Entering the room room to see the other three members of his team, Rax strutted in like a big shot. Ossa followed in shortly after, her face puffed up from upset and frustration due to Rax. It only took a short moment before Lime slithered down from the ceiling lamp where she had been sleeping, up Rax's leg, and back into his hoodie pocket where she had taken such a much preferred residency of. Ossa wasn't the only member of their team who'd been rustled by Rax's new attitude. Sloth wasn't pleased with it at all, having to deal with Rax's status as of now with one more win than him as well.

    "Ugh. He's already got a bad case of self overestimation from this shit." Sloth, groaning at the sight and sound of Rax's being, tried his best to continue to relax until his next match, which was only a day away. Though he hadn't thought about it much until now, Sloth wasn't really sure how they had even scored this room they just chilled in every day in between fights. "How did we get this room already? I don't think they let wood ranked teams with their own lounges. Pretty sure you gotta be at least Stone Star ranked for that."

    "Lettttttttt's just say I know a guy or two~" Spoke Victoria, who had been quietly hiding it all in the two weeks they'd be at the Combaticon. "In fact, they're supposed to be here in a minute." Though Victoria had been far more experienced than the rest of them, no one really knew by how much and where it came from, or why their strongest member wasn't competing in the arena matches. Whatever it was the other four could tell it wasn't wise to pry at the pasts of others.

    Forty or so minutes passed by before the folks Victoria had spoken of had entered the room. The first of the two men had been the one who would make the largest impression. With vibrant blue hair that was trimmed at his brow and backside of his head yet the sides of his head had hair down to his ears. Garbed upon his left shoulder was a reflective metal plate that had a weird blue gleam to it. The rest of his outfit had been a white set jump suit like kind of clothing, made not out of cloth but some sort of nylon like material that was trimmed with a slightly darker blue than his hair in a hazy sort of pattern

    The second had silver hair that was slicked back down to his shoulders. His shoulders were wrapped in what looked like light shades. Wearing an oversized shirt that read "Shine on, Kid." and a pair of worn down jeans and slippers. He constantly looked like he was slightly ready to sleep.

    "It's been a long time hasn't it, Victoria?" The first one who entered the room said as he smiled towards the candy pink haired girl of Immortal Rune.

    Running one of his hands through his hair, the second one went right to make a good impression, just radiating the aura of a friendly man "You gonna introduce us to these little joeys of yours?"

    Victoria walked over to help introduce the two of them to the rest of Immortal Rune, starting with the blue haired man who entered first and was much more nicely dressed. "This is Shrew Heisenberg." Immediately after she went to introduce the second out of the two guys who came into the room "And this is Lamp Illumine."

    "How do you guys know Victoria?" Rax seemed pretty interested at this point. Them being friends of Victoria might have meant they were strong. This meant Rax might have been able to prove that he was already to strong to even take the Combaticon seriously.

    Shrew smirked for a moment, going in with his words of strength and courage "We used to be in a team with her until she decided to go out on her own. Etching outselves into the very historical coding of the Combaticon itself! We are!" Shrew and Lamp then moved beside each other, angling their body with their hands pointed straight out to form a V shape "Victory Sheen!"

    Though the news of it turning out Victoria had been in another team was not officially known to the rest of the Immortal Rune Team, it was pretty much assumed by all of them and just lead them to thinking "Knew it."

    "Victory Sheen?" Bondor looked a bit confused, trying to remember something that felt familiar. Whilst there he had been reading a lot on older teams that made big splashes in the Combaticon. Though he himself wasn't fond of fighting he did want his team to make it big as they all intended, one of the things that could help would be learning about other big teams to possibly get any inspiration or ideas. "Oh! You guys were pretty popular a few years ago from what I read. You made it all the way through the Combaticon and are Silver Star ranked fighters!" Though the Combaticon was a huge mass of fighters it remains to be a huge mass of fighters on the rookie continent. The levels only went up through Bronze Star Ranked fighters. Anyone Silver and above were pretty much celebrities to it.

    "Silver Star Ranked?!" Rax seemed happy to hear the levels that these two had been at, wanting to fight one of them there and then

    "Raaaaax, no! You're not to fight either of them. They're here for a reason for me, something important from what they told me." Victoria demanded assertively, a side of her that wasn't normally the case. It was enough to have Rax back down, not wanting to upset his friend over something that would just label him as extremely selfish.

    As she said, the two of them had come for something important. Shrew, the seemingly more take charge and talkative member of the two, cut right to the chase of the matter "There's been a sighting of our lost member of Victory Sheen."

    "He's been seen?!" Victoria was extremely astonished at this instance from these words alone, more than the other four members of Immortal Rune had ever seen her. "Do you think he'll wanna see us?..." "Do you think he misses us at all?"

    "He better, mate. That asshole may have decided to go rogue and take his own path, but he's still a good bloke of mine. I won't ever forsake X." Lamp, already seemly a more relaxed and quiet guy had taken a slight serious tone upon saying this. Whatever the case of this was it was enough to rattle the cores of the hearts of these Silver Starred people.

    "Who's this now? X?" Rax seemed kinda lost in the hole thing, seeing as most of the time he had just been playing with Lime and not listening to the words of the the other team in the room.

    "He was the fourth member of our little wrecking crew as kids. His name is X Terrestrial. He was the third corner of the great pyramid of Victory Sheen back when Victoria was part of it." Shrew tried to inform him without going to far into it. Though they had full trust in Victoria they knew very little about Rax and Co and didn't feel like giving to much personal information to them at this time.

    Ossa, who was a big paler than normal, seemed worried that there was yet a member missing from this group. Though she also knew very little about these two other than they were close with Victoria, Ossa by nature disliked others from the start. "There was a another one of you weird dudes?"

    "Yes. Well, he bloomin' used to be." Mumbled Lamp, trying to keep his composure over the matter

    "Yeah. He's been sighted outside of Coliseum St-45. We can see him again. We can see X." Shrew seemed happy over the idea, even with the chance that X wouldn't want to see them.

    Ossa seemed a bit intrigued at this point, but then realized something a bit nerve wrecking shortly after "Hey, where's Rax?"

    "I dunno,Sloth left a minute ago as well." Bondor added on a bit of observation before getting up, knowing they were gonna have to go after them.

    "I think I know... We should go to where X is, I'm pretty sure we'll find Rax there." Victoria already came to a good idea of where Rax was going. After it was said she knew they were gonna have to head to Coliseum S-45

    [Over by Coliseum S-45]

    "Victoria said I couldn't fight Lamp or Shrew, but not this X guy. That's not cheating in any way, right Lime?" Wandering about, Rax and his shiny green familiar, Lime, looked about to find the guy called X that was apparently around. "He's gotta be as strong as Shrew or Lamp! If I beat him that means I'm easily a Silver Star level fighter!"

    Rax may have been a jack ass, but he was indeed clever. Given the name X it was assumed that the man who carry some mark that resembled the letter he had as his name. It took him a moment before he found just that.

    Standing by a bench stood a fellow who was garbed in a coloring of dark grey, mango tan, and a tinted salmon trim of clothes that went from his left side and up to his right at a forty five degree angle. With an undershirt colored the mango tan and a dark grey over set cloak that went down to his middle back, cut into an X shape and a pair of dress pants colored the same dark grey with the same mango tan lines going diagonally up them. His hair had been a solid deep black with smears of a foggy green along his left side.

    Rax approached the man, his heart racing for battle "You must be X! I heard you're strong. Let's fight in one of the Arenas!

    X only glanced up at him. It seemed he was sleeping whilst standing up and with his eyes open. When he spoke it was like an ever flowing river of power had ran right into Rax, the aura this man gave off was incredible. Something Rax hadn't though would come from someone of only Silver Star Rank. "I recognize you. Correct... I've seen you before. On that large Broadcast Vision Display... Rax Spellbound, was it? Could your existence prove to be of worth for me on my search for what lies beyond our knowledge?" Without much else to it, X raised his right hand, something that blackened the entire area for more than a hundred feet around

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 24: Deep Space

    Due to his overconfidence he gained from beating fighters from a rank far below him Rax had found and challenged a man who was once part of the same team and level as Victoria, X Terestial. Moments ago Rax had found and challenged X to combat, something he was completely unaware would be a big mistake. The mysterious individual just looked unto him, eyes only half way open and not taking the youngster seriously. X had been only a couple years older than Rax, but those couple years was enough to make a huge difference.

    Rax, still full of the fires of an inflated ego, smashed his fists together, Lime retreating into his hoodie pocket, and the clammering of the chains that clad his arms fluttering about the area. "Let's go! I think I'm around your level now, so this should be a good fight!" Still unaware of the events that were about to unfold.

    "Heh." X, now trying to wake himself up completely, had taken out a cough drop to take. To him Rax was just another yapping kid trying shooting to far than they were able to. He noticed the cinnabar flames that were trickling out from the small gaps in between Rax's chains, pondering to himself the wonders of the thing called fire. "Tell me, Rax, are you flames special? Will they be another bland sight I've seen before or will it be a passage of new information I can take in?" X proceeded to raise up his hands, twisting them in front of him and causing a strange distortion in the area. "We won't be needing an arena. This space is sufficient. Fights outside the arenas are common here so the entire Combaticon is reinforced with microscopic barriers to keep damage out."

    "Really?" Now given such information, Rax struts over to a tree amongst the greenery that was laid about the walkways of the open air areas of the nearby S-45 Coliseum. Putting his hand to his pocket Lime slithered out and around his hand. "Go hide inside a hole in this tree or under a rock. This could get dangerous, girl."

    Seeing the snake slither up and into the branches of the tree not far from him X had taken a slight interest in the snake itself. Never before had he seen such a species, and though such a being of this realm was not much to his main goals, it was something he'd keep in the back of his mind to look into later. "Alright kid, hurry this up. I wanna try to catch some fights on my day off to watch. The nostalgia is quite delightful to a fraction."

    As soon as Lime was safe upon the branches of the tree Rax bolted towards X, his fist burning up with his power. With his standard attack (Biting Flames), one that was able to take out an Anchor Tailed Scorpid in a single shot, he drove it forward to strike X. Without even moving, the more senior fighter stood without any form of concern. Making contact with his punch all the trickled out flames rushed forward for a bombardment of fiery explosive strikes. Creating a mild dust cloud Rax smirked at the chance to make first hit int he fight, finding some news to his dismay as the cover cleared. X kept in place without budging a single inch. Not even his clothes had been damaged from the attack.

    "I'd advise you to use some of your higher level attacks to start out with if you even want to fight back." Giving Rax a bit of a lecture even during their fight, X was easily seen at that moment as a force to be reckoned with.

    [Back amongst the rest of the teams of Immortal Rune and Victory Sheen]

    Victoria and Co were making chase to reach where Rax and X supposedly were. It would take several minutes for them to arrive via one of the trams that were set up about the Combaticon.

    "What's this X guy like anyway?" Bondor questioned all three of the older fighters amongst them, wanting an answer from any of the three.

    Out of the three of them it was Shrew, the seemlingly leader of the Victory Sheen team, took the position of going into what he could divulge at the time about their lost comrade.
    "X was... Always different. He's what people call an oddity. He was born with his Essence, something extremely rare in any realm for a human."

    "Born with his essence?!" Sloth, flummoxed at the idea of someone being born with an Essence that was anything other than Blank, blurted out his words to figure out what exactly was up with such a statement. "I've never heard of that."

    Shrew, seemlingly more dumbfounded by the immediate repeat back of what he said went again with confirming about it "Didn't I just say it was extraordinarily rare? Yes. We never really knew what his Essence was really. It was like... A massive depth of colorful energies from somewhere strange. It's hard to explain really. X was the founder of this team, but never really fit the leader roll between the four of us. It was something that always upset him. What really did it for him was when he discovered something before he was going to try and get together with Victoria." Pausing for a moment Shrew shifted his gaze towards Victoria "He found out her and I had been... together."

    Sloth, hearing the word of Shrew and Victoria's past times of intimacy, had only one thing to say "Steamy."

    Bondor took a moment of silence before giving a big smile and thumbs up to Shrew, commenting on the information

    "What? I don't get it? Where'd they go?" Ossa, the one who was always the most vulgar and most street raised of the five, had no idea what had happened, not knowing she was completely out of the loop

    "Don't worry, Sheila. You'll get it at some point." Lamp, snickering at the fact Ossa had no idea of what Shrew meant did his best to stop her from asking any in depth questions

    Shrew shortly went back to going over the rest of the matter "Anyway... X left shortly after. It was just him going off to cool down at first. He usually isn't gone for more than a couple days whenever he got upset. Even with something like that he shouldn't have been gone more than a couple weeks." A sign of distress painted itself across Shrew's face "But it's been just over six years since this happened. Something happened to him while he was gone, I know it. The only issue is how messed up he might've gotten in that gap of time."

    [Back to Rax and X's fight outside Coliseum S-45]

    "Growling Fire!" Given his second attack Rax brought his left hand in to follow through right after his last attack. Unlike his Biting Flames technique, one that was one that had the explosive power all within a much smaller point, his Growling Fire attack spread it out more in an effort to see if there were any weak points in X's stance.

    The issue wasn't whether or not X had any weak points, it's more like Rax just wasn't able to breach any at his level. Doing his utmost not to falter Rax brought both his fists into X's sides in a sandwich style assault. With the explosive fire punches coming from both sides Rax hoped for a change in the current situation.
    "Collision Fires!"

    The colliding attacks struck right into X, but alas, did nothing.

    X, now more bored with the fight between the two, had come to a single conclusion. "You're not strong enough to even budge me. How about I... Show you the difference between you and I." X stood in place, his power surging "Witness my Essence, Infinite Cosmos."

    In the same manner as before X swirled her arms in front of himself, something that caused Rax to leap back purely out of instinct. Around them the color of the area changed entirely. It was now splattered with multiple strange colors and layouts of swirling masses all within a blue tinted light.

    "What the hell? Are we somewhere else right now?" Trying to figure out what just occurred between the fight of the two, or if they were even in the same place as before.

    Without any form of delay X brought out an attack to unleash on Rax with, not minding whether or not he would live from it or not "Century Comet." As much as the name came to be a mass of energy formed up in what looked like a large distance from the strange coloring that had been scattered all about the area. Racing towards him a powerful blast whistled intensely, aiming right for Rax. There looked to be very little of a way to get out of the way of this attack, Rax being to startled by X's power to a degree that it was hard for him to react. Getting his strength back together in the near to late moment Rax was able to heavy roll to the side. Such a thing seemed like a relief at the time, but it wasn't a long lasting feeling. Just after he managed to dodge the first one another came his way. Doing his best to get out of the target path of this shot as well Rax managed to move once more. This kept going, the attacks getting closer and closer to hitting him and came from a different direction and place each time. They seemed endless, as if they weren't even from X's essence at all, but as if they were from somewhere else. It wasn't until the final shot of this one on one battle that Rax was able to relight the fire inside him to fight. The energy blast came down towards him, this one to surely hit, or at least it should have if it wasn't for an outside source.

    "Shifting Zone." Just as X's attack came in to strike Rax a strange force had pulled him backwards. Standing there was Sloth, now with his hand upwards so that he could see his own palm. It was thanks to him that Rax was even able to escape getting hit by X's attack and in a full one piece at the moment. "It looks like we're gonna need to two man this fight, Rax." Sloth stood in his normal fighting stance, firmly stood with his body angled like he was about to turn and walk away, ready to use his Essence to join Rax in the battle before them.

    "Ugh, whatever. I guess if it takes the two of us we can still take in the glory and split it or whatever." Though he was one to have a decent amount of self pride, Rax was intelligent and real enough to know when a situation has become to much for him that he can avoid or alter. Such a thing now was to team up with the person on the team he liked the least, but the one he also saw as his rival of the bunch. "Let's go!"

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 25: Surviving By A Flicker

    Now that Sloth pulled Rax's ass out of the fire it was clear that he owed him a favor. Taking that into account it was with the fact Sloth wanted to double team fight the favor would be used for such, making their partnership to combat X pretty much definite.

    Standing before them was someone far out of their league, likely even with the both of them teaming up to do so, was the current obstacle to face off with named X Terrestrial. With his Essence, Infinite Cosmos, X had created the entire area around him into a one man war zone. From the so far shown traits of it he possessed the ability to fire off attacks from any direction, powerful ones at that were formed of some unknown energy. All it took was this one attack to cause complete mayhem and disarray in a fight.

    "What this? Another kid wants to try and fight me huh? I bet I got a fan club now or something." Mocking the two of them at this point, X held a slight grin as he awaited for the two to come at him. From his guess it wasn't gonna take him any effort at all in this battle anyway.

    Sloth, though ready to fight for himself, was going to need to make sure of something prior to the tag team fight of the two members of Immortal Rune. "Rax, before we fight this guy I need you to do something for me."

    "And what's it I gotta do now?" Though Rax had usually treated Sloth as more of a douche that tags along more than an ally, he was fully aware of Sloth and his use amongst them. He both detested Sloth and respected him.

    "Trust me, you shit boy." Asking so simple and standard to his teammate, Sloth moved to assume his normal starting fighting stance, his body now angled at a forty five degree in contrast to X

    "Fine then, you dick tick." To him having only to trust Sloth was an easy task. Assuming it was going to be some form of real extra effort Rax was relieved at this point it was something that would require no additional work towards their fight.

    Impatience had began to swell and grow within X, not wanting to waste much time just standing around watching the two combatants before him squabble and have their talks "Quit having your buddy buddy moment and hurry up. I've got shit to do. In fact, you know what? Century Comet." X

    Like before from his attack had caused a speckle of light that swelled up and shot towards them, looking like it was traveling from far off in a strangely colored sky. Rax with his Fire Pop attack by slamming his hands into the opposite direction he wanted to travel and Sloth with his Shifting Zone, an attack that could change the direction of gravity by just facing his left palm into the direction he so wanted, the two were able to swiftly dodge the first attack of many into this new round set for this two versus one face off. Just as before the energy masses came in one by one but kept increasing in speed and changing into multiple directions each blast to where there would be more in the open than the starting singular attack. It was taking a lot out of the two just to keep themselves out of the line of fire and safe. It did come on the other hand that Sloth's style of moving about the battlefield was far superior to Rax's. All it took was a slight change of the way the palm of his hand was facing to go somewhere new. For Rax it took full force slap downs into the polar opposite direction of his intended way. Though his main means of quick movement in fights had been with his chains here there was not much he'd be able to land, and even with that, all of his movements would be easily predictable.

    Landing and moving about again, Rax decided to pull out a new skill he developed for situations like these, ones with rapid fire attacks or large quantities of enemies. "How about I show you a new trick of mine? Let's go!" Though far more difficult in comparison to his arms, Rax had aimed to layer his lower half in his burning red fire. Due to the fact it took more effort to do so entirely, he had just picked out the most important areas. By applying his Fire Pop technique to the soles of his feet alone Rax gained the ability to move about with explosive force. Thanks to this new move not only have stronger movements in terms of distance, speed, and quick responses, but also regained the chance to use his fists plus this at the same time. Proving it of such Rax was able to quickly move around and about the falling shots of strange energy X had given to attack them with " Foot Fire Pop! Be happy you get to see this new skill made through rigor-"

    Cutting Rax off entirely, Sloth had prepared something similar to what his teammate had so full of pride revealed to the fight. It was in his natural to want to outdo the competition, even when that person is his friend, just for the smirks and looking tip top for the ladies "Zero Zone: Singular" With his normal fighting stance, body angled at a forty five degree, Sloth extended his arm all the way out with his palm upward, such as when he fought Baldy back at the Spinal Spire in Marrow. Just then he came back with his hand, slamming it into his chest. It was with this that Sloth had began to hover off the ground, now taking on what looked to be flight. What he'd really done was use his Zero Zone technique and apply it entirely to himself, making him exist as if gravity had no effect on him, so yes, essentially flight.

    Pissed off now that he saw Sloth could essentially fly, Rax went off in a roar of frustration "What the hell? You had to immediately bust out a new move right after me, Sloth? Even his move's name is better..."

    Amused at the sight that Rax was so upset from Sloth's well time trolling, he went on to follow up Mock Rax as such "What's that Rax? I couldn't hear you over the sound of me one upping you AND making you look like a chump."

    Halting the attacks momentarily, X began his time to curiosity and remembrance of his more clear days compared to these two "You two are still at the point where busting out a new move or two means you can turn a hopeless battle around? I remember those times, they were wonderful. I wonder how far you two are in your journies anyway. " X just closed his eyes for a second, colors and energies generated from the strange aura like layout he had set the battlefield up as went into his mind, X then reopening them and coming back with more to say "The Red Hero and Gravity's Existence? Sounds befitting for younglings such as yourself." The nostalgia had taken hold of him for a moment, the feeling of more... cheerful days now dead to him "I used to be called Asteroid X back when I was fighting in the arenas. Getting that title was such a joyful day... I wonder if those will ever come back after I get to the knowledge beyond."

    Not letting X go on any further the two had decided to go on the complete and total offensive. Sloth went in off the second, going forth with a strategy he had planned. Though Rax hadn't moved X at all Sloth figured out a way he would be able to. Flying in with his fists ready Sloth shot one forward. First with a left handed uppercut, then followed with a downward arched punch from his right punch Sloth unleashed what he considered to be amongst his strongest techniques, one much higher than the one he used to kill Baldy "Gravity Criss Cross!" X at first wasn't phased by the attack at all. It took a second before the force came into fruition. Lifting him off the ground as if Gravity had forsaken him, X had shot back and upwards in the same arc shaped as his uppercut, then to have a sharp turn down in the same arc as his downward punch. The quick movements had kept slamming X upon the ground then back into the air. It was thanks to his control of Gravity that he was able to break through the defenses and foot holds of others so easily, it was the perk of having gravity based abilities from what Sloth thought. "Rax now! Yeilding Zone!"

    Having already been up into the air thanks to his new explosive foot movement Rax had been awaiting ahead of where X was going to be. Thanks to Sloth's ability the strength of the gravity around him was increased significantly, something that forced him to fall down far harder at this point. By loosening the chains on his right armed shoulder the flames had began to spray out of the crevices like enraged bees out of their hive. Cocking his fist back Rax rocketed himself down towards X, ready to do some damage "Ravenous Flames! Red Ruin Meteor!" With the same grand finisher he used against Crag, Rax shot right down to X, driving his fist right into X's gut and slamming him into the ground, a shock wave surging about to three nearby arenas.

    Having kicked up another dust cover cloud, Rax had taken his chance to leap back to where Sloth was after learning his lesson from last time if he kept in to carelessly with an enemy in the vicinity. As it cleared they could see it! X was down on the ground! "We did it! Silver as fuck, right Sloth?" Rax cheered up happily, raising his fist in the air, one that was shaking a bit from the strain of his last attack

    Not believing what he was seeing, but X was surely on the ground, not moving at all. "I guess so, Rax. Do we win anything? Any hot chicks see that?" Similar to Rax, Sloth's body was a bit shaky from the amount of pressure put on them and had to deal with a bit of heavy breathing from overexertion

    What would bring a heavy gasp of shock would be X, a sigh leaving his mouth as he laid on the ground scratching his head. To his disappointment X had found both the two fighters not worth anymore of his time, neither seemed to possess what he was looking for. "Interstellar Swell." Colorful energies swirled about around the two young fighters, a ring of it around fifty feet across. It spun fast until its movement wasn't even noticeable, it just looked like a blur of energy. Closing it on itself it went inward at a speed to much for Rax and Sloth to move about from. From when they thought it was the end for them a small flicker of light appeared between Rax and Sloth, something that didn't seem to be part of X's ability. The attack collided in on itself, creating a sharp VMMMMM sound. Once everything cleared up there existed nothing where Rax and Sloth were that would show to be human. Lime popped her head out of the tree she was in in worry, looking to see the people standing off behind where Rax and Sloth were, about eighty feet from it or so "You three... Is everyone just gonna show up last second to save the ass of whoever I fight or what?"

    It seemed X had paid no mind to Ossa and Bondor, but entirely on focus of Victoria, Shrew, and Lamp. Lamp, the one who wasn't much for talking much, decided to take the first initiative in the situation around them "Sorry, Mate. Looks like you're not gonna get to pick on these kids anymore today. Some old blokes of your who might give you a real bout are here to play."

    Trying her best not to show any sign of hindering emotions, Victoria wanted to get at minimum of one question from their once lost friend "X, have you at least been doing well?"

    "So, now that we're all together again, how about telling us where the hell you've been for the past chunk of years?" Without much decorum Shrew cut right to thing he wanted to know.

    X, who had throughout the fights of him verses Rax then Rax and Sloth had not really shown any signs of emotions. Though now a scowl formed, one that pierced directly into the emotional hearts of his former friends "Like I'd listen to the likes of such a small and meanless life form as you, Shrew."

    Not sure how to take the comment in any other way as a pleading for an ass kicking, Shrew decided there was one conclusion for the situation "Fine. After we whip the shit out of you like the last time you and I fought you'll tell me everything, sounds fair?"

    Amused at this point from Shrew, taking in a flow of nostalgia, only to be disgusted by the past and wanting to get to the future, X went up on such an offer "I've far different than I was before, Shrew. I've seen into the expanse of the unlearned. I've seen how insignificant we all are. I guess I'll show you at least how much more I'm to this realm of existence and all things than you are. Just like the old days. The Mountain Colassal, Asteroid X, Fourth State, and Quiet Shine. Maybe after today there will be one less of those former four?"

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 26: When Old Friends Fight

    Set in front of each other was the sides of X Terrestrial against that of Shrew Heisenberg and Lamp Illumine. Victoria didn't seem to want to take part in the fight between the butting heads of males that she had been friends with for years. Trying to get out the information of where X had been for the past six years, something that had been a big mystery in the room between them.

    No other words were said between the lot for a few moments before X repeated an action he had preformed shortly before hand before his bout with Rax and Sloth's tag team duo fight. With his eyes closed and the energies above him giving off a weird wavering look to them X was able to come back to them with something he found interesting.

    With his sudden angry demeanor gone and back to his calm and more intellectual tone to himself, X informed his two combatants on something he thought to be worth their time
    "Looks like a Gladiatorial Ground is open nearby. So looks like we might as well put it to good use, shall we?"

    "Sounds fucking fantastic, X." Shrew, his serious scowl painted onto his face as he stared down X, ready to go.

    Out of the types of arenas, pits, coliseums, and so forth that the Combaticon held within its borders, a Gladiatorial Ground held its own unique standing point. Unlike the normal coliseums where people are set up at random to fight people amongst their own rank level, the Gladiatorial Grounds were ones requested between two or more people to fight with agreements on the line. The issue as well as to this type of fighting arena... is that the act of mercy is completely dependent on the winner. If he or she chooses so then they can take the life of the loser.

    Just as thought as, the Gladiatorial Grounds were constructed of carved sandstone, multiple pillars set out about the area of the fighting zone that set itself about a mile apart. Walking into the arena and now facing off from each other by about thirty feet were the three about to face off; X against Shrew and Lamp. Up in the commentary staging was the designated announcer for this arena, a man named Yill, a plump man in a thick Eskimo type fur coating,even in the time at hand of the boiling sun above them.

    Blabbing loudly into the microphone set up before him, Yill announced the match that was about to take place "Ladies! Gentlemen! And anything otherwise I'm pleased to present to you a treat today unlike any that's taken place within the Combaticon in years! Not only is this a fight between former team members, but also ones that have taken a long time proclaimed retirement of the Combaticon Arenas themselves!" Even without the cheers of the people starting yet the tension of them was immense, the potential uproar of chants and yells that was to ensue "Having made it into the rank of the Silver Stars just over half a decade ago we have the clash of three of the four members of the team Victory Sheen! Here we have it people! Start whenever you're ready, fighters!"

    A heavy silence fell on about the area. Every single viewer in the group, around five hundred thousand of them, had been unified in the quiet wait for the first movement to go down. Each of the three had dead stare scowls going on, as if they had been looking right into the face of death and were ready to give it all they had to combat it! Though it was like this for a moment it was altered in a moment when Lamp, the more quiet and relaxed person who always looked like he just wanted to chill and listen to music, spoke out in his normal care free manner, his accent being like that of what would be like that of the Australians.

    "We might as well skip the preliminary bashes and get raiight to the serious stuff, getcha mate?" Lamp just rubbed his forehead, smiling happily as he got ready to fight, wanting to go directly to more real fighting they knew they were capable of instead of where most fighters test the strength of their opponents for a while

    From what looked like a long time habit between the group, X showed a swift sign of annoyance at the lack of severity "You've been rather talkative today, eh, Lamp?"

    "Got a lot of words compiled up over the years. We're adults now, not no wallabies no more." Sparing no time for an appropriate pause between them, Lamp went right back with giving a reason for his words

    Shrew on the other hand was not ready to break down with any form of silliness but wanted just to get things going. "Stop with the bullshit. I want this done quick, I don't plan on losing any sleep tonight because of you, X."

    Not speaking yet agreeing fully on the decision to start at a more serious point of their abilities. Hovering up into the air X crossed his arms over his body and swirled them around into a circle. With this X formed what looked like a metallic hoop, razor sharp, and colored to shift from a light green, to pink, to yellow, to blue, to purple all within small angular differences to the light. It was like a chakram, but far over sized. With a diameter of about seven feet he spun it with what looked like to be a form of telepathic psychic link to it, rotating it without even making any actual physical contact to it.

    "He can fly?!" Rax seemed rather intrigued at the fact X was floating up into the air, something he never did in their fight at any time

    Slightly flummoxed at the existence of the strange tool that X had conjured up, Ossa just pondered over the item "What's that weird ring thing?"

    Yill, all worked up and sweaty to the point it was like he was about to suffer from heat exhaustion, he shouted out what had just happened "Oooooooh!" "It's X's famous Essence Weapon! The Axis Disc! Looks like we might get to see how he earned the title Asteroid X early on in this fight!"

    Essence weapons were as they sounded. Such as Bondor's Omega Bolt or X's Axis Disc, they were different items that held unique aspects each to an Essence user that they can manifest. They were not entirely focused and traditional weapons, as seen with the massive chakram like piece that X held. They themselves are also a rarity and aren't dependent on any way to a person's strength. There exists no correlation between Essence Weapon wielders that relate them to each other or carry any form of similarities, it was merely a mystery at the time.

    "Here we go, old friends." X kept the ring in front of him as he readied himself back. Putting his hand up to his face, squinting, and putting his fingers close together as if he were about to pinch something right in front of his eye, he made sure to proclaim something he thought that needed to be said "How about I show you how small and insignificant you two really are in this realm?!" The chakram like weapon, the one called Axis Disc, just continued to rotate slowly for a moment, untouched and unused. In a break neck moment X angled the ring downward towards Shrew and Lamp, then had dashed about two feet and into the center of his weapon, slipping right through the opening of it. Only, he didn't just come out the other side. He was propelled through it, like a bullet out of a gun. Smashing into the ground with a heavy force, X's Essence (Infinite Cosmos) had covered the area as it did in the fight he had earlier that day. The mass array of stellar colors splattered through the area around them in their presence of uxexplainable beauty. The impact he made had also caused a sonic boom of color color, one that kept changing their metallic and elastic sheens to them as it continued on about the area.

    X, standing up from his heavy dive into the ground, stood unharmed and ready to go, his Axis Disc dispersing and reappearing down beside him. "I hope that was a good start, eh guys?"

    Having both dodged the attack Lamp and Shrew had moved both out a bit keep a decent distance between them and X for a moment. Though they knew of his Essence more than anyone else in all the realms, they knew his ability was full of surprises. Though from this hasty distance they set up between them, they both had activated their Essences.

    Lamp was scratching the slight amount of stubble that had formed on his chin throughout the day. With this his hand up he entirely brightened up and illuminated the area of his face. It was like his skin seemed to, and actually was, emitting its own level of light. This was due to his Essence, Lax Light.

    "So is that why he's called Lamp, Victoria?" Bondor pretty much assumed at this point that was where the name of the chill man came from

    Victoria didn't have to give any form of thought to the matter, always assuming the same thing about him "Pretty much."

    "I can see Lamp's Essence appears to have something to do with light manipulation... But what the hell is Shrew's power?" Not really sure what was going on with him, Sloth questioned the nature of Shrew's Essence

    Victoria guessed someone would ask this question, having the answer ready at hand "Well, you know there's three states of matter?"

    "Solid, liquid, and gas. Yeah, most people know 'em." Sloth gave a pretty standard bit of feedback

    Shrew hand his left hand inside of his pocket, his expression of distaste still a full go, meanwhile Lamp had a grimace of calmness. All the way from his forearm to his fingertips and outward another two feet Shrew had been clad in a light blue to white matter, something that most who looked towards it didn't really understand at first.

    Victoria went on to finish what she was saying, looking right at Shrew's arm
    "Shrew's the only person known to have been able to gain an Essence with the fourth state of matter, Plasma. He can completely create and control it with his Essence Plasmaster!"

    With their abilities out and ready to go wild, the three fighters charged in on their set targets, Shrew and Lamp wanting Answers and X wanting blood.

    "This shit is getting good, right announcer guy?" Up next to the arena announcing (the Eskimo like man named Yill) sat as if he worked there with him, was Manticore.

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 27: Decisions Of A Curious Lion

    Confused at the situation in general but wanting to get back to his job of the match, Yill just went along with the fact Manticore was sitting beside him, assuming he worked here and was an intern of something. Manticore was just leaning back in his chair and spectating on the fight, his hands folded behind his head and going between the golden yellow fur lining his color and his bushy hair of the same color, which you couldn't really tell apart and looked almost like a lion's mane. Aside from that he wore a name tag sticker that read his name on it, the M containing bird wings on the sides of it, the t being shaped like a scorpion tail, and the o looking like the face of a male lion.

    As of recent X had brought up his Essence Weapon, Axis Disc, something that drastically increased his speed in a straight line bolt towards whatever is in front of it to the speed and force of like that of an asteroid, all being drawn out from his Essence Infinite Cosmos. Shrew had wrapped his arm up in a vibrant light blue blade of plasma, the fourth state of matter via his Essence Plasmaster, something that can cut through steel without issue, ready to slice up X into submission. Lastly Lamp had light sort of emit from his skin, like he himself was a light bulb (Which is pretty much the case) all coming from his Essence Lax Light.

    From a current stand point in their fight X had rapidly angled his Axis Disc facing towards Shrew, but slightly off by a few degrees, diving through it and towards the blue bladed combatant. Shrew, having already prepared himself, held his arm at the ready to cut down all lines of X's assault and defense. Once had made it about two thirds of the way to his target came in Shrew noticed something, the angle at which X was coming in to end up zooming past and beside, throwing Shrew off guard and causing him to go for a defensive block rather than a chance to attack.

    Having gone behind Shrew, X had stopped and reformed his weapon behind him. Turning quick around to defend against whatever X was about to do, Shrew widened the his plasma blade and broadened his stance to guard. Through their many fights over their early times in the Combaticon and their own group squabbles, the three of them had a strong understanding of the fighting styles of each other, as well as their Essences themselves. X's was a mystery of origin, but the way he used it was well known to them. X had used ranged style of using his energy attacks for the most part and some close quarters combat typed ones.

    Extending his hand outwards with his index finger pointing out straight from it X spoke the name of his most standard attack. "Century Comet."

    Shrew knew this attack well. It was a slightly delayed mass of unknown energy that can be fired from any direction of the area that X's Essence covers with its strange mass of various colors. The weakness to it was that it had to come from a fifteen meter minimum distance, something Shrew was ready to cut down or dodge, whichever result came would be fastest. Once it hit the delay timer though there was nothing in sight from what Shrew could see around him, but then something came to mind

    Figuring out what X was doing, Shrew burst out in an attempt to warn his teammate "It's not at me? Lamp!"

    Just as he thought the attack had been racing towards Lamp in a flash. Whilst keeping himself completely composed in his carefree attitude and expression and not even turning around to face the attack, Lamp raised his right hand up, his fingers squished together like a cone but with a small hole in between them. Out from his hand he sent out in like a staff of light an attack he worded as Shine Pole. The attack went right through the mass of energy as if it were a pillar being shot into a cloud. Immediately following this he spread his fingers to make a completely flat faced hand, his fingers spread and straight. Due to this action the light followed his fingers, which spread the energy mass of X's attack up and causing it to just hit multiple small places. The pelleting bits of X's attack struck into Lamp's back, only with their power now it was like he was getting a relaxing massage, something that caused him to close his eyes from the comfort and bring his hand forward, waving at X, this being done thanks to his attack Shine Gesture.

    Rax and Sloth just watched in a way an amateur watches their teacher demonstrate something. Lamp had known exactly how to deal with the attack that the two of them were dodging for the sake of their lives and the slacker of a guy did so quiet easily. Lamp just trailed up with his actions with something to say "The a change in the light spectrum and you think I wouldn't notice, mate? Don't tell me you've lowered your expectations of me, I'm not some mozzie and you're no dingo."

    "What about another then?" What X had done was all going with what he had planned. His Essence had taken up its max range for this battle of about three hundred and fifty feet. With his Essence and energy he coated the a dozen pillars around and pulled them all in towards Shrew, forming a blockade dome around him that rotated at a high speed to prevent escape "Satellite Wall."

    "Gluon Estoc!" Cuts etched across all of the pillars in the hundreds within a second after Shrew called out the name of his attack. As soon as the cutting stopped the pillars split into fractions of their former selves due to the areas they were cut but then vaporized by the heat from the blade. Shrew stood in the same spot as before, but now the shape of his plasma blade had changed. Before it was just a plain blade that had no real design to it. Now his hand was clasped shut aside from his middle and ring finger, which were fully extended out. The plasma went up his hand only now like a glove whilst running along his fingers and up about five feet, forming a thin new blade, just like the sword it was named after called an Estoc "That's not gonna work either, X. How about you get off your dellusional high top throne and remember you were the weakest amongst the three of us when you left."

    "Heh, more like you're forgetting something, Shrew." X knew a taunt when he saw one, but that didn't make it wrong.

    Thinking he hit a weak point Shrew replied to X's little statement "And what's that?"

    Going right for right up for the verbal kill X revealed what he had wanted them to now see "I was, and still am, the smartest of us three though." Having had first set up a fake with his Axis Disc when he shot towards Shrew, to a attack directed behind Lamp when they thought it'd be at Shrew, to enclosing Shrew in a blockade, X had been setting up something. Though it had been forming out, X wanted to make sure the attack he planned was at a point they couldn't dodge. Even though it was day time just above the arena had been a layer of energy that had grown to the width of the entire fighting portion of the Gladiatorial Grounds they were in, a mile wide, and had resembled like that of the clear night sky.

    Lamp gazed up in worry at the sight of the mass of energy above him the mass of energy that had formed to strike "A three set up distraction and something that huge?! He's as cut as a mad snake. Here comes the fair dinkum one, Shrew!"

    Though the attack he attack carried the same potency at all times, X's soon to use technique started out only about forty feet in diameter and spread out in such over the course of time. With his arms across his chest and his Axis Disc behind him, X launched off one of his strongest moves. "Astral zenitH!"

    Dropping down onto them as if it just expanded itself downwards, the attack sent powerful shock waves that made their way dozens of arenas wide, even knocking down and out some nearby fights in their own respective match arenas. All of this happened with a strange sound accompanying the attack like VVVZVVZVVVVVV like something otherworldly.

    Exploding with excitement Yill went in to do his job as a commentator when Manticore went right in before him and covered it "Ohohoho! What a run of events, right Yill?" Trying to at least respond and go off of what Manticore said Yill went to try and say something again but was beaten to it once again by Manticore's words. "First off we had X use his weapon, something that when going through it I've read increases his speed by ten times over in a burst straight line! That's gotta be multiple hundred mach speeds or so, right? Great! Then a fake attack towards Shrew, a behind the back shot by X at Lamp, a casual and cool Lamp turning the attack into a way of his liking and harmless, to a final distraction as if he was gonna lock out Shrew from this fight! Now X fired off his Astral zenitH! And from what I've read in his profile in the Combaticon data library, is his third strongest attack, something that has a history where before it's completely blasted an entire mountain into dust! What's next?!" Manticore growling about in a happy manner, acting as if he did this daily.

    Yill, finally getting a time to commentate on the match, tried his best to think up what could come next in the match. "Uhhh, well, from what I know X was the weakest of the three of them, as Shrew said. With the two of them combined there's now way X can win from what I can guess."

    "Hmmm, you're right and wrong, Yill." Manticore paused for a moment after hearing what Yill said. "X may have been the strongest before..." Having another pause he say the field clear to where he could at least see X, standing confidently still in the air with his arms crossed and his Axis Disc behind him, X looked down to see what had become of his former friends. Continuing off of his momentarily quiet state Manticore went onward with what he was saying "But as he is now, I can feel the fact X is stronger than the other two as individuals, that's the wrong part at least. Where you're right is in the other two. They're gonna win at this rate."

    Not sure how that was the case it took what was about to happen for Yill to believe what Manticore said.The attack had the potential to take them both to a near critical state if it wasn't for their own ways to defend and parry the move. Lamp now in sight was coated in a cacoon of light had absorbed a good deal of the blast, what he calls Shine Blanket. On the other hand Shrew had changed his sword shape once more. It went from his Gluon Estoc technique to one named NuFu Cinqueda. It was done by changing the shape of his hand to where it was the normal open and flat palm, but had split at the middle into a V shape and forming like the wide short sword it was named from. The grounds fully cleared to have see that Lamp and Shrew, though damaged a bit with some torn clothes, scuff marks, and some bleeding, the two of them were still rarin' to go, standing just as strong and confident as before.

    As soon as everything cleared the two of them began an all in counter attack. Lamp started this by illuminating the entire area in a blinding light "Shine Strong!" He shouted as he caused X to close his eyes

    Shrew went right in form the opening, keeping his current right handed finger placements but putting his left hand above it as if it gripped onto something. This caused his plasma blade to slightly narrow and then extend far out to form a rather long and powerful striking new shape "NuFu Zweihander!"

    Shrew's attack came right down onto X after leaping up into the air. Having been blinded for a moment X had to make a quick block, turning in and forming his Axis Disc in front of him to guard against Shrew's plasma strike with his otherworldly metal ring. Having thought he'd do this, Shrew swung slightly sword, not hitting the ring but just a bit away from it. This caused the force of the strike to go right through the ring, speeding up and strengthening the power of said force alone and going right into X's gut and shooting him directly into the floor. What Manticore had been saying was that though they by their singular selves are weaker than X but together with their level of synchronization with each other and their fighting styles had become stronger than what the deserter was capable of. This being said X still stood up from the attack, spitting out a bit of blood and readying himself for a counter attack.

    Manticore, taking a moment to figure out a bit about the fight had questioned Yill, cleaning his black and gold coat as he did so like a cat in terms of cleanliness "So what are these three fighting over anyway?"

    "I'm not to sure, but from what I hear it's some personal stuff about where X has been for the last six years. Sounds pretty interesting?" Yill went on to say as he tried to make clear what exactly Manticore was up to, not sure of his initial ideas of him

    Just as his other actions presented him, Manticore was as curious as a cat for these kinds of things like a person's defining back story when available. Standing up and getting onto the desk Manticore had his time to say bye to Yill before going in
    "I want to know that way more than this fight, seeing as I already know how it's gonna go anyways! The duo wins, so let's get the info!" Announcing to everyone Manticore had brought a level of confusion and uncertainty amongst the crowds, who weren't sure to believe what he had to say about the two winning for sure.

    "What?! We aren't done here!" Shrew shrieked in rage as he heard the winners decided before he got to beat some sense into X the old fashioned way

    Lamp didn't really care, it just meant less effort on his part. Meanwhile X had more of a knowledge need on what makes Manticore say this more than the fact the man decided he lost.
    "Just keep fighting. It'll be over when either myself or the two of you are bloodier and unconscious."

    "Not listening, eh? Guess I'll just go down there myself." Ready to move forward Manticore waved by to Yill

    Wait, Manticore I guess, you don't think you're going down through here? There's only two ways in, and that's the ways the fighters got through at the ground level. The rest is protected by barriers. Sure the shockwaves got out, but no real damage tot he people themselves. It would take an attack 100 times stronger than X's Astral zenitH to even crack through, Gold Star ranked people and up." Yill tried to explain the issue to Manticore before he ran face first into a barrier.

    "So it can hold low gold star ranked people and below huh?" Manticore put his hand over, activating the barrier which pulsed with a slight tan tint to display its presence. Manticore put his pointer finger up to it and tapped it once, shattering the entire barrier into pieces. "You think this little thing can keep a big tough lion out? Learn who the hell you're talking to." Manticore, with a smug smile on his face took off his name tag and slapped it onto the table where Yill could see, then leaping down to the center of the gap between the two fighters.

    Yill looked at the name tag, completely astonished to his very core that Manticore so easily broke it, then went to rereading the thing.
    "Lion? Manticore? Wait... Y-ou... You're Manticore the Scourge Lion, one of the members of the Order of the Shroud! A high level Mercenary!"

    Landing onto his chosen spot, everyone around aside from the Immortal Rune Team, at the information of who he was and his status/organization with the Order of the Shroud screams and panic boomed throughout the area, people running away and out of the grounds. The only ones to stay were the three fighters, Yill, and Immortal Rune's members.

    Though not sure why there was such a powerful person before them, X was able to come to a conclusion. Though he believed himself capable of defeating the two he was in the grounds to battle, if someone of Manticore's caliber believed he wasn't able to take both of them on at once he was sure that must be the acase. X himself was very intelligent and could realize someone when it was obviously presented to him, he was more just pleased and content with the fact Manticore said he was stronger than each one by themselves.

    [Back in Victory Sheen's Personal Lounge]

    X had been ready to give the information they seek, always being a fair man of his word. Everyone who was there before, now including Manticore, was sitting about the room, waiting for X to start. Coughing momentarily to clear his throat, X began the story of what had happen to him in the last six years of his absence.

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 28: Betwixt Unknown

    [Six Years Earlier]

    Just outside and in between the Combaticon and Kettle Hill, a young man had set off to a small cross roads town called Shillings, one known for having folks around for jobs to do directly at fighters who left the Combaticon (Usually from defeat.) X had lost his chance at his first love, Victoria Nisean to one of his teammates, and had gone out to drink his troubles away. Sitting quietly in a tarvern's booth he chugged down his sixth pint of ale, sulking and groaning to himself as he tried to forget his sorrows. Passing by him and placing a flyer down onto the table a man being who was entirely cloaked aside from the sharp toothed grin X was able to catch when passing, not caring what the guy was doing but still a dunkingly curious of what the flyer was.


    X, who had been only planning to be out for a few days at most to get over his issues in his currently drunken state had decided to go for. Using his weapon, Axis Disc, X was able to transverse the distance of over ten thousand miles in just the span of a few hours to the morning with only a dozen or so stops to throw up, piss, or wander around for food in the wild. By the time he came to in the morning he was entirely sober, but strongly hung over. Though he was able to regain himself properly it came to him that he was not close to home but had used far to much energy getting here and if he tried to go back now it would take more than two weeks due a strange feeling of needing to throw up every time he thought of using his Essence Weapon. Trying to figure out if he even had his wallet but pulling out the flyer he was given and the reason he actually came down to this place, the "Intellectually advanced society of the higher kept" City State of Weal.

    As the slogan suggested, Weal was the most technologically advanced society in all of the known realms. Picking Everlast was their best bet as it was the safest and most peaceful. Fusing the Essences and advanced technology the society was truly the pinnacle of scientific excellence amongst the Enchantrum Realms. Being almost as big as Marrow but with half the population it was much easier to find out where he was going due to the level of origination and mapped layout of the place. Locating the office of the place where X had been searching for he knocked on the door to attempt to see if it was worth his time.

    [Three Months Later]

    To X's surprise he had taken immediately into the job. As the name suggested the research team had been studying the realms that mirror into the one they all lived in. There was the Prison dimension the Sulfur Lock, a place of endless clouds and where winged creatures soar freely in the Skypanse, the land of the sleeping The Dreather, where demons are born and roam the Nether Crevice, and more. The idea of discovering these things had gotten X's interests. He now had completely abandoned his previous look to be of that of an adventurer and donned a white lab coat and a clip board. What had really gotten him hooked on the job is the fact it was believed his Essence was linked to a realm that was yet to be discovered. Today was the day that they would try to tear into the dimension, to see what the realm that came to human knowledge thanks to X might be like.

    The machine they had been using was shaped like a closed eye, so that it can only be viewed through at this point for study. X had completely ignored all over distractions and sound, watching as they turned the machine on, some of his essence energy inside it to get to the correct location they had been trying so hard to break through to. It was when the eye opened they could see within it. A deep and endless horizon of color and light. X just looked on in amazement, staring deep into the realm with his purest of happiness.
    The head researched of the team, Sir Professor Doctor Dimesyl just scribbled down onto his clipboard, announcing what he was to feel about all of this, not realizing that something had been whispering the name of the realm into his mind "It's... absolutely magnificent... the pinnacle of my career even... I'll name is the Nebulus!"

    This realm... It had this pull like force towards X. He wanted to get closer, he was mesmerized, not realizing he was closing in towards him. Before anyone had realized it X had already activated his Essence, sending a blast of energy right into the glass of what made the machine just a window. With a high pitched shatter the window had gone from far beyond even a doorway, it was now a vacuum. Sucking in every member in the building and expanding out to get people in the nearby streets taking in other builings, it was almost like a black hole. It took the immediate actions of Weal's brightest minds to stitch up his rip in space between the realms, ending it as soon as it started.

    All of those who had been sucked into the Nebulus floated about aimlessly in the space, X looking upon them in the same state. The difference between him and them would shortly then be seen. Dozens of people, maybe even a hundred, all like a sugar cube in coffee, they started to devolve away into raw energy, now even the sounds of their screams could be heard in this airless and empty place. X on the other hand felt fine. Being inside this realm that felt like home to him X continued on floating for what felt like an eternity. Energies, knowledge, emotions. All these things and more flowed within and out of him. It was like he had been constantly torn down to the very most basic structural level then rebuilt from scratch around his single state of consciousness.

    This went on for what felt like eons, X learning all the mysteries of the universe, a sheer level of omniscience. Everything he could ever wonder was now answered. Such a level of bliss has blessed him for only what felt like an instant, waking up later on in some random field outside of Weal's borders. When he managed to find out the time and date of that moment it had been three years since the events inside the city ways. The events had been seen as just another experiment gone wrong, nothing to new to them with a kingdom with millions of inventors and scientists. All X was able to really find on the occurance was a word that drifted into the ears and minds of those just outside the affected as, the word being

    [Back To The Present with X, Manticore, Immortal Rune, and Victory Sheen]

    Finishing up his tale, X just sat upright in his chair, waiting for his chance to leave. Though strange and a bit over the top it seemed like something that didn't sound real, even in their wild realm. Even so X had no signs or dishonesty.

    "Sooooooo, omnipotence sounds fun?" Bondor, trying his best to break the ice and scatter the tension in the room

    Standing up and looking for his most opportune time to leave, X responded to Bondor with a look of longing in his eyes, what he spoke of was truly what he wanted
    "I can't recall any of it... Aside from the sheer level of majesty it felt like. The feeling of being one with all the vast expanse of knowledge and wanting to find things you know about yet our species have yet to discover."Putting his hand up to his face and crunching his fingers together as if he were to punch something, squinting his eye when looking through the gap X questioned them, all of those in the room, outside it, in the Combaticon, in Everlast, in the Enchantrum Realms, every realm parallel to it, and beyond. "You really don't realize how small and insignificant you all are, do you?

    Shew wasn't about to accept anything X had to say. He just wanted to hear where exactly he was, not ever planning on forgiving him at any time from it. "You threw aside your friends and your team just for that? Obviously that realm fucked your head up and left you a broken psychopath." And with that Shrew stormed out of the lounge, looking for anywhere else to be and pushing past a couple people who had been standing just outside of their lounge without questioning their presence.

    Victoria just sat quiet, not sure what to say, noticing Lamp was a bit shaken up by it all. Doing her best to try and fix the tear between the members of the former four person group and now just a duo team, Victoria went on to

    try and compromise with X "Why don't you guys just reform the team with the three of you and go and try to get you back to the all knowing thing together?"

    "To bad for those guys, but..." Having taken Victoria's comment suggestion seriously but not wanting to drive up her hopes, showing signs he still felt a shard for her, he decided to inform them of something interesting "I already formed a new team." Victoria, Lamp, and even Shrew out walking away in the halls all were surprised to a stand still at the fact of this. X just walked out into the hallway to meet up with six other individuals. "Allow me to introduce you to my new team. This is Evo Frostrend, Larcher Yildoon, Haiku Sonnet, Brillo Sanctio, Angus Dunreeb, and Mio Malara."

    Evo Frotrend, the first of them, looked like a man who had spent weeks in a frozen wasteland, as if his body was frozen yet still alive and moving, his icey white hair draping down on just the back side and on the left side. Garbing him was a sleeveless vest bleached white and a pair light blue jeans that looked like they'd been cut and torn apart yet kept together with frozen bits of ice. Similar to Rax, Evo wore no shoes, at least not something someone could call shoes. Frozen over his feet was a solid inch of ice, strong yet study for him. Along with this he had a small icicle spike coming out of his mouth like that of a tooth pick, glaring at the others outside his team.

    Next up was Larcher Yildoon. Wearing leather shoes and pants beneath a heavy poncho colored like that of a western desert, Yildoon had been a very kept to himself individual, wearing a cowboy hat to cover his face even.

    Haiku Sonnet had been a busty blond who wore clothing which originated from the Ji Dynasty (A Kingdom made up of pretty much various Asian cultures). There wasn't much to her as well aside from the fact she looked like the clothes she wore didn't belong on her at all. Though on her back she did carry some form of straw box that had to have some form of relevance to her being.

    More of a rough and prickly man of average height yet skinny like a near starving to death individual, Brillo looked like he was made out of the material he was named after. All he had on him was a pair of shorts that looked like they were made out of duct tape. His arms were more like tentacles more than anything really and his feet were more like stumps similar to an elephant's.

    A rather large fella as big as Bondor is in his uncontrollable state Angus Dunreeb. Packed together like a hippo he had a large under jaw with two respective tree stump teeth coming out from said jaw, but even larger arms the sizes of fully ground men when his legs looks normal had added a rather silly look to him. With only a single hair on his head that swayed about in the air. His clothing was... strange. It was entirely buttoned shirts all collaborated into one giant shirt plus a loin cloth.

    Lastly was Mio Malara, a rather beautiful girl with a... slight abnormality. Amongst Essence users there are those who are unable to control their powers to a degree or try to put their powers beyond what they can take, something that mutates their body to being more beast than human, a type of being which had been branded as Frights. This girl had been extremely reptilian. With light grey scales that ran all around her body, split eyes like a snake, and a forked tongue, she stared over at Rax, noting the level of heat coming from him and taking interest, playing with her long iron colored hair that streamed down to her butt. She wore what was pretty much a maid's outfit yet not talking at all as she was more nervous of her accent far more than her snake like features, not noticing how Ossa and Lime were annoyed at the girls hardened gazing.

    X would go on and say the last bit of words from any of the teams at the time "My new team... Betwixt Unknown. The ones that will help me reacquire omniscience."

    At this point there were no more words. Everyone just grew silent, not wanting anything else to become of this event. Each team went their separate ways for the evening, wishing to end this day as soon as possible with some well needed sleep.

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 29: So Many Walls

    Rax sat outside a stone star ranked coliseum as he had another time to be deep with his thoughts. Even with a nearby match going with the sounds of slashing fists, weapons, and the cheers of the crowd, he was entirely caught up with himself in a few things. After all the events recently since he started this wayward quest for adventure and the world he was so out of it he hadn't had anything to eat or drink since the morning before he tried to fight with X.

    Meanwhile Ossa had come up beside him, ready to strike him in the head as she saw he was extremely spaced out, but deciding to sit beside him and figure out what was pulling him so far into his own mind but with her scowl still on her face. "Hey, Rax, what's eating you up so damn bad? You've been over here all day."

    "Night and Void for one. Those two are like my first rivals. I gotta make sure I don't fall behind on them." Rax thought of the next person who came to mind but didn't say anything since his team didn't now who he was, that person being Brimstone, the very person who rattled his mind the most. "And now there's X, Shrew, and Lamp. I was so smug and over confident from those matches earlier. I realized that they must have seen me the same way I saw those matches I fought in the wood star ranked arenas." This moment of clarity was refreshing in all honesty. He stood up, holding up tall, Ossa looking up to him "Each of them are barricades to keep me away from my dream of becoming the strongest hero of all. You know the best wall to get past a hall of walls, Ossa?"

    "Climb over them?" Ossa, giving her guess on the question, waiting for Rax to answer, a look of cute curiosity overtaking her normally angry face

    Standing up and slamming his fists together and letting loose a spray of fiery wisps coming from the gaps between his chains. "Nope, to smash right through 'em!"

    Lime came slithering out of Rax's coat pocket and up onto his shoulder, entwining herself against some of the chains he had up his arm. The strange green snake had taken a strong dislike to Ossa and so far didn't trust her near him, likely due to her level of aggression and hostility. Noticing she was near the couple week old reptile got to a point as if she was protecting her kin, keeping her watch on Ossa even though Lime lacked eyes.

    Walking up to them had been the other three members of their team, Bondor, Sloth, and Victoria. After the long day's events and spectacles the five of them had been worn down. Alas, they still had money to earn in order to finance their first big quest. What they didn't know is that whatever Manticore had for them wasn't going to be their first wild ride of the world. What had caused their first big adventure was about to reveal itself to them in what felt like fate.

    "Are you ready for more matches tomorrow, Rax?" The busty muscle princess of their team, Victoria, came back in full of smiles she wanted to share with her friends

    Rax, now smiling a little bit thanks to Victoria's efforts, had thought heavily about something today. With complete honesty Rax responded shortly after he was asked "No, I'm quitting here for now."

    "That's... Surprising. You feeling okay, Rax?" He who was always positive, the electrical barbarian of their team Bondor, had noticed the irregularity of Rax's attitude "We still need the money though, Rax."

    "Yeah, not sure if I'm ready for the big pedistol of an arena fighter if I get so cocky beating up far weaker people than me. We can always go hunt and sell monsters I bet!" Punching himself in the head lightly Rax had been in a slight stasis of sadness, though short lived as it was interrupted due to the feeling the presence of someone he's seen before nearby. Turning around Rax say the quick silhouette of a robe up ontop of a balcony walkway on a higher up area of one of a nearby arena. It was stopped due to having had his vision blinded from a piece of paper that flew in and slapped onto his eyes. Complete calmness then folllowed up with extreme panic Rax started flailing his arms about "Enemy attack! Team, to me!"

    "Fucking moron." Uttered Sloth, peeling the piece of paper off of Rax's face and looking down at what turned out to be a flier, his eyes now as wide as possible and his jaw barely kept up. "This is it!"

    "What's it?" Pulling out a load of sour dough bread that Sloth had made the other day, Rax heated up the food in his hand, biting into it as he listened up to what Sloth discovered.

    Reading over his shoulder Victoria saw the head liner of the flier
    "The Great Scavenger Hunt of Everlast? I've never heard of that."

    "Says as it is. Some guy is hosting some form of scavenger hunt. Looks like we need to go to somewhere called Vess... Wait! I heard of Vess, it's one of the great kingdoms of Everlast like Marrow and Bilai, er, at least Bilai was one." Bondor seemed to have a good deal of knowledge on the matter

    "Ugh, The Republic of Vess. That place is full of rich stuffy assholes. Went there once and I never wanted to step foot in there again, but whatever." Ossa had been there before in her life but due to her street criminal personality and the majority of Vess' folk being very similar it was pretty much like a bull in a china shop. Grazing over the rest of the piece of paper Ossa realized the biggest aspect of the event "The first place reward is... is!"

    Sloth, managing to word himself out as he had been trying to do for a minute or so announced the reward that Ossa had mentioned "Fifty Million Flint!"

    "Fifty Million?! We'd be able to cruise wherever we're going in luxury and style." With a glitter of greed in her eye Ossa fantasized over the degree they could relax onto their way to wherever they were going, the idea of a soothing spa like period of time just before going into battles to break skulls and slice up enemies just made the grouchy nature of her drift away for a bit and make way for a much more pleasant Ossa, though only momentarily and all in her head, never actually exerted, surprisingly enough Victoria also shared a love for relaxation before battles.

    Bondor, though surprised by the amount of money they could earn, hadn't changed much on the matter. "I don't mind how we get there as long as it's fun and I'm with you guys. I'll lead us there with my map!"

    "Thanks breh." Nudging Bondor in the belly Rax acknowledged the only non-easily swayed by money. Knowing now there was only one choice of what to do Rax pointed up to the sky, Lime climbing his arm and up to his finger, looking like a tree ontop of a mountain. "Looks like I know where we're going then, guys!"

    [Meanwhile outside the Combaticon in the town of Shillings]

    The members of Betwixt Unknown had all been hanging about a small bar, only X knowing it was the one where he'd originally gotten the flier that lead him to Weal. Having their fair share of drinks, laughs, and fun the group had spent the ladder of their night afterwards trying to deal with something; the slight sadness of their leader, X Terrestrial. Though he usually kept himself well composed like a robot who only thought of obtaining more knowledge, he always had a slight hint of standard human emotions lingering, something that only displayed a soft level of depression at the moment.

    "You did great against those two today, X." Haiku declared to her leader, moving herself close to him, chest first, trying to cheer him up as she made another attempt to court him

    X, not caring at the advancements of his teammate, more over grunted, not being entirely satisfied at the results. "I would've lost though."

    "Yeah, but didn't that lion dude say you were stronger than either of them by themselves? That's at least something." With his cold and crystal clear intentions and composure, Evo had joined in as well to try and help their boss feel better. Something that wasn't noticed about him by Rax and crew was what looked like a white wolf tail on Evo's left hip from his belt that hung three fourths of the way down his leg.

    X, realizing they were trying to help raise his spirits played along with it. Though he was in fact happy he could beat either of them in one on one but still, a loss was a loss. "You're correct, I can at least acknowledge this."

    "It's a shame I didn't get to see you fight that kid with the chain weapons and the gravity guy! Bet it was hilarious when they realized they couldn't even hurt you." Brillo bursted out, his failure to notice the volume of his voice coming into play.

    Mio, the Fright girl of their group, had put her hands to her face as she recalled the one who caught her attention so strongly "That guy with the chain weapons and the star of hair on his forehead was named Rax, right?... He felt so warm, I just wanna wrap him up for hours."

    "You wanna constrict another man to death, Mio?" Haiku seemed to have a sickened and repulsed look on her face as she recalled the last time Mio swooned over a man, doing just as she said she'd do and wrapping him to death.

    Evo, who had always carried a thing for Fright women had constantly tried to make his way onto Mio's affectionate side but had never made an inch of progress "If she does, pick me this time."

    "No way! You're to cold, Evo! I hate being around you." Hating the cold intensely, Mio had never taken a single shred of liking to Evo purely off the fact he was pretty much the opposite to Rax in the matter that one emitted heat and the other was ice cold.

    Angus, thinking to say a word, but not knowing what to say just looked at X and clapped his massive hands, grippers that make people look like toys. "Gyah."

    Out of them the only one that said nothing was Larcher, keeping to himself as per usual

    Waiting for a moment, X had realized something earlier during the time he Astral Analyzed Rax and Sloth. Astral Analysis was a skill he had where he could enter a short unconscious state and absorb information around him from things like machines, books, and paintings, and even from the minds of people to a degree, the very same skill he used to learn Rax and Sloth's titles and where the nearest open Gladiatorial Grounds were. Speaking calmly but anxiously at the same instance he managed to bring up some info he gained "Those aren't weapons..That kid Rax has a big secret that I doubt he'd told his friends about."

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 30: The Great Scavenger Hunt of Everlast

    [Ten Days Later In a fielding estate at the edge of Vess]

    Having found an alternative method of obtaining the money they needed to fund their first big sought after adventure the team of Immortal Rune had made their way over to one of the only civilizations in all of Everlast that were nearly as large and powerful as Marrow. This was what was called The Great Scavenger Hunt of Everlast! with a grand prize of fifty million Flint (The currency of the realm). This was rooting in the Republic of Vess, a land filled with rich individuals and smug industry tycoons. There had been many strange cities inside Everlast. Places like Marrow, the Capital, which was ruled over by the strongest resident of Everlast the Skeletal Tyrant Algroth Talus, The city of Weal which focused on technological and Essence correlating inventions and it's rival the Tower of Gul, a Massive super structure that extends hundreds of miles into the air and known for it's alchemy and other various more supernatural based sciences, as well as Darda the place that starts most young shiny eyed kids ready to venture out into the world, the newly risen Ji Dynasty that held a culture from a land far away, the militarized kingdom of Fort Carbo who focuses on combat more than any other, The City Land of Treidu who lie beyond the Great divide and almost entirely cut off from the rest of Everlast, to the fallen city of Bilai who's remains cry out in echos amongst their once great society.

    Now within the correct area to get ready for this super hunt for stuff the team of Rax and his friends awaited the thing to start. The area they had settled at the moment had a good sight of the rest of the competition as it was up on a small hill about fifteen feet high. Hungry and lazy at the moment Rax and Sloth had convinced Victoria to go to a nearby bunching of food stands that the man funding this event had put out. Though she was the strongest in the group she was also the nicest and didn't mind doing such a task, feeling like an older sister to the lot to them. It was really nostalgic to her from back when she was in Victory Sheen.

    Ossa, secretly upset that she's never asked to do anything nice for anyone even though she'd just say now was going to voice her current words of advice towards the two guys of her team (she didn't count Bondor as a guy and as more of a gentleman). "You guys should be a little more careful with her." With her hands on her hips Ossa shared something about Victoria she was informed with recently "I asked Lamp and Shrew before we left why Victoria is so cheery all the time. Apparently she used to a complete Alpha type person. She got her title cause she got caught training where was bench pressing a mountain for a over three days straight."

    Not saying a word from the reveal of how Victoria got the name Mountain Colossal the two men decided to hurt sit up and quit loafing about, the same look covering their face of Holy fucking shit, she can kill me so easy. Though both of them were fully aware that Victoria was stronger than them they didn't think it was to such a... unfathomable degree like that.

    Meanwhile beside them on the hill there was someone who had been looking about the area, that person was Bondor who had taken note of some of the fellow adventurers that were taking part in the competition. Though he pretty much had taken up the title as the direction advising member of the team with his fancy map he also decided that he wanted to learn more about the outside world. Having been trapped up for so many years inside the Static Highlands where he was born he really wanted to learn about the lands and in relation to adventuring the ones they were gonna need to look out for it they were gonna ever get etched in history as exceptional and glorious adventurers.

    Returning with some hot sandwiches and drinks for everyone Victoria tossed the food to her friends and sat down at the lower base of the hill so she was facing up to them. Once everyone had settled down with their snacks Bondor took his time to tell them what he'd down out. "Hey, I've been looking at all the teams around us and I think I know which ones we really need to look out for. It's no doubt this is gonna have some form of battle or survival aspect to it or something, so we gotta be prepared."

    "How'd you figure out which ones are the dangerous ones, dude?" Pondering over what Bondor had told them Rax wasn't sure only on the one aspect, purely out of curiosity, partially playing with the grassy grand with his always bare feet.

    "Well, while we were in the Combaticon I found a small store and got this." Bondor pulled out a book from underneath his orange and yellow panda fur leather tunic "It's called a Memory Imprinting Tome. I can put intimation in it via thought. Luckily I thought of reading into a lot of the biggest rookie teams right now and from I can tell they're ALL here. So we got ourselves some work cut out for us." Opening up his tome he sifted through where the closest team was. "First are the team Wandering Cloud. From what I got they just want to go with where the strong winds take them. Their members are Dohawk Harrowgale, Y Candren, Vice Train, and their Leader Creed. It's got nothing on their powers or their titles for anyone of the teams it seems, just their names and a small note about them. After them we have Engine Craft who seem to value machines over Essence... weird. Their leader is Alaude Mechostrus with his teammates Shogun Magoon, someone named B.OB.B.I.N.S and Fusion Assihlmtor."

    Looking at the next group Rax saw had something off about them. "Says here these Divine Salvage are dedicated to cleansing the world? What's that mean exactly? Members are Lux Frostrend, Perucho Guiness, Goose Atlands, Sckys Curviq, Sakura Rosary, and lead by Xiam Corley"

    "Sounds like some cooky religious stuff." Ossa said giving a quick reply so they could continue

    Bondor, going back to continue proceeded with the next team "Blade of the Horizon, lead by VIII Ji. He's apparently a prince of the Ji Dynasty! That's pretty impressive." Though interested in the fact a prince was leader a team here the group decided instead to stay quiet and listen in anxiously for the rest "His teammates are Fayd Grain, Zxen ioT, Crispy Saxxon, Mellow Groven, and... Hey, this last guy gives a title with him. His name is Skaryuu, the Scar Dragon." With a title like that the group had a pretty good assumption he wasn't a push over. "This group especially we need to keep an eye on I think, they might be the strongest we have to compete against I'm guessing." Bondor had no idea of which team was the strongest, he just had a gut feeling.

    "Kay, next it's Team Mourning Song. I heard about this group before I did my research on any of these teams. It's leader is the daughter of a huge Cartel off the continent. Cake Crescendo is said to be completely ruthless. She's got three guys on her team named Nor-nerg-nar... Fuck. " Trying to read the name but failing Bondor gets slightly frustrated at the seemingly impossible to announce word.

    The rest of the team looked a the name but couldn't make any more progress than Bondor did. Rax on the other hand got it on the first try "It says Nordlending Glade. The other two are Schnarf and Alex F. Odder. Hey, that's the dude I saw when I was leaving my last match at the Combaticon. I heard he's indestructible and his title is De Boss."

    Sloth, now taking a crack at the book, went in to get at least one team spoken before Bondor got to start back up. "Team World's Fortune. Apparently they're just after money. Their team had a three way Co-Leadership between the members Craysn Gath, Pops The Aged Youth, and Quun Eilburg."

    Slowly growing a level of grumpiness from the fact he was getting his new job he was trying to achieve as the data guy was being snuck away from him. "Anyways, the last two teams are Aegis Forest just has three members. Lead by Akorn Yggdrasil with his two other members Zyn Caltrop and... Ster? Just named Star I guess. Lastly is Muscle Tank, who just wanna go around to prove their strength. An Ex-Fry from the Star Stream Shrine religion is the boss of their team, a guy named Steel Angler, the guy who fought Alex F. Odder in the arena Rax was talking about named Kong Caesars, Wild Call, and a girl who's name isn't listed."

    Sloth acting like no one was a threat to try and lift a bit of the tension was broken down when the one he had so much confidence in shattered his view of the situation "We'll be fine. I doubt any of these guys can take us. We got Victoria after all."

    "That's true, but this isn't gonna be some arena brawl free for all. It's some form of gathering quest with a hidden twist. We just gotta find out what that twist it. At least those are all we gotta worry about." Victoria noted, knowing that the group had to be cautious and alert
    "Actually, you forgot a team. The Team that's gonna take first place." In front of the Immortal Rune group had been the first and current rivals of their team, Alcatraz. Void was the one that spoke to them initially, the same settled rage expression riddled his face. "Don't think you guys are gonna win."

    The team members all eyed each other down, the level of animosity between them had been felt by even the teams around them. Both sides were completely silent. It was something that didn't require an exchange of words. Just having their presence known was enough for them to rattle the Immortal Rune group, Alcatraz knew this. It was enough for them, leaving almost as quickly as they came.

    "Well, I guess we gotta get better and win this game." Ossa said pretty much deciding it for the team

    A few hours later Rax was out by himself, the sun near the edge of the Horizon to bring forth the night. The orange glow had been really tantalizing, something that really caught Rax's attention. The sun was something he always had affection for, he never even got sun burnt before and for whatever reason staring at the sun doesn't mess with his eyes even shown as he was had been currently staring at the sun for five straight minutes now

    Back behind Rax came the voice of an extremely strange tone, of both friendliness and killing intent "Rax, my bestest friend of all time! It's great to see you! Are you competing in this Scavenger Hunt thing Too? Hkehahahahaha~" The voice of the person seemed so familiar but so uneasy to his ears. Rax turned around to see who was talking to him, finding to see the man who spoke to him was none other than Brimstone.

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 31: An Explosive Start!

    Readying themselves for the Great Scavenger Hunt of Everlas for the grand prize of Fifty Million Flint! Outside the Republic of Vess there were hundreds of teams of rookies, as the competition was only for Stone Star level teams and below, awaiting to partake in this epic event of wonder. Though most had been preparing themselves for what possible events are going to take place, the hero of the story had something completely new yet recently old had appeared before him. Now before Rax was so far the most vile and putrid individual he had met in his life, Brimstone, the man who had reduced Cawtswell to mass of disarray, smothered corpses, and broken families. So far out of everyone he's fought the people were either misunderstood or just like rivals. Meanwhile with Brimstone he was easily seen as he was, evil to his very core, something Rax knew at the first time he saw what Brimstone was capable of with his madness.

    The wicked man had his usual sharp smile across his face, slight bags beneath his eyes, and his exploded back and twisted sulfur yellow hair wavering slightly in the wind. He had been just as insane as Rax remembered him. From the straight jacket with his arms ripped through the chest and a drawing of a smile that matched his etched by blood, his black and white striped carnival pants, and jester shoes had just screamed that he wasn't all there.

    Preparing himself to strike Rax set his left leg back and crouched down a bit, ready to rush forward and strike. Just as took a step a loud announcement covered the area with an urgent bit of information "ATTENTION, ATTENTION, JUST A REMINDER THERE IS NO FIGHTING PRIOR TO THE START OF THE COMPETITION. ANYONE WHO STARTS A BATTLE BEFORE HAND OUTSIDE YOUR OWN TEAM WILL BE UNABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT!" Rax nearly fell over from the level of timing that actually saved him and his team in a big way.

    "Rax, what's with the hostility?! Aren't we best pals??? Hkehahahaha..." Brimstone carried the constant mad man's grin at the entire time of his presence. His fingers twitched and twitched, the slight sound of a bursting fire work creeped int he air. "You don't get it, Raxxy! We're pals, you need me and I need you~"

    Filled with anger against the person he already saw as his greatest enemy, Rax clenched on his hands fiercely, wisps of fire going a quick spurt out of the gaps in his chains. "You're a villain, Brimstone. I can't ever trust a monster like you."

    "I'm not, I promise! I was framed because the woman I loved is being held hostage by my evil twin brother, the prince of a kingdom of Darkness! He made me do it otherwise he was going to feed her to a great beast within the bowels of the world and reign as a demon god." Brimstone cried, lowering his head with a whimper to his voice

    Hesitating for a moment after hearing what Brimstone said, Rax lowered his guard and strength and believed what he had to say as it sounded sincere. "Really?"

    "No! Hkehahahhaa! That shit's all made up. I'm good, right?!" Slapping his hand against his knees Brimstone cackled and looked at Rax's dumb founded face "Oh Rax, you'll see! We're best friends for life! Watch, I'll help you soon. But first, can I tell you something?"

    Since he had no way to fight Brimstone right now without getting his team banned from the competition, like wise for Brimstone, Rax just went with it and agreed with his question
    "...Sure, hurry up. I have to go get ready with my friends so I can smash your face in when right when this hunt thing starts."

    "You know what the best part of my time in Cawtswell, Rax? When you and I were on that roof top... The people of the town saw my fireworks go off. At first they cheered." With his hands up in front of his face as if he were trying to pull something off of his flesh Brimstone cackled his words, his grin going from as wide as his mouth could make as he spoke "And then.... Hkehahahaha.... And then they screamed! HKEHAHAHAHAHA! What a twist in their lives from joy to shock and fear! They were like 'Ooooh! Fire works, how pretty.' then they saw burnt corpses and houses. Hkehahahahaha!" Brimstone walked away, his laugh echoing in Rax's mind even when the actual sound was gone.

    An hour later all the teams had gathered around a large stage where the man who was to hold this game stood. His name was Abraham Links. A rather tall and skinny man, maybe Rax's weight and build but about fifteen feet tall, wearing a half that was half his height, black and tubular. Dusting off of his fine black suit he looked out upon the crowd.

    Rax, having noticed Abraham had been in amazement of the man's top tier facial hair. It was nothing but glorious and moral boosting "That dude's got a sweet Beard."

    "One day, I will achieve that level of beard hierarchy." Bondor fantasized his future beard, hoping it will be in fully by the time he reaches his pinnacle maturity

    "Hello children! I've gathered you here all today to let out a new game for everyone to have fun with! The Great Scavenger Hunt of Everlast! The rules are simple! You will go from here to a small town set up as a checkpoint south from here, Yawnsent. Getting there will be done via these vehicles I've prepared for everyone. They have enough energy in them to take you a thousand miles. Everything after that is dependent on you." Lifting up his hand Abraham had the ground aside their stage lift, about a hundred and twenty strange vehicles set and prepared for each team to get.Each was about sixty feet long, thirty feet tall, and twenty feet wide. They looked odd. They looked like a plane, car, and boat all crammed into one weird chimera of transportation. There were six strange big orbs on them, one forward and one aft on each side, then one on the very front end of the ship and very back. "These will be lent to you for the duration of the game! When you get to the town there are fifty scrolls there. Each one will lead you to what you'll need. Five clues given entirely at random! From each of these places you'll need to obtain an item before the next clue is revealed. Once the fifth item is found the final bit of information will be revealed! I wish good luck to you all! Oh, also the game started thirty seconds ago." Abraham stroked his short beard as he waited for all the kids to go wild trying to claim a vehicle and get going

    It was like a field of feeble prey at the presence detected of a fierce predator. Bolting on a short instance they all gathered up with their teams and raced to get to a ship and start. Not a single fight had started throughout this. It was clear to everyone that getting caught up in a fight now could delay their team tremendously. As he made his way to the ship his team picked Rax crossed gazes with a few individuals. These people being Void Tract, VIII Ji, Alaude Mechostrus, Cake Crescendo, and Akorn Yggdrasil.

    Meanwhile others of his team had met gazes with others from different teams. Bondor with Craysn Gath, Wild Call, and Perucho Guiness. Sloth with Skaryuu, Lux Frostrend, and Crispy Saxxon. Ossa with Sakura, Mela Wafer, and Creed (not realizing a man named Myst had noticed her.) Victoria had set her sights with no one, though almost everyone had her presence known due to Essence Pulsing.

    With their boat chosen the team Immortal Rune ascended into the skies. Victoria, taking control of the ship, had shown to have some aspects of knowledge towards operations of the such from her past most likely. They were all like birds getting away from the winter times. All these teams and inside their vehicles went off, zooming to the south to achieve where they wanted to get to. All of the teams they had scouted out to see were threats were seen by Rax and his friends. Just as Bondor said, they were formidable. Having made it into ships and into the skies about the same time they did.

    Alcatraz had already set off, passing by team Immortal Rune and racing to get there.

    Out of the teams one that had been completely secret to the organization, FREE, the ones that take slight documentation on early days of adventurers, had missed a few of them, but Rax and Co already knew of most. One of these though decided to take action. Upon one of the ships stood Brimstone, the empty sleeves of his straight jackets whipping about by the strength of the high sky winds. Two of his fellow team members of their team Killing Colors were visible behind him. One, the man who was back driving, looked like someone who had been starved of light and human interaction, almost like a zombie in terms of how he acted. The look on his face was covered with his dark blue hair that was long down to his mouth by on his bangs but trimmed in the back and sides. Nothing else of him was visible. The other was a shorter girl, looking maybe fourteen. Her hair was split into seven sections, each a different color. From right to left it was violet, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, then red. The outer colors were arced out like half circles whilst the middle color, green, was a lock of hair that went straight down. Her outfit itself looked to be made of other outfits stitched together with colors white, pink, and yellow into a dress.

    Brimstone leaped into the air, cackling about as he spread his arms out to his sides, them lighting up with flickering colors that awaited to be unleashed. "Bottle Rocket Rain!" From his arms a massive flurry of fire works sprayed out from his arms. It was like a huge flock of multi-colored explosive birds had descended upon all the vehicles below them. Striking down and reducing the numbers to half of their original numbers, taking out the teams and leaving them as unconscious losers right from the start of the game. "Go Raxxy pal! Go win the money, your closest friend Brimstone commands it! HKEHAHAHAHAHA!"

    Not looking back to see how his greatest enemy had helped his team, Rax and the rest of Immortal Rune raced to the town to get their scroll for the Scavenger Hunt. He had more important things to worry about, eyeing all of the other teams in their ships as they flew through the air, knowing attacks could start at any second. They just continued onward as dozens of ships fell to the ground in a smoldering line of disappointment towards the losers. He stopped to look up, seeing small storm clouds over the ships of all but one. A member of the team Divine Salvage, Goose Atlands, had prepared himself

    "Static Storm!" With his chalk and orange mix spread shirt hair stuck up on end as lightning bolts descended down upon each ship and its crew.

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 32: Timber

    "Static Storm." The name of his attack was spoken as one of the members of Divine Salvage, Goose Atlands, made his way onto the stage (Technically the roof portion of his boat.) Titled as the Southern Storm he was well versed in the terms of using the weather to his combat style. It was in an instant that bolts of lightning started to strike down onto each of the ships. The total number of ships each with a different team on them had all now been put under the first assault of the competition. Numbering at seventy two ships only a fraction of them had figured out ways to defend against an attack of such blinding speed.

    Rax, who had been constantly lit up due to his chained up arms was getting pissed at the fact every time he tried to get up he'd get bolted by lightning. Lucky for him they had someone who was specialized with electricity. This person had felt the storm coming before it began. He had only to prepare himself mentally for what he was about to do. Coming up with his presence instantly effecting the current situation as the bolts turned a complete ninety degree angle from going to Rax to right at Bondor.
    "Ha. Looks like the lightning wants to be my friend." Chuckled the big fella, what really caught his attention though to bring him out was that there was that Goose possibly was another run away from the Static Highlands where he's from.

    Out of all the Immortal Rune team Bondor was the one that had been reading a lot into some things lately in an attempt to control his... issues... with anger. Though he had yet to completely conquer it he had an idea to deal with it to a degree. Bolt after bolt they went right for him, like Piranhas to a calf fallen into the river. It was due to his aggressive emotions that naturally built up a collection of electricity, and visa versa with electricity building up his anger. He stood as he awaited what he was going to do.

    On the other hand with the other ships and their defenses against the lightning Void had taken a far more safe response. As with Rax the bolts had went right after him, though his were purely from bad luck. He treated them like bits from mosquitoes, only getting annoyed from each one. "Sleepah, hurry up and get out here!"

    Yaaaaaaaawn. Sleepah had been the most peculiar member of the Alcatraz team. The first one was a one that looked like he was barely awake. He wore a pair of yellow and green checkered pajamas and matching slippers, carrying around what looked like a foam ball on his back. There wasn't much to him to be honest. The only other aspect of this shorter than average guy was his ruffled up sage green hair that spiked out around his ears but lazy and flat around the rest of his head to where it looked like he was wearing sharp ear muffs. "Voi-" He stopped to yawn again "You're so rude, man. I was trying to get a nap in before I end up fighting at some point."

    Knowing nothing he could do or say would alter Sleepah's personality, Void just tried to reassure him of what he wanted "You will, just deal with this lightning."

    "Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine~" Sleepah was given the Title, Drifter from Another Realm. This was because he wasn't actually human. Amongst the dimensions that were linked to the Enchantrum Realm there was one known as the Dreather. It was a plain of existence that existed not on the physical side of things. It was entirely based on the ruling of dreams. Inhabited by energy being called Imagicians the place had only things manifest into its plain of reality through the power of the dreaming state of mind. All beings were connected to this place. The only issue was had to be how Sleepah had come to this Realm, as no Imagician had left the Dreather before.

    Sleepah fell back as he made his way to the front of the ship, though he had not hit the ground. It was like he was lying on a forty five degree bed, though he had been floating. As he was doing this a large balloon formed above him which headed up to the cloud above his ship. The balloon inflated by taking in all the electricity, then floated over to an area where three boats of unnamed teams to pop, bursting out with an every directional blast of lightning which reduced their ships to smoldering debris and its teams falling towards the ground.

    On the ship of Blade of the Horizon all it took was for Skaryuu to decide to move. Forming his Essence weapon, an elongated sword some would call an Odaichi, he made his move. With one lucid movement he slashed the cloud with enough force to have it spread out and form into other ship attacking clouds, making theirs stronger. It went by at a speed that not a single detailed aspect of the sword other than its overly extensive length was seen. He was amongst the most formidable of the contestants from the looks of things, deserving his title of Scar Dragon.

    Other teams of worth did their thing as well. Mourning Song's team just had Alex stand there with a metal pole to tank all the attacks, Engine Craft's team had build some form of machine to absorb the lightning to power up their ship's fuel resources, Aegis Forest's leader Akorn had a large rubber tree grow out of the top of the ship and into the cloud to negate it, Wandering Cloud's team had pretty much had the cloud wander away like a drifter on a journey , and Killing Color's leader Brimstone had been completely wiped out the cloud from the start and went to after that with attacking other ships for laughs, not caring about winning the game at all.

    Meanwhile back at the Immortal Rune ship had Bondor at the ready. He had discovered that though he couldn't control himself as his essence was active fully, but he could control going in and out for split second instances. This had only been coupled with something he recognized with the ship. The orbs on the ship's front, back, and sides had acted similarly to X's Axis Disc weapon. If an attack goes into the orb it'll launch it over a vast distance and increase it's speed, making them like cannons that anyone with Essences can use specially with their powers and not with formal artillery.

    "Victoria, pull the ship back a bit! I'll repay that jerk for putting all these clouds out here when it was supposed to be sunny all day." The last bolt within the cloud above hit before dispersing. After Bondor absorbed a large quantity of electricity he'd been elevated in his levels of anger (Though it only went from being his kind to everyone self to more of just a rude fella.) "VOLTAGE CLEAVE!"

    Discharging all the electricity he had built up Bondor had released himself into his monstrous state of his Essence, Lightning Juggernaut and with his Essence Weapon Omega Bolt. The orange and yellow panda fur tunic on his torso stood on end as his essence took place. His size grew two feet taller, his muscles tensing and swelling up with electrical power to increase his power. Swinging his axe across the frontal orb of the ship his attack raced out in front of them. Taking out five ships in the possess and KOing their teams in the process, Bondor's attack continued onward. Way out miles from where the mass of ships were grew a very skinny looking tree. Though the tree looked rather skinny something strange had a look to it, as if it were lying to everyone. Bondor's attack cut it down near its base, making it fall down towards the mass of team ships. Coming to everyone's attention was this was a species of tree called an Immuminary Arbor, something that made it look thinner from a distance due to the level of strange moisture it emanates from its leaves that made it a very good place to hide from predators or build secret houses amongst its branches. Once falling the effects on the tree ended, the thing turning out to be over three miles wide and towering at around fifteen miles tall.

    It took a moment of being inside the state of his Essence before Bondor came back to his normal self, his Axe dispersing as if it were made of pure energy. He then lifted his hand up to his mouth, shouting for all to hear "Tiiiiiiiiiimberrrrrrrrr!

    Abraham watched as the odd tree fell unto the ground, the boats swerving and maneuvering to get out of its way or else to be smashed. It was more to his amusement of the fact someone fell that tree that filled him with delight far more than the scavenger hunt itself "Oooohohoho. Looks like there's a lumberjack out amongst those ships. I may even find a friend or pupil after this whole thing."

    The ships remaining had been around sixty. All of these teams now had to work with not only keeping on guard from the other ships until they reached the checkpoint the south, about two hundred miles from there. At the rate of their ships speed it would be another twenty minutes before they could reach such a place. Meanwhile out of this chaos there had been one individual who had seen what did this to the tree, it was Akorn Yggdrasil of team Aegis Forest. Glaring at the Immortal Rune Ship, remembering what they did and planning for the future. Furthermore Zyn Caltrop of the same team had been up at the front of the ship, wavering his arms randomly, the branches and splinters of wood that would otherwise impale him decayed away into dust before making contact.

    Meanwhile Alex F. Odder just stood there, arms crossed with his big grin as all the rubble bounced off of his body from his high levels of durability. His grin came to a halt as he turned to see a chain latch onto their ship, a man swinging beneath their boat and past to another boat. Rax landed ontop of a ship of the team Muscle Tank.

    "Looks like with everyone showing off I gotta join in the fun." Smashing his fists together Rax had a fierce smile as he was anxious to clash fists with whoever was ready for him to do combat with. He was hoping to just have a quick bout, not planning on a full fight.

    The leader of the boat's team, Steel Angler, walked out to face him the members of his team watching. The man looked as if he were made of exactly his name was; Steel."First worm I gotta smash? Alright then, let's go small stuff."

    Recognizing his opponent was tough just from the power he let off, Rax reached over to his right arm, loosening the chains that he had clad up from his wrist to his shoulder. The wisps of flame started to spray out like a hive of freshly angered hornets. They flickered up around his weird star shaped hair mark and let out a fiery tone "This shit's gonna be fun."

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 33: Ripping Scream

    In a racing mess of ships through the sky, all which were now maneuvering about due to a miles tall and wide tree that had been cut by Bondor, had now changed to am array of chaos. It went right into an aerial scattering of combat. Rax had made his way over onto the ship that held the team Muscle Tank. With their leader Steel Angler out on the bow of the ship to deal with their intruder, Rax was ready for nothing more than a short bout of play.

    "Come and throw a punch when you're ready, runt. I won't be moving from this spot." Steel grunted, his arms crossed over his chest, his swollen as hell muscular arms looking like two smaller people almost in size

    Rax had already loosened the chains that clad one of his arms. He had no doubts that this man was far stronger than someone like Crag and that he was gonna have to come out at him with more than just his starting attacks. As Steel said he was entirely stationary and had not a single sign that would look like he was gonna make a move. Strangely enough from what he was doing was that Rax had something going on with his fire. Though normally fire travels up but right now it was going downwards, or to be more precise it was going in the direction of his fist. With his Foot Fire Pop technique forming onto his toes alone Rax burst out and forward towards Steel, the man who stood planted in place and not moving an inch aside from the right arm he cocked back half way to respond to Rax's incoming self.

    "Red Eruption!" Stopping just short of Steel, the fiery spirited guy Rax had been slightly crouched, bringing his right fist forwards into a burning uppercut of an attack.

    Going from almost motionless to a speedy projectile almost Steel's first shot down to meet up with Rax's "Polar Fist."

    It was like two trains running into each other at full speed, the outwave of force from it shook nearby ships. The difference of Rax's punch though was when it hit all a huge mass of flames blew out like a volcano that went all the way up Steel's arm and over his shoulder, the level of heat hurting his eyes and breathing. It was almost immediately after their punches met that Rax was punched back to the last scrap of footing of the forward end of the ship. Weirdly enough Steel was in the same place, but not how one would think about it. It looked like during the collision of attacks Steel would also go back but he kept in place, even with signs of his body being pushed backwards. Regardless of which he was still hurt as much as Rax was.

    Recovering from their initial bout Rax stood himself back up and steadied out "Fuck... Your striking power is a bit of chunk above mine."

    Giving off a smug and overconfident chuckle at the moment Rax said this Steel brought his arm across his chest, flexing towards Rax as an attempt to intimidate him. "A chunk? Kid, you have no idea how much stronger than you I am. We'll talk when you can push me to use my Essence as a whole."

    "Is this a fact, you shiny bitch?!" A crazy grin ripped out across Rax's face as he was now energized with the idea of just clashing punches with this guy until there was a winner. Reaching over to his left arm to loosen the chains on it. Just then before he got the chance he saw his ship pass by with multiple people jumping onto it, no one being there but Victoria who was currently piloting the vessel. "Oh shit, well I gotta go." Rax just stood himself back up casually and waved at Steel and his teammates who just came up at the time the collision of punches went down. Taking one step forward Rax fell right off the ship for an instant before grabbing onto the front. Crunching in his body it looked like he was frog stuck to a ceiling corner. "Later you metal bitch boy~"

    BOOM! Using a full force combo of his Fire Pop and Foot Fire Pop he launched himself off the ship, but more his own intentions, pushed the ship with enough force it went right up and flipped over. Because it was in the air it kept going, looking like it was doing back flips. He just lunged his chains towards his own ship, swinging over to clear out the nameless fodder that had tried to help a defenseless girl (Even though Victoria could just stomp all of them out in one go, Rax didn't want to risk her completely destroying it or something)

    "That maggot! Steady the ship!" Steel, slightly panicking from the state of his ship each of the members of his team had gotten to edges of the boat to slam their palms down onto each corner to equal out the balance. Once it was done they had noticed they were a dozen or two thousand feet away from the mass of ships, noticing they were currently the furthest away, so basically, last. "That little ant is gonna get smashed into a paste next time we cross!"

    As the ships were going they passed a large setting of branches, going all through them and coming to a very terrifying discovery. Out from the wavering branches came a spread out layer of what looked like netting. Three ships were caught in it, signaling the being of the trap. Crawling out of a compliment of broken down leaves came a massive spider, a creature who was over seventy feet tall. It was a One Bronze Star Ranked Monster, a Pitch Fork Spider. Each of its lengthful legs had three tipped spikes in which is stabbed into its prey to inject its venom. Skittering to the boats all the people on them could only hope to jump and run before the beast got to them, it's glistening azure exoskeleton illuminating the area.

    Currently Bondor had hopped from ship to ship to reach over to Goose's team. He was extremely intrigued at the possibility of someone besides himself from the Static Highlands being out here. It was in his best interest to make his way over to find out, not even paying attention to attacks and abilities going all over the place. Sloth had used his Essence to have ships collide with each other and was trying to thin out the numbers as best he could, but really he wanted to try and get a good showing for the ladies. Ossa was... more clever with her time during this wild game. Whilst others were fighting he was using her skills as a thief he honed in her time in the Grand Finale Gang as a kid and her growing up alone after to silently sneak onto the ships of other teams to take their Flint.

    Whilst rummaging through the belongings of another team, Ossa had a few strange events occur. Making her way down into their lower level of the ship and coming across a couple bundlings of the enemy team's supplies. All it took for her was one shake per thing to pinpoint where the money was on them, the slight ting that Flint makes when hit against something, even when in a papery state. During this time a figure strolled up behind her, a man who seemed as if he just appeared and not actually physically walked in.

    Dressed with a nice sweater on top, kinda designed sorta to look like a cobblestone road. With a dark blue set of slacks that were ripped and tattered around the ankles where his sandals were locked to his feet. Other than that his most distinguishing feature was his wavy maroon hair, messy, and spiking up slightly but also draping down a few inches to his ear lobes.

    Even though it was obvious what she was doing, the man calmly and nicely asked her what was going on "Hey, what're you doing here?"

    "Stealing." Ossa quick thought responded, not caring at all what the guy would say, she was fully prepared and assumed there was going to be a fight. This guy looked weak to her. "Oh, you're that one guy... Nerglendur or something?"

    Snap... The only correct word to describe what happened with him. Pulling a complete one hundred and eighty degree turn from his just prior personality the man's face twisted and contorted into a flaring expression of rage. The levels of frustration emanated from him, the sounds of his grinding teeth could be heard from the level of the ship above them, the leader of that boat's team Cake Crescendo could only think 'God dammit.'

    Opening his mouth so hard and large that he exceeded his actual limit his skin would let him, the man bellowed out "It's NORRRRRDDDLLLLLENNNNNNNNNNNNNDINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG !!!!" At his cheeks there were tears all over it with two giant slits from the front of his skull to his spine. As he yelled powerful sound waves shot out from his mouth, pushing Ossa up to the wall and pushing her through the metallic hull as if it were tissue paper. Blood was dripped down his face and onto the floor, the eyes of Nordlending twitching from a brief moment of insanity before healing back up as if it never happened.

    In actuality the attacker had been the team Mourning Song's member Nordlending Glades, a man who had been given the title Ripping Scream due to his short outrages when someone messed up saying his first name and yelled to the point his cheeks ripped in flesh. Though usually he was a nice, understanding, and calm fellow he changed entirely purely off the fact someone messed up his name, the only thing known to trigger that level of fury to anyone's knowledge. He now had been panting a bit, wiping the blood off of his chin and checking to see if he got any on his sweater, happy to his surprise he didn't.

    Meanwhile off a few boats over there as a man who had been able to see through the boat Ossa and Nordlending had been on through the use of an item called a See-Through-Scope, an item that let you see right through the layers of things like houses, forestry, and in this case boats. Using this item was the cackling mass murder villain with a mad man's smile himself, Brimstone
    "Nordlending? I like that guy already." Brimstone was sitting ontop of the ship's control room roof, criss crossed legs and looking comfortable. Behind him on the other hand was a shocking scene. One of the teams of the Scavenger Hunt was the dismembered and bloody were the ones who had originally taken position on the specific boat. Though it wasn't one that Bondor had informed the rest of his team about, this group hadn't been any push overs, all of them being upper level Stone Star level fighters. With him was one of his teammates, one who was currently carrying the severed leg of one of the fallen team. His body was wrapped him in bandages aside from some tan colored pants that covered his feet completely. What was weird was even with all of this the white colored ban were not blood stains, they were purple food stains from the looks of it. His hair was colored like that of gravel, coming down his neck but tying into a noose around his neck. Brimstone looked at him, patting his teammate on the back to ask him something. "You think he could make a good ally, V?"

    The person who Brimstone called V just let out a muttering of response to his leader's question. "Hhhu...." And during said word one could see his teeth which resembled like that of a shark's.

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 34: Who Needs To Land?

    Ossa had made a terrible mistake and done the one thing that sets off the member of team Mourning Song's suddenly viscous Nordlending Glades. It was with his outburst scream that sent Ossa through the hull of the boat and now to her plummeting in the air to the ground which was five miles below.

    More pissed than anything Ossa looked over herself falling, she looked to see how much money she managed to claim before being forced out of that ship. After a moment she counted only about two thousand Flint... Barely worth anything towards their goal. Annoyed and grumpy, Ossa turned over to see she'd already fallen about six hundred feet. Though she had no abilities of flight the girl had wondered prior how she would manage to save herself if she fell off of one of the ships, it was the same way she was getting from ship to ship. Using her Essence she was able to pull out all of the bones from her right arm and use her bone manipulation to elongate it to about a hundred and thirty feet. Swinging it over she managed to grapple onto a passing by team's boat and sling herself up onto it, trying not to be noticed.

    The boat had been going side by side with another. The teams that had been in a light level of combat with each other were members of Aegis Forest and a team that hadn't been a part of Bondor's count, but if he had continued a few placements down where the noted groups had been this one probably would've made the cut; The team Straight Joust. As one would expect they all use lances to increase their fighting prowess, though none of them seemed like actual Essence weapons and nothing more than man made weapons to clad their powers in. Akorn Yggdrasil, the leader of Aegis Forest, was sitting at the front of the enemy ship, kneeling down and praying for the massive tree that had been falling while his teammate Zyn Caltrop was standing behind him about to face three people while the remaining members of each group had been piloting their own ships.

    "Akorn, you know there's three of them and one of me? It'll be wacky if you're gonna just crouch there whispering about some tree! Help me, you wretch." Zyn, a rather pale looking man, slightly shorter than five foot eight and wearing only a tattered lab coat and what looked like a pale green jump suit. His hair looked... Dead. Frayed and dirty colored a gravy brown. Underneath his eyes were tattoos that looked like slits. It was like his eyes were mounted on pikes from the design.

    Akorn was a very different man. Though he enjoyed the life as an adventurer a very saddening sight had befell before him. In a soft whisper that slipped right into your ears like a freshly fallen leaf in the fall as it touches the land below. "Not now, Zyn... This tree falls after living for tens of thousands of years... Having its life cut short like this is nothing more than a tragedy... I will at least give it a proper farewell before it rejoins the flow of nature and decomposes to nourish the land..." With longer pointed ears Akorn stood out as much as a Fright would. A light blond hair knotted back in a small pony tail with several tiny tree roots coming out of it and the rest roofing around his brow as if a large leaf had fallen onto his head and drooped down on the sides. His upper torso was covered with what looked like moss and his lower half was garbed entirely in what looks like Bark. Just as Rax though Akorn wore no shoes.

    Two of the lance wielding men had gotten frustrated at this point and rushed towards Zyn and Akorn, now entirely on the attack "How about you take us seriously?!"

    "Akorn, boss, bro, pal,fella, amigo, man, dude come on and help me! They're gonna-" Having gotten interupted Zyn was stabbed through the heart and the stomach by two of the attackers, going right through and splattering black blood on the floor of the boat a couple feet behind him but not reaching Akorn

    Now thinking the enemy was weak the one of the attacks decided to announce the lesson they were going to give out
    "That'll teach you! We aren't afraid to kill our enemies!"

    Even though now with two large lances through his body Zyn spit up some more of his blood colored black, going right over his happy grin. "Hehehehe... But, will you be afraid to see what it takes to kill me?" The weapons began to decay away, as if they were rotting. Zyn snickered as he put his hands through the holes of his body to wave at the people in front of him "Zombies are hard to kill after all!" The two men didn't know what to do, backing up and dropping their weapons. They hadn't the chance to say anything else before they started to feel sick, throwing up and dropping onto the ground. Zyn just clapped his hands together once and laughed "You shouldn't play with dead things. The germs are really unhealthy and will make you sick~" The men before him were looking deathly ill for a moment before Zyn extended his hands outwards like he was grabbing as much as he can of the space then pulling them back in. From this the men had gone back to normal, Zyn being a nice guy and saving them from the brink of a putrid and agonizing death.

    "What the hell?! My friends!" "If I can't stab you, I can always knock you off the boat!" The remaining of the three lancers went in, trying to use his weapon as a bat to strike Zyn off the ship and plummeting to the ground.

    "Coil Arbor..." Akorn has muttered as he directed his hand towards the remaining lancer. A small seed popped out of his hand and over to the lancer's feet, growing rapidly into an upward twisting tree that sprung the man hundreds of feat into the air and off the ship. "Let's go, Zyn... I want to take a nap soon after we get out scroll..."

    Ossa moved onto the next ship, the one remaining between her getting back to her team's ship. On the next ship she saw the leader of the Engine Craft team Alaude Mechostrus, who had his team working down on the ship's lower levels, and a steam punk strange robotic figure driving. He was locked in a battle with Y Candren of Team Wandering Cloud.

    Alaude was wearing what looked like a skin tight space suit as aside from around his waist to knees that were slightly loosened. This garment was colored a light blue and a silvery white, the silvery white stripes going up his arms and legs. Locks of metallic grey hair went to around his eyebrows. All over his suit were little rectangular compartments that he seemed to store things inside. The strangest thing about his appearance though were two round disc like things that hovered over each of his shoulders. They looked like dark blue metal frisbees with little holes around the rims of each of them, ten holes each proportionately on them. It was a moment before they fired off an azure blue energy beam that went right at Y.

    Dressed in what looked like the clothing of a some form of assassin Y was probably one of the singlularly strongest in the scavenger Hunt. On his team he was actually the strongest, he was just not a very self deciding person who took to long to make major decisions that a team leader would need. He didn't mind not being the boss seeing as their team's leader Creed was pretty relaxed, mostly due to all the herbal incenses he uses, and never treated anyone like a minion.

    Speaking like that of an older teacher like tone, Alaude went on with what would bug Y to great lengths. "Exceeding my expectations of you several percent, Mr.Candren."

    "It's Y. Don't like like some super intellectual just because you got stupid machines from Weal." Correcting Alaude, Y didn't want to be treated like some old business man or someone's Dad. He was still in his youth and he cared not for the politeness between opponents and adversaries.

    "Well I made them, so I guess, I am a super intellectual. Quite an amusing revelation, truly it is. To think a miniscule insect such as yourself could hope to topple me in combat, such thing has nearly left me flummoxed entirely." Alaude was more of a thinker than fighter for a large portion, but to contest that it didn't change his fighting capabilities out of the league he was on already. In terms of his actual standing intelligence wise he was probably the pinnacle of his generation back in Weal.

    "Heh. I'll be smashing your hunks of junk in a minute and then let's see if you wanna continue talk all high and mighty. Let's see how you deal with my Swift Stinger!" Y lunged his right arm out to reveal his Essence Weapon, his Swift Stinger. It was an ebony spike that elongated from his palm, the tip moisting over with what was assumed as venom. It was almost like a combination of a hornet stinger, a lance, and tipped like a clay more.

    The voice of a rather relaxed and what was assumed an intoxicated off of natural herbs and plants was the head of Y's Team, Creed. A dark skinned fellow with lots of stubble and a half Afro that bushed out six inches on the left side but was trimmed to only half an inch on the right side. He had a joint in his mouth and wore what looked like the clothes of a nomad. "Y~~~~~~~~~~ We're landing soon, get back here~~~" Creed

    "Dammit! I guess we'll have to settle this later, robot asshole." Y leaped up into the air, a set of hornet like wings sprouting from is back. Flying over to the ship with the rest of his team and readying with all of them to touch down in the town of Yawnsent

    Back on the Immortal Rune team's ship all of the members had made their ways back together. They were also readying to drop down to the town to get one of the scrolls. Though many of the ships have been wiped out from the start, there were maybe around fifty eight more teams remaining, but only fifty scrolls from what Abraham said. Not wanting to risk not getting a scroll there was going need to be a plan devised by one of the members of Immortal Rune.

    Coming to a vast realization Rax, had been struck with a plan only someone like him could decide. "Wait, these are multi-terrain ships! I got an idea."

    Victoria leaned out of the window area of the control room for the ship, Ossa, Sloth, everyone else on the team already out front and at the ready "I'm landing the ship now, be prepared to go into a wild fire of attacks and disorder with all those other teams fighting for those scrolls."

    Making his way to the front of the ship he shouted out with a devised strategy, showing a bit of leadership even though the technical leader of the team is Ossa "Victoria, don't land, just swoop low to the ground!" Turning to Bondor Rax took advantage of the guy's essence to take part of his plan. "Bondor, the power cells for the ship's speed is in the furthest back of the middle level of the ship! Go there and supercharge it!" Lastly he looked at Sloth, knowing exactly what to say to him for his genius layout "Sloth.. You're a bitch." Rax then jumped to the front of the ship edge as he did when he was flipping the Muscle Tank's ship

    At this point all the other ships were slowing down to land. There would surely be a massive explosion of battles right from the start. Before everyone had gotten into their ships was different as the teams just didn't have any reason to start anything to waste time on. Now the attacks have attacks have already been thrown at each other, getting everyone riled up and wanting to get even or one step ahead anyone they had an issue with. With tensions high and attacks on standby for use every team had prepared themselves for essentially a miniature war as soon as they stepped off their ships.

    As all the remaining ships steadied down to land and get their scrolls a booming roar had came in as if a monster was charging in to attack. It came to be more of a wild card of a rookie than a monster, as Rax came swinging down on his chains attached to his ship which had been going at over Mach seventy Five thanks to Bondor channeling all of his built up electricity into the ship . The star haired hero just swung right in, snatching up one of the fifty scrolls and leaving the other teams behind. "FIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRST, YOU ASS CLOWNS!"

    Multiple team leaders looked up in surprise that Rax would do such a thing, seeing their team as a complete compliment of wild idiots. Though they completely disregarded any safety at times it showed they knew how to get the job done. Meanwhile over at the boat that held the team of Alcatraz, the members had been extremely relaxed over the entire thing. None of them left their ship, they just defended it from anyone who came to try and board. Exchelsi had been just flying over their ship like some form of radar or a vulture, giggling the whole time like a school girl.

    "Whatever. Giving the handicapped team of morons a head start is fair I guess." Void, the always seemly agitated youngster uttered as he flashed his hand into the air, a strange violet energy engulfing his hand as he pulled out one of the scrolls from the town below, not even needing to stop his ship at all, only lower to about five hundred meters from the ground. "This hunt is meaningless anyway. All that matters before this is over is that Rax and I have a discussion about his place in our team."

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 35: The First Clue

    After having taken a wild card tactic of hyper charging the ship and Rax's drive by snatch and go plan, Team Immortal Rune's lead of getting the first scroll out of all of the teams. The team had their fair share of little bouts with other teams and their distinctive members. Thanks to this they were able to figure out that the words Bondor had told them in forewarning them was true.

    [Back in Yawnsent]

    Teams had been on the rampage to get their scrolls just at the outskirts of the town. Attacks, powers, explosions, and battles raged onward as each team went to get their hands on a scroll. The teams that had already made their way out of the so far had been Alcatraz, Blade of the Horizon, Mourning Song, and Engine Craft. Out of the teams the one that had seemed to have no intentions of leaving until everyone else was gone was the team Muscle Tank who seemed to want to continue the fight as long as they possibly could.

    "Polar Fist...!" With the same strike he used to clash punches with Rax, Steel threw a powerful fist directly into the gut of a large guy a bit bigger than Bondor. The attack forced him back more than four hundred feet, smashing right through a large granite boulder that had to be at least two hundred and fifty feet at least, reducing it to a puff of dust. "Hmmf. So my punches are just fine... That Rax guy really managed to almost match my fist, I'll be needing to fight him for real next time."

    Steel and his men had been dispatching entire teams with just the few of them. Unlike the other big teams they just wanted really to fight whilst the remaining teams Bondor had brought up before the game started had already left. Any big deal groups like them getting into a fight at this early in the game would really lead to a big loss of time. It wasn't until the last person fell before he and his team were satisfied, their wounds only really consisting of bruises and scratches.

    "Hey Steel, do you think that was great? I thought it was GREAT!" The energetic and high maintenance member of their team, Wild Call, sprinted up to his team leader after their fights ended.

    Wild was clad upward in layers of thin leathers and furs. He looked entirely tribal yet viscous, like that of a bear. Even the skinned pelt of a bear was on his back like a cloak, the head essentially being a hood. Wild looked muscular and sturdy. He was the only member of their team who came over to say something to Steel after their fights. Kong Caesars immediately sat down after his fight to rummage through his back pack to pull out a large sandwich the size of a small child, eating away at it without care of anything else in the world until it was over. His personality was pretty two sided between him normally and him hungry. At the point he decided he wanted food nothing else mattered to him other than doing so, his favorites being cold sandwiches and various fruits, strangely enough they were all stored in Jars. A women who could barely be seen at the top of a large pile of unconscious people, revealing she beat a large portion of the fighters herself in what looked like sixty individuals.

    "Yeah, that was fun, but there wasn't anyone here who can throw a punch like the one I met when we were still in the air." Revealed the one called Steel, wanting purely at this point from the Scavenger Hunt was to duke it out with Rax once more to the fullest.

    [Back with Team Immortal Rune]

    Now just South West of the Republic of Vess, Immortal Rune had been all stopped momentarily to assess the Scroll they obtained to figure out where to go first. Landing down and stopping in a big grassy meadow just outside a large forest that looked like there were more than four times as many trees as should be in a given set of area, like they were constantly crammed into the zones of the forest.

    Happy that they managed to get the scrolls and first out of the other teams to do so, Sloth was interrupted in his glad emotions with the fact Rax had done so in such a wild way. "You're fucking retarded Rax. If we accidentally dropped you then you'd have been stuck down there by yourself until we managed to turn around. Plus we used up all the fuel Bondor super charged the ship with, so there's no way we would've been able to make it back in a short amount of time."

    "Yeah, but I got the scroll and held on until we slowed down!" Rax bolstered himself up as pretty much the reason they got the scroll both first and at all for the most part, trying to piss off Sloth. "And I looked super damn cool swinging on by like a crazy person."

    "There's something wrong with your head you moron." Annoyed even further by Rax's far to lax and ignoring of risks mentality right now

    "Or maybe you're just a no fun asshole?" Though Rax had only been pretending like it was no big deal because it went down successful when in reality he was freaking out the entire time in his brain.

    After hearing what Rax said he was ready to Sloth was growing in animosity towards his loosely named friend "What was what?!"

    Giving no time to waste in responding to Sloth, Rax came back with even more "I said you're a shit stick without a single shred of fun in him."

    "You wanna fight right now?!" Furious now, Sloth had prepared himself to fight, getting his his normal battle stance with his body stood straight up and tilted his body to a forty five degree angle.

    "Eh, maybe after lunch." A casual and non-serious Rax proposed as he patted on his empty stomach

    Sloth was ready to throttle Rax's face into the ground just before he realized he too was hungry "...Sounds good..."

    "Stop guys, we got the scroll. Let's just see what it does." Ossa, taking control of the situation had ceased the conflict between the two of them for now and went back to the real matter at hand

    Rax opened the scroll up, revealing it had been blank. Looking like nothing more than a piece of paper, shobby and worn down, nothing special at all. It brought a silent level of disappointment upon the team. Did Rax grab even the right thing? Did it not work because they never landed or something? Some form of issue had riddled the scroll into being nothing more than an empty scrap of Parchment.

    Just as Bondor was going to say something the paper lit up, etching in letters as if they were being written on them mystically.

    One who once stood Tall and Bright it fell down from an Unneeded fight. Horror descended as the sight of bones, a bloody sprawl as a clash of thrones. In the bowels of the skeleton by the hands of skeleton few may know, but that goes up green but For its roots that glow. If it's for this game you wish to be winning then you must obtain what aids life in its beginning.

    "That's... oddly cryptic..." Ossa noted as they all stood around from the words of the clue, not really sure what it meant.

    "Hmmm..." Bondor pondered for a while about the clue

    "Aghhhhhh! I'm shitty at riddles! Why couldn't it be like a physical puzzle!" Shouted a furious and befuddled young fellow named Rax

    "Hmmm..." Bondor remained pondering more.

    Doing her best to try and help solve the puzzle Victoria went to give her bits of guessing for it "Falling? Maybe it says we're looking for something that comes off a giant cliff or something?"

    "That could be a possibility, but where would the unneeded fight aspect of it come from if it was rolling off a cliff or whatever?" Ossa brought up after hearing what Victoria had to say, a calm nature currently overtook her usual mean self.

    Bondor sat on the ground at this point, thinking more to himself "Hmmm..."

    Rax had a decent hold onto the clue, thinking more towards the first piece of the clue. "I say we look for something tall and bright like it said. The Starstream shrine maybe? That place is almost as big as the Combaticon and it glows all the time because of its weird metal from what I heard!"

    "Hmmm..." Bondor continued with his wondering thoughts.

    "That doesn't have anything to do with skeletons though. Maybe Algroth is the key?" Hoping to possibly have thought of a key to the clue, Victoria brought up her ideas of the Skeletal Tyrant himself being involved

    Ossa came right in at the sound of Algroth's name, her face going back into her usual scowl "It would say something about a grey haired old douche if it had to do with Algroth.

    "Hmmm..." Bondor kept his to his thoughts even more so.

    "It sounds like it might be talking about a dead monster. Maybe the legendary beast Skelemera remains further out on the Western edge of Everlast?" Another idea was given out by Sloth on the attempts to crack the code of the first clue.

    "Hmmm..." A further load of mental gymnastics were done further by Bondor.

    "We could go to another town and try and find someone who's knows a lot about Everlast and what could this clue means." Proposing the idea of locating someone who could properly decode the clue, Ossa crouched down to the ground, poking at a bug that was crawling across the deck the ship, trying to not get her skirt near it though.

    "Oh! I know where we need to go!" Bondor came to a revelation at an instant moment. Thanks to his research and work he was able to learn more about the world. "After my fight in Marrow with what Bold told me I looked into a few things. From what the clue said, a skeleton and something falling, and what I read there's no mistaking it... It wants us to go to the former capital of Everlast The Lost Kingdom of Bilai..."

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 36: Remains Of The Once Lively City

    It had taken ten days for them to cross the distance from between Yawnsent to The Lost Kingdom of Bilai. Thanks to Bondor's hard core research and detective skills, though really just dumb luck they got this as their first item to retrieve, the Immortal Rune team had made their way over to find whatever was hidden for them to obtain within the former capital of the continent called Everlast. They had been the first team to obtain their scroll and wanted to try their utmost in order to win the Scavenger Hunt, get the money prize, then buy the information from Manticore and get a supplies/transportation in order to get into whatever adventure had come next. Though they at first had entered into that large arena to gain their earnings to do as they planned it was altered so that at the current situation the Immortal Rune group could get a much more lively real world adventure to their plan layout.

    All they could see at this point were the broken down and crumbling walls of the outer city. Making their way past the outer wall revealed to what they saw was just miles of buildings barely in tact and bone spikes that pierced through sky scrapers and along street roads. The feelings of the angry and regretting souls of those who once resided peacefully within the safety of their city, only to one day discover it was to be wiped out entirely by the one called the Skeletal Tyrant.

    "So what happened here?" Asked Sloth towards his team, just wondering if there was any knowledge they had at all on the once former capital.

    Out of all of them there was one who held the hatred for the one who did this to the Lost Kingdom of Bilai, that person being Ossa "Algroth happened."

    "What? With one guy?!" Both impressed and shocked, Rax looked at all of the power and damage about the nearby areas in the city. Nothing was present, not a soul, and even if there were even a handful of folks then they obviously would be either hiding or within their own newer age minuscule "Someone's gotta need to prevent this from happening all over again..."

    "After I felt his power, even if just a sliver, this kinda feat doesn't surprise me." The pink haired girl reminded the rest of her team as to be absolutely sit.

    "Yeah. From what Bold, the guy I thought in Marrow, told me and what I found in my research papers I can make a good gist of what happened." Bondor pulled out his Memory Tome to see what else he could find out about the events that took place in the kingdom's past. "It says Bilai, the former capital of Everlast, used to be a utopia of well living and serenity amongst the continent. Housing normally around four hundred million people within the walls."

    "Four Hundred Million? How'd they get that many people inside here?" Such a statement was questionable for one such as Sloth, immediately voicing it out.

    "Simple." Getting in to light upon the detail of things, Victoria walked up to one of the buildings nearby. The structure had to be only about a mile tall and a few thousand feet wide in each direction for its four corners. "It's called Spatial Expansion. It was the Essence of one of the personal guard the Ruler of Bilai, Dalk Senton. He was able to do as its name suggested. Make the space within something much larger than it really ones. Each building such as this being hundreds of times bigger on the inside."

    After hearing the way the place was set up Rax had all intentions to stay focused and listen onwards. It seemed like such a magical and bountiful land that the former capital represented. "Whoa, bad ass. Wish my Essence was some crazy complicated power like that."

    "Rax, you can barely handle the Essence you have now." The skull haired girl Ossa commented upon Rax's words, trying to poke fun at him.

    Normally Rax would just chuckle and agree, a sly sentence about how strong he was. What she said seemed to hit him in a serious not, though Rax did his best to make sure no one noticed at the matter, trying to make sure they didn't pry "....Yeah.... Heheheha." Letting his slight change in attitude pass by

    "It also says that forty two years ago Algroth came upon the city, declaring war upon it all by himself." A slight pause was made as Bondor read onwards. "There was a call to arms, more than half of his people had been Essence users who were ready to fight. I doubt they had any idea of the gap in power between the two sides.... But it's as Bold told me, Algroth slaughtered all of them. Then he proceeded to go around and destroy effects of the Spatial Expansion that was put onto the buildings, having people instantly crammed so tightly into each other the majority were mashed to death... The rest died of suffocation or drowning in blood... All of this was to advertise that Marrow was safer than Bilai."

    "That guy really is a monster, in both power and in his existence in general." The idea of facing him someday as Ossa had wanted them to was seeming more like a wild and unreachable dream at this point. Sloth had just time to think and ponder over it all after saying what he had to say.

    With a starry look in his eyes after hearing the level of power Algroth was capable of Rax was excited at the idea of fighting him and taking down such a big shot villain "Can't wait until we get to fight him!"

    "It'll be a long time until then, dude." Sloth corrected Rax on his disillusion and brought him over with the reality of things.

    "Let's just hurry this up before we run into any other teams alri-" What Ossa had been saying was cut short as everyone saw what had walked out around a broken down street corner.

    Shortly after the moment of awkward silence from the talk of Algroth's atrocities there was a very strong dismissal of the peace. Out walking to intercept and meet directly to Rax and the rest of his team were the entirety of the team Divine Salvage. It was the same people that Bondor had told them about before the start of the competition; Lux Frostrend, Perucho Guiness, Goose Atlands, Sckys Curviq, Sakura Rosary, and their team leader Xiam Corley. The two teams eyed each other down for a moment, waiting for the first move to start. There could easily be an all out team to team brawl or something more civil. Waiting for who would make the first move is a very crucial point in something like this.

    Their entire team seemed to have a similar look to them. There were crosses with a halo above it and tipped at the bottom like a sword marked on their clothing. It seemed to be less like a team symbol and more of something like a religious thing or something. There was also a heavy tone of the color white to their clothing as trimming. The rest of their clothing seemed original to their individuality.

    Though neither team had made a move there was an anomaly that suddenly took place. The scrolls of each team lit up with an amber glow, displaying an aura of light that met up between them to form a visual indication of some rules of the Scavenger Hunt. The scrolls wrote out exactly as follows.


    After the information was given between the two teams properly it was pretty much a sure thing that there was going to be a bout to figure out what was going to happen. Though there was not going to be some insane bloody fight to the death the two teams would at least have a small confrontation purely for the sake of butting heads and showing dominance. There was likely nothing of worth to be contested between the two of them and was just going to be all hot air and snarls. Each of the team members between Immortal Rune and Divine Salvage locked gazes and kept a sturdy look towards each other, only one of them having a different attitude.

    The one Bondor had taken in so much interest during the race here had been Goose Atlands, the one from the Divine Salvage team that would speak first "So we decide what the competitions are and put up who we're putting towards it? Sounds interesting."

    Rax made sure to take first charge as he learned of this fun rule. It garenteed a fight for him, whether or not it be some epic clash of fists of a battle of wits, it was entirely irrelevant to him. He just cocked his hands backwards, fiery red wisps trickling up his arms and out from the tiny gaps between the chains cladding his arms. "Oi, Divide Salary or whatever your team was called, how about we have a little skirmish? I call the event that's a fight! How's about we go all three rounds and not fuck around?""All three possible rounds? Sounds lucrative. Xiam doesn't like to talk unless he's the only person who can answer the question. So I'll be deciding." Goose had been the word of the team, acting in as Xiam's essential small decision maker unless it was entirely needed for his input. "If we're going three rounds then how about each team pick then we flip a coin for the last one, sound fair enough?"

    "Fine. Just hurry up. I don't have the time to waste on this bullshit." Ossa, the technical leader of the Immortal Rune team informed the opponents before them, not showing any shred of caring for being polite to strangers.

    "I'll pick first! How about we have something a little more fun and less painful? I want a drink off! Perucho, go get 'em!" The hyperactive younger member of the team, looking maybe fifteen, Sckys Curviq shouted as he was constantly slapping his friend Perucho in the back to get him to go out.

    The one sent out had been Perucho Guiness, the giant guy of their team. He was just as big as Bondor, but where as Bondor had been compiled of both powerful muscles and fat to absorb damage Perucho was seemingly all muscle from the looks of things. Perucho wore no shirt, showing off his dense muscles. His upper torso's only clothing was what looked like a bib that children would wear or when someone didn't want to risk getting food or liquids on their clothing. Rocky brown colored paints with the cross symbol their team bore on the left thigh and weirdly enough wooden clogs on his feet. Something else that was interesting about him is he wore a large keg on his back, one that looked like it was ten feet tall and five to six feet across.

    "This should be good." Lux put his thumb up to his chin and flicked it off, anxious for the game.

    With no real hesitation or team discussion of who would enter Rax went for who he knew would be their best bet "You up for the Challenge, Bondor?"

    The generally pacifist of a man Bondor was excited over this new rule to the competition. It meant he could still help his team even without the possibility of fighting. "Am I ever not ready for something like drinking? Hahaha." Bondor then proceeded to go to the center area between the two teams in order to compete in the game they decided upon.

    "Kick butt, Bondor!" Victoria cheered as Bondor went to take up the challenge, Ossa just went over to sit down and lean back against a wall to watch, slightly tired and what was a secret to her team she felt sick after entering the city.

    Perucho had strolled on over to the middle ground between the two of them, taking off the large barrel of hard rum. Slamming it down on the ground between the two of them as a act of intimidation
    "Me against you? I dunno if it's fair. I've been drinking most of my life and I'm sure you can't level with that." "I've only been drinking for a couple years now, so it seems you're right, it isn't fair." Bondor's attitude seemed one hundred percent serious and not in any way a bluff as to what he was confirming to Perucho's statement of there being a disadvantage to one of the teams. Though he did agree to this it wasn't as Perucho said. Bondor lifted his hand up, extending his pointer finger, middle finger, and ring finger to point each towards Sckys, Xiam, and Goose who had been standing amongst the rest of their team. "You three better join him." Just as he decided, Bondor had been ready to go up in a four versus one drink off.

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 37: Playing Fair

    There had been a slight surprise in the battle that was now taking place. Due to their conflicts they had summoned up the rules of the Scavenger Hunt had in terms of collision between teams out during the games. From what was thought to be a fierce clashing battle of power and explosions had been side turned to be nothing more than a simple drinking game to determine the winner of the first of three rounds between the Immortal Rune and Divine Salvage teams. Out of the three rounds each team was going to pick something to do and then flip a coin at the last round to figure out who's side gets to pick the remainder.

    The drink off had started out between Immortal Rune's Bondor Stormbjorne and Divine Salvage's Perucho Guiness, both who had been big bulking behemoths of people, each standing over as by far the tallest on their respective teams. There was a difference between the two of them. Bondor has been more a hefty guy, both muscular all over but with a big belly, meanwhile Perucho was almost straight muscle to a complete degree. Surprisingly to the entire massing of people there Bondor had changed up the game entirely. What was supposed to be a one on one duel had become a one on four. After hearing Perucho's cocky attitude Bondor issued a challenge of not only him, but of three of his other teammates, being Sckys, Goose, and Xiam ontop of it. Such a level of confidence and audacity had shocked everyone aside from Rax, who seemed sure of Bondor's victory.

    "What a boss! Get 'em, Bondor!" Shouted out Rax, cheering on his teammate and friend in his manly man of a challenge.

    "Is this guy serious?!" Lux, being the one who was left out on his team from Bondor's pick along with Sakura, was just as flummoxed at the change in pace of what was about to go on.

    "Whoa, whoa whoa! I don't drink often!" Even though he was the one who suggested the game Sckys was worried about participating as he himself rarely drank, more over just wanting to see Perucho show his macho side as he was his best friend.

    Very nervous about the decisions of his teammate, Sloth questioned him on his actions "Bondor, are you trying to throw this for us already?

    "As expected of someone who grew up in the Static Highlands like I did." Though he was surprised by this it was only slightly for Goose. Being from the same area of Everlast in the Static Highlands Goose knew the normal upkeep and living their people had.

    "Bondor...." Ossa groaned as ontop of her silent feelings of sickness to the add on of Bondor trying to act big in front of the enemy.

    "No." There was one person amongst the lot who had drank with Bondor before. Even if Rax won their bout when they first met it was only due to him drinking something that would've knocked them out from the start then using his Essence as to not his the ground first. If it wasn't for his strategy he devised at the time he would have only been able to intake maybe a few more drinks before crumbling, meanwhile Bondor could easily pull through ahead of him. "Bondor may be a big marshmallow normally he's actually as fierce of a warrior as any of us when he wants to be. I don't know why, but he just needs something to fight for in order for his real potential to come out."

    Energies unfelt like any time before from Bondor had been now radiating from him. His standard happy go lucky attitude had shifted into one that carried nothing but confidence and an iron, unbreakable, unmovable willpower that even the strongest of hurricanes couldn't topple. It was like he was a hundred foot giant that stood above them all, the members of Divine Salvage could only stand there having chills run down their spines "Yep, my friend Rax wa right. As long as their's a purpose to it I'm game to do battle anytime!" All the serious and unmovable willpower Bondor's face has been instilled with washed away into a gentle smile, rubbing the bottom of his chin and against his beard stubble. All the feelings of intimidation he pressed upon them had withered away "Especially when the battle is something as fun as having some drinks with some new friends."

    "Rules are simple." Perucho wanted everything to be known as simple as possible. Given the fact there was someone like Sckys participating, someone he knew all to well for getting distracted easily and getting caught into something else all the time. With this he decided to go on and explain the few things that were needed to play the game, no matter the basic level. "We go in turns of drinking, out side against your side. Each side has to have at least one sip, otherwise they lose automatically."

    Rubbing his beard gently Bondor just had really one real question towards the rules of the game. Wanting to make sure it was clear he decided to voice his question and get the answer he needed "So you everyone just has to have at least one drink?"

    "Yes. Simple enough? Good. Pick a glass you wish to start with." Perucho took out from his back four cups, all of different sizes ranging from a shot glass to a normal drinking cup, to a large thick mug to a pitcher for the tougher folk. What he hadn't told Bondor was the nature of the drink. It was called Kettle Rum. From the fine work of a brew master hidden away in the high peaks of Kettle Hill the rum was churned, mixed, and flavored with the powerful waterfall that dropped for over a hundred miles. Being 85% alcohol was not it's only trait. The feeling from drinking this rum was like you were being pushed down on your shoulders and backside with the force of the Kettle Hill waterfall. Weak folk couldn't partake in the drink as it causes severe muscle pain, meanwhile for people like Essence users with strengthened bodies it was more like a lovely message for them. The drink was famous for the fact it would wash away the knots and sore muscles in your back from its relaxing flow.

    "This one should be good." The gentle barbarian decided as he picked up the smallest little shot glass of the cup choices, running along the facet of the barrel to fill up the tiny glass.

    Perucho had himself at this point a very smug look on his face, as if he already knew he was going to win the duel between the two tank like folks of their respective teams. "Is that it? I gotta say, I'm disappointed after all that big puffy chest talk you did and you start your drink with the smallest glass."

    With all his boasting stature of going against all four of them at once Perucho was simultaneously just dissatisfied and satisfied at the same time. Dissatisfied because he saw Bondor as nothing but false talk. Yet satisfied at the fact he could look down upon someone in terms of where he saw himself sitting up in high regards as drinking. Unbeknownst to him Bondor still had something he had to clarify. Unseen to them all as their attentions were directed entirely at the drinking match off there was a wandering pack of beasts nearby. They were called Street Raptors, viscous and flesh hungry large carnivorous reptiles that hunted in packs of at least fifteen while each was around an Eight Stone Star level creature. Colored a pasty set of grey and blending into the backgrounds of the broken down city streets they hunted what they could find. Jaws open and sights on the members of the teams the raptors ready to make their assault. It was only changed when they noticed Rax. With one look towards his being itself and his front hoodie pocket the raptors became to a large state of unease. Backing away and leaving the creatures fled to elsewhere inside of the remains of Bilai.

    "Hmmm? No, this isn't for me." Bondor seemed to chuckle slightly from the misunderstanding over things. He reached out his hand with the shot glass of rum towards the four members of Divine Salvage. "This is for you guys to share." Picking up the large barrel of 85% Alcoholic Rum with one hand and tilting it over his chest "This one's for me." The hulking barbarian downed the entire barrel in less than a minute, coming back to everyone who had looked shocked at his go in of the rum and his extremely masculine way of handling the entire game "What? I left them some to drink. I'm playing fair!" Now that the barrel was gone Bondor just went to ask for a coninuation "

    Ossa was right on the mark ready to pick the next round, looking right at Sakura Rosary, who had been relatively quiet yet happy over on the side of her team "That super smiley bitch over there." The expression on her face seemed rather cruel and with a hidden level of malice. "You and I are fighting. How about we do something cute and girly? Let's play some jump rope."

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 38: Cut Throat Jump Rope

    Ossa with the tight hold of the next round of the small bout between the teams of Immortal Rune and Divine Salvage. Having her normal sour attitude towards everyone she has talked to, aside from the strange member of a high level mercenary group Manticore and her failed attempts at befriending the newborn snake creature named Lime. Out of the opponent's team there was one that Ossa went right for the attempt to deal with herself, that being Sakura Rosary. Wanting to prove herself constantly as an alpha female in times like these Ossa went on to engage the girl in a one versus one show down. Though it wasn't a full battle, it was something that kept to Ossa's standards of being a very aggressive young lady but also a lady regardless.

    "This should be so much fun~~" The excited girl Sakura clapped her hands together as she skipped forward once she heard they were going to play a girl's game of Jump rope to settle their scuffle.

    Sakura herself was a good load of a very optimistic looking being. Hair colored a vibrant amaranth drooped down to curl at the tip around her shoulder blades and around her breasts. A large frilly dress like that of a princess would wear covered in a floral design, hued like that of coral and trimmed around white like all of the members of their team, as well as the blade tipped cross with the halo over it being imprinted on her left hip. All of her wear seemed to be like that of a rich girl. High heel platform shoes and a large pink rose petal sticking to her left sided forehead and flaking part way off as if it were a flag. A wonderful smile and glitter in Sakura's eyes permeated the area as she awaited for the game to begin

    The skull haired girl just whipped back the white tinted hair she was so happy of, the strands going down as far as Sakura's was to her just below her shoulder blades. The girl slammed her hand into the ground, her strong clawed hand going right through the concrete and into what was below.
    "Yep, a game right from my childhood after the Grand Finale Gang was ended." Ripping out from the underground Ossa stringed up a long metal cable that was used for what was likely lighting or something within the streets. She took her bone clawed fingers across it and slashed through it, stripping it down to a razor thin wire aside from long handles at the end. With one quick swing Ossa flipped it over in a jump across the closest by building, slicing off a big chunk of the wall cleanly. "I call it Cut Throat Jump Rope."

    As with Bondor and his decision to drink all of the rum by himself Divine Salvage had once again been shocked and astonished at the Ossa's rather... brutal way of playing games. Regardless of the dangerous game Sakura didn't seem moved at all by it and continued to see it as nothing more than a normal game. She seemed pleased at the game regardless and still wanted to play with Ossa.

    "My name is Sakura Rosary. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.~" The strangely cheerful girl informed Ossa of her thoughts

    Though still herself, Ossa decided to be as polite as she could in greeting and responding to Sakura's words "I'm Ossa Finale. Now let's get going already, asshole. Just remember to speed up the rope as the game progresses."

    Going first Ossa gave the ropes to Rax and Sloth for her. As expected once it began the razor wired rope cut right through the ground and whistled intensely as it went through the air. Ossa herself didn't care at all from the game in terms of the worst case scenario here. Though she could receive intense cuts the razor wire rope doesn't possess the strength to cut through her dense bones, whilst with someone like Sakura it would cleanly cleave her wherever she was cut by it. In a way she was sort of cheating.

    Though whilst jumping Ossa's current sickness started to set in, but nothing that was much to stop her from what she was doing. What though was to add on this was Sakura herself. With her Essence she was controlling the scent of the nature around them. It was called Forever Flora, which gave her control over flowers and their effects. She was actually probably the most observant to a degree on her team, to where she noticed Ossa's quick signs of not feeling well and having some information on each of the members of the other teams to a basic level. For Ossa she knew her complete hatred for Algroth and even to where the man's presence alone can cause her discomfort to a high level. Everyone saw Sakura doing it as she flicked forward a small cut of flower petals from overgrowth in the area to Ossa's general direction, the razor wire rope dicing it and all its containments into the air as a near mist. To her dismay Ossa actually could feel Algroth's presence still within some of the plants from the area, something that caused her so much discomfort that she was physically sickened by it. Because of this about ninety seconds within her turn she had to leap out, placing her time there and fleeing off to vomit. Even though she was such a rude and vulgar girl she secretly held a very girly personality and didn't want anyone to see her throw up. Before she got back though Sakura took her turn to get inside of the razor wire rope and its rolling self, now Goose and Perucho holding onto it now.

    Returning from the off areas and her momentary sickness Ossa asked her team a very much needed question "That bitch. She used her Essence against my turn, right?"

    "Sakura? Yeah. We all saw her, but no one said we couldn't use our Essences like that so it's still fair." Rax informed her of such, though not getting to what Ossa was meaning towards as she looked very much of a scowl.

    "Just what I was hoping for." With her body leaning forward to be only on her toes Ossa was ready to pounce and strike "Lonely Graveyard." A sharp burst in movement had Ossa move right past the jump rope mid swing, past Sakura, and out the over side, then back around again the same way without being being touched by the razor wire.

    As expected of her ability and not caring who amongst the lot saw from this due to her complete upset towards Sakura entirely Ossa was tossing up and down the bones of the toes of the token female of Divine Salvage. Because of this as soon as Sakura touched down to the ground she fell towards, the razor wire going for her neck for a beheading. It looked like her life was at an end until Sckys, the known lover of the girl rushed in to grab onto the wire with his bare hands, stopping it to the best of his abilities and having the wire cut half way through his bones. The only reason they weren't completely severed was due to a small gale of wind that was moving around his hands as he stopped the swing. Sakura never wavered in her strangely and creepily made smile as she had nearly fell down to her death.

    "That dirty bitch!" A pissed off fellow by the name of Lux gritted his teeth at the fact Ossa had somehow caused Sakura to trip, nearly die, then damage Sckys so badly.

    "Hey, Sakura used her Essence to screw with Ossa's turn. So it's fair." Intervening before anything got out of hand unexpectedly Sloth confronted Lux, causing a mass tension between the two of them

    Sckys ignored his bloody hands, only wanting to yell at Ossa for her actions "Sakura could've died!"

    Canceling out the arguments of Sckys was Rax who brought up Ossa could've had the same fate. "Ossa could have too."

    "How about we all just be friends?" Victoria tried her best to comfort everyone and help with nothing but kindness between the two teams

    "Yeah, let's be friends~" Sakura even after all that was as happy and cheerful as ever, always smiling with her eyes closed even after what had just happened.

    "No, I would've been fine. Meanwhile that bitch would of been dead as hell." Openly admitting by herself that she wasn't going to be ended by the attempts made by Sakura but Sakura herself might of been killed by the fall she nearly had caused by Ossa. "I'll be a good sport though and give you these back." With a short blitz rush Ossa went in and put back all of Sakura's toes back inside of her feet.

    Who had been the time keeper due to his unwavering fair nature to both teams, Bondor looked over the times he had kept on a small device made to track time down to a massive fraction of a second called a Microwatch. The results were exactly the same, down to the wire of the two girls and their jumping turns."It's a draw it looks like..." Bondor

    "That Ossa girl sure is scary." The massive man Perucho seemed frightened by the fact the girl could somehow rip out your bones without leaving a wound

    All that was left was the final match. It was decided by the teams that the last round would be decided by a coin toss. Goose pulled out a small gold coin to use for such the occasion. He flipped it over to display to the other team, showing both sides as to confirm there would be no cheating involved. With a single toss the coin flipped dozens of times in the span of each second before landing ontop of Goose's hand, then getting covered as to hide it's identity.

    "Heads!" Bursted out in a verbal vomit like instance as he just wanted to pick the side of the coin right off the bat. Sadly for him the coin once revealed was tails.

    The last remaining participants of the Divine Salvage team, Lux Frostrend, was boosting and ready to battle. "We got the coin toss! I want a straight one on one fight! None of these games, let's mash attacks and kick asses!" The azure hair colored lad named Lux went on to try and just get things on the go. He was extremely inpatient and wanted to start already.

    As the same of his team mates Lux had the same halo covered sword tipped Cross image imprinted upon his clothing, Lux's being right over his abs area of his shirt. Garbing his lower half was a pair of leathery hide pants, looking rough to the touch to where it would scrap down human skin easy. For his shoes they looked pretty average, aside from weird metallic stripping that ran around the sides of them. His torso was garbed in a similar skinning design and likely made of the same material. His long sleeves through had holes all along them in a cross cross diamond pattern until about two inches from the wrist where each remained unscathed. Just as noticed before Lux's hair was a azure blue, looking like icicles that spiked backwards like the back of a curled up hedgehog.

    Out of the members of the Immortal Rune team there was only one that just loved to battle, that person being Rax. Lime coiled up his arm and to his shoulder, the snake colored the same as her name slipping in and our her tongue to get a good look at the thermal signatures of the people all around them. "Finally, my turn!"

    Interrupting Rax and his immediate wants to go into the brawl between Lux and whoever was to face him, Sloth stepped in to take the opportunity "Nope, I got this, Rax." Sloth stepped out to fight against Lux Frostrend, the two arced locks of his hair over his brow.

    Lux didn't care which one it was, he just really wanted to get into a fun battle "Alright, purple haired guy. Let's fight!"

    Sloth's casual and nice guy expression morphed into what was that of a smug look of superiority, his hands coming and into his pickets as he looked at Lux "It's not 'purple haired guy'. To you I expect nothing else but Sir Sloth." Standing straight up Sloth tilted his body off to the forty five degree angle that his fighting stance usually went into before he used his Essence, Wysteria Presence, usually.

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 39: Reflections Across The Ice

    Conflict. The ones to go for the tie breaker match between the two teams had been between Immortal Rune's Sloth Hammon and Divine Salvage's Lux Frostrend. Whilst the last two rounds were more of fun time games, this finishing portion was going to be a full on, no tricks, clear brawl. Due to some slight friction at the end of the previous game between Ossa and Sakura. Now the two would settle their differences and battle it out until they got all their issues out of their system. Unfortunately enough for Lux, Sloth was one to take things a bit overboard with his fights as they all knew. If things weren't to get... bloody and messy there Lux was going to need to be a fighter of a close at least level.

    Within the ruined shell of the former city these two would fight. They had stopped the two from started where they had been before so that they could move themselves to the overgrown areas of a park. Though once a place where friends and families would go to enjoy themselves now only looked like a space forgotten by all but the natural growth of nature itself. Trees colored various shades of green and purple all themselves stretched over two hundred and sixty feet into the air, vines dangling down from them, all from around a mile wide square. Even within it the creatures inside had only poked their heads out to direct their gazes at the strangers, not bothering to do anything other than to look.

    "Good luck, Sloth." Bondor wished his teammate all the luck in the world, pumping his fist into the air and smiling like a fool, the alcohol taking affect now towards him.

    Going on to make sure his teammate got the picture right from him, Rax gave it to him clean and straight forward "Smash that blue dude's face in or don't come back."

    "Just try your best, Sloth~~~" Victoria clapped and waved her hands about to attempt to instill Sloth with as much courage and support as she could. Not realizing her movement was just distracting Sloth due to her swaying heavy set chest.

    Sloth, after regaining his focus from the tantalizing distraction that was Victoria's luscious chest, he wasn't really sure how to take the quick transition between the nice words from Bondor, to Rax's rather mean ones, to back to kind words from Victoria. He just spoke like it was a question he had not known for. "Thanks... I think?"

    "Just hurry up and win, shit head." Ossa grunted at him with a scowl but with a 'do well' thumbs up.

    Meanwhile with Divine Salvage's team they had been giving Lux their own portion of a pep talk, though theirs had been more of a religious one. With all of them circled around Lux, eyes closed and more dominant hand upon his collar with an extended out hand like that of a sword, kept quiet as Goose spoke. "Oh Holy Blade wielder of he who sits above, bestow upon our comrade the will and strength to take down his enemy. Clad him in your majestic power and glorious bravery. In the name of the Shining Crossaber we beg thee."

    Unlike the games they had been playing about with before this was a fight. The team had taken an entirely different approach to it from the looks. Lux seemed to have a far more serious tone to himself now, but still retained his previous personality. The azure haired young man was ready to do his utmost to fight for his team and take down Sloth. It wasn't really to what people like them were to fight for.

    "There can't be two pretty boys within such a vicinity without there being an issue, Sloth! One of us is gonna end up ugly today!" To break all tensions it was revealed Lux's reasoning for disliking Sloth was that they both carried the position and category of the team pretty boy. It wasn't something anyone would believe without being there.

    "Well then... Let's go." Sloth angled his body to the stance he had been known for, his hand out and ready to begin using his Essence, Wysteria Presence.

    Lux gave no haste at the indication to go. Swinging his right arm from below across to his opposite shoulder as if he was swatting at a bug. Due to this there had been a bountiful trail of stalagmites of ice that drove towards Sloth. They were like rush of frozen spears that wanted nothing more than to pierce into their prey. Sloth merely had to make a flick of the wrist to have a surge of gravity crush into the icicles, that of which scattered about the air but nothing enough to cause damage. Though he had his guard lowered he still had himself ready for a counter attack. It was cracked nearly through as out of nowhere as if Lux appeared instantaneously amongst the remains of the ice, close in and ready to attack again.

    "Frozen Fin!" Lux brought his hand up again as he did before. This time it was one large stalagmite made of ice that was to drive itself right through Sloth. Being the size of a fully grown oak tree the ice lance like attack was surely one to cause a good deal of damage if struck with, even if just skimmed.

    "Zero Zone: Singular!" Using his shiny new movement technique Sloth gained the ability to essentially fly due to the fact he made himself immune to the effects of gravity within the area of one hundred and fifty feet of a sphere. "Graviton Crush!"

    Sloth struck into Lux's chest with a powerful strike that carried a literally ton of force per square centimeter on his fist. Trying to strike through Lux's chest but only going through what looked to be some form of illusion. As soon as this happened the fake Lux disappeared, the one who had first been seen was still in the spot he was in at the start of the fight.

    Sloth wasn't impressed by such a petty trick. He just went on to try to taunt Lux into revealing his technique. "Illusions? I thought you'd be better than that. But then again, not everyone can meet up to my kingly standards. Such a pity."

    "You think so?" Lux wasn't in a state to fall into any traps. It wasn't until after he said this that Sloth noticed the icy trail of frozen stalagmites that had curved around and were driving forwards at him.

    Another one of the Lux fakes appeared from the ice instantaneously. It went in with a frozen hand in a chopping motion aimed right for Sloth's clavicle. Sloth had no such worry and didn't pay attention to the fake, turning back towards Lux.
    "You really think an obvious illusions is gonna do anythi-"

    Having been interrupted with a sharp pain to his neck Sloth was sent right into the ground below, creating a small crater and causing the young man severe pain.

    "When did I say they were even illusions?" Lux snickering at this point from the lack of caution that Sloth held. It was due to his Essence, Articora Borealis, he was able to conjure and control ice, and in addition to that, light reflections through them. By using the ice he sent out he was able to sent his reflections through them to create clones that could attack from multiple directions yet wouldn't cause him any damage all from a safe range. So along with his normal attack attacks he was able to create sure safe copies of himself in order to cause additional assault towards his opponents at all times.

    "Shit!" Sloth was sent downwards and through some buildings before being able to regain his footing. Sadly to him the ice trail still followed right for him as it went to attack him again, whether it be with frozen impalement of via a solid copy that Lux was able to use.

    After getting back to hold himself and looked about to try and pin point out where Lux's attack was coming next Sloth realized he had been inside of a large warehouse like building, barren and empty. All there was inside was the normal plant overgrowth that the rest of the city had been covered in. The building looked to be about two hundred feet tall and three hundred feet in both directions. After being able to see this even with the poor lighting Sloth caught the glimpse of a glint entering the opening that he created when he smashed through the wall of this warehouse. Having the right idea of it being Lux's ice trail coming at him Sloth was able to devise a plan to fight against it.

    Thinking to himself of what to do Sloth had been able to analyze Lux's Essence of projecting copies of himself through his ice trails to attack him. "Okay, all I gotta do it steer clear of the trail with it comes at me."

    The trail of ice was well prepared to be countered against and avoided by Sloth for only a brief moment before coming to a grave discovery. Though he did see the ice trail in front of him and had been ready to guard against it it wasn't the full case. The copy that appeared in front of him as the others did he was brought to a painful news flash. Just when he noticed that the ice trail had two other trails split off to each side of the left and right. On each of Sloth's sides there had been another copy of Lux, making three of him total.

    The three Lux copies all at once shouted out the name for their incoming attack. "Arctic Shark Union!" Two chops went right for the clavical as before from the copies on the right and left sides whilst the on in the front chopped Sloth right into his chest. Absorbing the three pronged attack Sloth was sent back again and had crashed through the building and back out into the open.

    Lux, the actual one that is, was able to see what his copies saw and through his ice. Though now due to the up heave of dust from that last attack he had no vision of Sloth. Because of his the was unable to see Sloth had used his technique that gave him essentially flight to soar right around the warehouse and right into the real Lux's left side.

    "Gravity Divide!" With the same technique that had killed Baldy Niagra Sloth drove his killer attack right into Lux's left side. Though with Baldy it was to powerful for his body to withstand it wasn't the case for Lux. Bracing himself by freezing his feet to the ground Lux was able to tank the attack to an extent, though it did do a large amount of damage. Sloth just went in to follow up an immediate secondary attack. "Kneel before me, you insignificant maggot. Yielding Strike!" Such as his Yielding Zone had been an area of increased gravity, his Yielding Strike had just been a punch with increased gravity behind it, causing it to carry more force than a normal jab from him.

    Going to meet the power of Sloth's attack Lux went in with an attack with all of his fingers extended yet tips touching, making it look like a spike. "Frostbite Fang!" Temperatures dropped severely to the negatives around the two of them within the moment the attack started. Though Lux had more specialized in ranged combat, he had some skill in close quarters fighting that he had been practicing. Clashing together the two attacks met with a strong collision of power

    Chapter End

    Your friendship?
    I'll take it!

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