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    The Enchantrum Chapter 115: Camelot's Owl

    Silencing seas to a literal extent the famous beyond all means Nexian Supreme Archmage of Camelot, Merlin Sirion Arcanis Chronos, sailed down his ship's course towards this land. What laid out before him was a land unfound by humanity, at least that was what was believed. Little did Merlin know that there was a single human that had taken refuge somewhere upon this place, living amongst the terrifying monsters and beasts scattered across it of an uncountable number of primal ferocity.

    "This isn't charted, is it?" Stroking the short beard that crossed down his chin like a V Merlin found his destination to be a great wonderous curiosity

    "No, sir- I mean, Nexian Supreme Arch-" Owner of the boat maybe the size of a large house was a man named Ponduc, a very standard looking sea sailer who mustered up all of his courage to take up Merlin's request to take him to an uncharted area of the world.

    A very friendly man to his very core even with his high status Merlin saw those who were loyal and kind like Ponduc to be a great asset to the world. "Sir is fine. You're the only one who would lend me the aid of your vessel, so I consider you an ally. You may call me Merlin if you want."

    Ecstatic from this Ponduc shouted with Joy "Oh really? Thanks, Merl!"

    "Merlin. Not Merl." The powerful Adventurer corrected Ponduc on.

    Apologetic in his excitement Ponduc said just so to Merlin "Sorry."

    The reason Merlin was headed towards this place was due to three and a half years in the past there was some form of powerful roar that emminated from the general area, something that every living being on the planet felt fear from, as if they were about to have the jaws of an absolute predator around their throats. What Merlin didn't know was why. What tripped off something of such great power?

    "What the hell?" Astonishment rought itself onto Merlin's face just after he preformed an Essence Pulse.

    "What is it, Sir Merlin?" Ponduc asked him, unsure of what troubled someone of Merlin's stature.

    "On the landscape I can see with my Essence Pulse that not one hundred percent of this place is ruled by one alpha. It's infeasibly small of thousands zeros after the decimal, like a quarter of an acre, but still it belongs entirely to whatever lives there. Halt the ship for now." Lifting his staff off the ground Merlin hunched over and gave word to Ponduc before jumping the remaining few hundred miles to the land. "I'll be going there first. Stay here."

    Seeing Merlin make such a great distance in a single leap Ponduc found his employer nothing but in a blatant term as Super bad ass "That dude is something crazy."

    Getting to where he had set his sights upon Merlin crushed every single monster that came at him by merely tapping his index finger onto his staff, not a single one being below Platinum Star level. When he reached where he was aiming for he came across a paved down grove complete with a hut, a rock grotto bath, farming areas, and an area that had been burnt down black. Inside the area that had been scorched ebony was none other than the one he had felt when he Essence Pulsed the land, confused as hell as how the absolute boss of this zone is some kid, even if the area was only around sixty feet across.

    "Boy! How are you existent on this island?!" Merlin shouted, flummoxed beyond himself right now.

    In reality Rax had been there for a bit over three years and was the reason that the Apex brought attention to this landscape. Not a single other human since his Father threw him through the Bubble Gate, yet he didn't seem surprised to see Merlin at all. It was like when someone found their sights on an interesting animal, as if Rax didn't find himself to be even a human anymore. Speaking Bluntly Rax answered Merlin's question with casual honesty "Well, I built a camp. I've been living there for... Ummm... Actually I'm not entirely sure. I got taller though since I got here."

    "...Okay?" The boy's comfort in saying it like this was a normal aspect of anything astounded Merlin to no end. "Kay then. I'm an adventuring Hero. I have come to find the mysteries of this uncharted land! I will even name it in the presence of I, Merlin Sirion Arcan-"

    "It already has a name." Rax sharply interupted him, not allowing for anyone to change the name of the land he already gave word towards.

    Halted from his prestigious announcement Merlin broke away from his constant guise of being some high class intellectual and to his actual personality of what could be considered a "Bro" above all else "Wait, what? You named it already?"

    "Yeah! I did it a couple of weeks after I got here. After I regained my senses that is." Rax informed him about, happy he could make some big headlines maybe by being the one to name this land

    Given his knowledge and experience it sounded like to Merlin that this kid took in an Essence while he was here and was overtaken by it, which happens when someone absorbs something far to powerful for their current capabilities. "Regained your senses? Did you gain an Essence while here? It's very uncommon for someone to come back after losing themselves to their Essence and not be a Fright."

    "I had one before I came here." Not sure what a Fright was Rax just told him about his original Essence he got when he was younger so his father could train him "Then I found this skeleton calling to me, then it wasn't actually the skeleton, then I touched it, then I got all scale-y and lived like a dinosaur for a while! It was cool!"

    "Sounds pretty bad ass and fun... Err, I mean, That's quite a perdicament, boy." Merlin tried really hard to get back to his classy smart guy guise of things

    "I have a name! My name is Rax." Lifting his right hand into the air Rax let fire trickle up his arms as he yelled about himself "Co-Ruler of Pangaea!"

    "Pangaea, huh?" Thinking it over Merlin agreed with the name for this lost land of dinosaurs and other prehistoic beasts. "Has a nice ring to it."

    "Thanks." Nodding appreciatively Rax was happy to see some approval

    Something said though bothered Merlin a little bit "So Rax, you're the Co-ruler?"

    "I think so. Nothing ever bothers me. Some creatures even cut off their own parts when they see me and run away." Honestly Rax hadn't any concrete proof on this matter. As he said he just assumed it all.

    "Whoa, fucking weird." Merlin's true personality slipped out again momentarily "Errg, Intriging indeed!" Working out all that he'd been told so far and the rest of what he could just guess and see as what were going on Merlin had a pretty good guess on the situation "Guaging from what you've told me I think that Essence you took in was a remnant of the ruler of this land. It would explain how all the other monsters treat you."

    "I've got part of Cinnabarsaurus' powers?!" Rax shouted out, giving name to a big important creature of the continent "Makes sense why he never picks on me then I guess."

    Hearing a species of creature he had never heard of before Merlin figured this would lead him to the main reason he came here. "Cinnabarsaurus? Is that the ruler around here?"

    "Uh-huh. He has these cool ruby gem scales and all these spikes! Cinnabarsaurus Rex! Since I think he's a descendent of a kind of Tyrannasaurus. And My name's Rax, who has a cinnabar star of hair. So thus, Cinnabarsaurus Rex!" Rax described the C-Rex, also known as an Apex Ascension beast (One of the most powerful creatures on the planet as a single unique unit.)

    "I'm not sure I get it... but sure." If the creature was ruby like in appearance why the boy called him a Cinnabar like creature instead sorta made no sense, but he wouldn't take away the accomplishments of another. "Take me to this guy please."

    Smiling happily Rax blurted out what was about to happen "I won't need to. C-Rex is on his way here right now."

    "Oh really? Time to docume-" Merlin reached into his backpack satchel momentarily before feeling what was approaching them "What in the realm...?" Coming out before them as not a creature of great size (Around a hundred feet tall only) the shining red beast of ruby scales holding the title of an Apex Ascension Beast peeked over the trees that separated the lines between its territory and Rax's "The Cinnabarsaurus Rex, the one that you have some form of befriendment is... this...?"

    "Mmmhmm!" Rax confirmed happily

    "This creature is... An Apex Ascension Beast." Merlin's entire thought process was brought to a near halt immediately. He himself was extremely powerful but he could still feel overwhelming pressure coming from this thing, something he saw as only as people on tier with himself (Such as Da'Vinci Abacus) could hope to stand a chance against, yet for some reasont his monstroscity seemed cautious into entering Rax's domain "I never thought even in my lifetime I would run into an Apex." Lifting his staff to fight Merlin was ready, brimming with excitement "Finally, the peak of my abilities can be tested!"

    Seeing the looks from the Apex was causing Merlin to act all funny Rax lifted his hands up and began waving away the monster "C-Rex, stop! Don't pick on my new friend!"

    Merlin didn't fear the Apex like most would, but he still found it to be a tremendous force. Meanwhile Rax was treating it like an annoying house pet "Sweet Sun in the Sky! How are you doing what you're doing?!"

    "Shoo! Shoo! Go away, C-Rex! Come back when you can be nice!" He finished off, Rax's scowls steering the C-Rex away

    "..." Not really sure what just happened Merlin had to take note and documentation of this kid "Rax, boy, you need to come with me."

    "Why would I? I'm not ready to leave yet." Even though his end intentions for Pangaea was to leave and eventually reunite with his brothers Rax didn't feel like it was time yet. "What reason do you have that would make me leave?"

    "Well, one is... A secret that you'll have to wait to find out..." In truth Merlin, who had a strange upward crescent like shape of hair that grew on his brow like the pattern on the face of an owl compared to Rax's star shaped hair piece on his own brow had the Archmage in the belief that this boy might somehow be one of his bastards. "The other reason is because I see great potential in you, Rax. Really, really, surprising potential."

    "Hmmmm.... Nope. I won't go." He said, the cinnabar haired boy decided.

    "You would get to sail on my boat." Offered Merlin

    Turning his final choice in a complete one eighty Rax changed his decision to instead go with Merlin, blasting with excitement for the chance to ride a sea ship "Fine! I've never been on a boat before!"

    "Fan-fucking-tastic then." Declared Merlin, unknowingly the amount of events that would come to pass for taking Rax away from this newly found continent of Pangaea

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 116: Legend of Future

    Stories told. Rax's past was brought about with the rest of his own team, the temporary additions of Dohawk Harrowgale, Allara Ji, Skaryuu, Manticore, and Umbra, as well as the Crescendo Cartel's Boss Bard Crescendo, his daughter Cake, and the second strongest viewed Hero within the great realm: Merlin Chronos. Many astonishing revalations were brought forth to them. Rax's father who was obsessed with his children becoming his ticket to glory, Ra being thrown away like a broken trinket, to his controntation and familiarity with an Apex Ascension Beast that stood as one of the most fiersome and powerful across the Enchantrum Realm and the dimensions that parrallel to it.

    Everyone but Merlin sat with utter shock befuddling their faces. The sheer idea of someone having an Essence originating from an Apex was mind boggling. Even Manticore who was a man riddled with self risen pride was at a loss of words. Apex Ascension Beasts were regarded as near mythic entities not far from the status of gods. Creatures who steered away from their own generic make up to better themselves, to evolve further and become a unique being that was had few that could possibly stand against it.

    Manticore kept on his face the look of nothing but shock. This carried over in his voice, realizing somehow he never noticed Rax's unique Essence and feeling lower than himself for it "So... You met this... Cinnabarsaurus-"

    "C-Rex. It's easier to say, so just go with that." Rax informed them, the Apex of dinosaurs that held itself as but a companion of Rax's

    Not sure how to process this Manticore just agreed with Rax, hoping it would work out at some point within his head "Yeah, C-Rex... You roared back at it and then shooed it away like a fucking house cat?!"

    "Yes." the young adventurer rookie exclaimed, the idea of his friendship with an Apex a long since normal aspect to him

    Bard too was paved over with an expression of no idea how to handle this. Merlin was a massive deal, a force unlike any other in the Realm, but one that held the power from an Apex Ascension Beast was unheard of, like having a legend amongst whispers present "How can you even say that with a straight face, child?!"

    "It's easy. C-Rex was my friend." He said, not getting that befriending such a powerful being was a crazy as hell feat of accomplishment

    "So you're Essence is reptilian Based?" Ossa didn't really go through this all. Just like the others she was beside herself with astonishment. Even with this there was one thing he noticed about Rax that related to Lime, the blind snake that was seen as Rax's familiar "That explains why Lime likes you so much. She must see you as a similar species as her, maybe even a sperior race."

    With his right index finger to his chin Bondor thought over what he said, seeing as a very likely scenario that explained why Lime only really cared for Rax, and in the case of Umbra, things in general that were similar to her. "That makes a lot of sense, Ossa."

    "I must takes notes, NOTES I SAY!" Panicking immensely Alaude jotted down as much as he could, massively overdriven by the idea that Rax had a close interaction with an Apex level monster that only were recorded within primitive stories and rumors.

    Alaude was a man of knowledge. Rax knew this shortly after meeting him. He was willing to share with Alaude the details of his past, so the man wanting to take notes on what he went through and experienced wasn't that surprising. Rax only wished for him to not make it a publically known thing as it could result in a lot of mayhem"Go ahead, Alaude. Just please keep them to yourself."

    "Rax, I knew there was something amazing about you!" Umbra clung to Rax, wrapping her arms around him with great force that had the potential to kill him if he was held by her for more than a few seconds. "I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!!"

    "Umbra...! You're hurting me!" Writhing about in Pain Rax tried to escape

    Noticing the damage she was causing Umbra let go, blushing amongst her mocha colored skin "Bleh! Sorry."

    Sloth got over the blatant surprise as the rest of them got. Thinking it over he made sense of Rax's personality and way of doing things by comparing them to an overly head strong beast "An Apex? No wonder you're so reckless."

    "The issue with his Essence is exactly why I made him bear those chains." Merlin revealed, being the one that clad those chains onto Rax that imprisoned his Essence

    "You did that, Nexian Supreme?" Bondor was indeed an intelligent man. Things that some might not have paid attention to was easy to him to deduce, such as Rax's stand out occurances of any time he let loose the chains garbing his arms "I always wondered why when he loosened them he got stronger."

    "The issue with Rax's Essence was that the residual energy left by the C-Rex was back when it was an infant. It grows with him, whether he trains or not. The problem is if he doesn't train to harness it it'll eventually overtake him." What Rax was given was both a blessing and a curse. At any point he could lose control and go upon a terrifying onslaught of a massacre "When he was in Pangaea he was left without a threat. The influence of the Apex left all the other beasts in fear of him. When he and I left and arrived back within the charted areas of the world he ran across a low level beast in the Terra Upheave continent." Very such was true. Rax held himself in a dangerous territory to intimidate creatures passively without his own intent "Even then the creature stood its ground against him."

    "It never had that spread instinct when the Apex turned away and let him live, right?" Victoria made a clever observation for once. Without the influence of the Apex Rax was nothing more than a scary stranger to the wilds of nature.

    "Correct." "On Pangaea he was never actually threatened, his instincts were never actually challenged. What I witnessed that day is forever engraved into my mind. Rax took went from a cheerful young lad and morphed into a blood sated predator that wanted nothing more than to feast on his prey. I promptly subdued him and had him wear those chains to supress his power." "Eventually he'll be able to control it. He just needs to find out what values and mentallity to hone to do just that."

    Speaking again to his teacher, and in some ways keeper, Rax had rarely a question for him "And what are those, Master Merlin?"

    "If I knew I'd probably just tell you." Merlin didn't really know either. Each person was unqiue. Each Essence was unique, even if in a miniscule manner. "You're a troublesome little runt but you're still my apprentice (Sorta), Rax."

    In short Merlin even with his wisdom and experiene was unable to provide Rax with what he asked for. It wasn't for him to even give handouts to others to help them get better. Rax may have been an exception in some ways but Merlin did honestly not possess a useful piece of advise other than his standard way of thinking in a tight spot: Improvise. Down to a key he was centered around this teaching, Rax held it dear to his heart and a core of his way of fighting. Whether it would actually help them out in a way was irrelevant to the two of them, though the rest of the group would've likely liked it more if what Merlin had provided with more useful information, but again he didn't want to coddle the group with easy bonuses and free experience.

    "Manticore, lad, take this." Reaching out Merlin gave Manticore the same item that Da'Vinci had back in Vess. It hid their Essences from others so they appeared as if nothing more than a normal human "I'm fully aware that Umbra here has her power hidden the second I was near her. You though I am well educated on your history. With a great power like yours and a set of decision skills that reside within you you'll need to hide yourself for a while when inside Vendreiga. Just listen to reason of the group and try not to become a unit of interest." Looking towards Dohawk Merlin had something to say "And by reason I'm referring to you, Dohawk. I can tell how wise you are, even at your age."

    Brimming with happiness for his praise Dohawk took what was given to him, a compliment by a man with such high stature as Merlin "Thank you, Nexian Supreme!"

    "Deal done then." Cake raised her hands and clapped them together, giving signal to her right hand man "Dellinger!" Arriving beside her was the one who Cake trusted most un this world: Dellinger Lariosauro, the scowling weapon of the Heiress to the Crescendo Cartel "Tell some of the cartel to get the Cover Maul ready for our well esteemed clients."

    Now they were not far from the advent that would lead them into the Fortress Kingdom; Vendreiga. Breaking into it was something that no one had ever really done before. History was on the verge of being set. The Immortal Rune Team, as well as the handful of extra people that were going to tag along with them were ready. Merlin was sure to not accompany them, but he did plan to assist them in the manner of helping to keep Manticre in check and not instantly blow their cover.

    "Rax, drop the sad act before we go in." Taking charge of her teammate's emotions and attitude Ossa directed her team's fiery brawler to buck up and get ready to do what they came for. "I get that you dislike this place but we got adventure to start."

    "Understood. Now then..." Clashing his fists together Rax shoved aside his personal problems with the Fortress Kingdom that he was born in, wanting only to help any way he can and gain a higher status as a Hero "I've gotten over it enough for now. Let's break into Vendreiga!"

    So many secrets shed just by one young man. Rax had his past brought out to a select group of people. He was unaware that Cake was part of the Bastion of Discord, a union that was lead by none other than Rax's arch enemy, Brimstone Hannibal. With this newly given knowledge Cake pondered on what exactly she would be able to gain in exchange for this tid bit of information in regards to the one Brimstone believed to be his best friend.

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 117: Smuggling Heroes

    "What is this thing?"Poking a large beast Rax was presented with something he wasn't really sure of.

    With his story behind him Rax was prepared with getting this all taken care of now. What he was referring to was the beast that Cake went and got for them just prior to leaving. Now away from the Crescendo Cartel's estate it was close to the point where Merlin would have to bid everyone, mainly Rax, a very fond farewell.

    Ossa didn't seem to care about this creature. In truth she was horrified to hear Rax's history, but didn't want to show signs of any weakness or falter in her usual emotions. "Who cares, let's keep things going."

    Lumbering in the center of the crowding lot was a bulkish badger like creature, the Cover Maul. Brown and brick red with claws like spiked flails it looked dangerous, the size of a small house. A Cover Maul was a very heavy set creature who could easily tango with adventurers in the low stone star level, nothing spectacular, but still something worth value to a lot. What was more to this creature is that funny enough it was a very passive beast. Its Essence gifted it with the ability to camoflauge itself to where unless it attacks every other being, or even construct, would see it as so harmless that it wouldn't even acknowledge on a serious note. One would see one, even with their monstrous size and well leveled strength on tier with a kitten.

    These were honed by the Crescendo Cartel to smuggle their products past security and dangerous zones due to the Cover Maul basically going unnoticed, or at least not felt like they were going to be a problem. With this it was fully possible to get past the Vendreiga security constructs that surrounded the areas around the stronghold of a kingdom just beyond the trench that lined up with the outter most walls.

    "Good to see you again, Rax." Aware that Rax and Company would be heading out soon Merlin bid a soft farewell to the one who he considered a disciple (Sometimes in some cases that is) unsure of when they'd see each other again "I think I'll stay here for a while. Taptio is a beautiful estate and I wish to partake the view in more."

    Kay. Merlin just showed up at this guy's estate and now decides to stay there for a while? Rax knew it was like the real Merlin Chronos to just do as he pleases though "You don't think Bard will be against you staying?"

    "Ehh, I don't care." Brutally honest with his intentions Merlin gave no care to the opinions of the residents of the Crescendo Cartel's estate "Let's see him do something about it."

    In unison both Rax and Merlin began laughing loudly about this entire scenario "Ahahahahaha!" Funny ontop of it Umbra randomly joined in the laughter, not with any knowledge of why she was laughing with them at all

    Seeing his master again was a refresher that Rax really needed. With all the things going on that rattled him deeply it was nothing but helpful to see a long since familiar face that he categorized as his own father figure. Merlin felt similar to the same as what Rax felt towards him. Throughout his life many saw him as either a problem or as the highly regarded ruler of Camelot. It wasn't until he got to know Rax that he had a person who saw him as nothing but a person to look up to, seeing him for who he was and not for just his position in strength. It was always something Merlin saw as a treasure in the kid; the ability to see people for who they are and act on it. He was without knowledge of what would turn and form from his reentering into his land of birth, a land he had long since forsaken and put behind himself.

    Odd buzzing drifted around about the walls. It was foreign to Rax in an alerting manner he saw it as a possible obsticle that existed beyond the wall. "What the hells with that buzzing?"

    "Hey, Skaryuu, why are you so angry all the time?" Manticore poked fun at the sworn swordsman of one of the Ji Dynasty's princes, ignoring Rax's comment entirely as the rest of them did

    Snapping back without any care of how strong Manticore was Skaryuu scowled at him intensely, looming over the fact he was having to deal with these people "Why are you such an idiot all the time?"

    "Whoa, hostility." Jotting down the events that were taking Place the tinkerer and man of knowledge Alaude kept track of their adventure

    "Please, friends, let's not fight." Bondor went ot settle down the grouchy swordsman, a heart full of compassion and kindness was most of his well being.

    Dohawk Harrowgale was well raised to have a heavy level of detailed wisdom to assist in solutions for issues between people "Conflict without real reason leads to nothing but loss."

    Manticore clapped his hands together, agreeding that they should all be friends "Well said, Dohawk!"

    "How are you able to say that with an honest face, Manticore?" Ossa was fully aware of Manticore's reputation that regarded him to pick fights with most people who look at him funny. It was how he earned the title of Scourge Lion

    Smirking with his head held high up Manticore proclaimed himself "With a lot of pride and a laugh dwelling in my gut."

    "Lady Victoria, how are you doing? Are you hungry?" What Allara seemed to pay most attention to in this entire adventure so far was just how Immortal Rune's Victoria Nisean felt at every second of the day

    Cheerfully responding Victoria patted on her tummy, showing no signs of hunger whatsoever "I'm fine. I like to eat in binges! Should be good for a few more days without needing any food."

    "Beautiful and an intelligent survivalist!" He praised her, Allara happy with anything she says or does

    "Ugh, Prince Allara..." Skaryuu didn't like that his prince was having his mind steered away by some broad so soon. As a man sword to the blade he cared for nothing besides protecting the one his oath was sworn to.

    "We're maybe ten minutes from the trenches outside Vendreiga." Umbra was using her Essence to look head, knowing the distances and areas that they were getting towards

    "Umbra, for a whackey girl like yourself you sure are useful." This was true. Ossa admited to the facts directed to Umbra's massive use to the team "At least one of these extras is."

    Saluting happily Umbra was rought with joy "I aim to please!"

    Given what they were all doing Bondor hoped for a unity to form between them all "We should all just be friends."

    "Bondor, you're a great dude." Patting his pacifist pal, Rax was always in appreciation of his friends "Kay, we're here."

    Getting past all of the watching constructs that resided scattered around outside the Vendreiga fortress wall was now a simple task. Without being noticed thanks to the Cover Maul the group essentially tip toed stealthfully right up to the doorstep of Vendreiga. It was strange to see all of the constructs constantly scanning the area with their large, luminescent eyes that sought out all non-usual entities to give alert to those who guarded the Vendreiga walls. This though was what they believed. What awaited them beyond the walls? Were they ready? Well, time to find out what they're all made of it seems!

    Waving away the Cover Maul with her deepest and most sincere tears Victoria "Bye Fluffers! I'll miss you!"

    "Victoria, don't befriend a Crime group's smuggling pet." Ossa directed, not wanting anything bad to come from it as it surely could

    "We're not supposed to?" Dazed and confused Bondor hesitated to tell them that he already befriended the Cover Maul beast that brought them to where they were

    Looking at Bondor with a look of disapproval Ossa had nothing else to say but "Bondor, god dammit..."

    It was around four miles from the edge they were all standing at to the wall that was easily twice as high and thick as the trench that resided beside it. Light didn't even make it down to the bottom of the trench, only moist darkness

    Bondor sneered down towards the trench, wondering how deep it was. It was as if all of the Static Highlands couldn't even fill up the trench just from what was visible by the human eye "Damn, look at this."

    "Wowzers! It looks so amazing!" Getting attention towards her Umbra held herself together in a guise of suspense and wonder only to break in laughter, waving her hands in front of her face "Just kidding. I can't see anything."

    Sloth chuckled with her comment, appreciating Umbra's humor in her own disability "Ha, blindness reference."

    Making sure everything was up to her standards and expectations Ossa made sure that the one card that could jepordize "Manticore, do you have that device thing on to mask your Essence?"

    "Yeah. If I run into Hank I'm taking the thing off and going wild." Slashing his fingers against one another Manticore created a brief spark as if he clashed metals together

    Rax knew that Manticore was the only one that would be able to fight against this Hank Bank guy if he ever came across them. As long as they were able to get this job done Rax didn't care. What worried him was that he'd run into problems that were long since buried deep inside of his mind. If he's lucky he'd be able to reunite with one of his brothers.

    Ten adventurers (Sorta heroes if you count Manticore) stood before the massive trench that divided the land around them and the mountain of the outter wall shielding Vendreiga from the outside world. Miles down below the surface was the entry way into what would lead them onto their first big adventure, excluding Manticore and Umbra of course. What Rax saw though wasn't simply a wall that rose up to the clouds in front of him. To the rookie adventurer it was an emotional stronghold that drove back a past he didn't prefer to think of for many reasons. Regardless of that though he agreed to venture onward with the rest of his friends, to prevent catastrophe from continuing, for being all around ways; a Hero.

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 118: Trouble In the Slums

    Looking over the multiple mile wide and over a dozen miles deep trench Rax had only one thing left to do "Well... No time to waste!" Doing a front flip Rax leaped head first into the Mote

    "Is he mad?!" Allara had no idea of what to make of this

    Clapping his hands together Manticore showed that he was fairly amused at Rax's style "Style points aplenty, Rax!"

    Hopping right over the side as well Bondor got into a fetal position, forming a famous pose "Cannon ball!"

    "Heh, savages." With his Zero Zone: Singularity technique Sloth gave himself an anti-gravity form of flight, gliding down

    Spreading out his man sized hawk wings Dohawk was ready to join in "Looks like I'll be the lucky one here since I have wings."

    "Don't assume you're the only one, Dohawk." Manticore hinted, then going himself without a second word, only the amused look on his face

    "Hmph." Crouching down and charging Skaryuu bolted down at an angle "So drull."

    "Allara, come here, you scardy cat." Victoria saw that the Ji Prince Allara was weary of this, reaching over and picking him up like a man carrying a princess

    "Thank you lady Victori-AHHHHH!" Allara's blissful tone from being carried by the woman he secretly admired turned to a horrified scream after Victoria went down into the trench

    Umbra remained silent, not quite sure of what to do. Before given the chance though Manticore came back up from the bottom, standing firmly behind Umbra, pushing onto her butt with his foot "Down you go, Umbra." And down Umbra went indeed, falling blindly into this trench, not using her Essence to map it out purely for the unknown fun

    "Movement Protocol: Hover." With his Tech Essence clad to him Alaude lept over the opening, falling at a controlled pace where he could speed it up or slow it down at will

    Peering into the trench Ossa angled where he was planning to go, waiting for just the right time "Hmmm... Aaaaannnnd... Now."

    Everyone landed in their own manner. Rax, who was first to leap speared down into the ground, head first, like a lawn dart. Manticore had been down onto the floor of dirt and stone before anyone else, patiently awaiting the rest of the group. Umbra had been rolling down the side of the trench cliff, spinning and flipping wildly (though laughing frantically the entire time) Dohawk, Sloth, and Alaude touched down with a soft flutter. Bondor impacted like a cannon ball, leaving a hole in the ground as big as he was. Skidding across the bottom as if he had been in a battle came Skaryuu, poised to draw his sword as if he expected an enemy to be down here. Landing with the grace of a swan and the power of an ogre Victoria crashed his glamorous steel high heels, setting Allara down. Ossa, having been last, pin pointed where she would land.

    "Ha." Flipping over inside his Rax sized crater the cinnabar star of a rookie poked out of it like a rodent, grinning at all his wild friends "You guys are fun." Ossa came down right ontop of Rax's head, driving him into the ground further like a rail spike. "Oompf!"

    Shortly after they all got back up and sound they noticed something unpredicted. Down below inside this trench was a small city, one that touched the Vendreiga wall that extended even this far down into the ground. It was broken down and dirty, like a town of outlaws.

    "Are we already in Vendreiga?!" Victoria cheered, only to be wrong.

    "No. These are slums made up from refugee civilizations that saw the trench as a safe haven." Looking beside them Umbra detected the skeleton of a monster that likely fell down into the trench as well at some point "Which is for the most part."

    "Impressive, Umbra." Alaude asked, hungering for the source of knowledge "Where'd you read that from?"

    "From the minds of the people of this place." Then it was remembered all of Umbra's sight and eye based abilities, which included mind reading

    "...Kay." They all said with an exception of Rax and Manticore, who already knew where she got it due to knowledge of who Umbra was

    Now that she knew where they were and what was going on Umbra decided to map the surroundings of where they were, maybe even find a safe direction into Vendreiga from here"I'm gonna go scan the area and find out what the best method for getting past here and into Vendreiga itself is. No one leave the slum city, otherwise you might get lost."

    Looking for what to do Sloth went out and just asked "So, what's the first onjective?"

    The leader of the team even with these additions to it still Ossa laid it out for them "Since we're here we might as well go and get some supplies. I imagine it'll be a long walk between where ever we surface to and wherever we're heading."

    "Sorta. Vendreiga is made up of a layout of cities, connected through singular roads." Rax had still more knowledge he remembered from his long since forsaken homeland

    "Stay in groups! No one wander alone!" Snapped Ossa, preventing a hassel if she could

    "Bondor, let's go find a hat for Lime." His familiar slithering up his hand and coiling to where she was facing her master, Rax was happy to see her so lively "Want one, Lime?"

    "Splendid idea!" Bondor became riddled with excitement, wondering what fun activities awaited them

    Splitting up into groups was actually successful here. Rax went with Bondor, Victoria with Ossa, Sloth with Alaude, Allara with Skaryuu, and Umbra with Manticore. Each of them were after their own interests and trinkets pretaining to what they were after. It really came down to more fun souvenirs more over somehow than getting food or medicines. It wasn't on anyone of their minds, only the opportunity to have a little bit of fun in a foreign land. The slum city may not have been prestigious it still held itself together with a hard working charm.

    Getting nudged by Bondor while passing by him on the street a man formed confrontation by Flipping around at the near giant, he being some curly haired street tough wearing far to loose of a jump suit for his body "Watch where you're goin'!"

    "S-shit! Hector, this dude's a giant!" Friend of the guy who instigated this named Hector worried about what they just got into

    "I can see that now, Priar." Hector did take in the fact Bondor was at least a foot and a half taller than he was and probably two hundred plus pounds of fury more. "Y-you wanna tussel?!??"

    "Oh, sorry." Apologizing right away Bondor only wanted to make friends "My most sincere apologies in nudging you. I forget sometimes how big I am, hahahaha."

    "B-b-better be." The guy whow as called Hector took his false sense of victory, gleaming with himself "Priar, see that? I'm a bad ass."

    "Bondor, you gotta act more intimidating, bro. You're bigger than both of them combined." Rax spoke only the truth

    Priar scowled at them with an ugly mug "Think you're bad asses?! Just because of you is a giant doesn't mean you're that strong in truth."

    "Course...! How about a showdown?! You guys against us? We're the strongest two's team in this Slum!" Hector revealed, letting the Immortal Rune members that they weren't just some big chested hoodlums

    "Really? Impressive! I hope the best of luck to you." Hearing their position in this trench straddled little city Bondor complimented the two on their accomplishment

    Flames wisped out of the gaps in his chains, wanting to beat a lesson into these guys "Bondor, you and me versus them?"

    "I don't know, Rax. You know I don't like to fight without a well set reason." As much as a passive barbarian as he ever was Bondor didn't care for these instigators

    "We got a reason. They talked shit, got in our way, and are practically begging for us to stomp their sorry asses into the dirt!" Exclaimed Rax, trying to get Bondor into duo team fighting these guys

    As he was, Bondor didn't want to fight in something like this where nothing demanded of it "I don't see it that way, dude."

    "How do you see it then, yuh fat bitch?!" Priar barked at Bondor, going for a baiting insult

    Rax noticed that Lime was perched on his shoulder and facing these two roughian strangers, showing signs of intimidation "I don't think Lime likes them very much."

    "You think so?" Putting his hand out to the snake Like slithered her tongue back and forth as her kind does, not being in any way though hostile towards Bondor "You okay, Lime?"

    "Whoa, Bondor. She's actually letting you get close and she's not hissing." From what Rax knew his pet snake of an unknown species was always very unfriendly with everyone besides him and Umbra.

    "When you're asleep sometimes she wanders the boat. I've been feeding her those freeze dried mice you bought for her." Zapping from one index finger to another Bondor demonstrated his use of mild electricity without overstepping his uncontrollable Essence "I zap 'em with electricity so they seem alive."

    Rax was in total agreement. Snakes preferred to eat things that were alive, the feeling of a hunt at least present. Bondor was assisting in simulating this "Great idea! No wonder she trusts you more."

    "Hey! We're trying to fight here! Pay attention!" Priar began to flare up red with frustration

    "Give us a minute." Turning around and putting up his index finger as to anotate "One minute" to have these guys standby Bondor faced back at Rax so he could finish their conversation "Do you think it'll take long before I can pet her without getting bitten?" "No idea. Aside from me the only other person I've seen her let hold her was Umbra." "Still pretty sure it's cause they're both blind."

    "Hector was talking to you!" Black needles as large as pencils were flung from Priar's hand, aimed right at Lime "Cactus Flick!"

    Before it would've ended up with Rax fighting both of these two street tough punks. That was the case at least until one of them, the one called Priar with a power involving what seemed to related to the cactus, shot a half dozen needles towards the little reptile that was taking up the entire swirl of attention. Subconsciously Bondor activated the same ability he used against Bold back in Bilai. Detecting the quick electrical synapse in Priar's mind he used his own Essence without realizing it. Lightning the same tint of orange like a persimmon crackled around him, frying up the cactus needle projectiles into a sprinkle of ash.

    Bondor's expression reshaped itself. From the friendly and kind look of a gentle giant to a beast of brutallity he radiated a level of intimidation that could only be felt from a monster. When it came to aggression on their team it was Rax in battles that went completely wild from start until end. Bondor on the other hand needed insentive to get things going, preferring to settle things with words and diplomacy rather than a bloody show of strength. This though was now since steered away from that path. Lime and him were becoming chummy recently, something Bondor really loved due to the fact she was the one on the team that seemed to reject her, even if the little snake was Rax's familiar pet. Now some random roughians directed their attack towards this familiar, intending to do harm to something that didn't deserve it in any way.

    The second of the two scoundrels, Hector, seemed shook after seeing Bondor deal with that attack without so much as a movement. "Whoa. These guys seem strong, Priar."

    "Attacking kind little animals, huh?" Static began to take its effect into Bondor's being. Electricity charged his mucles and bulked him up even further, causing him to become even more of a giant "Enough of a reason for me." Cracking his knuckles well fully he had a grin on and set himself to duke it out with these thugs to teach them a lesson "Rax, let's brawl... I don't feel right saying it.... Let's make this a gentleman's duel."

    Bloods began to boil and rise with the urge to battle! Since single time. The closest thing was then the Immortal Rune and Divine Salvage teams joined together to take down the monstrous Narrow Dweller within the caverns beneath the ruins of Bilai. Here though the chance for them to show their adept teamwork and skills after the lessons learned and strengths gained from their time in the Grand Scavenger Hunt and in Tah'Shiva. Bondor learned to fight with his mind as well as his power. What Rax learned though is... Something else?

    Chapter End

    Through dream I travel, at lantern's call
    To consume the flames of a kingdom's fall

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 119: Collision of Red Fire And Orange Lightning

    Inside the giant trench that surrounded all of the land just beside the outter walls of Vendreiga were a series of small slum cities all around it. Immortal Rune (And additional company) found themselves inside one of these, splitting into groups to look about for any last second wants or needs before they venture into a land unknown to anyone of them aside from Rax, the one who had been born in the Stronghold Kingdom but put its existence away from himself until recent. Rax and Bondor, who went out to put a tiny hat for Rax's familiar snake Lime, ran into a bit of trouble by two of the locals who immediately began picking a fight with them and continued to do so even after Bondor apologized to them.

    Even to Rax's hopes and suggestions Bondor did not at all want to fight them. Fighting without a real reason to him was pointless. But once the two Immortal Rune team members began a conversation about Bondor's growing friendship with Lime one of the two scoundrels, the one small afro having one named Hector flung deadly pencil sized needles towards the young snake, pissing off Bondor. Attacking an innocent little animal brought him on edge.

    Rushing towards the guys he was in a fight with Rax cocked back his right arm, flames spraying out of the cracks and crevices of the chains wrapping up his forearm and bicep "Biting Flames!"

    "Focus and channel..." Charging himself up and setting his sights on a single target Bondor was ready. "Savage Bolt!" What he was aiming for was neither Hector or Priar, but the entire area they stood on and were around

    Priar and Hector channeled their Essences towards one another, fusing them into a single technique. Hector spread his heands outward while Priar slammed his onto the ground "Merging Move: Caltrop Gorge!"

    Below Rax and Bondor in a hundred foot radius collapsed, cactus needles erecting from the ground like grass upon an open field

    "Ahhh!" Bondor slammed down hard into the pointy needles. Just like Rax he managed to destroy them before they did to much damage, but some did manage to stab into his flesh and draw blood

    "Fuck, got dammit!" Splaying his arms around him Rax surged out a wave of his cinnabar flames, razing every single needle "Red Incinerator!"

    "Merging Moves? Rax you okay?" Like what they saw Divine Salvage do, and to a small degree Immortal Rune did, Bondor was concerned of the well being of his friend and teammate after seeing that the ones they were up against could fuse their attacks into new ones

    "I'm good, just mild scratches." Shaking off the pain Rax clenched his fists, cracking the joints and glaring at the ones who they got in a fight against "These guys must specialize together in team fights."

    Whistling loudly and clapping a single time Priar congradulated the other two on their discovery of the obvious "That's one hundred percent correct."

    Hector knew this to be a fact. It was his idea to work in synchronized unison with his friend to amplify their capabilities "Alone my Essence of creating Cactus Needles out of my skin and Priar's Essence of forming traps with non-living matter aren't much, we'll admit." "But together we come a strategic dynamic duo of ferocity!"

    "Merging Move: Needle Fall!" Using their combined powers once against Priar used his Essence of making traps to form a big slope with a big ass boulder rolling down it. Hector added onto it by coating it in more needles

    "Red Lash!" Flinging part of his right arm's chains at the rock Rax twisted around now that the chain was lodged inside, bringing towards Priar "Fuck outta here, spike ball!"

    While Rax was distracted Hector snapped his entire hand in Rax's direction, spraying a flurry of cactus needles into his back. "Cactus Whipper!"

    "Dammit!" Writhing in pain Rax held himself to a standard of his way of fighting, more aggrivated that this random guy's needs were able to pierce his tough skin "These guys are pissing me off."

    "Rolling Pitfall!" A large hole was widened in front of Priar, but then began moving. Rock moved to create the opening and closed to where the whole just was, making it look like the whole itself was moving and not the rock to keep a constant on the go pitfall

    "Fuck these douches! Red Ruin Me-" Cut off from his attack Rax dropped down sixty or so feet into a hole, hitting every part of his back on the way to the bottom "Ahh! What the hell! Their attacks are weird!"

    Warning his teammate was what Bondor needed to do. Unlike Bondor the fiery member of their team was dead set on doing what he had decided before moving onto a different method, where as Bondor was trying to figure out a few things that might work "They're using strategy, Rax! Be careful!"

    "Strategy is for suckers." Frustration grew within Rax "The funnest way to fight is just as Master Merlin told me: Improvise!" Which was just what he was going to do. With a sharp right armed strike Rax set the ground a blaze with a blast of his red fire like a geyser. "Red Eruption!"

    Rax's attack distracted Priar and Hector, giving Bondor the perfect chance to move in, doing what he could without unleashing his Lightning Juggernaut entirely"Volt Lartiat!"

    "Merging Move: Noxious Punk Trap!" Just priar before Bondor made it to Priar the two scoundrels brought up a stone double of Bondor's target. Just as the others this one was layered in Hector's horrible cactus needles, though this one was different. Bondor

    Bondor ended up crashing his arm right into this spiked fake, injecting him with a toxin "Ahhh! I'm tensing up! I think these needles are laced with paralyzing junk!"

    "And you run on fucking lightning! Fix it!" Shouted Rax, knowing Bondor just needed to course himself with electricity (Or at least that's what he assumed)

    Correcting the two of them on the matter Priar had one thing to say "Not paralyzing, psychedelic, mang."

    "Huh?" Confused by Priar's description Rax peered towards his friend with a worried look "You good, Bondor?"

    Bondor was in fact tripping balls, really, really bad. He was a big dude but this stuff was still clearly potent as hell. He was dancing around, showing others techniques "Zero Zone: Shadow Red!" "Wooowhoooowooohooo!"

    Shaking his friend with the most of his strength Rax was able to irritate Bondor just to where he instinctively electricuted them both, frying the psychedelic toxin out of Bondor's body "Bondor, get a hold of yourself!"

    "Merging Move: Classic Death!" Lifting up a dual wall of stone around them covered in cactus spikes Priar and Hector attempted to hurt them with an age old means of spike wall sandwich

    Earth coming at them like a rippling spiked tide Rax and Bondor were unable to escape the relentless combonational attacks between these two "Merging Move: Needlanche!" Hector screamed, laughing while he did it. It seemed they were winning

    "Not all Essences come with a lot of power." Boasting with pride Priar believed their win was in the bag "Some have immense ultility though if you can make great teamwork!"

    "Merging Move: Cactus Damnation!" Dozens of cactuses made of rock and needles sprouted from the ground, forming obstacles and obstructions ontop of tearing the Immortal Rune team up

    "Team work?" That was directly the problem. Hector and Priar were using their preplanned strategies devised for combonation attacks to where they were constantly sending out attacks one after another. Rax and Bondor didn't have any such thing of strategic crowd control based damage, but they did have a combonational move of their own "Bondor, wanna try out that move we talked about back on our way to Tah'Shiva?"

    He did remember this. Bondor didn't like this attack because of what it did to Rax "You know this is gonna hurt, right Rax?"

    "Yeah, I figured that." It sucked but he knew it would work. No pain no gain right? Rax lept into the air to over fifty feet, his hands at his sides, flames heating up and vibrating the chains that garbed his arms

    "Check out our Best!" Hector was ready for the end move, bringing out his duo team's finisher

    Flailing his hands around wildly Priar shook the ground below them "Hector!"

    "I'm on it, Priar!" Implanting all of the needles he could muster Hector went on an all out attack around the war zone as a whole

    Even with Rax fifty feet in the air he was still far from the top. It was a two hundred foot wide and eighteen foot thick stone bubble around Rax and Bondor, needles every half inch along it. Closing in on the two Immortal Rune members to both impale and crush them Priar and Hector gave it their all "Merging Move: Killer Needle Lock!"

    Going into his Lightning Juggernaut state for a few seconds Bondor was able to form his axe, Omega Bolt, thrusting it in Rax's general direction to unleash a powerful beam of his orange lightning towards his friend. Taking the hit from the steady beam of orange lightning into himself Rax was barely able to direct them into his fists, that which collided with his red flames, turning his chains cherry red hot and searing "Merging Move: Calamity Siege!" Rocketing down at Hector and Priar with his fists extended fully out Rax looked like a human comet.

    With his collision he impacted the area with enough force that from the explosion that the rock sphere around them was left entirely vaporized, needles too, and both Hector and Priar shot up into the cieling three miles up, smashing right into the jagged rocks, then free falling back down. Their battlefield between the four of them was now just a wasteland brought donwn by a flurry of firebolts

    "Thanks dudes." Clashing his fists together Rax was riled up to the point being in Vendreiga couuld be overlooked for a while "Bondor needed a warm up and I needed to vent some steam."

    Waving away the two they had just hailed victory over Bondor was still as polite and friendly as ever "Have a great night, fellas!"

    "Errghhh..." Hector passed out, he and Priar completely defeated

    Chapter End

    Through dream I travel, at lantern's call
    To consume the flames of a kingdom's fall

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 120: Tempest Arrow

    "I saw you guys scrapping with some of the locals. What was that about?" Ossa asked the Rax and Bondor, everyone of this adventuring party was huddled around a patch of wall exposed underground

    "Ahhhhhhhh..." Not sure what else to say, Rax blabbered on of what exactly he wanted her to think "Just some rude dude confrontations."

    "And Rax learned a valuable lesson: Team work is key." Bondor informed them, a thumbs up and a smile carried with it

    Dumb founded by this Rax wasn't sure if he was mad or to laugh to tears by Bondor's response, the level of after school special theme to it was dense as hell. "Bondor, if it wasn't for the fact that that's true I'd think you'd be mocking me with generic moral lessons."

    "Zero Zone." Sloth used one of his most basic techniques, using it with his current self and with how he was doing it went five hundred feet in front of him

    With a blinding sword swing Skaryuu cut down his targets "Act Of the Wounded Dragon: Desperado Claw!"

    Sloth's Zero Zone technique gave him the ability to create a zone of zero gravity upon the wall just enough to make a hallway that Bondor could fit through. After that Skaryuu's sword attack carved up the binding solvent material that held each and every brick together. These two abilities used in unison, though not a Merged Move, was still entirely affected. Each and every brick was loosened and pulled out, all deep brick stone like the stuff that Bondor dealt with back in the Spinal Spire of Marrow. Thanks to this method there was zero noise or updraft aside from bricks, all lightly moved without attention given off.

    "Oh wow, I hafta admit, that was pretty cool." Manticore admitted, impressed at this idea.

    "It looks amazing!" Pretending to be watching Sloth and Skaryuu handle these Deep Bricks was Umbra, again poking at her own blindness

    "Ha, looked." Sloth chuckled, always amused by Umbra's self made cracks at her blindness

    Once through the wall and only under normal rock and dirt all it took was Sloth's ability to create a zone of zero gravity so everyone could take them up to the surface, landing them all safely inside Vendreiga's territory, beside the outter most walls inside face. Sensing a problem Rax turned around, seeing something that he found troublesome earlier in the day.

    Before they went into the trench Rax heard some form of perculiar buzzing coming from across the way, even with the multitude of mies between where he was and the outter most wall of Vendreiga's inside face. When they got up to the surface he found what was making that noise. Stationary and perched upon the walls were giant insects, ones that were the size of houses. Ones that had compound eyes with millions of pieces to it, wings like bolstering flags, a proboscis like its name suggests; a javelin spear.

    They were Javelin Mosquitos. Five Silver Star creatures. Something that Rax and company (Aside from the obvious three) had no chance of defeating. Even Skaryuu was shaken by them. Not only were they far stronger than him but their were at least twelve of them in this area alone. What was worse was that there was a female amongst them. Female mosquitos of all species no matter the level were bigger and stronger than their male counterparts. This one was a nine silver Star level creature, and on top of that even more its exoskeleton was diamond hard. The only part of it that wasn't vulnerable is a tiny knick right in between its neck and its wings, barely a three inches wide on a beast three times the size of a male Javelin Mosquito. They loomed towards the group. Each one wanted nothing more than to help the female feed. Female mosquitos needed the blood for their eggs, like little winged vampires (Well, in this case they weren't little at all)

    "Five Silver Star monsters?! Here?!" This wasn't right. Rax didn't feel right. Something about this wreaked with the influence of this Hank Bank guy that was pulling strings in the back of Vendreiga's throne room.

    "What's the big deal? They aren't even that strong."

    "It's not even that. No monster even in the Bronze Star level should exist in Vendreiga. They were wiped out aside from select species kept in captivity.

    Decisions had to be made. The only ones out of the eleven that would be able to take on this creature were Manticore, Umbra, and Victoria. The problem with that is Manticore and Umbra would liekly cause far to much damage and make themselves noticed. It was unsure though if Victoria could take them all on by herself. Worries created tension. And Tension created panic. But what was most surprising is The one to stop this was neither Umbra or Manticore. Nor Rax, Alaude, Bondor, Sloth, Dohawk, Ossa, Victoria, Skaryuu, or Allara. It was the what came from a far.

    Like a shooting star across the night sky what came down was a single arrow made entirely out of wind. It was very condensed, no larger than a standard arrow, swirling patterns of thick wind flowing with it. Where it hit was the exact spot that the Javelin Mosquito that was not as strong as the rest of it, the three inch wide weak spot shot into so very easily. Upon impact the arrow splintered out into hundreds of shards of wind. Each one though turned into a mountain sized tornado, uprising everything around them and ripping the Javelin Mosquitos apart into tiny strips. Devistation was brought to this remote area of Vendreiga. Strangely enough not a single member of the Immortal Rune raiding party was harmed, nor was the Outter wall. Each tornado had the force behind them to continue their gale for months, if not years without stopping. Even then though they just suddenly calmed down and disappated. None of this was done by the influence of the Immortal Rune Raiding party. It was all done by a single man, the greatest archer that ever lived within the Realm.

    "Ooooh, we got a wild one over there." Manticore sneered over, gitty on a new powerful force he had no idea existed

    "Was that the Shroud guy you were talking about?" Allara was at a gasp, still unable to grasp how anyone could be as strong as this single attack was (He was not present of Bard and Merlin's antics)

    "That wasn't Hank." Sprung up with a wave of grouchiness Umbra hated thinking of how this man was already involving himself with their affairs "It was someone I hate much, much more!!!"

    "Fuck, he saw us!" This could mean a complete failure of the entirety of their stealth right off the bat. The fact Rax was entirely right about the fact his brother's eyesight, speed, and range could reach the outter walls of Vendreiga from the capital where he was, or at least where Rax had known him to be given Umbra's spying brought him "We should be fine though. As long as Manticore keeps that device Merlin gave him on he won't feel his Essence from here and as long as he doesn't see my hair star we're fine. He probably just thought we were a bunch of citizens being attacked."

    "Correct. He's still in Sabremore Castle, far into the near center of the Kingdom." Giggling over how proud she was right now Umbra gave a peace sign with her right hand and smiled. "I made sure to leave one of my Oculon sentinals to watch him."

    Manticore was perplexxed by whoever did this. The attack was powerful, fast, percise, and controlled to a point none of the group where so much as grazed by the winds. "Who is it you're talking about?"

    "The only guy in all the Realms who can make a shot like that." WIth his arms crossed Rax came to a single conclusion on who just shot this way "My Older brother, Stratos."

    "Your brother is still here? I thought your older brother ran off." Dohawk remembered the specifics of Rax's back story. One of those things was the fact his older brother vanished, passing the burden of being trained by his Father onto Rax.

    "I forgot to mention that to you five." Rax scratched the back of his head a little from the embarrasment he held for forgetting to tell the additonal members of their group right now a crucial note of all this, especially Manticore. "My older brother is the one remaining Sigil of Crown and Throne inside Vendreiga after the death of the last King."

    "Interesting! He's definitely on level with a member of the Shroud!" Curiousity can kill the cat. It was probably Manticore's largest weakness. Between that and his laziness his curiousity got him into more dangerous situations that anything else. "Now I'm more curious than ever! If Hank had competition here already then how did he get where he was in manipulating whatever he did?"

    It didn't seem right at all. Alaude was easily the smartest of the group. He knew that even now this was far from what should be for the Stronghold Fortress Kingdom to have unmanned walls normally. "Monsters are loose and layering around the wall?"

    Scanning the wall for a few hundred miles really quickly. Something she noticed gave her an immediate concern. "There aren't any guards on these walls. And there are more monsters all over the place. Only a few of them within a four hundred mile radius are silver star level, but there's hundreds of Bronze star level ones, and thousands of bronze star level monsters. "

    "What's happened to this Kingdom...?" The creeping presence of despair began its approach onto Rax, something clearly was wrong with the state of Vendreiga beyond what they knew before.

    An unknown amount of damage had been spread throughout Vendreiga it would seem. Was it just this area only that was in peril? Or was it all of the Kingdom itself? Was it beyond saving now or were they going to make it in time at all? What's more is what possible confict might exist between Hank Bank, The Rhino Artillery and member of the Order of the Shoud and Stratos Spellbound the Tempest Eye'd Archer, last remaining Sigil of Crown and Throne of the previous ruler of Vendreiga. All that could be said though for sure was that

    Chapter End

    Through dream I travel, at lantern's call
    To consume the flames of a kingdom's fall

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    Chapter 121 State Of The Kingdom

    In the capital castle of the Vendreiga Kingdom, Sabermore Castle, many key individuals in this shrouded situation were gathering. The castle itself looked as battle worn as it always had been. Steel swords were plunged into the stones of the stronghold, hundreds of thousands of blades skewering with at least one of every block that made it up. Painfully enough the entire deisgn of the castle was purely for looks and show. The Vendreiga Kingdom was known as a well forged defensive front within the world. To have such an appearance to the castle was pointless. A Kingdom that held a military solely for having a military and not of any actual use was something that that land tried to keep on a hushed basis. Forces from their different branches were essentially sent on constant exercises that held no purpose other than to occupy their time and get others into the mindset like it would eventually become useful.

    Stratos Spellbound, eldest of the Spellbound brothers and the only remaining member of Vendreiga's real fighting force, The Sigils of Crown and Throne, was walking up to the throne room. He always had the same look on his face, an expression like he was constantly on the middle ground of aggitated and boredom. Being cooped up within castle wasn't what he wanted to do, but to keep his oath to stay until the next line of Sigils were official. As of right now they were already decided upon, but were still going through the processing and workings to gain their new positions and honor. From what he could remember of when he was going through the same thing there were only a couple months left, around two and a half before they were finished and he with his job done could go outside the Kingdom's walls and see the outside world. Once he got to the Throne room he could see that the Ten Sigils in training were all gathered together.

    "You're late, Stratos." Speaking first amongst the nigh Sigil Of Crown and Throne was the one who went by the name Voodoo. A rather short boy who wore a flat skull mask over his face, seemingly made of actual bone. Along trims of it and on his elbows, knees, ankles and waist were feathers that swayed around as he jumped up and down, in a fit that the only real Sigil was late. "It's unusual for you to ever not be on time."

    "My apologies, Voodoo, and to the rest of you as well. There were some people that somehow wandered around the outter wall. If I didn't help I don't know what could've happened." Running his left hand through his grassy green hair, ruffling the arrow head shaped piece of hair in the same spot that Rax had a five pointed star shaped tuffet of hair, shortly after reforming to its normal state. "One of them caught my curiousity, some kid who didn't wear shoes. He seems so familiar."

    "Buenos Tardes, Stratos Amigo. It's an honor as usual." Out of the Ten of these up and coming sigils this one that greeted Stratos held a very high respect for the Realm's pin point top archer. Sombrero Dios was his name. His face was always hidden by the tilt of his giant disc like hat, the hat sharing the same name as he was. Similarly he had on a poncho that shrouded his arms entirely, the only parts of his that were visible were his legs garbed in worn cloth and his face from the nose down.

    "You arriving is a wonderful grace whether early, on time, or late, Sir Stratos! That truth can never be altered. " A tough looking girl, Mescirca was her name. Each arm was bandaged up, her move hair cut short, and her spandex leggings held tight onto her. As always she was flustered as soon as sight of Stratos was made.
    "As long as nothing we've done gets undone...." Vectro, quiet and anti-social as he was, didn't like being in groups. The only reason he accepted the chance to become a Sigil was due to the hopes he could be part of future construction of the Kingdom, withstanding what he could of other people and their presences.

    "I'm sure it'll be fine, everyone. They headed in the direction of a nearby settlement from what I saw before I left. " Stratos was used to be bombarded with questions from them all. He was the years in position last remaining Sigil and these were all starry eyed newbies that were chosen by the Prince of Vendreiga to become the next generation of Sigils of Crown and Throne.

    Listro was who spoke next of these initiates. Before that he gargled an unknown blue liquid before swallowing it, greeting Stratos as he did the same manner as everyone else he talked to. "Your timing is the freshest here. Fresh enough to knock away being nearly the edge of the time limit for showing up. "

    "You're here now, so I lost care. Unless you showed up after the queen arrived it wouldn't bother Reiyshell." Referring to herself was a dark skinned woman who held the same position as the others around her, someone in the training group of becoming the protectors of the next ruler, a Sigil of Crown and Throne.
    "I'm sure anything that you did was right as rain, Stratos! There's not a doubt in my mind that you helped them with all that you could! " Dan Derough, the cheerful and positive member of their group. He only looked at the bright side of things and loved helping others. The only strike to his being was something that grossed out many. Dan's puffy and unruly hair was constantly dug into and scratched furiously, sprinkling his dandruff around him.

    "Stop scratching your head so much, Dan, geez." Constantly trying to get this one to stop, Stratos knew Dan was a hard working go-getter, but was very sickened by the constant skin flakes that were scattered about each time he went hog wild scrapping into his scalp.

    One of them was... unorthodox... looking at him from directly in front would give the impression that he was a 2-dimensional being. Nearly twice the size of the average human but with limbs like noodles, Straps was his name. "Did you surprise them? Did you surprise them? SURPRISE THEM?!?!!!"

    "Straps, calm down." Looking like a pirate could only detail the Sigil in training called Treasure Scope. Constantly with two small telescopes to his eyes he looked at Straps, constantly bothered by the massively jittery comrad of his "You get way to excited way to quickly."

    "Over. With. Quit swooning over him just be silent. Listening to you all kiss ass is exceedingly toxic." Bactric Pompei

    Dropping to a knee Stratos announced the single most important person in the entire Vendreiga Kingdom. The Ten Sigils in training followed as soon as Stratos began to speak "Queen Sophia Mercury, temporary ruler of all of Vendreiga!"

    Quietly making her way to the throne was the stand in Queen of the Kingdom, gaining this position after the death of her Husband, the former King of Vendreiga. She wore a dark red and silver dress, her crown matching the colors with an added tint of gold. Skin fair as daisy petals and hair knotted up, two streams lining down her shoulders with their blonde color.

    Refined for all of a few seconds Sophia Mercury showed her emotions for a brief instance "We have to find the runaway at once! Do you understand me?!" Queen Sophia was riled up and flailing her arms, frightening everyone aside from Stratos. Regaining her composure Queen Sohpia claimed a calm and cold personality "Kill anyone who stands in the way."

    In unison all ten of these Sigils in training answered to their, though temporary, Queen of Vendreiga "Yes, Your Majesty."

    Waving his arm across his body the Queen felt the need to add someone even though he had no need to be here. "Strap, go find Hank. There are things I wish to discuss with him. Private matters about what to do about our runaway."

    "I'll surprise him, your majesty, SURPRISE HIM!!!" Waving around like a flag in the wind Straps became gitty to locate Hank as his Queen directed him to.

    Unlike the rest of those in the room Stratos knew that wasn't going to be an existing task, his eyes as sharp as ever. "There won't be any need, Your majesty. He's already here."

    Hank was towering over the rest of them. He didn't seemed normal in natural size. Thirteen Feet tall exactly, all before he even had his Essence. There was nothing about him that read him as anything but suspiscious to those outside of those who were used to him being with them inside this throne room.

    "I was wanted here afterall, as I knew you would want me to be, your Majesty." One of Hank's arms had been transformed into a miniature cannon that melded to a camoflauge colored to his surroundings, making him and his attack unseen. "How did you even see me if I was invisible and made practically no sound, Stratos?"

    "Your barbaric size moved the tiles as you walked. Something so carelessly done won't get past my eyes." It was clear that Stratos had a general dislike for Hank. Though he had zero proof on his beliefs, but that didn't stop him from theorizing that Hank was up to something, scheming something that could result in a problem.

    "Enough. Now, here's the mission I have for you all." The Queen shouted with a highly toned voice of demand. "When it's done you all will become official Sigils for my Son, the next King of Vendreiga."

    The Stand in Queen of Vendreiga Sophia Mercury, Stratos Spellbound; Brother of Rax and the last remaining Sigil of the last King, a member of the Order of the Shroud who had whatever reason to be here; Hank Bank, and those who were to become the next set of Sigils of Crown and Throne for the eventual King of Vendreiga. So many were encircled together as the same as the Immortal Rune (And additional Company) were however many horizons away from them near the outter walls of the Kingdom. On top of this there seemed to be a missing Princess. Was Hank to blame? The events of Vendreiga were hidden, only to be revealed as the two parties moved closer to one another.

    Chapter End

    Through dream I travel, at lantern's call
    To consume the flames of a kingdom's fall

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    Chapter 122: Gales Of Woe

    Potentials gathered, stories to be weaved. Ten eventual Sigils of Crown and Throne were brought about to the one named temporary head of Vendereiga after the untimely death of her late Husband, Queen Sophia Mercury ordered simply to locate a runaway. To her fortune along with these young bodies of great amongst the other youths of Vendreiga the Queen also had the aid of two powerful forces: the last of the former group that held the titles of Sigils of the King, Stratos Spellbound, and one of the Order of the Shroud, Hank Bank. An unparralleled archer with eyes and accuracy that can pin a sparrow to a tree by from the capital castle all the way to the outer walls of the Kingdom to the very feather he aimed at and the living artilleryman that bolstered the might of an entire nation's weaponry compacted into a singular being.

    Standing outside on one of the Sabermore castle's balconies the last of the late King's Sigils of Crown and Throne looked outward towards the different sections of the Vendreiga Kingdom. Sights of illegal trading, gambling, prostitutions, dangerous drug usage, and much more. No matter the times that he stopped this or the guards of the area that the crimes took place in ever halted them from reoccuring. Time and time again they just sprouted up back up, like sickly weeds that corrupted all around them.

    "This Kingdom... It used to be in such a flourished state of merriment. At what point did it get plunged into the filth it's been made into? What if it gets worse whilst I so selfishly venture out into the world? How can I call myself a proud citizen of this Kingdom if I let it collapse into depravity during my excursion of sight seeing and vacation?" Once the next line of Sigils were concrete and official Stratos was allowed to leave the Kingdom, to see what lies beyond the walls, to experience the world. His intentions were pure and he planned to eventually return to the kingdom he held so dear, but so many issues existed that gave the possibility of prevention of his journey "So much to think about..."

    Watching from afar behind a one of the stone pillars that lead down the pathway to the balcony which Stratos was on was Mescirca, one of the Sigils in training "He looks brooding... If only I could alter that..."

    Along with her was the other woman amongst these initiates, Reiyshell, the dark skinned tall dame that seemed to have a well knit companionship with Mescirca, Dan as well (But he was staying silent as he didn't really have a real set of what to say in this case) "That's what warriors do when they long for their allies, Merscirca. He's the only one of the late King's Sigils to reside within the Kingdom."

    "Sigil initiates... Oh how wonderful those times were." Cherrished memories flowed into Stratos' head, recalling all of the times he spent with the other nine that held the titles of Sigils of Crown and Throne as he did for so many years. "Fighting and scowering, arguing and laughing... Phontus, Meldri, Uthmer, Ash Tray, Vultruu, Quazar, Equator, Ormos, and especially you, Kriun-Ei... I miss you. I miss all of you... All I can truly hope for when I set out on my spree of fun is that in whatever the miniscule and feeble odds are that I run into at least one of you, even if only for a moment."

    "I'm gonna go talk to him! If I can alter his pain he'll see me as a bloomed and caring woman and forget about Kriun-Ei!" Many attempts of winning over Stratos' heart were carved into her very being, even so Mescirca was not going to give up. When she set her mind towards a goal she never lost sight of what she strived for.

    Dan knew one thing though for what was going on right now and that was when a man was trying to recollect the past the only option was to let him do just that. "Mescrica, stop-"

    "Don't bother, Dan. You know how laser focused she gets when she's serious." Each of the ten Sigil initiates were from all over the Kingdom, almost all from different settlements. Even with them from scattered areas Reiyshell and Mescirca were from the same town, Brillston Mill of the Amethyst settlement.

    Peering towards the Topaz Settlement, one of the seven sections of the Kingdom, Stratos gazed upon a hooded figure who made great haste to the town only a few miles away "All I can hope for now is that you make it out of the Kingdom alive..." Seeing where this person was heading Stratos was filled silently with hope and worry "Algrasias is barely a hundred and thirty miles from the outter wall... You're close, just don't give up and don't be found...!" When looking at this town Stratos had his attention dragged over by one of the Sigils in training, Mescirca, the young lady with great tenacity, though at the worst possible time. For right when Stratos turned his eyes away from Algrasias he missed the chance to see a sliver of a his heart, for a mild gust of wind blew the hood off of a young man for only a few seconds, just enough to reveal the cinnabar star shaped piece of hair that rested upon his brow

    "Sir Stratos, you looked troubled." Pestering him again Mescirca took another shot at Stratos "Is there anything I can do to alter that trouble?"

    "She's at it again, Reyishell." Dan took note of these events. Every attempt he made at close friendship with another failed, no matter how polite and positive he was he never seemed to get onto the bright side of many.

    "Yes, Dan, Yes she is." No matter what Reiyshell did to pound the results of each and every attempt at Stratos her friend made it never seemed to stick, Mescirca was dead set of getting what she wanted, and Reiyshell knew that. "She's as persistent as always, even when it's clear as crystal that he's not interested."

    "I'm fine, Mescrica." Turning to see the girl beside him Stratos was able to push back his longing hardships to seem chipper for others "Just a mild case of nostalgia."

    One of the reasons Mescirca was so bad with men was how short witted with conversation. The first thing that came to mind was of how prestigous Stratos was as a fighter, one who was called the greatest archer that the Kingdom had ever known. "Sir Stratos, you never told me how you got so strong! What was your teacher like?"

    "Teacher?" His teacher... Stratos tried to keep the idea of his father at a grand distance from his mind "My father was... Dreadful, and that's putting it very gently." As did Rax, though Stratos hadn't the clue, the eldest of the Spellbound brothers held the same dislike for his father, sadness creeping over his face. "I don't like to think about that harsh training. Especially since..."

    "Since what???!" Oblivious to the upset that Stratos was experiencing Mescrica furthered herself in

    "All those hours of pain and sweat, working to all of my father's inhuman training regiments, I felt like it was to much and left, leaving my brothers to face a similar trial." Remembering his brothers was always a heart piercing regret, the choice he made ever so selfishly to free himself from his father's torrment only to abandon his two brothers. "In the end I got what he wanted, I became a Sigil of Crown and Throne, and I thank him for it."

    Progress was being made. Mescirca drove her questions deeper and deeper "You have brothers, Sir Stratos?!"

    "Yes, two. Both younger." For the first time in so many months Stratos was able to manage a legit smile "My first brother is named Rax. He's not much older than you. My youngest brother, Maelstrom, is two, maybe three years younger than Rax." That smile cracked and splintered, becoming a solemn frown. "Ugh, I can't even remember my brother's ages properly... Some eldest brother I turned out to be..."

    One thing's for sure for Reiyshell, she liked the idea of a glorious set of these three brothers. "Two more juicy Spellbound men? My mind's all A-glitter!"

    Pointing out the obvious Dan informed her fellow Sigil in training of how his comrade seemed. "Reiyshell, you're looking pretty similar to Mescirca right now."

    "Like a young lady aspiring for her ideals of romance?"

    Appearing without a sign Sombrero Dios detailed how things were, his hat that shared the same name as he did never once arose past where his face was visible beyond his mouth and chin "More like a cat in heat."

    "Shut up, Sombrero!" On the verge of using her Essence on this suddenly appearing person, Reiyshell snapped visciously as her arms began to glitter.

    Sombrero was constantly trying to mend whatever damage he'd cause people. Though he was from a tattered home in a dangerous city he was always trying to reform himself into becoming someone more of a delightful people person. "My apologies, mi amiga."

    Shattering the atmosphere that was established by this drama was Hank Bank himself, barking orders and with plans at the ready "Saddle up! You lot will be taking fifteen battalions and make way to Algrasias, a mining town in Copper Settlement. We'll get that runaway."

    "Si..." Sombrero turned, his poncho swaything behind him as he vanished from sight.

    In search of a mysterious individual referred to as "Runaway" what actions and purpose does this one have towards the slithering plots that dwelled within Vendreiga's Shrouded underbelly? Whoever Stratos was worrying most for was headed for the same town that his younger brother Rax was at, someone he had no idea was even alive. So many wheels of fate had began turning. For Rax. For Stratos. For all of Vendreiga.

    Chapter End

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    Chapter 123: Forces Of Royalty

    "They've found you already?!" Thoughts of panic blasted. Stratos was so relieved moments ago to see who the Queen was after so very close to potential freedom only to be thwarted after Hank had seemed to pin point where the runaway was heading to.

    "Found already? That was quick." This whole case was treated like a packaged delivery. Reiyshell didn't actually care all that much. To her it was just another little job to do that stood in her way from relaxation.

    "I'm almost as good as tracking as I am with battle. All it took was to use wherever the little skamp was seen running, the best string of small towns that would assure the smallest level of visibility whilst still ensuring the openings for food purchasing. With that I determined the best routes that woud give cheap and speedy sales but also yield the most feasible amount of militarized presence that also got near the outter wall." Clearly Hank wasn't just a gun headed bolstering fool. He knew people and how to find them given enough information. "That eventually lead to conclusion of Algrasias as the final destination, which word from adjacent places that were strung into my layout informs me that I was right."

    Praising what she felt was deserved Mescirca clapped to Hank's accomplishment. "That's amazing, Sir Hank!"

    "What an impressive Essence! You never cease to impressive, Mr.Bank!" Scratching his head frantically, unleashing a field of his dandruff, Dan joined in on the complimenting

    "I have to do something...!" The finish line was so close. Stratos was ever so close to his goal, both of them... Now he needs to deduce on how to fix this.

    "It'll just be some of you future Sigils and a handful of the Kingdom's army battalions." Many achievements were in sight of these young soldiers, Hank could see that. They brought him joy. Warriors breaking a threshold and reaching for new levels, it was what he hungered for. "Good luck on your last trial, youngsters!"

    Dan, Reiyshell, and Mescirca shouted in unison, happy as can be. "Thank you very much!"

    "And Stratos," Before departing from this group Hank smirked and turned, lookng Stratos down with a gaze of self gratitude. "The Queen wishes to speak with you. Alone."

    "..." Without a word Stratos vanished, heading back to the throne room to talk to the Queen

    Her voice toned like she was making demands Mescirca, with a twinkle in her eyes, was near vibrating with excitement. "We leave through the Pathway Ark immediately."

    "I like that you're taking charge, Mescirca." Supporting her friend was what Reiyshell felt like she lived for sometimes. "Stratos would be impressed."

    "You think so?!" Brightened up for a brief moment only to be dragged down by her own insecurity was something Reiyshell suffered from after a crash run think over of what she focused that she felt flaws towards "But usually you lead, and you do it so well..."

    Devising something fast Reiyshell made a split second decision to withdraw from this mission, wanting her close friend to lead it instead. "Auuuhhh... I have something to do and Hank didn't say all the Sigils were going or even who in specific had to go so I'm gonna stay behind!"

    "What're you doing?" Tears cornered Mescirca's eyes.

    "Ugh, I'm helping Dan wash away his... problem." What she thought of was something that was actually believable. Dan was a very nice person, everyone thought that, the only thing that kept people from becoming closer to him was his horrid dandruff problem. "So it'll be a big job! Later, bye!"

    "Oh...kay? Anyway! Let's go!" Mescirca raised her hand high into the air, rilled up and excited.

    As if he teleported into place without detection Sombrero Dios, the poncho'd man of few words who bore the name of the same hat he wore muttered confirmation to the one who sought to lead this mission "Si, Mi Amiga..."

    "Ahhh!" Mescirca fell over from the surprise, like many who didn't notice Sombrero showing up out of nowhere.

    Held up in the Amethyst Settlement, the town Algraisas to be percise, the Immortal Rune team (And company) were, for the most part, inside a cottage they rented for the night. Troubles immediately followed when they arrived at this town. Flint wasn't of any worth in this Kingdom. The currency used throughout the entire realm held an exception for Vendreiga who used a strange style of currency used through the shards of gem stones of Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz, Garnet, Amethyst, and Diamond called Slivers (Each gem type being a representation of each of the seven settlements of Vendreiga.) The type of Sliver could lead to being more useful inside of the settlement that they were representing. Some could be more valuable in areas where they weren't as common. Lucky for all of them Rax had been keeping a collection of Lime's shedded skin, much to his team's dismay, which proved quite valuable as each of the scales on them resembled emeralds and were praised at a pretty decent value.

    "Who would've guessed that they didn't take Flint in this Kingdom?" Brought to a point of amazement, Victoria Nisean the dim witted muscle headed girl of the team couldn't get past the fact Vendreiga had a means of money that wasn't Flint like the rest of the realm.

    As the rest of the team actually understood almost instantly Ossa never knew if she found Victoria's stupidity cute or annoying "A shut in Kingdom cooped up from the rest of the realm having their own currency? I think anyone with a shard of intelligence could've figured that out, Victoria."

    Alaude being ever so grateful displayed his usual gratitude and lack of selfish thought. "We're lucky that Rax has that snake pet of his."

    "More like that he kept her sheded skin like a weirdo. " Not everyone found it to be entirely great. Manticore found the fact Rax was collecting the old skins of his pet to be mildly odd.

    "Seems they were mementos of her growing up. So cute..." Ossa blushed lightly thinking it over, her hands rubbing together.

    After he formed great interest for Victoria the eighth child of the Ji Dynasty's royal line he became very keen to signs of affection "Are you talking about Lime or Rax?"

    "Umm..." Waiting for a chance to push the conversation into another direction Ossa jumped on the next topic possible

    Bondor kept on his trait of paying great attention "Lime's an unorthodox little reptile. One second she's nowhere to be found and the next she's in Rax's hoodie pocket. So bizzare. "

    "Yeah, I've noticed that too..." Taking her moment Ossa joined in on the observation Bondor had made to light about Rax's pet snake of an unknown species, Lime.

    "Do you think she can turn invisible maybe?" Honestly it wasn't unbelievable for Victoria to propose, but it likely wasn't the case here.

    "Everyone, we have a problem." Umbra woke up on the spot, her tone set to serious afar from her usual trove of jokes. "There's about Eight thousand people approaching the town from all sides. Some of them have Essences."

    "Are any of them Hank?!" Swinging in from the window Manticore who was asleep on the roof in the pale moonlight

    "No. He's still in the Castle in the center of this Kingdom. I'm keeping a strict watch on him at all times. It's hindering myself a bit to do that without being detected by him." The Shaded oracle exclaimed, bringing a frown onto her feline like friend's face.

    "We've been found out already? A perfect chance for Victoria to see how strong I am!" Ready to fight already Allara saw the opportunity to demonstrate his worth to the woman he fell in love with.

    As much as she would feel worry towards any of her teammates and allies being unaccounted for at a time like this only one of them that wasn't present, Ossa kmew that there was in a majority likelihood that he would engage any threats on sight "Where's Rax?!"

    "Sloth and Dohawk are gone too." Stated Bondor, two others from their group seperate from them.

    "I don't know where Skaryuu is." The whereabouts of his body guard were unknown to him, Allara knew though he would be fine by himself unless he ran into a terror.

    With them though they had a women with near limitless sight. Ossa made use of this woman "Can you find them, Umbra?"

    "I can try." Using her sight in an attempt to find the missing members of their group "Sloth is near the north west entrace to the town and Dohawk is in the west. Skaryuu is for whatever reason just sitting ontop of a clock tower in the East. With Rax though... It's weird. I can't see him at all. But there is an area that's just white. I don't get it."

    "Manticore and Umbra, don't do anything unless you have to, please. You two could easily obliterate this town by accident with your insane attacks." Sheer realization of what could happen if not stated beforehand Alaude made sure to at least make the case so that the two Shroud members amongst them didn't accidentally wipe them all out.

    As the leader of the Immortal Rune team and by extension the extras who joined in on their quest Ossa gave out orders of what to do "Everybody spread out! Take down everyone you can as fast as you can! If we hurry we can get to another city before they send more forces! Once done "

    Snapping her fingers towards her fellow member of the Shroud Umbra knew the one of those involved in this quest who was the most reckless of a wild animal. "Try not to kill anyone, Manticore!"

    "Ehhh... I'll try." Promising what was luckily not going to keep Manticore The Scourge Lion went out to see if anyone worth his time was around as he lept out the window to see if there was even anyone who could provide him some fun.

    Making way through the town the one that was sought after by six of the ten Sigils initiates and fifteen battalions of the Kingdom's military. Whoever this was seemed to be a great deal important, whether that though was a positive or negative type of importance though was unknown.

    "Found you." Smiling like a gentleman Listro Plugman waved down the one they targetted, approaching with great haste. "A fun field test with the other Sigils sure is refreshing."

    The person they were after from speaking was easily identifiable as a woman. As she saw this guy near her she backed up, homing to find a chance to get away from him. "Get away from me, Listro! Your nice guy act doesn't fool me. I know you're a sicko."

    "Well, I can't argue with that." His personality was mostly for show. What Listro actually held for his position was the chance to ascend to a rank where he could do almost anything. "The Queen wants to see you though and is rather steamed you're trying to leave the Kingdom. Truth be told, I find whatever punishment... or torture..." Finishing up his heart felt speech of sadism Listro lifted his arms up, minty blue liquid droplets forming on his fingertips "...You get is the freshest reward I can get for my first successful mission as a Sigil! Now... Stagnent-"

    Without noticing the intruder into the back and forth between Listro and the one he was the others were after was a young man of cinnabar fire as red as his hair. Without hesitation he drove a burning fist into Listro's chest with an outburst of power. "Biting Flames!"

    "Agghh!" Listro was launched backwards, sent rolling through multiple wooden barrels full of rotten potatoes.

    "Y-you! You're...!" It was a woman's voice. The covered under rags person who these army battalions were after seemed competely shaken by Rax's appearance, as if she knew Rax already.

    "W-who?!" Getting back to his feet Listro was grinding his teeth together, wiping away the minty blue liquid that dribbled onto his chin from the impact of Rax's punch "So you've bought some thugs to help you? Well, I'll make short work of him and take you to the Queen at once!"

    Flickerings of his red fire scattered around his arms, Rax was rarin' to go and used this opportunity to forget that he was in Vendreiga and focus on just being a hero. "Let's go, asshole! I've here for a quest and all, but I sure as shit won't let you bully... whoever this is!"

    "What is this guy even talking about?!" Already badgered by their encounter Listro couldn't figure fathom why anyone in the Kingdom would actually stand in the way of its own army.

    Paths cross. Without the realization of what was going on Rax charged down those who sought after this girl. Flames raged without a purpose but to scorch whatever Rax saw as a problem (Though he saw this entirely by a misunderstanding) Now he sparks an adventure that will lead him down a new path of living.

    Chapter End

    Through dream I travel, at lantern's call
    To consume the flames of a kingdom's fall

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    Chapter 124: Shimmering Runaway

    Actions were with great strive taken much firmer by the Cinnabar Star'd hero Rax Spellbound, charging down one of the initiate Sigils of Crown and Throne, Listro Plugman, who was after the cloaked girl the Queen sent thousands of her soldiers to find. All the Red Hero saw in this scenario was a person who was being chased by another, a consistent sign of peril and a person in distress. A combination of Rax's own sense of heroism and want to drown out his displeasure directed at the presence of being in his homeland.

    Rubbing his cheek from where Rax hit him Listro steadied himself back to a better posture, the look of a murder swelling across his face "Picking a fight with a sigil... Is like charging into the castle and pissing on the throne yourself!"

    "You think I give a shit?" Cracking his neck from left to right then repeating the process with his shoulders, toes, and knuckles Rax stared down his opponent fiercely "Plus from what I can remember you're just an initiate! The only real Sigil they have left is Stratos Spellbound."

    Even beneath her hood the girl's eyes sparkled faintly, clasping her hands together and sitting down comfortably as she watched. To her it was like watching a theater play. "I'm getting saved by him? Am I dreaming?"

    "No!!" A tantrum was on the horizon. Listro was only a few steps from going into a fit of rage. "I'm a Sigil! A real one!"

    "More like a cry baby bitch." Trash talking was something Rax really developed through his interactions with Sloth. Though they were allies they argued often, sometimes just for the sake of passing time.

    "You'll learn respect!" The same minty blue liquid secreted from his fingers. Slamming his hand into the ground Listro released a wave of his mysterious liquid formed onto his hands towards Rax and the cloaked girl "Stagnent Splash!"

    "Burner Guard!" Striking down near his feet as well Rax flared a wall of his red fire that vaporized Listro's ominous liquid. Before his flames were even gone Rax rushed through, throwing a punch that blasted his fire like a burning avalanche "Red Eruption! Heh, lame as fuck attack name, dude."

    "Grrrah!!! Regret! Regret is what you'll know!" Liquids ran down both of his arms as Listro sprung forward a stream of his odd minty fluid. Once it hit the ground the stream shot back up towards Rax. "Gargoyle Refreshment!"

    "Ooooh! I liked that one better. Pretty neat." Clapping his heels together Rax darted past the liquid geyser and beneath right where Listro was landing. Directly into Listro's chin Rax drove skyward with a mighty fist of fire. "Rising Red Inferno!"

    His head was knocked to face above him. Blood dribbled down onto Listro's chin. He was still traveling upward from Rax's attack but managed to face down at his opponent with a blood thirsty glare "Be quiet already!" Out from his mouth Listro spewed a heap more of the minty blue liquid he produced "Stagnant Splatter!"

    This time what Listro did got all over Rax's right arm, stopping him in place from how grotesque he found it to be. "Eww! Gross man, what is this stuff?! It was in your mouth! You threw this up too!!!" Loosening the chains on Both arms Rax had began to get irritated

    "Fresh." All he saw now was his victory. Knowing his own Essence pushed Listro to see only good fortune. "All is takes is one good splash to derail my opponents."

    "And all it takes is one good punch for me to down whoever pisses me off. Biting-" He was unable to move his arm a single inch. Whatever the blue liquid Listro used was hindering Rax to fight as soon as it dripped past the metal and into his skin "My arm won't move!"

    "Idiot. Let it soak in and keep you fresh for the rest of eternity!" -Confined Fresh-. Listro's Essence turned any water in his body into a fluid of his own creation. Whatever it touched became still. Petrified into a constant state of freshness that prevented any further efforts.

    Only an arm was taken. Without it in use Rax was still able to fight with the rest of his entire being "Pfft, big talk for a freaky drip drop creep."

    "Stagnent Rain." A downpour of Listro's stilling liquid drenched Rax. Earlier when he was in the air he must've released some high in the air for later.

    Almost his entire body was still. Rax was running low on options "When did you do that?"

    "Rax!" Yelling out at the dramatic scene the cloaked girl felt like she needed to do something but didn't want to miss the chance to be saved by Rax and not the other way around.

    "Your movement robbed. Your attacks halted. Next I'll make your insides still. Once I force you to drink this you'll be wonderfully preserved. Forever... Fresh." A cruel grin carved across Listro's maw. Putting someone into an eternal status of stillness was the pinnace of his enjoyments.

    "Hey, Asshole-" Flickers of Rax's red fire slipped in between the crevices of the chains garbing his arms. Though it looked like his body was moving in a crusty slow motion Rax was still pushing forward lightly

    "Wha?" Never before has Listro seen someone who's been stopped by his Essence regained their movement so fast. "How are you moving?! Even if by a little!?"

    "I'm not an idiot, you fucking trog. It wasn't until that shit you hit me with touched my skin that I started to lose movement. All I'd need to do it burn it out." A jackass, yes, unintelligent, no. Rax prided himself on his ability to switch between a fun, jokish side to his battle ready serious side. Listro's stilling fluid was being incinerated into nothing, though traces were left behind which had left him in the jagged and slow moving state. "My flames don't originate from ontop of my skin. IT BURNS THROUGHOUT MY ENTIRE BODY, EVEN MY OWN VEINS!!!"

    Precautions needed to be taken. The risk was no longer worth the further banter. Listro was ready to finish this. "You'll be a fucking STATUE in my courtyard when the Queen gives me my own castle!" A glorious reward was sure to be presented to him if Listro managed to bring back the target of their mission as directed by his Queen.

    Falling down foward Rax grumbled while his flames subsided "Ravenous Flames..."

    "What are you muttering? Just fall already." Swinging his arm behind him and above his head Listro was ready to finish their fight "Stay fresh, hired fist douche."

    Upon his way down Rax's flames bursted out with a built up rage. Once out they immediately exploded to rocket him towards the young hero's adversary, a human missile that burned with a temperature that houses around him had their walls scorched black as Rax drove both forearms into Listro's chest. "Crashing Infero!"

    It was like a split second ultra powered explosion. Listro fell over backwards, a sihloette was burnt in the background behind him. "OOOOAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

    Where Rax's flames touched behind him had been melted. Similar to a wide candle when the wick burns low enough to crater the wax. A small pool of molten lava was left behind him, something that indicated the intense concentrated damage that was delivered in such a short span of time.

    "I prefer throwing punches, but improvising is key in all fights afterall." Straggling to move Rax was shaking from frustration as he kept trying to regain full mobility. With his chains still on he couldn't burn away the entirety of Listro's effects. "Weird powers are always... the worst, bleh."

    "Even... even with me down your body still won't be able to move properly for a few days." Collapsed and unable to move anything beyond his own mouth for speaking Listro took aim in the verbal assault

    "My body feels like it's made of its made of stone." His strength was crippled to the point where getting his chains off were pretty much impossible with his own hands.

    Chuckles of assumed victory. Face down, burnt, and beaten Listro believed that there wasn't anything really standing in his teams way "The others might make fun of me for losing, even though I'm the weakest of the Sigils it was that found you! And all I'll ask for a reward is to publically execute this moron of fire myself!"

    "I can still fight! Just... Very, very lag-ily." Doing a mild dance called "The robot" Rax took usage of his current problem, switching right back to his goofy preference.

    "Rax, you'll fight at full strength, so don't worry." Standing up the girl's body began to glisten. She resembled a lone star in a barren night sky. "Radiant Shimmer."

    "Whoa! The stiffness is vanishing." As soon as he was touched by this woman's light from her Essence Rax was given back the full extent of his body. Not a single trace of Listro's Stillness fluid remained. Seeing this unknown girl use her Essence though turned breath taking as Rax admired the sight of the jewel like being "She's shining..."

    "Silver... light?" Listro passed out, his eyes shifting a ghostly white along with his skin tone.

    Something else though caught Rax's attention "Hey Miss, how do you know who I am?"

    One down and an entire Kingdom left. An attack was brought forth that can't be taken back. Word would easily return back with the name of who aided the one the Vendreiga Royal Forces were after. Rax's unknownly large blunder in exchange for helping someone he felt was in need. What's even more important at the moment is the fact this woman had somehow the knowledge of who Rax was and somehow could even identify him as he was now, even with his hood covering his face.

    Chapter End
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    Chapter 125: Fight On Four Paths

    "Pfft. Easy peasy." Stretching out from his previously nearly frozen state Rax felt better than before.

    "Rax...?" Glimmering like she was coated in fireflies the girl she eagerly awaited what followed "So you were still in Vendreiga afterall?!"

    "Well, no, I am now, but... Hmmm ... How do I even describe this?" It was unlikely that she would believe his actual story or how she might even comprehend it since massive chances are she'd never left the walls of Vendreiga. "Wait, do I know you?"

    "Not physically." Thinking over what she said came immediately. Her face burn an embarrased color of scarlet as she realized what he might think when she said to know him physically. "I mean like face to face!" Rapid overthinking. Plauging her for as long as she could remember this girl was faced with the problem of thinking over situations many times over with dozens of outcomes "Stratos talked about you and Maelstrom a lot. I always wondered if I'd meet you, Rax... It finally... soothing~"

    "Stratos? Is my brother watching?!" Slapping both hands over his star shaped piece of cinnabar hair Rax knew this wasn't a good thing "I- WE need to find my friends." Trust was natural between the two of them, Rax unconsciously welcomed her. "By the way, what's your name?"

    Confidence was absent when she stuttered around what to introduce herself as "I'mmmm, uhhhh... Disco! Yes, that's it!"

    "Disco?" She who presented herself as "Disco" looked towards her savior, whether he was actually needed or not. "Sweet name! I like it and I already like you."

    "L-like?" "Mwah!" "If the other Sigil initiates are here with Listro I don't know if your friends will be okay." "Listro's sick personality was developed because he was the weakest one of the ten I'm pretty sure."

    ..." Something was off about this girl. Rax could tell that when she told him her name it didn't sound genuine, but still felt no reason to distrust her. It was like he'd been long time friends with her, which was odd since besides his brothers he never had any friends. "No, if I don't find them soon and get outta here I'm fairly certain they're gonna hurt some of the Kingdom's troops beyond repair."

    "The grunts want to avenge their boss?" Hordes arrived shortly after the explosion went off from his last attack. Seeing one of their commanders on the ground, passed out, Rax knew there was only a few things they wanted, but given the looks on their faces, he guessed it to be revenge. "One thousand... Seven hundred I think? Might be fair, I still feel a bit weighted down."

    "Let me join you, Rax." Still cloaked "Disco" stood beside Rax, willing to deal with these same troops "Race to see who takes down more?"

    "..." No one on his team had the same fighting spirit he did. Whoever thsi girl was brought a twinkle into Rax's eye "You get me, Disco." Wiping away a tear that built up, one of joy, Rax's arms began emitting his wisps of fire that signified a drive for combat. "Consider the competition already on!"

    Enemies were making way to surround the perimeter of Algrasias, a miniscule town in the Topaz Settlement of Vendreiga. Seven Sigil initiates with eight thousand soldiers to answer to their whims. Five thousand to the North in efforts to close any openings to stop the girl they were after from getting closer to the wall. Seventeen hundred to the south to prevent a turned around escape. Six hundred and fifty to the west and the same to the east. Rax was the one though who drew the short straw with only a single person for him to fight (Well, it was the short straw to his own perspective).

    The feeling of the Red Hero's Essence going chaotic in the cramped town of only a few miles of width. Even the members of the infiltration crew who were unaware of the fact the ones who arrived were enemies at first they were able to deduce what has now transpired from the beacon that was Rax's vibrant red fire making an appearance in his homeland.

    Over At the Eastern Entrance of Algrasias

    "Skaryuu!" Waving down his bodyguard Allara Ji of the Ji Dynasty saw the mass who were trying to get in

    Happy to see his only viewed friend Skaryuu smiled with a calm hand, as if nothing were going on at all. "My prince!"

    "Hiiiiiiiiii, bug dragon guy~~" Along with Allara was Victoria, the girl who the prince precieved as an angel of perfection.

    "Milady Victoria, you've joined this area to fight?!" Her company wasn't something Allara expected, but did enjoy to an extreme amount. "Oh, Skaryuu, we're to put these guys down at all costs and get outta here!"

    "Yes, My prince!" Happy one moment then shifting over to his ruthless persona Skaryuu took his left hand and placed it upon the sheathe of his blade that was called upon when he brought forth his Essence. "My blade exists to strike down those my prince deems unfit."

    "Do your best, guys!" Waving to her friends, though Victoria sawpretty much anyone who wasn't her enemy as a friend, she clapped girlishly for the excitement

    Sombrero gave thanks to the world around him, silently praying to whichever god or goddess it was that smiled upon him. Even those who he had to view as enemies were not disrespected by him, he found it pointless and crude. Nevertheless he had to do his duty as he swore he would. "Hola, mi amigo. It appears we are to have a fight if you plan to oppose me."

    "Heh." Two beings who wished to enter the town and over six hundred soldiers, Skaryuu didn't discriminate between any of them "All I see are many useless weeds that want to be cut down."

    "You're so weird!" Utterly brought to astonishment by the man who she could feel was who she'd be fighting, Victoria found the man who looked like he was a flat painting of someone as fun "Let's be friends!"

    Uncertain of whether to attack or take Victoria up on her offer the towering non-realistic one of the initiates experienced what he enjoyed influencing onto others. "I am... surprised!!!"

    "If I can take all of these guys by myself maybe Victoria will be impressed!" To give his close friend who lived by the sword and the girl who he held such strong feelings for was his plan. This way Allara could demonstrate his Essence as much as possible while still acting selfless "Open your eyes wide and witness the almighty spear technique of the Ji Lineage!"

    At the Western Entry Path

    Grouping up with his two additional companions that were temporarily added to their crew Bondor stared down the pirate themed one of the Sigils. "Greetings! I like your hat."

    Loot! Treasure Scope looked to plunder and pillage for bobbles and trinkets of great worth. Whatever the mission was the outcome he saw the only real reason he'd do anything was the same: Will there be treasure? "I spy a big head that wants to stand in the way of the Queen!"

    "Bondor Stormbjorne," Scratching the back of his head, knowing what he said next would either come off as bad ass or stupidly arrogant, the lightning storm of both pacifism and uncontrollable fury steadied up "The mountain that prevents passage to the likes of you."

    "Having village trash stand try to oppose us? So fucking garbage." Even with his mouth vieled behind his zipped collar and bandana Bactric the "Toxic" person of the Sigil Initiates ditested all forms of work.

    "Never before have I taken notes on someone so... vulgar." Knowledge above all else. Fortunetly for Alaude, the technological inventor from Weal "A perfect time to test my new inventions!"

    Dohawk had not a single complaint. Fighting against a worthy opponent and taking down hundreds of nameless warriors had no difference to him when neither options were of true meaning, events that were beyond the raw sensation of fighting, to soar with meaning."My greatest apologies, citizens of Vendreiga, widsom was foreign to whomever sent you here."

    To the north Ossa met up with her teammate, Sloth Hammon, who'd already ran into the enemy. Nerves were raw from her first chance to lead a mission for their Kingdom for young Mescirca, one of the two females within the up and coming Sigils of Crown and Thrown. With her she had the very sneaky and polite descendent of what others could guess was of the Pinyas people, like Cake Crescendo and her father, was Sombrero Dios. Along with these two to enter from the north and keep it secure were five thousand of Vendreiga's soldiers.

    "Ossa..." Spotting his team leader Sloth knew he was right to stand in front of those trying to enter the town of Algrasias "I assume we're fighting these guys?"

    "Rax's dumb ass already seems to be fighting." Rubbing her temples Ossa knew it might as well be her fault for letting Rax wander off on his own. "Meaning that whether or not they came here 'cause of us or not thanks to him we're against them."

    "Villains!" Interrupting them was the spearhead of the royal forces marching upon Algrasias, Mescirca the sigil initiate. "Stand aside or be slayn where you stand!"

    "Let me do it, Mescirca!" Voodoo leaned over in excitement, furiously stabbing the bottom of his staff of bones into the ground. "Since you got to be the leader I am cursed to ask your permission before attacking. The girl with the skull look to her bothers me. It's like she's trying to imitate me!"

    "Why would I want to imitate a warped creep like you?!" Ossa had kept her meaner side back for the past few weeks. Though her natural and most comforting emotion she had no need for it when having fun with her teammates and the others that joined them. Here though she found herself recollecting that stored up feeling. "I'm assuming you wanna fight the chick, Sloth?"

    "I-" If it was the same Sloth from before the war zone that Tah'Shiva he could find great in fighting her, but not in his current state. All he saw when he looked at her was a flash of the who had taken multiple bites out of his very flesh. "No... The hunched back mask guy is who I'll dispose of..."

    Similar to her encounter with Woylia during the troubles in Marrow months back Ossa faced an opponent who held a higher level of energy, as well as far more focused. "Of course I get stuck with the energetic short girl."

    "An obstacle already?! You'll pay dearly for hindering my chance at leadership!" Mescirca stretched her arms out entirely and tilted them at a diagonal pose, preparing to smite who she was as rebelling citizens.

    Stamping his staff into the ground a few more times Voodoo was displeased by his opponent "And what are you supposed to be, purple pretty boy?"

    "I'd rather be left alone right now." Solitude. It was what Sloth sought after for at least a short period of time each day. It wasn't long ago that he was locked into a single point of safety, cowering from the terror that Vinegar Ambliss gnawed into his mind "But I can tell that it won't happen as long as you're all here."

    It was amusing to her. Mescirca saw no plausible reason for anyone to stand in the way of a Sigil, even an initiate one. "And what of our army? As a leader I am well sound to let them attack even while we fight."

    "Already taken care of." Two of those Ossa arrived with to this kingdom had souls for battle. One was Rax, who already found himself a fight, and the other had his eyes set on a single target of the Kingdom, but could find small joys in other opportunities "Without anyone for him to fight hopefully a massive amount of play things will make do."

    "Huh?" Right overhead of Mescirca was the most volatile of Ossa's crew

    Landing right in the center of the masses of the North's battalions was the Scourge Lion himself "Five thousand." Manticore looked out at the many thousand grunts that surrounded him. Inside this entire Kingdom there were only three who could oppose him; Umbra, Stratos, and the one he had been planning to fight with since before arriving, Hank Bank, the long time adversary within the Order of the Shroud that he had so many conficts with "Is this a playful joke, Hank?"

    A land of unknown turns already yielded a struggle against the Kingdom's royal forces. What originated as a plan to find the needed information and fix the problem as low key as possible mutated into a brawl at the four entry points of the town they were taking refuge inside.

    Chapter End

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    Chapter 126: Gravity Advancing

    Taking place at the Northern Entrance to the town Algrasias in Vendreiga's Topaz settlement the largest of the four surrounding units of the Kingdom's encroaching army ran into three of those they didn't know were invaders. Two sigils, Mescirca the young girl leading the mass and Voodoo the skull masked shaman, as well as five thousand soldiers.

    Sigil initiate Voodoo, a hunched over man with a skull mask, was poised to do battle with who he assumed was nothing more than a fool who stood against the Kingdom. "Enemy of the Kingdom, why do you wish for the curse of agony?"

    "Your mask and your hunch back make me question if you're even human still." Nothing Sloth saw about this person seemed right at all. "Are you perhaps a fright?" What he referred to was a descrimitory term used for those who's Essences overtook their bodies, making them more like the creature their Essences originated and overtaking human aspects of theirs.

    "A fright? Are you calling me threatening?" In Vendreiga not many obtained Essences. It was unneeded for the vast majority. Voodoo took it purely as a form of compliement.

    "No, a fight is-" Sloth found very little point in trying to correct him. Instead he saw it easier to just go on and start their fight already. "Ah, nevermind."

    "Street slang no doubt." Brushing the comment aside Voodoo tapped his staff onto the ground, eager to begin

    "Mmmf..." Turning his body to the side and extending his hand outward, palm down "Kneel, peasant." Influencing the area around Voodoo with an effect of largely increased gravity Sloth began the encounter "Yielding Zone."

    "!" Steadying up even under the increased field of gravity Voodoo appeared just fine "Though physical battles aren't my specialty I can withstand this much quite easily!" Slamming the top of his staff into the ground the masked Sigil initiate crafted a scarecrow like being made of dead looking wood. "Shaman's Call."

    "Excellent. More subjects to bow at my feet." Whatever it was that was summoned seemed like a non-factor, Sloth thought this at least, but was incorrect.

    Moving through Sloth's Yielding Zone without strife the wooden swamp familiar of Voodoo's slapped its target far off into the grove nearby. Catching up to where his opponent had landed by riding his wooden construct Voodoo taunted Sloth "Sorry to inform you, but my minion hardly weigh a thing but have the strength to lift more than ten thousand pounds each!"

    "Your grunt can get past my most basic attack, congratz." Forcing his increased gravity underground and pressing upwards Sloth made the rock below them surge wildly, breaking apart and sending giant masses of stone flying. "Yielding Zone: Gravity Castle!"

    "Did I ever say I had more than one minion?" A split second before multiple chunks of earth smashed into Voodoo he was protected with three more familiars, all looking exactly like the dead tree swamp creature he summoned a few minutes before. "It's a life or death fact."

    "Five... Eight... Fourteen... Twenty three..." It seemed like he was being overrunned. A multitude of Voodoo's minions now stood around him, numbering in the dozens. "Damn, what a swarm."

    "Fifty in total. And with each one brought forth my power increases." Swirling around his staff for a moment Voodoo slammed it into the ground again, three times now, the masked shaman meshed the terrain into a merky marshland. "Swamp Ritual!"

    "Shit!" In reponse to the alteration made to their battlefield Sloth invoked his mobility based technique, lifting himself twenty feet above the ground "Zero Zone: Singular!"

    Deducing what he did almost immediately Voodoo found this skill as fascinating on many levels"Anti-gravity flight? I must say it's a sight to behold."

    "That's not all, peasant." Soaring through the air with an being that laughed right at the natural settings of gravity Sloth slammed right up against Voodoo, using the same attack he took down Lemur of the Alcatraz team with. "Gravity Flux!" An attack that places a stasus of constantly changing gravity from lightened to weighted Sloth was robbed of his attempt since one of Voodoo's minions jumped in front of the technique to protect its master. All this did was piss Sloth off though."Fuck, all these dead twig people are in the way of my better attacks."

    "A curse that will lead down your life's end." Waving his staff again in Sloth's direction Voodoo wrapped Sloth in roots that shortly after vanished but continued to hold him in place. "Curse of Shackles."

    "Dammit, I can't fly?!" Locked in place now without the chance to take to the aerial advantage Sloth was placed to the defensive

    "My spectral shackle curse will hold you in place until I either release them willingly or can no longer maintain them." Commands were sent out with his mind. Voodoo had his Swamp tree minions march towards his target. "That is, if you manage to not be torn apart before then!"

    The audacity. To underestimate Sloth was a choice that only nudged his decision to leave someone as nothing more than a splatter beneath his power. "Challenge acccepted, masked guy."

    "Rip him limb from limb, my cursed folk of swamp trees!" His staff was pointed directly at Sloth. Voodoo was at a turning point, finishing the fight was his choice now.

    "Yielding Zone: Throne Room!" Everything around Sloth aside from a three foot wide circle at his feet were smashed apart with immense gravity, resulting in a warped crater of land with the gravity blessed member of the Immortal Rune team on a pedestal. Not long after the swamp muk filled in that crater, another horde of Voodoo's swamp tree minions dredging towards Sloth. "Yielding Zone: King's Path!" Gathering his gravity Essence again Sloth shot out a line of his power, flattening a walkway to his left and right sides; resembling a road built crafted solely for royalty. "King's Path!" Another issuing of his attack was sent in another set of directions, following up with a third. "King's PATH!" After that he absorbed all the gravity around him to a point that all fifty of the swamp tree familiars were floating about, attempting to make their way to Voodoo. "Zero Zone: King's Invitation!" Both hands slammed to his sides as he unleashed a great flurry of power, sending all of those caught in his power away from him with excessive haste. "Yielding Zone: Royal Expansion!"

    "Futile efforts!" Laughing wickedly Voodoo watched as his swamp tree minions trekked through the muk like still lake water. "As long as my minions exist they will sacrifice themselves to protect me, and as long as I stand I will just resummon them." In his mind the match was over. A strategically set plan of his minions, hindering terrain, and placement setting was enough that Voodoo believed in his win. "Your Essence is a unique one, Sloth, but in terms of remaining energy it seems I have more than you."

    Almost all of his attacks had been used. What was left? Sloth was wearing thin of his choices... "I don't have a lot of options left..."

    "Curse your own idiotic decisions to stand in our unconquerable power!" It wasn't wise for so few to bare fangs at the military of any kingdom. Sigils, even initiates, held this as a fast ticket to an execution for whoever broke this taboo.

    "Heh... Fear... To feel this again is humiliating..." Shaking softly Sloth needed to calm himself at once. A single deep breath followed by a solemn exhale. Doing so Sloth searched for options, knowing only one. "You're good, skull face."

    Almost everyone in the entire Kingdom should know the names of those who were on the verge to becoming the next set of Sigils of Crown and Throne. Why Sloth didn't know the one he fought was chalked up to ignorance rather than the actual truth in Voodoo's mind. "By name I am called Voodoo Shushawn. By respect for your name I ask for what you're known as."

    "Sloth Hammon." Nothing else was needed to be said. He was fully aware that even with all the skill he's demonstrated that Voodoo wasn't likely to remember him.

    "Wonderful. Once I kill you I'll be sure to curse your family." Crossing a line. Voodoo triffled in areas that were dangerous for anyone of any level or class; Someone's family "Any acts of revenge should be safely avoided."

    "My family?" A click went on in Sloth's mind. Memories rushed through his head. Further and further, faster and faster. He had to relive through so much. His superiority set tone shifted to one that was calm, that was cold. One that meant every word said to the fullest of their speakings. "Uttering those words will result in the complete annihlation of your very being."

    "Blahahaha!" Laughing even louder now Voodoo prepared his strongest attack "Does your mind not comprehend the battlefield right now? My Swamp minions outnumber you fifty to one." Enclosing in on them all the swamp was drawing towards the center, drawing towards Sloth. "Sacrificial Swamp Ritual!"

    "By removing all of them, and you, simultaneously." Sloth's tails of hair on his brow swayed about, not making eye contact with Voodoo for a few seconds. "I must thank you, Masked adversary... You've reminded me of something important." An image of Vinegar flashed through his mind again. "Not long ago I went up against a someone who struck fear itself into my soul. A fear that recalled an even deeper fear I buried away, hoping it wouldn't ever rear its ugly self again."

    "But you though reminded me that I shouldn't fear my opponent... I am to be feared." Both of Sloth's hands were extended out infront of him, fingers fully extended and together, palms flat, one facing up and one facing down. This stand with his hand facing up was when Sloth used his Zero Zone techniques; ones that absorbed gravity to a point of not presence. A downward hand in this stand meant one of his Yielding Zone techniques; attacks with highly increased gravity. Never before had he shown to another what he was capable with both at once. "Center of Wysteria."

    Chapter End

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    Chapter 127: 2-Dimensional

    Two down already. Not many had the confidence to stand again a royal army. Savagry was already breaking loose all around the town. Assortments of battle were already matching up. To the royal forces' great fortune the two greatest terrors that were on the side that opposed them both weren't able to really participate. Manticore was restricted due to an item given to him by Merlin Chronos in order to hide his Essence. As long as he doesn't use any of his attacks he was essentially undetectable. Adding onto that Umbra was already undetectable by means of Essence Pulsing. One of her abilities blinded others to her Essence in a way, though this wasn't why she was hindered. Keeping a sentry with a constant sight of Hank to a degree far enough he couldn't detect it she didn't believe there was a chance she would easily give away her eye of surveillance. hank would very likely know he was being watched if he could deduce an attack done was caused by her due to sheer comparison, him knowing very well what she was capable of.

    Over at the Eastern Entrance to Algrasias was by station Victoria, Allara, and Skaryuu. Victoria, unlike the rest of the group who secretly infiltrated Vendreiga who viewed this as an immediate dance with danger, the girl paired with the title of The Mountain Colassal only saw a new and exciting friend.

    "Surprise, surprise!" Yapping about was the Sigil initiate; Straps Polstanauff who waved around like a flag in the wind "You gave me a surprise!"

    "You look like a chalk picture on a wall!" Both of her hands clapped over her mouth. Victoria couldn't believe her eyes from how. Reaching out while unconsciously using her Essence of direct power, Almighty Maiden, Victoria grasped at the air with extreme force. "Lemme touch your face!"

    "I am Straps, and I am Surprised!" From his appearance it actually looked like Straps was flat as a person in a picture. On top of that he didn't look like a real person at all, more like a child's close enough effort to sketching one. "Your won't get me that way!" Folding onto the ground now with his Essence, Drawn Flat, Straps actually became two dimensional, melding with the ground below him as much as someone's shadow was.

    "Wow! You really are flat!" What was going on might as well have been a circus preformance to her. Victoria took none of this seriously. She knew when she was in danger through experience and instinct. Right now it was like she was being poked at by a child.

    "Ahhh!" Each clap from Victoria was the equivalent power wise as someone constantly detonating explosives inside your ears. Straps withstood as mch as he could, moving in and coiling up Victoria's body, now he was essentially part of her own skin. "2-D Wrap!"

    "You're clung to me?!" It just now hit the girl that she hadn't yet told Straps her name. How rude of her. Deep inside her bag she found something that was what she paired up with her introductions to others. Spinning around and scattering glitter all around she shouted her name for all to hear. "I'm Victoria, and this is my hello!" Not a single micro-percentage of momentum built up from her spinning went to waste. Fluently guiding into her next movement Victoria bashed the ground with her right fist, ripping the ground and cracking it miles down to bring about a brief earthquake. "Giantess Slam!"

    "Kraaaaaaaaah!" When the ground he was pretty much a part of now took damage where his imprint was so did Straps. This was the same if it was the person he was placed on. He wouldn't take lethal damage but he still felt the pain of each bit of rocky shrapnel that hit him, where as Victoria who was barley tickled by it. Taking the pain and teetering around in panic Straps needed a plan. "What is this girl?!" He searched for a chance to flee. It was clear to him she was far more than he could handle. "I've only seen a few people this strong, and they were all part of the Kingdom's army!"

    "What else can you do like that?" Honestly, it was unsure whether or not the fact she was so much stronger than Straps is what made her so at ease or the fact she lacked much intelligence that was doing it for her.

    "Huh?" Looking at his unlucky match up Straps was just as much confused as he was outmatched.

    Not a single step of hers was seen by Straps. Victoria seemed to almost appear to her next position; standing directly over the two dimensional Straps "Do something else crazy!"

    Darting away like the shadow of a bird far in the skies Straps fled. "I have to flee! A terror like her... I need to tell Sombrero!"

    "Hey, come back!" Taking chase the Mountain Colassal girl trailed right behind "I was having fun!"

    "Get away from me!" He shouted, Straps having no the foggiest of how he could possibly do anything against her.

    "Nope, you're being mean!" Frustration was what Victoria felt now, putting a hundred percent of the blame on Straps. Now she moved again at a speed far to much for her opponent to see. Grabbing onto large pieces of rock Victoria mashed them all together around Straps to form a hollow cube. "Colassal Box!"

    "There's not a single openng?!" Trapped. He was utterly trapped, trapped inside a stone box crafted by someone far out of his league. Straps surely got the worst match up out of every single on the Sigil initiates. "What is her Essence?!"

    "Why didn't you just ask?" Really, it was all it would've taken to find out what Victoria's Essence. She was far to dim witted to understand whether or not someone was asking to discover her capabilities for purposes of gaining the upper hand or simple conversation or curiousity. "It's pure strength!"

    Straps was left entirely dumbfounded. What he expected was something complex, but instead was presented with probably the most basic ability he could imagine. "How... surprising!"

    A few hundred feet away from where Victoria and Straps did battle was where probably the most tension building encounter was taking place.

    He was able to feel the Essences of everyone around for miles (Aside from Manticore and Umbra's that is). Sombrero knew right away when someone was taken down, whether it was those who were on his side or on the opposing side. "Listro AND Voodoo are down? I have no idea what happened to Straps either..." Before the two pairs moved apart to away from the soldiers, and funny enough the entrace that they were at arms for, Sombrero was able to see the one that Straps went up again. "Who is that woman?"

    "A hill I need to overcome." Still rotten about the defeat he was handed gracefully by Victoria back during the Grand Scavanger Hunt in the Floral Fields Skaryuu planned to one day settle things between then.

    "If only we knew someone like her would be here then I'm sure we'd have been able to get Ibex to accompany us..." Someone aside from the Sigils and Sigil initiates? Whoever Ibex was Sombrero seemed to have a great deal of belief in said person's strength.

    "Cease your admirations." Whoever Sombrero spoke of he seemed confident that the person would prove formiddable against Victoria, that's at least what Skaryuu understood. "You and I are about to clash."

    "You defenders of this town are quite impressive so far, mi amigo." He twiddled with his mustache. Given how the others were taking to their fights (That being losing) Sombrero wasn't all that sure if he chose the right path to enter the town at.

    "I do not defend this town. I obey-" Loyal to the youngest of the Ji royal family to the full extent of his life but still aware that they were in a foreign Kingdom Skaryuu was at least aware enough to know that if he started referring to Allara as a prince to someone who more than likely knew the princes and princesses of Vendreiga it might come off as suspicious "The one who hired my blade."

    "A sellsword? Not many of you left in the Kingdom, I imagine." Mercanaries had been rising up as much of problems are the illegal drug sales in the past few years. Swords, or rather any melee weapon, was rarely used by these mercanaries though anymore since guns provided far superior range. "Even though you have a sheathe without a sword I'm sure you won't disappoint."

    "It would seem so." What the man in the large hat assumed was rather humorous to Skaryuu. "And I have a sword. You'll be dead before you realize what it looks like though."

    "Sadly, there will be one less." Faster than Skaryuu could precieve Sombrero drew, aimed, and shot a single bullet at the swordsman he locked target on. "Libre Round."

    "It's to fast to dodge...!" All it took was the splinter of a second for Skaryuu to come to the realization that this was a strong opponent. Going right for his sword with a mentallity that he might die at any moment Skaryuu took action. "Act Of the Scarred Dragon:" Almost mirroring what Sombrero did the swordsman with the nick name Scar Dragon slashed his sword at a speed many couldn't reasonably see, most though not including Sombrero. Shortly after Skaryuu's sword went right back into its sheathe, dematerializing and vanishing. "Ugly Stinger!"

    The very same attack that took out Y Candren, a high level Bronze Star fighter, with a single stroke. It hit directly on as well, but once the dust cleared what was left was a Poncho swaying from the attack. He appeared entirely unharmed, the hat that shared the same name as his own didn't even falter from its placement. Sombrero's face was even still only visible from his mouth to his chin, an amused smile now upon it."To cut one of my shots... Looks like I lucked out and got the best of the lot... Muy bien ."

    "No..." Arching back with his hand down to the mouth of his sheathe once more Skaryuu scanned for an opening, his eyes deep with the intent of a kill. "You volunteered for your own execution."

    Chapter End

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    Chapter 128: Bringing A Sword To A Gun Fight

    Skaryuu and Sombrero. One is the sworn blade of the youngest of the Ji Dynasty's royal children, the other being one of the initiate Sigils of Throne and Crown for the stronghold Kingdom of Vendreiga. Both of them weren't much for words and clearly skilled with their Essence weapons. A swordsman with great overconfidence and a sharp shooter who put a lot of effort into making himself more civil and polite. Similar, but different. Out of the sets of battle at each of the entrances being contested for to get into Algrasias (A small town in the Topaz Settlement of Vendreiga) this one was probably the most tension built match up.

    Sword Versus bullet. Combat's long time creation of slaughter, a blade, against a far more modern, long ranged invention for murder; the gun. Both fighters were honed tightly in their own style sense of fighting. Now it just came down to which was better.

    Tough talk was already underway between these two. Sombrero couldn't help but smirk after hearing Skaryuu speak like he already foresaw his victory. Not many remaining inside Vendreiga were a match for the poncho wearing sharp shooter. "My execution? Mighty up and high aren't we, hombre?"

    "I understand every detail of the words I say." A mirrored over smirk appeared on Skaryuu's face. Many have doubted his words and many have fallen, dead on the ground before the blood even leaves their body by the edge of his sword. "For someone who isn't of many words it would be foolish for me not to."

    "I can respect that." The Sigil initiate tilted his large round hat, amused even more so. "But I also find your underestimation of me can only lead down one road for you, pollo swordsman-" Arching up from his sides were both of Sombrero's hands, a six round revolver in each hand. "The one that leads to your grave."

    "..." Something seemed... off. Skaryuu didn't really understand what he was just referred to as. Pollo? He could tell it was from the Pinya race that Cake Crescendo, the girl who helped them get into Vendreiga, was part of but not of its meaning.

    "What?" Sombrero looked just as confused. His left hand with the gun it grasped drapped down to his side while the right hand waved around his other six shooter, attempting to deduce what just happened "Did I not sound cool and threatening?"

    "I'm... not quite sure." Skaryuu came out of his stance. Both men were shifted completely off guard, Skaryuu still unsure if he was insulted or not. "I can't speak Pinyas."

    "Oh." Tantilized by Skaryuu's odd hair style that to most looked like a lavender scorpion's claw Sombrero visualized it as something different. "Pollo means chicken, like the farm bird."

    "I look like a chicken?" Shacken instantly Skaryuu, the calm and angsty one of the group uncharacteristically were placed into a state of self consciousness, worried if his hair looked silly and no one ever even told him so until now.

    "Your hair makes me think so." Imagining the plume on the head of a chicken was what Sombrero went right to, completely insensitive about it.

    "My hair?" Rumaging his free hand through his hair Skaryuu came to the revalation about how the other man would even know this given the fact most of his face was concealed. "Wait, how can you even see? Your hat covers your eyes."

    "Don't worry about that." Pointing beside Skaryuu the poncho'd gunman smiled very enthusiastically. "Worry about the bullet to your right."

    "Huh?!" Peering to his side it was as he was told, a single bullet raced towards Skaryuu, poising himself, forming his Essence weapon, and thrusting it so that the tip drove right into the bullet's round face. "Piercing Stinger."

    "Muy bueno." Clap, clap, clap. Sombrero let go of his two six shooters, clapped three times, then regrabbed his two guns before they so much as fell a half in in the air. "Glad to see you cutting it the first time wasn't a coincidence."

    "Civil, yet ruthless." He resheathed his sword withot taking an eye off his opponent. It was unclear whether or not he was shot at while they were conversing casually or if there was something he just didn't realize yet. "You intrigue me, gunman."

    "Sombrero." Tilting his big round hat, also called a sombrero, the sigil initates' sharp shooter introduced him with refined respect. "Sombrero Dios is my name. I heard your comrades call you Skaryuu. What settlement does that name herald from?"

    "That's none of your business." Drawing back and getting into a ready-to-slash stance Skaryuu was ready to proceed

    Twirling his guns like it was a preformance show Sombrero seemed to be enjoying their fight. Whirling around like rapidly only to stop to fire a shot. This happened for each gun three times, meaning six shots total. Six shots that were coming at slightly different intervals and directions. "Desperado Shots."

    "Enough chatter." Upward with a sudden grasp Skaryuu drew his odaichi long sword in rebellion against the six bullets dedicated for him. "Act of the Scarred Dragon:" A crazed flurry was how it would be described. Skaryuu's long sword raced around, slashing each of the bullets into nothing. "Desperado Claw!"

    "Very well, mi amigo." Fine then. He was polite enough that if Skaryuu was sick of chatter then Sombrero would try to comply with that and get right to the fighting. What he still found amusing though was the names of their last attacks. "Funny, we even have an attack with a similar name."

    "..." Skaryuu's eyes widened, taking him out of his stance and staring at his right hand. "I'll give you that, yes, it's a funny occurance."

    "Let us continue." Both of his revolvers were pressed forward, letting Sombrero fire off a twin set of bullets that twisted around each other as if they were dancing. "Salsa Shot."

    "Doryyah!" Skaryuu darted forward, reaching for his blade and motivated "Act of the Scarred Dragon:" Twisting his blade and jabbing it into the dual twisting bullets to counteract them "Skittering Claw!"

    "Salsa shot." Doing the technique once more and sneaking a shot behind himself Sombrero fired off a bullet that generated zero sound. "Silencio Round."

    "Ugly Stinger!" Slashing the bullets in half so that they went and hit into four spots past him, one grazing his left cheek and then taking the shot he didn't know was fired to the hip. Grunting in pain Skaryuu faltered, only a little though. "Geh-!"

    "First hit goes to me it seems, Skaryuu." Tapping his guns together as a sign of achievements gained Sombrero tilted his large disk hat once more.

    "Tch." Blood now dripping from his wounds the Scar dragon swordsman looked pretty confident of something. "You so sure?"

    "Que?" What Sombrero didn't notice was that he was struck from Skaryuu's last attack, just a shallow slice onto his shoulder though. "Fantastico, Skaryuu!" Pulling out one of his guns again he let off six fast shots, all in line with the previous one. "Rapido Seis!"

    "Act of the Scarred Dragon..." Skaryuu was ready. What caught his surprise was that when the bullets got to about a dozen feet from him they scattered around, maneuvering like desperate birds. "How?!"

    "I can control all the bullets I fire unless they're destroyed." All six bullets were still in place, awaiting until Sombrero let them move again. "Trajectory, acceleration, rotation, and the such." Each bullet began closing in on Skaryuu at once, some stopping with a delayed time of impact and others speeding up. "What will you do now, swordsman?!"

    "Desperado Claw!" Making four of the bullets cut into shards Skaryuu wasn't able to stop the remaining two, spinning directly into his flesh. "Damn!"

    "Monstroso Round!" A single shot was fired off this time, one of highly condensed power and speed. "Muy magnifico, Skaryuu!"

    "Act of the Scarred Dragon!"Challenging this attack Skaryuu lifted his sheathe back and above his head, drawing his blade with great force and colliding with Sombrero's attack. "Silent Scar!" Devistation was brought to their battlefield. Fifty to sixty of the soldiers that came with the Sigil initiates were killed in the crossfire. A giant ravine was carved into the ground from it as the rock that used to be there was floating around as dust.

    Sombrero still stood ontop of a slab of rock that was undamaged due to him having stood his ground ontop of his, damaged and bloody, but still standing and happy to fight. "How many full moons have gone by since the last time I had this even of a fight?" Adrenaline. It was coursing through Sombrero's body, the fight already being so much fun for him. It was then that Sombrero remembered why they were fighting, why he was even here in Algrasias. "Stand down, mi amigo, with your strength you can join the Sigils of Crown and Throne for sure. I'd be most gracious to have someone I can practice with. The only one that ever gives me any competition is Reiyshell and she rarely wants to fight." Men formed an unspoken bond through the events of battle. Sombrero already saw a potential good friend in Skaryuu, hoping that he can get him to join their side. "Por Favor, Skaryuu. I do not wish to kill someone as talented as you."

    "You? Kill me...?" Sadistically set Skaryuu worked past his pain, grinning with malice. "A gun slinger like you taking down a trained warrior of the sword fall is hysterical." Wiping the blood from his chin and tracing it around the mouth of his empty sheathe Skaryuu seemed to have something he was hiding. "Have you ever seen what a dragon is like when wounded and cornered?"

    "Enlighten me, mi amigo." Sombrero redrew his pair of six shot revolvers, smiling the entire time from the fight so far.

    Chapter End

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    Chapter 129: Sightful Scourge

    The unexpected already was taking shape. It wasn't clear of what was going to actually happen with the Sigils assault to obtain the girl Rax ran into, the girl calling herself Disco. Listro Plugman, the first of the Sigil initiates to move, was down for the count. Straps Polstanauff was sadly placed with the short road when his opponent was none other than Immortal Rune's air headed muscle mass girl, Victoria Nisean. It wasn't long into their encounter that Straps was encased inside a box of rock, flattened by his own Essence that made him two dimensional. The outcome of the fight between Sloth Hammon and Voodoo Shushawn was a complete mystery to anyone aside from who was over in that area (Which was only those two).

    What would surprise many who saw how easy the other initiate Sigils of Crown and Throne were to defeat that Sombrero Dios, the Poncho'd sharp shooter of the initiate Sigils, was pushing Skaryuu in combat. Aside from those who were overwhelming in comparison to him, such as the members of the Shroud he's met, Merlin Chronos, Victoria Nisean, and the like, Skaryuu hadn't ever come across someone that was close to his level. So far he only ever faced off against those below him by a strong margin and those who were vastly above him (Though only Victoria had actually proved it to his eyes where as the rest were off of speculation and assumptions).

    "Edge of Eight:" In his hands Allara weld a spear with a design that practically announced that he was of a rich family. A handle of illustrious gold and what looked like a ferret coiling along it near the blade. With a single jab of his spear Allara created a set of eight thrusts of piercing force, downing any of the foot soldiers that were to suffer such. "One Step, Eight Strikes." Allara Ji, royalty of the Ji Dynasty that held its placement as one of the largest castle cities of Everlast (Only behind Marrow). Selfless enough to give the big enemies to his trusted bodyguard (And closest friend) and the woman he held strong feelings for, yet selfish to an angle that he did this partially so that he could have the largest chance to show off his skill against hundreds of Vendreiga's foot soliders. "It feels right wielding you after a few weeks, Blade Ray."

    "Allara, Allara! Look, I caught something weeeeeeeeeeeird!" Who shouted at the Ji prince was the girl he believed he loved, Victoria Nisean, gitty from her win.

    "Lady Victoria!" Neither acted like they were even on a battlefield right now. It was... odd. Victoria, blinded by her own stupidity, and Allara, blinded by love. They just ignored the still hundreds of soldiers that were scattered about and with weapons aimed at them. "Milady, please watch each and every change in pace. The Ji spear technique is one crafted by my mother and handed down to each of my siblings." Allara was actually the last of eight children. A bloody struggle for whoever would succeed their mother as the seated ruler of the Ji Dynasty. Allara though had little interest in this, only wanting to enjoy life and all it held. "My style may be the last of my mother's technique branches, but that also means it's the most new!"

    "Fancy!" Sparkles formed in Victoria's eyes, impressed and entertained by Allara's technique. "Paper guy, are you still alive in there?"

    "I'm not flat, I'm 2-dimensional!" Barked Straps from inside his stone confinement. "Your level of intelligence is... surprising!"

    "But are you alive?!" Somehow the fact that he replied completely slipped past Victoria's question.

    "Surprisingly, yes." Straps felt not a shred of viscious intent from her, believing that he was at least fine for now. "I don't need air when I'm 2-dimensional."

    "How surprising!" She slapped both sides of her face, shock befuddling Victoria over.

    Ruffled and annoyed further Straps at t he most slim didn't want his signature way of speaking taken from him. "Don't copy me!"

    His spear balanced upon his shoulder blades. Allara bent down, the ferret shaped mold along his outward palm. "Lady Victoria, pay great attention to this next attack, it's one of my most practiced!"

    "Gotcha! I won't blink!" She set the stone box down, stretching out her eye lids so that she wouldn't miss Allara's next move

    "Edge of Eight!" Swiftly and flawlessly Allara arched his hand skyward, slashing in the space before him. Eight total curved razor force slashes spread out around him. "One Wave, Eight Crescents!"

    "Whoa, that was kinda cool!" Twinkly eye'd for the second time watching Victoria hadn't been let down yet so far. "Did you see that, Drawing guy?"

    "I'm not a drawing, I'm 2-dimensional!" However the girl functioned seemed like a mystery to Straps. He couldn't deduce how she was so unintelligent yet so strong. "And how could I see it if there isn't a single opening to this box?!"

    "You got a point... Lemme open it for you." Ready to crack open the box and unknowlingly let her captive free Victoria realized beforehand the potential of her mistake, halting herself. "Wait... Nice try! I'm much smarter than that!"

    "..." The fact that his feeble attempt nearly worked only put Straps at a state of worry now.

    Back North, where the largest of the Vendreiga forces were at

    Many shouts came out of the crowds of soldiers that circled Manticore. One of these soldiers that looked to be of high rank, possible a battalion commander or something, insulted the Scourge Lion and all who allied with him "You punks sure have some balls for standing up against your Kingdom's military!"

    "I'm not sure if you all even amount to much to be honest." The device Merlin gave him did mask his Essence as long as he kept it cooped up and unused of any of his techniques made him appear like like a plain human, but that didn't keep him from sensing the Essences of others to a basic level. "Three of those soon-to-be Sigils have already been defeated."

    "Impossible!" The same person who yapped at him just moments before spoke up again, beliving in her sadly false analysis, all of the soldiers now faltering in morale with the idea that there were those strong enough to defeat a Sigil initiate defending this girl they were to obtain. "How would you even know?! I know how to Essence Pulse and I can tell you don't even have an Essence!"

    "Heh, funny." For him not to have an Essence... It was something Manticore wished for so many times as a child, but at this point he saw it as a fly telling a lion that it had no fangs.

    Another uproar came out of the crowd, providing their fellow soldiers with hope. "Even if that were true we'd still have Stratos Spellbound, an unpeered archer with an unimaginable Essence!"

    "Not only him, but we have Hank Bank now!" Shouted another unseen soldier

    Another agreed "Yeah!"

    "He's supposed to be the strongest outside the walls, right?" Reassurment kept coming, stapling together a banner of reassurement in their strength.

    "Would our Queen lie?" Asked the woman Manticore assumed was a high ranked head of these grunt fodders.

    "Strongest outside the walls, huh? Hank seems to have become quite the celebrity here in Vendreiga."Manticore chuckled at the statement of Hank being the top dog in the realm, knowing full well some of those who exist in the Enchantrum Realm. "What's funny is if he's a champ here then I would probably be a legend... That is, you all would learn of how legendary I am." Peering around himself to see if his previous count was correct Manticore got once more that the lot that surrounded him was the largest of the four splits for the town entrances. "Surely, five thousand of you fierce warriors and the ever-so-powerful Sigils of this Kingdom are faaar to much for me to defend again, guaging by your knowledge that is. " Funny enough, Manticore wasn't ready to attack. Something was keeping him back. "Now, place nice and listen to my tale before the fun begins.."

    "Your tale?! Why would we listen to the story of someone we don't even know? A nobody like you..." Wanting to drive his sword through Manticore's skull one of the many armed warriors awaited the order to strike.

    "Sigh. To know my name is a great honor. I'm not someone as unfathomable as Merlin, but I'm still feared through so many histories that you could call me a mythological nightmare." Manticore was a man of great pride, as such to the lion he was sometimes viewed as. Even with the over estimation of his strength and worth at times he knew that some were just to much for him, one of those being Merlin Chronos himself. Regardless of that he still knew that he was the Scourge Lion, a name that causes others to tremble.

    "Hmmph." Manticore's guts earned enough respect from this high ranked woman that she would allow him to speak as requested. "Fine, for a dead man's last wish, tell your story."

    As popular with the girls as he was menacing. Manticore swished back his hair then looked around, starting a short summary of himself. "Firstly; I know Hank, you see. He's got a bit of a larger of a record for disaster, but there's a reason for that." Amongst the Order Of The Shroud Manticore and Hank Bank were viewed as wild cards that caused far to much destruction whereever they took work. From the stories shared most would say Hank is far ahead of Manticore in accomplishments, that only being those who were still breathing after each mishap. "All of my best works left no one alive to describe the one who brought about such horric advents."

    "Anyone can make up feats of strength that're false, Scruffy." Stated the soldier woman again, finding Manticore's story already a load a shit.

    "Due to certain... hindering circumstances I am without the ability to use any Essence in my own stead. Unlike Umbra or that dolt Algroth, my wonderful self can control my power to a sharp key." Much like a lion Manticore was very well versed with his abilities and long sinced mastered them to a razor. "Sadly, to my nature and loafing habits everyone thinks that I'm an uncontrollable mold of havoc."

    Nothing the blonde man made sense to her. Still not buying it the soldier woman went to call him out on his words. "So you have an Essence but aren't going to use it? Nice bluff."

    "That's the luckiest passage of my little story. I don't need to actually use any techniques. All of you will join oh so many that cling to a grudge formed towards me in whatever afterlife people go to. I'm what's called, or at least was at a time, a Fright." A Fright. A term used for those who seemed more monster like than human due to their Essence, whether that be from choice or from their abilities being to hard for them to control. Manticore admitted to being one of these, something that the people of Vendreiga didn't know. "And it starts and ends with a single glance of my tail."

    At speed that none of these soldiers saw coming Manticore slithered out a dreadful looking tail. Resembling like that of a scorpion, stinger and all, Manticore waved about his golden toned appendage like a toy, knowing that was all he needed. Function wise the device that Merlin bestowed upon him only worked if he kept his Essence shut in. Something like his tail, or like Dohawk's wings, were treated the same as taking a hand out of ones pocket for their being. It didn't carry the same weight as for example Rax lighting up with his flames, or Bondor with his lightning.

    A fraction of second before the soldier woman saw Manticore's tail she frantically pleaded for his name "Tell me... WHAT is your name?!"

    Manticore wasn't lying a bit when he send it started and would also end with his tail. The reason he knew he'd be fine taking these soldiers out without actually attacking was due to the vile nature of his tail. It carried a toxin so potent that if someone gazed at it their body's natural instincts would from its brain command the rest of the body to shut down, killing itself so that it didn't risk getting injected by Manticore's terrible venom. The reason that he waited so long wasn't to tell them about himself, the story was just a distraction. What Manticore was waiting for was the right chance that none of the four nearby (Sloth, Ossa, and those they were fighting against) weren't facing in his general direction. Right when he could tell by their Essences they were weren't at risk he struck, killing all five thousand of them without actually hurting them himself.

    "Don't take it personal, foot soldiers. I haven't had the chance to do much these past few months after taking the time to provide my new friends with some information on your lovely kingdom." Cracking his knuckles and neck Manticore stretched around like a cat, already feeling sleepy from his lazy attitude. "Oh, and the name's Manticore."

    "Manti...core.." These were the last words the female soldier uttered, her and the other five thousand total members of the Vendreiga military lay lifeless on the ground.

    "Such small numbers... Just enough though for this cat to stetch his claws- Well, tail I guess." The Scourge Lion knew what awaited him. He was ready. A match he'd awaited years to finally be settled. "Hank, I look forward to our next blood sport."

    Chapter End

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    Chapter 130: Pay Attention

    Meanwhile at the western entryway to Algrasias

    "Icarus Rising!" Dohawk, the feathered tribal fighter who held great widsom and compassion for someone of his age flew right through and above a few dozen of the foot soldiers that were set for him. Half of those caught in his attack were knocked out immediately, the others lifted at a minimum of thirty feet off the ground. "Wing Beat Of Dominant Wisdom." With one flap of his giant bird like wings Dohawk scattered all of those who were uplifted from the ground, making them no longer able to fight. "It pains me to have to make all your hard word and training seem meaningless, noble guardsman and soldiers." Dohawk wasn't one for fighting. Sparring was fun for him on a friendly standard, but dangerous conflicts like this were never participated by him unless it held a good enough reason, similar to how Bondor felt. "Why you would do what you could for your Kingdom is something I can understand to the deepest corners of my soul."

    "Do you hate this Kingdom...? Is that why you stand against its army?" A lone soldier asked the winged warrior, only a few seconds before going unconscious but just long enough to hear Dohawk's next couple of sentences.

    "I do this only for my friends, not anything maliciously formed towards you." His wings arched down, his hand over his heart. Dohawk felt never the need to lie, every word he uttered he knew affected his honor and those associated with him. "A Hawk does not attack out of hatred, but out of real reason."

    Everything was still going on steadily about in Algrasias. The Immortal Rune (And company) units were holding off their adversaries that they met up against at each of the entry ways. Manticore had just moments ago put down five thousand troops without so much as attacking. Just the very sight of his stinger gave the body a natural instinct to shut down, to die in a far less painful, dreadful, and agonizing manner that was what they knew by nature was awaiting them if they so much as were pricked by the deadly substance.

    Sloth's fight was still unknown to all of those aside from the two that were actually in it; Sloth Hammon and Voodoo Shushawn. Ossa had her own problems now. Mescirca, the girl who was leading those who sought to enter the town, was who the white haired girl was faced with. More than half of their numbers were already cut down just from Manticore's little show. Now it was down to the remaining scraps and the still fighting Sigils of Crown and Throne (Initiates that is) to push past those who defied them.

    Ossa Finale, leader of the Immortal Rune team. Mescirca Cortaran, sigil initiate and she who was put in charge of more than half of her fellow initates and eight thousand of Vendreiga's military forces. Two tough girls who were about to butt heads, clash claws, and potentially tear the other apart in order to achieve victory. Mescirca's way due to her own want to display her ability to lead, and Ossa's way because she pretty much just felt like it.

    "Ehhhh... Your fodder fighters are all dead, spunky bitch." As she was as always Ossa wasn't friendly by nature. It took a good luster of progress or flattery to get on her pleasant side.

    "Hmmph! How rude, I haven't made any such comments towards you." Mescirca popped both shoulders before setting a locked set of eyes at Ossa, like she was looking into her very soul

    Why the hell would she give compliments to an enemy? Ossa's thinking was realistic, just warped by her own crabby personality at times. "You haven't said anything nice to me either, so what's your point?"

    "..." Mescirca's focus vanished. Her hand came up to her chin, thinking over what was just said to her and realizing it was the truth. Erecting her hand out at Ossa, pointing straight down to her, Mescirca with a solid look of seriousness stated something "I like your hair."

    "..." She was dumbstruck. For what reason would an opponent just start complimenting the other? It wasn't like they were having a safe spar. As far as the two of them knew this could be a death match. Regardless of which Ossa felt the need to reply "Thank you..." Looking down and seeing Mescirca's small leather slippers she wore a compliment was returned in favor "I like your shoes."

    "..." Feeling the same Mescirca took the kindness, quietly and awkwardly "Thanks..."

    Getting past the sportsmanship Ossa still had a puzzled thought "You still plan to fight with all those guys already defeated?"

    "The bulk of those who accompanied us here don't even possess an Essence. We Sigils are the only true force that this Kingdom requires." Fact. All of the grunt soldiers were pretty much for a militaristic placement of show. None of them aside from the Sigils, and maybe a few stragglers, were of actual fighting value.

    "Umm, sure?" Ossa still didn't reasonably care at all.

    "I am worth far more than those five thousand..." The tone changed. Mescirca's mental setting honed itself, placing all other beings aside from Ossa to a non-existent point. She shut out all other sounds, all other sights. All that remained was Ossa and that which she generated. "Be brought to kneel before I, Mescirca Cortaran, and my Essence, LASER MIND!"

    "And see I, Ossa Finale, not really care." Dangerously said Ossa darted in, ready to strike her combatant with a bone hardened fist. Halting this without stepping out of place Mescirca drove a palm directly into Ossa's chest, nearly making the white haired girl vomit "Bllgh?!"

    How Mescirca spoke even changed. It wasn't robotic, like the way Y Candren began to speak after being melded with a robotic exo-skeleton, but it was like she was stating specific things for a survey "Opponent: Female. Height: Sixty Seven inches. Weight: One hundred and six pounds. Essence: Unknown."

    "Hey, don't go off talking about another girl's weight like that." Ticked off now Ossa channeled her Essence, white shadows trailing up her legs like a pair of boots. She was ready now to steal the bones of whoever looked at her the wrong way. "Lonely Graveyard~!"

    "Essence Analysis: Opponent has an unknown white aura around her." The female Sigil initiate noticed, her move colored bangs swishing from the tension

    "Let's see how fast you are." Once more Ossa dashed at her opponent, far faster than she was the first time. Even before she got to bring an attack attempt forward she saw Mescirca's eyes stalking her every movement. "She's faster than me?!"

    "Shoot Pole!" Her weapon formed. What Mescirca held looked like nothing more than a long, circular faced wooden pole. "Opponent Analysis: Speed based."

    "No... You aren't faster, you were already moving before I even did." Ossa wasn't the only one to pay attention from that moment. "Her eyes never stopped tracing my movements."

    "Awaiting next assault, counter ready." Spinning her combat staff weapon around and then at her side Mescirca stood resilient

    "You bitch..." It was like Ossa didn't want to try anything else. The same tactic as before was done, darting at Mescirca, but actually stopping in her tracks a few feet outside of Mescirca's range. "Tricked ya!" Waving her hands above her Ossa formed a bone skull behind Mescirca, smashing into her. "Hidden Skull!"

    "Ahhh!" Her ability looked to already be found out. That though was irrelevant by Mescirca's standards. "Already finding my blind spot, huh...? You're observant."

    "Trial and error. Scoping out the prey is a giant rule in being a thief." Having spent so many years in Marrow, both with the Grand Finale Gang and then after their execution, Ossa stole countless things. Through so many cases she herself had a honed level of observation and awareness. "You can't see attacks coming from behind you if you're focused on me from what I can tell."

    "Your skills of analysis are pretty good." It wasn't able to match Mescirca's, but it was something. "I might as well give you a freckle of information on my Essence, seeing as you knowing won't change anything."

    For whatever reason people liked to go off about what their abilities were (Which lead to the downfall of some). Ossa knew this trope and saw it as an easy token. "Sure, free power info, go for it. Like that's never turned out great for someone."

    Even when speaking Mescirca didn't lower or falter her stare. "You are fast, I can't deny that, but my Essence lets me focus my senses to a needle. Using all of my brain power towards combat and everything I can learn about you here can't be stopped. Your speed won't give you any such advantage if I can analyze and predict your movements."

    "If my bone knapping won't steal me the win in this one I guess we can have an old fashion brawl." Extending out her fingers whilst at the same time hardening the bones inside them Ossa was excited for a fight without having to worry about strange Essence traits after having to deal with Void and Blush's powers.

    Gripping onto her staff Mescirca resecured herself to a nigh unshakable vessel "Indeed, villain."

    "Call me Ossa." Ossa caughed into her hand, preparing herself for what she said next, hoping it didn't sound to corney "Princess Ossa."

    "Princess?!" Driven right into something that could unfocus her Mescirca believed Ossa for a moment, not sure if she was right to harm a princess.

    "Yeah, Princess of Bones." Around her arose multiple skeleton sentinels, varying in sizes amongst each other. Ossa's white shadows whipped around her, cladding her hands now too like gloves.

    Chapter End

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    To consume the flames of a kingdom's fall

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    Chapter 131: Oddly Lit

    Chapter 131: Oddly Light

    Fifteen hundred soldiers beaten at the Southern gate to the town Algrasias. None were dead but over two thirds of them were riddled with broken bones and would be out of comission for a while. For whatever reason Listro didn't look like he was recovering. He was still breathing from what Rax could tell the last time he saw his defeated self during the last few moments of the fights of Rax and the hooded girl of mystery who called herself "Disco".

    "That was amazing, Rax! I always wondered what your Essence would be like! Stratos only told me he knew you used fire, but never anything beyond that." Swooning over him rather affectionately the girl seemed to take great interest in Rax and his preformance in their clash witht he fifteen hundred Vendreigan soldiers.

    Oh stop~" Rax wasn't used to flattery, but greatly appreciated it. "I don't think there's anything much to my Essence other than making my body stronger and more powerful, at least from what I've found so far aside from my wierd heat up issue. For whatever reason the longer I fight the stronger my fire and attacks itself get. Not entirely sure why yet, but I'm to lazy to look."

    "Is that why you wear those chains? I saw you loosen them before you attacked Listro with that last move." Peering down and setting sights directly onto the pair of chains that still wrapped around each of Rax's arms from wrist to near his shoulders.

    "Yes! They're made of some wierd metal my master got, again, not sure where or how or whatever, but that's pretty much the reason." Though cumbersome and annoying Rax found the chains to provide a hefty use in the long run. They were able to supress his power and withstand even as much as being found unscathed after within the epicenter of the clash between Rax and Brimstone's finisher moves colliding back in Tah'Shiva "If I didn't have them I would have to practice more to keep my power from overtaking me."

    What Rax was proclaiming was a poor trade off to even this girl who fancied him. "Why don't you just train then instead of wearing those uncomfortable things?"

    "Because that takes effort." Something she had said earlier really caught his attention. Rax knew he was at some point going to find out why this was. Might as well try to discover it now if possible "So... how do you know my brother?"

    "I'll explain that later, promise!" Worry carried with her voice. "Disco" as she called herself had pretty much nothing Rax actually knew.

    "Fine then." For whatever reason Rax still felt naturally trusting of this girl, not the foggiest idea of why, but he still fully accepted it.

    With the southern forces taken care of "Disco" was curious as to what they were going to do with the other three groups that were being staken off, at least from what Rax assumed, but his friends. "Are we going to go and help your friends at the other gates?"

    Tilting over and onto his back to look up at the sky Rax waved both of his arms about, clanking the chains he bore. "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnope!"

    "Really? Why not?" The hooded girl asked, not geting why Rax wouldn't want to aid his allies in a scenario like this.

    Closing his eyes momentarily, signaling how little he was concerned about the rest of his group as he got comfortable ontop of a large bale of bail of hay aside one of the buildings that were evacuated as soon as the fighting began "I'd be pissed if they jumped into one of my fights just to make sure I'm safe. None of them are idiots- well, one of them is an idiot, but she's really strong, stronger than me in fact. If any of them met up with someone far to much for them I'm sure they'd ask for help instead of just lettin their pride kill them."

    "Someone stronger than you? No way!" She had assumed Rax was the strongest out of whoever accompanied him, even though she hadn't met them and just met him less than an hour ago.

    "Oh, the flattery~" Honestly, Listro has a pretty scary power, but in terms of his speed and durability Rax found the Sigil initiate to be not up to snuff. He was pretty confident that Steel Angler, the man he fought back in the Static Highlands during the Grand Scavenger Hunt, could take Listro too. There wasn't a person that he came to Vendreiga with that he believed he'd have to worry about unless either that guy Hank showed up or if Stratos decided to attack. "Plus, if they're all like that Listro guy I doubt any of them are gonna lose."

    From what Rax said the girl "Disco" only saw as partially true for reasons to be explained "For the most part, I'd agree with you."

    "What?" A puzzled Rax picked at for more detail

    Sitting down beside Rax the girl pointed a finger at Listro who was actually in sight from where they were (At least his head was from the other unconscious people stacked ontop of him) with her Essence she created a beam of light like a laser pointer to identify him "They're initiates to the Sigils but they're still all pretty young. As other sets of Sigils they were picked not only for skill, but for potential. For Vendreiga they're definitely powerful for the most part, and I do think they could prove formidable for you to a degree, out of the ten there are four that would be a dangerous to even someone as your level from what I can tell."

    "Not kidding? Sounds like a blast. What're these ones names?" Amped up from the excitement Rax was ready for a challenge. After he tied with Brimstone again he needed a bunch of good fights, adventures, and experiences to push him to where the next time they meet he'd be able to defeat Brimstone. Hopefully once and for all too.

    Recalling the faces of these four of the ten sigils "Disco" seemed rather shaken when she spoke their names. "The four members of the Sigil initates I was talking about are named Reiyshell, Vectro, Dan, and... Sombrero."

    Towards the staging that Skaryuu and Sombrero had essentially set themselves upon with their constantly shifting battle now it was facing a favored side at the moment. Sombrero stood with his poncho mildly tattered, showing a holster at his hip with a gun ready for use. His hat was still tilted downward as to hide his face. He was beaten, cut, and bleeding. A smile still existed on his face though. A mild grin that he was now cherishing.

    Skaryuu on the other hand was downed on a kneel, using his long sword sheathe as a cane for a split second before getting back to his feet. The fact he was doubting himself enraged him. "Ugh... How is this going this way...?" Losing like this was unthinkable. An outcome he dreaded ever happening again after his run in with Victoria.

    A scowl? Why was this? Sombrero was facing negative emotions as well right now. It was form the fact Skaryuu himself was angry. Why would he be? It was out of Sombrero's thought process to consider someone to have such an alpha warrior complex to the point they think losing is out of the question in reality. What Sombrero thought this essentially brewed down to and was hoping for was just two fighters clashing and nothing beyond that where as Skaryuu viewed it as a match for honor and glory. "Don't seem so down, Mi amigo! You're fantastico. Everyone I actually have to spar with is really a disappointment. The ones that can actually push me of my piers never want to and the only one I can hope to compete with outside of them is Sir Stratos, and I already know he'll beat me in any sharp shooting match as I am now."

    "This has to be a mistake." Back to his feet and wiping the blood away from his cheek Skaryuu gripped tightly onto his empty odaichi sheathe. "How are you cheating?" It had gottent to the pointthe only scenaro Skaryuu saw as possible was that there was a play of underhanded activity at work. His denial was as fierce as his blade. "Losing to the likes of you is unrealistic!"

    "You haven't lost yet, Mi Amigo. You're acting like this is a one sided fight. Look at me, I'm tattered up myself." Both of them were battered to hell. Bullet holes, blade cuts, bruises, scrapes, rough burns. It wasn't that Sombrero was beating him like a punching bag either. He was ahead by only a few straws.

    "Shut up!" Poising himself back and ready to attack once more Skaryuu wanted nothing more right now than to cut Sombrero down and never have to listen to him speak a single word further in his life. "It should be a complete victory for me! Being downed to a knee by you even for an instance is a grotesque thought."

    A single sigh was let out after hearing this. Sombrero was truly distraught from this. All he wanted was to be comrads with Skaryuu. Sparring partners at the very least. "Dammit, Skaryuu. That podrido personality of yours is so tilting me. This fight has been the best time I've had in months. I'd like to be true amigos with you."

    "Piss off." Spitting at his opponent's feet Skaryuu was getting more and more negatively riled up, just pissed off as all hell while still maintaing his angsty swordsman mentality. "The only thing you'll be to me is another achievement kill when I render you unable to ever utter another fucking word again due to the slash I'll put across your throat!"

    "You can try, Escorpión." Ready to draw his sword again Skaryuu was caught off guard from what just occured from within Sombrero.

    Unlike before there was something... radiating off of Sombrero. It wasn't a new power. It was like the true force of his power surfaced and was standing with claws ready to piece his eyes. Skaryuu didn't know what to make of this. "What is this weird... presence around him suddenly?"

    Meanwhile with Umbra, who was thinking to herself up ontop of a random building within Algrasias as to not reveal herself to those would take up arms if the awareness of her and/or Manticore being inside the Kingdom were known.

    A sudden case of astonishment washed over Umbra's face, figuring out whatever she was trying to work out. Immediately getting up to locate Rax she took off. "Drat! I just realized it! I have to find Rax!"

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 132: El Chupacabra

    Chapter 132 El Chupacabra

    Turmoil still scattered about the town. The first encounter the infiltrating group ran into had so far proven to be not so much as a threat as they intially had believed to be. That was the case for those other than Skaryuu, who was having heeps of trouble against his adversary. Apparently from what the mysterious girl that Rax had befriended told him the names of the four of the ten Sigil initiates to really watch out for. One of them was who Skaryuu was facing, Sombrero Dios, the quiet sharpshooter gunsman.

    Sloth's match still had an unknown outcome. Victoria had already taken care of her opponent while Ossa's was just getting started. Both Manticore and Umbra were currently restricted from using any of their abilities in the act keeping their presences a secret as to no attract any immediate actions from Stratos and Hank.

    Besides these ones the jack of trades Bondor Stormbjorne was still sizing up his combatant. He still held the mentality of not wanting to fight aside from when it was absolutely required. Even friendly sparring was difficult for him. Right now he was trying to find a way around this given situation without doing much to the one he was against, the short pirate looking guy of the Vendreiga Kingdom, Treasure Scope.

    "Ayohoho! Slimey sea dog! Standing against the Kingdom is a request for execution! Port side cannons, fire!" Pulling out his cutlass sword Treasure scope turned towards Bondor, a three hundred foot wooden warship turned so its left side was aiming down the gentle warrior. Moment later it unleashed a barrage of cannon fire, each one striking Bondor.

    "Hnngh!" These weren't ordinary cannon blasts. Five shots and each one felt bruising. He managed to blockade all five of them but was still pushed back in the process. Muscles bruised and skin burnt a bit left Bondor in a bit of distress (Though nothing he couldn't handle) What brought more of his concern at this point in time was the fact a random ship popped out of nowehere. "Where'd this ship come from?!"

    "It's from my Essence: Sea Scoundrel! My essence Weapon is a Galleon Warship!" There wasn't even a crew on his ship at the moment. It was like the entire ship was sentient and doing whatever Treasure Scope wished it to do. Beneath it the ground flowed like water. "Anything that its keel strikes will be like water. Dirt, stone, wood, even metal! The power to make something that shouldn't work for me work for me! I can storm and plunder even without it being an actual sea! A true pirate captain! Fwahhahahhaha!"

    It was almost an instant change from concern to pondering. Bondor completely shrugged off Treasure Scope's being and began to theorize ways that could work (Somehow likely relating to his Essence issue) "Making something that shouldn't work for you work for you... That gives me an idea."

    "Hey, pay attention to my gloating!" Treasure Scope cried as if he were a child, frustrated that he was being ignored.

    "Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to be rude." Bondor was being completely honest when he said this. Even when facing an enemy he didn't see the need to be rude. With this though he gripped down within his right hand to form a thick lightning bolt which was chucked at the small pirate captain. "Savage Bolt!"

    "Whoa, lightning!" Ducking out of the way Treasure Scope took concern to the one he was battling and only got more excited. "Scurvy Deluge!" SPLOOSH! The ground below them swelled up like a geyser and began to spread, mashing up anyone who was within the area of affect of this attack. Tidal waves of liquid earth began to glow all around them. "A man who wields the blade of a sword thinks a savvy pirate like myself would shiver and yield! Ayohoho!"

    Most of the battle was actually already over. The mass majority of the given forces brought with the Sigil initiates were defeated. Thousands already fell. Though the military soldiers weren't of actual use in this scenario number wise they were still of importance. Dohawk still had a couple hundred of these foot soldiers left to fight against. Unlike the others he wasn't one to just crush everyone before him as fast as possible.

    Dohawk was smart, calm, and made very percise decisions. Whenever he did something it was with great purpose. A case like this though was both great for training, but also he saw it from the other sides perspective. Though he would never aid them to win and screw his friends over he would still give those he was up against a fighting chance and let them try their utmost to put him down. At least this way they would be defeated with their dignity and respect in tact. Dohawk was probably the wisest of the ones that were in on this infiltration mission.

    Some random foot soldier picked up a small rock and morphed it into a massive one that was launched at Dohawk as a devistating projectile. "Take this, bird guy! My thousand ton boulder!"

    "Hmpf." He was impressed. Even with the statistics clearly looking in the end of the Vendreigan foot soldiers losing they were still trying. Not one of them had ran away from Dohawk. They were still pressing forward and trying to take him down, something that Dohawk was very happy with. "Icarus Plume!"A single heavy flap of his wings changed the bolders trajectory entirely almost instantly. Launching it from the pathway it was coming towards him from and flinging off somewhere within four to five miles away. "Don't want that crushing anyone, do we?" Dohawk brushed off his wings whilst still in the air. "I give you credit for the courage even with the odds clearly stacked against you." Slamming down onto the ground and sending out a powerful air force shockwave Dohawk crossed his arms and spread out his glorious green and tan hawk wings, grinning with appreciation of this fight. "It shows great inner strength."

    Back towards the gate with the most offset match up Skaryuu and Sombrero were still fighting. Skaryuu was still standing but he wasn't making any progress in the fight at this point. With an aimless stare Skaryuu kept his eyes on his empty sword sheathe he kept at his side, contemplating what exactly was going on right now.

    "Is my sword not enough...?" Doubt almost managed to lurk inside of Skaryuu's mind, but he cut it down mentally as much as he does fodder in reality.

    The truth about Skaryuu's Essence: Venom of Legend, was that it forced out his utmost. Due to the nature of the human body it limits its own true power to prevent it from damaging itself. If one could harness one hundred percent of their body's muscles they were be multiple times stronger than they knew they were. The backlash of this is horrid damage. The body naturally can't take such strain. Even an Essence infused being has that problem. Being pushed beyond the limits of their body is possible, but not without a price.

    Skaryuu had the ability to force his body to go beyond those limits. There was a reason he centered his swordsmanship style around attacking as fast as possible then resheathing his blade: the truth can be found at the handle of his weapon (Dragon Stinger). Upon the handle are near microscopic barbs that inject into his flesh a venom that dopes his body into getting into the state of access of more than his usual percentage of muscle control. This makes him faster, stronger, and able to take far tough hits the longer he holds onto his sword. The issue with this though is the longer he does it the less time he has until his body no longer has the energy to keep on fighting before collapsing from pure exhaust and self induced damage. A double edged sword power within a single edged bladed weapon.

    "Tell me, Skaryuu, do you have a title? They're like a second identity that others can gauge thoughts of what we might have accomplished solely on an added name tacked onto our names. I find it fun, honestly." He was right. Getting a title was a sign of attention towards the masses whether it be positively done or negatively.

    "I have one already." Touching his own chest Skaryuu answered with a tone that was as sharp and deadly as his blade. "It's the Scar Dragon."

    "Heh, I bet I can guess how you got that name." Seeing the scars through the damage on his shirt and pants Sombrero could tell Skaryuu had been through some rough shit. That wasn't uncommon for someone strong though. Horrid pasts helped push many to strive beyond their baggage and achieve true strength, Sombrero being one of those people "Mine was given to me by a misunderstanding. At first I found it rather irritating but I grew to like it."

    Ugh. It was all Skaryuu could think about. For whatever reason this guy was acting all chummy with him. He wasn't sure what was worse right now: The fact he was in so much pain at the moment or the fact he had to listen to Sombrero talk. With an expression that just projected how he didn't care at all, not even in the slightest of the result, Skaryuu just asked to hopefully get past whatever it was Sombrero wanted to tell him so they could get to the eventual conclusion of their fight (He still had one hundred percent confidence that he was going to win) "Are you going to keep vaguely speaking about it or are you actually going to say it? It shouldn't have taken you this long to figure out I don't care. So hurry up and choose."

    "Angry and impatient. I was trying to build up to it." Sombrero's hat (Also called a sombrero) stayed in place, somehow undamaged and still shrouding his face from his nose and up but his poncho withered away and fell off to reveal his three pairs of six round revolvers holstered at his thighs, hips, and across his chest. Six six shooters. "The title that was bestowed upon me is... El Chupacabra." A smile was brought back to Sombero's face as he spoke, reholstering two of his guns and grabbing another pair. "How about we cease the warm ups and get to the proper scrap, Skaryuu?"

    With his sword sheathe in one hand, blood running down his face, and most of his top knotted purple hair flowing like a lavender river Skaryuu prepared himself to give everything he could muster up to cut down his opponent once and for all. "Eager to die, aren't you, Sombrero?!!!"

    Chapter End

    Through dream I travel, at lantern's call
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 133: Last of The Six

    Slice. Bang. Cut. Pow. Bullets zoomed around like freshly enraged bees exploding out of their hive. Every single slash Skaryuu brought out was like that of a lightning bolt, of blinding speed and deadly. Skaryuu was entirely on the defensive right now. Every time he brought out his blade he was cutting another bullet down, all the way down into grains. He was slowly and strategically making progress closer and closer to Sombrero.

    "Silent Scar!" shouted Skaryuu, splitting the ground in front of him for miles to become a large fissure that went dark before one could see the bottom and could fit the Immortal Rune team multi-terrain ship without the a single edge touchng the rocky sides.

    Flipping over to the left of the slash Sombrero took one of his guns back out, firing off a highly accelerated single shot to match the power of Skaryuu's attack "Monstroso Round."

    Swipe. Skaryuu moved to the side, slashing at the ground and upheaving the ground below Sombrero, who managed to use the rubble shifted up like a set of stairs. Firing off another three shots and alternating them into a coil that would enclose on Skaryuu seemed to be folley. Skaryuu managed to bring his sword across his body motioning his blade to move multiple times in mid attack to exterminate these bullets. Now they just where up again, Skaryuu's blade going into direct contact with the open barrels of the revolvers Sombrero had in hand, firing off and causing the two weapons to face off.
    The sheer clash of their attacks created shockwaves that were launching those within a two mile radius flying throughout the air like leaves inside a hurricane. The ground was beginning to quiver at their battle, driven by Skaryuu's iron clad will to win and Sombrero's overzealous mentality of getting to fight someone of his caliber.

    Each and every new wound was an insult. Every single scar on his body was a memory to fuel his path. It was to a point that his bleed rate was increasing purely due to his own frustration advancing his heart rate. "I can't lose! I can't! I am the sword of the Eigth child of the Ji Dynasty! If I fall, I will do nothing but bring him shame! It's time to put an end to our fight!"

    "Very well, mi Amigo." Crossing reaching down and lifting all six of his guns in the air at the same time, switching between them so fast that it looked like they were floating. Sombrero gleamed with a smile, his face still shrouded. "All I ask is that you don't follow the name of this next attack... Live on to fight me another day."

    Perched back with his hand over his empty sheathe Skaryuu poised with a near visible thirst for blood. Forming and drawing his sword with a flesh ravaging grip Skaryuu dove forward, putting all he had left on the line. "Fracture Venom!!!"

    "Muerta De Un Amigo." Each gun had motioned and shot with all six of each of the six revolvers so blindingly fast that all sounds of the bullets being fired were essentially overlaid on top of each other, a fraction of a second in between each of these thirty six bullets.

    "Ahhhhhh!!!" Cried out by Skaryuu as the attacks collided

    Holding his bullets up against Skaryuu's slash was taking its toll on him, Sombrero bellowing as well as he put flexxed his strength. "Haaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!"

    Over where the gate of Manticore, Ossa, and Sloth a small three set of soldiers went after the Sigil initiate Voodoo to see if he needed any aid possible, whether it be helping fight or something as minimal as getting them a drink. Anything to help would do. A few hundred feet were between them and what they were about to discover. Whatever the reason not a single animal or insect was within a mile of the area that they thought was where Voodoo and the gutterscum sellsword (What the soldiers thought of Sloth) were to be.

    Tall and stalky. This is probably the most basic way to describe this unknown foot soldier. "I saw Voodoo and that purple haired dude go this way..."

    "Voodoo probably kicked the hell outta that guy." Sure of his claim, this portly woman didn't think there was a single force that could contend with any of the higher ups of the Vendreiga Kingdom (Though obviously untrue) it was due to the fact they were ignorant to the rest of the realm.

    "Probably, it's not like some gutter sellswords would actually stand a chance against a sigil, even if they're initiates right now." Lastly some big headed dope fella spit on the ground beside them, disgusted that this bunch of people would even dare going against them (though it wasn't like these foot soldiers could even do anything to stop them or were going to.) "Wha...?"

    Before them was just... a desolate waste. What was not long ago a lush forest had essentially an entire semi-sphere vanished from it for over a hundred feet. It wasn't like an exposion. It was more like an... implosion. Like something caused all the land within whatever attack this was from vanish. It was astonishing in all aspects. The only thing there was a collapsed body, that of Sloth Hammon who was slumped face down in the center of the crater.

    "What in the hell happened here...?!" The tall soldier was at a near loss for words. He could feel the odyssey of this scene and didn't know what to make of it.

    Sloth didn't look like he was in very good shape. Beaten, battered, and tattered. It wasn't so much as he was now that he was so injured that he wasn't able to function, but it was more like he was so exhausted that he was unable to muster up the strength to move around on his own. Meanwhile Voodoo and all of his swamp tree familiars were nowhere to be found at all. Whatever he did to the battlefield left himself, Voodoo, and the nearby forest area in a complete mess. "Erghhh..." Groaning to his words Sloth was barely conscious without even the strength right now to move a single muscle.

    Still casually sitting and chatting with "Disco" like they were just hanging out at the bizarre or something. Rax was busy telling her about some ideas he had. "So, I'm working on a new big finisher. I'm not strong enough yet to use it from how I imagined it but I'm working on it."

    "Rax!" Appearing out of nowhere Umbra stood right beside Rax, waving right in his face to get his attention.

    Again Rax just responded like what was going on was no big deal. In terms of danger at the moment it was potentially there, but as of now, it wasn't. This doesn't change the fact it was still causing giant sums of turmoil and might blow their cover right outta the gate. "Oh, hey Umbra."

    "Is this one of your friends?" The girl, "Disco", seemed extremely nervous when seeing Umbra. From what someone would be able to tell just by looking at her during this situation is she was very much so overthinking of what to do now.

    "Yeah." Paneling between the two girls Rax did what he could to introduce them to each other (Though he didn't actually know much about this girl or what she even looked like) "Umbra - Disco. Disco - Umbra."

    "Is she... blind?" Calling out the awkward piece in this "Disco" wanted to make this clear to prevent future misunderstanding.

    "Yes."Answering it before Umbra had a chance due to the fact he knew she would make a blind joke Rax informed her of Umbra's darker set of jokes. "Just don't give her fuel for jokes, please."

    "Okay...?" Confused as all hell now the shrouded girl just went with it, still very nervous

    Keeping a locked stare at the other girl (Even though she's both blind and blindfolded) Umbra knew what she was saying was a lie."That's not her name, Rax."

    "How do you know?" A very perplexed Rax asked.

    "I see a lot of things..." Umbra blurrted out the next sentence, taking her chance to make a blind joke "Except most things I guess, haha."

    "You know my name?" The shrouded girl asked, reaching up to remove her hood.

    "It took me a minute to search through this Kingdom's past with my Essence but I was able to figure out something that before I assumed was an issue with myself." With her ability of both past and future sight as well as many other kinds of sight on top of many other types of sightful powers Umbra was capable of discovering many things. "When I looked into the Kingdom before I saw a weird bright spot, something I couldn't identify." Pointing directly at the shrouded girl Umbra was able to solve an issue she had with herself."It was you."

    "How is this relevant... at all?" Still not really getting it Rax just wasn't to sure about this.

    "Umm... I... it's just...!" Stuttering with panic the girl took her hood off, revealing her dark cocoa brown hair with vanilla striping in it and the same vanilla coloring in a patch of hair on her forehead.

    "You're right... My name is Apricot." The newly revealed girl said, not sure if this was a good or bad thing going down between these three.

    Recalling what she said to Ossa in Tah'Shiva Umbra knew what this girl was. "The Shining Silver crown and last of this generation's Cornerstones."

    "Cornerstones?" He'd heard of that term before from Umbra, but not to much detail.

    "The same as you, Rax." She directed. Umbra seemed to know a lot about those who were apparently these 'cornerstones'

    Thinking back more to it Rax didn't have much for anything in terms of info on these so claimed cornerstone people. "Yeah, you told me about that but never explained it at all."

    "I'll do it once this all settles down and we move to another town." Umbra assured them

    The girl who's name was revealed to be Apricot didn't get it much either. She had never heard about this either or get how it means she's related. "Um... Miss, I don't think I understand what you mean."

    "You will. Just know, no holdings of this Kingdom will influence this realm the way you will, the way any Cornerstone will or has before." Umbra kept trying to see into Apricot's anything, but got nothing. It was like her sights were being blinded. "What's weird is... I can't tell your alignment at all."

    "Huh...?" Apricot whispered, denying any means in her head of herself being so important.

    Chapter End

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    To consume the flames of a kingdom's fall

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 134: Muy Bien

    "How...?" Skaryuu's voice fluttered along the airwaves before crumbling away as he faltered between consciousness and unconsciousness.

    Their battlefield looks so horridly devistated. It was like someone took a butterknife and tried to lacerate a wooden cutting board with. The damage was clear but the ever so randomly placed and just didn't look like going in that area in general would risk danger for either party participating. Two dangerous combatants that put forth their skills and effort with only one standing last upon the pedastal of victory.

    Now the proud swordsman was faced with a narrow defeat. Victoria never really fought him (As well as many other stronger people that viewed Skaryuu as nothing more than a child.) What's before him now etched into the collective of his very mind, body, and spirit that would forever remind him of this day and what the details of it were given to him from and why.

    Sombrero, with his upper face still covered, was very pleased by all this. He was bleeding at a dangerous rate but didn't care at all. Near fatal levels of injuries were given to him yet what he was only able to think about "Muy Bien... Your efforts were honorable, Skaryuu." "Do me a favor and don't die. I want to fight you again when we've both recovered.

    "How fucking pathetic... Fucking PATHETIC!" Unmoven from the ground, fighting back the tears, and gripping onto his empty sword sheathe was all Skaryuu could do on the ground right now to cope with the pain he felt inside that dwarfed the pain he was feeling externally. "How fucking pathetic I am...?"

    Still fighting against the tiny pirate captain who commanded a Galleon warship that was capable of sailing even on land the jack of all trades of the Immortal Rune team, Bondor Stormbjorne, was not so much taking his opponent seriously. To him Treasure scope looked like a kid. He could tell by looking at him he was probably older than everyone on his team besides Victoria, but in terms of size he looked like a child, which made Bondor subconsciously hold back and see this battle as more like playing.

    "Oopsy daisy!" When one of the cannon balls came in crashing towards Bondor he caught it like it was a soft ball.

    Treasure scope, though an adult, was started to get frustrated to the point a temper tantrum was on the verge. He coud tell Bondor didn't take him very seriously, which was bothering the hell out of him and was giving himt he urge to want Bondor cold dead. "You're not supposed to catch my cannon balls!"

    "Is that a rule or are you just not liking it?" Still, Bondor saw it more like a game and responded to Treasure Scope's question with a response that one would ask of for playing a word game or hide and seek.

    "I just don't like it!" Barked The tiny pirate Captain, riled up even more so about this

    "Then I'll continue to do it." It was clear to him that Treasure Scope was being pissy and Bondo was intelligent enough to know why. Given this he figured he'd do something at least to a slim degree to attack Treasure Scope with. In each hand he had bolts of lightning like twigs he picked up off the ground but with each bolt more than twenty times more than a normal lightning bolt would be worth, throwing them at Treasure Scope with great force. "Now here, Savagry Lightning storm!"

    "Guaah!" Recovering from this fierce looking attack Treasure Scope looked disstraught when he noticed his ship rising up without his intentions. "Wait, what are you doing?"

    Bondor may have been one with a fat gut he had very muscular arms. Picking up this large galleon warship was something like a normal person picking up a sack of potatoes. Swinging it around Bondor threw it up into the air over fifty feet. "Just giving it a little toss!"

    "Whoa, wait, shit!" Treasure Scope immediately panicked, doing what he could to make his ship calm out and get back to a safe position of attack, which it did, but while still in the air and upside down"Ahh! Steady out, steady!"

    "Your ship can sail on air too?" Bondor didn't expect this at all. Now he was just curious of what that ship could also do.

    "I looks like it...? I never thought of trying that..." Treasure Scope seemed just as confused. Funny enough now he was put in a great mood since he gained knowledge of something he didn't know about his own Essence, but then that happiness was shifted over to rage.

    Bondor was genuinely nice about it, just giving him a hint to thank him for it. "You're welcome then."

    "Shut up!" Finding something new about his Essence due to someone he saw as a gutter punk that woud tun against the Kingdom for money only infuriated him. Because of this Treasure Scope had his cannons start firing all at once in a rapid fire, hitting his own soldiers that were all around. "Don't act so high and mighty, commoner!"

    "Hey, you're hurting your own soldiers!" An accident. That's what Bondor first assumed. Something like this was in his mind either done by accident or by a villain.

    Treasure Scope actually had zero remorse over this. THere wasn't a single shred of compassion for anyone but himself, not even towards his fellow Sigil Initiates "And? There's a lot of them and I'm a pirate! If some die I will replace them! It's the life of a high seas criminal!"

    "Okay... You're starting to piss me off!" Bondor's body started to spark up, his muscles stimulated from his own electricity, growing him in size, pushing his Essence into its true state. The ground below him was beginning to crack, stray lightning bolts crackling in the air around them like destructive butterflies. The kind face he had was molded once once again to the aggressive scowl that he held.

    "Did you just get taller? And bigger...?" More than the unease he was getting from Bondor's gentle giant appearnce to what he could only describe as a lightning barbarian was the weapon he held, Bondor's Essance Weapon: Bolt. "And where'd you get an axe with a blade made out of lightning?!"

    Alaude, the inventor from the technological city kingdom of Weal was interlocked in a fight in a battle between him the one of the Sigil initiates named Bactric. There fight was in the midst so far for a good handful of minutes so far. Alaude, being the intelligent fighter that he was, took his time reading out who he was fighting and what he was capable of. From what he was able to deduce is Bactric's Essence used some form of toxins to poison whoever it was he was fighting. This was lucky for him. His machinery should have a level of utility high enough that the toxins could be counteracted or simply avoided. Regardless of this he was from what he could tell not a fighter. Though Alaude was far more of a tactical fighter than a close quarters combat style fighter he was still able to fight in close quarters combat. From what he could tell though Bactric was in no way a close quarters combat type fighter. He was one hundred percent a ranged fighter who didn't like to get his hands directly dirty.

    Alaude spoke of a tone that was of an intellectual, someone who made sure to have a plan before any form of attack. "Just as my analysis told me about you within the first real time minute of our fight: You use some form of poisons and/or toxins to fight with your oponent."

    "Impressive... But I still don't care." Bactric seemed very mean. Every sentence he said had either swearing or insults in it. "You're a shitty trash being, dude. Just lie down and let me kill you so I can end this sad excuse you call a life for you."

    "You're not... very nice, are you?" Groaned Alaude, feeling like he got the worst match up.

    "What makes you think I have to be nice to some ass hat like you?" Words like daggers coated in filth were what Bactric put out. Nothing he ever said seemed ot be pleasant. Just insult after insult with very little reasoning as to who he wouldn't talk like this to (People of status like Stratos, Hank, or any of the royal family) "A sellsword that also apparently thinks he knows my Essence."

    "Affirmative, you are in fact a jerk." With what looked like a hologram notebook Alaude searched his notes to find what he could make best use of here. "Which protocol should I use for this?"

    "As I've seen, your attacks aren't that fast nor are theyof that wide of range." Hovering in the air via his automatic hovering turrets attached to him Alaude kept his distance from all the bubbling dangerous poisons and toxins that were layered around them like a moss on a riverbed. "For someone who can fly all these toxins you left on the ground ean very little to me.

    "That's where you're both right yet wrong, but I'm not surprised." What he was to tell Alaude next would shock him. Bactric grumbled out an aspect of his Essence that was actually pretty terrifying "Even my very words are toxic. Hearing them means I have a toxin inside of your body that I can incubate into destroying you at any time." Hearing Bactric's crude words caused toxins to form inside the bodies of those who heard them, something he could use at any time further to kill someone.

    Falling silent Alaude wobbled in place, attempting to calm his ill stomach. "..."

    "What, sad now? Gonna cry, bitch?" Poking at Alaude with a few painful words, only poisoning him even further.

    "Sad? No way." Off from his belt Alaude took out a metallic rectangular prism that was notched up against it. "This is the perfect time to try out a weapon I made."

    Bactric actually seemed slightly interested in whatever Alaude had to offer. Technology was something that grabbed his attention when brought up to him, and during their fight of all things. "You're going to run a prototype in a time like this?"

    "I'd be fine dying if it was meant for the progress of science." Spoken like a true scientist and inventor. Alaude wasn't even in this for adventures or thrills. What he was here for was for learning and the advancements of his own inventions and to how they stack up here in this old Kingdom.

    Chapter End

    Through dream I travel, at lantern's call
    To consume the flames of a kingdom's fall

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