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    The Enchantrum Chapter Zero: Rax The Future Hero

    In small town, one that didn't even make it onto most maps of the Continent of Everlast, Slinger Town was where the Hero of this story and his first comrade would meet, what set up all the events that would come forth for this new age. The one who was the key in this beginning made her way into a small saloon just near the town's square, The Troll's Barrel. The saloon doors slammed open as she strutted in, chest puffed out.

    "Alright, I'm here looking for anyone worth a shit in strength!" the young lady announced.

    Many angry thug like folk glared towards her, looking like stereotypical goons and nothing more. They eyed her down, taking note of her appearance, immediately followed by laughter and mockery. This girl looked around the ages of her late teens, maybe seventeen or so. Even with this she was rather small with her height at the very most being Five foot three inches. Dressed in mostly black gothic clothes that opposed her snow white hair, she gave back a scowl even more threatening than the thugs had composed. Weirdly enough designed amongst her ghostly pitched hair was a weird set of jet black eyes and a triangular mark slightly down and between them. Two fang like bangs draped from her forehead, giving the combination of her hair the look of a long toothed skull upon her head.

    With arms crossed and a disapproving frown she scanned the crowd, not caring that no one cared to even reply to her at all. She reached into her bag she had at her side. A flurry of fliers spread throughout the saloon. Without saying another word she turned and walked out of the place to repeat the process at any other place in the town she felt necessary. The fliers that she had had been picked up by few, one being a red hair hued male who barely managed to be conscious for what just happened, mainly due to the mass amount of bread and cheese he had just consumed that could easily rupture the stomach of an average giant. Going through the papers that had been "given out" had read as; Looking for someone strong for a quest. Not accepting any piss league weaklings who would just hold me back! Success will result in a grand reward. Come to the rocky spires a half mile east of the town at sunset.

    In the middle of this area of equally sized rock spires, dirt, and sand the girl had a random wooden table set up with a sign reading Tryouts for Ossa's adventurers party.

    "Ossa? Is that your name? I think I heard that somewhere before." pondered a crusty bar slut that came to see what was the event that had drawn bits of the town's attention.

    Once about twelve people showed up to these pretty much tryouts for a clearly bossy midget of a girl she began what everyone guessed was gonna be a long droning explanation of this.

    "Now, I'll only be taking one today. I'm looking for a gang to make, just a duo party." Ossa preached to the people watching her.

    Reaching beneath her, she threw several jars behind her that smashed up against the stone spires twenty or so feet back. A strong odor now polluted the vicinity all the way back to Slinger Town, the girl once again giving no waste of time after preforming another weird action before speaking again

    "These are Scorpid pheromones. The ones that live around here should be Vice Grip Scorpids, only 4 wood star level. If you can't even manage to take 15 or more down then you might as well go home."

    The very creatures now scurried up the dunes and into the area, seemlingly angry due to the combat based scent that had been drenched into the soils. Ossa didn't even budge from her desk or turn around as they came for everyone in the area. Some ran away and some fought, but one did something just as similar as the girl did.

    Climbing up top of the nearest spires and flattening the tip to be a comfortable seat for him to lounge about on. With his hood on, his face was unknown, but the rest of him was odd enough to remember. With no shoes or socks his lower half was only garbed in a pair of dark grey sweat pants. Other than that his only other piece of garment was a Christmas red long sleeved hoodie with two fangs cascading down at the ends of the tightening strings. The scorpids just acted like he wasn't there, avoiding both he and the girl Ossa entirely while the generic fodder scrubs struggled against these low tier beasts.

    "Is this it?" Ossa groaned as she viewed the weaklings she gathered.

    Just as she finished her complaint a slight rumble had taken all their attentions, even the small scorpid beasts. Over the hills came another Scorpid, but an entirely different breed. The Vice Grip Scorpids where only at max the size of a prepubescent child while this new one was 4 meters long and 2 meters tall. It's body was a weird oval but what was weirder was its claws were small and blunt and its tail was trailing far behind it, not really visible to the crowd. The smaller scorpids bolted out of the area as the larger one made its way in, eyeing down the girl who stood in its pathway, arms crossed and the same grimace as she had before. The creature's heavy breaths swayed her hair and skirt back as it attempted to intimidate her, lifting its tail into the air. Being more than three times its body length and being in a large weighted shape this beast was known as the Anchor Tailed Scorpid, a 3 Stone Star level Monster. Covered with grotesque barbs and hued at a sandstone gold, its 3 giant eyes looked about its preying grounds . With one swing of its mighty tail it crushed 2 and a half rock spires as tall as the creature's tail was to display its strength. The small girl didn't even flinch a bit from this, lifting her hand to attack back if he attempted to swing at her. Just as it was about to attack the girl its attention turned towards the boy upon the rock a ways ahead of him. A douchey smile cut across his lips as the two beings interlocked gaze. The instance this happened the Scorpid burst with fury and ran towards him, destroying five more spires as big as the previous ones like nothing as its tail came up to strike.

    "What?! Monsters only react like that to other monsters, not towards humans!" Ossa shouted in astonishment, fodder thugs getting trampled and killed like nothing."Move now, you fucking retard! That thing can crush an entire city block with a single swing of its tail which has a speed of mach 2 when serious!" She continued on

    With a crushing blow with its tail the scorpid made a giant shock wave crumbling the twenty two remaining spires and up heaving a large dust cloud. Ossa assumed the hooded male was dead, ready to take out the creature with a large bone spike coming out of her palm. It wasn't until the dust cloud dispersed a fraction of a second later that he was fine. The Scorpid was trying to pull its tail up from the ground. A short cackle came from the hooded male as he stood ontop of its now set in place tail, taunting the beast. A few more yanks later it managed to pull back its tail and immediately bringing in another swing to kill. A third swing, fourth, fifth, eighth and even nineteenth swing it attempted yet failed to hit him. The land around them had looked like it had been scooped multiple times with a massive spoon from each attack of this beast. Letting out a feral shriek its tail doubled in size, weight, and density, trying to take out everything within a hundred meter radius in hopes to take out its enemy with one last attack. With its attack mere feet from the man he gave out a question for anyone left around and alive to ponder.

    "My name's Rax, nice to meet ya bossy girl. Wanna know the most basic way animals attempt at scaring each other?"

    Just then the tail made impact, though it didn't seem to make a crater this time. All of the force went back at it, showing that the boy had caught it, the force blowing off his hood and tearing his sleeves apart to be the length of an ordinary T-shirt sleeves. His hair came in two parts. Firstly was a shorter trim of maybe an inch in length that was colored of a vibrant lava red color. What was more interesting was upon his forehead was a bright cinnabar red colored star that grew naturally form his head as the rest of his hair. Aside from that his arms were wrapped in a shiny metal set of chains but the reasons for this were unknown. Giving a brief moment for others to take in what he asked he gave a soft response.

    "They get loud."

    Utter silence set upon the area as he made one strong inhale, going from completely void of sound to what came next. with a vast boom of volume.

    The volume alone pushed back the beast far, making it waver from approaching Rax again. In a split second it changed its mind and turned to run, its tail swinging around and coming right into the red headed future hero's reach. Swinging his right arm across his body sent the chain on his arm to shoot out and wrap around the beast's tail, pulling it back to him. In one quick motion he launched this thirty two ton beast into the air. Like a mechanism he cocked his right fist back like it ignored the momentum and force that had been sent to fling it into the air. flames the same hue of cinnabar as his weird hair star trailed off of his hand, leaping into the air. Rax launched a punch forward at it, the strike causing his flames to surge at it in different timed hits.

    "Biting Flames!" is what Rax yelled out, being the obvious name he had given this attack.

    The creature had been blown to ash, even through its rough exoskeleton. The few survivors that had watched as this up and coming rookie made his first real debut to any form of public, landing down ontop of the girl's table, crouching down so he met eye level with her.

    "Did I make the cut?" Rax asked, his over confident jerk of a smile painted strongly on his face.

    With her arms crossed as she'd been, Ossa's scowl turned into a slight smile of approval and amusement as she gave him back an answer.

    "Sure. Now get your shit. We're going to Darda to register for now."

    Rax just leaned forward, his bare footed feet having their toes pop as he exclaimed


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    The Enchantrum Chapter 1: The Rookies Gather

    In a constantly growing world of both size and wonder there was one place where it always and still did begin. Everlast, the Continent of Rookies, a land some say was made specifically for the youth and future adventurers of the world. Expanding from East to West at 41,500 miles wide, much larger than the diameter of planet Earth, Everlast was about to experience a new wave of youth adventurers that may be the largest impacting generation in all the planets hundreds of eons.

    The City of Darda, a forever stable economic empire that was the core of the rookies of this world, was where this new generation would gather in the same place for the first time. Boasting with at a diameter of over 400 miles wide and with a population of 185 million people Darda remained as the essential staple for the beginning since It was the city that the organization FREE resided in. FREE was merely a registry system for up and coming adventurers, not carryi whether or not they were good or evil. It was purely to get a look and feel on those who are going to be setting out in the world to start their journey. In exchange for just displaying what they're capable of one would receive rations, a fair amount of Flint (The name of the world's currency), and a map of the continent. It was a long neutral party that was funded by both people of the dark side and the light. It was the single thing that all of them had in common.

    The registration grounds, a 6 mile by 6 mile dirt stretch of flat land, was filled with the chatter and efforts of the newbies as they awaited the results of their showings for each of the test categories of Power, Durability, and Speed, a demonstration of their skills with their powers, and lastly a quote they'd like to give to the people who would be reading the magazine the results would be published in. Each point meant that they could exude the equivalence of 2.5 tons of TNT (10 tons being able to level an entire city block) and for speed every 1 point equaled to 50 meters a second . All of this would be head analyzed and labeled by the proctor Quail. A rather tall man, standing around 7 foot 6 inches and only about one hundred and ninety pounds he was a broom stick of a person. His lavender and deep sea blue mixed hair extended down to his shoulders and forehead aside from the small tuffet that drifted upwards just like the bird he was named after. Garbed in a suave silver suit and lead grey shaded sunglasses that completed covered his eye sockets.

    "First up, Sloth Hammon!" The Proctor Quail announced as he read from his clipboard, not even carrying to even look up towards whoever was up for display.

    Pressing onto a sensor button on his clipboard caused a large boulder to slam down onto the open field grounds. A perfect spheroid as wide as the tail of the anchor tailed Scorpid from what Rax observed. The star headed future hero had been extremely anxious for this day not mainly to show off what he could do but more towards trying to get more into his party. Five people was the most optimal number for an adventuring party from what Rax assumed. The first person had finally gone up, looking nothing like some frilly poof of a male by Rax's assumption.

    "Alright, show us what you can do. After you demonstrate it give us your quote then get off the field and wait for your results." Quail lazily grunted towards Sloth to begin

    Sloth Hammon carried a real lack of emotions towards anything other than annoyance that seemed similar to that of the proctor. With hair hued a gentle plum purple and with small drapes of it coming down to his ears like little mole claws he had the hard bishie look upon himself. Wearing very very dark blue long sleeved shirt that had a bright purple slit going from the shoulder to the wrist and a pair of parachute pants a normal jeans stained color he crouched for a brief moment only to leap a solid 35 feet into the air. Most thought he had some form of ability that increased his jumping strength, but what he was actually doing and what the more experienced adventurers that came to watch, or as one was, recording it all as the proctor, they could tell he was controlling the gravity around him. As he started his free fall down towards the boulder and smashing it into dust and giving off a lady killer smile to everyone watching.

    "Sloths usually tend to move very slow. This one prefers not to." Sloth announced as the dust cleared.

    Quail didn't even give him a response. Without even a second of delay after finishing writing everything down he signaled for the next person to come up.

    It took nearly the entire day before all they were all finished. Rax talked to only a handful of the hundreds of people that were there that day. After The results had been published out onto a giant display board where the display grounds were previously, listing in alphabetical order, he not only looked at his own results, but also the results of any one he remembered of the people he had spoken to earlier in the day.

    Akorn Yggdrasil
    Power: 76
    Durability: 89
    Speed: 73
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Wears pretty much rags, has two leaf like shapes in his hair in the back sticking up, has roots usually coming out of clothes
    Comments: S
    mells like a different tree every few seconds, seems really spaced out a lot, eats only food he himself has grown
    Quote: "Trees are what bring life to all things. I am what brings life to trees."

    Alex F. Odder
    Power: 0.5
    Durability: 9,000+
    Speed: 0.2
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Wears different costume every time I saw him, carries large wrestling mat on his pack for "Ready to rumble brawls"
    Comments: Took the strongest attack we were allowed to even possess within the city, shit in everything else other than not dying

    Baldy Niagra
    Power: 84
    Durability: 83
    Speed: 74
    Identifiable marks of appearance:
    Comments: Always dressed for the hot working weather in shorts, a light shirt, carries a fishing pole, has a headband on at all times
    Quote: "The world is as mysterious as the deep blue sea. I plan on catching all of those mysteries just the same."

    Power: 82
    Durability: 113
    Speed: 80
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Metallic like skin, Eyes have a stream of binary numbers streaming in them, exhaust ports out the back of the neck
    Comments: Doesn't seem human, seems to be studying the people around him, obviously wants to engage in conversation with others but can't
    Quote: "
    I will upgrade and evolve to find my primary functional purpose."

    Bold the Black
    Power: 82
    Durability: 79
    Speed: 98
    Identifiable marks of appearance:
    Darkest skinned man I've ever seen, skin can draw like chalk due to charcoal layer, horrible teeth
    Comments: Seems like a chap but possibly a ruse, has amazing potential as an assassin, seems to have a dark outlook on life but wants to correct it
    Quote: "
    Life's as dark as charcoal."

    Bondor Stormbjorne
    Power: 112
    Durability: 145
    Speed: 62
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Neck beard, over 8 feet tall, has a natural electric charge, carries an axe in combat with a lightning bolt shaped blade
    Comments: Far to passive, obvious bottling of rage and anger, a lot of hidden potential
    Quote: "
    I will not fight unless to protect someone."

    Cake Cresendo
    Power: 70
    Durability: 56
    Speed: 96
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Wears a large pair of sunglasses on her forehead but are never actually being used, barely speaks English, wears a scarf over shoulders, high heels even when fighting it seems
    Comments: Extremely rude, connected with the Crescendo Cartel, seems to have a horde of minions already, powers don't seem to focus on power or durability, but is fast
    Quote: "Every the men here are lambs to me's slaughter."

    Power: 74
    Durability: 76
    Speed: 99
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Wears old worn down clothes but seems to like them, his feet are extremely rough, always has an expression of relaxation
    Comments: Extremely polite, carefree, stares off into the sky and daydreams a lot.

    Quote: "
    Every worry will float away into the sky."

    Crispy Saxxon
    Power: 80
    Durability: 55
    Speed: 89
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Strange antler like hair nubs, extremely smiley and joyous, wears a lot of happy colors even with a magical essence ability of sharp black glass
    Comments: Slightly feminine, seems to have a form of regeneration, damaging him likely makes the battle field harder and more dangerous due to obsidian spread.
    Quote: "Slice and Dice, dazzle and amaze."

    Dohawk Harrowgale
    Power: 78
    Durability: 69
    Speed: 103
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Feathers coming out of his forearms, wears barely a tank top, mohawk
    Comments: Likes to jump into the conversations of others, will take attention towards food thrown on the ground (Likely due to Avian originated essence)
    Quote: "
    An unmatched Predator hunts from the skies."

    Fayd Grain
    Power: 51
    Durability: 215
    Speed: 64
    Identifiable marks of appearance:
    Comments: Extremely defense based fighter, doesn't get surprised by anything you tell him, accidentally or intentionally gives others spoilers to stories they'd mentioned reading
    Quote: "My will is as strong as the mightiest stone."

    Ichner Deeptoal
    Power: 75
    Durability: 77
    Speed: 56
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Wears an mining hat at all times, pickaxe constantly on the back carry, rather muscular for a youngster
    Comments: Preform mineral samples on areas he's in if bored enough or waiting, seems to have some form of mineral blending ability, records only have information on him with a trait copy of lead.
    Quote: "
    Every artifact left in the ground is just crying out to be found."

    Jowy Clutch
    Power: 125
    Durability: 106
    Speed: 84
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Looks like he hasn't slept in weeks, worn down and tattered clothes, wears shoes with no bottoms of them like he's been walking in them for years
    Comments: Seems crazy, made some notes about liking traps and hating structures, just breaks rocks into smaller rocks and so on when waiting, seems like a possible party match for Ichner
    Quote: "
    Man's most beloved creations will crumble in my hands."

    Myst The Pick Pocket
    Power: 79
    Durability: 81
    Speed: 95
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Glassless monocle that blends with his clothing, wears black dress silk gloves,
    has a burlap sac on his person but seems to be empty.
    Comments: Extremely shady, tried to steal my pen as I was writing down information for the applicant before and after him
    Quote: "
    If it has high value, expect me close by."

    Neruc Ruu
    Power: 88 (106 with more than 20 meters of free space to build up running power)
    Durability: 78
    Speed: 65 (103 if given 20 meters or more to build up running speed)
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Neck beard, metal platings on feet like horse shoes, cargo shorts but thick leather hide jacket
    Comments: Has a weird fascination with ponies, has been seen trying to argue with Rax Spellbound for no reason
    Quote: "
    Ponies save lives."

    Power: 111
    Durability: Unknown
    Speed: 91
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Black hair that streams down to his chin, usually only one eye visible, hands are usually in pockets, wears mostly black, clothes are extremely torn
    Comments: Every attack that went towards him seemed to pass right through him, possible intangible, seems crazy, strange ability that has an ominous aura to it.
    Quote: "
    He calls to me from the shadows... His freedom is nigh."

    Nordlending Glades
    Power: 92
    Durability: 88
    Speed: 90
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Large bags under his eyes, large muscular chest that doesn't fit in with the rest of his body, maroon hair that stays back like it was just hit with a powerful gust of wind
    Comments: Tried to fight anyone who asked how to pronounce his name, name is though hard to pronounce and get right, carries a pair of headphones to some form of portable music device he seems to have made himself with his ability
    Quote: "It's Nordlending..."

    Ossa Finale
    Power: 92
    Durability: 122
    Speed: 80
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Dressed extremely gothic, bone white hair has a design to look like a monster skull, usual scowl
    Comments: Already seems to be in a party with Rax, seems uninterested in the registrations and might see it as just a step to something else, bone abilities seem different than most
    Quote: "
    Expect a storm of bones soon."

    Power: 100
    Speed: 89
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Carries a cane even though he's young, old fashioned hat seen usually worn by runners of prostitution runners, corn row hair
    Comments: Acts like a senior citizen
    Quote: "
    With age comes wisdom. And with wisdom comes the best ideas of how to kick someone's ass."

    Rax Spellbound
    Power: 125
    Durability: 108
    Speed: 82
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Strange hair star, doesn't wear shoes, always seems to have grey sweat pants on, chained up arms, red hoodie shirt with torn up sleeves and two fangs tied to the hood strings
    Comments: Both aggressive and lazy the same time, strange color of fire that might have meaning, seems very interested in breads, when something shocks him he crunches his arms in to where it looks like he had stubby short arms, easily distracted, admitted to being in a party with Ossa Finale
    Quote: "
    I'm gonna be what prevents war."

    Ray Straight
    Power: 102
    Durability: 80
    Speed: 103
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Carries a large plethora of arrows with him, hair jolted back like a literal arrow shooting from his head, Sage green bandana with a four set side to side collection of rhombuses around the neck
    Comments: Very military built standard, contains complete sight on whatever he's attacking at all times
    Quote: "I never miss. If you don't get struck down by one of my arrows then consider yourself a non factor to me."

    Roolie Bangladesh
    Power: 95
    Durability: 78
    Speed: 101
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Fury Leopard pelt shoulder pad, ripped hash browns colored onsie, long foot claw like nails and no shoes
    Comments: Constantly says he's going to rape stuff, a bit vulgar and hateful, doesn't seem to care to form a party

    Quote: "*Hisses like a feral cat*"

    Schnar Fa-Na
    Power: 88
    Durability: 122
    Speed: 93
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Hair is a mix or orange and white stripes with a darker orange animal like set of ears, has one whisker protruding from each cheek
    Comments: The animal like markings don't seem to be related to his powers at all and might be a weird genetic deformity, very crude, explicit language

    Quote: "
    What the fuck do you mean a quote?"

    Shogun Magoon
    Power: 85
    Durability: 85
    Speed: 71
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Large metallic helmet, uses swordsman stances even though using a crushing weapon, very bulky for a short man
    Comments: Extremely intelligent, suspected to be from Weal, weapon seems to be magnetized
    Quote: "It's to my most accurate hypothesis that I contain the highest intellectual quantity and quality amongst everyone here. Truly something to be expected."

    Power: 55
    Durability: 30
    Speed: 102
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Glittery hair, wears a poncho and a ritual like gown, falls asleep before attacking
    Comments: Even with low power and durability this boy seems to disperse as a weird glittery cloud then reform, standard attacks seem to not work on this boy, seems extremely intrigued by most things, sleeps 75% of the day unless given a task, dream based abilities that have never been heard of before
    Quote: "
    Dreams are made of me."

    Sloth Hammon

    Power: 99
    Durability: 103
    Speed: 87
    Identifiable marks of appearance: plum colored hair, long sleeves that start tight around the shoulder but becomes a loose cone like a cone shape at the end, pants have at least 11 pockets that all seem full.
    Comments: Has some strong hatred for world hunger apparently, pretty boy ladies man, constantly has increased gravity around him.
    "Sloths usually tend to move very slow. This one prefers not to. "

    Steel Angler

    Power: 113
    Durability: 110
    Speed: 65 (movement/reaction speed) 145 (Striking speed)
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Wears a muscle tight tank top, flat top hair style, combat pants are worn with hand to hand fighting gloves hanging from the sides.
    Comments: Has an alpha male complex, came from a religious background but tries to use threats in an attempt to belittle other rookies
    Quote: "
    Ever been punched by a holy man before?"

    Power: 77
    Durability: 144
    Speed: 74
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Body has a ripple effect if even tapped with a low level of force, extremely elastic and malleable and doesn't even attempt to hide this trait
    Comments: Doesn't eat food with his mouth it just absorbs into his body, smiles at everyone that looks his way
    Quote: "
    I'm rubber and you're glue, anything you throw at me will get absorbed and dissolved within my geletal mucus membrane. Did I say that phrase right?"

    VIII Ji
    Power: 76
    Durability: 91
    Speed: 114
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Top knot hair that streams down to his backside, carries a six foot spear, wears wooden clogs, left shoulder pad is made of leather and right is made of iron
    Comments: From the newly made kingdom of the Ji Dynasty, constantly trying to prove himself, ignores anyone that has attempted to talk to him
    Quote: "
    My siblings think the throne is their birth right. Not I though. I will earn it through blood and sweat."

    Vice Train:
    Power: 50
    Durability: 45
    Speed: 255
    Identifiable marks of appearance: His shoes are made out of Macheetah leather and are far more durable than he is, hair is mostly short but has five small spikes within it, wears some form of heat resistant body suit
    Comments: Talks extremely fast, eats ten times more than the average person, body heals at a much faster rate than a normal person, but not enough to classify as any notable regeneration ability
    Quote: "
    I'm never not in a hurry."

    Void Tract
    Power: 111
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Wears lots of drapery like clothing, large leather boots, metal plating over his abs
    Comments: Seems like a convict, heard him mutter something about the Sulfur Lock, could possibly be the child who escaped a few years ago
    Quote: "
    Confinement can really change a man. Hell can do much more. Both together just creates something much more twisted."

    Wild Call
    Power: 99
    Durability: 128
    Speed: 75
    Identifiable marks of appearance: dozens of thick scars all over his arms and chest, wears fur cloak, large jaw fangs, thick gut muscle
    Comments: Seems to have a complex of calling out others to fight even when he doesn't actually wanna fight, takes random naps when not involved in anything, growls a lot for no reason
    Quote: "
    I don't plan on hibernating this winter."

    Y Candren
    Power: 76
    Durability: 104
    Speed: 102
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Black and yellow striped hair, always keeps his strong arm that fights with extended, always greets with his weak arm side, his shirt has his back completely exposed
    Comments: Is extremely aggressive if approached but extremely friendly if he approaches you, loves flowers, has some form of instinctual hatred for Wild Call.
    Quote: "
    A hive mind means less to think about."

    Zyn Caltrop
    Power: 68
    Durability: 33
    Speed: 77
    Identifiable marks of appearance: Stitches all over his body, stitches go across his face from middle left to right and on the left side from around his cheek, his eyes are dead but he can still see just fine.
    Comments: Regenerates from whatever was thrown at him, not caring about dodging attacks, eats only rotten food, his ability seems to do more damage over time of being exposed to it.
    Quote: "
    Ring around the lab tables, a coat full of scalpels, stitches, stitches, we all fall apart~"

    Everyone who had participated in the display had been given a week's worth of food rations and 5000 Flint. This was their first taste of rewards as now fully fledged rookies. Given quests and jobs weren't something that usually were promised like the registrations for FREE. Most of the time it was more of a just wander into a problem and hope for a reward of some kind. The Enchantrum was a huge world with multiple smaller planets orbiting it and the many dimensions that were linked to it, so problems were everywhere. From what Rax had overheard from Quail discussing with the other proctors that no one there had been above 6 Stone Star level, the average of them being 4 Stone Star level at standard power. The problem with that was it was that he really doubted that anyone showed their full power level. Rax had always guessed his max strength was at around 6 stone stars, maybe barely 7. Though he thinks very highly of his own strength he was aware that most of the other people at the registration display were at his level, some even higher than he was. It wasn't something that discouraged him but more over really drove him to get stronger.

    He and Ossa were in a similar typed tavern as to where they first were around each other. Rax had been ripping apart a loaf of bread to soon consume while Ossa gnawed away at a bone like it was a lollipop. The displays were not only for the basic necessities they all got but also to scout for others to join your parties, something Rax had to give a lot of thought about. There were hundreds of people there earlier that day and he had only met a handful, and even out of those handful he wasn't sure who he wanted to adventure with. Especially that first guy, the Sloth guy. While pondering over all of this there was something else that caught his attention elsewhere in the tavern. Like an eavesdropping asshole Rax tuned in on the issue that was happening behind him

    "You seemed strong at the displays today! You should form a party with me, Korgo! We can rough up some of the weaker fellas that were there and take their money and food."

    Korgo had been one of the people at the registration who had scored pretty much in comparison to everyone else. Rax only remembered him due to his weird appearance. Korgo was a hunchback who wore a weird rubber rain full body jump suit with jagged and broken up yellowish brown teeth. Having scored only a level equal to 6 wooden stars Korgo had clearly been set as one of the weaklings. Obviously his plan was to get someone stronger to carry him to where he could obtain greater monster essences to strengthen his own. The man he was talking to was the passive warrior giant that Rax had taken note of earlier, Bondor Stormbjorne, the near eight and a half tall warrior who wielded the power of a massive lightning bolt discharging axe. With what felt like an eternity but in reality was only about six seconds of a pause before responding to Korgo

    "No thanks. I need to think over big things like that before deciding, but you don't seem like some I'd get along with..."

    The thought of being rejected of a team invitation had caused Korgo to blow a fuse. In a snort and fluster Korgo had an angry enough look on his face that he could gain blisters from it.

    "Oh, so you think you're too good for Korgo, you fat fuck?! I can tell you're from the Static Highlands. Does everyone in your warrior clan act like such a gutless pussy like you?"

    It was taking every fiber in Bondor's body to not turn around and smash the vulgar jerk into an electrical burn on the tavern floor. His rage and fury had been building up inside of him for a while now, only discharging some of it during the displays earlier. The handle of his mug of ale was two and a half inches of solid steel which was like dough to Bondor's clenching fists which were now sparking with electricity. With his vision nearly fading into the point of a blind uncontrollable onslaught Bondor had nearly fended off entirely of his boiling temper but only to be pushed again due to Korgo throwing his pint at him, drenching him in a foamy and thick stenched alcohol. Just as he was going to turn and open the gates to his deeply buried savage side Bondor heard a crash behind him. At the same point he turned Ossa did as well. The normal scowl she had on her face had turned into the same smile she had when she invited Rax to join her team, her half open eyes locked onto the star headed Hero as he explained some things to Korgo.

    "You talk way to much for a guy with bad teeth. Lemme fix that."

    Rax had pinned Korgo down with his feet pressed directly onto his biceps. With his right hand up and ready he extended his index and middle finger out fully. An instant later a small wisp of cinnabar flames burning like that of a blow torch engulfed his two extended fingers as he used his other hand to close and hold Korgo's jaw shit and force his lips apart . It took about 2 seconds for him to do it, other folk in the tavern amused as they watched what Rax had done. Using the heat of his fire Rax had welded Korgo's teeth together into one super tooth.

    Letting Korgo go as he stood, the hunch backed jerk now rolling on the ground in agony and shock, Rax turned to Bondor, an honestly friendly smile across his face and giving out what was like an offer but more like a demand of

    "You seem like a great guy, so come join our team."

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 2: Four outta Five

    Rax had just dropped the same request that that now easily defeated Korgo had made towards the gentle giant from the Static Highlands, Bondor Stormbjorne. It was true that Rax was actually trying to get him to join his party out of an attempt to become friends but it was still something Bondor wasn't to sure about. The long gaped pause this time was at least a good fifteen seconds, Rax just staring right at him patiently awaiting for an answer to whether or not he was gonna become part of their crew. Figuring out that Bondor wasn't really sure what to say Rax managed to come up with a plan instead of waiting however long it would take before an answer was given. After reaching into the small pouch tried to his waist a quick gleam go past them and onto the counter top. Bondor's eyes steered over to what was had landed near him, the bar keep picking it up to be revealed as Flint, the currency of the world.

    "We'll drink for it. I win and you join the party with Ossa and I. You win and I'll leave you alone and pay for your drinks the rest of the night. Deal?" Rax explained as he hopped onto the stool next to Bondor, giving a half way confident smirk.

    With a nod of agreement the two began chugging pints of different alcohols, Rax managing to go near edge with Bondor. Though he had been keeping to a close trail behind Bondor's standing of alcohol intake. About 45 gallons of 90% proof drinks later for each of them and half of their earnings of Flint from the displays that had gotten earlier that day had shown that Bondor has a significant lead at this point on Rax. His next drink would definitely be his last, knowing exactly what the sort of double edged sword he would need to attempt at. Signaling the bartender to bring him two shots of Summer Spud Squeeze, a drink that had been aged and fermented over the course of 1,500 years and even one shot would be more than four times the total amount of alcohol they had already taken. Both of them grabbed the glasses, tapping them together, and drinking them. It hit their systems immediately after taking in the drink and falling over. Rax and Bondor were both heading to the ground at the same speed to which it would be a draw, making the entire event pointless. This would be the case if it wasn't for the fact Rax managed to ignite barely a wisp of fire in each of his hands that propelled him upwards exactly one millimeter into the air so that Bondor would land first, both of them knowing Rax was the victor of the competition before passing out.

    The previous night was an eventful one in which Rax and his new team mate gained a strong respect for each other over an age old past time of a competition of drinking. Bondor had a stronger resistance to it all but Rax was much more clever in the grand scheme of things. What woulda needed a long night of sleep was interrupted only four hours in by the self appointed team leader Ossa raised her voice to a steady boom to wake the two up

    "Alright, you shit maggots, get up and get ready to go. We need to be in Marrow within three days."

    The two did their best to get up and get ready even though they looked a bit like zombies doing so. Ossa had said many times that they were going to Marrow for something but still hadn't told Rax about what it was and that he would find out later. It wasn't really something he could pry out from her by force due to knowing it was something that might be a bit private to her at least for the moment and because she scared him slightly. Going to Marrow was a concept new to Bondor which caused him to ask her why, not knowing to the same degree that Rax had noted from her behaviors whenever she mentions it.

    "Why are we going to Marrow, if I might ask." Bondor questioned with a tone of both curiosity and nervousness

    "I'll tell you later. We have to go now, so hurry the fuck up." Giving no haste Ossa snapped that at them and left the room, leaving only the sentence before going downstairs in the lobby of the inn they were in to wait for the other two.

    Bondor, now realizing that it might be a topic not ready to be learned about, grabbed his stuff and made haste downstairs while Rax was still attempting to get his dark grey sweat pants on.

    After about three hours of walking outside of Darda the now party of three made their journey to Marrow, the capital of Everlast. Ossa's snapping at them combined with Bondor's thoughts about upsetting Ossa had ruined his mood as well and Rax's strong hang over had made for a long three hours of silence through the forests and plains. Once they had gotten up to another forestry area they were ambushed by a beast called a Giant Tree Rat, a rodent over five feet tall and weighing six tons.

    "Oooooooh! A giant tree rat! I've never actually seen one before. That's a 3.5 Stone Star level monster!" Rax exclaimed as he showed interest in the monster.

    The creature didn't see the rookie adventurers as nothing more than food, pacing towards them with a killing intent pulsing out like a clear sign being waved that said "I'm going to kill and eat you." While Rax was super fascinated by the creature and Bondor was being his usual passive self Ossa had taken it upon herself to take the beast on herself. Her hands raising a bit from her sides Ossa started up her power which gave her the ability to control bones. The bones in her fingers grew out through the skin, protruding as sharp claws more really. She engaged with the creature, slashing it up relatively easily after each few moves around the lunges and lashes from the beast. Bondor looked to Rax to question something he had said, both of them could tell that Ossa was gonna be just fine.

    "Hey, Rax, what's with all the Star levels anyway? I never heard about them until I went to Darda for registration." Was asked by Bondor as he watched the combat that was going on in the corner of his eye.

    Reaching into his pack Rax pulled out a small manual that he had owned for a few years that had the basic things about being an adventurer, including the star level rankings. He opened it to the needed area and began the explanation that Bondor had wanted.

    "Their are eight classifications of star levels. Wood, Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Cosmic. Each classification had a level style of 1 star to 10 stars. Anything beyond the tenth star means it gets out up into the next higher classification such as 11 wooden star level would mean 1 stone star level. Don't be underestimating any creatures even if they're only a single star above anything you've beaten before, that one star level ahead means a great deal. The only thing beyond the star ranking are the Apex Ascension Beasts, but I don't know much about them, hell, they might not even be real."

    Bondor seemed to have a good deal better understanding of the matter, looking back to see in the brief couple seconds it took for Rax to tell him about the Star level labels Ossa had torn the creature to a fillet of its former self. Rax knew that A Giant Tree Rat was 3.5 stone star leveled beast, which meant that Ossa wouldn't been just fine destroying the Anchor Tailed Scorpid, a 3 stone star level monster, that they had encountered the day he and Ossa formed their team would've gone down to the girl as easily as this one. Once they finished their encounter with the creature they just continued onward like it was nothing and leaving the body of the monster of the creature there to be eaten by anyone or thing passing. Well, they didn't entirely just pass through it like it was nothing. As they were strolling out from the scene Rax had swiftly cut off its tail with a fiery chop that cauterized the wound and gave him a literal rat tail that he used to whipe Bondor with every few minutes to annoy the lot.

    Later that evening Rax would be faced with both a tragedy and a blessing. From the distance around a mile and a half or so away of the newly grown party of three could each tell that a fight commencing just forward of them. With strong pushes off the ground each of them bolted forward in half a second to arrive at the scene that they had just felt shortly ago. They came to find two things; The first person who displayed their abilities in Darda when Rax, Ossa, and Bondor were there Named Sloth Hammon and the other being a 4 and 1/3 stone star level creature called a Dread Root.

    A Dread root was one of the more particular looking creatures that appeared nearly entirely to be made of roots aside from the giant eyeball that the roots passed around and held onto. Being a creature from one of the many realms that layer ontop of the original realm that Rax and Co were in the dread root focused its power mainly on pulling the souls out of creatures below it or otherwise slowly ripped apart with its roots. Sloth completely ignored the presence of the spectators.Though normally he would be fine fighting a creature of this level but due to its extremely light already and loose root limbs countered any of Sloth's standard arsenal of attacks. Having noticed this Bondor steps out to assist Sloth in taking out the beast before being stopped by the short female of grump, Ossa.

    "You don't do any good here." Said Ossa and she pointed to the ground. "The creature a bunch of its roots in the ground and they can change their body composition to match other trees, such as rubber trees, and the sway of them and soft texture, all of which would make your power extremely moot."

    Ossa turned turned her attention to Rax. Ossa had kept a very strong look at everyone that had been at the displays and Sloth was one of the ones that she had been most interested in their strength. One of the others was that Cake woman, but she seemed like to much of a crazy thing to be in her team and might as well go the way of the villain.

    "Rax, get the hell in there and help. That guy could prove to be a valuable piece and I want him on the team." Ossa demanded as she expected Rax to just go on in

    Nope, I don't like him." Responded by Rax as he just watched the monster.

    Though they had only known each other for a few weeks this had been the first time Rax had denied to Ossa what she wanted when she was serious. It was something she was clearly unhappy about as the vein on her brow puffed up and pulsed, the regular scowl now turning into rage face of craze and histeria.

    "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN NO?!" Something that was screamed powerfully at Rax to the point even the Dread Root took notice mid fight.

    Rax didn't need to think much of a response to this. A simple and plain reason as to why he didn't want to help came from his lips just as Bondor grabbed onto Ossa to hold her back, bone claws ready to attack Rax. Without much to go for Rax just gave them the explanation he preferred the most.

    "I don't like that guy. He bugs me." Rax wavered saying this so that he could possibly leave

    Almost immediately after he said this the creature had knocked Sloth's bag onto the ground where its top flap opened and some items rolling out into the open. Rax's gaze was entirely focused on the items that had fallen out then immediately darted towards the tree based monster. The level of speed he used for this was twice as much as his normal speed that had been recorded at the displays. He stopped right beneath the Dread root, the updraft and shockwave that had been caused by him lifted the creature twenty feat into the ground. Sloth leaped over the beast at the same time Rax had the entire front of his fist clad and streaming in flames as if it had a metal layer ontop of it with trails red blaze linked from it. Sloth was over the creature at this point, crossing his hands so that his fingers criss crossed over one another as Rax came right beneath the beast. Both of them yelled and launched their techniques in perfect sync. Rax's yelled out "Growling Fire" which caused a flat area based fire explosion to hurt its opponent with the streams that were on it shooting like a rocket and giving the attack much more pressure and force. Sloth's was called "Graviton Crush", a move that increased the gravity beneath it increase to fifteen times more. The combined force pressed the beast from both sides damaged it enough to crush its eye which housed its entire life force. It had taken twice the amount of power to take out the Dread Root than the Anchor Tailed Scorpid which only had a star level difference of 1.3 stars.

    Bondor was very surprised at why Rax decided all of a sudden to help out the plum haired gravity controlling rookie. He didn't know if it was out of character for him or if Rax was like this all the time. It was worth a shot asking.

    "Rax, what made you change your stan-" Bondor questioned him before getting interrupted by Rax himself

    As soon the creature was killed Rax picked up a retangular prism shaped package off the ground that belonged to Sloth, opening it even though it wasn't his property. The sight of what as inside made Rax's eyes bulge out all crazy like. In a frantic and crazy manner Rax turned to Sloth and asked him a question, holding up a loaf of baked goods.
    "Where did you get this kind of bread?!"

    Sloth had been slightly at a gap between his words and he was confused by the complete crazy aggression that Rax was making towards the bread he had in his hands.

    "I made it. It was really easy to do after the third or so time making them when I was a kid."

    Once he heard this Rax's opinion of Sloth had gone from piece of shit to potential super pal. Giving no time aside from that to make his decision of Sloth becoming part of their team he made it clear that he wanted him on the team to make bread loafs for any day available for the star haired rookie hero. With a half mouth full of bread Rax told out as formally and a very happy smile upon his face

    "The Bishie stays." Rax stated to he other two, a strong predator look on his face as he said this.

    Four outta five members of the ideal size of a party that Rax had seen had now been in place. Hopes for the final member of their team was all needed now before he would even consider a team name. After that pondering they all continued on the way to their destination. Little did they know that was the last easy encounter they were going to have in a long time and what awaited for them in the capital of the Continent, the Kingdom of Marrow.

    Chapter Two End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 3: City of Bones and the Mountain Colossal

    Now four people strong, Rax and the gang finally made it to the capital of Everlast, Marrow. The Kingdom was called a City of Bones which was an extremely correct title after seeing it even once. Circling around an expanse of six hundred and fifty miles in diameter were large spikes of bone that stuck out of the ground a couple hundred feet as a wall to fortify the defenses of the city. In the very center was a large tower shaped like a spine that had to be as tall as about a fourth of the entire Kingdom was wide and far beyond the clouds. With a residential population of five hundred and sixty five million people and around two hundred million daily tourists going in and our of the place it was a bustling utopia of Everlast. The only place on the continent that had more in and our guests was the Combaticon.

    "This place is fucking huge!" Rax shouted out as he looked around the streets they were walking through, hoping to come across some rarity item or creature he could buy.

    Sloth seemed a bit annoyed already by Rax's very tourist personality, wondering if he was this excited when he went to Darda. He had joined the team only about a week ago. In that span of time he had barely talked to any of them, not every really leaving a comment or action that gave them a real impression of him. To them he was just the strong silent type so far, which was entirely untrue. As of now he was just trying to grow on them over time, dropping bit by bit of the strange guy he was and not all at once since he wasn't sure if they would instantly think ill of him. This would change in a moment as he looked about the active stores, merchants, and customers that filled the streets. Already making his plans to find a club later after they get done with whatever they were here for. Accidentally thinking out loud, a bad habit of his, Sloth out in standard volume declared for everyone else to hear

    "I'm gonna find some hot tang tonight~" Not realizing he had actually said it vocally until a few moments afterwards. He scanned the expressions of the other three to see if he might have just gotten himself into a bad position of how they would further think of him.

    Due to Sloth not knowing much about the personalities of everyone he assumed that after a moment like that Ossa would be embarrassed/angry, Bondor would make some tough guy comment, and Rax would make a joke out of it. Even with the week that he had been with them he had no idea the response from everyone was going to be as Ossa not giving a fuck and just ignoring him, Rax being the one that got a bit embarrassed thinking about it, and Bondor looked at him with a big stubble covered smile with a thumbs up signalling a solid "Niiiiiice" without using any actual verbal comments.

    A slight bit of shock had pulsed through his body and mind as he tried to think of something else to say to change the idea of him that they probably had. Not finding anything of significance he had been saved by Rax who pointed out a large stage in what looked like a park.

    "It must be some sort of fair or party going on! Let's go see if anything cool is happening. Maybe someone is gonna wrestle a Brave Bear or a Javelin Beetle!" yelled Rax as he sprinted over to the areas people were gathering

    Most of the time a person who run somewhere in places like a crowded city at the speed of a normal person as to not cause a ruckus or a scene. That was not the case for Rax as he was at an entirely different level of enjoying his own strengths and not really caring what ramifications might occur until they actually happen. Not at his full combat speed but still fast enough he arrived just at the edge of the bunches of others that were gathered for whatever event was about to happen. Due to his speed he had caused a solid boom that knocked dozens of people down in front of him. Not knowing how exactly he was going to get out of this soon to be jam Rax was happy to see Sloth come up beside him who was ready to yell at him for knocking all these people down because he was to careless with his power in public. Like the clever bastard he was Rax immediately toppled over before anyone saw who had been the one to do it all. Thanks to the convenience of Sloth's arrival and his quick wits it appeared that the plum haired friend of his had been the one to burst in to make everyone get pushed forward and down. Nothing but scowls and muttered insults were now coming to him, Rax snickering on the ground as he watched.

    Ossa and Bondor shortly followed behind them, Ossa's normal scowl being much more unstable at the moment. Many of the people that had been knocked over by Rax were about to same something, though their hate was misdirected towards Sloth, but as just as it was about to begin a large bell started to go off that told them the main event was about to begin. All anger and upset in the group changed to excitement and joy as they cheered for their ruler.

    "Wait, this is just like, an addressing to the people sorta thing?" Groaned Rax as a bit of him died inside, wanting to see someone wrestle a big monster.

    "Sorta." Sloth answered, still glaring at Rax, as he seemed to be the only one that knew what was going on "Pretty much, yes, the ruler of Marrow is going to come out to give a short cameo as he does every few days just to say hello to his people and ask how they're doing. This is HIS kingdom after all."

    At the sound of Sloth saying that Marrow was the ruler's Kingdom you could see a quick flare of anger go through Ossa's face. Curious as to what the ruler is like, Bondor looks towards Sloth and Rax to drop a question

    "Who is this ruler? Is he some strong guy?"

    Bondor grew up isolated in the Static Highlands, not actually learning about some of the basics of the world. In his lightning and electricity crazy wild areas they didn't have to worry about invaders and as long as they didn't upset any of the wildlife that wasn't an issue either. This was something Rax actually knew well enough and could explain. Like a school teaching lesson he was about to pretend to give Rax went over the basis of how human civilizations work in the hectic world they all lived in.

    "Essentially, any city, town, kingdom, or whatever is ruled by a powerful retired adventurer. Due to the sheer level of power radiating from the rulers of each place's Essences it causes monsters to know that its dangerous territory and that they can't do as they pleased. A place is usually of size proportional to or within how far this presence of their Essence extends to. The ruler of Marrow, from what I heard, has a presence that can be felt from a thousand miles away from one side to the other. Crazy right?"

    Seeming well educated on something Rax was on a bit of high horse. Sloth seemed to agree a bit with what he said, but more baffled at the ending part about it being "Crazy" that the Ruler's presence can be felt from that far away. To correct Rax a bit he interrupted to add in something.

    "That's not crazy at all, Rax. Marrow isn't the Capital of Everlast due to it looking interesting. It's the capital cause the guy in charge is the strongest resident of Everlast, Algroth Talus, The Skeletal Tyrant." A bit of a hyping tone was spoken as Sloth finished his sentence.

    Two different reactions came of this statement by Sloth. One was Bondor's shock and astonishment that he might get to see who the strongest resident of the entire continent, and the second was Ossa giving off a bit of a quiet growl at the very sound of Algroth's name, her teeth clenching enough that she cut her lip a little bit.

    Rax was about to ask the girl of their team what the matter was only to get drowned out by the increased level of cheers as Algroth came out onto the stage to speak to everyone. To his surprise of what he expected to be an ancient old man in the garments of royalty came a middle aged dude in biker gear. Algroth dressed entirely in Black Leather that was lined white with the pattern of a skeleton, spikes coming out from each shoulder, where his hair colored of aged milk draped over. Algroth had a complete punk biker look, but in the full view of things it matched with the bone walls and giant spire of bone.

    Algroth was close to beginning his speech, couple million folk all now in complete silence. Finding the perfect chance to ask Ossa what the matter Rax was completely surprised to find her having vanished from the spot she was just standing moments ago. Scanning the group but no luck of finding, Rax turned to ask Bondor and Sloth if they saw where she went. This had gotten him even more confused as both of them were dead lock focused looking on the side of the stage which he then noticed what they saw which caused him the same wide eyed bewildering that the other two were now suffering from.

    Ossa had climbed the side of the stage, her bone claws already out and ready for combat. Fury was completely visible in her eyes, her intent to kill was felt by everyone there. Giving no moment to wait she charged the ruler of Marrow, out for blood and planning to go right for the throat. Algroth had not moved at all, an amused look on his face as he didn't even out up a single shred of his power to defend. Even with her "ambush" that she had gotten near of executing Ossa was stopped dead in her tracks, a man sitting down in a chair a dozen or so feet back just looking at her.

    His name was Geppetto, one of Algroth's personal guards. Geppetto was mostly covered in a large cloak the same color of wooden brown as the same and chair to blend in, not liking being seen by strangers. The only distinguishable feature of him was a wooden mask with a big grin from cheek to cheek and with no eyes. Barely visible wires were coming from his hands that were each now laced amongst Ossa's limbs, making her a puppet in his control.

    "His majesty is indeed powerful, but he has not the control and restraint that most do. Even with a single percentage of his power unleashed accidentally would reduce half of Marrow to dust." Whispered Geppetto to her, keeping her on full hold so she couldn't move even an inch.

    "Well shit, It's that little skele-girl! Ossa, you seem a bit stronger than the last time you tried to kill me." Algroth let out as he tried to converse with her like it were a reuniting of old friends going over past memories.
    This weird casual politeness and way to overly friendly attitude just to annoy her had done that and more, Ossa struggling her utmost to break free and attack. A blood curdling scream came from her lips as she shrieked at Algroth with what would be the first piece of Ossa's past and reasoning for being in Marrow to her team, mainly to Rax.

    "I will have my revenge, Algroth! I don't fucking care how long or how many attempts I need! YOU. WILL. PAY!"

    To the ruler of Algroth it was like a new born kitten trying to pick a fight with a fully grown lion. He called over some guards to get Ossa, Rax, Sloth, and Bondor immediately knowing they would have to take action but were apprehended by other guards on the spot. Resisting was pointless. Each guard was flexing their essence enough that each rookie knew that they had no chance dealing with even one of them.

    "I'm disappointed that you're still so unlady like, Ossa. Looks like I gotta kick your ass out again. Come back when you can behave yourself." Preached the City's ruler as he signaled the guards to take them to the nearest gate and make them leave.

    The four of them stood outside the walls of Marrow, the young girl extremely distraught from the events that just went down. None of them said a word for about four minutes, Ossa finally opening her mouth to give out a short message to her team mates.

    "I'll explain everything later, but it's already mid afternoon. There's a small town a little ways away we can get some rooms to sleep in, come on." After this being said Ossa just turned and began walking, the three guys who had already seen her as a friend all just hoping she was okay.

    Now the rookie heroes at been taken up the night at the Inn called Forest Dream in a town just 40 miles west of Marrow called Valorville. It was a resort party town that was within the range of Algroth's Presence so that monsters didn't even bother going near it. After what had happened earlier that day the dudes had come up with a plan to bring Ossa to a place where they could take some of their remaining spending money and take a chance at gambling in some of the casinos.

    An hour into the gambling shenanigans results were already out. Sloth, the handsome ladies man of the group, had started by trying to pick up girls by the slot machines, thinking with his enhanced senses from his powers that it'd be easy. What was foolish of him was thinking he was the first to really consider that in a world like theirs. The machines had enchantment sensors on the handles of the machines so that it would spin as a speed proportional to your senses to that what it would be for a normal person. With a slot machine spinning at hundreds of times the speed of sound Sloth had lost almost all of his money and had nothing but a measly 2,200 Flint left to his name.

    Bondor had gotten lost but found the arcades that usually were just for kids of parents who wanted to gamble, giving them something fun to do. Amongst all these young kids Bondor, the near eight and half foot tall giant barbarian looked even more like a giant than usual. The children at first were scared of him but once he started to wreck all of the high scores on each game they were all extremely impressed and saw him as a God amongst mere mortals in comparison to their gaming skills, Bondor never playing a video game before in his life prior to then. He seemed to just have a knack for the games made via the usage of modern magic build technology.

    Rax had somehow ended up in the back alley black market type deals to barter with a strange cloaked man with a sharp toothed smile, selling him a Mysterious Egg for only 1,500 Flint. The man said that even he didn't know what was inside of it, that making it even more fun and worth the the risk of what grows inside.

    "OoooooooooOoooOOO" Rax softly murmured to the egg, extremely intrigued by what it could be. "I hope it's the final member for my team." He jokingly groaned.

    "If a final member is what you seek you best listen to what I speak." This stranger rhymed as he caught Rax's attention. "To locate the fifth of your five trust fate as you did that red old fossil, the one you want is here within Valorville, some call the Mountain Colossal."

    "Mountain Colossal?" Rax repeated back as he tucked his new egg that was the size of a cabbage into his front hoodie pouch, the chains on his arms tapping the shell softly.

    Once the egg was firmly seated he looked back up, the cloaked stranger now gone. He didn't really question it much at all seeing as he was already some creepy stranger so the guy just leaving without him realizing wasn't that surprising. Rax just went back inside to find his friends and see how they were doing while keeping his hands on the egg to maintain its safety.

    Sloth had also been looking for everyone else for a while seeing as he had already lost most of his money in such a short span of time, the only thing that kept him out of a depression from that was from a couple pretty girls comforting him for a little bit. Rax and Sloth regrouped to find Bondor who was now practically a legend amongst all the kids in the arcade room getting the high score on thirty two different games he'd never played before that day. All that was left for them was to locate Ossa.

    The bone white haired girl in jet black gothic dressings had been the only one doing what a Casino was really for, taking risks and winning. On a strong hot streak Ossa at a Roulette table had pooled in around two hundred and ninety thousand Flint, enough to keep the team financed for a solid few weeks. Though she was always scowling the luck she was currently imbued with had given her a slight smile of overconfidence.

    "Holy shit, Ossa. You're really good at these crazy chance games. All I won was this egg from some alley way stranger." Pointing down at his egg that he carried like a mommy kangaroo

    "At least one of us is actually good at this stuff..." Whined Sloth as he remembered back to his horrible timing skills with the slot machine.

    "I didn't even gamble and I had so much fun!" Bondor chuckled a bit from saying this

    Out of all of the stuff that the buys said that coulda been asked about something that actually interested Ossa a little bit was the egg Rax carried around. As she was about to comment on the egg she was approached and stopped by an unknown man who began talking to her.

    "Hey, my name's Bruud. Not telling you what to do or anything but I'd suggest you stop and keep your winnings before the casino tries to cheat and get all that Flint back. You should take it and go treat your friends here to some expensive food." Suggested Bruud, showing his concerned and friendly self who possibly knew the Casino would try to cheat the money Ossa won back.

    "Yeah, I guess that might happen. I'll stop here I guess. Let me treat you to something to eat in exchange for your helpful tip." Ossa responded, trying to be polite to not ruin the good mood that was around them from her doing so well in the game of risk, aside from Sloth who had already lost a lot of games and money.

    Bruud was extremely bland looking. With a pretty blank short brown hair, a normal Tuxedo, and no real identifiable marks to him he just looked like any random background character. As soon as they sat down at the table to look over some menus something changed. The essence of Bruud was pushed a bit outward and onto Rax, Ossa, Sloth, and Bondor. The power was much more than they were capable of taking on. With a blank stare at Ossa Bruud opened his mouth and began to unleash his quiet threats.

    "Here's what's gonna happen. You're going to give me the money and act like this never happened or I can kill anytime I want and take the winnings." Bruud's intimidation alone was driving them all on edge.

    Not backing down even though they were entirely outmatched the four rookies stood up and went into attack, hoping their four person combination attack would beat him. Even Bondor went right to attack, this from a man who was most of the time a pacifistic and would only fight for the sake of his friends and those who need protection. It took only a millisecond for Bruud to strike each of them and send them out of the restaurant and across the street into another.

    Out of where they landed Rax went right through the table of a beautiful young maiden in a flora lace dress. Just before he crashed fully and stopped Rax's being had two instantaneous responses. The first one was to protect the egg he kept in his front pouch and the other was his eyes locking on to the woman who's meal he just ruined's large G sized boobs. After he was able to recover the first thing he did was check to see if his egg was unscathed

    "Oh good, it's fine." Rax let out a strong sigh of relief after learning this. Next he turned to the woman to see if she's okay and apologize. "Oh! Miss, I'm so sorry. Some jerk named Bruud just tried to rob my friends and I and he just nearly just one shot whooped us and sent me over here."

    The woman giggled at the sight of Rax being so concerned more about his egg and herself over the severe damage she could tell he just took, doubting he could take that much damage again and keep going.

    "Your egg's pretty cute, almost as cute as you." She said as she helped him up to his feat, her Flirtatious look scanning Rax up and down.

    "Thanks, I guess. I'm Rax Spellbound." Rax groaned as he got up, trying to work through the now bruised bones all over.

    She smiled again as he told her his name, giving back the same level of politeness, her candy pink hair wavering down to her chest as she spoke. "Hello Rax, it's a pleasure to meet such a gentleman that worries about young unhatched creatures and the well beings of a delicate little lady like me when you already have such wounds from that attack. My name is Victoria. Victoria Nisean, and did you say it was someone named Bruu-" Victoria was cut off before she could finish speaking after Rax felt Bruud walking towards the outside of the Resturant. Getting up and getting to the large hole made in the side of the building he was just in, Ossa, Bondor, and Sloth had limped over as well, Rax raising his right fist as the other covered his egg.

    "All it'll take is one more hit from the looks of it to take you all out. You kiddies seem tough for what I can tell are brand new rookies, but obviously you can't compare to the power of someone comparable to a 9 Stone Star level monster." Bruud explained to them, ready to make the final attack, take his spoils of combat, then leave.

    Just as soon as Bruud raised his hand to use his power he noticed something to his left. Standing about fifteen feet away from him was Victoria, standing there upset with her arms crossed. Bruud noticed that her dress, which looked to be worth more than all the Flint Ossa had won, had a bunch of food stains all over it. From what he assumed one of the four people he hit into the other restaurant had probably hit her table and got food all over it. The sight of her had him shaking and scared, not knowing what was about to happen next.

    "It disappoints me you'd be bullying fresh rookies, Bruud. This isn't the first time I'd had to punish you, but I hope this is the last. This is what you earned for being so mean, especially to my cute new friend Rax. Maybe religion can help you so this attack should send you all the way to Starstream Shrine." Victoria gracefully expressed towards Bruud

    All it took was a single tap from her high heel to end it. A powerful shock wave was sent down the street which picked Bruud up with it. The force had taken him directly to StarStream Shrine as Victoria claimed it would, turning again with her eyes closed and smiled at Rax and his team, glad she could help them.

    "That idiot Bruud. This is the fourth time she's had to beat up Bruud for his stupid actions. Eh, I guess they don't call her the Mountain Colossal for nothing." A waiter that worked with the restaurant that Victoria had just been eating at before Rax crashed through the window.

    "The Mountain Colossal?!" Rax gasped as he found out the person the hooded stranger had told him to find was Victoria, the girl he met through chance.

    This had been some form of assisted fate for them to meet like this. Rax was sure he could convince Victoria to join their team. Thinking to himself as he looked directly at her large chest from where he was standing and thinking "I will make those part of my team."

    End of Chapter 3
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 4: A past riddled with Bones

    Over at the Starstream Shrine, just over 322 miles south of Valorville, Bruud slammed against the metallic outer wall of the religious compound after just moments before getting hit by an attack from Victoria. Rax noted that Bruud may have been strong enough for the pack of newbie adventurers but nothing compared to the woman who was given the nickname Mountain Colossal she was truly a force to be reckoned with in comparison to what they were capable of.

    Victoria had seemed a bit raddled after sending that attack. The star haired hero was a bit curious over this, assuming that she must have used a lot of power for that attack and it wasn't nearly as casual as he initially thought. This made him slightly feel better as he thought maybe she wasn't to far from his reach, but that actually wasn't the case. Vicotoria strolled up to Rax and his friends as pleasantly as possible to apologize to them.

    "D-did you see that act of violence that stranger that a-a-attacked Bruud just after I talked to him? It wasn't me for sure though, attacking others when not needing to is very u-u-u-unlady like." Victoria nervously stuttered as she was horribly shaking in front of everyone.

    The same waiter that had been the one to reveal Victoria's nickname to Rax had creeped up behind Rax, Ossa, Sloth, and Bondor to whisper into their ears a very valuable when it comes to dealing with the Victoria.

    "When she's not actually in a situation that demands her to fight she tries to be extremely feminine and lady like. Just go with her obvious hoax."

    Other than Ossa, the other three just nodded at Victoria's attempt to save face. Her eyes lit up with happiness just by thinking they believed her. Rax had already made up his mind on making her part of the team. Ossa was technically the leader of the team in a way due to being the one who started it, but for some reason Rax knew that the other two guys would want her in the team, all three of them just dead stare locked to her boobs.

    "JOIN OUR TEAM, SUPER STRONG LADY VICTORIA!" Rax shouted out loudly with his hands in the air, only taking his hands off of his egg for a second before going back to making sure it was safe and secure.

    The girl called the Mountain Colossal put her pointer finger up to her magenta pained lips to think over the request. Bondor and Sloth both nodded their heads in agreement, only Ossa seemed to have an issue with it. Her usual irritated expression was now one that had at least a piece of pondering within it. Sloth made a short comparison between the two girls to try and figure out why she wouldn't be okay with Victoria joining. With another case of Sloth's bad habit of verbally speaking his thoughts without realizing it he grumbled out a sentence he would forever regret and what would imprint in his mind to never piss off Ossa.

    "Maybe Ossa doesn't want Victoria to join cause of her nice breasts. One's got what I'd guess are nice voluptuous F cups while Ossa has got C's at the very best..." Sloth rubbed his chin as she was lost in vocal thought

    Ossa didn't even show a single sign of a change in expression from this. What looked like a lucky break for Sloth was short lived, the hand of Ossa raising slightly into the air. She swiftly and accurately whipped her hand back towards Sloth to give him a faster than sound nut tap. The deep pain seeped through his body immediately as contact was made for Sloth to experience. What he thought was possibly the most painful thing he'd ever gone through in his life was almost instantly knocked down to second place. Ossa had done this at supersonic speed and because of that a sonic boom gave him a second impact to his already battered balls.

    A very shocked and scared look now was painted across Bondor's face after seeing what happened to Sloth, wide eyed and mouth gaping. He just covered his crotch and took a few steps to the side wondering if anyone else noticed what just happened. Because of Rax's strong focus on Victoria and Victoria's deep in thought of joining the team it neither of them actually noticed what happened, but Rax pretty much guessed and assumed what happened and simply didn't really care.

    "I'll need to consider it more, but maybe." Victoria finally replied to the request she was presented with. "I also apologize for Bruud's behavior, he tends to try and play little tricks on people far weaker than him."

    "Don't worry about it. Even if you didn't show up we would've been fine since I coulda taken him easily!" Having had the audacity to claim this Rax stood firm and serious while coughing up a slight bit of blood without her expression changing even in the slightest. The slight bit of blood landed onto his front pouch egg, noticing as soon as it happened. Rax pulled the egg out of its hoodie pocket and examined the blood on it, turned to search for something to clean it off with. Still suffering from the pain of a ball shot much faster than the speed of sound Sloth was in the fetal position on the cobblestone walkway all 5 of them had been on. Kneeling down to what Sloth thought was the help from one of his friends ended up being Rax just wiping the blood spill onto the back of Sloth's shirt.

    "Mmmmf... I'm tired. Head back to the inn room we rented when you idiots are done drooling over this bimbo." Ossa told them as she walked away, not actually giving any form of answer to whether or not she wanted Victoria in their team.

    "Did I say something wrong to upset her?" A confused and curious Victoria asked

    Rax, still swooning over his egg, and Sloth still in agonizing pain, neither of them gave any input towards the question. The one that actually gave any real insight on Ossa's actions was the one that usually tried to stay out of any personal issues, Bondor Stormbjorne himself.

    "Everyone has dark secrets of their past. Ossa's is just closer than she'd prefer." He said before coming to the revelation that he never actually gave her his name. "Oh, and my name is Bondor, it's nice to meet you miss."

    Even while writhing in the revenge of Ossa, Sloth still tried his best to be as much of a ladies man as he had come to be in all the years. On the ground with vomit sliding down his chin, tears in his eyes, and shaking from the deep struck level of hurt Sloth introduced himself with a half suave half sobbing smile "Sloth... It's a pleasure to meet a lady such as yourself..." he managed to get out just before throwing up a little bit more.

    Patting his pouched egg like a pregnant woman does her swollen belly, Rax brings up how late it was and they should probably get back to sleep soon. It was obvious he was worried about Ossa still but he didn't want to bring it up to try and not make anyone else more than they might've already had. After telling Victoria a nice goodbye and to think about their request more he turned to go while Bondor picked up and slung their currently fallen comrade over his shoulder since he very much likely couldn't make it back in his current condition.

    Ossa was back counting over her money when everyone else arrived, her not saying a single word and peering up at them for a miment before continuing her count without further interruption. Without realizing it what came back with them was a powerful stray, Victoria. Everyone, including Ossa, was surprised to see she was in the room without them even realizing in the short span of time between Bondor coming in through the door and closing it that she had managed to get in without them realizing at all she had come through.

    "How the hell did you do that?" Bondor questioned her, more curious than astonished at this point

    "You young kiddies need to stay more alert. It wasn't hard following you back here without you noticing." Victoria informed them, a slightly amused smile came upon her face.

    Whilst still counting her winnings of Flint Ossa retorted back to the one other girl with a sharp sentence to the heart. "Kiddies? Just cause you're old doesn't mean you can call us such names."

    Victoria had actually read the entire magazine issue that listed all of the basic information towards the last cultivation of rookies, which listed their age. Out of all of them she was indeed the oldest at 24, the second oldest being Sloth who was 21. This gave her a short episode of sulking and depression before coming back to and announcing something that was completely crucial for the entire team to hear. Noticing something but not actually mentioning it, Rax saw that the sneaky girl had gone back and changed into a different dress in the time it took for her to follow them back and sneak in which made him question if she had some way of actually finding them other than plain following them.

    "I'll join your team." The faces of all the men lit up with happiness while Ossa's scowl became a bit stronger to where you could see some of her pearly teeth. "Rax seems interesting enough that traveling with you guys might bring me to something fun, plus that egg might hatch into something cute." She paused for a moment before revealing something she decided before joining "But... before I join I wanna hear why little miss grouchy skirt has an issue with the strongest resident of Everlast."

    Ossa stopped and put her winnings down, looking up at Victoria with a sharp glare of fury that actually carried killing intent and malice behind it. "How do you know about that?" Questioning her with a tone sharp enough to cut steel.

    "I've heard the rumors of some little girl in black with hair as white as the bone walls of Marrow had been harassing the Tyrant every few years for nearly a decade and a half. From the person who told me the king and his people that know about you call you Ivory Shadow Ossa." Victoria seemed amused by Ossa's hateful looks as she brought how she found out about the little girl in black.

    "Fine... Before I get to the main point I'll have to explain a few things before... Things about my upbringing and past." Ossa gently said, her usual grimace now transformed into a look of deep sadness.

    In the middle of all the important interactions between the two girls went down there was a side conversation between Rax and Bondor was taking place. Both of them had heard things today that really hit a hefty blow to their very soul, something that they wanted but knew it came in time through efforts and actions: a title.

    "Ivory Shadow... Do you think we'll get cool nick names at some point, Rax?" Bondor asked his friend, a strong level of envy in his tone after learning of the girls titles.

    "I dunno... Apparently Victoria is even called The Mountain Colossal. Pretty cool, right?" The same level of want for a nick name given by the people was resounding in Rax's voice too.

    Bondor seemed impressed by Victoria's nick name too, only wanting one for himself even more now.
    "Maybe we will get one soon if we do some big adventure stuff."

    "Ya know, maybe if-" Rax started to say before feeling something troubling

    This type of conversation going on while Ossa was about to tell them about what issues plague her past had give her scowl back that had gone away for a few seconds until hearing what the two had been talking about near her. The anger she radiated reminded them of what happened to Sloth, the small pain a man feels in his genitals when he sees another get hit in the balls set into them. Rax and Bondor immediately stopped out of fear, Bondor propping up Sloth to hear the story and Rax guarding his egg from any attacks from a furious Ossa.

    "I'm starting to like you already, little girl." Victoria informed her while still putting a bit of alpha female meaning behind it by calling her little

    Ossa didn't waste any time after hearing that from Victoria
    "It isn't mutual, you dusty bitch." Ossa flipping her off as she gave back a response.

    "Anywayyyyy, shut the hell up and lemme start." She said, taking a deep breath before going into the details of her past. "It all started in the streets of Marrow when I was just a toddler..."
    Just under 17 years ago

    Marrow had been city of few rules. It was a very wealthy place but like everywhere in the world it had its darker and more unfortunate areas. The city was split up into districts, each being named after a bone in the human body. The district of Stapes was the smallest and poorest area of the city was Stapes, the place where it all started for Ossa, and where it all came to an end.

    Abandoned by her parents a toddler of human, Ossa wanders the streets, cold and alone. She would surely die in the streets if no one cared for her. It was almost a 100% chance that she wouldn't make it only to be found near the final few days left before her death. What stood above the collapsed and starving year and half aged girl was the silhouette of the very terrifying looking giant of a man who was known around some of the districts as the leader of the group The Grand Finale Gang, a small bunch of of thugs that had been known for small and petty crimes to make money. Looking down at what he thought was some dying animal he could take back to cook and eat he looked down upon her

    "Hmm?" A small wisp of sound drifted from his mouth as he crouched down to see what it was he found.

    Chapter 4 End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 5: A Skeleton casts a ivory shadow

    6 Years after Ossa was found
    (11 years go from current story line)

    A young Ossa, around the age of eight, lounged about in the common room area of what was the hide out of the Grand Finale Gang. She had been found and adopted years ago by the leader of the gang, Molar. He was a massive brick wall of a man who wore a poncho made from the stitched together remains of bath towels. The feature of Molar that made others stare wasn't from his weird attire, but his facial hair. Being completely bald to the point that his head gleamed in the sunlight but on his chin he had what was called a flat top that extended nearly two feet from his face.

    Molar and his normal crew of lackies came back into the room after finishing a small heist with a score of about 130,000 Flint. The amount that they had obtained was only enough to keep all of them going with a small amount of food for a week or so. Speaking in his rumbling tone of a voice Molar informed Ossa that she had a job of her own to do.

    Some of the lower ranking members of the gang had been staking out near a street corner for the past couple weeks to get the routine route of their next target. The daughter of a high ranking man amongst the Tyrant of Marrow's guard had always spent her afternoons every 3 days going to a number of shops for clothes and sweets. Ossa had been given the task of snatching some of her loose jewelry to sell. It was noted that even the cheapest one she had on at any point was worth over 20,000,000 Flint. If she was successful with this then the GFG wouldn't need to do any more crimes for more than a year with even some for miscellaneous things.

    She had managed to easily blend in with the crowds even with her street clothes thanks to her small size. It wasn't long before she had an eye on her prey, an extremely bland looking teenager garbed in tons of expensive accessories. Within a split second of getting past her Ossa managed to take swipe two items, but not both for her. As she passed another kid she slipped one of the girl's little clip on accessories onto the sleeve of a little boy that was shortly behind her. It took only seconds for the rich girl to notice, throw a fit, then for her to spot it on the boy. Ossa made it out unnoticed as the other kid took the full blame for something he didn't do, heading back to the hide out to report her success.

    Molar awaited her inside of the GFG's hide out, knowing more than anyone that Ossa was going to be fine and come back with the loot. She took up the life of a street punk at such a young age and without any form of essence ability. It was clear to him that she'd take the leadership position within the next decade or so easily.

    Ossa strutted back into the base twirling the bracelet she stole around her finger, a prideful and smug grin on her face. Tossing the trinket to Molar and jumping onto one of the couches she awaited for the praise that she knew was coming. As she thought all the others in the room were complimenting her for her success and skill.

    "It seems I taught you better than I thought, Ossa." Molar boomed out as he ran both hands through his weird cylindrical beard. "Remember, if you need to, use whoever you have to in order to achieve your goals." The others in the gang seem to take offense to what he said, Molar giving back a response in a laughing manner "Ha. Don't worry, you guys are my friends the tools."

    All the others laughed insultingly from the insult compliment combo from their boss, knowing he was just busting their balls. One of the guys went up to Ossa to congratulation her, patting her on the head for a moment. The little white haired girl glanced up at him, taking a small knife from her pocket after grabbing onto his hand.

    "Do that again and you lose your fucking fingers, you dick maggot." Ossa threatened him with the pure honesty and ferocity of a killer.

    The rest of the gang laughed a bit more due to the man who was threatened by Ossa had not known her personality due to being new. Though a child the little girl had the attitude and mentality of a fully grown street thug who would be willing to beat the hell out of someone or knife them if needed or even just felt like it.

    "What's with all these small quiet jobs? We need to do something big so everyone knows the name of the Gang Finale Gang in Marrow." Ossa groaned on the couch, tossing her knife back and forth between hands.

    "We do what we need to in order to get by, Ossa. Nothing more." Molar put out with just a few words.

    "Maybe I don't wanna just get by? I wanna actually be of worth for something. Not just sneak out of our hole to get scraps and then run back! It's pathetic." She retorted with sharp tongued bunch of words.

    "Ossa! You know that if anyone gets caught going against the rules Algroth established then they're done for. Just enough to get by is enough for us, for all of us, that includes you. We took a huge risk with the job we put you on today. I was hoping it would've calmed that need for danger that you seem to want, but that doesn't seem to be the case. You're part of the gang and you'll do as we always have, and as long as I'm the leader I say we do just what we need to." Molar informed her as he tried his best to have her settle and stop her words of risk.

    "Whatever! I don't plan on staying in that long in this gang if we're just gonna keep playing scavenger vermin!" Yelling back at Molar before running out of the room and locking herself in her small hide away cabinet room that only she fit through the door to.

    "Ossa..." Molar quietly muttered, not meaning to upset his daughter.

    Though Molar was the only one Ossa really saw as a parental figure all the members saw her as a member of her family seeing as most of them had been there through the last six years in aiding the raising of the kid. Keeping her happy was something they all wanted, pondering over what they could do in order to fix the issue at hand they now had. It was from this that a huge turn of events would come forth and change the girl's life.

    The next morning Ossa woke up in the late afternoon, wandering out into the common room to see if anyone was there. The entire room had a strong lack of anyone else. After what she said the day before Ossa had felt bad and wanted to try and apologize to at least Molar. It took some time to figure out what to say, even after an hour no one had yet to come back.

    CRASH! A sudden burst of sound came outside of their hide out as Molar and a few others came back in. Molar and the rest were heavily damaged and beaten, Ossa freaking out at the sight of them. Could this have been a rival gang attack or some form of purge of any gangs that rustled the streets of each district. It was unknown to her but she was able to get herself together to speak to Molar

    "Molar! What happened?! Who did this?" Ossa frantically managed to get out as she ran up to the leader of the gang.

    It took a moment before he managed to catch his breath and work out the words he wanted to use to tell her everything. "We decided to do something big, but it didn't turn out well. The Tyrant is powerful, but he's also full of himself. He thought no one would be stupid enough to break into his personal collection room to get one of his possessions so he never posted any form of night security. What an idiot, right?" Molar groaned as he ran both his hands through his strange flat top beard.

    There had always been rumors that Algroth had his own personal place somewhere in the city that he had an entire collection of bones from rare creatures from all over the world, The Mausoleum of The Dead. Molar pulled out a bone that they had managed to get from the Tyrant's collection, a small a minuscule little rib bone from the looks of it.

    "Ossa, take this. Take this and absorb its essence. We managed to get one that still had a bit of power left in it, but this is the only thing we got. I don't think any of us are gonna make it out of this just dandy, but they don't know about you. I was hoping we could've escaped there alive, but unfortunately that isn't what happened. We at least have this, now take this and go hide in your room."

    Ossa tried to refuse but her father just forced her to take the rib bone and pushed her towards her room
    "GO! This the last order I have for you, to live and become as great as you want to be. I'm saying this as an order as your father, not your leader. I love you, little Ossa, now go." Molar said to her, holding back any signs of sadness as to not upset Ossa anymore than this whole issue was going to cause her.

    Tears ran down her face as she hid within her tucked away hidden room, the sounds of her fellow gang members and father being taken away by guards. She blamed herself for this. It was Ossa that wanted to do big jobs this entire time. Ossa came to the revaluation that she was going to have to do something in order to help them. The thing that she had been given by Molar might have been the key to her being able to save everyone.

    Two days the public execution was set for Moral and his entire gang, the one exception being Ossa. Millions gathered to see the deaths of those who went against their ruler. To them it was just a large spectacle to see for fun while Ossa stood, awaiting the end of her only family. Cheers echoed throughout the grounds for the lever to be pulled to see the traitors to the city hung.

    Ossa stood there, the blank look of no idea what to do pasted on her face. Wanting to do something, anything, Ossa started to move closer to the stage. Giving up her live at least to try to help the ones she cared about was at least something to her. As she was ready to make her move her eyes and Molar's up on his noose met. He could tell what she wanted to do and simply shook his head no, the girl's eyes watering up as she backed down. If she were to help she might as well consider herself dead, all of the GFG's hopes for her to become great would be lost, and if she didn't help she would forever have to live with knowing they were to die without her doing anything. She knew she had to standby and do nothing, the feeling of weakness and despair engulfing her. Ossa decided to take up the the gang as her lane name, going as Ossa Finale just as the bottoms were dropped and the lives of all she knew and cared for were taken from her before her eyes.

    Three months later

    In the gap of time since the incident with the fall of Stapes district's own Grand Finale Gang its last remaining member, Ossa Finale, had spent her time learning how to use her powers and abilities. Scars had been etched into her very being from what was a tragedy to her was nothing more than a forgotten event of fun for the rest of Marrow's citizens. In any rest time between her training she had been figuring out all the habits and schedules of the Tyrant's tower, the Spinal Spire. There were tons of guards inside that worked watches and jobs for him that didn't have an power of their own and were just given jobs out of the kindness Algroth.

    With all of this information she gathered through long periods of study and patience Ossa had managed to sneak her way into the Spinal Spire. The guards without any abilities and were just plain people were easily identifiable at this point from those with essences. It was both with her intel and with something she just felt, possibly from having an essence of her own. By the time she made it to the room where Algroth was Ossa had already killed five guards in cold blood, just to leave a message if all else goes wrong that she was not messing around. Once the Skeletal Tyrant was in sight she extended the bones in her left hand so they were like a set of sharp claws.

    "Hey, pasty fuck! I'll finally avenge my father and the rest of the Grand Finale Gang right now by cutting off your head and shoving up the ass of one of your putrid fucking guards!" The girl shouted, running towards the Ruler with nothing else in her mind but to kill.

    Ossa had no idea actually the levels of power that existed in the world. The canyon between her current strength and Algroth's was light years apart and without a bottom. All that she wanted was to kill this vile dictator. Strike, slash, tear. Ossa had sent her arm across the flesh of Algroth's multiple times until she was tired and the guards just came to restrain her.

    "Should we kill her, Mighty Tyrant?" One of the guards asked Algroth

    The Skeletal Tyrant stood with an amused smirk, having taken not a single scratch of damage from the little girl. Looking at the girl and the level of emotions she was giving off that just radiated with hatred and blood lust. Not sure what to do with her, Algroth was on the fence regarding the decision until he noticed something about the girl's shadow.

    "The Nix Banshee?!" Algroth gasped, the guards freaking out more that something was enough to trouble someone as strong as their ruler. "Hmmph. The Grand Finale Gang, you said right? Those were the hoodlums that ransacked my hobby spaces. You intrigue me, little one. I will allow you to live for now, but I expect you to become of value at some point."

    The Enchantrum realms held more sentient beings than one could ever hope to count to. From all of the ones that could challenge Algroth were either busy adventurering, retired, or busy with whatever they had going on for them. With this he planned and hoped for someone to give him an eventual challenge. Algroth had Ossa thrown out with a tiny bit of Flint for her troubles. She now wandered the streets of Marrow for days before coming up with her life goal that she had devised.

    Back to present time.

    Ossa finished telling her tale, her eyes a bit misted over. None of the team had ever seen her with any emotion than other annoyance and anger. The skull haired girl reached into the collar of her shirt to pull out a necklace that she hadn't shown any of them prior to now. On the end of a chain was the small rib bone, barely bigger than her finger, that she kept. It was all that she had left of her father and the last thing he gave her, something he gave his life in order to get and give to her. Tightly gripping it, Ossa looked down for a moment before wiping her eyes and turning her gaze back towards everyone else.

    "In the years since my father and the rest of the gang was killed I've tried to attack Algroth four times in total, including the last one." She informed them, wanting them to know the rest of her worries and issues "Obviously from this you can tell what I want to do and why I need this team to eventually head by to Marrow for more than just tourism." Pausing momentarily before finishing her sentence "I want nothing more than to kill Algroth, the strongest of Everlast." She finished off announcing, Victoria a bit shocked while Bondor and Sloth were jaw dropped and scared at the idea of fighting him, Rax only interested and wanting to help.

    Chapter 5 End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 6: Mayhem in Marrow

    Moments ago Ossa had informed them that her entire goal for forming the team and for pretty much her life was to kill Algroth, Whether it be with them or if she had to do it by herself. Sloth, Bondor, and Victoria are all afraid and freaking at the idea of fighting the person who held the position of the strongest resident in Everlast. The only one that seemed okay at the idea was Rax, who was so anxious that little trickles and wisps of flame came off his forearms and shoulders. The main hero in the making himself was okay with the idea of eventually fighting Algroth, but even with his personality and head first attitude it didn't change the fact he was also sweating bullets and shaking at the idea of it.

    The new addition and strongest of the team shortly after decided to bring something up that was known to everyone but not something they liked to hear at all.

    "I know you guys are eager rookies and all, but we all know there's no possible chance of us even hurting Algroth at our current levels. Even his lowest lackeys that carry abilities would probably beat all of us at once."

    Hearing this from the strongest member of the team was unsettling, but truly needed to be brought up. If they were going to eventually fight the Skeletal Tyrant then they would need tons of experience and growth to reach that point. All people at the bottom have a similar goal on all fronts, to reach the top and take down all those who stand in your way for greatness! Ossa, rubbing her chin and thinking to herself, decided to give out an announcement for everyone to go by.

    "She's right. Though we can't deal with him now, we will in the future. I know it. Until then we need to head back to Marrow. We headed there the other day to meet a friend of mine that could give us intel on a job that we could do at our level right now and would help us get stronger."

    Rax seemed a bit soured over the issue of someone being so far out of their reach, even though it's something new guys really should just expect and assume. The star headed hero just sat down to think things over, rubbing his egg quietly. Something of his senses alerted him and had gotten his attention. Sloth, the now notorious member of the group by saying things that he didn't realize he said and got hurt by it, he let out another sentence that could leave him down a path of pain.

    "Maybe this time when we get there you don't go all crazy, Ossa?"

    Bondor now on the dodge mentality covered his crotch as soon as Sloth started to even speak, followed by him leaping behind a couch in the room, hiding behind it. The couch was barely a two seated one so that it hardly even covered half of Bondor's mid section. Peeking out from behind the couch to see if the damage had been dealt to Sloth yet, only for Bondor to be brought with surprise. Ossa had been completely calm even after what Sloth had said had reached her ears. With her eyes closed Ossa let out a soft sigh and turned her gaze to Sloth, giving him a much more serious look and not her usual scowl of anger.

    "Yeah, I know. It's something I have to fight against any time I see that monster..." A calm tone in her voice drifted in the room as Ossa spoke with a normal response and not a flurry of carnage.

    Ossa picked up her bag then went into her room that she picked and turned in the door way "I'm going to sleep. I'd advise you all to do the same. We're heading back to Marrow at dawn." Finishing her decree Ossa tries to shut the door but is immediately halted

    Victoria had stopped her. Bringing up something that would spark great invigoration to the males "Lemme sleep in bed with you." The big chested girl proclaimed as she was trying to befriend the grouchy girl of the team

    This brought forth a great level of curiosity and excitement from the three guys in the room. Ossa may have been a very mean and angry girl, but still seen as very cute by the entire team. Her in the combinational embrace of Victoria, the curvy-busty eye candy was just mind boggling of a level of hope that they instantaneously and unanimously imagined. To their dismay Ossa without so much as a word aside from "Fuck off", she jabbed Victoria in the chest, pointed at the couch, then slammed the door. A unified emotion of disappointment washed over the room as the males walked away after missing what coulda been a great moment. Victoria at this point just sat down on the couch to pout.

    Morning of the following day starts with another incidence of significance to at least three of the five of the team was about to take place. The dudes all waking up in their shitty single sized bed each to find Victoria not in the common room area on the couch as when they left her there. Before they could question where she'd gone they were interrupted by a sharp shriek from Ossa room, rushing in to see if she was okay.

    Ossa, who was to many of the guys surprises was in a nighty, was being practically assaulted by the big chested new girl on the team was was wrapped around the other like a monkey to a tree. Wearing only her underwear she cuddled into Ossa with drool running down her face, a grin that showed she was as happy as can be. Eyes near bulging out of their heads, the three guys just stood there like men who just discovered God. With the young lady of violence currently unable to hurt him, Sloth decided it was the perfect time to get back at her with a sharp note of the situation

    "I'm more surprised she could wear something so girly." Sloth brought up with full confidence that he was safe.

    Without even attempting to move the currently constricted girl retaliated towards what Sloth said "Bondor! Do it for me or I'll do it to you later!" Ossa demanded, instilling fear in him to do as she said.

    As he didn't want to get the treatment instead Bondor popped Sloth in the balls with the back of his hands, then covering his own and apologizing to the now in pain friend of his. It was in his best interest to not get on her bad side for obvious reasons. Sloth could easily get to where he forgives him but Ossa seems to be someone who would hold a grudge.

    The tearful cries of Sloth had woken up Victoria, realizing now that everyone had seen her the way she was. She just sort of giggled at bit, which made Ossa nearly go berserk to where she would've killed her if not for that Victoria was not so much stronger than her.

    Two days later they arrived back at Marrow, the events of the last time they were there still in effect. Everyone wandered off to find something to eat, Ossa instead going to a collectors store. Everyone but Ossa had gotten freshly made churros to have as they looked around for Ossa. The girl had instead found an archaeologist's little shop who was selling the bones of old monsters. Buying one bone the size of a drinking straw and started to gnaw on it, the archaeologist losing his cool and freaking out at the sight of the girl eat something so precious.

    Crowds had gathered again to see their ruler come out and give them a speech, this time hopefully Rax and Co didn't have an issue that ruins the entire thing. Like before, Rax had been overtaken by excitement. Ready to rush forward again like before he poised himself to bolt. Seeing it coming long before he decided to run fast into the crowd again Sloth had been ready to stop it. With a swift motion of his hand he slammed his palm into the air which caused the gravity around Rax to increase dozens of times over, making him fall face first and being stuck on the ground for a moment. The weight wasn't too much for him to move, but it was enough that it caused him to lose the level of momentum build up he normally could. It was like he was trekking through a thick swamp while the other four that accompanied him were just strolling along like normal.

    Victoria seemed a bit lost in thought for a brief second, then announcing something that was unknown to at least Rax "I've never actually seen Algroth in person. Now's my chance to try an Essence Pulse on him."

    "What's an Essence Pulse?" Rax questioned the phrase and hadn't come across the term before now

    "Essence Pulsing is like a method to give a decent gauge of figuring out how strong someone is. You send out a wave of your own essence towards what you want to figure out and it reflects back at you. The stronger back the essence feedback is the stronger the person is." Victoria explained to them, hoping what she said was enough to get through to them

    "Seems complicated." A slightly befuddled Sloth gave out.

    Algroth strutted out to the stage to greet his subjects like he normally did every few days. Victoria had gotten ready to try by getting into a more tranquil state to where one can be more on level with the channel Essence itself travels on so that she could preform an Essence Pulse off of the Tyrant. Before she did she came to a shocking surprise. Without even starting she was already able to feel the overwhelming strength of Algroth's Essence. In a revelation she realized that if she did actually go through with it the feedback pulse would've knocked her unconscious.

    During this time of when Victoria was backing out of her idea Ossa had been trying to keep calm. Normally she would grip down onto the rib bone she had necklace'd on, but doing that would remind her of why exactly she hated Algroth so much. Her hand trembling to find something to substitute for her usual stress and upset counter tool. The closest thing she was able to find was the one thing on the team that had the annoyed her the least she reached towards Rax. Seeing her hand moving towards him with her palm exposed he started to have an immediate mental burst. Not being one to have a lot of experience with Ossa's more delicate side he wasn't sure what to do other than just let it happen. His assumption had though been short lived as her hand rested onto his egg, the unknown creature inside being the only one that has yet to piss her off in some way, Rax being both relieved and disappointed at the result.

    One word had yet to escape the mouth of Algroth before he was once again interrupted. This time it was not Ossa, but by a large hulking man over seven and a half feet and weighing at least six hundred pounds who wore what looked like thick welding pants and a sleeveless vest. The threading mullet of him waved as he gave out a heavy "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!" out to the people watching.

    "This city's fun is over!" The heavy set dude preached as he pumped his arms into the air.

    A dreadful groan sulked out of the gullet of Algroth before he spoke out in a very complaining tone
    "Why is another person charging the stage and ruining my nice and very thoughtful speakings to the people? First it was that white haired little imp of a girl and her friends and now this big oaf."

    The now center of attention began to give more of his reasoning to why he was doing what he had started and even his name "Crag's the name! Myself and the rest of my team, Rocky Valley, have come to destroy your entire city!"

    "How do you plan on doing that exactly?" Gepetto, one of the Tyrant's personal guards asked before readying to subdue the event crasher.

    "By playing smart." Crag gave out before twenty identical strangers formed upon the store, looking like they were made from orange dust "My friends here are specifically powered and ready to fight people like you in places like this, Algroth. If you so much as move even the slightest bit from that spot or show any sign of hostility they will burst, infecting you with a spore that will make you lose all control. If even one of your minions do anything either they will do the same. You and I both know if that happens this city and maybe even all of Everlast will be lost." Finishing up his threats towards the ruler of Marrow as eight others joined Crag, though all looking different and not like the custom made weapons towards rulers of cities and kingdoms, Rax even recognizing three of them from the Display Registrations.

    What even upset him more from all of this was that now not only did he realize he lacked a cool nickname he also lacked a name for the team. Entering a moping mode, Rax just was beside himself while trying to pay attention to what was happening.

    Gepetto was about to go to constrain all of them but wasn't ready to give out the risk of having his ruler under the effects of the spores, not wanting to put the entire city's worth of lives in danger.

    "Now we'll be off now to climb the Spinal Spire! The spores will go about to the entire city from there, infecting every single man, woman, and child in Marrow." Crag yelled before he and his team leaped to the tower at the center of the city.

    Without so much as an inch moved, Algroth announced to his city
    "It looks like we're in quite the bind! None of my men can even put aid towards stopping this man, but I know someone who can. The Ivory Shadow and her team is amongst the crowd today. I put my full trust in them to stop this Crag hooligan and I order that no one else even lift a finger towards them no matter what. Now... Let's make a show out of all of this! If we might all day, we'll die having fun and watching some excitement!"

    Algroth was able to figure out the strengths Crag and his team so that he was sure he made the right decision. Gepetto was disgusted at the idea of leaving the future Marrow and its people into the hands of a bunch of rookies. Though Gepetto was able to analyze both teams to be all around the same level, though Victoria, who though was far weaker than one of the Algroth's personal units would probably still be able to take down Crag and his team by herself, it was unsettling regardless. Soon there would be large visual real time displays to show everyone what was about to unfold as under Algroth's command.

    "This fucking old shit of a ruler is wanting us to bail his ass out? Pfft. Guess it'll be nice to show him a bit of what will one day destroy his very existence itself." Ossa went over, deciding that though she despised Algroth she hated the idea of anyone possibly taking him out besides her even more.

    Millions of people in the all in unison towards the idea of the excitement that would be up and coming, not even really taking into account the idea of dying if it all goes south.

    What had excited the red star headed hero was not mainly the crazy mess they were in but was the wonder of who exactly he was going to fight, wanting to be first of his team to go. Due to this Rax had not even noticed that the egg he had been been doting over for the past four days had moved a bit.

    "Let's debut ourselves to the world!" Rax proclaimed, his red flames trickling up his arms and along the chains that wrapped around them as he turned towards the Spinal Spire, ready to go with his team.

    Chapter 6 End
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    Post The Enchantrum Chapter 7: The Fights Align

    Outside of the base level entrance of the Spinal Spire Rax and his team stood ready to enter to fight for the life of everyone in the city. Emotions varied greatly between each of the four rookies and Victoria. Sloth seemed extremely anxious but was trying to mask it, having some form of other goal within what they were doing. Ossa didn't give much care as per usual, just wanting to let Algroth see a demonstration of the person who was going to eventually kill him. A bit shaky with nervousness and unease Bondor rubbed his chin stubble while trying to keep his emotions in check. Victoria played with her hair, the same happy smile bloomed on her face while still wearing her floral dress. Lastly, the most enthusiastic of the five, Rax, had his eyes filled with flare and the want to rush in and begin. Out of the five he saw the entire ordeal purely to debut his team for everyone to see, and hopefully, get titled by the people. He was ready to go all out!

    A few seconds later after walking into the ground level floor of the tower they all something that had one of them change their entire outlooks on the situation. Rax just collapsed backwards onto the ground, muttering to everyone with no sign of the same drive he had moments before

    "I give up. The city had a good run, this is impossible now." The rest barely could hear him as he gurgled up these words.

    Everyone on the team and watching, including Algroth and Gepetto, shared the same response to his decision by the head point of the team. Hundreds of millions of people suddenly burst out in confusion, the only one not moving at all from this was Algroth due to the spore men that had surrounded him. Why was this guy throwing away the City and all of its people just like that? Could there be some complex and profound reasoning he had at the situation that he had just realized? Did he think the enemies were too much for him? These types of questions resounded all throughout the citizens of Marrow, only being answered just moments later as Ossa, with more of a questioning and calm tone due to the sheer shock of Rax's complete 180 asked him

    "Why do you wanna quit now?" This being the first time she's ever really had such a bewildered tone to her voice

    A few seconds after being questioned Rax gave his answer, something that would shock everyone to an even higher degree
    "Look..." He then gestured towards the walk way to the next floor of the spire "There's gotta be like a billion stairs in here! I hate stairs more than most things in the world..."

    The level of confusion turned into frustration to anger at Rax all throughout the city, becoming instantly the most despised being in all of Marrow at the moment. Out of his team the ones that carried all the rage were Sloth and Ossa, ready to rip the lazy hero noobie a new one. Stopping them before they could damage a member of their team before even making it to the enemy Victoria knelt down to Rax, getting up so that her rose hued lips were barely an inch away from his ear and whispering the one thing that could motivate him.

    "Rax, if you can ignore the stairs and continue onward then you can name the team~" Victoria hummed into his ear to try and re-energize him

    As soon as his mind was able to compute the reward that had been presented to him he bolted back up and shot towards the stairs, Victoria giggling at the fact she already knew how to work him. The name of the team wasn't important to Ossa at all or really any of the rest of the team at the moment, Rax was the only one that had that on his mind and wanted to be the one to give their group the label that would forever follow them.

    Expanding out a couple miles of marble sculpted flooring and multiple fountains drizzling up into the air the ground level was otherwise empty and boring, unless you count the cobblestone set of stairs that was all the way in the very back of the floor. Blocking the only stairway to the next floor up stood four figures, all from Crag's team. Out of them only one of them really stood out while the others all looked like bland looking midgets who walked in unison to each other, dressed entirely three stitched together jump suits to where they looked like side by side Popsicles. The other man was garbed only in overalls, nothing more. No shoes, no shirt, no service to his character whatsoever aside from a name tag he had on his chest with "Hogga" sketched into it.

    Starting in with what would be what everyone, including Hogga, hoped would be the only time they got to talk the entire time of this whole debacle of Crag's was going, the three in the stitched together garments began to inform them on the situation with their weird style of each one of the three saying a word int he sentence then passing it onto the next guy "To" "Continue" "Any" "Further" "You" "Must" "Defeat" "Both" "Of" "Us!" No one even wanted to comment on the fact the three short weirdos referred to all of them together as one person

    Rax saw this as the opportune moment to fight, wanting the first go. In less than one nanoseconds time before he even got the chance to speak he had his chance stolen from him by none other than the person who had just got him up and going to fight, Victoria.

    "I'll take these two on, so skip on ahead and continue upward. It's clear they're planning to have people waiting on each floor and from what I can tell their are four more above us each on a different floor." She informed them before stepping out ready to brawl

    "Ummm, can't we just five person goon squad beat them and just do that each floor? Probably would be a lot easier than just going one V one each time." Pondered Sloth at the clear fact he had presented

    The very plan that had been given out to them was enough to make Hogga and other "person" sweat bullets and worry if they took that idea, knowing that they wouldn't stand a chance if so. Luckily to their saving one of the team had decided to give back an answer to that question

    "NO! That would make us look like shit. Anyone worth anything wouldn't just swarm wreck people like that in such a situation. Good guys never do that." Rax boomed at him with a sharp retort, carrying what was usually Ossa's anger and upset

    Rax's heart cracked a little at the fact his chance of being first up was stolen, but he just trekked through it. Hogga and the patched up triplets had been informed and commanded to subdue at least two of them before They didn't even get a single step forward before Victoria swiped up the egg from Rax and craddled it around.

    "Right now she's safe with me, Rax. Don't worry~" Assuring him of everything before even the idea of being away from his recently bought egg leaving his side for the first time since their meeting.

    Clearly she was correct, even Rax knew it. The egg was something he already wanted to protect, especially now. Victoria was easily the strongest of the team and given Rax's fighting style it was definitely the correct choice. He knew it was safe in her hands at this point even if he had shortly known her, his trust he had in each of his team already was strong.

    "We want at least two!" Demanded Hogga of their enemy

    Victoria, though usually acting a bit like a frizzle of a girly girl who just strolled on through whatever as happy as can be she was fully aware that was what they were planing. She just put her forearms beneath her robust chest and bent over a bit, going with an easy charm of the enemies she saw to be easily swayed.

    "Am I not enough for you?" Flirting and laying the charm on them without much effort

    Hogga and the triplets huddled up together to go over what had just been asked.

    "She's enough." Announced Hogga as a unanimous decision of the four were given

    "So easy." Victoria whispered under her breath, signaling everyone to go on forward. "By the way, Hogga was it? What's the weird midget trio's name?" Questioned the girl

    Stuck at the question, mainly due to not actually knowing their names, or name, Hogga just decided to give them one
    "I dunno... Umm, The Person Centipede?"

    "Something about that feels disgusting for some reason..." Victoria just outright said to them

    The triplets burst out in anger, rejecting the idea of that name
    "We." Do." Not." "Want." "That." "Name!" "It." Won't." "Stick!"
    }Victoria Nisean Vs Hogga and The Person Centipede{

    Making haste and no time to spare the other four made their way up the stairway, only Rax just seemed to jump up each set of stairs to avoid the steps he found so horrid. Climbing miles up they came across a weirdly shaped new room. It was maybe only one hundred feet across and entirely cube shaped. Whatever this room had been set for was likely either abandoned or forgotten about. Made entirely of a material called Deep Brick, a weird stone that formed entirely already in, well, a brick shape. Weighing just over forty three tons per cubic foot of it and carrying a stronger melting point and density than concrete, it was known to be a perfect building tool for quick creations while being tinted a beautiful hazelnut color. They didn't even notice the large black blotch on the center of the ceiling, looking like nothing more than a splash of chalk if looked at.

    Rushing through the room without a single thought of which room was the next to hold an enemy in combined with the skills of a certain someone in stealth and undetectibility made it easy for the opportune striking chance. Clinging to the ceiling of the room waiting the third member of Crag's team that awaited to go against them and prevent them from reaching the top of the Spire. Close to halfway through the room he darted down, aiming at the neck of Rax, right for the kill. Death for the one bursting with the heat of battle was certain by anyone who would be watching in. Changing the assumptions of everyone watching, including the assassin, was Bondor. All within what looked like a slow motion scene to the silent killer he just saw a giant of a man swinging a fist the size of a child at him directly at his head. One swift motion came through to move out of the way, alerting Rax, Ossa, and Sloth that someone was there.

    "Continue upward the spire, I've got this sneaky jerk." Bondor stood firm, his back to his friends to give no chances of the assassin to make anymore quick strikes without going through him

    Rax had not taken the fact he had nearly been killed without realizing into account he just took another shot to the heart at the fact the guy was going right at him and he missed another perfect chance to get to fight. Now before them was a very dark skinned man who wore very worn and tattered clothes yet a very nice pair of shoes, pretty expensive looking ones. The ripped and worn down clothes seemed like he had them for years. Just a pair of striped blue and purple shorts and a very blotchy black and vanilla colored tank top with a pressed down afro a new enemy stood before them and what looked like a pair of glasses that a blind man would wear. Hesitant in the man that had been so quiet and precise that none of them even noticed his existence or attack, Sloth looked towards his friend with concern

    "Are you sure you can handle this guy?" Sloth asked, Bondor being the only member of the team that he had no idea of his levels of strength were

    Not being so sure of himself, Bondor stayed quiet, shivering a bit at the idea of fighting. He wanted nothing with fighting for just fighting, but this was different. The lives of not only the entire city were at stake, but also the lives of his new friends that he had already cared a lot for. Steadying his hands, Bondor was ready to tell Sloth he was one hundred and fifty percent ready! This chance was stolen from him by none other than the one that had been upset over Bondor taking his chance to fight

    "He's the only one out of us I'd want fighting this guy. Take him down, Bondor." Rax gave a strong pat on the back to his comrade, something that only gave Bondor more confidence

    Down to three now, Rax, Ossa, and Sloth continued up the stairs to whoever was next. On the way up the stairs Rax realized the name of the person they had fought. It was one of the people he had taken most note of at the Display registrations, the man who went by the name Bold the Black.

    Rax had been at the head of the group, ready to go take the first strike at whoever was next to fight them. Sloth had still been a bit worried about Bondor, not sure if he would be able to win.

    "Rax, that guy was so unheard and unseen that we didn't even notice him nearby at all. What makes you think Bondor can take him? Once again concerned and questioning if the right decision was made, Sloth just wanted to undo any doubt he felt in his teammate "Bondor doesn't seem like the fighting type. He seems more like someone who just sits back and watches, not wanting to actually partake in the fights themselves."

    "Didn't you notice?" Rax spoke back without even having to think it over "He was the only one to even notice the guy was there." Though Rax had not noticed Bold's presence, he immediately took note that Bondor had and saw that there is likely some way that the guy saw Bold coming long before he even got close to them "That Bondor... He's got a lot of build up rage, I can feel it. When he gets a control over it, I'm sure he'll sit at our team's unstoppable juggernaut."

    Meanwhile back with Bondor and Bold

    "I produce less than three decibels when moving... How did you manage to tell where I was and when I was moving?" Bold wondered, very intrigued on how exactly his level of stealth had been detected

    This was something even Bondor couldn't really give a straight answer to. It was like something went off in his senses, like a sixth sense that told him a sudden change in action was taking place. Giving the best answer he could, Bondor just gave what he could to Bold

    "I'm not quite sure, it just happened. A fluke maybe?"

    "A fluke?" Bold gritted his teeth at the idea of what he assumed was a lie. "Good thing you're a big guy. There'll be more for me to cut rip apart..."

    Bondor just fastened in his stance more, both hands at the side, out and ready for an attack. If all else fails, he'd be sacrificing himself to help his friends and the city, which was more than enough for him.

    }Bondor Stormbjorne Vs Bold the Black!{

    Up next for where they'd meet an enemy was one that really threw everyone off. The entire floor was like a gym... Set with a huge two mile wide track for cardio was where the next person was poised. Repeatedly throwing punches into a sand bag she had pulled over in the middle of the area, blatantly to get attention, was a girl maybe at five foot at the very most, even shorter than Ossa.

    Wearing lemon yellow tank top with turquoise yoga pants tightened on, the girl with hair the same color as her pants and only a two inches long out of her pearly skin the girl threw some air punches in the direction of the three, mainly aiming for the one girl they had left in their party. She hoisted up a banned above her area, ran around it to reveal her name painted sloppily on the front as Woylia, then leaped right through it as if it was her magnificent entrance into the zone as if she hadn't been seen before that.

    "Hey, goth bitch, come on and fight me!" Woylia shouted towards Ossa, immediately knowing it would work due to her reaction

    Almost instantaneously, Ossa's hands had their usual bone claw look to them after hearing the other girl speak, showing she had accepted it and was claiming this one as her fight.

    Another chunk of sadness just filled Rax's face as he saw he wasn't gonna get to fight this fight either. This one went even quicker out of his eyes, just grabbing Sloth by the sleeve and heading towards the stairs for how ever many miles of stairs and new floors it was until they reached their next opponent.

    Ossa just strolled on over to the other girl, both cracking their knuckles before their clash took place.

    }Ossa Finale Vs Woylia{

    Getting only a few floors away from the top the next enemy was ready to appear. In what appeared to be an entire forest as a floor was who was left before who would be set last to fight would be decided. Sitting down at the edge of a steam, fishing away his time, the man noticed that Sloth and Rax had appeared up to his station. Letting out a sigh he stood up, slinging his fishing pole over his back and began walking over to them. Dressed in what looked like summer gear to fit his obsession with fishing. On his shiny dome of a head was tied a sash that said "Fresh Fish for Sale" in a bland plain black font, other than that he wore sandstone colored sandals, swimming trunks patterned like shifting waves, and a thin white shirt splattered with fish scales and blood all while being a bit of a dark skinned mocha fellow.

    "Oh hey, it's that dude from the Displays, umm... Baldy!" Rax announced as he remembered who it was that was standing before them, not realizing he just missed his chance

    Noticing he had some fish on the side cooking, Sloth rubbed his stomach and wanted to try at something to eat before he guessed Rax would try to fight this guy "Hey, do you mind sharing some of that fish?"

    Without even a second thought at the question "No." Baldy gave him, grabbing his fishing pole and twisting it around so that the hook spun over to knock all the fish he caught into the water, completely wasting them for any of the three to eat. "It's better as trash than being eaten by the enemy."

    The sight of Baldy just throwing aside the fish gave Sloth a brief memory flash of his childhood, something that had given him a short surge of aggression he had towards Baldy
    "Rax, I'm gonna deal with this asshole. NOTHING pisses me off more than some douche wasting food." Sloth decided upon, not really giving Rax much of a choice.

    "Whaaaaaat? No, I want to fight! I can't be last pick..." Rax whimpered like a kid

    Just like before, Sloth had also figured out an easy way to get Rax to chance his mind "Victoria said there was four more above us when we were at the ground level floor, right?" Sloth put out towards Rax to be thought over

    "Yeah, why?" Rax wondered, not sure what was being gettin' at

    "Cause with that Bold guy, Woylia, and now this guy that makes three of the four. Meaning all that's left is Crag. Don't you wanna fight the strongest of the group? Wouldn't that help you the most in your debut, yeah?" Sloth going right easily with persuading of the teammate that he had had deal with before even fighting Baldy.

    "Yeah... That makes sense I guess. I'm on it, Sloth!" Rax decided on as he sprinted up to the stairs and getting over the fact he was as he feared the last to get to fight thanks to Sloth

    Rax just sprinted towards the stairs, ready to reach the top and fight Crag, Sloth now about to head in on his opponent, the one at the top, realizing that something was wrong with the numbers they had been given by Victoria at the start.

    "Heh. What makes you so sure of yourself over the rest of the shits in your team, pretty boy?" Baldy mockingly asked over Sloth, not taking him seriously at all.

    With a tone that gave a different feeling than any of the other members of his team Sloth gave a response with voice that would cause goosebumps to run down ones entire body "Unlike the other four of my team, I don't play around. What you just did proved you're nothing to be but filth that needs to be taken out, so I plan on ripping you apart."

    }Sloth Hammon Vs Baldy Niagra{

    Way up ontop of the tower, more than one hundred and sixty miles into the air, Rax sprinted into the final area. The tip of the spire was a lot smaller than any of the other floors. It was maybe at most sixty feet wide of a circular platform. Once he reached the final floor he realized why the numbers he counted were off. Who stood at the top of the tower wasn't Crag at all, it was the third and final person out out of Crag's eight guys he had recognized from the displays not to long ago.

    Not far from him was someone entirely opposite to Crag. About the same height as Rax, though maybe a little bit taller, stood the one he had known as Night. Wearing both pants and a long sleeved shirt that were a silken material, seemingly caterpillar silk, all hued black to the point his clothing had gleamed white in parts from the light. His clothing looks all like they'd been clawed at, self inflicted as well even though he had both hands in his pockets. Similar to Rax, Night wore no shoes, but he did wear socks. The same sheen of black silk that the rest of his clothes were made with, his entire outfit and his creeping down hair the same pitch of black the guy straight looked like a shadow had come to life. The only parts of him that didn't look entirely dark were the parts of skin exposed by the holes and tears in his clothes and his face, though one eye was completely covered.

    Remembering who it was he was in front of, Rax felt a bit upset at the idea of three of those he had just seen days ago had been fallen to the sides of villainy.

    "Night, hey, I haven't seen you in a while, we were at the same registration displays in Darda not to long ago." The star haired fellow brought up to talk to Night

    Night spoke, his voice like a slithering creature in the constant corners and hidden from your vision, casting an automatic slip of fear into those who hear him speak "It's Night, the Ascended shadow. Those below us- I mean, me will call me nothing more or less." Night struggled with the speech habit he picked up due to... reasons... "Yeah, we- I remember you, Raxxy, you're a hard one to forget."

    Rax could tell that something was up with this guy, like there was another deep within the crevices of his mind trying to talk instead. Trying to break the weird tension Rax just brought up what he really needed to know
    "Soooooooooo~~~~, Where's Crag? How come he's not up here? He said he was gonna spread all those spores throughout the city, so where is he?" Trying not to beat around the bush to get to the bottom of what exactly was happening with Crag

    "If you manage to beat us, then we'll- I mean, I'll tell you." Night promised him, taking his left hand from his pocket as he readied himself to fight.

    "Well then, Shadow guy, so have the info ready for when I burn you ass into a crisp." Exploding with both streams of his bright red fire slipping between the gaps between the chains that wrapped from his wrists all the way up to his lower shoulder that only lit up his cinnabar hair to look more of a bright red.

    }Rax Spellbound Vs Night, The Ascended Shadow{

    The fights had been set up, the mystery of where Crag was had been said, the people of Marrow watch as their lives hang in the balance of the outcome of these rookies and their battles that were about to begin.

    Chapter 7 End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 8: Why the Top aimed for the Bottom

    Everyone now had been face to face with their opponent, the only one that planned for more ahead already was Rax who wanted to fight Crag and not the clad in black man that he had been presented with. The first up displayed throughout not only Marrow but all of Everlast was Victoria Vs Hogga and the Person Centipede through the use of an enchanted item called a Vision Broadcast, which was from a blue eyeball like device that floats around whatever it was designated to record and display to whoever was watching.

    More importantly, at least to Hogga, he was confused as to why the woman he was going to fight was dressed the way she was. Still in her floral dress, Victoria seemed oblivious of the fact she was not in any attire to fight with anyone, not even being able to lift either leg that high if she had been planning to kick anyone. Deciding to at least ask her before their fight begun, Hogga lost all traces of his battle prowess and started to question her

    "Ummm... Do you really plan on fighting us with a dress on?" Managing to get out his curiosity, the triplet midgets jumping up and down as they awaited her response.

    A wave of bewilderment washed over Victoria's face, looking down to notice she had in fact still been dressed in such nice attire.
    "Oh! Sorry, I forgot I hadn't changed my clothes over, so gimme a moment." Victoria pleaded as she let off an air headed smile.

    Hogga was going to inform her that he wasn't going to wait for her to change clothes, Victoria giving him not even a second to do so. With one quick motion she knelt down and slapped the ground, causing a pulse of power that pulverized a thin layer of the marble as she intended, making a cover of dust to where she was entirely unseen briefly. In only 0.42 seconds the dust was swept away from the girl twirling around, her strength in such making a vortex of wind that blew all the cover away. In that fraction of a second she had completely undressed and redressed into an entirely new attire.

    Now in a pair of bright pink pair of cargo shorts, a gold and cherry red checkered sweater vest, a set of combat gloves the same color as her shorts, and a set of gold hued metallic earings shaped like arrowheads. Her hair had been completely let down, wavering behind her as she spun intensely in place. Ontop of her current show, she had a handful of glitter she had obtained from her bag, something that she had likely usually done in such cases. Immediately when stopping from her twirl she threw the entirety of the glitter into the air around her to boost her moment while giving off a big idiot smile.

    From her acts the crowd went wild with excitement and joy from Victoria. After her large popularity with the crowd a set of faces appeared beneath the screen of each of the team of five. The popularity currently within the crowd went

    Victoria: 48%
    Sloth: 18%
    Rax: 0%
    Ossa: 21%
    Bondor: 13%

    Amongst the crowds of viewers there were some that actually knew already who Victoria was. Knowing of her title as the Mountain Colossal and even a handful amongst those people were some that knew the name she gave her Essence power, The Almighty Maiden. As of the start of the fights she was by far the most popular, but the start of everything for this huge event was the main reason she was so high up in the percentages.

    Way over inside of a room at the Combaticon

    Within Everlast stood the largest man made structure on the continent, The Combaticon, a super cluster of arenas and coliseums that expanded over one thousand miles in each direction. Within some of the break rooms for the fighters sat two individuals that watched for the tussle that was about to unfold with Victoria.

    "I feel bad for that Hogga guy and the triplets in that weird suit for having to face her. They'd have been mashed into a jelly within the first second if she'd be serious." Spoke a man with vibrant blue wavy hair that was trimmed at his brow and backside of his head yet everywhere was down to his ears and to his friend who was running a hand through his long silver hair that went down to his shoulders.

    Back to Marrow and the fight of Victoria

    "I hope you guys don't get sour at me..." Victoria paused for a moment, putting her hands together as if she was begging someone for a favor or as in this case, apologizing " But! I want to watch the other four that came with me's fights, so I plan to take you guys out with two attacks, one for each of you."

    More confused momentarily at the fact she went along with the Person Centipede and called them as one person Hogga then came to realize how much the girl underestimated him. "What the bloody hell do you mean?! Don't think so lowly of us! Each of them has a level of 5 Stone Stars, and I have a level of 6!" Gloated the bland looking villain, tugging at his overalls.

    Not really grasping what they were meaning, Victoria just tried to explain further
    "You see, I'm like the big sister type. Watching them flourish is important to me!" Whined the girl, revealing she'd already imprinted herself with the four others so soon.

    "Enough!" screamed Hogga, the act of fury caused the triplets to rush in to attack

    Forgetting that she hadn't done anything with her hair, Victoria completely blanked and went about tying it up in a pony tail, not even worry about the banding of three coming at her. Getting her candy pink hair tied back, her bangs still down over her forehead, she seemed relieved and ready. The group of three were barely a moment from her, the energy of their essence flaring.

    "Heh, cute." Victoria snickered, bending over and placing her right hand flatly upon her lips. Muffled a bit but still understandable she slipped out the words "Crushing Kiss."

    What happened next came near instantaneously. Victoria gave nothing but the simple motion of blowing a kiss at them, which seemed like nothing at first. The sheer level of power and force that came it had blasted the three miles back and into the wall, a huge imprint of Victoria's lips now smashed into the wall.

    Not even bothering to see what Hogga was doing, she threw her hairs in and air and announced for all watching to hear "One hit KO!"

    Popularities for each of the team changed immediately after this, Victoria rising even higher amongst the set.

    Victoria: 56%
    Sloth: 12%
    Rax: -4%
    Ossa: 20%
    Bondor: 12%

    Due to her not paying attention towards Hogga, or simply not caring at all, she turned back to see he had disappeared. Without noticing that the ground below her had rippled like a liquid, the face of Hogga had been glaring up at her as he sent forth a big splash of a rubbery rock mineral. The hit sent her right out of the entrance to the Spinal Spire and outside the place, smashing into a large mass of trees that had been decoratively grown around the area. Waltzing out of the spire, Hogga shook his head at her, thinking he'd won.

    "With my power I can change the ground into a puddy like substance, making it so I can send attacks much longer distances without losing almost any force." He boasted, not knowing what was about to become of him.

    The sound of splintered wood could be heard from where she had landed, followed by a short girly giggle. Faster than Hogga could even understand Victoria rushed him, slamming her palm into his face and turning herself a bit upward and aiming, in a position one would have to throw a baseball. In one solid motion she threw Hogga throw the air at high speed, enough that even with his own physical stats he was unable to move at all.

    "As I said," Victoria looked up to see how far she got, one hand flat palmed over his forehead to shade off some of the sunlight "I chose the weakest so I could make sure the kiddies all got to have the best fights possible " Victoria then turned towards the Vision Broadcast nearby and waved towards it "Sorry everyone! I promise the rest of the fights won't be as quick and easy as this one. My friends will show you way more fun!" She decided, smiling before looking back up at the direction she threw Hogga
    Up on top of the spire stood Rax and Night, who had just discussed how if Rax wins their fight that he'd divulge the location of Crag less than three seconds ago. Both of them had their minds set for an intense encounter, well, they were until a guess arrived all the way top of the spire. Arcing up and toppling onto the top floor where the two were ready to battle, Hogga laid unconscious. Extremely confused, Rax walked over to see who it was, noticing that it was one of the guys from the first floor, Night seeing his fallen comrade, not really showing any interest.

    Not really sure what to do, Rax just picked Hogga up and threw him back down, landing right next to Victoria, who was now intrigued and for whatever reason assumed it was some form of game. With another go, she chucked Hogga back up to the top of the spire to pretty much the same spot he had landed the first time. Even more baffled at this, Rax threw him back down, which was only responded with Victoria throwing him back up, the look of fun filling her face more than she had while fighting. From her over excitement she pitched Hogga with slightly more force, enough to hit Rax in the forehead as he came up. Now angry, Rax picked up Hogga, walked over to the other side of the top floor, and threw him off on the opposite side that he had been coming up on, Rax and Night waited curiously to see if the guy somehow flew back up

    Hogga not returning for her to throw Victoria teared up and started to cry a bit, letting out a soft whimper "Awwwwwww..."

    Returning to start their fight, the two at the final floor of the tower attempted to return their composure. Rax had no idea that his ruining of Victoria's fun had affected the polls once more

    Victoria: 56%
    Sloth: 12%
    Rax: -30%
    Ossa: 20%
    Bondor: 12%

    Now in the cubic room made of Deep Brick
    Bondor Vs Bold The Black

    Bold was still sure of himself about his enemy having some form of ability that had been let him dodge the dark assassin. "Before the last breath leaves your gullet you WILL tell me how you did that, you tosser." Bold declared, his strong stance on both feet yet somehow nimble being now held after recovering from his loss of cool.

    "Not a thing I know how to do." Bondor tried to honestly explain to Bold, then realizing there wasn't any point.
    Crouching into a grappler stance Bondor tried his best to make his footing as strong as he could, readying himself for the next attack. It was his intentions were to use the absolute minimum of his Essence power combined with his own physical stats to restrain and shock Bold unconscious, the same fighting style he had used at the Display registrations.

    Pffb. That was the only sound heard before Bold had shot towards his large target, ready to go for his usual attack of vitals. Just as before Bondor had been overtaken by some weird feeling of when exactly Bold was going to attack and the general direction he was coming in, not otherwise being able to do anything against the dark skinned guy's speed.

    Lowering to try and get a hold of Bold, he made it close before the guy made a split second decision to shift around Bondor and get to the wall behind him and stick to it like a reptile. Once more Bondor had managed to react to Bold's attack somehow even when his opponent had a far superior area of speed except this time the guy had not seemed upset about not landing a hit. A moment later Bondor was sure why when he say that on the ground where Bold had traveled was now like a chalk etching of a trail, a jet black stream of it, knowing by instinct it was bad.

    "Whether you dodge my attacks is pointless." Speaking from his distance away, Bold assured the blond haired hulking fella of something "Every time I move your death is closer, know it. You were dead the first second you ended up fighting me in such a close space."

    Looking back at the door he entered and the door his friends went to Bondor came tot he realization that they were no longer there, as if they had melded with the rest of the room. "....Shit." Groaned the big guy, worried about what he was gonna do now.

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 9: Lightning in the Dark

    Perplexed by the set up attack that Bold had likely started, Bondor had to figure out what he was to do now. First, he'd get to the bottom of what Bold's plan was. The assassin typed guy was obviously very proud of his abilities due to the reaction he had given once Bondor reacted to his initial attack so coaxing his opponent seemed like it would be a rather easy task.

    "What, are you painting me a picture or something?" Questioned Bondor, expecting his plan to work

    Seeing a reaction as soon as he asked, Bondor was sure he could outsmart Bold
    "Oh course some stagnant minded knob like you would not think much of something so some well thought of. Seeing as you'll be dead soon I might as well tell you what I'm doing." Bold seemed to ramble on, not realizing Bondor had worked him right where he wanted him. "The Essence ability I have originates from a creature called a Coalzard. Because of this my boating is coated in a layer of coal dust, I'm like a stick of chalk, an ability I call Sketch of The Dark Cloud. Every time I move I darken the area, eventually coloring it black completely and leaving no way for you to see my attacks." He finished, expecting Bondor to show some sign of fear, but in reality she showed the opposite.

    Luckily for Bondor was experiencing some form of clairvoyant like ability that was helping him fight against the speed of his competitor. Unbeknownst to him, Bondor's Essence being set in an electric type was what was doing this. Bold's movements from stationary to attacking with such burst speeds had caused within him something that was unconsciously detected by the blond giant of a person. Due to the way the brain works, each large movement had been causing large electrical synapses in his brain, enough for Bondor to sense without his realization, that being why he felt it more like a sixth sense. It was nothing more to him at the moment than a mental reflex, something that one day he would likely master.

    He had hoped that whatever ability it was that had been telling him when Bold would strike would keep him in the fight. With confidence of this subconscious skill and a plan ready he was sure he had the fight won without even needing to really use his essence beyond a low level of shock from his hands that would act like a taser. All it would take is one good grab onto Bold was enough to end it for him.

    Another swift strike came in, Bondor foreseeing it again, still not knowing how he managed to do it, but still not being able to move fast enough to catch him. Aiming right for the gut, Bold had been going for a straight stomach cut to disembowel him. Unable to make it in time to guard this time, the rookie hero was sure he was going to die. A flat hand like a razor blade from Bold came right in, only to bounce right off of Bondor's stomach.

    "AHHH!" Bold yelled out in pain, rubbing at his hand to see if he had broken anything. "I nearly broke my hand on just your gullet! What are you made out of?!"

    Bondor slammed his hand onto his stomach with a hard chuckle "I guess a lot of ale and snacks!"

    The combination of fat to absorb the impact and muscle to brace from it Bondor's belly had been the by far most durable area on his body. Setting himself up for another go, only this time he had been ready to set off a long string of moves to try and overload what Bondor was capable of. Multiple hits came in, hitting Bondor in pressure points that caused a good deal of pain with light damage. Being able to slightly tell where Bold as coming from he was able to conceive a plan to fight back against him without even having to throw a single fist or grab.

    Bold came back in once more, not expecting what was going through the big guy's head as he devised a plan to counter Bold's assassinary attack style. Once he came in again Bondor made a quick shift, moving his body only a bit in the short spam of time it took for Bold to cover the distance from the wall to the center of the room. This caused Bold's aim to miss, striking a tough muscle or fat spot that both rendered his attack and hurt his hand in return. This happened multiple times, Bondor sure at this point it was a sure win for him, not even thinking for a moment about how the room had been darkened so much by the ability that Bold held.

    Bondor locked onto Bold with a grimace of someone who was sure of their victory, this feeling only lasting a brief moment before his throat began to cause him a sharp coughing pain, Bold cackling like a beast at the sight of this.

    "Oh, did I not mention how the markings I leave waft up coal dust. It'll destroy your lungs beyond repair and give you black lung if you stay within this room for more than three minutes once it's fully coated. It also makes it impossible to see me, before the only things that would be visible would be my eyes and teeth. Smart of me, I got these glasses and my teeth are pretty shitty now." Revealed the assassin, giving away information that had now turned dark for Bondor.

    Hacking up a flurry, Bondor manages to ask Bold another question
    "Why? Why are you doing this? What possible purpose do you have for wanting to see everyone in this city die?!"

    The very question had not been something foreign to Bold, it was more like the usual life style mystery of his people. Answering this question was simple for him "Have you ever heard of the Fallen Kingdom of Bilai?"

    "Yes. I read about it while I was Valorville. It was a really big city almost as big as Marrow that had been destroyed in a battle almost thirty six years ago." Bondor responded with the small amount of information he had on the subject.

    "Heh... Yeah, it was a really big place. It was a beautiful city that my family had been living in for more than a hundred generations!" The assassin went back with fury and anger "It doesn't say anything beyond it being a battle that destroyed it, did it?! It was all that bastard Algroth! When he started this shit city of his he wanted to advertise how strong he was so people would flock to him. To do so he went into Bilai and slaughtered everyone. That monster by himself completely decimated Bilai's army of over two hundred and forty five million! HE WIPED OUT 98% OF THE REST OF ITS POPULATION AND LEFT THE CITY IN RUIN FOR FUN!" Bold raged, his veins all pushed up against his skin, wanting now nothing but to kill Bondor for even bringing up the matter

    Bondor had known Algroth to be a cruel savage from what he got from Ossa's tellings, but if what Bold said were true then he felt that the ruler of Marrow was a true villain. Seeing now that his strikes weren't going to work, Bold got down on all fours, looking more like an animal at this point with such a stance, a beast thirsting for the blood of its prey. It was like a komodo dragon hunting down a young bull. The room had thirty percent already of it covered by Bold's coal dust, the end looking close for Bondor. Now the member of the Rocky Valley team planned on doing nothing but to cover the remainder of the room and take away both Bondor's vision and safe breathing air. It took less than an eighth of a second before another percent of the room had darkened.

    Seconds passed, Bondor wasn't even able to think of a plan on what to do at this point. The last shred of light casted down onto Bondor, the only thing visible now to him and all the people watching. This gigantic man garbed in a set of furs colored orange and a deep yellow as a pelt over his leather hide garments, his stubble of facial hair hued a gentle blond, the look on his face of a gentle giant as his vision started to fade away, coughing violently as his lungs started to fill up with more coal dust. Bold leisurely been walked up the to the last bit of light on the ceiling, hanging upside down like the reptile he had his abilities based from, giving Bondor a set of final words before laying his hand over the remaining shred of illumination, putting his opponent entirely in the dark.

    "I hope you had a great life, I'm sure it was better than mine. All full of smiles, rainbows, and fun!" Bold mocked him, knowing he'd be dead within the minute at this rate.

    The crowds fell silent, Victoria on the verge of sobbing, all as they watched Bondor collapse, barely conscious as his respiratory system was near its end. What Bold asked him had him thinking over his life, which ultimately would be what saved him... Thump, the beat of his heart like a heavy drum beat. The memories that had been raced through his mind. The flash of his entire life, having to relive it all again. Thump, the sound getting louder and faster. What began to expand inside of him was from these memories. Thump Thump, it only increasing. They had dug up a sea of locked up anger he had hoped had been forgotten, rage that had been growing over the years unchecked. Thump Thump Thump, what Bondor had buried for so long had made its way back up. It was out of his control at this point to try and keep a handle with, at this point he only hoped he didn't kill anyone. The final thought he had while in control was of his friends. Whether they fail and all die from this or come out on top and continue onward to the future adventures if he died here then he wouldn't get to experience anymore of the fun he had already had since joining up with the team. It was the last push before he snapped.

    "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHH HHH!!!!!!!" Roared the blond haired barbarian, slamming his hands down to get himself up, cracking the rock below him even from its far higher density than normal stone.

    He had changed shape and appearance from this surge in power. Electricity crackled all over his body, forming a layer of it over his neck beard and the hair on his head, his pupils enlarging to cover most of his eyes. The electrical power had stimulated and expanded his entire body to the point where he was currently about eleven feet tall, two and half more than before. All the hairs on his animal fur covering had been sticking up, some amongst the crowd then recognizing the creature that Bondor's abilities had likely been based from, the Panductor. Panductors were very passive and friendly creatures, only given a threat level due to their anger and energy source being linked, when one one of them went off so did the other to always guarantee a full rampage. Essentially, whenever Bondor gets mad, he also stacks up with an electrical charge, or vice versa. His outbursts of fury had been a definite within a certain period of time.

    The wave of electricity had heated up the coal dust around Bondor to the point it began to glow a deep red, lighting up the room a bit to where he was visible again. His Essence ability was coined by his father as Lightning Juggernaut, something that could only be stopped by someone stronger plainly beating him down or by letting his rage run its course. Bondor, now being piloted by blind rage, looked up at the ceiling to exactly where Bold was even when he couldn't see through the dark. It took only a flick of his wrist to summon his weapon Omega Bolt, A weapon that looked to be a long metal pole that had a thick, wicked lightning bolt stick in motion at the end as if it were a blade.

    Seeing him like this, the crowd flared up again, the polls changing once more.

    Victoria: 51%
    Sloth: 10%
    Rax: -30%
    Ossa: 17%
    Bondor: 22%

    Bold gazed down nervously, something that had set off a level of an electrical synapse in his brain that Bondor gave out a very clear wording of his agenda "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHH! " Bondor bursted out with as he gripped onto his axe before attacking Bold knowing that was monstrous lightning hulk for "I'm going to smash and cleave you!" The feeling of being the hunter to the hunted switching immediately

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 10: Thundering Rampage

    The just prior gentle Bondor had now been let loose as a lightning charged steamroller that was ready to crush anything in his path without hesitation. Electricity lashed out around, lightning up the room with its yellow glow. Coal dust had been spread about the room and now due to the energy given off by the electricity that emitted from Bondor some of it had been ignited and started to glow a redish orange. Darkness engulfed the entirety of the room aside from this lumbering behemoth, the angry giant's gaze locked right onto Bold's location.

    Ending it now was the only idea that ran through the mind of Bold, not wanting to risk anything after this and not knowing that even letting Bondor get to the point he was in meant it was far to late. Going in for a blind sided strike he came in for what looked like to be a for sure hit to a pressure point. Once given contact Bold was halted with the shock of fifteen million volts of electricity that held him in position for a moment, Bondor looking over and swinging his gargantuan fist directly at the head of the one that was but a target dummy for him. Quickly he moved out of the path of the strike, disappearing back into the darkness of the room. Being shocked had not done much damage to him, but gave him this weird fuzzy feeling inside of him that caused his body to seem far different.

    A new problem had presented itself to Bold, he wasn't even sure at this point if getting anywhere near Bondor was a good idea, noticing the clear level of strength increase that had been gained. Whilst trying to make a decision on what to do, Bondor in his savage minded state raised his axe upwards and directly at the assassin who clung to the ceiling like a lizard. A strange surge of electric bolts scattered throughout the room from Bondor, striking the walls, floor, and ceiling. Purely off of reflex Bold leaped towards the closest wall, being hit by a few ticks of electricity that did only a small bit of damage, still lightning up the coal dust it hit to give away his exact location and direction before he hit the wall. Now aiming to where he was going to be, Bold the impression that he'd be able to dodge such a linear and obvious attack, but that wasn't the case.

    From the axe he held Bondor fired off a large bolt of lightning directly at the one he had now seen as a bug to crush. Unlike any other of his attacks, Bold saw that this one was far to fast for him to handle. Even with the speeds he had obtained through harsh training he was nowhere near the speed of lightning itself, now being blasted by the attack and sent right through the freshly melted and charred wall.

    Bold now spazzed out on the ground from the level of electricity that ran through his body. At the time he had managed to get himself back together he could see Bondor at the other side of the wall to where he knew where Bold was due to the hole he had created. The difference of what he felt now and moments ago while inside the room was indeed calming to him. With the level of mass Bondor was at now, over ten feet tall and four feet wide at least, there was no way he'd fit through the hole and to where Bold was now. Deep brick was what made the room that now caged Bondor, a material more than five hundred times than rock and was just as dense as the amount it had on weight as well and ontop of that the wall was ten feet thick of the stuff. Bold was certain that would keep him inside long enough for him to escape, but it wasn't. Bondor walked through the rock wall like it was papier-mâché.

    Terror wrought all throughout Bold, now facing someone he should have killed from the start without even engaging in any form of conversation or taunting. Because of his rookie mistakes as an assassin his life was nearly forfeit. Though Bondor's movement speeds were slow, he had some form of ability to help boost his reaction speeds, and now with his axe he could fire attacks at lightning speeds! His head was in a daze, not realizing that Bondor was towering over him. Badly hurt by the last attack his body lagged behind his thoughts ever so slightly to the point he had barely managed to get out of the way of what came next.

    He had already now been on the run but managed to get a quick glimpse of what had occurred behind him. All along the wall and ground where Bondor's axe had hit was gone. Within a foot of either direction of it had been melted, completely reducing it to nothing due to the disintegration of his strike. It took all he had left to just get a good distance away from him, barely a mile around dozens of corners and doors were hopefully enough to save him. Curled up and vomiting on the floor, Bold cringed at the sound of the thick foot steps that closed into him, getting louder by the moment. He had no idea how exactly he was found so quickly, it had been maybe three minutes since he stopped. What was his greatest ability as as assassin had become his biggest weakness as a coward, Bold's skin had left long trails of black dust that lead his pursuer straight to him.

    Just as before, Bondor stood before him, his axe tightly weld in his right hand. Going to the left before a sign that meant the axe was coming only to be grabbed mid air by the free hand of Bondor who threw him right back into the exact spot he had been a second ago. With the wind now knocked out of him the only thoughts that went through his head were that he would never be able to take the life of Algroth in his future, the one thing he saw as the retribution to Bilai and its people. After he was thrown down Bondor followed through with a powerful kick that sent Bold through dozens of walls with no sign of slowing down. Even once he got outside of the tower itself he had still kept his path steadily from the force of the kick. It was then that the weird feeling that he had gained earlier would be shown to its purpose. Each time he had been close to Bondor after the moment of the initial shock the build of of electricity had increased to the point now where it was revealed Bold had become a magnet to what he guessed was the axe his opponent held.

    Bondor squeezed down tightly onto his axe, causing Bold to completely pull around and race back towards him. It was clear to him that it was over. Nothing Bold prepared for was enough to do anything here. If he had this much trouble with a rookie like Bondor, how would he ever hope to face off against Algroth to bring glory to Bilai once more? Meanwhile in Bondor's head all he wanted was to stop this, knowing that if he doesn't gain control again that he would end up killing his opponent. Closer and closer he was pulled through the air, Bondor using his full strength to try and at least stop himself from cleaving Bold apart.

    "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGG!!!" Groaned the electro-radiating man as his real self had been fighting against his current brute self

    With every shred of his very being he was able to straighten his arm, the internal struggle between the two personalities causing a heavy shake throughout his body. Going from what would have been an attack from his axe that would've reduced Bold to nothing instead turned into a sturdy clothesline that sent a powerful shockwave throughout the area. Bold had gone a complete ninety degree angle straight down four floors and rendering him completely unable to move any further.

    Using up the last bits of built of electricity in the onslaught he had just caused through every area in the tower that he had been in he was now back to his normal self. The amount of energy he had used during the fight with Bold and the fight he had with his rage formed self he had no more left to even stand, toppling over and down the hole that was made by Bold when he was sent through the floor.

    Now unable to move at all, Bold laid on his back, knowing he had lost the fight. He thought the worst was over but was realized mistaken shortly after as Bondor crashed down ontop of him, bouncing over to a few feet beside him, nearly knocking Bold unconscious.

    "Sorry..." Bondor managed to mutter as he was just as unable to do anything at all to get up for at least a few minutes

    Bold, barely able to even able to catch his breath for a second, worked up enough to talk a bit to Bondor. "You win... There's an unmeasurable level of people in this world above someone like me, looks like you're one of them."

    Not seeing it as a good thing, Bondor responded with a tone of fear in his voice "No... I may have won the fight with you, but I'm losing the war to the deep well of rage within me. One day it may even consume me."

    "All I wanted..." Whispered Bold, Bondor being able to hear him only due to the lack of noise around them or from being so close. "All I wanted was to avenge my people and my home. That man took everything from us just to get his city some publicity. Being a villain was never something I wanted, but I thought that I could see him and his stupid city reduced to but a memory, like he did with mine."

    "Living in fear of your anger, your hatred, or your malice is a life I know." A vibrant tone of truth and experience filled Bondor as he went on with what would see to Bold's future choices. "Some say giving into the hatred makes you stronger, but I see it as those who can conquer those deep rooted evils as the stronger ones. I doubt nothing I can say will make you despise Algroth any less, but I hope at least I helped you in some way."

    "Heh..." Bold let a grimace on his face has he expressed gratitude for the winner of their battle. "Thanks for beating the nonsense out of me. My name Bold, in case you didn't get it."

    "I'm Bondor, and you're welcome. I hope I never have to fight you like this again after seeing how beaten up we both got." He said with an assuring grin, both of them giving off grand chuckles of appreciation as they now held a strong respect for each other.

    Going on at the large work out floor of the fight of Ossa and Woylia

    Ten ton lifting plates flew threw the air like frisbees, whistling loudly as they went alone their directed path. Ossa was the target of this attack, slapping her left hand onto her thigh to pull out a elongated bone in order to use back at items that were coming at her. Instantaneously as she took out the bone another grew back in place. Leaping towards and over them, she had threaded the bone through the holes in the centers of each plate and flung them back at Woylia.

    Woylia didn't even flinch as the projectiles closed in. These thick and heavy weights were reduced to dust as if they were dirt clods. Once the now powdered metals had cleared Ossa had to look directly at a cocky Woylia, who clapped his hands together with a BOOM. The muscle headed member of Rocky Valley had an ability that vastly increased the strength of her arms, Verdant PsyGloves. Looking like a set of verdant green gauntlets made of glass that went up to her biceps Woylia had been throwing heavy punches and large pieces of equipment at Ossa so far in the fight. The one who had more strength on her side was clear as Woylia, but Ossa held the status as faster.

    "You better step up your game and get more serious before you get mashed." Woylia announced, running her hand through her short turquoise hair.

    Ossa was highly irritated by the other girl in front of her.
    "Pffft. If I went all out you'd definitely piss yourself." She gave off, sending a big level of hype for herself and everyone watching

    "Whaaaat? You'd be the one to do that, now me, if I got more serious!" Retorted Woylia with the only thing she could think of, Ossa now thinking of her only as an idiot.

    Both girls had been ready to go for a close ranged play of combat, Ossa's knuckle bones now protruding from her fists to strengthen her punches in hopes to match the bruiser she was about to throw blows with. Extending off of her toes like the more nimble fighter she was while Woylia gripped onto the ground to slingshot herself. In unison the two girls launched at each other, prepared to give and take pain.

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 11: The Difference of a Percentage

    Algroth stood perfectly still in place as he watched the fight between Ossa and Woylia went down. The two girls had gone in for close combat to really get the fight going. Throwing fists like bullets, Ossa let loose hundreds of punches within seconds. Out of all of her areas of skill, her speed was by far her best trait. Even with the advantage in quickness her punches weren't doing much to Woylia, who sent heavy blows with each punch to where it was causing small shock waves and gusts of air from the sheer force.

    Ossa had landed pretty much every single one of the punches she had given out while Woylia hadn't managed to connect even one. It took a handful of attempts but at the fourteenth swing she made contact with Ossa's gut, firing her back dozens of yards and into a locker that contained large bags of lifting chalk. Puffs of white power filled an area of 20 feet in diameter. Woylia began to snicker at the view she had before her once the chalk powdered cover had cleared, showing Ossa nearly a ghostly white all over due to the material.

    "Ditching black and going for a pure girl in white look?" She mocked Ossa, laughing enough that she fell to her knees with her hands on the ground

    Sacks of the chalk powder were in a projectile path right at Woylia, the girl not hesitating (Or Thinking) of anything aside from punching them into shambles. As planned and expected by Ossa, the chalk powder had made a temporary cover via another white dust cloud around Woylia. The brawler of a girl may not have been very smart, but she was able to see the current situation as bad and a way for her not to be able to tell where Ossa was inside of the sifting camouflage she had made.

    Woylia groaned for a moment that brought her hands together in a aggressive clap "Apple Applause!"

    BOOOOM! With a technique most would call a Thunder Clap, Woylia created a surge of force that scattered all the cover of chalk that had been used for Ossa's swift combat style. Happiness filled Woylia's face after she saw her technique work, not seeing for a split second that Ossa had gotten in. Switching from the enhanced knuckle bone hands she had made for better punches and back to her standard bone claws, Ossa went in for a tactical assault. With her left hand she extended her claws out so that if Woylia's tried to bring her hands up to block they've get pierced through by the sharp finger tips. Giving herself essentially a set up free attack she brought her other hand up across and slashed into Woylia's right shoulder.

    Having to bring her hands back a bit so they wouldn't get impaled by Ossa's bone claws. Rotating her arms around she was able to bring them centered for a clasping mash of her hands in an attempt to catch Ossa. The white haired girl had fully anticipated this. With the motion and velocity she had used to use the uppercut slash onto Woylia she followed through with that and leaped into the air, landing onto the girl's Psygloves and flipping backwards and onto the ground about ten feet away. The fist fighting girl seemed annoyed that she had taken a bit of damage, though the cuts weren't do deep that she would have to worry about them right now though Ossa seemed to be more of a perplexed look than any form of battle set mentality or expression.

    "Apple Applause? Why is it apple applause and not some form of green color or anything that actually matches your Essence ability? I get the applause part is like clapping but not sure what you mean by the apple bit." Ossa had set out the question, more intrigued over the matter before continuing the fight.

    What had been asked was extremely confusing to the girl. She had spoken like she was fully knowledge'd on the matter without any form of uncertainty. "Apples ARE green."

    "Some of them, not all of them." Proclaimed Ossa, not sure if the girl knew that or not

    "Shut up! I only eat the green ones!" Woylia shrieked in fury as she didn't realize that no one would even be able to piece the reasoning she had for her attack together. In an attempt to silence Ossa from asking anything else that made her feel stupid Woylia had dashed over and grabbed onto more materials to throw, which now including heavier weights and even entire lifting machines. Every Plate she and grabbed to throw had to weigh more than thirty tons, but they were like toys to her and even the machines she threw had to be over a hundred tons each. These all now were flying through the air to what she had hoped would smash into Ossa and flatten her like a pancake.

    Darting about to not be hit by any of the objects that came at her Ossa shot out the bones of her fingers into the plates, something that had caused them to start flipping in mid air. Doing this had lowered the amount of power they had been giving off from the muscular strength Woylia had put into throwing them. With this she was able to jump up and go from plate to plate like she was a frog moving from one lily pad to another. This helped her avoid the machines coming at her and then to the wall over to her right side to get completely out of the path of each item thrown.

    The entire floor they had been in was four miles wide in a circular shape. From where they had been moving throughout their fight they had gone from the center to the back wall to where Ossa and her friends had originally entered in. Woylia had looked for more things to throw at her, reaching and grabbing an entire rack of benching bars(forty in total), tossing them like a handful of darts.
    The first one of the lot was dead on target with Ossa. The speeds of them was to much spread out for her to deal with. The girl strengthened the bones in her hands and cupped them over each other to catch the bar at its end when it came in. The impact of it had caused a slight bit of recoil damage but fracturing her right armed wrist slightly and being forced up against the wall behind her. Though she had just taken a crack to her bone in her hand a second ago Ossa seemed perfectly fine now as she managed to get a grasp onto the bar and held onto it like a combat staff, waiting for the remaining bars to come in to range.

    Fast and precise, Ossa deflected them as they came into the vicinity of her. A single mistake could result in the girl getting impaled, leading Ossa to her death. Luckily to her she managed to deflect all of them that came her way. Because of this the wall behind her had been stuck with thirty nine poles that she seemed overly satisfied from not missing one. Woylia had grabbed onto the ground like earlier and sling shotted herself towards Ossa, going for what could have been a knock out through the wall and off of the tower a more than seventy five miles up at their floor.

    Ossa bolted to the nearest bar that had been drove into the wall, landing on it and standing ready for another means to be safe. She was like a bird, perched up in the thin pole without any signs of trouble. Woylia had realized that her throwing attempting had not really done much to Ossa and decided to take a different route. Jumping towards the bar Ossa was at, Woylia kept her hands open and ahead of her to grab onto her target.

    Jumping to another bar, Ossa landed down and seemed amused by the slow girls attempt to get her. That wasn't entirely the case. Woylia grabbed onto the bar that Ossa had been on, swinging around with it and letting go to launch herself at her opponent. Ossa kept moving from bar to bar, trying to create distance and entirely on the defensive while Woylia was just trying to get in close enough to hit her. This went on for about two minutes before the bone wall had given up, cracking around and falling out of the tower and onto the ground below at the base, tumbling along the spire until meeting the bottom.

    Both girls had landed on the ground of the spire floor they had been on and recovered, waiting for another to make a move. Woylia stood in front of the hole in the wall while Ossa was more inward, not taking the chance of being knocked out of the tower. Both were a bit short of breath, trying to regain themselves before attacking again. The issue with this was clear as Ossa seemed more down than her adversary. Woylia's ability seemed like straight brawling close quarters combat while Ossa didn't seem to have really shown anything aside from basic bone manipulation, like there was more to her Essence than she had shown but that he didn't want it to be seen, possibly due to the Broatcast Vision objects showing them for everyone to see. She needed a moment to get herself to an okay state to fight, wanting to catch her breath fully. Knowing her opponent wasn't that smart she had to distract her, which shouldn't have been that difficult.

    "Why are you with those guys and trying to destroy the city?" Ossa attempted to stall for a moment, giving out something that she believed would give her at least a minute or two.

    Woylia put her hands behind her head, soothingly and nonchalantly answering with not a single shred of worry as to it "I don't care about any of this. I'm trying to look for someone, I guy I've known my entire life." She didn't seem to be phased at all at the idea of letting hundreds of millions dying for the sake of one guy she had clear feelings for.

    Ossa seemed really dumb founded at the answer. She wondered "What a simplistic bitch." After this she decided to pick at Woylia, not really part of her stalling plan but just from her normal attitude of meanness "Some boy you're stalking? Pretty desperate huh?"

    "No,bitch!" Woylia flared up at the claim she was stalking him. With an honest response like that of a church girl, abandoning her fighter mentality and adopting one of a gentle and kind girl "He left out to see the world a while before me. I just want to join up with him. His name's Enigma Ardent, black guy, dread locks to his ears, usually has a book in his hand, he always has reading glasses hanging from the collar of his shirt..." "They told me if I helped them they'd help me. So first I gotta beat you down!"

    "Heh." Amused at the entire thing, Ossa went onto now antagonize her as she had gotten the point where she was ready to fight again "You're pretty good, but it seems like we're about on level with each other."

    "Nope!" Declared Woylia, ready to prove what she had to be said "I'm stronger! " Now full of confidence from the reminding goal she had towards this entire event.

    "By what? A single percent?" Ossa attempted to poke at her buttons some more

    Woylia cracked her knuckles together as she heard Ossa speak, giving her a proper response "Now lemme show you what a single percent bigger can do!"

    Presenting a new side of her ability, Woylia covered the gab between them by extending out the green energy that clad her arms. Her movement speeds with her legs weren't much but the level of quickness the movement of her Verdant Psygloves alone was fast enough that with it and the combination of being caught off guard she was able to land a strong punch onto Ossa, knocking out all the air in her lungs and causing her to spit up a tiny bit of blood. The impact sent her back a ways, Ossa thinking that she'd figure something out with the distance between them she had been sent to. That idea was short lived as Woylia right hand grabbed her shortly after and swung her about. Against the wall, the ground, ceiling, through lifting equipment. Ossa had to get free before she had taken enough to cause her to pass out. With her bone manipulation she had her rib cage expand outward to create a small enough pocket of space between her and Woylia's solid energy gloves, detaching herself from her ribs and sliding on through.

    Ossa landed on the ground and dashed in towards Woylia, trying to get in before she retracted the elongated arms of raw solidified energy she had used to grab her.

    "Ivory Cross!" She brought one claw upwards and the other across her body. Woylia managed to bend back her belly to miss the slash but had taken a cut to the cheek and had part of her bangs trimmed.

    Feeling not only her face damaged but her hair cut Woylia fell into a flurry of frustration. With her Psyglove hands still out she grabbed onto a small shed full field supplies, pulling it in to smash into Ossa's back. Just as before she had anticipated an attack while in close range. Ossa leaped up into the air and planted a foot right into Woylia's face, going up into the air and away from the girl. Focused on the anger she had from Ossa stepping on her face, Woylia completely forgot about the shed and accidentally slammed it into herself.

    Ossa was sure the what just happened would have done a good deal of damage to Woylia, only to be disappointed. The girl seemed to durable. Even the entire shed coming back at high speeds didn't even do much against her. So far in the fight both girls had taken a chunk of damage. Mostly bruises, small cuts, and ripped clothes both of them had been still able to fight just fine. The difference though between the, was that Woylia was far more durable and at the rate they were going Ossa would fall first.

    "This is stupid! Quit moving so much!" Protesting the actions of her opponent, Woylia threw a bit of a tantrum as she went to attack again

    She extended her hands back at Ossa again, who was ready to dodge. The girl had noticed how Woylia's hands when doing their burst extensive reaches could only go in a linear path. Entirely ready to get out of the way, Ossa stood in the same place as she saw the hands not even going in her path. They were slightly off, what Ossa saw as the girl's aim slipping due to damage. Sure she would win now, Ossa had gotten into the position to attack again. Before she had moved she heard a loud THUD. Turning to see what it was she witnessed that Woylia had grasped the wall on the complete opposite side of the floor, four miles away. Once she turned back to look at Woylia she was hit hard in the gut. What had happened was Woylia had pulled herself to her hand that grasped the wall so that she was able to land a straight head butt into Ossa. This attack had broken most of her ribs, pelvis, and fractured her spine.

    Ossa, now pissed at herself for taking her eyes off of her opponent, was sent propelled backwards. It came into her mind that she did not see where the other hand Woylia sent out had gone. The location of it and its actions were shortly after known. Coming from behind the hand had gripped onto a leg pressing machine, one that went up to four hundred tons of resistance that crashed through into Ossa. This completely shattered her spine, lower skull, and left her collar bone in fragments.

    That strong combo attack had left Ossa down for the moment. She looked defeated, her skeleton left in a state like rubble now. For the ordinary human they would essentially be dead if not treated immediately. Even for someone who was enhanced by their abilities it would at the very least take them out of commission for weeks while they healed. For someone with the abilities like Ossa or Algroth, mending your own bones was a basic and extremely easy task.

    Standing back up with every damaged bone being fixed like they had taken no damage, Ossa patted all the dust and debree that had gotten onto her skirt or shirt. It had only taken milliseconds but now she had been just fine. A gentle breath of relief escaped her gut as she looked around for Woylia, noticing an encroaching shadow that had covered the room. What took a second to figure out, Ossa realized that what was moving towards her was the entire running track that took up half of of the floor had been lifted and flipped over. Sweat ran down her face as she had to figure out what do do now.

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 12: Lonely Graveyard

    What was half of the entire floor itself was now flipped over and falling down upon Ossa. The toppling force crashing down to her was to much to outrun so her only option was to go on an offensive defense. She had to strengthen every bone in both arms to be able to meet out the force she was about to take head on. With one rapid spinning motion she met contact with the piece of the structure made of concrete and four feet thick. The claws she had combined with the spinning had turned her into a living drill that drove right through the material but only destroying a small enough portion that she was able to fit through.

    The girl had to climb out of the hole she had created, standing on top of the now altered terrain of the floor's spire. Even with the reinforcements she had placed upon her bones they had still been reduced to splinters. It wasn't long before they had all healed but even with her handy ability she wasn't without issues. She was bruised pretty badly, short of breath, and having doubts that she would be able to win. If she were to even continue on to one day defeat Algroth she definitely couldn't fall here. It was coming to her thoughts that she might need to pull out her trump card, but one issue was presented that prevented her of such.

    "UGH! Just die already, you dumb girl!" Pouted Woylia, frustrated that she still hadn't beaten Ossa "How does someone so feeble get a nick name like yours? And from someone of Algroth's caliber!"

    Ossa seemed amused by the question, gaining the opportunity to give Woylia a good introduction to fear "I might as well show you. Before that though I'll need to cut the feed for a bit."

    Whipping her hands around the girl shot out the bones of her fingers like bullets, tearing through any Broadcast Vision devices nearby. As she knew would happen the display of their fight had been cut throughout all of Everlast. Only a single minute was made before the items reformed themselves and gave back sight of their fight. It was imperative that she used that small window to get the fight over with at her very top speed.

    Though Ossa had not given her much for damage aside from amounts stacked on throughout the fight Woylia knew there was something suspicious about the girl's confidence in her next attack. Because of this she crossed her arms around her body so that her Essence (Verdant Psygloves) would completely shield her from any frontal attacks. It didn't even cross her mind of any angle around attacks from behind. Woylia never seemed to be one of such planning or observation but she was lucky that Ossa hadn't planned on such a tactic. Though she had made this powerful frontal defense it would soon show to not be enough.

    Ossa gave off a soft breath, her eyes closed and getting herself calm for a short moment. What she said next represented her abilities themselves, the name of her Essence "Loney Graveyard..." Flakes of white began to drift off of her body, as she was known, they were ivory hued shadows, her shadow changing completely to where it was just the lining of her skeleton

    Woylia gave off so much as a blink to reopen with Ossa not in the same place as she was before. She searched in front of her but to no avail. Once she turned around she was immediately able to spy Ossa, who had been just standing in place maybe thirty feet away.

    Feeling zero pain from the assault Woylia prepared to boast, going to raise her right arm and saying "Looks like your last speedy attack did nothing! You might as well give up and let me kill you."

    It wasn't until after Woylia said this that she noticed something shocking. Though she had tried to raise her arm she noticed it never came up. Looking down onto herself she saw it was entirely limp. Ossa had been the reason behind this. Standing as casually as can be the girl now carried what looked to be Woylia's humerus, the bone that connects your shoulder to your forearm. She had managed to rip it out of her opponents body without her noticing at all.

    Searching for an exit wound she came to find there was none. This brought great terror into the heart and mind of Woylia, not knowing how exactly she did that gave her such an ability. Ossa was the only one that knew how it all worked. With her Essence she was able to phased through solid matter, bones being the exception. Once she had made contact any she was able to give it the same phasing trait she had so that it just slipped through the girl's flesh and outside her Psygloves. Just as she was when she was a kid she was still a thief, only know she stole things far more valuable than jewelry or wallets.

    "W-wai" Woylia cried out to try and reason with her

    In an attempt to stall for time Woylia noticed something. The girl who had just shown her ability, though Woylia had no idea of what it was, it obviously had taken out a lot from her. Ossa had used a good deal of stamina with her bursts in short area speeds via her Essence ability. With her current level she was able to take out four to MAYBE six. This had made it so that her legs were buckling a bit under her. After seeing this Woylia had been given the idea that she still had a slim chance of winning. As long as that chance presented itself to her she would push forward and try to accomplish the task that was given to her so that one day she could locate the person she was searching for, her friend Enigma Ardent. It was apparent of this entire status of Ossa. Taking the chance now Woylia tried to call Ossa on her bluff of being ready to come back at her.

    "W-well I might still have a chance, you can barely even stand." Struggling to talk without showing that she was scared, Woylia was trying to figure out what to do about her now lack of an arm to use.

    Gentle cackling slopped from Ossa's lips as she heard her enemy thinking that the level of exhaustion was able to make Ossa give up. When it comes to serious fights she, like any of her friends, would continue to fight until they are tired enough that their body just passes out and is one hundred percent incapable of continuing. Quick to respond in both an attack and what to say to such a comment by Woylia, Ossa bent a bit forward whilst leaning on her toes.

    "Then I should help you get ahead of me in that." Ossa whispered as she prepared for another assault.

    To Woylia it looked like Ossa had just flickered like a light bulb, but after the slight action of she realized what had been different and what she'd done. Almost as if Ossa had just had them appear out of nowhere she currently held two more extremely large bones. Before she had figured out what exactly had been changed about her body Woylia fell backwards and gained sight of her lower half, her legs had been empty at the exact area where the femurs are (which Woylia then got about Ossa getting her ahead of her previous comment of how she said the white haired girl could barely stand.) Immense pain just seemed to wave in and surge throughout her body as she knew at this point how the fight was going to do.

    During the panic of the fallen girl, Ossa just strutted up to her like she owned the place, so essentially like some extremely arrogant douche. To cope with her weakening stance she had temporarily had the three bones she had taken from Woylia and linked them together to create a walking staff. Her white shadow just swept in over Woylia, giving her the chills of death and a complete loss of hope of winning
    "If I wanted to, I can easily rip apart your spine and leave you forever paralyzed. So unless you wanna be forever bound into a wheelchair pissing and shitting in a diaper knowing you're only a burden you'd better surrender now." Ossa bargained to her assuming she was either gonna pick the smarter choice or the one that's more fun for the goth dressed hero.

    Going with the deal and trying to avoid the life of a cripple Woylia rapidly gave back an answer, tears streaming down her face"I-I give up. Please stop!"

    The girl lifted her foot up and placed it nicely on the cheek of Woylia, mushing it down and degrading the loser completely "You're my bitch now." She turned to see a puddle near Woylia's legs, showing as she said before about her ability was true "So I was right. Looks like I won the fight and what I said earlier."

    Just as this happened the Broadcast visions came back together to show Ossa's wicked expression she had on, the joy she had gained and was now showing of due to the fact she had caused someone to fear her so much. She only hoped one day she could give Algroth an even deeper level of terror and despair.

    Up a couple dozen floors was the forestry floor that had the battle between Sloth and Baldy that was still going on but had only just gotten into it a ways. Sloth was a top a large circular boulder that was three times as tall as he was. Sloth had been seen to be slightly damaged but to only where he had some scratches along his face and hands, nothing really worth taking notice to. What had been more of drawing attention toward was that he looked soaking wet like he had just climbed out of the shower while fully dressed. He stood there for just a moment before leaping backwards and away from it. Almost immediately after he had moved a large running of water flowed in, like a sentient river that swiftly went through the air and at the boulder. The large boulder was like an ice cube dropped within a cup of boiling water, though the river had zero signs of heat beyond a plain room temperature that it had been at. The only other option was that its current and pressure was enough to just shred through the thing, leaving nothing but pebbles of the former large mass of stone in its former place.

    "You're good, but you're not that far ahead of me in this fight!" Baldy proclaimed as he reeled back in his fishing line.

    With his lure coming in the water moved back with it. It was like a flail that could stretch with the stream of water, had the same flexibility, and natural force of water. Baldy weld his fishing pole heavily, not wanting to ever give up his weapon based Essence Flash Flood Fishing.Sloth seemed amused by this, looking over Baldy's current state. While Sloth had taken very little damage it was Baldy that had been beaten up a bit with tattered clothing covered in dirt and speckles of blood. Without even saying anything he gestured towards all the random craters that had been around the battlefield. The fight had been Sloth toying with him completely, just increasing gravity at points of Baldy's attacks to where he would just face plant smash into the ground constantly. The fight so far had just been Sloth trolling.

    "Heh. I'll show you what I'm like when I'm serious and someone pisses me off like you did. Unlike my friends I won't be giving this fight a kiddy like ending. This fight isn't even gonna take half the time of the others I bet." The suddenly adamant attitude bearing Sloth informed not only his opponent but also the viewers all over the place.

    Sloth just raised his hand straight out with a flat palm like he was telling someone to stop in their place. Tilting his body a bit with his left foot back he had given his Essence its true debut in comparison to the portions he showed during the display registrations. Sloth didn't even move once yet Baldy still showed a sign of reaction of shock.

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 13: Uncalm Waters

    Floating. It was the only thing that came to Baldy's mind as he was lifted from the ground. Higher and higher he drifted into the air. Sloth just watched in amusement as the negro fisherman was lifted up into the skies. It wasn't until he reached a little over a mile up that Sloth let him back into the embrace of gravity which sent him in a long free fall down towards the ground below him.

    Certain pain was imminent for someone who didn't have such a lucky break of an ability in such a situation like Baldy. With his fishing pole he reeled the line back in as fast as he could but still keeping the water that it held. Due to the way he set this up he went right through a long tubing of water that had broken his fall and had him slip down onto the ground without any bit of damage (At least aside from the psychological damage that Sloth was slowly putting in his dead as a deadly opponent.) Baldy was just soaked out in the waters he had commanded to a degree, all that was pulled off of his body by a strange force and back into the waters that were in his control.

    Sloth continued to carry a high level of relaxation from the battle that was going on at the moment. It had gotten to the point he took out a green and white breath mint and put it in his mouth. Mints were an item he always carried on his person in the chances he would see chances with a girl. Attention wasn't even turned back from his peppermint until Baldy had pulled back in the entirety of his fishing line to where he began to talk to Sloth about the entire situation that was in front of them.

    "Quit being so casual in this!" Flaring out with frustration Baldy tries to give more of an aggressive tone to himself "Don't take my Flash Flood Fishing ability lightly. I can get stronger in areas like this."

    It wasn't known to him why Sloth was so upset over had thrown away a couple lousy fish. Sloth didn't even put in the work to catch them or anything involving it, he just wandered into the area after everything had been done to obtain and ready it for consumption. Regardless of that he was never one to share any of his food that he caught, no matter who it possibly is, especially when the situation was with some random stranger with a rude attitude of such.

    The sounds of running line zipped out into the ears of both of the fighters and anyone watching. Twirl, circle, twist. It spun around his head as he eyed down Sloth, the hitch pitched whistle it caused from the speed it went through the air only grew in volume by the second from the rise in velocity. After a moment he motioned it so that the hook and lure fluttered across the forestry floor to where it plopped down into a pond around fifty feet away from them him. As soon as it landed into the water Baldy yanked back and reeled the line in once more. The difference now was that all the water in the pond followed back with the lure/hook.

    Baldy's Essence ability, Flash Flood Fishing had given him the ability to take command of water that he was able to fish up from wherever he had casted his weapon into. The limit to this was entirely based off of how much water he could drink in one go before it would prove ill for his being. For Baldy that limit was set at two hundred and fifty thousand gallons (His training more groan worthy than any actual hard labor and conditioning.) With that he currently had and what was available within reach at the moment had given him to a total of one hundred and thirty thousand or so gallons of water, enough for him to preform one of his strongest techniques on Sloth. For fighters that use weapons and not ranged energy attacks or close quarters hand to hand combat techniques were far fewer in number but they usually seemed to be of a high hazard of death, or at least heavy damage.

    "So, your ability is like getting puddles of water together or some shit?" Sloth questioned in very mockingly manner to him

    Baldy didn't even give a single shred of a response. He was focused. Whipping his fishing pole back and forth he caused the water to spread to all sides between he and Sloth to where it looked like one giant floating disk of water. Next he began to twirl his pole in circles so that it came around in a figure eight in the air, churning the waters before them. It had become like two miniature maelstroms clashing upon each other without bits of splashes in between them. Their speeds began to increase dramatically over a short span of time to where they were risen up like spinning tops. The type of fundamentals and structure of his movements with his fishing pole was extremely similar to that of a rapier wielder. With one strong swipe of his fishing pole down the middle and giving one word he gave the name of his attack and went onward with his move

    Briefly he had flash memories of his past times and what drives him. A life of wanting to fish up the greatest creatures of the deep seas of the world. A harbor town of people who just laughed at his dreams, who saw it as merely a child's huffing and puffing to seem big. Five years he spent at Kettle Hill to catch a very elusive fish, the Current Carp, to which to prove his worth as a fisherman (And where his abilities originate from).

    "Riptide!" The label he gave to the technique being enough to cause a slight ripple tint to the water before it went fully through

    The flows of water ran together into a singular middle rush. This cause the forces to collide into a river of decimation that would whittle down anything around the strength of steel to shavings within a second. Suction had been added to this ability as well due to the pathway and strength of the waters that a vacuum was formed and the vacuum itself only sped up the waters even more. It would continue this way until the waters are evaporated, frozen, or absorbed (Or anything of such a manner). Riptide was his second best move. It was a general idea to most to only use your strongest attack when you know it'll finish the fight off in essentially the best for last mentality.

    "I've been able to completely pulverize four hundred feet long fishing boats with this move!" Baldy informed him upon the extent of his technique before where he planned for the death of Sloth

    Rushing towards him like a stampede of monsters Sloth had just the most smug smirk across his face as he showed to not be worried at all towards the waters coming towards him. He had stood in place, tilting his body to a forty five degree angle with his arm fully extended, his palm flat and the facing up to the skies.

    "I guess I can counter your attack with one of my own."Sloth seemed to be at the ready to cast an ability out to use against Baldy. With a very calm set of what to say he announced the name of his technique "Zero Zone."

    From just outside of Sloth with him just at the edge he had used his technique on a sort of dome that carried a 100 foot radius that affected everything in it. It was seem immediately what it did when the waters had gotten closer to him to only be sifting up into the air to a point without Baldy's control (Even Baldy was under its affects). From what most could assume what Sloth had done had been involved with making it so that everything inside the dome lacked a very vital aspect to it; Gravity. Because of it now being entirely void of gravity now he just watched as the powerful water current drifted into the air and didn't even make it outside of the dome of Sloth's attack that was invisible to everyone but him.

    "Out of all the different types of elemental based abilities it's said that Gravity manipulation is amongst the most complicated and complex. It varies in strange ways. I'll even be nice enough to show you some of these variations that my ability holds." Attempting to educate Baldy a tad bit over the basics of Essence and its elemental categories.

    "Lucky for you I can't actually manipulate gravity to the extent to which I can just increase or lower it at my whim." He seemed over confident of his strengths to a point where he didn't even flinch at the sight of something if he thought for a second he could counter it. "It's more like I can relocate it." The information he gave out was well worth paying attention to

    Sloth was essentially like a sponge to gravity itself. He could absorb it into his being to weaken or even entirely remove gravity within an area temporarily. It was a very strange aspect of his Essence that only he likely held. Due to its special rarity in usage it was likely that Sloth had developed multiple amazing techniques and strategies of such with his Essence. Sloth then just began to speak once more after giving a bit of information towards his abilities for his further explanations.

    "Relocate it... like so... Yielding Zone."

    All he did was flip over his hand from the way it was in, going from his flat palm facing the sky to now facing down towards the ground. The effects it had were immediately felt by the negro fisherman as he was now in a strong bit of agony. What had happened was Sloth had condensed the amount of gravity that he took out of a dome two hundred feet wide to only eight feet around Baldy himself.That meant he had nearly thirty times gravity smashing down onto him as he attempted to keep him balance. It wasn't long before Baldy had to fall down to one of his knees, flaring up at Sloth. The only thing that kept him from falling down any further was his fishing pole acting like a cane to hold him up. To those watching out onto the match it was like watching a peasant kneel before a king, the level of raw domination of Sloth's personality and being had caused Baldy to only run more with frustration. He just peered up to Sloth's cruel face looking down on him, seeing only a bug beneath his shoe to crush into a paste.

    Just as this happened the popularity statistics of the people scattered throughout Everlast had been tallied up once more

    Victoria: 41%
    Sloth: 24%
    Rax: -30%
    Ossa: 15%
    Bondor: 20%

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 14: What Controls The Tides

    Using his trusty fishing pole weapon Baldy had been barely able to keep himself up on his own two feet. Just moments ago he had been trying multiple times to attack and harm Sloth but to no avail. The entire fight so far had been at his will towards whatever direction he had wanted it to go to. If he was to stand any form of chance against Sloth he knew he was going to have to try with more ferocity and engage with a higher value of his power. Before he had the chance to devise a strategy of what to do he was interrupted by Sloth who spoke with words of pity and mockery

    "If you beg me for forgiveness and promise to never throw food away again I might show you a single sliver of mercy." Sloth badgered him with his ultimatum

    Such a high level of degree he saw of Sloth looking down onto the negro fisherman. It took a lot of his strength just to manage the ability to shake his head in disagreement and follow it up by bringing his fishing lure into a lash directly towards his oppressor. The attack movement had sent a sharp stream at Sloth that aimed right for the throat. It wasn't something that was to fast for him but it was something that he was going to have to stop his attack and get out of the way to avoid being skewered.

    As soon as Sloth had gotten out of his stance the gravity that was pressuring down ontop of Baldy had been lifted. It was nigh instantaneous of his reaction to move out as fast as he could. Now with a window of opportunity Baldy rapidly shot out his fishing lure to land into the other bodies of water that were set throughout the forestry floor they were on. He continued this until he had gained his limit of two hundred and fifty thousand gallons of water he was able to fully control. It was like Baldy had been tugging around an entire lake with him, landing onto the ground to go forth with his attack on Sloth.

    With a heart of viscous aggression and frustration Baldy made an announcement that brought all attention towards him "I guess I have to show you the pinnacle of my Essence! Try dealing with this. Last time I used this it reduced a forest bigger than this one to nothing but splinters!"

    The lure and mass body of water now went into a rushing state of mayhem. He had raised his fishing pole into the air and twirled it about in a circular motion over his head. Like a whirlpool the waters twisted around and about into a spinning top of power. With one solid motion he came through with his tool, the powerful whirlpool like the spiked ball on the end of a flail.

    "Whirlpool Whip!" The Negro fisherman shouted out as he went for his final attack

    Sloth didn't care how powerful the attack was. From what he saw though was that this attack was easily five or more times stronger than the last technique used. What made it Baldy's ace though was not the higher level of power but how much easier it was to control and how much more area he could cover with it as it was just now a swinging weapon that he could thrash about wildly with.

    He did recognize Baldy's attacks as strong but not enough for Sloth to even worry about, or so he at least had himself believe. The ,massive opening of rotating currents that crushed all that were in its pathway of decimation were barreling towards Sloth, who got right back into his stance he had been in before; Body tilted at a forty five degree angle, his left hand completely straight extended outwards, his palm flat but now in a way as if he was going to chop someone with his hand.

    Sloth informed his words out to not only Baldy but to those all listening as if to give a message "It would've been far more wise to began groveling to me as I said. Now I have to show all the nice viewers what happens when someone crosses me." With his next words his abilities came into full effect "Duo Zone."

    To Sloth he had now used something that was actually something he had only recently within the last few months learned how to do. He had completely taken all of the gravity around the whirlpool and relocated the gravity from around it all onto Baldy's hands that were holding tightly onto his fishing pole. Because of this his grasp smashed right into the ground. The force from his own hand movement had caused the lure on the fishing pole to tilt upwards and into the air further. Due to the much now lack of gravity around the whirlpool it just kept going on its journey until coming around and over to land right ontop of Baldy.

    "AUUUUGH!!" Baldy cried out as he was hit with his own attack

    Though it was his own attack he was still damaged by it to a degree. Within the last few moments Baldy was able to slow down the current strength a bit so that it didn't go right through the floor and cause him to fall down to the level of the tower below. All that was seen around him was a violent splash of water that now flooded the areas around them. Sloth only groaned as how his shoes and socks were soaked, going after which with some harsh but true words towards Baldy

    "You shouldn't be so down, Bald guy or whatever. You were screwed from the start of this fight, not because I'm stronger, even though it's a nice factor, but because my abilities have been shown to completely counter yours. You not only lost in a battle of power and skill, but as well as its now clear my Essence ability is far superior to that garbage you call yours." The ruthless and brutal rookie adventurer dropped large doses of the truth onto his opponent, smirking the entire time "You should've known that gravity is what controls the tides of water."

    The waters and chaos had now settled from the just ended events. It now showed that the two were about thirty feet apart from each other. Sloth only came by a few things had wanted to figure out before the fight was over. In a very kind and friendly tone, obviously just to humiliate Baldy, Sloth asked him a very key question

    "Why is it you're with that Crag guy? You don't seem like a terrorist." Wonder and bewilderment etched themselves across Sloth's face as he gave out his words of curiosity

    It took no time for him to answer the question. Baldy was not one to keep secrets and due to his high end dream he was very vocal about telling Sloth his reasons. "Money. Plain and simple. Once we get this job done I will be able to afford a worthy sea fairing vessel so that I can fish up all the oceans secret beasts and become a fisherman of legend!"

    "What exactly do you plan to do with these creatures once you've caught them?" Sloth came through with another question, now going for his reason for getting at the base of Baldy's motivations for all of this

    Baldy was perplexed at the question he had been presented with. To him it was a simple one he thought any would understand or guess immediately "What? I'd eat them or just throw them away. I don't plan on sharing with anyone else if that's what you're trying to get at, Mooch."

    As soon as he said this Baldy was crushed down harder by an increased in gravity. Sloth had been raising his hand and slamming it back into his base stance to hammer down onto Baldy with a concussive pressure. Baldy had only glanced upwards to see that a scowl of pure hatred appeared now upon Sloth's face as he heard what Baldy had said. He realized that some aspect of what he said he was going to do after this mission had brought forth Sloth's malice. It had some form of relation to his discarding of some just caught fish.

    Sloth's motions kept repeating themselves and he bashed down onto Baldy with gravity. Anger swished throughout his his head as this happened. He remembered the feeling of being starving. He remembered the pain of not knowing when his next meal would come or even where from. He had always been filled with the idea that he could die at any moment from the lack of nourishment. Lastly he remembered his family... Something about it just completely emptied out all of his upset and reset his emotions to his calm and cocky demeanor. Baldy was completely unable to budge an inch at this point as he saw the will of a villain flash briefly throughout Sloth, Falling to his knees and unable to reach his fishing pole to attempt another self saving attack. Oddly enough when this happened all the gravity that had been stacked upon him had disappeared. Baldy saw this opportunity to do something, even if it meant turning to flee.

    Before he could even turn to run or reach for his fishing pole to attack Sloth charged in with a strong level of speed (Not nearly as fast as Ossa though) that was achieved by lightening the gravity in front of him so that his legs produced more force upon going forward. Without the time to do either of his ideas Baldy just watched as Sloth came in to end their fight.

    Sloth announced boldly the name of his technique as he came in "Gravity Divide!"

    Sloth had his arms out in front of him but pulled back to be closer to his chest. With both palms entirely flat and opposite to each other to where one had his fingers pointed up to his head and the other hand down to his feet, he prepared for his attack. Upon reaching arms length Sloth pushed his hands out to stamp them right into Baldy's chest and belly. His palm strikes surged strong portions of gravity going forward but each going diagonally into a different angle. The power of the two separating fields of gravity onto his body had reduced Baldy to shambles. He landed upon the ground to see dark red rain showering down upon him. It was unclear to him for a moment before he had realized he had been torn in half from around the belly button.

    With his entrails and blood painting the areas around him and coloring the waters he had spread throughout the battle field, Baldy's consciousness started to fade away. In his final moments he saw his beloved and most treasured belonging, his fishing pole, just a couple feet away from him. He reached out to grab onto what he cared for most in this world. As his hand came just a couple of inches away from his tool it was crushed flat into a ruined state. Sloth had been the one to do this, taking away Baldy's chance at a happy death.

    "A fisherman who only feeds himself is no use to the world." Sloth gently informed him about before turning to head for the stairs to head back down the tower. He just remembered what he said before and brought it back up to assure everyone listening of something. "I did warn him before the fight I was going to rip him a part..." Sloth had made it clear that unlike his allies who had been ones to settle their fights with knock outs or beating their opponents into submission that he was open and willing to kill.

    The lure that had the ability to clad itself with water had formed a small ball of blood around it for just a moment. After a couple seconds the ball of blood just fell apart and drizzled away into the dirt, signaling that Baldy was dead. Because of his levels of grit and edge Sloth had immediately taken hold of a majority of the viewers in popularity

    Victoria: 21%
    Sloth: 52%
    Rax: -30%
    Ossa: 13%
    Bondor: 15%

    Meanwhile up at the top of the tower at the time just after Hogga's unconscious body was thrown over the side Rax and Night were ready to fight. Even before their fight had begun Rax was able to get a feeling that Night possessed an abnormal ability, something in his guy told him so, like a base instinct. Little bits of bright red fire slipped through the small gaps in the chains that wrapped up each of Rax's arms. Night possessed his own manner of power eager flare as he waited to fight, the man clad in dark silk clothing had crescent shaped blades of shadow striking up and about his shoulders.

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 15: A single Flame in the callous Dark

    In the middle of the Capital City of continent, The City of Bones called Marrow, there was a large commotion taking place. A hot blooded band of villains, the group called itself Rocky Valley, had jumped the ruler of Marrow, Algroth Talus, and surrounded him in spore beings that if he were to get infected by their materials Algroth would lose control and completely decimate the entirety of the city. The ones opposing this villainous party were without even a name and were all rookies aside from one girl amongst them. At the center of this grand city stood a massive bone tower, the Spinal Spire, and high up at its tip top floor was where the first fight of the leading adventurer would take place for all to see.

    The two stood high above the clouds in a mentality for oncoming combat. A wager had been placed so that if Rax was able to defeat his opponent, the one called Night, that he would reveal to him where Crag was, the leader of the team that was and why he was causing this big ball of mayhem inside the city. Meanwhile inside Rax's mind something else seemed to be causing him much distress to where he was having no level of concentration towards the fight itself momentarily.

    "How come you got a title too?! Ascended Shadow? I want something bad ass like that!" Rax whined and complained as he ruffled his own hair as an act of frustration

    Because of this he had messed up the strange star shape where the small patching of hair on his forehead to where it was just an unkept mess of ruby red strands. Oddly enough the star just formed right back together which meant it grew that way naturally and wasn't a style he was going for.

    Taking the first move as soon as his hair star reformed back into place Rax leaped forward with his arms trickling down with his cinnabar red flames. Rax was a hot head that preferred to rush into battle rather than sit back and figure stuff out but that doesn't mean he wasn't one to develop a plan or would use his head in battle, he was merely just inpatient. The presence of where he was had been marked with little wisps of fire that flickered away as he dashed towards Night with his most basic attack ready to use, the very same one he used to burn away the Anchor tailed Scorpid

    "Biting Flames!" Rax shouted and cocked back his right arm to strike with

    Though Rax had been fully prepared to go in from the start it was the same for Night. All it took for Night to began a counter attack on the star headed hero Rax was he raised his left hand up to his chest with his fingers all bent inward like he was grasping down onto a ball. It wasn't seen fully at the start what had happened but Rax was able to take notice that a large circle of shadow had engulfed an area of twenty feet around him with its dark blanketing. Night kept his quiet and creepy composure and muttered to himself just loud enough for Rax to hear through the crackling ember like fires that were ticking off of his arm

    "Shredding Shadow...!" It was like a quiet eruption of Night's voice, like it got louder in your head than it actually was out in the initial open

    Hundreds of dark crescent blades came slashing inward from the shadows below in a manner as when a bear trap closes, though from all directions, angles, and even sizes of the blades. They were to entirely slice and dice up anything that they could to the level of which Night was at, which included Rax. Unlike Rax who was just going for knock down or out hits Night was going directly for the kill from the moment the match started, he wasted no time in showing his intentions in a fight and was always one to let his opponents know that he would kill them if given the chance.

    Quick to take notice of his surroundings and level headed in terms of combat reaction Rax had been able to figure out exactly what was going to happen below him to at least the degree of Night's attack location. Using his legs Rax pushed hard off the ground to get himself out of range of the dark blades. Just as he was able to figure out before of the strange under layering of shadows below him was going to be where an attack was coming from Rax was also able to figure out something else regarding the attack. Going with a counter in response to it he threw his arms forward to where ends of the chains on each arm shot forward and were dug into the ground cloaked in shadows. In one solid motion he ripped his hands backwards to himself, causing the cause to rip up the floor and scatter the blades about.

    Just as he thought the blades all stayed in the same angle and direction they had been pointing in as they were before. Whatever way the rubble tilted the blades stayed in the same position along their flat surfaces as the shadows they were. After seeing this Rax was able to work out a plan of short ranged combat in an attempt to go against Night's area of affect mass of blades, or whatever he could shape, out of the darkness and shadows that surrounded them. Night was simply amused and had a slight smile of joy across his face after seeing Rax have to work around an attack he had not put much effort into. Because of this Night tensed up his left handed fingers, causing the blades to change out in appearance. Having gotten longer in length but much thinner the shadow blades out out to try and skewer Rax. Though he was able to see the last attack coming he hadn't seen this one on the way but Rax was able to make an immediate but risky decision and spurt out little ignition flares of his fire to propel him backwards and out of the reach of Night's blades. What had been the risky aspect of this was that Rax had shot himself over the edge of the tower and began to fall momentarily, Night had a look of concern over the idea of Rax falling to his death and was about to change his attacks in order to possible catch and save him (Something strange for a villain to do) yet had changed his decisions on what he had noticed next.

    At the outer ring of the floor a chain end could be seen lodged into the side of the tower. Rax had used this to pull himself back to the tower and was able to run alongside the walls of the tower. He went all along the tower walls before going back up the sides to come out behind Night in an attempt at a strike from his blind side. Not to Rax's knowing but Night had first trained his fighting style to have a strong awareness of his backside to prevent any sneak attacks. Thanks to this as Rax moved up and close to try another chance at his technique, Biting Flames, he had been halted at what Night had done. With his shadow lifted from the ground and sent at Rax it had opened up like an iron maiden torture construct coated in crescent blades as before in order to consume Rax entirely.

    "Let's see if you can deal with my Hungering Shadow." Night pridefully stated as his attack went in for the clasp

    Lucky to him Rax still had one of his chains out and ready to use which he had to use against this attack. Rax's chain had been clad in his cinnabar flames and brought forth to land a counter on what had been attempting to consume him. Spinning it so it formed a burning circular shield of the metal and shouted out its name "Red Guard!" that swiped away at the clasping shadows that longed for him. Following up with this Rax sent the chain around to hit Night with, who didn't even move a bit from the attack. The chain just went right through Night like he was made of smoke, or rather, the shadows he controlled. It only took a couple seconds before the shadows reformed him as if he had been untouched the entire time.

    "That's a weird weapon style you have there, Raxxy boy..." Night seemed intrigued by Rax's actions and what was working for his movements around his attacks

    "It's not a fighting style. I just have them for... reasons." In an attempt to explain to Night, Rax went on with talking about his metal wear to try and clarify a bit about it all "They're made from Enchantinite. They're like training wheels for Essence abilities, I just haven't gotten around to getting rid of them and have been using them for moving around, and as I showed you, sometimes fighting. I prefer melee combat though over ranged."

    Because he had spent time being distracted with his chatter Rax had not noticed what had happened around him. Along the outer rings of the floor they had been on ten crescent large blades at least four times taller than Rax himself had risen. They were like the ten claws of a beast ready to shred whoever was in its area.

    "Grasp of the Dark One..!"

    This one on the other hand had stumped Rax. The blades were moving in at a very high speed to cut him apart. Seeing as he had no time to get out of the way, the exit points had been to dangerous to attempt in going towards, and if he tried to go from the ground below he risked getting another attack from Night's Shredding Shadow technique. All that came into Rax's Mind was a full frontal last ditch effort attack. This time he prepared a higher level of technique in an attempt to take Night out with a single blow

    "Ravenous Flame! -------" He roared out as he reached towards his right armed chains with his left hand, though it seemed he had more to say after this due to a but of a pause

    As Rax Charged in for his all in attack Night, with a very happy and fulfilled look to his expression gave out words that would entirely shock the crowd watching to its core
    "I give up, you win." The entire audience, which was most of the continent of billions of people, had all spazzed out at why this fast paced battle had been cut short due to one of the two combatants surrendering barely into it. Though there was obviously strange and suspicious reasons behind this Rax had only seen one thing: His first victory as a Hero. With his glittering with joy and excitement, Rax just began to rave over himself

    "That's 1-0! Undefeated so far! I bet that was even the fastest win out of everyone of my team!" Rax seemed far to oblivious of the entire thing and only focused on the winning side of it, then looking to Night to find out the information on Crag

    Going with what they had agreed on Night informs Rax of Crag's whereabouts and motives, true to his word"Raxxy boy, as promised we- I mean I, will tell you all that you asked for. Crag was never going to unleash the spores upon the city. He made sure all of that we had was around Algroth as a precautionary of that monster's strength and his troops. What he's really after is trying to loot the The Mausoleum of The Dead, the personal storage unit where Algroth keeps all of his treasures of bones and skeletal constructs of rare and powerful monsters. That's all I can tell you aside from where the building is."

    Walking up the the edge just to his right, Rax following, Night pointed down at a large square brick like building composed mostly of carved marble and etched bone. It looked like a cute cube hollowed with with openings and windows all throughout it, like swiss cheese. Without even questioning this and taking the complete word of a stranger, who was also a villain, Rax leaped from the tower of the Spinal Spire and aimed directly for the building, turning head first. Though he didn't even give an ounce of worry or care to the height of the building, Rax had been set to travel over one hundred and sixty miles straight down.

    Back at the top of the tower Night had been chatting to himself, as if literally to himself like there was another person there "We- I did what had been... Raxxy seems weaker than I'd hoped, but he shows promise, doesn't he, Void?" Night Spoke into some form of device that looked like a metallic cup to someone of unknown

    Back to Rax he had been slightly pondering over his fight with Night. Though he had won,sort of, and neither of the two fighters had done a single point of damage to each other Rax could tell Night was holding back a lot. It was just a hypothesis but he was sure Night was stronger than he was and had some form of ulterior motive towards their fight. At the moment though Rax had not even the time to think it over much, he had to focus on finding Crag.

    Just as Bondor did, Rax had an ability that he didn't have much control over. It had taken a good deal of his focus whilst he had been free falling down the tower but he had been able to figure out the area that Crag had been in. Slamming through the roof top and more than three hundred total feet of solid marble, leaving a burnt hole the wide of his being and not a single crack around the holes, Rax impacted down onto the floor down about a quarter mile below the surface to where Crag had been, only a small distance of maybe fifteen feet separating the two of them. Crag had just a look of surprise and astonishment as he noticed Rax crashing through the ceiling, not even the time to say something before Rax charged in with his right arm cocked back as he had with Night, flames trickling from the gaps in his chained up arms and trailing behind him. Now began the final battle in the decisive event of Marrow!

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 16: Pinball

    Back after to where Algroth was stationed, currently surrounded by the sporemen that Crag had sent there, he had been watching the matches that had recently occurred. So far he had seen a girl who took her fight entirely as a spectacle, a lumbering pacifist shift into a rampaging force, to a girl who had covered what she could do to what he guessed was for him to not see the abilities she possessed, following with a brutal battle that ended with the death of one of Crag's men, and just recently a bout between a fire and the darkness just to be abruptly ended. Out of them there was something that intrigued the ruler of Marrow, grabbing right into his interests and causing him to need more information of such

    "Gepetto... Go and get me information on that Rax boy... Actually, that Night youngster as well. Something about that black clothed kid makes me remember something, but I can't recall exactly what." A slight whisper just barely audible yet completely understood by the person who stood as the right hand of Marrow's peak person and leader

    Algroth just sat back and pondered the events before him. Firstly there was Rax. Algroth was entirely blank on the feeling that was being triggered by Rax, but he could tell something was up with the boy as soon as he saw those cinnabar flames scatter out of the gaps in his chained arms like bees from a hive. Secondly was towards Night, who had a similar feeling that he gave off to Rax's, and not even in just a single way. This was a strange set of two, something that made the two youngsters similar in some manner. Lastly there was how everything that had happened had no meaning behind them, as if Crag and his people had just decided recently on a whim to do this, or something of similar manner. Bold seemed to be without cause entirely for what he was doing. Woylia was after information on finding someone. Baldy wanted money, something that was the largest trigger of thought on it all when destroying the city would yield not a single bit of currency... Unless... Unless they were paid to do this by a much stronger and higher up individual or group. Either he would find out the rest of what's going on from the final fight of the day's squabble of those who Algroth never saw as a threat or he would have to figure out this himself (He hoped the first one so he had to do less work)

    [Down at the bottom of the Spinal Spire where Victoria was]

    Shortly after their fights each of the story centered heroes had made their way down the spire to the base, gathering up to watch the fights of the other members of their team. Victoria sat comfortably upon a cushion of puddy, gently hugging the egg that she had been protecting for Rax. Bondor was nearby, still barely able to move and lay to where he could just see the display that followed Rax. It seems he rolled all the miles down to get there, meanwhile Ossa and Sloth watched from nearby. Ossa was being her usual grumpy self while Sloth had been reflecting over his fight, not from the killing, but trying to figure out if he described his ability for all of Everlast to get or if he had thought it all, it was truly worrying to him. The thing on all of their minds were the same: Rax better fucking win.

    [At the same time with Rax and Crag]

    Using his standard Biting Flames technique Rax managed to land the first attack of the fight and push back Crag tumbling through a wall that was behind him. The move that hit Crag was the same attack that had taken out a matured Anchor Tailed Scorpid. Even with this it was shown that Crag was really the leader of a team. A heavy and frustrated groan loomed into the passage way that they had been in, the marble tiling and granite walls shook slightly, all from Crag's hand reaching out and clasping to get himself back up. Though Rax had full confidence in the strength of his fire, he noticed something about Crag. The man had a strange hued skin color. It was like that of a ghoulish gray yet was thick. It was like punching into a wall of leather. It wasn't even as if he was making in much damage or making any form of contact with Crag's defenses.

    Crag, who now stood straight up to dust himself off, had been seen in full view. The man was at least seven and a half feet tall, yet somehow around five feet wide. Lifting up a piece of rubble as big as he was, Crag chucked towards Rax a large mass of Marble. The attack seemed to boggle Rax's mind. It took but a simple wave of his hand to have contact with the chunk of marble shatter into crumbles, but only to reveal that Crag was trailing right behind it, his lumpy and jagged face shooting forward and over Rax to land a heavy punch right into the gut of the young rookie. This attack had sent him back towards the wall behind him as Rax had did to Crag earlier, the obvious play out as Crag trying to get revenge on Rax's sneak attack by replying with one. To add to the disrespect he had already given Crag, Rax slammed down into the ground to slow himself down, being able to stop before actually even making contact with the wall itself.

    "AHA! Looks like I won our first little contest, Cobble!" Boasted Rax as he stood in position, patting the wall and its current lack of destruction

    Impressed by Rax's display, Crag just muttered annoyingly towards his opponent "So you knew what I was doing, huh Kid?" It took a moment to realize what else happened, something that had ticked him off instantaneously "AND IT'S CRAG!"

    After this Crag kicked his foot forward, sending a puff of dust right towards Rax's face. This cover gave the large guy an opening to where he was able to move in again and send another punch out. Though managing to dodge the punch, Rax was indeed caught by a knee to the chest. Though painful, he still managed to twist around and throw Crag off and over a dozen or so feet away from him. It was clear to him that Crag was fighting dirty, but Rax didn't care. A honorable and manly man such as himself (Or at least how he saw himself as) beating a cheating no good bad guy was the kind of debut he had always hoped for.

    "You fight pretty dirty." Rax declared towards his combatant

    Amused by the comment, Crag gave a proper response to what he had intended "There's no rules in a death match, kid."

    Rax seemed a shred shaken at the idea of it being a death match, only cause he didn't intend on killing his opponent but now faces the fact he risks dying himself. Regardless of this he continued onward

    "Enough with the messing around. Show me your Essence, Crab!" Said Rax as he put out what he wanted, a fight between Essences

    "Fine." Crag seemed fine with complying to the request, but again noticed something that buged him. "And why can't you get my name right, kid?!"

    Without even giving Rax a chance to respond it Crag went forth and started his Essence ability up. From his already thick grey skin Crag had began to layer over slightly with the hide of a beast. It was a rigid and rough look he took on. With elongated ears, claws, a drooping neck and gullet Crag stood in a heavily hunched over stance.Upon his back was a very sturdy and thick layer of what looked like a shell. Rax was able to recognize the beast Crag resembled, a Jaggedillo, a beast species that was known for attacking within landslides and were very aggressive towards humans, though most of them were only around the strength of one to two stone star level beasts. Though the creature that his Essence originated from wasn't of that high of a caliber, Rax could tell that Crag had honed this skill far beyond what it started at.

    "This is the first time I've seen a monster form type Essence." Pondering over the matter, Rax just thought to himself for a bit

    There were multiple different types of Essences. Amongst these, the ones that carried a very clear and basic yielding were those with monster type Essences, ones that cause the user that when active take more of an appearance meshed between themselves and the monster they originated from, unlike Rax and his group who had no such type amongst them. As he was trying to think things over Crag was in no way going to wait for Rax to be ready from his thoughts before attacking

    Crag just shouted strongly before he went forward. "Rolling Wrecker!"

    With that Crag had told him what Rax had guessed had been the name of his Essence, he prepared himself for anything. What Crag did next would surprise most of the viewers that had no knowledge of the Jaggedillo. By curling himself up from head down to his feet Crag had become a complete sphere of his tough outer shell. He was like a boulder of aggression. Within a fraction of a second the ball started to roll, going right towards Rax. The speed it gave off was formidable to even Rax, something one wouldn't expect towards someone of such a size. What was even more concerning towards the oncoming presence of Crag was its destructive strength. Anything within Crag's pathway was crushed into a fine powder, something Rax took immediate note of.

    Cocking back his right fight, Rax immediately was ready for a counter attack. Upon Rax's arms there had been something to see, there were trickles of flames that were to leave from the dark crevices in between the chains wrapped up each of his arms to clad themselves upon his knuckles, forming his technique Growling Fire. The punch went forward and connected directly into the sphere that was currently Crag! Though it hit right on the way Crag had been rotating Rax's fist was sent down to hit the ground to where it sent off an explosion, destroying many rooms and areas below them, the cries of Algroth could be heard in the distance for his destroyed treasures. Now having missed his attack and not in a position to counter Rax had not been to sure what exactly was about to transpire.

    Like a shark in a slow motion to some Crag had rolled upward and come undone out of his ball to land ontop of Rax, then reroll up to hold himself tight against Rax, putting a lot of pressure upon his skeleton and causing a large level of trouble due to the speed of rolling that Rax was never used to, an attack Crag personally named Rocky Journey. Lucky to him Rax had developed a technique to aid him in a situation such as this. Flames jumped down onto his finger tips now, Rax trying to shimmy his body a bit from Crag's hold to land his attack. With it he was able to land his go and jab each of his fingers directly into Crag's gut.

    "Fire Pop!" Shouted out the star headed upcoming Hero as he landed his attack

    The attack was purely made to make a distance between himself and his opponents, not to cause much for damage. Thanks to this Rax was able to push Crag a bit back and give an opening to jump off and out to. Due to his upset Crag came out of his ball form for a moment to send a brutal punch right to Rax's face, smashing him through multiple walls and out to an open air area with a heavy rock ceiling at least a hundred feet thick.

    "That kinda strength... Ow." Mumbled the kid as he got back up to his feet, noticing a few things now

    Because of what just happened Rax noticed two major things. One; Crag's was stronger than him, at least in terms of muscular strength. Secondly the oddity of the room he was in. There had been maybe a hundred of thick pillars made of steel to hold up the heavy ceiling.

    "Who the hell builds a room the size of a city block with such a shitty layout like this?" Rax seemed more mad about this matter than the actual pain caused by Crag, or even Crag's presence itself.

    Crag came barreling in at a high speed, coiling and darting about the nearly set area that had a lot more room than the narrow passageway they were in, something that seems like it'll now work to Crag's favor. He couldn't land attacks or get close to Crag. What was he to do? Rax seemed to be at a loss, Crag racing towards him. In a quick movement Rax sent his chains out in each direction, his head down and the shadow of his head covering his face entirely.

    Seeing it as a Rax giving up and chaining himself for an easy death Crag went in for what he thought would be the end of the fight. What had been in Crag's mind had been almost instantaneously changed from a cocky thought to the feeling of pain racing about his body. He came out of his ball form to see Rax smirking, the star shaped tuffle of hair being blown a bit from some form of shockwave that had just been sent out. What had happened

    After Rax sent out his chains he had them wrap around a pillar of steel each. Ripping them from place he brought them in to have their flat ends smash into Crag from both sides, stopping his run temporarily and giving him a sudden surge of pain. Crag gazed onto Rax, rage engulfing the face of the extremely frustrated and now halted villain, only seeing the smug grin that was now etched onto the face of Rax.

    Rax just pulled his chains in to where the pillars were forming a T shape with his arms, mockingly informing Crag about the current situation "This is kinda like Pinball, Right? Now, let's see if I can win a free game or not."

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 17: My Team Is!

    Just as all hope seemed lost Rax was able to devise a plan to fight back against the rolling menace that was Crag. Using the steel pillars around him Rax had latched onto them with his chains in order to gain a means to halt Crag whilst at the same time causing damage coming in from both sides of him. Now he just awaited for his competitor to make his move, Rax flaring up with excitement and anticipation

    "Come on, Crag! I'm aiming for a new high score!" Said with a snarky and mocking manner by Rax, taunting Crag to attack

    Something in that moment had been seen at the scene by only the more observant folks watching. As Rax had showed signs of large amounts fighting spirit the chains on his arms rattled a bit, even Algroth himself had taken note of such a thing that triggered his curiosity.

    Having taken the bait, Crag went in to try to flatten Rax as he had so craved. Though he was of a large size he was able to swerve and maneuver himself all around the pillars to try and cause some form of difficulty for Rax in counterattacking. At first this was true. With his quick turn movements Crag had been able to roll about to where he could smash into Rax, but only on the sides. Though it was only bits of damage through getting grazed by the assault, it was still enough to cause him a good lot of pain.

    It was obvious to Rax at this point it wasn't going to be able to land another two sided smash onto Crag with the amount of quick movement shifts he was able to do in this wider set area. Though it took away his main idea to damage him he wasn't entirely helpless. This would be seen as he had he had near instantly thought of a new plan of what to do. Just as Crag came in for another drive by on Rax he was stopped and sent away. Rax had slammed one of the ends of the pillars into Crag's side like a mallet to a croquet ball, sending him tumbling away.

    Crag had gained a good level of annoyance now that had been built up over the last few minutes purely from being in the vicinity of Rax. He was merely some no named rookie that had immediately charged a man senior to him in the dangerous world they had lived in.

    "You're a real pain in my a-" grunted Crag before being cut off abruptly

    What cut him off was what Rax had thrown his way. It was one of the steel pillars he had held, a rounded beam of dense metal just under three feet wide. Once he recovered from the force hitting him Crag looked over to see Rax having five, possibly six, more metal pillars to throw at him. Rax caught a glimpse of Ossa's fight with Woylia, getting the idea from her lifting bar throwing antics. The difference here was Rax was going to have to throw one at a time to really get the best out of them.

    Each one bolted through the air towards Crag for impact. The first one hit, Crag being able to block and keep it from pushing him that far back by wrapping his large arms around the piece of structure. Though Rax had gotten the idea from someone else, he had added his own spin to it. Before Crag had even the chance to set the pillar down or drop it another came in and smashed right into it, stacking to make it look like one pillar twice the length of a normal one. One after another Rax kept throwing more at Crag, loading up to what appeared to be ten mashed together end by end. Though heavy it wasn't enough for Crag to struggle, but that was not the plan Rax had set up. Cocking his hand back to attack Rax went through with his agenda.

    Swiftly and calmly Rax stated out his basic technique he had targeted at the steel beams before him
    "Biting Flames!"

    With his strike of power and heat Rax melted the steel before him. The heat itself caused the hardened metal to turn into its molten state but thanks to the level of strength he put into it the shock set all of the liquid forward. Crag now stood coated in the ten steel's combined molten accumulation, the smell of burning flesh about the zone.

    Rax now immediately saw this as another victory to add to his collection, only to be short lived. From within the molten metal Crag game rolling out, now with a higher level of force than before that was seen as he tore through metal pillars now like a child through toy blocks. Now within an even higher level of threat Rax had one more idea he had set about towards using the are to his advantage. He moved more inward towards the center of the room, doing his utmost to keep himself out of Crag's crushing pathway and range, leading Crag into the metal pillars throughout the room (Hopefully without Crag himself realizing much on the matter)

    Once he had gotten down to the last few pillars Rax had to execute his strategy exactly now and fast. Lashing out his chains towards the entrance once Crag on in close, Rax sharp and quickly pulled himself towards the exit of the room. Crag just stopped and turned to see why exactly Rax was running away, more baffled by it than anything. Rax just stood at the doorway to the room they were in and laughed, pointing towards the few steel pillars remained within the room. There was currently a dozen or so pillars left at best, then swung his chains around whilst clad in fire to melt the remaining metal support beams, Crag then realizing what Rax had done and was unsure whether or not he was going to be able to get away from this.,

    Now without the metal pillars to hold it up anymore the heavy marble ceiling that was around a hundred feet thick across a two hundred by two hundred foot room it had only one choice: To fall down. Crag with his last couple seconds of time before it happened curled up into the rolling ball state he had been focusing on. There was just one crazily loud and forceful smash onto the ground with a gargantuan BOOM!

    Unlike before Rax was ready to see Crag coming out with more vigor to fight. Thanks to his ability to think and plan towards it Rax was ready for when a moment later the sound of drilling rocks burst into his ears before Crag once more came out to try and kill Rax. Only this time Crag first got back on two feet, now glaring at Rax while spitting out blood and wiping the dust and dirt form his dozens of wounds and bruised up body.

    "You little shit! Why are you getting in my way?!" Crag seemed to be getting more and more furious by the second

    Not really thinking much into the question Rax gave an honest reply "I gotta! If anything you should be mad at that guy Night for telling me where you were."

    "Who?" Crag seemed to be at a loss over who Night was.

    "Night...? Dude in all black, showed up with you and your team, calls himself The Ascended Shadow?" Trying to explain it to Crag, Rax just tried his best to say the most basic things he noticed about Night

    "I don't know such a person. I came here with the three short guys with stitched together clothes, Hogga, Baldy, Bold, and Woylia. And no one in my team has even gotten a title from the public, not even myself has one." Crag now just gave out what was true, never even knowing who exactly Night was, assuming Rax had been messing with him. "Now Perish!"

    Crag now was dead serious about this fight. He planned to finish it with zero mercy. He had already gotten back into his ball form to roll down towards Rax but first had to unleash the thing he had been saving. What made the Jaggedillo a big threat was what Crag had been hiding away, the weapons they had laid over their backs. Spikes of different sizes shot out of Crag's form, ready to skewer Rax and reduce him to Swiss cheese. As soon as he started rolling towards him Rax thought of an idea, but noticed how Crag's spike blades were just shredding the areas they touched.

    Once he came in Rax immediately tried to move him about by grabbing tightly onto the wall. By pulling it out Rax was attempting to lead Crag off into a different area and out of the narrow passageway they were currently in. This proved to be a pointless attempt as Crag just went right up the wall as the spikes digging into the structures to where it had no problem rolling up along walls or even the ceiling. It just came up and around the wall to smash into Rax, who then only had enough time to move out of the way and get out of the way of any spikes that would cause any major wounds. Even with this Rax had dozens of small spikes stabbing into his body, something that had him grunge out a shimmer of pain.

    In his ball state Crag smashed Rax into the ground and rolled away to turn around to make another attempt. He bad planned to just continue to run over Rax until he was a bloody paste. Rax himself was only able to roll onto his stomach, barely able to crawl his way up onto his hands and knees. All that he'd done throughout the fight had caught up to him with the level of damage he had just taken. Though both fighters had taken bits of damage every little bit within their fight Crag had just dealt a really heavy blow on Rax's durability and drained a good deal of his will power. All had seemed lost at this point to him, but he still hoped for some way to turn it around to fight.

    Down at the bottom of the Spinal Spire Ossa, Bondor, Victoria, and even Sloth were on edge while worrying for Rax. They were aware they couldn't do anything about it. In the time it took for them to locate the place Rax was or even to go from where they were now straight to it wouldn't be enough to save him from this predicament in time.

    Out of them the one who had still the drive to help him was Ossa, the one usually seen as the angriest and least social of the lot. Frantically searching around she had soon located one of the Broadcasting tools that were all about to show Everlast the events taking place.

    Shouting towards it to get its attention to display to the people Ossa let loose a surge of her emotions "Rax! You better not fucking lose, you asshole. If you do you're off the team and I'll give it some shitty girly name."

    The device went with its programming and focused on Ossa when she announced this, giving everyone a bit of the taste of the team's leader. Thanks to the displays all over the city especially Rax heard it for certain. The idea of him losing pissed him right off, but what was more the source of his now upset was the idea of him losing his chance to name their team and letting Ossa do it instead. This short burst of energy he had conjured up through raw emotion helped Rax in his most crucial point in the fight as Crag barreled in to only twenty or so feet away from him, stabbing holes all over the areas behind him. With his left hand Rax reached over and loosened the chains on his right arm a bit to where it drooped down a bit. As soon as this happened a scattering of wisps of his signature cinnabar fire around him. This gave Algroth another look at what might've been the thing that was getting his curiosity.

    Using the technique he had preformed earlier on Rax coated his finger tips on his right hand, placing his left hand over his right. It took only a slight lift up before dropping it back down onto the floor. The explosive burst sent his entire body upwards into Crag. His hands were able to clasp each onto a jagged spike that protruded out of Crag's shell. Thanks to the strong burst in speed and power Rax was able to counter Crag's rolling speed and slightly overpower it, sending him right over the sphere of a guy. One of Rax's main features was that he didn't wear shoes, and the reason why was about to be shown. On the bottom of each foot there was a fiery glow similar to his Flame Pop attack. It showed to be the same upon landing, exploding and sending Rax right back over Crag's body, still holding down tightly onto Crag's shell spikes, flames still streaming out of the loosened gaps between the chains on his right arm

    "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Rax roared out as he kept slamming his feet on the ground that sent him to either side of Crag.

    Thanks to his quick changes in direction in motion that Crag was not used to, he grew a dizzy and unwell from this. After what for people of their caliber felt like minutes due to their levels of speed, it had only been seconds for the normal human viewers watching. Upon his last go over Rax pulled his hands over and toward, throwing Crag way up into the air above him. It took near the last of the strength in his legs for Rax to use another burst from his feet, firing him way up above Crag and to the ceiling above them. It was only due to the force he was going to hit that he would be able to finish off the attack he had planned. Hitting the ceiling with his toes to his heels and crouching, Rax was able to form another layer of his explosive of fire before making contact that instantly sent him back down towards Crag, who had unrolled from his ball form from the amount of dizziness Rax caused for him.

    Now from on Rax's right arm where the fire that were trickling out had now turned into a flurry of a blaze, like a rocket or of a falling meteor, Rax surged down to him with what would be his final attack in their battle. He smashed his fist right into Crag's gut, the flames still relentlessly blazing about that sent them racing into the ground below.

    "Ravenous Flames:" Rax roared out what seemed to be a series for a type of attacks he had "RED RUIN METEOR!"

    The Mausoleum of the Dead. The collection house of Algroth, the ruler of Marrow, to where he had tons of skeletal remains of hundreds of different monsters from all over the world. Though Rax and Crag had destroyed parts of it the building they didn't even make it to the areas deep down where he kept everything and had only destroyed small bits of it he didn't really care a lot for. The structure itself on it's above the surface bits of the building was about twelve hundred by twelve hundred feet wide and maybe half that in height, made of mostly marble and bone, and lastly set with dozens of layers of floors and areas above where his collection actually was, Algroth was happy that at least his treasures would be safe.

    The happiness of Algroth was soon to be short lived, something that would have Ossa gain her first real bit of affection towards Rax. From the final attack Rax had launched there was a massive explosion of his cinnabar flame, reducing the entire surfaced parts of the building and creating a half ellipsoid shaped crater in the ground. The level of force from the shock wave from this had caused multiple parts underground of Algroth's treasure safe to collapse, breaking apart and smashing tons of his precious bones.

    Rising up from the rubble, pulling Crag's unconscious body by the back of his vest, Rax threw the lumbering loser off the from of the mound he was on. The other four members looked up to him, seeing from how The sun was shining behind him whilst his flames streamed out between the loosened gaps of his chains, giving off a combinational color that made the sun's rays hue into a glorious shade of red. Poised at the peak of the mass of rubble that was once Algroth's collection house of goods, Rax had now the final moment of his teams debut, wanting to make sure he finishes strong.

    "My name is Rax Spellbound! For all you bad guy shits out there causing issues like these guys did you better hope me and my team aren't the ones to stop you unless you're after a massive ass kicking! WE ARE THE NEWEST AND SOON TO BE BEST TEAM AROUND! MY TEAM IS... IMMORTAL RUNE!"

    Chapter End

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    The Enchantrum Chapter 18: Fear The Future

    Victory had been taken by the burning fist of Rax Spellbound, the rookie adventurer. He now stood a top a mound of rubble, announcing to all of Everlast the name of his Team, Immortal Rune. As soon as he had been able to make this claim he passed out, tumbling down the hill and to the ground. Ossa and the rest were already had arrived to the scene just in time. Aiming to get Rax before he just rolled into the crowded streets around the base of the hill from all the citizens who came up to see, Ossa dashed forward. She timed herself perfectly in line to get him in a dead straight direct line, but she wasn't the one to get to him first. Because of his abilities, Sloth had placed a large amount of gravity on Rax to cause him to be pushed into the mound of rubble to stop him, Ossa over shooting him entirely. Sloth just picked up Rax and tossed him over his shoulder to keep him from the crowds below who were going wild with amusement from the battles.

    Sloth gave praise to Rax whilst moving back to the rest of his team. "Well, you did good, you retarded fireball."

    Ossa turned back to see Sloth got to him first, this giving her a slight sense of annoyance and agitation. Now her rare act of kindness had been for naught. Regardless of it, she was happy to this the outcome of the fights and knew Algroth had spectated the rest of the matches. Rax was able to regain conciousness briefely after they got got back to the group, Ossa brooding angrily for a moment before getting back to.

    "If you're good enough to be awake you're good enough to walk." Sloth proclaimed as he turned his head at Rax

    Sloth was serious to his claim. As soon as he saw Rax was awake he tossed the beaten up man onto the ground in the center of the group, pain running up his body, though he was able to overcome it due to a swelling of joy from his successful debut of his team and the announcement of their name.

    "Rax! You did so well!" Victoria clapped her hands together and gave Rax the recognition she knew he deserved.

    "Immortal Rune, eh? Sounds cool." Bondor commented while rubbing the stubble on his chin

    "Yeah, It means like-" Rax was cut off from his words due to a certain someone

    Ossa crouched down and jabbed at Rax's side, trying to get his attention with the rest of the teams
    "Let's stop the chatter and go see what that old shit box Algroth has to say about this."

    The team agreed to this notion and left in order to find the results of all of their hard work. Bondor picked Rax up and let him piggy back ride him so that they could make the few dozen miles of distance it was from them in a couple minutes instead of the time it would take if Rax was to not be aided there. Though as they left none of them had realized something. Crag had been set rolling downhill before Rax was in almost the exact same area. The only thing now was... He wasn't there. In fact, back at the Spinal Spire there wouldn't be a single member of Rocky Valley left inside. Some of the bystanders watching claimed they saw Crag's body coming down at the start but lost sight of him after a quick blur of Mulberry purple.

    Arriving back at the stage where Algroth stood, Rax and friends were surprised to see that the sporemen were still stationed around Algroth with no signs of faltering even after the defeat of their boss. The Immortal Rune Team had made its way up onto the stage, but stood barely at the edge as to not rist setting off the sporemen.

    "Hey, why haven't they left or whatever?" Rax managed to grumble out as he looked at the puffy orange humanoids.

    "Crag must've made sure they would stay at all times, possibly. Is there any way we can get rid of them without setting them off" Bondor was able to contemplate a good idea of what was going on, sharing it with his team

    "I say we just leave him here." Ossa gave out a suggestion, something that caused Algroth to grow irritated

    "We can't do that, it's mean!" Victoria tried to show she didn't like the thought of Ossa's idea, her real levels of kindness on its usual display

    Sloth just stared out into the crowd, completely oblivious to what everyone else was worried about, he just kept his mind to his own curiosities "I bet all those girls out there get the tingles now from seeing me. Wouldn't surprise me after they saw how amazing I am."

    "Youngsters! You did good, it was truly a show. Don't worry about these Spore guys. They're nothing to worry about." Algroth congratulated them on a job well done, not moving at all from place.

    "So they're fake?!" Bondor seemed surprised at such a thing, thinking for a moment that the whole thing was just a farce.

    Not being convinced on it at all, Ossa gave in a single bit to say towards it, her arms crossed over her chest with her usual facial expression of annoyance on "Bullshit."

    "No, they're real. Crag wasn't bluffing. But... I was able to make some quick observations before your battles even started." Algroth seemed to have more info on what exactly the current situation was and went accordingly to share about it "These things are artificial humanoids originating from a type of plant monster called a Sporegarden Toad, a giant amphibious monster with a couple different types of spores that affects those who intake it. They can be set off with so much as a slightest bit of contact or scaring the things. The thing is, due to their defense reactions and chemicals that fill their scent glands they spew out their chemicals at a hundred and eighty thousand miles per second in a range of about thirty feet in diameter."

    "What?! That's barely under the fucking speed of light! There's no way we can do anything about that, you dusty old faggot." Ossa seemed at an entire loss at the numbers she was presented with, even with her top speed she was no way even close to even one three thousandth of such a speed.

    Bondor did his best to mask his chuckling after hearing Ossa call the ruler of the capital such a thing. It was within the time of his chuckling that he began to cough heavily, something that ran into being with a strange presence they felt. Victoria waved her hand in front of her face, the air rippling around it. It was like they were deep underwater, but there were no signs of any water. It was within this moment now they she looked back at Algroth, something then happened far beyond anything she had ever witnessed before. The weird feeling of being under an ocean had been felt by everyone around for thirty miles, something that set off the sporemen. Within the time it took between them releasing the spores before they had even gotten out even a centimeter they had all been wiped out. A being stood there now next to Algroth, a tall man with a muscular yet lanky body leaned into the ruler of Marrow. With his elbow against Algroth like a man leaning against the wall of a building, this man stood, not a single member of Rax's group held any form of safety in this moment.

    "So pretty much, all it takes is to take out the sporemen is to move faster than their spores." Algroth informed them as this new guy arrived, taking out all of the sporemen in what looked like an instant

    "A new enemy...!" Rax groaned as he tried his best to raise his fist and move, falling off of Bondor and onto the stage, Bondor being to shocked to even notice at this point.

    "Impressive, Yeah?!" "Yeah yeah, you kiddos did great! Yeah! It was fun watching you guys battle. Yeah!" The stranger talked wildly as he spoke to the Immortal Rune Team.

    This stranger waited for a word from the team, but they just held their breath tightly. It took a couple seconds of thinking before the guy realized what was going on, shortly after the feeling of the area turned back to normal

    "I recognize you!" Ossa showed a good sign of nervousness after saying this, she had a good deal of knowledge of Algroth and the members of Marrow's imperial individuals that served as direct soldiers to its ruler, such as the cloaked and masked mystery named Gepetto. "You're Barracuda, The Mobile Ocean! You're a member of Algroth's personal attack unit, Silver Skeletons."

    "Yeah Yeah, that's me!" Barracuda excitingly put his hand out for a high five at Ossa for getting it right, being a bit disappointed inside at the fact she didn't actually respond with the standard hand to hand slap.

    As said, he was a strange person. He had a splotchy vanilla like skin color to him and stood around maybe twelve feet or so in height and weighed maybe only four hundred pounds at most. From his head he was almost entirely shiny head bald aside from a strong grey mohawk that was raised up on his head like a sail then trailed down his back to his waste. He wore what looked like a black wet suite with a silver metallic skeletal design about it and a set of pants that looked as if his lower half were being eaten by two large fish similar to the fish that shared the same name as him.

    "Wait." Sloth interrupted what was going on with Barracuda to seek a big thing he had realized. "If you have a guy like this under your command, why didn't you just have him take out all of the sporemen before and had your own guards take down Crag and his goons?"

    "Well, I didn't have much of a speech today for the people. Luckily I got a nice break and that big oaf Crag showed up and I got to turn this all into a spectacle for not only Marrow but for all of Everlast. Pretty smart idea of mine if I do say so myself." Algroth not only was a top tier asshole but at the same time was a smart play maker. He spoke with a high level of knowledge on leading, at least one that takes wild risks.

    Though Ossa seemed pretty pissed at the idea of doing Algroth a solid, Bondor seemed to be very accepting over the matter. He spoke with a good deal of interest in the matter
    "So we're entertainers sorta? Cool."

    "I wonder how many fans I got then~~" Victoria glistened as she pondered the idea of her own fan clubs

    Barracuda had waited for Algroth to finish before he spoke to Sloth, a twinkle in his eyes "Yeah! You're that gravity kid from earlier I saw. You took out the fisherman dude, yeah?! Thanks for that. I hate fishermen. Wanna be hang out some time, yeah?"

    "No, not really. I already got a weird friend with this guy." Sloth gestured back at Rax, his face painted with annoyance over Rax's current state

    "Yeah yeah, okay..." Barracuda seemed a bit down by the response, Sloth not realizing that the request was for more than just friendship.

    Bondor had realized Rax had fallen, kneeling down to get him but whilst keeping his gaze locked onto Barracuda, the overwhelming presence being a great deal for them. Though Algroth was called the strongest citizen of Marrow, he was a being who kept his power on lock down due to his touch time showing control and restraint. Meanwhile this Barracuda guy exuded his power outwards to them, though not intentionally. It was just his normal levels of aura yet those who had Essences outside of the blank ones humans are born could feel as a great force.

    "So you really risked the lives of your people for this? Pretty childish if you ask me." Sloth spoke with nothing but the truth, not even caring he was speaking to someone who could have him dead without a single percentage of effort.

    "Heh. You think I actually care about these people?" Algroth laughed loudly at this idea. It was like that of a child trying to figure out the world without even knowing what lies beyond their house's lawn. "Lemme tell you something, kid. Once you get to old to adventure or just stop wanting to see the world then if you're strong enough, such as myself, you pretty much retire and make your own kingdom. Where the youth share and brag about their adventures and battles retired folks like me and other rules just brag about our kingdoms. This city and its people are nothing more than a thing I can gloat about to my chums whenever someone stops by to say hey and reminisce."

    Four of the five members of Immortal Rune was shocked at this especially, Ossa being the one who already knew Algroth was a monster. To her she already assumed he was like this before.

    Victoria seemed broken up over the matter. She questioned Algroth, a strong level of sadness emitting from her voice over it "So you just hide the fact you only want to be a tyrant over all of these people just cause?"

    "Hide? Ha, no. I don't give a damn whether they know or not. Here, one second." Algroth motioned over the crowd so that one of the Broadcast Vision items moved to have the ruler of Marrow himself display all throughout the city, and for the time being from the battle, all of Everlast. "People of Everlast, mainly though to Marrow. You're nothing but numbers to brag about to me and nothing more. I couldn't give a shred of care towards any of you even if I tried. If any of you don't like the fact I told you this then either come get me or stay the fuck out of my city and risk yourselves in the wild and deadly world we live in."

    "This fucking guy...!" Rax clenched down with his hands to the point he nearly cut open his hands with his finger nails alone. The only thing that kept this from happening was the fact he barley had any energy left at all, yet his eyes were still full of fury that formed at the sounds of Algroth's words. Ossa just raised her hand at Rax, something that caused him to calm down and halt, knowing she was about to say something.

    "Is there something you wanted to tell me, little girl?" Algroth finished up and asked Ossa, something that would trigger a very crucial moment.

    "Yes..." Ossa mumbled gently, nervous for a moment before coming back with full force with a tone both strong and true. "I hope you enjoyed everything you saw today as a spectacle or however you viewed it as. Though today it was just a show for you, you should remember something... Eventually we're gonna get strong enough to come back and kick your ass and the asses of all of your army. You better keep on guard, cause we'll be back for your head. " She paused for a moment before finishing "So pretty much what I'm telling you is... Fear the future, Algroth."

    Ossa turned away from Algroth and Barracuda, facing the rest of her team and waving her hand to signal that they were leaving. Not a single word was uttered by either side as Immortal Rune left. Their day had been a long and eventful one. And with this final statement she'd have towards Algroth, the brand new team had made a major goal for them to one day accomplish. Before though they got fully away Ossa turned back to Algroth, the serious look on her face now replaced with that of a humorous and trollish manner.

    "Hey, old shit, you're welcome on helping you. For payment I'll call it even on what Rax did to your little toy box building." She cackled at this, she could see the look of despair and depression that suddenly engulfed Algroth's face as he had just remembered all the damage that his collection had taken. Ossa just turned back to her team, slapping Rax on the ass with a sign of gratitude and praise like those in sporting events "You did good, Rax."

    Rax just turned his head to her, the broken up smile from the barely able to stay awake and move about guy meeting with Ossa's. It was the only time he'd seen her so far with a legit smile on that contained no malice. He was the only one amongst the group to see it, not saying a word as he wanted to keep it that way.

    Though the events had been going on centered around Rax and his teammates there was another grouping of people who had been well active and involved that day, an important one. Around the evening when the rays of the sun were barely left to illuminate the skies there had been one of the members of this team arrived to construction sight in the Ethmoid District of Marrow. In the middle of of the construction site lay the unconscious bodies of the Rocky Valley team. Bold was the first one to wake up, looking up to see the silhouettes of four individuals. Lastly he heard the foot steps of another coming from his left, turning to see who it was

    "Took you long enough." The stern and violent tone of a man layered in the ears of Bold as he heard of of the people hidden speak.

    "Sorry about that. We- I lost track of time. Good news is that Rax should be still be in the city tomorrow from what I can tell after seeing the wounds he got, so we can go see him then." The person who had just arrived to the area said, walking to into the moon light to reveal he was the one who fought Rax just prior to Crag, the one named Night, The Ascended Shadow. "It's been almost a whole week since we- I've got to talk with you all. We- I hope you're doing well." He looked at each of the four from left to right. "Better be ready tomorrow, right? Right Sleepah? Lemur? Exchelsi? And especially you bossman."

    The last one he spoke with a voice full of malice and hatred, even to his own comrades. "I thought I asked you to stop calling me that? You guys appointed me the leader, but that doesn't mean I have to get called stupid fucking names."

    Night seemed both amused and weary of upsetting the person he saw as their leader. He just gave a quick and easy response before they went over a few things. "Sorry about that... Void."

    Chapter End
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    The Enchantrum Chapter 19: Alcatraz

    The day of Immortal Rune's debut had passed, going well onto the morning anew. From the battles in the day prior the damage count of the five person group had been the following:

    Victoria: Undamaged
    Bondor: Fourteen large bruises, three broken ribs, and temporary breathing problems
    Ossa: Six hundred and twenty four broken bones total (Currently none) and twenty two bruises, as well as a strained left arm bicep.
    Sloth: Undamaged
    Rax: Eighty Four broken Bones (Currently none) Forty one large bruises, four stretched muscles, nine torn muscles, a severe concussion, one dislocated left side elbow, and thirty six minor grazes to the flesh.

    It was thanks to Ossa that Rax and Bondor had their bones mended later that night. Thanks to her Essence she was able to easily and painlessly remove the broken bones and fix them right back up. Since now they were mostly okay, the group had set out to celebrate a good victory. They had all sat around inside of a tavern called Crazy Mix within the Stapes District, the smallest and most poor one of all of Marrow. Sitting inside of a large booth the five clapped their mugs together of drinks and had been talking over their fights. It wasn't until Rax accidentally knocked one of the coasters off of the table and had shockwaves of pain surge throughout his body for someone to comment over his current state.

    "Geez, Rax. You're lucky I can mend bones so easy." Making Rax know well she was very important Ossa gave whined a bit at him over having to fix him up.

    Rax groaned a bit from the pain but was able to work himself back together
    "I appreciate your caring heart Ossa."

    Without even waiting three seconds to respond Ossa gave out what she had to say towards Rax's last sentence "That's fucking right you do."

    "Oh! That reminds me!" Whilst rummaging around her purse Victoria hummed to herself before taking out a magazine, the same one that had not to long ago published the results of the registrations that the other four of Immortal Rune had attended. "We made it as the head lining for yesterday!""Whoa. That's great!" Rax had exuberant an aura of excitement after hearing such news

    "What's so important about the cover of that thing anyway?" Bondor, being from the Static Highlands and being cut off from the rest of Everlast, hadn't much knowledge on a lot of things within the continent like this.

    "It only covers what's going on in Everlast. Once teams leave here they usually aren't mentioned in it. That means we're one of the contenders they think might be the first team to get strong enough to leave Everlast for our further adventures." Sloth was a very well taught man on how things tend to work within very commonly related society bits. They were easy ice breakers for him to talk to girls with from what Rax guessed.

    "It gets even better! They gave you guys titles too! I haven't read them yet though, so get ready!" Victoria fiddled with her words, being just as excited to tell them as they had been to find them out. "Okay... Ossa officially is called Ivory Shadow, though some already knew her as that. Bondor, yours is first."

    "I just hope it's nothing to dazzling. Someone plain like Sparks Bondor would be fine with me." The lumbering giant of a man chuckled nervously as he waited for the name

    "It's!" Victoria paused a moment for dramatic effect. "Bondor The Enraged Storm ."

    Bondor seemed okay with the name, but his expressions didn't really change over the matter. Meanwhile Rax and Sloth both seemed extremely impressed by such a name.

    "Seems fine." Bondor didn't seem to interested in the info, though the other two were absorbed right into the wait for theirs.

    "Sloth next!" Victoria once again paused before saying it "Sloth, Gravity's Existence ."

    "A name like that is gonna hook my more girls I bet." Sloth was sure now his field of possible girls increased significantly.

    "Rax is last!" A couple seconds passed before Victoria would say it out loud. All four of the others had bad ass titles to go by. The Mountain Colossal. Ivory Shadow. The Enraged Storm. Gravity's Existence. Such names were so amazing. Rax knew he'd get something great for the bad ass finisher he had the day before. "Rax... The Red Hero."

    The other four all came over with a sudden feeling of sympathy for Rax, there were nervous sweat drops galore all around. Out of all of them he was the one that was the most excited and wanting over getting a title. Now he had gotten stuck with one of the most plain ones any of them had ever heard. Rax remained silent for a moment before he made even a single sound on it.

    "Red Hero... Awesome!" Roaring out his happiness, Rax rejoiced over his title. "Now to make it a name that's etched int he stars!"

    The rest of his team seemed pretty soothed over the reaction he had. All of them had returned to trying to drink their mugs of ale before noticing something out of the ordinary. Direct center of the table had what looked like a bowl on it that wasn't there a moment ago, a cerise purple color that lightened up a bit as it went down. Victoria went to poke at it, her finger going right through. After her attempt the bowl rose up, revealing itself to be the head of a girl. It gazed back at at her for a moment before opening up and yelping

    "Boo!" As soon as the out of nowhere head spoke Victoria was spooked back and fell backwards in her chair. The head moved towards her until other parts of her came out of the table to be that of an entire body of a girl. "That was fun. I enjoyed seeing the pale expression on your face shift together. I wonder what it'd be like in the face of something truly horrifying."

    The girl was pale. It was like her entire body was without any form of heat. She was nearly as brightened white as Ossa's hair. In fact, her hair seemed like it was losing its life as well. At the top of her head it was colored the shade of purple called cerise. As it went down her head to where it ended about half way down her back it faded, the ending point being a lifeless white. Looking only around maybe sixteen with an average sized chest she creeped up closer to Victoria. She wore nothing but a torn up grey colored sun dress with the letters R.I.P written across the chest. None of them said anything as this happened, not sure if it was actually happening as they were all extremely confused. The girl showed not a single shred of hostility, it felt just as she seemed to be doing; scaring people.

    "That's enough, Exchelsi. You're gonna make us look more like circus folk if you keep doing that before we actually make out presence known." The voice of a stranger strongly made its way into the Crazy Mix tavern.

    Rax turned to see four more strange people show up, obviously ones that must be in a team with this spooky girl that appeared from the table. Rax noticed one of them was a familiar face. It was Night! The person he fought right before he battled with Crag. Night looked essentially the same while Rax was all beaten up. Wearing his clothing of black silk with a similar drapery of hair that went with it. Aside from him there were three others.

    The first one was a one that looked like he was barely awake. He wore a pair of yellow and green checkered pajamas and matching slippers, carrying around what looked like a foam ball on his back. There wasn't much to him to be honest. The only other aspect of this shorter than average guy was his ruffled up sage green hair that spiked out around his ears.

    Next was a very smiley and happy looking girl. Wearing a pair of tight short shorts and a loose T-shirt colored a combination of mocha brown and a creamy white trimming and some smokey brown croc sandals. On her shirt there was a palm tree with bananas growing from the top, something she shortly after from getting distracted and bored, picked at the banana design as if there they were actually there to eat. Her hair went down to her shoulders but split up the back like two side by side hooks.

    Lastly there was the one that had told the spooky girl (Apparently named Exchelsi) to halt her doings. Unlike the other three that had a more easy going look to them this guy had no such feel. His hair was even stranger than Rax's. It was colored a deep purple, much darker than Sloth's. Along his forehead his hair formed triangular shapes that looked like his hair had a bite taken out of it. Along with this is that in the center there was an upgoing cut of hair that went up his head in the shape of a V. They were like small sharp fins running in order with each other. The guys face was full of negative and aggressive emotions, this was obvious. Down from his left eye and between his nose there was a jagged scar a few inches long, going from a big above his eyebrow to just below his mouth. He wore a pair of worn down jeans looped with a belt looped up that resembled a serpent eating its own tail. On his torso he had on a rocky grey colored long sleeved shirt that over it wore a shirt sleeved shirt, this one colored a hazy dark blue with a large bite mark right at the neck/collar.

    Exchelsi pushed herself back towards the group that had just showed up, phasing right through the table and came around her team, which shortly after it could be seen she was hovering entirely.

    The one that seemed to be their leader, the one who carried a lot of heavy emotions of aggression, spoke first before Rax and company had their chance to "Allow us to introduce ourselves." Seeing as something might go down, all the customers of the bar retreated to outside, getting outside of what they could hear was being said but were still able to see it

    "Sleepah, escapee of the Dreather." Mumbled Sleepah, getting past his tired state.

    "Lemur Snaps, escapee from the Chromium Fence." The girl cheeringly told them about herself.

    "Exchelsi Spektor, escapee of the Hollow Hope Maze." Exchelsi moaned her words out like that of a haunting spirit

    "Night Fausting, escapee of the Black Cavity." Night, the one that Rax had high respects for as someone he fought, managed to tell them without having to deal with his normal speech issue as referring to himself as more than one person

    "Void Tract, The only ever Escapee of the Sulfur Lock." The last one of them, Void, announced. "We're the team composed entirely of runners from the law and the places that confined us, the team... Alcatraz."

    "What?! I've no idea of what the Dreather is, but out of the four great prisons the Sulfur Lock is by far the most secure. If he's actually someone who got out of it then he really is the only person ever to do so." Victoria was appalled about hearing his information. She had no idea how strong Void was, but just the idea of him being either strong enough or clever enough to escape the Sulfur Lock then he's to be a very formidable opponent.

    Ossa seemed to be surged with shock for a moment, remembering something pertaining to this "I read those names a few days ago in the Everlast Rookies magazine! Sleepah, The Drifter from Another Realm. Lemur Snaps the Spring Tail. Eschelsi Spektor, Mistress of the Other Side, Night Fausting, The Ascended Shadow. And Void Tract, The Empty Criminal. They're supposed to be contenders for the spot as the strongest rookie team, the same spot our team just got put in."

    Rax seemed confused, just enough for him to really just blurt out what everyone was thinking. "Glad to see you're okay, Night, buuuuuuttttttt.... Why are you and your friends here?"

    Void kept his furious scowl, unlike the one Ossa had, this strange man's was truthfully and entirely real. "We've come for you, Rax. We want you in our team." Paused for a moment, Rax being hesitant on saying anything as he not sure if Void actually was gonna say what he thought he was gonna say "You're like us... Boy of Paragul." He stopped again to look at Rax, seeing the shock flash form across the star headed rookie's face before he continued to speak to him"Or should I say... Boy of Vendrega."

    Rax, without a single sign of hesitation bolted to Void, his arms already trickling up with flames as they snuck through the crevices of the chains that clad his arms. "Not another fucking word or I'll force feed you flames until you're just a smoldering shell full of ash." None of his team had ever seen Rax so serious before, the look on his face was one that was not bluffing even in the slightest. It took him a moment before he could return back to their request for him to join their team. "Why would I join your god damn team when I already have one I belong to?"

    Each of Rax's team thought over what was just said. Over the two words shred that had Rax so upset. Paragul. Vendrega.

    Even with Rax's serious tones and poise to attack if needed Void's face never budged from his wicked scowl, meanwhile the other members of Alcatraz were flabbergasted at it "If these guys are the reason you won't join us then I guess I gotta do a few things about it." Void turned his gaze at Ossa. Though he had yet to say a single word to her, throughout the time since the team Alcatraz showed up Void had been constantly shooting sharp gazes at the her. "I'll start by doing something I've always wanted to do." Void just slipped right past Rax, preparing his hand to strike for a fatal wound "To kill you, Ossa Finale."

    All of Immortal Rune was at a loss for this. What issue could Void have with the team leader of the young adventurers? Ossa never showed any signs of recognizing any of them when they showed up, so what could it be? None of them were going to be able to stop Void form this. At where he was now his attack would be a definite thing. The thing was just before his attack landed it halted in mid air, Void's eyes widened a good deal as he, and the rest of the two teams did. They all felt a strange force coming inside the tavern now. It felt as if they were injured new borns between the jaws of a fierce predator about to clasp shut its jaw.

    Up from the entrance walked in another individual that held a strong standing. On his face he had a mad man's grin. With a thick head of goldenrod hair forming around his head like a mane and a lining of dark goldenrod fur running up the collar of his ebony coat and leopard skin pants. His design was very much a stand out aside from that he carried a similar trait to Rax and wore no shoes.

    "Ah, Manticore!" Ossa blurted out in a happy toned manner that the other four of Immortal Rune hadn't heard from her before.

    "Hey girly. Get anything to eat for me?" The man who had been called Manticore by the leader of the team just strolled on up to them, seeming like he was just a slightly cheery and laid back individual, but it only felt like that to Ossa from what it seemed. This state of him wouldn't last for long as he went up to Void, his nice guy attitude changing to that of a monster on the prowl "I hope you were trying to hurt this nice girl, now were you? Cause that'd be an invitation for me to rip that dumb little fucking head from your body free of charge." The look on his face returning to his grin of madness as he said this

    "Who is this?! He doesn't feel friendly at all." Rax determined at this point that Manticore was someone to be kept an eye on at all times when around. Though he wasn't sure anything about the guy really he knew he was an ally of Ossa, which is enough for Rax to at least believe he's not in any real danger. "It's not even his Essence, it's like he himself is giving off this feeling."

    "It's like he's constantly about to pounce and rip open my neck. Anyone else getting that feeling?" Sloth shivered a bit at the presence of Manticore. There was something he could feel from him, something they all felt.

    "I got that too, Sloth." Bondor wasn't even able to muster up any of his anger if he wanted to that could overcome the level of fear coming from the presence of this one guy

    "Feels viscous. Very Viscous." Night spoke with an honest tone, even a man who's drenched in the shadows felt uneasy around this individual.

    "Pretty scary!" Lemur shook her head about with her hands on her cheeks, showing she could easily take a serious situation and treat it as a joke

    Unlike the rest of them, Exchelsi seemed very intrigued by Manticore's presence. She held onto her sides as she spoke about it "This overwhelming feeling of danger and fear~ It's orgasmic...~"

    "Cch!" Void was well informed over aspects of Marrow, especially ones of the more darker and underground aspects of it "Manticore, the man titled The Savage and a member of the Elite Assassin group Order of the Shroud. What's a big shot like you doing in a place like this?" Void, even in the face of someone leagues above him, showed no fear. He held his composure and attitude in place like an unyielding wall. Whatever had turned this guy so angry had made him fearless.

    Manticore was amused at seeing such a brave one like Void. It was in his intentions to say something over the matter but before he had gotten the chance Ossa wedged herself in between the two, pushing them apart a bit. "Guys?" She turned around to talk to her teammates " this is the informant I was talking about. Manticore had been a friend of mine for years now. The guy who could help us get us on a fast track to glory and strength."

    Victoria, Sloth, Bondor, Lemur, and Sleepah all seemed astonished to a high degree at this reveal. Meanwhile Night seemed a tad sliver nervous while Exchelsi was busy scooting closer to Manticore in her chair while trying to be unseen. Void remained unmoved and with the same look and aura of a quietly hateful being. Lastly was Rax. Whilst the others were being more concerned on how Ossa and someone like Manticore were acquaintances Rax seemed worried more about why they're this friendly with each other. This level of rapid mental workout for Rax had him unknowingly heating up the egg within his hands.

    Nothing at all seemed to be as if it could break the tension of the room. Even others not involved in any of these eleven and just overheard or saw were silent in this slow moving commotion. At the luck of the moment there was a single sound that cleaved right though the tension in the tavern. Rax looked down to see the egg he held had a large hole on the top, out poking the head of an bright green snake with a strange armor like plating on its head the shape of a can opener stained the color of an emerald. It just let its tongue slither out of its mouth for a moment before slithering up Rax's arm to his shoulder, up his neck, and then arising just behind the star shaped bit of hair that Rax had been so known for.

    Chapter End
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