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    Its like a dying mans fever dream
    Because of you

    families can get their child the cancer treatment need without worrying about how to pay for it. Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food. They can provide free housing to families, so kids aren't stuck in a hospital room while receiving the best cancer care.


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    " I'm pretty good at math I was going to school to become a pilot when I met Akwol." "You actually met Akwol !" Kya asked. The three of them Kya, Oya and angel were in the medical ward awaiting for Patrice to wake up. "I had a blog online about black struggles in America and what was the answer to financial independence. I have to admit it wasn't very good which is why I didn't think much of him when he approached me saying he was a fan. He was the only only person reading it and replying often.

    He told me that he had an organization that was striving for exactly what I was preaching about. I normally wouldn't engage a man with his appearance but when he showed me his private jet I was enthralled." "Are you hearing this Oya?" Oya was taking Patrices blood pressure. "It doesn't surprise me Angel and Patrice are the only two people here not part of the hive. Patrice might have been right about are arrogance. They're not normal people in the slightest. Patrice's body isn't normal, if I wasn't seeing it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it. He might not be toned but under a thin layer of fat his muscles are extremely large and flexible. he might be the healthiest person ever. His bones are extremely dense. I can only imagine what secret Angel has."

    "I have no secret's i'm a normal girl definitely not strong like him or as smart as Emmanuel." "You met Akwol your not normal anymore, tell me more of what happened between you two". "nothing really happened, I thought he was kidnapping me at first, I stayed in his house for a week then a man told me they would pay for my schooling and send me into space. Well I originally was learning to fly so that one day I could work for nasa so this was like a dream except I didn't get to fly anything. oh and the plane crash."

    "What plane crash?" Oya asked. "Well when we we're flying on his private jet his pilot died and I had to fly the plane I crashed it though. We're were pretty banged up though, he said we're lucky to be alive and then started laughing like a mad man." Kya stared at her intensely. "do you know who that man is, that man who didn't seem like a big deal until you flew on his private jet? That man Is like a god to us. Infact he's more than that he's like a myth and your saying you survived a plane crash with him after his pilot died and spent the following week at his house?

    "We have more important things to worry about." Tihara said as she walked in. "I'm going to be abrupt with you Angel, You and Patrice shouldn't be here. "What" She replied. "Think of earth as fuderal Japan. We are like the ninja! Their are different factions that have come to rise in the last 25 years, very powerful, very exclusive and very secretive. Many people have been killed, usurped to put it bluntly we're enimies of the untied state government and the rest of governing nations. At a young age, lot of us were orphans others hand selected to be trained to be extremely smart physical capable and loyal. Even I don't know what happens to anyone who couldn't make it or tried to betray the secrecy of the hive. Our goal is our own nation in Africa, self governing and independent."

    Tihara pulled up a chair and sat next to Angel pulling her in closely enough that her large breast were not in her face. " Now most don't know why a movement of underprivileged blacks, abroigines, and orphans etc would pose a threat to the world. If the extent of our operation is known it would end in a bloody war, infact we all should already be dead. The one reason we're not is undoubtedly because of one man Akwol! We have a few short years to obtain the necessary, resources, weaponry and leeway to devise our own nation.

    Angel looked around to gauge the expressions of everyone, she saw very serious faces. " My specialty is psychology, uh... I." Kya laughed lightly. "let me say something Tihara. Most of us were ready to fight a war had Akwol asked who survived would live in the new nation. That's what I thougt, but we were asked to go to space. We all accepted without even thinking why was this necessary at this crucial time. We are up here to chill, survey the land, work on our personal projects and then come home. While on earth a fight could happen anyday. Kya added.

    "My job or I guess is just my prerogative is too understand the mindset of our allies and enemies. I tell you this because we're millions of miles from earth with no direction and our leaders has just devided us fro our central command. we've been here 6 hours and we already have a man unconscious. If I didn't tell you, you would have figured it out eventually and could become a threat. Nobody is allowed to know this unles they are loyal to our cause. So starting tomorrow your one of us and that includes going through the same training and adhering to the same principle as us."

    Angel nodded to show she understood. "what is everyone else doing out there?" Oya asked.

    "martin is enjoying his postion of power. He took the group on a tour, asking everyone where they would like to room, who they would like to room with, what labs they would like to have and asked everyone what they would be studying and how it would benefit the hive, Since you weren't there I will be doing the same with you four. Is that ok with you big boy!" Tihara said .

    "Patrice you are awake" Angel said rushing to his bedside.

    The five of them started at the entrance where they first arrived. "Their are enough spacesuits for all of us. I trust none of you are dumb enough to leave without permission. This biocontainer is camouflaged from view but our impact on the environment is not. The dorms are unisex everyone has one except the four of you."

    " I'll room with Kya!" Oya said. Kya agreed. "Theres one room with a single bed you can have Patrice if Angel wants to room with me."

    "Theres a storage room by the kitchen I'll move my bed into, I have to prepare 7 services a day so i'll need to be by the kitchen"

    " That's fine then Angel can have the single bedroom." Tihara said. " I actually don't mind bedding in your room, I would be lonely if I stay by myself."

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    " I'll be frank, these aren't you're normal bible thumping, weed smoking 'hood hoppers' you have here.. Charles." James said as scarfed down his salad.

    "Southfield and Detroit has the highest rate of dissapearing and missing Police in the country and the entire world."

    " No offense and i'm here to listen to you but I have 5 years on the force i'm not exactly new to this! My lieutenant told me that moving to this division would be my best bet into fast tracking my way into a good paying job in homicide. On top of three years in the navy seals I think I'll be able to handle it. No matter if i'm here in southfeild, Detroit or back in Gerogia the law is the Law."

    James paid the tab and headed towards his patrol vehichle. " Ten years on the force and I'm still doing patrols.., but still that's ten years of Patrolling. We can learn a lot from each other but right now let me take the lead." James stated. " I have no problem with that" Charles retorted.

    "look at that Charles said!"

    "what?" James retorted.

    " Ok while we are at this light run their plates!"

    Monty turned down his music when he saw the the police lights and pulled to the side. "may I help you officer?" Monty asked. "License and registration please." Said James

    "Did he not hear you?" Samantha said sarcastically as she looked at monty. " Just be quite for a moment Monty said as he reached for his paperwork." " woah, Do me a favor and reach slowly and keep your hands where I can see them"!

    Samantha looked to Charles who was resting his hands on his Glock 22. " Why did you decide to pull us over officer?" She asked. Charles hesitated briefly. " Your license plate light was low. Monty and Samantha shared a look before he handed over his registration. " You folks from Jackson?" James asked.

    "Yea it's my queens birthday yesterday so I took her to the mall here for a get away from the family."

    " How could you tell our license plate was low in the middle of the day?"

    " Sir do you have any paraphernalia or weapons in your vehicle."

    "What type of paraphernalia?" Monty asked. " Drugs, nigga don't be koi they're about to search the vehicle." Samantha replied.

    " I don't smoke or do any drugs and I have my Michigan CPL. I can show you if you let me reach into my headrest."

    After providing all his information James walked back to the Police car and returned. Samantha and Charles continued to carry on their tension filled side conversation.

    " Everything checks out fine but we have a small problem. Theirs a big problem with drug trafficking off of I75 coming from Jackson. I won't write you a ticket but we will commence a routine vehicle search.

    " I rather you just give me the ticket." Monty replied.

    James pulled on the door handle but the door was locked." Theirs nothing to worry about, if you have nothing illegal in the car we'll send you on the way and you can enjoy your get away. " Look, we've been out here for thirty minutes and you have nothing on us. I'm not letting you search my car." " Sir, this is my last time asking you."

    Monty did not unlock his door as he sat their another patrol car appeared. Their were now 5 officers on the scene and he had no doub't more we're incoming. Samantha looked at him and talked quietly even though the car windows we're locked. " if you let them, search this car, I will never respect you again!" She said.

    "I know. It's a principle." He replied. He reached for his phone slowely and made a quick call.

    Charles smashed thought the windows and deployed a taser on Samantha and dragged her from the car. Monty stepped out of the car. Immediately was tackled and forced to the ground and handcuffed. As both laid in the grass cuffed the police searched the car finding a .357 magnum and a 1911. Chales stood above them as they laid there and watched.

    " Those are registered you pussy ass faggots!" Samantha laughed.

    " Are you crazy?" Charles whispered as he kneeled down and talked to Samantha. " your going to jail, I don't think theirs anything to be smiling about. He commented.

    " No, what happened today is a tragedy but I rather live in chaos with respect than to live like a pig." Samantha said as Charles helped her to her feet and into the back of his vehicle. " spread out find him!" The officer yelled. Charles ran back to the scene to see what the commontion was only to see his patner sprawled across the road and a steady flow of blood leaking from where his patners head should be.

    He reached for his communication but was distracted by a tap on his shoulder. The sight of Samantha's 1911 was the last thing he ever saw. At that range even though a .45 acp is subsonic he would be dead before he could register the blast.

    The sounds of the motorcycle drowned out almost everything but the lcom hearing buds conversation. " We acted too late, we won't be going to Jackson anytime to soon." Monty replied solemnly.

    "This is our mission, don't blame yourself I never planned on going back anyway. Where are you anyway?"

    " I don't know exactly we pulled into a church, do you have my revolver."

    "Yes I grabbed the guns."

    Samantha walked into the church and sat down at the pew. Mark her ride walked in to meet his friends. As he pulled off his helmet he laughed. " now you see why I carry the 30-06, 50 yards away can blow off a muthafuckas head."

    "Well who cut off other dudes head?" One of the men asked.

    "That was me." Monty said.

    "How the fuck did you do that?" "High tension electrical wire, it's just one of the things we created where I'm from."

    " Are you guy's academy graduates?" Asked Samantha.

    " I am. Xavier said pulling of his helmet. " We're going to hang out here for the next 2 days. This is going to make national news infact we're going to have to figuring things out or their going to comedown hard on us. Most of the damage was done with civilian weapons but that clean cut you made on the boy will connect us with the hive. I'm not going to place blame a number of us have drawn unnecessary attention."

    " That's what we're here for!" Monty pronounced.

    "I have to apologize for putting you into this situation.." Xavier cut her short. "When Duty meets pride, things can get messy, but we have plenty of time; lets get some hot chocolate and some brown liquor and we can settle this out."

    " So your telling me your a couple? I haven't travelled much but I do keep current, your the only Academy Graduates I heard actually going out together."

    "When our mission is done we plan on having kid's which is how this whole things started. We're also the only Graduates that live in a UPV, an uncharted physics village. We lived their many years before we graduated."

    "I Know of them. We have 6 of them in America, some in south America Africa and India.I have a lot of questions about them if you want to answer. The room became uncomfortably silent.

    "Why wouldn't I, aren't we all one group?" Xavier's mouth was hung open from the question Samantha proposed.

    " I think I see why you're here."

    " What are our philosophies, who can we trust, who's in charge. What are our resources, what are our laws? Among many other questions. What is our relationship with the hive. Everybody has just been enjoying their lives. Being smart healthy, connections. None of our instructors laid out a clear plan, where are they even now? It was never explicitly stated but wasn't are entire purpose to start a nation." Monty pronounced.

    "We all know the ashe principle, none of us are allowed to have religion. Some of us have killed, some are involved in espionage, It was required we all speak 7 languages. The way things are going we're all conspirers against the united state government. I'm 26 years old among the oldest of the graduates. The way I calculate we have less than six month before we make a move or the entire.."whatever" we are falls apart. Said Samantha.

    " If that's the case we need to gather atleast all the graduates in America together into one spot to decide what we should do next. Leave the hive and the other factions to the side for the moment. Xavier said.

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    "Why learn so many languages? This seems like a waste of brain power?" Angel asked Oya. "Their two reason's, first is brain plasticity, In order to prepare your body and mind for the rigorous curriculum in our society a brain like a sponge is needed. Like when a child is young they retain information much easier than an adults because it's need to function. Once a child learns to walk they have to learn what's dangerous, whats fascinating, what they learn in school what their parents are telling them and all their favorite books or cartoons. If your not constantly taking in new information at an exponent pace that plasticity fades as you age.

    Secondly the English language that you are accustomed to is very limiting towards science and social activities. Physics is a core foundation in our way of life. Physics is at the top of the sciences as it describes the very universe. Terms in physics are very basic. A black hole is called a black hole because light can not escape it and hole insinuates that it is a space in time where things enter but have a hard time escaping. This is a closer way to thinking of the tribes. In ancient africa you knew every word that could be spoken in your village because it described things you saw in nature. We learn many languages not only to question the origins of words but as a thought experiment to the true nature of the universe.In are lifetime we will invent a new language."

    " I see describing everything as it relates to nature would simply things but what about the more intricate functions that cant be described with a set number of words?

    "Like what?" Oya said with a smile on her face.

    "For instance the difference between DNA and protein?" "I can't imagine how our language will sound though DNA and Protein are the same things both are nucleic acids with a sugar phosphate but DNA give cells instructions on what proteins to produce. So in a future language the words for DNA and Protein would be the same but the functions would have different words. Let's say the word was Angel; DNA would be the Angel that instructs and Protein would be the Angel that is made or something like that. Oya laughed.

    " Seems like nobody has started to develop this language yet."

    " It's a group project, It's important for us to be on the leading edgy of every avenue. Theirs a boundary or limit on language such as explaining colors to the blind or people having looking at the same thing and describing it differently. We believe that in the future we wont need to talk to communicate! I mean imagine if you saw aliens would you constantly want to be learning new languages or is their a universal way to convey emotion and inquiry?"

    "As smart as you are why bog down your mind with all these task? You only live once!"

    " There isn't a lot of us, but soon we will start to be reproducing; look we're on mars! If we don't speed into the future who will? After all your hard work I guess it's ok to tell you but the overall goal of our society is to stop oppression where ever we find it and bring maths and sciences to everybody but we want to colonize the galaxy."

    " The look i'm giving you isn't because I think your crazy but I am thinking you sound really crazy right now."

    "Just listen to me, One man in over 25 years built this organization, they have bases around the world and we're basically super soldiers that have been in training our entire lives. Our lead scientist is undoubtedly the smartest man to ever live, he's leaps and bounds beyond what is understood in the science community. We have plants processing every type of precious material known to man. We could build supercities around the world, the only problem is surpassing a little racial barrier. This space program is the only thing we have built and we did so in secrecy because our technologies surpass what is capable of any government or military!"

    " So you think because your group has black and asian members predominately the rest of the world will unite against you and strip you of your things? I don't think it would be that simple."

    "Take Emanuel for example, he's the smartest on this ship by far, we all wen't through the same schooling but he discovers things none of us would on a daily basis. We're reaching the age of enough! The earth is running low on natural resources past the point where you can ignore. Things back on earth will only get worse as people fight over natural resources and land. The impoverished are at the core of that fight. They hold up the wealthy through labor and consummerism. Imagine if africa became self dependent on something other than European nations. China has 30 million child laborers. Are society doesn't use money theres nothing on earth we can't produce bigger and better. Such is the power of science. If we emerged as a world power War will break out. I suspect that is the point of our mission; strategically placed outlets. We have ships they can't build and places they can't easily reach."

    "Sounds like you want a war!"

    "That's the last thing I want. I was born into war. My sister died shortly before I departed from Africa. We both grew up behind the barrel of a gun as street orphans. Men of the hive saved my life and showed me the light. That strenght and kindness was the true tradition of my people. I met people like me from many nations. Kids engulfed in violence not knowing kindness or truth for whom would I forsake that. It's not the wars that that cripple us but the lies we tell to keep from fighting them. If the world accepts us then we will return their tolerance but if they don't we will be more than prepared to respond."

    The room was thick with silence Angel's growing uneasiness was reaching it's peak in the weeks of her training. What started as a quirk now seemed like an unbridgeable gap between her and her comrades.

    " It's unfair to put you in this situation. You will have plenty of time to make a decision. If you decide you want nothing to do with us I will see to it personally that you return to your normal life. I may not look it but i'm real respected in this community and the men are highly respective of our individual wishes as long as you promise to never repeat anything that happens here."

    Angel nodded. " I want to continue to learn what you have to teach me, I mean the opportunity is amazing and all."

    After her daily training Angel laid in her bed frustrated. Her very existence worn and tired. Her environment was lovely the engineers responsible for constructing the base did not skim on details, not lacking on luxury, technology or entertainment. Even though she enjoyed the construct it's construction had she believed her fellow pioneers to be in complete secrecy was disturbing in it's own right. But her anxiety cam not from the reality of her situation but the people she was surrounded by. It was if she was living with aliens from a distant land, beautiful people young attractive, smart and accommodating but socially they were so foreign that she felt isolated. Silenced be her own normal construct she feared for her life.

    As if the females she had come to see as friends would collaborate one day and decide to rid of her behind her back. The men so free of restrictions that they would beat and rape her if things were to stay the same for to long. Atheist all of them, no known laws outside of keeping their own affairs secret. Speaking so casually of war and violence. " I feel as if I'm stuck in a horror movie." She whispered alone in her room." Even though she did not completely trust anyone on the ship there were three people she felt safer talking to. Firstly it was Patrice, even though he might have been the most violent of them all he was also a normal person like her. So strong that even the strongest males on board would not lightly cross paths with. Despite the preperationof foods for everyone he kept his distance socially. He stayed in the kitchen, only casually speaking with everyone on the matters related to dining and exercise. 6,7 with Abs but he must have been atleast 300 pounds. He must be lonely like me being here so long with nobody to talk to.

    She would not talk to him just yet as a smart woman she knew that associating with him would cause a divide that could exasperate tensions or even worse cause her to be outcast as he was. "One day though I;ll talk with him", The second person she could talk to was Tihara. Despite being scary, she had a warm glow and strong personality. Every single problem that arised all disputes and tensions she took care of with cool headed words. Their was not a person aboard that would go against her and luckily she was Angels roomate. More importantly though she had a way of speaking that was universal She made Angel feel safe. She spoke to everybody differently and spoke highly of everybody.. except well Martin. She obviously had a past with him.

    Which is interesting to Angel because Martin was the third person she felt safe around. He was the man that saved her life but that's not why she liked him. Martin was strong, unpredictable; everything in his demeanor was dangerous and unapologetic. " why would they choose him as a leader; because he was strong?" One thing she knew was that he had no interest in weakness. He would except any challenge, she felt that anything she needed he would find a way to make it possible.

    She decide though on Tihara! She had no recollection of night and day. If you didn't pay close intentions you would think that these people didn't sleep. even though she had been up for 10 hours straight this was time she would normally go to sleep. Angels schedule linked up with Oya's who would wake her everyday for her training. She Knew Martin was never anywhere to be found as well as Emmanuel, Kenyatta was usually up stalking from one place to the other and she would she kya at least once a day. Among others that she had grew accustomed to seeing she preferred to keep this pattern until she could leave this god forsaken science project. She was actually afraid to leave at this time because of the possibility that she would bump into a personality that she didn't understand. Tihara was not only the leader on this expedition but was studying nueroscience and acted as the ships physiologist. She worked long hours and would only come back to the room for about hours before angel would awake. The few times she would peer over to see if Tihara was sleeping she never was. Always drinking a steaming hot drink, reading or just staring at the wall.

    When she was like that she was basically unapproachable. Angel peeked out her door across the hall into the corridor. The only door open was the lab. The few times she peeked in she would see Kikiyo working with beakers which made since as she had her bachelors in chemical engineering. She slid the door closed when she saw her walk out into the hall. Angel laid on her bed and acted is if nothing happened.A knock on the door caused her to pull the covers over her. " She saw me!' She thought. If I play slee she will just go away. " I know your awake I saw you peeking out the door" Kikiyo said muffled through the door.

    Angel jumped up deciding to answer the door." I'm acting childish let me just get this over with!" When she opened the door Kikiyo was standing there in nothing but a shirt and shorts sweating slightly. It was obvious she was not wearing a bra or panties. Behavioir like this wasnt completely foreign in this environment. " I noticed you didnt turn off your lights normally you would be sleep by now. I'm guessing you are growing accustomed to your training program."

    "I was having trouble sleeping" Angel said simply. "I know you only get a chance to eat twice during the day, it's best to eat mutiple small meals a day I'm sure you can stay up a little longer for the night service and I can show you how things work while you normally rest. Patrice will be putting out snacks in a moment and this will give you a chance to meet everybody. We never get a chance to see you!" Kikiyo was very ecstatic and eager to get her out of the room even grabbing her arm and lightly tugging.
    " I wanted to speak with Tihara!" " I'll take you to her!"

    As they walked through the base Kikiyo explained the night service. At this time all the major shared rooms have the lights dimmed low Except the cafateria and the bathroom to stimulate evening. This side of the planet doesn't actually get dark until about 5 hours from now. "The observatory it might look different the day you might notice a different diversity. During the day you might see mostly africans and africans born in America but during the evening you see Kenyatta doing setup in the corner their and emmanuel just minding his business as well as other blacks. But as you see I'm Asian half Japanese half Philippine, my good friend Ming is chinese. I barely make it into the club as we don't allow white males or japanese in our society. It's a problem really!"

    " Don't burden her with petty problems when we first really get to see her!" Emmanuel said. We live a pretty good life discriminating against others our society is young and barely holding together. If you make this a political matter it will only get worse."

    "It's not really that bad, It's just something we need to address soon. I'm sure you remember Ayan and her art, she spends all day drawing after all." " as far as the others are concerned, latin arabic even asian we are all the same. We could even say nigger if we please. But thats only because we are submissive and never in charge. Religon is strictly forbidden not that I would choose to believe even if I was allowed." Ayan said cuddled up closely with her pad. Angel stared deeply into the scene. There was serious problems with the Kaang but nobody reacted properly, no anger or hatred or real emotion just casual disccussions.

    Latin, Arabic and Asians largely followed suit behind European tradition of slavery and ignorance. All around the world even now you discriminate and mock us. Even as we fight and died for your rights and paved ways for your future. Through some miracle we have a tribe that focuses on Physical well being Charity and Science and instead of keeping it to ourselves we included orphans, war survivors and the impoverished. If you ask me we're making the same mistakes our ancestors made by giving out to people that will eventually betray us. Kenyatta jumped up from the floor to say. "We aren't in charge because we see ourselves as better but because Akwol an African or blackman decided we should share our joy with people humble enough to stop hating us long enough to accept out culture. We don't pay for food, housing or education."

    "I agree with Kenyatta, I hold Tihara and Martin in high regard despite not knowing them long and despite them being our leaders the rest of us hold the same authority. In china I was thought that blacks were dumb and filthy ignorant people it was hard to swallow when I who was starving as an orphan was given such a beautiful life by those I was thought was worthless. As long as I contribute I can have sex with mutiple beautiful balckwomen eat and drink whatever I want and have access to every material known to man." Ming laughed as he walked over and kissed angels hand. Zahabu, Ganaka and Ganarahjya were collaborating at the far ends of the room.

    "What we need to focus on making the most of the trip here. As much as I try I'll never be as brilliant as Ganaka or Ming but with so few of us it's hard to make a break through in anything significant! Emmanuel is the only one that has accomplsihed anythig since we've got here!" "Speaking of drink let's all have a night cap before dinner and it gets dark out." Kenyatta suggested. " That's what i'm talking about we spend most of our time socializing rather than working."

    " What is it that you wanted to accomplish before we go bcak, lets be honest do you even want to go back!" Zahabu grew silent. " Ok no. I don't want to go back and i'm not the only one. If we can keep getting supplies and start collecting elements from the planet we could expand the base. maybe even have children, build spaceships and start colonizing. It may take a lifetime or the lifetime of our descendants but this is a once in a lifetime chance, right A'yan."

    Kenyatta had grabbed bottles of jack daniels and other bourbons and passed them around." I'll pass" Angels said refusing to drink. Kenyatta kept a bottle to himself and started to turn up the bottle. his gulps started slow and started to get larger. To the point where Angel realized that he intended to not only drink the whole think but in one gulp. " What the hell somebody stop him."

    Ayan threw her pad to the couch. " I agree, we should be out searching this mysterious planet not in here relaxing and partying. Theres nothing on earth for me but atleast up here everything is untouched a beautiful."

    " You want anything that comes to your pretty little head but the moment we formed this Kaang wether it was just or not I attend to honor it. this group of people can get bigger but not smaller. If we decide to stay here than we do it together and if we leave we do it together.

    "i'm going to see Tihara" Zahabu said. Angel chased after her. " Ill go with you. She caught up to Zahabu who was teary eyed. The two hugged and started to bond as teh talked in private. Zahabu was the first time Angel had saw real emotion since her time on mars. It relieved her. As if she had met somebody that wasn't quite excepted into this lifestyle like her. "It's ok if you don't want to do what they do.!

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    " I don't have to"!? Zahabu repeated. She wiped the tears from her face." Of course I do." She said. Surprise came across her face she was completely livid now. " why would you say that, what did they do to you to make you like this." They were right outside Tihara's makeshift office before Angel barged in catching Tihara by surprise. " What the hell:" Tihara yelled.Angel grabbed Zahabu by the hand a marched her to the chair and sat her down. "We have a problem here"! angel yelled. Tihara regained her compsure " well sit down then Angel. "i'm not here for myself I want an explanation on what your doing to these people. Tihara sat down and started drinking her Coffee. "Ok Zahabu what is the problem that has Angel so riled up."

    "Um, well I was a little upset about our progress here on Liit and Angel was concerned for some reason." Some reason! This girl is some sort of slave here. The behavior here is complete madness. You have people walking around here talking about killing and war and overthrowing the government, tribalism, racism, Violence and inappropiate sexual behavior. I walk around here and sometimes I just see orgies in the open. You mask it under sometype of scientific community but it's obviously a cult."

    "And you have some type of problem with that Zahabu?" Tihara asked. " No not in particular." Zahabu said.

    "Be honest!" Angel yelled. Zahabu smiled at Tihara and then at Angel. " This is interesting, I didn't notice until now but your quite different from us or rather your exactly the same. You don't think we have the same thoughts from time to time? It's called healthy skepticism. Maybe we're brainwashed maybe we're crazy or sexually inappropiate huh "? Angel's expression changed.

    " We do owe you an explanation but it's my responsibility not anybody else's. I can speak to you in private if you would like but I assure you Zahabu won't repeat anything we've said here to day. "

    "Is that how you trained her" Angel said sarcastically not ready to here any explanation. "It is" Tihara said. "Nobody here is truely free, we have duty to ourselves to put the collective as the most important things in our lives. The same way Christians put god above all else. The only one real free choice we have is whether or not we except that duty. Nobody not me, Emmanuel, Kenyatta, or Martin can just leave and do whatever they want without consulting the Kaang. Once we leave the Kaang or the hive we have no more obligation and the only rule is we can't come back."

    "The Longer you live with us the more you will see how great it is and why you can't be free." Zahabu said. Angel roled her eyes.

    " It's not that what we are is normal, everybody here is here because they can be. You think it's weird how I live my life but in my eyes the crazy one is you. This freedom you appreciate, ok leave go back to america and be free. Live in your house that you have to pay to live on drive your car with all the expensive licensing you need, pay to go to school, choose to marry up to one person and work for a piece of paper that rules you life. I choose to live my lifestyle in this primitive way where I grow my own food, share among my friend to submit myself to a man and follow his orders. To pick my leader and how long they reign to value greatness over pleasure."

    " I have to do what my people ask of meI have to sacrifice.."

    " why would you want to live like that?" Angel interrupted. " why do you want to exercise everyday and consult people on what you eat and who you like. You can't even have friends outside this little tribe. Not wear what you like believe in god..

    "Because we weird "

    "We weren't made this way, we were born like this; were choosen because we don't fit into formalities. It was a simple test we were given as children. As children we trained our-self to not respond like normal people. To not make connections based of of aabstract emotions to not limit our potential by believing in fake deities. Theres things in this universe that we want. "

    " I'm more interested in what this universe holds than any society or construct; I want to see crazy contraptions we can build and what problems we can solve. How strong my sons and daughters would be if I was to mounted that beast kenyatta or Patrice. It just seems more satisfying than watching reality tv in a big house." Zahabu said.

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    Yea.Though depending how good it is i may turn it into an animated series.
    you have the possibility to animate things / create webcomics? you got any references?

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    you have the possibility to animate things / create webcomics? you got any references?
    Only Charm alot of heart and big dreams.

    I've had people draw for me before.

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