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    Its alright man

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    It's not up to my standard yet but it's just a rough draft. I have alot of ideas but no general Idea how I wanted this story started.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaang View Post
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    It's not up to my standard yet but it's just a rough draft. I have alot of ideas but no general Idea how I wanted this story started.
    I actually didn't read it I was just saying its gonna be alright man.

    Anyway I'll give it a try later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBaldHeadedNegro View Post
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    I actually didn't read it I was just saying its gonna be alright man.

    Anyway I'll give it a try later.
    lol I know you didn't.

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    "Building an atomic bomb or developing a new technology even opening a fortune 500 company would be childs play for us. So many of us graduates gathered here."

    "I think i get it, you people are amazing. I dont doubt it." I had finally started to see their reasoning through my own eyes. Such young adults collaborating, so confident, so capable. It was a refreshing soght. Anthony thought.

    " The easy part is building contraptions and establishment, fighting wars and changing public view. Do you know what they say to me when I was in the third year after seeing how stupidly hard the program will be given the choice to stay. After being invested in the program three years they decided to tell us its true purpose. We were to build remnants of the world to come. He graduates word that is siting factor on how the hives money and resources were to be spent. "

    Said Emmanuel.

    " weathr life here is possible or not we will decide rather we should live in we decide, if we even come back or not we decide. " said Martin

    I think I have A say in it. The captain said. All of the sudden the room filled with tension. I can't believe you went behind my back did all this boy. I knew you were trouble from the very beginning I can see it in your eyes. What I didn't expect you to get so much help.

    The captain stood there with three of his best man fully dressed in arm, among them was due on Bay.

    I didn't know there a weapon aboard.

    Well on this specific journey there is no need to limit the weight of our vehicles, so they should be prepared for any situation its armed to the feet.

    That's good to know just in case anything happens down there I may need you to send me some. Martin bolstered.

    Sonia not going to order I oversee the ship and right now you're the biggest trick to this mission.

    You have heard my terms yet me and z we're going to inform you before we departed.

    You know what's 6000 volts does the human body I need to get special good right now I have control of this ship and his guns are pointing at you who will all your stuff to go through we get the recipe young ladies and gents to depart for the surface. The three remaining parts be used by me and my man

    Who's going to be for me and Z but it seems I put my trust in the wrong person.

    Me and Duane are going into those pods we're going to head down to the surface of liit and willing to meet up with the rest of the command you have one part left over in case of emergency. I'm guessing capabilities for reaching earth amd helping us will be perfectly sequestered here on a spaceship.

    So you have a choice you shoot that gun at me and lose my tempting offer we could come to your senses in a lot when you're here officers to come down there with me the choice is on you.

    The captain smiled. He had to complete advantage. Nobody could even blame you for doing what you was contemplating on doing who is given the choice either have his authority question made of Makkah or simply reprimand one bad seed. The look in Martins eye was giving the captain the creeps but he was ready to give his men the gesture.

    While the man was out cold you would slip in and put him out of his misery, laying down the dangerous animal.

    Don't bother captain, he has us beat on this one. Trad hands are the pioneers in their pods they've left the ship. Z and Anthony have helped them, I've talked with Martin before he's not the type of man to let this rest our mission would only become more complicated. Duane said.

    I'll go with him I'll give you updates daily. They should put this incident behind us at win win for us all.

    Duane stand down, I don't want to have to put two dangerous dogs down today! The captain gave the order to shoot at Martin but nothing happened.

    Those are my boys I served with this brigade for 15 years I trust everybody on the ship completely they feel the same about me. So we will be going captain I'm sorry. The two proceeded to gear up and enter the shuttles. Their was little chatter going back and forth between them as the descended further towards the planet. Tensions were high but there was a newfounded easiness among the pioneers. People even began to introduce them selves and take notice of the situations of others.

    " L Vehicle shuttle 26 can you hear me"? Oya said. "What was that Oya. Who are you talking to?" asked martin. By studying her console Oya deducted that each redlight indicated a shuttle that was in use. The numbers corresponded with the number of shuttles:
    before Martin and Duane entered their shuttles there was two unlit lights now they were all lit. The lights would flutter rapidly when ever a noise would come from that shuttle. Even loud breathing caused the light in question to sparkle in every shuttle.

    'There's 26 pioneers and Duane, but in the last 15 minutes i've only heard twenty-six voices!"

    "You only heard?" martin repeated. In this calm situation she was counting all the voices heard. Not even martin took that much attention to detail. To many of the participants that were paying attention it was certain there was more to the beauty that you could ascertain just by looking at her.

    " I remember who got into shuttle twenty-six! It was the regular girl ashley." Calling out to her space shuttle did little to nothing, no response. Anthony had confirmed that she was still alive. In each chair there was a monitor that could detect brainwaves that let the deployers know the depearting part made it there alive. With these systems there was a small chance that the passenger could lose consciousness due to improper usage of the gear.

    " if she won't wake up how do we get her into the base?" Zahabu asked depressingly. Zahabu a woman with a beautiful shaped fro with the tips still showing brightly her faded highlighted pink tips. She had gotten a lot of attention most of the chatter heard among the pioneers before the crisis were guys talking back and forth to her. Her perky personality and generous endowments made her easily approachable.

    "We don't". Tihara thundred. "The shuttles have 6 hours of life support and the suits have less time than that. About one hour of oxygen. The shuttles have six hours worth of oxygen to give you enough time to be instructed how to properly use your suit and make it to the base. We all have to make it to the base and be sanitized at the same time in order to save on energy and precious resources." she explained

    "Are, you suggesting we leave her!" Asked Patrice. " Are we not as valuable because we're not in your little sceince club!?

    "She's right, best case scenario is she lands very close to the base and whoever is closest could assist her to the base." explained anthony.

    "Worst case is she's the furthest from the base". Said Martin. "Do the math Patrice, are you going to go searching for her landing on a planet with no oxygen, deadly amounts of radiation and below negative seventy degrees Celsius with only one hour worth of life suppourt? walk up to her machine pry the doors open and walk her back x amount of miles to the base and met us back their at the same time." Martin asked sarcastically.

    The shuttles banged up against something
    " This is no time to debate this, What you just felt was our vessels entering the planets atmosphere"! said Kenyatta. The atmosphere was still dark the arc of the planet was a deep dark orange. Dawn was hours away, mars taking slightly longer to completely rotate. The side of the planet the astronauts were landing on still faced away from the sun. The morning was approaching as it was planned.

    The young people would be entering the base right around the time the sun raised signaling the counting down for the two years they would spend away from home. Giving them the option to view the sunset if they pleased. Everything had been going according to plan, the way Akwol and the worlds leading scientist flood had planned it. Their craft left earth feburary 23, 2039
    The space crafts rocked back and forth creating major turbelence for the attending decenders. As the shuttles fell closer and closer towards Liit pressurized air balloons jettisoned from each craft slowinf the decent.
    Back on earth.

    Monty and Samantha. The two of them walked around the mall 10 minutes away from the city of detroit.

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    The sky was a dark butterscotch mixed with a light blue as
    The sun broke through the dark umbra. Martin found himself in awe of the sight. The hot water shower pressure blasted them from all sides before sliding down a grate into a water recycling system. He was holding angel who was still passed out. They had made it to the red planet un harmed. Martin didn't feel unharmed though, a presence he had grown increasingly tired of. As he looked out into the dusty mist, a feeling off being surrounded; watched by dubious creatures meant to unleash unknown horrors onto him.

    Must be something akin to sea sickness he convinced. Only I am feeling it so it must be something of my own creation therefore something I can control..

    On earth.

    "William Soto I presume. Don't worry about the mess I'll clean it up! The police will be coming so I suggest you get to where ever it is your going in the next fifteen minutes." The man was bald headed and had a strong African ancient. You could tell he was a business man or so you would believe by listening to his professionalism.

    It was dark so William had trouble making out his full profile form his drivers side. The other men in the car were just as mysterious but you could certainly ascertain he was the boss and that they would not allow him to approach recklessly. "A-are you Akwol"?

    "I will tell you who I am, and I will tell you where your brother is!" A man in the back seat tossed a card at William just as Akwol had sped off. When William finally caught up with Val outside the 'mini mansion' the two were sharing Ashanti ran up and hugged William."I can't believe you handled that so well, I always thought you were kinda soft; well back in the day you were.But I'm rambling are those guys dead? Are you going to the police!"

    "What did the big man say"? Val asked?

    "You mean Akwol? I'm not even sure it was him but whoever he is he said he would handle the clean up!" The three stood outside until each understood what the others knew. The whole time Will and Val passively discussed whether or not Ashanti would stay with them. Which they agreed she would and she of course preferred. Her 22years on earth and her associates degree would not prepare her to the world she was about to see.

    Just by stepping inside she could tell the house was attached further than she could have imagined. The house was huge. No upstairs or attic just a giant room and from what she could see a kitchen. Of course she would learn that there was also two bathrooms and a bedroom around the corner. The main room was lavishly furnished with décor and beautiful woman of all races some scantily clothed or not clothed at all. Dimmed lights cascaded the house, a large entrance lead to the bottom layer.

    "Welcome to the boom boom room!" Val said smiling as if he just put together her fucking 23rd birthday surprise party. At the very least William seemed embarrassed by the whole situation. H explained that Martin had left about a year and a half ago and left this house to him, all the people in it, were just constituents." Was martin a pimp?" She asked.

    "No, nobody pays him or me"- Two woman interrupt William by throwing their oiled bodies between the two-" The girls are just committed to this life style. Though I could explain it better when we get to a quiet room." The girls asked William if he shot among other things they already knew. It worked on two levels both making Martins little brother blushing seeing if the new girl who had stumbled into there territory would show an inkling of jealousy or resentment. Both worked like a charm until martin. Finally pulled away and brought Ashanti into a back room. The basement or lower level was decently bigger than the house. The houses surrounding the 'boom boom room' were connected underground giving the illusion that they were a separate entity.

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    Somewhere is Africa.

    The anti personnel weapons fired at the oncoming trucks failed at killing the drivers or disabling the armored vehicles, they would soon be upon the embankment the last line of defense for the poverty stricken village. Edwards pushed aside the gunner and took aim at the wheels. The trucks stopped bout mid way down the road about 1/3 mile away. The approaching battle would be a shootout. " You can't let any vehicles pass and we can't let any of them leave alive. It would be a danger to the village." Edwards Yelled at her men.

    "We're out numbered, there's at least 50 men marching towards us. If we had let a few pass sgt harrigton would make short work of them at the base." Saidou said. "Were not letting a single Gorilla see the entrance of that town, it's ours now!" Alexandria said. "Your crazy, I'm not going to risk my life because of your crazy ideology. Saidou threw down his rifle. Edwards rose her gun to the mans face. Saidous eyes widened and he through his hands in the air.

    "if you wont fight for us than pick up your rifle and fight for them, your a man of god show us your faith. If god really loves you then you will be protected." Saidou knew from his short time as a prisoner of war he would fair better walking up to an angry group of gorillas whether they be animals or militia compared to his chances of faving down an angry hive soilder. Saidou ran away as fast as he could from the ten solider until he got within firing range of the approaching extremist. He fell to his knees and threw his hands in the air.

    At first he thought he was going to be shot but to his extreme pleasure the leader of the group spoke his native tounge.After a quick wardrobe change saidou was prepared to fight for the opposite side. As the fighting continued the invading forces continued to push back Edwards and her group
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    To understand the power of the organization one must start 23 years ago. the formation of a society was founded. The ages of the founders were between 17 and 49, young enough that they had their entire life ahead of them and some old enough that they had years of experience in fields of interest. The goal was to be completely self sufficient and having an emphasis on science, art, psychology philosophy, sex, weaponry, childhood training and engineering. The leader would be responsible for recruiting in new people but the number of people would not exceed five-thousand. After reaching their limit a choose few would start anew in a new region. The number of new sectors in the world were now ten.

    After massive success the birth of the hive rose amidst the world. The central nervous system of this secret society. The epitome of it's technological advancement, creating a variety of various goods from apparel to being licensed by the us government for handguns and bullet proof vest made from Graphene. The number one material made by the hive was graphene when in 2033 scientist finally discovered how to mass produce graphene cheaply though the hive had the only blueprint and patent. Through the actions of certain individuals the secret black revolution or 'sbr' that was often discussed among conspiracy forums was lead by several different archetypes.

    Edwards born in Africa orphaned at a young age was a prime example. While some soldiers had access to different levels of intelligence and involvement for which ever faction they were a part of; Edwards had no type of attachment to any corporation or secret society instead a complete loyalty to her fellow soldiers. her weaponry was simple an American handgun a thin graphene vest and other simple tools for warfare. Things should they ever be caught wouldn't give away the depth to who might be supplying them.

    "Commander, that is Edwards; if we can take her back alive we could fill our seat cushions with money as well as have some fun with her." One soilders replied. " Yea well she didn't get such a bounty by being easy to capture and fuck. She's probably killed more people than you have talked to this year." The commander responded. "They're splitting in two, Edwards ran into that abandoned school!?"

    "Damn that Edwards!" Alexandria thought, truly mad at her self that she allowed Edwards to talk her into letting her act as a decoy.

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    Commander Tulu the general of the green hearts was but one of many military leaders funded by European influences in an originations called the Tali. There goal was to pillage, rape and murder primitive villages and gain as much media coverage as possible making way for foreign militaries to engage in warfare under the propaganda of peacekeeper. Allowing for his funders to conquer lands and the higherup commanders untold riches and lavish livelyhoods and political power. What exactly was in his way was unspecified but Tulu was sure Edwards was apart. If by chance he could capture her or one of her soilders he could ascertain as to who the opposition was and make millions in the process.

    "Send ten men to the back of the building I'll enter the front, the rest of you go after the cowards who fled." He commanded. Tulu and fourteen killers would enter the building while the pincer in the back would wait for Edwards to be flushed out. Three men entered the building, the lowest ranked which was their first mistake. Tripping over a cleverly laid wire was the benchmark for the massacre to come. If the explosion from the grenade didn't kill the first three men who laid their writhing in pain the following explosion did the trick.

    "She Laid down a trip wire connected to a grenade in a three minute head start, amazing!" Said Eamons Tulu's right-hand. " Not One, two; We lost 5 men in 12 seconds. Becareful and stay together, Nobody touch anything!" The remaining Ten swept the building slowly. It was light out, thelight from the sun shined beautiful into the premises. With the light atmosphere enclosed spaces and yellow walls, Edwards with her dark mohagany skin would stick out like the one old lady wearing a purple hat at church. The men spoke loudly as to hear over the gunshots coming from outside. They could tell from the number of engagements their side was winning." She has to be upstairs"!

    The middle of the formation started yelling uncontrollably as they walked up the stairs; Tulu at the bottom demanded to know why.
    "fluoroantimonic acid"! was the last word the man heard before his head was perforated with Edwards Billao. A Somalin Dagger. The bumbling bodies that trampled over their screaming friend to get to Edwards watched in horror as the terrified bodies at the bottom of the steps were shot mercilessly before they could completely comprehend the situation. With One hand just letting of the bloody dagger the woman spun out of the way of gunfire and out of sight.

    "A special acid I carry in a sash around my body, it's about the only thing that acid wont eat through. Actually I can tell by your friends screams that it hasn't quite eaten it's way entirely through the bone, he'd be screaming a lot louder or dead by that part. Edwards was born In Barawe along with her sister Oya, After the fights with Al shaab the society soon found rue with their government and it's inability to provide and dismay foreign influence. It was in a constant state of infighting a mayhem. Despite the people being more or less loyal and friendly their was never a shortage of crime. This made Edwards a champion at close quarters combat.

    She figured she would just slip through the window kill the men outside and regroup simply enough or she could dive into the hallway and take out the remaining two soilders lacking a leader. " ssss" A whisper caught her attention. "Ah, it could never be so easy!" Five men came through the back of the school busting in loud enough to give away their position, Edwards was now trapped on both sides as well as a five man team outside her window.

    " They haven't thrown anything in yet so they must plan on taking me alive, Ha. If you count the stairs that's their third mistake." Edwards was surprised to see that the men weren't littering the hallways, maybe they thought that she had grenades or other explosives. She took her chances and ran back towards the stairs. running quickly past the two men who were hidden she managed to dodge the spray of bullets killing one person with a shot squarely to her head. She made her way to the stairs where she was clipped in the thigh by a 2.23 from an AR. Limping badly she stumbled into the classroom at the very corner of the building.

    Following her took little time, after getting past her little trap on the stairs which had completely eaten through the building and into the earth beneath it there was a very clear trail of blood. There was a purple flare going off in the furthest room, obviously a simple distraction but she was outgunned. there was no way she could take on an entire team with rifles with nothing more than a pistol. The flare must be her last ditch effort.

    When Finally cornered Edwards saddling the window seal with a lit cigarette. Not being versed in the others language they tried English. "Get down from that or your hurt yourself!" He said pointing a rifle at Edwards and the other two men walking slowly at her with unmistakable boners. " It would hurt more to stay in this room" She whispered as she fell from the window exposing the At- 5 round heading straight for the room

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    Edwards landed hard on the ground, Agonizing, tossing back and forth in pain. "My ciggeratte broke!" She said as she crawled slowly towards the severely more distraught man on the ground. " It hurts my heart to see all of you little curious oysters crawl out of your little holes for the promise of cabbages and kings. I wonder "if not for that man would I be the same"? She said. He tried to keep his mouth closed, the sobbing helped though as Edwards slipped the barrel into the mans mouth.

    Bang..bang..bang..bang click.

    "Edwards.." Alexandria said softly.

    "He was a traitor".

    The ride back to the base was quiet.

    You really overdid it this time

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    Back on the base at mars.

    Angel woke up to a lively scene. It appeared as though she was at a party, a very weird party. She was aware that her scenery had changed and her splitting headache suggested she was unconscious.

    "Who rescued me?"

    "Martin, that man over there!" Oya said. Except for Tihara all the woman in the room, were sitting in the same area in a a cozy little corner.

    If it was one thing angel was good at was remembering names and faces. " everyone looks like they are casually talking except those five! Tihara, Kenyatta,Martin, Patrice and Emmanuel? She stated.

    "It was actually pretty heated when we first arrived, certain people are angry at Martin for his actions." Kya mentioned.

    "Tihara is over there now trying to handle the situation." Zahabu said.

    "By herself!?" Angel questioned. "Ive never met her before this trip but others who have had vouch for her and through the little interaction ive had with her even I totally
    Submit. She is the leader, the repersenative for the woman on this trip."

    Angel sat up to better see the confrontation.

    "Patrice and Kenyatta are who im worried about, you can tell just by looking at them they are pumping with testosterone; alpha males probably the strongest men in this mission. On top of that their personalities differ drastically! Emmanuel who seems to be a long time friend of Martin but much weaker that the other two is probably causing more conflict by trying to reason with them." Said angel.

    "Your pretty perceptive, I guess we cant underestimate you for being a normal girl". Said kya.

    "It's true I may be a normal girl compared to you people, i consider myself a people person but im completly baffled by the personalities i've been surrounded by.

    Everyone seems extremly reasonable at the same time reckless and cold hearted but loving and concerned. Also everyone here is extremly intelligent, I could only hope to be as knowledgable as some of the people here by the time im old. Though the way you guys act completly defies common sense." She continued.

    They simply smiled at Angel as though she said something funny when she was only expressing her true concerns.

    "Everybody was concerned about what would happen, but were here now and your the only one trying to esculate the situation. I like the bravado you have. It's keeping things interesting ,but if you were so scared maybe you should have stayed on the ship and waited for the POF officers to hold your hands and walk you down here coward. Kenyatta yelled getting the rooms full attention.

    "Say another word and I'll smash your fucking black face in!" Patrice said pushing past martin who stood between them. Nobody is going to put their hands on anybody while i'm here, Kenyatta don't open your fucking mouth if your not going to say something helpful." Said Tihara.

    "It seems like things cant be settled peacefully after all." Emmanuel said.

    Martin stepped to the middle of the room to talk.

    "I apologize for deciding things on my own; you could say it was selfish and dangerous. But were here now! We're here of are own accord, under are own jurisdiction, in charge of our own fates. Free to research Liit how we see fit.

    That was most important to me, if you see fit to punish me or ostracise me i except whatever punishment you all see fit."

    Martins speech seems to be working, nobody there seemed to be the type to stress over small risk. Infact nobody even seemed aware that their research might be directed or interrfered with. Something angel was actually counting on. If even she found herself thanking Martin surely people who thought like him wouldn't hold a grudge.

    "If you had any type of brains you would know that Tihara would be one of the two leaders, if you truely believe in the Ashe principle you know that we need a father ruler! We could go through a writtsn test but we know Emmanuel would win so i say we decide through combat!!"

    "Father ruler? What the hell is he talking about? Combat?" Angel asked Oya.

    "Its our belief system, ashe principle in english. The one requirment of... well whatever we would call our society. Anybody who knows and follows it is considered one of us. It's suppousedly what will give us strenght to survive for 50 million years. I know it sounds weird but if you understand it you will understand us and understand how we got the power to come here in ths first place.

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    " In every.. shall we say crew there must be two leaders seperated by blood. Usually a male and a female but it can also be two males or two femalss. One repersents the masculine father side and the second repersents the femine mother side". Kya explained.

    "So basically a leader over the men and a leader over the women?

    "Not exactly, there is only one true leader, one male. The masculine side only repersents things such as war ,construction, exploration. The femine side repersent, art, understanding and forgiveness. This is were it gets complicated." Kya finished.

    "To put it simply, there are two leaders that devide who they lead into two as they see fit. Even though two woman could hold the position it would still be a man that they saw fit to lead to have final say."

    "Seems really sexist?" Angel reasoned.

    "It might be, but the ashe principle dictates that a man should lead his family." Ganaka retorted.

    "What if he's less fit to rule than the woman leader?"

    "He shouldn't be but if he is less fit to rule than the woman then she must be an amazing ruler. The ashe principle doesnt claim to have the answer to everthing but instead is the example we all strive to be like. I mean no matter how strong and wise a woman is she still wants a man she can depend on."

    "The one problem is that this kind of leadership is meant for permanent situatuons, that i dont agree with!" A'yan said angrily.

    "What does she mean!"angel asked.

    "We've all had the Ashe principle beaten into us ever since we started the academy, though as soon as we graduated i atleast was never directed to go anywhere. Which was one of two things to be expected. Either I would be invited into a kaang or i would start one of my own. Before you ask a Kaang is a group that lives in a district with military force made up of familes. Each family is lead by a male leader along with his mother conterpart. Famlies or familias can and usually do include polygamist or polyandrist relation ships. Three or more familes make up a Kaang.

    The familes send money to the Kaangs which in return send it to the hive. Which is how the hive can fund things like a space mussion to mars. If we use this logic to pick leaders we are morally bound to stay in each others embraces until we die.Dont worry though everyone has to agree to it for it to be official!" Ganaka explained.

    "You really shouldn't be explaining this to her its against the Ashe to tell these things to outsiders!"ayan yelled.

    "Relax Akwol didnt allow her to come along if he thought she would sqeaul on us plus shes 200 million Miles away from earth without any world goverment even knowing she left?" Kya said.

    "Well Nasa knows were up here."

    The girls looked at each other in dismay." What do you mean Nasa?"

    Hive inc may have funded this space mission but they got the ok from nasa and the president." Angel pleaded.

    "What president?" Oya wondered.

    "I dont think you understand, whats going on here"?

    " you cant decide this purely on fighting.

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    " Since I'm am already an elected leader, elected by every single female, I will decide how the next leader is choosen. A simple fight would be to barbaric, though a quiz to inept. We need a leader who is strong and courageous understanding and intelligent. As well as trustworthy!" Tihara said giving eyes to Martin.

    "we will have a tournament, with seven rounds, contestants will have a chance to compete against each other and move to the next round. The specifications of each round will be decided by the challenger." she continued

    "She just made it into a big brawl!" Oya sighed.

    " That's fine with me, who doesn't want to see, Martin and Kenyatta fight over this!" Kya said.

    "If that's the same Kenyatta from the devils hammer mission then nobody here could beat him in a fight; the real question is how intelligent he is!" Keiko chimed in. She postponed her graduation in advanced chemistry from yale to be aboard for this mission.

    "Sounds good to me!" Patrice said confidently.

    "We'll start three hours from now!" Tihara announced.

    some of the young pioneers stayed in groups and searched throughout the layout of the base, others did so alone. The mood was overall cheery but their was an undeniable tension among everyone.

    In chad Africa

    "My Name is Takia Roberts i've been authorized to host this conference here today to inform you about the recent news affecting the hive organization. As of yesterday Charles Harrington has cut ties with the hive and settled in angola with a large territory under his helm. furthermore he has requested the continuation of funding in exchange for resources and future military support. Charles Harrigton aka 'slim' is also not willing to part with edwards.

    We have been informed by those repersenting Akwol that 'Kenyatta Peoples' aka Knuckles is no longer a viable canodate for recruitment, training or deployment.Duane Bey is also no longer available for further services as he is on an indefinite leave. Jalin Rucker has declined joining the hive as its cheif finacial advisor and is only offering an allowance of 100 million a year in suppourt of the hive.."

    "Those stupid fucks!" Jotei interrupted.

    "Just say the word Tarcia and I'll go change their minds for you! Fuck Akwol he's only loyal to his own interest. Everyone here is loyal to you." The Admiral said. The commanders nodded their heads in agreement.

    "Please, let ms Roberts finish her report"! Elsa rodriguez demanded.

    "Among other dissapointing news which is covered in the packets you all having lying in front of you future devolpment of the hives millitary forces looks grim at best. Even more pressing concerns our sources say that a meeting was held with the united nations and other of our enimies last sunday. The effects of the meeting as you all have probably noticed is very dire." Roberts explained.

    " The united states has cancelled their contract with the hive and investigation is immenent. Also they have moved on many of our approachments. It would seem that it is a united effort in finally shutting us down" said elsa.

    "Well be labeled as terrorist soon, if they decide to make it public news it will be an all out war. A war that we likely wont win." Jotei confirmed.

    "Don't be scared jotei you still have me on your side i wont let them hurt you" the admiral said jokingly.

    "How do you plan to handle this Le-Tarcia? Im sure you didnt call us here to discuss surrendering" elsa asked.

    " As far as Akwol is concerned ill be honest i havent spoken directly with him in over two years. That was until yesterday when he informed me he will be sending me a little gift. As far as the hive is concerned i believe we are on our own as it has been for avery long time.

    If the world moves against us Akwol wont just sit by and do nothing we are the back bone of his very movement. Concerning approaching investigation a possible warfare i've given the goahead for every single project we have in store. If everythibg goes as plan we wont have anything to fear."

    "Nothing to fear? What do you have a couple thousand tanks and nukes in your back pocket? You might have the Admiral but even he cant get you through this alone." Jotei gestured!

    "Its true the admiral is my most valued trump card but what i have in store is a little more encompassing then even him and his fleet. If all goes well tanks fighter plans and even nukes will seem obsolete"

    The commanders looked at each other in surprise." What do you have in mind for our defectors? My offer still standsThe admiral asked.

    " nothing. In fact i have a gift for all of them. This is actually a good time for me to ask. Ms. Roberts, if you accept this mission you're to pack your bags immediately and go to detroit! You will be the personal assitant of Jalin Ruckers, assiast him in all projects, see to his personal safety and help him in any way in the same compacity that you have helped me in all these years. Do you accept these terms?"

    "Very interesting, that would give us a good vantage point if we decide to assisant him. Best case scenario Takia will be able to sway him into suppourting us with his full capabilites." The admiral chimed.

    "Really now asking her infront of all us, have more tact Tarcia! We will give you time to decide if you need sweetheart. Elsa pleaded.

    " If this is what commander Le-Tarcia ask of me than I fully accept!" She replied. Her unwillingness to leave the Hive was apparent.

    "It wont be forever warrior! To bring the disscussion to wraps what this.. im not even sure what to call us but, what this side is missing is structure. You all will be approached soon by sympathizers loyal to the cause as I was. With our forces so spread out throughout the world and so unofficial its finally time that we unite and start moving as a single unit.

    Not regarding a certain weapon I have in store we are greatly outnumbered and out positined. With so many different factions we have have many precautionary acts we are capable of. Though that is not advised, other then making us war criminals and losing the morale suppourt of the world it wouldnt do much good other than mass murdering large amounts of innocent people.

    If possible my Goal is still to gain independency and become our own nation in somolia. Though with what we are capable of and what we stand for that is the last thing the world leaders would want to see. Remaining anonomous is still our best bet. We repersent those of african decent finally gaining freedom and reperations as we see fit along with those that have been unjustly persecuted throughout the world and they wether see us all dead then let us suceed."
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    Martin was one of the first to make it to the activity room, a large room sporting a basket ball court, weight area among other thing a juice bar. He bad come an hour early but people were already starting to show up. He was confident he would win any trial set before him but decjded to study the area just incase.

    Assumingly he reasoned the the faux grass feild would be where they would hold each trial just incase some was thrown on their head a least a little cushion would be there.

    "Hey has anybody challenged you yet?" Eman asked. "Surprisingly no, i guess patrice hates kenyatta more than me." Martin replied.

    When Tihara arrived she stood in the middle of the grass feild as martin expected. "The first match that has been presented to me, is Ganaka vs Emmanuel. Can the contestants please take the feild!"

    "Oh so you were challenged, why didnt you tell me? Martin asked

    "I didnt know myself!" He replied.

    "My name is Ganaka, i graduated from the academy like the rest of you and i believe my masters degree in mathemetics and staticts would make me an invaluable leader. Thats why i have constructed this challange where we will calcute 20 equations and the first one finished will move to the next round."

    Angel was surprised by the absurdity of the challenge. " um.. excuse me." She raised her hand

    " Not that i really agreed to this but isnt choosing a team leader this way kinda silly. Shes a math major of course she"ll win a game of math." Angel asked.

    "If he doesnt agree, then he can pick something else." Ganaka reasoned.

    " a math test is fine with me". Said Emmanuel.

    " The reason i picked this platform is it showcase who has the most vareity of skill and determination as well as courage" Tihara announced.

    " I cant speak for everybody but backing down from a challenge for the right to lead us is unthinkable. Most of the men here wont renegotiate the terms of the challenge as long as jts reasonable."

    Kya explained to angel.

    "Ming, i believe i heard someone say you specialize in theoritical chemistry. Would you be so kind as to put some chemistry math on the board as well. Anybody who knows any not obvious equations can jot them on the board if they like."

    When everybody was done their was a variety of numerical equations on the board different for both sides but seemingly equally complex. The question ranged from algebraic equations to even bakers percents, geomtry and even riddles.

    As both Eman and Ganaka stood with their backs to the two boards Ganaka taunted the man.

    "Even in my class where genius minds where collected from around the world at a young age i still soared above my peers in mathmetics and strategy."

    " Ok when I say turn the two of you will answer the questions as fast as you can and the one who finishes first will win depending if the equations are correct of course. Turn!"

    Ganaka not wanting to underestimate another graduate ran to the board to start studying the eqautions. To her surprise they were mOre difficult than expected. Ut her penchant for math was unmatched. She didnt even need to think, this was her BRead and bUtter she had been studying math since before she could remember. The answers came pouring out of her head as if she had solved them before nOt bothering
    To check her work.

    Almost finished with her 17 equation she looked over her shoulder to see Emmanuel. He wasnt at his board instead he hadn't moved an inch from his starting position. Instead he was peering at Ganaka write studying her board. She feeled with anger as she tossed her Marker to the ground.

    "Why the Hell are you watching me work aren't you even gonna try!" Ganaka screamed. The tension was felt throughout the room as Emmanueal swaggered over to bis board. And stared at it.

    "Ganaka, dont get emotional the competition is still going! Tihara yelled. Duane Bey walked up to Martin who was standing next to a sitting Oya and Kya along with Kenyatta. "Whats your boy doing, I expected more." Duane said.

    "You want to bet, du-ann."martin replied. "I dont know what hes up to but pay attention mr bey. Kenyatta added. "This fucking guy is throwing the fight, i can only imagine if he had gotten a real challenge." Said Kya. Oya looked to Martin. " Just watch Martin" said in response as if he had read Oya's mind.

    Ganaka finished and immideaitly glanced over at emmanuel who semmingly finished the same fime she did. Theres no way he got those equations right in such little time. She thought to herself. Ganaka stepped back and studied Emannuels board. As she thought the very first equation was wrong.

    "To my eyes it appeared the two of you finished at the same time, so whoever has the most right is the winner." Oya walked up to the board Ganka was using and then to emmanuels.

    "Well Ganaka had every equation Right quite impressive for 6 minutes of work. Eman on the ogher hand.. would you like to explain. As smart as you are not one of your equations were right". She asked.

    Ganaka didn't rejoice at her victory only stared at Emmanuels answers. Almost obssessed with them she wondered if her mind was playing tricks on her.

    "Its one of those things that once you see you cant unsee. Eman said

    " Yea you got a womans handwriting!"Kya shouted. Patrice laughed amoung others. Ganaka almost fell to her knees i. Shock.

    Ming covered her mouth in shock as did others as they slowly started to realize. "So that was it"martin said.

    "What?" Duane asked.

    Ganaka walked up to emans board and errassed his last five answers and walked over to her board erasing everything but her answers.

    "The answer to my first equation was x= 311
    The answer to mr Emmanuels first equations should have been log base of 274
    You add both those numbers together and square the result you get 161461 which is what emmanuel wrote."

    As Ganaka continued to talk her eyes reddened and her voice became more stiffened. She was at the very disbielef that not only was she beaten but in such a complete way.

    "A piece of advice never underestimate that man right there. Hes more determined then me. Certain men dedicate their life to things that make them incomprenhisbly strong. If Kenyatta has devoted his life to martial arts and the way of destruction. Then Eman has dedicated every moment of his life to his mind. Theres nothing he cant do with that brain.

    "If you look at all of his answers the same pattern is present. He figured both his and mine answers and added them together squared to completly showcase his superior ability."

    At this point it was obvious that Ganaka was completly shook as she started to tear up.

    "Furthermore... if perhaps you were wondering why he chose this method if you look at the answers he has.. i know enough from seeing my name encoded that he purpusfully added both answers in such away that my.. name would be spelled out.

    Ganaka fell to her knees and started to bawl uncontrollably. Not due to humiliation but due to complete passion, humbled completly by such brilliance. Never before could she imagine such witt and fast equating but what really mysified her was his calm conquering demeanor.

    How could she help but be moved to tears Emmanuels every move every jesture warranted an emotional response.

    "Well i suppouse technically you won though Ganaka, what do you say?"

    " I completly submit, and I hope Emmanuel wins it all.. im his fan!" Ganaka said with tears in her eyes and snot running.

    Tihara smiled. "Well there you have it with an overwhelming victory the winner is Eman!"

    "Wow he really did a number on her" Oya commented. " i cant see my self crying over something like this, im not fully aware of how he did that but is it really so amazing." Said Angel.

    " He made her think she had control, that she had a chance. It might not seem like a big deal to us but to people who have dedicated their life to both the mastery of the mind and body. To have your most prideful feature toyed with like that has to be epiphanizing."

    "How long do you think it would take to solve one of those equations Angel? It took me about one minute to figure the first one myself." Martin said.

    "Hell I couldnt solve any if them and I consider myself a smart guy" Duane said.

    "You shouldn't" martin said.

    "Well I always got A's in every math class ever took.. but to be honest I would have to spend 10 minutes to figure out some of these questions and im not sure if the answer i would come up with would be right? She answered.

    " when you been pushed to take yourself to the limit and learn to enjoy that feeling after awhuke you feel superior.. untouchable no matter how much you fight that feeling its only natural. You become bored and unimpressed with the world.. unexcusably dominate and arrogant. So imagine the joy you would get out of being so humiliatingly dominated in a feild you thiught you new best. The thought that the world that you thought was becoming so small just got massively bigger. The thought that youmight have to start over a realize your own strenght is naught. Thats what we look for in a leader someone to pave the path and take us to new heights.
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    Congradulations Eman i knew you would be good at this." Tihara walked up to him and whispered. " Ill be rooting for you also."

    Eman sullen face as ever walked over to Ganaka and extended his hand. When Ganaka looked up to see his warming smile she grabbed it willingly accepting her defeat. Still whimpering he walked her over to the spectators and raised her hand as the crowd appluaded.

    "Sit with the ladies" he suggested.

    "What the fuck man, you made it impossible to follow that. Martin said angrily.

    "Well I went up there with the purpouse of making things harder for you. The entire air changed. The smallest man in the room who was once looked down upon was now recieving praise. All withou barely saying a word. Ahere people were only sensibly intrigued in this competition people were now on the edge of their seats so to speak innanticipation.

    Tihara spoke again. " Personally im proud of our first round but we didnt come to Liit with the purpouse of holding tournaments so in the interest of speeding things up I just got a challenge request from ganarahjya! She would like to announce her challenge openly!"

    Gana spoke loudly from the center of the room. " I did not come to mars for studies but instead i have studied the participants of this mission very closely. I repersent the united front of our Indian Allies. I was raised on the adaman islands by the aborigines who were not my genetic counterparts. They were of much darker skin. At an early age i sought out those of strenght and courage where it lead me to the academy in jharadak. Very much so I appreciate the direction our colored brother and sisters are headed in but we are very much devided. If I see fit to give you my real name and trust I ask that we focus are efforts in uniting our underprivligged comrades under our philosphy, but.. i see where we are weak.

    Instead of focusing our path toward domination and truth we hoard are resources and seclude ourselves. We dilute the very essence on which we're founded. Instead of conquers we are a club. So much so that we ignore those willing ro challenge us. We have foreigners among us, Angel, Patrice even the renown Duane Bey.

    I challenge Patrice, and after him any others; as outlr leader we will make the most of our strategic postion in the sky and upon returning I will reunite with the people of india along with you my family to lead the war against the wrong minded."

    "Shes got quite the mouth on her!" Kenyatta said. Martins eyes widened. This young woman was just what he had dreamed of. Through his travels he knew well the strenght of the world. Though at war with each other western nations would always band together against mutural threates. The united states, euroupe, russia, germany, iran even japan and china. No matter how far the hive andvanced they wouldnt stand a chance against a world so afraid of their potential.

    As Martin reasoned. Even countries the hive was heavily based in would not side with the rebels. They would need massive tribes of people in America, south America, africa, India and other strategic areas like australia and pacific islands such as thailand or the philiphines. It would not make the situation any less immpossible but it would be a step in a healthy direction. Having her as a mate would be advantages for him in starting his Kaang. Its quality vs quantity.

    She even had the same thinking as him, to unite the forces. Being so spreadout throught the world and slightly devided by race made them more suceptuble to annhilation. They had three options, either stay spread out and limit their war capabilites, settle in one place and abide by that nations rules or hostily taking over a nation and rewriting its infrastucture.

    The last one would surely result in a ww3. The last optuon being what Martin hoped for. If they could take over africa and spread his influence over the middle east and india and the surrounding islands he could have an empire possibly to big to fail.

    His biggest opstical was the fiolishness of men. African dictators to ready to kill their own under the leadership of european control. Muslims and chritians in africa so blinded by their own imported religons to even understand their own salvation. The middle east was so ripe with violence, religion and sexism as well as a superiority complex over their african counterparts that would stop them from ever uniting. Even eastern countries indifference or hate towards blacks and other asians would only begey betrayal.

    But this woman Ganarahjya was a prime example of what could happen to the melanated people of the world when raised under the ashe principle. To see the bigger picture. Proud of her dark skin and all others thst shared it. It was the western world that persecuted those of darker skin for hundreds of years. Gaining all its power based on cruelty and brainwashing but Martin truely believed that that when the ancient world gained its place into the future true peace could be realized.

    As beautiful as the girl was it something else that attracted Martin to her. Oya was aware of it too.

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    Both contestants stood before the crowd. " I accept the challenge of course but please don't tell me she's challenging me to a fight" he scoffed. Ganarahhya pulled a long dagger from a sheath. It was rustic in look but you could tell the sharpness just by looking. " the terms of the fight will be decided by the two contestant pioneers." Tihara said.

    " Who ever is left alive of course is the winner" Gana proudly stated.

    " I won't fight a lady but she's free to come at me with that little tooth pick is she wishes, If she can even draw blood I will forfeit."

    " I suggest you don't underestimate the women of the academy we've all be trained in Martial defense you can't graduate without being considered a deadly weapon." Tihara warned.

    Gana slowly circled Patrice who in returned just stood their keeping a mindful eye of his opponent. Gana was completely behind Patrice when she made her first jab at his ribcage which to her surprise he easily evaded. " Your moves show me your no stranger to warfare, the Haitian street must be more dangerous than I thought.

    Patrice and Gana circled each other both surprised with the level of skill of the other. " Your not as inept as I thought but your sloppy streetfighting style is full of holes!" Gana then started a combo of deadly strikes each barely missing a vital organ. When her foot finally connected with Patrice skull her hard toed shoes made a thunderous roar as it collided. Patrice stumbled, as he regained his bearings Gana's dagger was headed straight for the bridged of his nose.

    "Amazing!" Emmanuel said. Patrice had caught the blade bare handedly. " Stop the fight!" Oya screamed "That kick .. it must have given him a concussion." Tihara ran between the two. Both of you freeze. " Patrice isn't accustomed to are ways and I don't wont to see our nutritionist lose any fingers. "Oya examined patrices head while the both of them stood in place.

    " Amazingly his head doesn't show sign of fracturing, if I had to make an educated guess he has extranormally thick skull structure." Oya said. " Is she a doctor?" Emanuel asked Martin.

    " I don't know, maybe a med student I just met her yesterday." He replied.

    "Let's keep goingt then!" Patrice demanded.

    Tihara's impatience could be seen now. " You underestimated her, if we continue the fight as it stands she's going cut your hand to pieces. You showed impressive skill against an armed opponent I will give you the option of renegotiating the ter.."

    " You people!" Patrice interrupted. " You make me sick, so full of your own shit. So proud of yourselves you think everybody is just suppose to stand applaud how amazing you are. Are you people even friends? It's like watch politics on cspan." Patrice said.

    "Let go of my Knife!" Gana demanded.

    " I hate insincere people, everybodies just a cog on the wheel. Look at me, look what I can do, look where I've been. You guy's are the new black panthers, the new Garvey. Your just like the rich taking from people what you want and throwing them to the side. Your fucking boujie and I playing that shit!" Tihara backed away and signaled for the fight to continue.

    " That's enough!" Gana yelled as she started attacking, her pride would not allow her to pull the knife away as she understood patrice's point.

    "Stop squirming around!" Patrice said slapping Ganarahjya on the ass in an impact louder than the previous.

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    Gana pulled back on her knife as hard as she could but Patrice held tightly. Not a drop of blood spilled. It was as if the Dagger was stuck into cement, Gana felt she couldn't remove it no matter how hard she tried. The man that stood before her no longer seemed human, or even an animal. He was more like a force of nature. Patrice lifted the knife far above his head, Gana's feet know dangling off the ground. "Your grip is pretty strong to hold on to this knife woman." Patrice said.

    Martin and Kenyatta stood in awe. " it wasn't clear to many that this was a feat of strength; at a glance it seemed like a trick or magic. "Gana fell to the floor her head swaying motionless as she stood their in defeat. Patrice handed the dagger back and walked back to the sidelines. Tihara took center stage once again. "Well so far we've only seen Men beating helplessly on woman. But this is a Contest to see who will lead this group! Is there any men brave enough to challenge another man?"

    Martin raised his hand quickly. " I have to step in! If I leave this to continue any further something bad might happen. I challenge Patrice to anything he will accept! Not to sound full of myself as Patrice has pointed out but I'm the only one capable of leading you freaks. One thing is clear. From the time I attended the academy and on my travels around the world and even further aboard this trip especially I have come to understand what Akwol is trying to accomplish.

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    " Our belief is that of warriors, we weren't simply chosen because of our skills but instead our skills were gained through our will and determination. We're chosen because we wanted to fight no matter how grim the situation was. The one who will lead you all will be the one who won't give up when circumstances are exigent. Their are people who's intelligence here exceeds mine, or their specialties overreach my own. But nobody here can tackle a situation with as much multifarioness as me. Their is none that can handle the multiple scenarios we will face better; I have traveled the world in order to become this way. So I accept any and all challenges from here on!" Martin proclaimed.

    The match began shortly after, Patrice of course picking combat as the determining factor. Patrice threw a massive punch the second Martin put up his guard. Martin blocked it with a cross arm block but was lifted off the ground and sit flying. The punch fractured his arm. Patrice showed off his great speed by closing in on Martin but it was too late. The moment he had closed the gap Martin had disappeared from his sight.

    Eman nudged Kenyatta as if to say "Watch this." No body if you asked could say in particular how Martin got to the side of Patrice, not for sure atleast because it happened so fast. As he was known by his friends as far as speed goes he was a black bolt.

    Completely in Patrice's blind spot Martin grabbed Patrice by his head but was quickly grappled. Patrice had a hold of Martin know, his huge arms wrapped around Martins neck and his considerably larger hands holding his right forearm. All he would have to do is use his weight and force Martin to the ground where he be at a huge disadvantage due to weight classes. To everyone's surprise Martin easily overpowered Patrice and slammed him to the ground with an over the shoulder throw.

    Stepping back he allowed Patrice to regain his bearings. The giant stood up his muscles and veins fully engaged as adrenaline caused by anger surged his body. He swung quickly and precise at Martin, several powerful blows but they're dodged easily by Martins weaving. Patrice was no fool though and every swing placed Martin closer and closer into the corner he was aiming for until he was caught. For the third time in this battle Patrice was stunned by Martin's response as he caught the hammer blow with two forearm blocks.

    " Your strength and speed are amazing and so is your battle prowess, had I not locked your chi this blow would have knocked me unconscious. I learned it from an akikijutsu master as a party favor but it works just as well in combat. Patrice continued to swing but to no avail. Martin had becomed accustomed to the way he fought.

    " Your first mistake was not knowing your opponent, with that level of speed you can't beat me." Martin was openly talking to the crowd as he spoke. Martin disappeared from site a second time, this time he brought down a his elbow across Patrices face opening a gash above his eye. Blood immediately started pouring out.

    " Now you have no chance of catching me again!" Martin bolstered. Patrice grabbed Martin by his arms stopping his abilty to run. Martin jumped into the air drop kicking Patrice in the face knocking him unconscious.

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