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    The episode was very nice...liked it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genesis View Post
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    Anyone know where I can watch OP Strong world the movie?

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    It's also available for DL on Yibis.

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    New episode was pretty good.

    I can tell they ruined my favorite scene from next episode by looking at the preview.

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    Judging by the pace we're going at, shouldn't we be at you-know-who's death in like 11 episodes or so?

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    I dunno how to make spoiler tags...

    The pacing wasn't that good, but at least we didn't have Hancock screaming: Luffyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...

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    Episode 475 preview

    Looks awesome. Hope they do Whitebeard's attack justice.

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    One Piece 474

    Best scene of the war so far?

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    We have an anime discussion thread, so I'm gonna merge this into there.

    But yeah, that scene was done amazingly. Movie quality shit right there.

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    Ah thanks.

    But yeah, this scene was amazing. Who did the animation on this one? I recognise the style from some previous fights in OP. Those always really stand out from the regular stuff.

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    What did you guys think of the episode?

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    Marco kicking Aokiji like that was awesome. I also like how they handled Mr. 3's getting to the scaffold since the explanation was void in the manga.

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    Yeah, I think it was a pretty good episode overall.

    I think they fucked up a little on Whitebeard's attack though.

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    Every time I come here I find myself watching the episode so I can see what you mean.

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    Crocodile blowing those guards away was a major highlight IMO

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    Crocodile was amazing this episode.

    And Marco's kick was badass also. Broke right through the sword and blew Aokiji away.

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    This episode was great, awesome feats from several characters. I still can't help but feel really annoyed with the fact that Crocodile is such a wimp in strength with how much of a badass he is >_>

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    Mr.3 was good

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    New episode tonight, looks like Garp punching Marco this episode is gonna happen and a few others.

    We're getting close.

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    I haven't watched an OP episode since WB raped Ronze.

    I need to catch up.

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