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    One Piece Anime Discussion Thread

    Like the title says, this is a place to discuss the One Piece anime. All that I ask is that you be mindful that there might be some people here who are anime only, so keep all manga talk (unless it already happened in the anime) in spoiler tags.

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    New episode tonight. What are they covering?

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    Last episode they covered chapter 564, so this chapter will probably be just 565. I hope they do more than just that though.

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    Unfortunately, the Anime is seemingly moving at a rather slow pace; it should be another couple of episodes until we see the interesting segments.

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    Yeah, the anime has been going pretty damn slow lately. It's a shame to, but the good thing is fighting fillers are usually awesome.

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    The Hancock ones aren't.

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    That's why I said fighting filler lol

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    Oh my bad lol.

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    But yeah, I really hate their lovey dubby Hancock filler. It's annoying as shit.

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    INB4 LB sees thread

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    I didn't like how they portrayed Akainu's attack in the anime. Yeah it looked awesome, but it was so slow. Whitebeard should easily be able of jumping up and quacking most if not all of the fists.

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    Yeah they just made it slow to cause more tension and make it more dramatic.

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    Sup boys .

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    What did you guys think of the episode?

    The animation and art was just amazing imo. shame it was a largely uneventful episode though.

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    What happened this episode?

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    Luffy faces the Admirals.

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    Yes actually. This episode covered that entire chapter. Pretty well-done episode overall, very nice animation and art like I said before.

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    Anyone know where I can watch OP Strong world the movie?

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