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    Using the Vote Counter

    Using the Vote Counter

    Install the vote counter:

    Once installed you'll see "" in your start list under the "POG" folder.

    Run it and log in with your TMF account.

    File -> Open, paste the game thread URL into the program without post or page numbers, e.g.:

    It should try to read the posts in the thread.

    Click the "Players..." button and type / paste in the living players.

    Click "Day..." and specify the number of the post in which you declared day. Set the ending time and date.

    Click "Mod..." and select post updates periodically.

    To fix error votes, click on the vote, then click on "Fix this vote..." and click the bottom option and manually select the correct player.

    To post a count manually, click "Get Posts" and then "Post It"

    Check it out.

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    This seems like a lot of effort.

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    This seems like a lot of effort.
    It's trivially easy.

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    When we're changing a vote, should we post
    ##New Name

    or just ##New Name?

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    just ##New Name

    don't need to unvote

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    Does this still not work with people with only one letter username?

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    I'm used to doing all my vote counts manually.

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    The vote counter link is a dud ?

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