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    (The next mourning)
    Kaya stepped out of the cabin into the cold mourning air with her expensive covers still wrapped around her. Zanbai, Kiev, Duval and Mules were playing cards right outside on the deck when she walked up. "You must be Zanbai, Usopp's helmsman!"Kaya said. The four looked at each other and laughed. "Do something to her Zanbai I dare you!" Mules said erupting in laughter right after.

    Kiev spit his liquor out he was laughing so hard. "Yea right Usopp would drag him under the ship!"Duval said. "Yea, that me!" Zanbai said with a surprised look on his face. "Could you make me some hot Chocolate It's quite chilly even in the ladies dormitory." Duval fell over and started hitting the deck floor.

    "You have to ask Juan about that I don't carry drink mixes with me." Zanbai said annoyed. "If you want Juan he's right over there but don't bother this ship doesn't carry the stuff I already tried." Perona said. "He Juan get your little ass over here!" Zanbai yelled. "What?" "Don't yell back come here!"

    "What do you want shit head?" Juan said. "Don't curse shithead! Your highness here wants some hot choclate!" Zanbai said hitting Juan in the arm. "Oh, we don't carry the stuff you'll have to drink coffee!We have a fresh pot brewing." "I don't drink coffee!" Kaya replied. "I'm sorry that's all we have and why are you staring so hard." "Oh I'm sorry is it bothering you, your just so cute you remind me of Usopp when he was your age." Kaya said touching him gently on his cheek.

    "Um, well if you insist we do have some mexican choclate I use for coffe it's bitter but i could add some sugar and it'll be like regular hot chocolate!" Juan said trying to hide his blushes. "That would be lovely your so innovated who taught you how to cook?" "Sanji, I'll go make it right away!" Juan said running towards the stairs.

    "What the hell he didn't offer that to me!" Perona snapped. "Maybe he prefers blondes." Mules said. Duval and kiev started laughing again. "Look like he got more than cooking from Sanji." Zanbai said. "I don't know if he's happy that she said he was cute or if it was because he was compared to Usopp."

    (Later that morning)

    "I have to go into town and talk to Genzo, Vivi will escort you into town to take a look at Kuro!" Marron said. "What about Usopp?" Kaya said. "He's not feeling well he wants to rest." She replied. "Very well but I think it best that I take a look at him when I return. The whole time I've known him he's never been sick." Marron nodded her head in agreement.

    (At Nojiko's house)

    "Did they remove all of the bullet?" "Yes but they say the damage is is irreversible." Nojiko said. "We'll I have good news, he'll walk again. The reason he's paralyzed isn't because of the damage's it because his body is full of toxins. When he was shot it weakened him enough to where the toxins attacked his nervous system and are slowly damaging his nerves though with a few antibodies he should recover full movement in a few weeks."Kaya said.

    "Really?" Nojiko jumped up and hugged Kaya.

    ( on the thousand sunny later that day)

    Usopp was up giving orders."Are next destination is Lougetown after that we're going back to the Grandline! we're behind schedule so hurry up." Usopp said. "Usopp your out of bed are you feeling alright?" Kaya said. "Yea, I just haven't been getting enough sleep." He replied.

    (one day later)

    Usopp was sitting at a table with Zanbai watching the dancer move majestically on stage. "Shes pretty amazing huh." Usopp asked. "Don't you have enough women?" Zanbai said jokingly. "I'm just saying." The female waiter brought over Usopp's drinks. "Will their be anything else?" She asked. "Yea, can you tell that dancer that was just on stage to come over and have a drink with us." Zanbai said. "I can ask but it's normally against policy to sit with customers." "It's no big deal we just want to ask her a question." Zanbai said.

    A manager ran right over and agreed to it and walked off with the waiter. "Don't deny those guys anything, don't you know who they are? Their pirates from the grandline! Even worse they're the crew of Monkey D. Luffy one of the supernova. I know they're the real thing because I recognize the guy with the long nose. Now go get Crystal and tell her to sit with those guys."

    (In the dressing room)

    "Don't bother getting dressed crystal Randei wants you to talk to those pirate guys out at table one; and he probably wants you to wear that." The woman said before briefely existing. " Damn, this is a predicament." Crystal thought. Crystal was a fair skinned thinn but well proportioned woman she knew that if things went the wrong way she could very likely be kidnapped.

    Crystal was very fit any inch of fat you could pinch off of her would likely be her from her breast, ass or thighs. She had long silky hair cut into short bangs in the front that went well with her ancient Egypt theme. She decided not to cover up anymore than when she was onstage it would give them the impression that she planned to stay long.

    When she walked out to the table she smiled at Usopp. Before she could break the Ice Usopp stood up and started applauding her the other members at the bar which was entirely pirates from the crew joined in. Some even whistled. Crystal study the faces of the female pirates which were surprisingly many, she could read womans face alot better than men because she knew how woman hide their secrets.

    Men were brutish and stupid everything they wanted was apparent though the woman would know if there was any foul play going on and try and mask it by being to friendly. That's when Crystal caught a glimps of Kaya, being a studier of people she could tell the woman was more innocent and comfortable around the pirates than any person could be.

    This eased her mind. "Well don't just stand their sit down and have a drink! How long have you been dancing?" Zanbai said. Cyrstal took a seat and ordered. "For about 2 years now." "You must have really strong hips after dancing for that long?" "Actually it's not so bad dancing really strengthens the body."

    The three talked for about 40 mins until a dark skin woman came and whispered something in Usopp's here. Usopp noticed Crystals expression change when she saw Marron. "Well Crystal it was nice talking to you but it's time for us to ship out. " It was strange but Crystal had come to feel comfortable around the pirates she thought about cutting her loses but she felt she needed to accompany the crew back to their ship.

    "Actually my shift is over do you mind me accompanying you to your ship." She replied. "I don't think that's a good idea." Usopp said calmly. "Don't be like that she entertained us for this long the least we can do is walk her to her house." Zanbai said. Usopp shot Zanbai a look full of contempt. "Really it's no problem my house isn't far from your ship."

    "How do you know where we're docked?" Marron said. "Well it's no secret your crew is quite famous here in Lougetown." Usopp agreed and they all proceed to leave the tavern. Walking through the cold brisky air of the eerily empty town Usopp noticed a disturbing force. "Quickly through this ally, I know a shortcut!" Crystal said. The crew hesitated but followed Usopp who ran quickly behind the woman.

    Charles who was the last into the alley noticed a large man with a Marine jacket turn the corner with a large group of men following. Crystal now ran at full speed with Usopp running right along her. "Hurry up leave the cargo and run!" Marron yelled. The crew following Crystal's lead zig zagged through the town's alleys and side streets until they reached the dock. "Leave quickly don't worry about me i'll just say you kidnapped me."

    "Not so quickly your coming with us!" Crystal's eyes widened when she realized the trouble she had just gotten herself into. She regretted trusting the pirates and letting herself get into this kind of trouble. The crew pulled up the anchor just as the marines got to the docks. It was a Vice admiral and he was readying an attack aimed straight for the ship.

    Before he could unleash the slash meteors came flying down enough to destroy the docks and the rest of the island with it. The vice admiral jumped up and cut every single screeching rock out of the sky lessening the damage greatly. Though the discriminant attack had served it purpose and the "Hungry alligator" was sailing full speed away from Lougetown. Luckly Franky had built the ship with steam powered wheels for emergencies.

    "That was close! Usopp!?" Perona said as she ran towards Usopp's collapsed body. Marron grabbed Crystal and rushed her to her room. "What the hell was that? You knew they we're after us what are you a Marine?" Marron questioned. "No I swear, I just knew they were coming for you! I was trying to help." Zanbai and Robin burst into the room.

    "Whats the deal?" Zanbai said. "Is she working with the marines?" Robin asked. "She's a spy?" Asked Zanbai. "No I'm not I was born with an abilty, I have premonitions. Sometimes I know about things through the people I meet. I know about Zanbai's daughter too." Marron faced changed when she heard this. "I never told Usopp if it was a boy a girl, we don't even know yet."

    "What the hell are you two talking about, I don't have kids." "Fool, Boa just called us and started yelling at me. Apparently one of her crew is getting mourning sickness. The poor girl is scared out of her mind too." Zanbai fell down after hearing the news."I'm gonna be a father?" "I know I fear for the world too." Marron said sarcastically.

    Marron kicked Zanbai out of the room and Robin and herself continued to question the woman into the mourning. Kaya was taking care of Usopp who was showing symtoms of Insomnia and was losing color quickly. On top of everything the crew had accidentally left Charles in Lougetown. They would park far from the shore and send a small team in to recover him.

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    The crew was informed if they were ever left to wait for them on the opposite side of the island. "You better, go with them their not even thinking about taking you back. If you don't get on that boat their gonna leave you on another island or just keep you all together." Juan said. "Usopp would probably take you back or something but he's unavailable right now. They likely forgot that you we're aboard." Abagail said.

    Crystal nodded her head and approached Robin. "Please I ne--!" "Don't worry about it get on the ship and we'll take you back with us." Robin said giving a reassuring smile. On the boat Zanbai who had forgotten the woman started flooding Crystal with questions.

    "Are you sure it's going to be a girl?" "Yes." Crystal answered. Crystal stayed close to Zanbai and robin because she had been around them the longest, she avoided Marron because she had treated her so roughly throughout her interrogation. "I have another question, you say you can predict things when your near the right information right?" Robin asked. "Yea!" Crystal said nervously.

    "Well I have this list of previous enimes. Can you tell if we'll bump into any of them soon." Robin had an old bounty list of Moria and was hoping Crystal could tell her the next time they would meet with him. "Well I can try but I won't be able to tell when you'll see them next or if you'll bump into any other old enemies afterwards." Crystal flipped the the pages and stopped on an unexpected person.

    The picture surprised both Zanbai and Robin.

    (On lougetown)

    Charles was waiting right on the bay waiting for the rescue team. The people on the life raft all left to check on him. When Crystal tried to leave the boat she felt something grab her arm. It was Zanbai who then proceeded knock her out. "Nobody said we were done you."

    When Crystal awoke she was in a strange room with a bunch of other woman. Vivi was the first to notice her getting up. "Don't freak out when I tell you this but we're on the calm belt on our way to the grandline. Zanbai took you and Marron didn't object. Most of us objected because you helped us out but at the very least he's not keeping you with him or anything, Robin and Mozu made sure of that."

    Crystal was frozen in shock. "Don't worry I'm good friends with Usopp when he wakes up we'll make sure you get back home." "Don't tell her that Usopp won't obect." Vivi commented. "What!?" "Your not a pirate so you don't get how things work on this ship, If Zanbai brought her than she's his. The only reason Duval doesn't do it all the time is because Luffy's againts selling people as slaves."

    "I know Usopp and he wouldn't allow something like this to go one, this woman helped us." Kaya said. "Well what are we supposed to do sail back to the eastblue just to drop her off? I mean I agree but even i don't think Usopp is that nice."

    "Sucks to be you, I remember just a month or so ago I was in the same situation."Perona said. "I wish I this many people trying to protect me though, I wasn't as fortunate. Your lucky though I've seen some of the things that Zanbai does Usopp just turns a blind eye to it." Abagail opened the door and the sounds of Mozu, Robin and Zanbai arguing flooded in.

    Crystal just sunk into the corner and tried wake up. "Just leave her alone it's not like she trust any of you anyways." Abagail said. "Kid you got a smart mouth." Kiwi barked. "It's the truth, Zanbai is one of Usopp's strongest and most trusted men he'll be able to talk his way into keeping her. It's not like Usopp's been the biggest standard of high morals lately anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if he got in on it too." Abagail said smugly biting into the apple she had been carrying.

    Kaya walked up to Abagail and slapped her in the face. "What kind of attitude is that for a little girl. Dont talk about Usopp like that he's not like that." Abagail felt her face and started to get angry. "What do you know about Usopp you haven't seen him in years you stupid bitch!" Abagail screamed lunging towards Kaya. Perona and Kiwi jumped to stop Abagail.

    She was small but they both knew she had the power easily of a grown man in his prime. "Be quite kid!" Kiwi yelled. "Let her go, if she wants to hit me she can I did hit her first." "Hey, hey are you sure? She might be a kid but she's no light weight!" Perona said holding the girl down. "Thats not the point her manners for a little girl are atrocious!"

    Kiwi and Perona let her go hesitantly. Abagail got up and punched Kaya viciously to the floor. Abagil began to storm out the room until Kaya started to move."You, know Usopp is giong to be made you hit her!" Kiwi said. "No Usopp doesn't have to know about this but your wrong about him!" Kaya said quietly struggling to get up.

    "You must have not been around the right guy. Anybody that knows Usopp for even the shortest amount of time knows...he's a guy that will put his life on the line, bear his soul and grind his bones to dust. All to protect the people he cares for." Everyone in the room became silent remembering Usopp's past feats of bravery all except Abagail who started crying.

    Abagail's mind went straight to her last memories of her family and father before they left the island covered in approaching ships. Tears came rolling down her cheek as she rushed out of the room. "That was weird." Perona said.

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    Luffy was tired from his battle with Johnny's fleet. It had been a long week but he finally escaped his territory he now drifted carelessly in open waters waiting for his crew to recoup their strength and bearings. It wouldn't take long after the swarm everyone had increased stamina and quick recovery time.

    Luffy looked over the balcony bored when he noticed a far off island. The island seemed normal enough but approaching him slowly was a row boat with three strong forces onboard. They were to far to see but with his strong observational haki he knew their location and the path they were taking. Luffy instructed Nami to dock and he waited out of curiosity.

    Soon enough three very young voyagers drifted whitin firing distance of the sunny go. "They're pirates or adventures? I got my start just like that!" Luffy said. "Shall we let them pass?" Warren asked. "Just leave them to me, I want to test them out!" Luffy said.

    Mimicking his grandfather Luffy picked up a cannonball and hurled it at the ship. The cannon traveled so fast that it cut the water beneath it by 10 feet. A woman on the row boat cut the cannonball clean in half though. Luffy was impressed because they kids riding the boat couldn't have been older than sixteen or seventeen years old. They're the people all young and darkskinned. Two males and one female, you could tell their island was tropical year round because the clothes they wore we're skimpy and stylish.

    Two of the young sailors had long dreads and the other had a short cut. Luffy stretched out his arms and flung himself over to the boat. "See I told you, only twenty minutes or so on the sea and were already meeting famous people!" The man with long dreads said. "He's no small fry either!" The woman said.

    "Who's in charge here?" Luffy asked. "I am!" The man with the short cut hair said. "Are you pirates or something?" We haven't decide yet!" He replied. Luffy laughed. "With resolve like that you won't last a day in the new world." Luffy had a rope tied around his waste that he continued to tie to the boat.

    "Your going to follow our ship around so don't try to untie this knot." Luffy said menacingly. The three looked
    at each other as if they were starting to get serious. "I decide the destination of this ship,
    Just because we're young I wouldn't underestimate us." "No I can tell your strong I think you'd even give
    Jenbe a run for his money, which is weird because your so young and inexperienced. That's the main reason I'm doing this I can't let you three die out here for no reason."

    Luffy punched the muscular dreaded man in the stomach. The other two rushed at Luffy but stopped once they felt a huge pressure overcome them. That slight hesitation was enough for Luffy to knock them both down. Luffy jumped back to the sunny go while the three laid their in their small boat. Every attempt to cut the rope connecting the two boats was stopped by Luffy. It was if he knew their every movement before they were even made. Much like their elder back on their island.

    (With the supernova alliance)

    Urouge and Law were still unconscious when Aokiji arrived. The man was being accompanied by Ain and Binn who thought of him as the living legacy if Z himself. "This is an interesting gathering we have here it looks kinda like a weird pirate ritual." Aokiji said. "Whenever you see this many notorious names gathered you can be sure that later down the line the innocent will be paying the price." He added.

    The supernovas looked at each other. Wether not they could take Aokiji wasn't the problem the losses they would lose from tangling with him would be to great! What they really worried about was what was his intentions. He had the advantage and nobody their was dumb enough to think they could beat him but their future was promising. Eventually during the span of a year they would have to surpass him the man who did that would lead the alliance. The temptation of testing their own strengths almost outweighed their common sense.

    "You guys are really making your own way in the New World but believe me none of you would survive, take These two with you and leave!" The supernovas complied with balled fist of resentment. Here they planned on taking down a Yonkou but feared a former admiral with a missing leg. The Pirates left quietly.

    "I thought we were going to take Urouge with us?" Ain asked. "Theirs been a change of plans, we have all the military power will need!" Aokiji said. "We're here to claim this island in the name of the alliance!" Said Binn.

    "We did the right thing, an more and it would have been foolish and greedy!" Killer said. "Enough of the small talk we're going after Capone and meeting up with Mugiwara!" Kidd said.

    (On Bonney's ship)

    "We made it here in good time but who would have thought they would have Vice Admirals here in place of CP9!" Bonney said. "I never thought I would see this place again!" Said Sanji lighting a cigarette. Zoro came from the cabin with Chopper struggling to hold him back. He had cut himself lose from the full body cast he was in.

    "Let me fight!" He yelled at Bonney. "Your one resilient bastard! I've been training the crew for the since we departed with Luffy after this attack were gonna focus on you and Sanji since your two of this fleets greatest assets. If you fight their is no more recovering you'll have to pick up where you left of!" Zoro nodded in agreement.

    (Back on Usopp's ship)

    Usopp was back on his feet giving orders but barely. Kaya had got him to lie down most of the voyage but he refused to rest once they entered the grand line. When they reached the winter island Dalton met up with them. Vivi explained the situation and he escorted them to Dr. kureha's castle. When Dr. Kureha took a look at Usopp all she could conclude was that he was slowly having the life sucked out of him trough means unexplainable through human knowledge.

    She said he would not make it back to the new world alive.

    (A week later )

    Kaya had talked Dr. Kureha's into taking her on as an apprentice. she spent most days studying and working with Kureha on a cure the nights she spent by Usopp's bedside. "I brought you some medicine!" Kaya said cheerfully knowing full well that Usopp had slipped into a comma three days previous and could no longer respond to her. When she bent over to adjust his pillows she noticed that Usopp wasn't breathing.

    Immediately she propped him up and started administering CPR. After about three minutes she started to cry realizing she had lost someone dear to her. Though she did not stop trying to breath life into his body, that's when she felt it! A hand wrapped around her head and puckered lips that turned the emergency rescue into a kiss. A red glow from the window intensified the moment as meteors fell down int the not so distant sky.

    The two youths passed out from exhaustion until they were awoken the next morning. From the explanation kaya gave Dr. Kureha concluded that Usopp's illness was a response from Usopp's Devil Fruit ability. Usopp said when he used his ability he uses his ability it takes a lot of stamina to pull the meteors into the atmosphere.

    " That's not your stamina your using you very life essence to pull those huge rocks to the earth! You must not overuse your ability!" She demanded. Marron ran into the room waving a newspaper. "Usopp you won't believe this,they did it again! Everyone on Bonney's ship just attacked Enis lobby and burned the flag again! A call of action has just been announced in today's newspaper!"

    "What!?" Usopp said. "Luffy is in the new world taking down Johnny's generals, Bonney's been taking down pirates all over the line not to mention what we did in the north blue." "Yeah theirs no doubt about it their gonna come at us full force, they'll probably send an Admiral for Bonney's ship!"

    "Not to mention I did some research on the guy that chased after us in Lougetown but his name is Virgil! He's called the strongest Vice admiral since Garp retired." Marron added. The crew packed and left Kaya on drum island. They aquired an eternal post for Jaya and departed the same day.

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    Bonney had made her way back to the New world, with Noah being half complete she figured it safer to hide in the nation of shimon. The territory was owned by Shanks but it was a huge nation and he was most likely unaware of dwelling she figured. The majority of the crew was resting in the mountains recoups rating from the many fights they had in the new world; while Bonney took Sanji and Zoro to a huge water fall at the very top of the highest mountain.

    "It's been four months and thanks to Sanji's cooking Zoro you've made a complete recovery. Standing here is about half of Luffys military power, were the main forces of Luffys crew but as you two are we won't be able to take down any of the Yonkou! That's why I'm going to put you through this training." Bonney said very seriously. Zoro looked at her skeptically. "Since we're here in this big open space how about we test our strengths first? I've been wondering since you joined what the full extent of you power is" Zoro said.

    "That was the the original plan!" Bonney said reaching into the folded up cloth she had tied around her back revealing a very expensive looking rifle. Sanji through up his hands. "I don't know what you guys are planning but I have no intentions of fighting a swordsman who's been out of it nearly five months and a lady." He interjected."I thought you may say that which is why I called an old friend here to help out."

    Zoro grabbed his sword to stop the incoming punch. "My old firstmate has had the same training. By my calculations he should be weaker than the both of you physically and obviously from his gut you can tell he's not as fast but as the two of you are now you won't be able to bring him down. The four of us will have a little skirmish until the other ones call uncle."

    Bonney gripped the rifle like a club and swung it. A huge shockwave surrounded her as red as blood. "Let's begin!" Bonney swung her rifle letting a huge shockwave right toward Zoro. Sensing the danger Zoro immdieatly cut it using Ashura. Dan lunged himself at Sanji at extreme speeds attempting to slam him with his enflamed gut. Sanji had no choice but to use hell memoirs.

    Dan was damaged from Sanjis kick and Zoro was backing Bonney down, despite being pushed back Dan and Bonney continued to Luanch powerful attacks at the two. This continued until the next day. Bonney had gone fishing while Dan kept Sanji and Zoro at bay. Dan launched himself at the two slamming his gut into the ground causing explosions while they tried to avoid the damages. "How does he still have this much power!" Zoro said. "It must be some kind of trick he's been doing this non step, eventually he'll get us." Sanji said crouched behind a tree across from Zoro who was Hindu behind a rock.

    " He's gonna tear down this whole mountain before long." Zoro said. "He's still hurt from earlier, we might not have much power left but if we combine attacks it should take him out." "I sense you over here!" Dan said destroying the part of the forest the two were hiding in. Sanji launched Zoro at Dan like a bullet and a feint image of a demon with a burning body could be seen. Before Zoro could slice Dan Bonney Smacked Zoro in the face with her rifle .

    "That was close. Who would have guessed after 30 hours they could still pose a threat!" "Dammit we were close." Sanji thought. The two continued to try and strike down Dan for another 34 hours. "That's enough Dan they get the point." Zoro and Sanji were barely on their feet. "Nobody else could have accomplished what you have on will power alone, their are legends of people fighting for days on nothing but willpower. Had you been fighting yourselves you probably would have kept going until you died of sleep depervation. " Dans words smoothed the two but they could do nothing to stop him.

    "After this training you will be able to use your full power and not use nearly as much energy. The key is storing energy"! Bonney said.

    (On Jaya island)

    Usopp was gathering information on the knockup stream much against his own common sense he was flying the Mugiwara flag over the town. The people of the town were panacking over the thought that powerful marines would come to capture the strange invaders. Many Rear admirals and captains came but were defeated.

    Marron feared there was only time before a buster call or worse appeared. "Usopp it's only a matter of time before they send an Admiral, it's too early for us to be claiming islands especially in paradise! It unheard of." Martin said. "Just trust me on this!" Usopp preached.

    Their was a knock at the bar door. The crew wondered who it was since nobody had the courage to come to this bar since Usopp kicked everyone out. Zanbai answered the door but fell down from the shock.two huge monkeys waked in accompanied by a man in fine dressings. "What the hell are you guys thinking? Everywhere I go I hear about three ships all around the world doing strange things flying the same flag." Monbran said. "Hey Vivi! You an go take down the flag we won't be needing it anymore".

    " we're you trying to attract these guys or something?" Kiwi asked. "Yea these guys helped us ride the knock up stream last time we went to skypeia!" Robin added. "You did all that just to attract us here?" He asked. "No, I wanted you to become our official allies. You guys have an Amazing ability for treasure finding that I think we can use. You don't have to decide right now but I can tell you right now things are a lot funnier in the new world." Usopp proclaimed.

    "We'll do it!" Cricket. Said. "But where is your captain? Don't tell me your the new captain or something?" " Luffy decided that we would train for a year and meet back up. I'm strengthening this division of his fleet." Suddenly another knock interrupted the pirates. It was Kaya accompanied by Dalton. "I decided to come along! Dr Kureha said I didn't need anymore training to help out a pirate ship! I can always go back to her after I'm sure you won't get yourselves killed!"

    Usopp was shocked. "Are you sure if you continue to sail with us you'll be considered a pirate!" Juan pumped his fist happily at the news that Kaya was coming back. Abagail just scowled and continued to drink her soda.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Waipa was sitting in the meeting listening to Gan Fall and the village elder discuss important issues.Also there was Kamakiri who was also guarding the meeting. Gan Fall had made a joke that apparently didn't sit well with Waipa who stormed out of the meeting.

    (Later that day)

    Kamakiri had asked Genbou where Waipa went. It turned out he saw him enter Fairy Vearth. When he finally caught up with Waipa he was staring at the Rio Poneglyph left by his ancestors. "I can't do it! This life of peace isn't for me!" He said. "It's hardest for you, during the war you were our rock, winning meant more too you than anybody."

    "I have to leave this land Kamakiri, protect Laki for me!"
    (The next day)
    Usopp and his crew walked among the city admiring the place when they bumped into Waipa. "Your..." They both said. A sullen look came across Waipa's face, even amoung the people of the blue sea there was no enemy to make him feel alive.

    "What business do you have here? As heroes of this land I will escort you to any place you desire to see. Have you come back for more gold?" "Did he just offer us gold?" Persona asked. "Not you us!" Vivi said. "Where are you going?" Usopp asked?

    "Going anywhere the gods call for a warrior!" He replied. Waipa took Usopp and his crew to visit Conis and her father, stock up on weapons and to collect some of the left over gold from their last visit. After talking with Waipa on his ship Usopp learned how everybody untied after the crew had left. Waipa was more or less happy for his people and its not like his old bitterness held him back from enjoying life.

    It was something else, he longed for the rage and power he got from having an enemy!
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    Tashigi sliced the last man standing aboard the enemy pirate ship. The rain pouring down her faced complimented her sullen expression, her hair laid down her back and moved gently in the wind. "You should have told us their was an enemy ship instead of taking them all yourself." Floyd said. "Their was no need I was more than enough for them!" She replied.

    "If you really seek strènght than this isn't the way! The supernovas are moving rapidly and their are more pirates out than stars in the nights sky. You should ask yourself how can I beat stop them!" Tashigi pulled the Katana from the slayed mans hands. "This is how, I will become the strongest swordsman and continue to hunt pirates until the cold hands of death take away my blade!"

    (In paradise)
    "It was nice of that new guy to give us all this skypeia weaponary. I can probably take down a while ship with this flamethrower and it shoots cannonballs at a rapid rate." Zanbai said. "Did you see his eyes though? He had eyes like a hungry lion or a cornered jackal."Kiev said. "That's good though he's on our side, Usopp said he was about as strong as Luffy was when he had a one-hundred million bounty." Vivi commented.

    Waipa was sitting on the railing on the side of the ship when Usopp walked up. " Their are four codes you need to learn on this ship, if I say free range that means you can do whatever you want on this island, whatever it is I don't care. If I say it's war then you destroy whoever isn't one of your own. On certain islands are "peace" meaning don't do anything to harm the people on the island. Last but not least is "revenge" if someone hurts any of are nakama we will destroy everything!" Usopp said.

    "So were quite the force on these sea huh? Well I'd run with even tyrants to see this world of blue. What's considered great on this sea?" "Great? Well were a long way off from that. I'm guessing your wondering about your ancestor, our enemies are the marines. Their greatest powers are the marine Admirals. If you could beat one you'll be considered great in anyone's eyes."

    " I don't know Usopp the way things are going if you look at the times the marines may not be so different from us!" Marron said.

    (On fishman island)

    Jenbe and Hachi was talking to Rayleigh. "The coating is done it took ten of the best coaters I know but I think we finished pretty quickly. I can't really say I agree with Luffy using Noah I think it's much to early for him to try and take down Big mam. Maybe the times are just moving to quick for my time." "Well he still has seven more months before he actually try's. Though I hear he doing well against Jhonny."

    ( on the calm belt)

    Waipa had chosen from the ships huge stash of weapons for three weapons that he liked. Razor sharp he felt like his chance to use them grew near. The crew was in an uproar about the island they had reached. Apparently they were appearing for an all out attack. When Usopp yelled the term "Revenge" the crew jumped from the ship and ran into the forest. Waipa at the head of the pack.

    Despite not using his gear from skypeia Waipa was most efficient at transversing the jungle. When he emerged from the jungle into the clearing the first person he saw resembled Usopp. He used his spear and lunged at Kaku. Kaku used Soru but Waipa was right behind him with his tomahawk and cut kaku across the face. Kaku immediately transformed into his giant form. When the rest of the strawhats arrived they invaded the grass houses the former cp9 members built when first arriving.

    Khalifa jumped from one of the houses and rained down beams of leg slashes. Mozu and Kiwi jumped into the air and cut her down. Kaku and Waipa continued to fight with Kaku at a clear advantage. Jyabura, Blueno, Kumadori and fukuro emerged form the forest.

    Khalifa disabled some of the crew with her powers including Mozu and Vivi but Kiwi was keeping her at bay. Zanbai punched Jybura but the damage wasn't enough to stop him. Suddenly Marron emerged from the the forest and took out Kumadori with a kick to the midsection.

    Robin clutched Khalifa knocking her unconscious. She summoned giant feet which took out Kumadori and blew away the suds. Blueno and Jyabura charged at Robin but Were trapped by vines that began pulling them into the ground.

    The fight was almost over, only Kaku and Fukuro still stood on the Enemy side. Before the whole crew could unleash their wrath on Fukuro a dark figure emerged from the forest. Lucchi stood in between Fukuro and the Mugiwara pirates. Usopp signaled for the crew to stop attacking but Waipa didn't see him or care about anything other than the enemy in front of him.

    The huge giraffe was preparing to send a huge slash at his enemy but Waipa disappeared from his sight. From underneath Kakus huge nose he stabbed upwards at Kakus throat with his spear. The blow barely broke through Kaku's Tenkai but the shock halted his movements none the less. When Kaku regained his composure he searched for Waipa. Waipa came down from the sky yelling and sliced Kaku down the middle with his Tomahawk.

    The sight angered Lucchi who was slowly walking towards Usopp. Marron moved to block his path but stopped at the sight ahead of her. Waipa badly beaten held his spear right at Lucchis throat stopping his stride. Lucchi transformed into his animal self. The Aura he gave out sent chills down the spines of the Mugiwara pirates.

    Even Waipa himself was frozen in shock for the few seconds it took Lucchi to walk by him. Lucchi walked right up to Usopp as the two met eyes Lucchi started to move. Marron was running at full speed instantly she was diving at Lucchi , to her surprise she fell into Usopp's arms. When she looked aroundLucchi was bowing his head.

    "We've fought this war before and you are the victors! Are lives are in your hand's" Usopp was surprised at Lucchi's passivenes. "We know you've been training kids on this island and we know where they come from! You can except your loss and have my crew tear you limb to limb or you can abandon your loyalty to World Giverment and become pirates." Lucchi's face grew pale.

    " justice can not be weak on that say three years ago you shamed the World Goverment by taking down Enis Lobby, that man you call captain was once my equal now he sends his crew to capture me. He is the real justice now." "If you sail with us will take those kids some place safe and we'll protect you from the marines!" Marron said. "That's not good enough! If they're our Enimies than we should only ask for their heads."

    "We don't need your opinions Usopp's words are law on this ship!"Marron barked at Waipa. Waipa wasn't sure how things worked with his new tribe but it was clear that he was out of line. Everything in him wanted to rebel against letting his enemy live but be had a growing respect for Usopp. It had only been a week but Waipa had already gotten everything he had been missing for years.

    Strong enimies, the trill of going into battle and now he knew what the legacy he wanted to leave behind was.

    (Later that day)

    Kaya had stitched Kaku up and healed everyone from their battle. She was getting to know what she was in for later down the road. The crew was in some ways dispicable but she kept face in Usopp and ignored most of what was going on. "As a doctor my only thoughts should be how to heal my patients." Kaya reassured herself.

    Lucchi and jayabura sat on the dining area floor. They had cleaned nearly the whole ship just a few minutes before. The crew joked, drank and gambled most of the day while the former cp9 members did all the hard Labor. "This is the worse!" Jyabura said. Marron walked up to the two. Wolf boy go wash the anchor, your coming with me Leapord.

    Lucchi followed Marron into a quiet wooden room that was full furnished with beautiful expensive material. Kalifa and Kaku were laying on two hospital beds in the ba k of the room and Usopp was sitting at a desk in the front of the room. "We're gonna drop those kids off at a country called Alabasta; they'll be raised as warriors in thir army. On of our crewmates is the princes there or at least she was. Since they already have trai ing they will be great future assets to the Kingdom. That's not why we called you in here though.

    You got those kids from the richest most protected place in Paradise. "Dollsa is the biggest buyer of slaves in the world and they export every major spice, weapon, kairoseki and shipping supplies in the world!" "The place is a gold mine! A. Couple of months ago Luffy seperated his crew into three divisions we've been training to help support him and gain notoriety of our own. Today it worked we all got new bounties." Marron spread the bounties across the desk. "Sogeking nintey-one million beri, "the hare" Marron fifty-five million beri, "Cannonball" Zanbai twenty-five million beri "Silvered hair" Vivi thirty million beri and the "death sisters" Mozu and Kiwi worth forty-million! We're going to the New world soon to help out our main ship but before we do we want to bring back some serious booty.

    "So you want to sack Dollsa?" Lucchi questioned. "We know the world Goverment has a secret base with a lot of military force protecting the Island but that won't be a problem. We know you know how to successfully infiltrate the island. I know you have your own justice and seeing as how you took those kids we know you care about these innocent civilians trapped their. Your a part of this crew now so that means getting yourselves into crazy situations."

    "How about being honest if you want to welcome me into this crew" Lucchi said. "What?" Marron questioned. "Your planning to give a shout out to Mugiwaras father, everyone knows that he wants that island badly but it's beyond his reaches! He has enough millitary might to take the island but not hold it down. Their are millions of slaves some of which are former pirates but theirs no way to transport that many pirates before the WG can retaliate. Their might be alot of valuables on Dollsa but their real value lies in the slaves. You free them and you have the support of a country with you.

    One that's not afraid to oppose the Marines or the World Goverment. Hypothetically some one could gain control of all the island along that path of paradise. You don't strike me as a guy that would go their just for gold or thrills." Lucchi proclaimed. "Pretty perceptive!" Usopp said. " Your right I'm the kind of guy that stays away from strong opponents at all cost. No amount of gold is worthy getting our asses kicked, that's why I left the New world. There are things here in paradise that can help Luffy become the King also."

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    Sanji and Zoro had been swimming in the fast moving for three days which was their limit before the training. Though they were slowly learning how to change their sizes, when they started swimming they were normal sized. Once they started reaching their limits they're muscles grew exponentially. The energy they had stored a week before using the special meditating technique Dan showed them began to come into play.

    The white river was traveling hundreds of miles an hour over the deadly falls. Sanji and Zoro were not permitted to go to either sides and their training would be complete when they swam the whole Lenght of the river. Two weeks earlier they had spent the whole time eating and sleeping until they became fat. Though many times before they had seen Luffy turn calories into energy and Bonney seemed to never gain weight from eating and she never got tired.

    Even during the swarm she fought harder and Longer than even Luffy. With this information Sanji and Zoro gripped the basics of turning fat into energy and were able to keep swimming longer and faster but they couldn't completely reach the end. That's when it hit them both, they would have to do it in one quick burst. Suddenly they used all the energy at once and sped down the river quickly.

    When they reached the end of the river they both passed out and Bonney had to jump in and save them. "They now how to release their full potential easily now. All they have to do is learn to store that energy away."

    (On a island deep into the New World.)

    Capone waited in his office for his Guest to arrive. He wasn't worried about the threat they im

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sanji and Zoro had been swimming in the fast moving for three days which was their limit before the training. Though they were slowly learning how to change their sizes, when they started swimming they were normal sized. Once they started reaching their limits they're muscles grew exponentially. The energy they had stored a week before using the special meditating technique Dan showed them began to come into play.

    The white river was traveling hundreds of miles an hour over the deadly falls. Sanji and Zoro were not permitted to go to either sides and their training would be complete when they swam the whole Lenght of the river. Two weeks earlier they had spent the whole time eating and sleeping until they became fat. Though many times before they had seen Luffy turn calories into energy and Bonney seemed to never gain weight from eating and she never got tired.

    Even during the swarm she fought harder and Longer than even Luffy. With this information Sanji and Zoro gripped the basics of turning fat into energy and were able to keep swimming longer and faster but they couldn't completely reach the end. That's when it hit them both, they would have to do it in one quick burst. Suddenly they used all the energy at once and sped down the river quickly.

    When they reached the end of the river they both passed out and Bonney had to jump in and save them. "They now how to release their full potential easily now. All they have to do is learn to store that energy away."

    (On a island deep into the New World.)

    Capone waited in his office for his Guest to arrive. He wasn't worried about the threat they imposed. Even though the five of them posed an unprecedented amount of power that had disrupted the balance of the new world he was still confident with the security of the island. The island was owned mostly by Capone but most of his affiliates powerful new world captains resided there also.

    The island resided between Blackbeards and Red haired Shanks territory and Capone was sure had their trooped come he could fend even them off. When his butler came into the room the ruffians followed. "Your guest have arrived." The man said before walking out.

    "This is a pretty big place for such a small man!" Apoo said rudely. Hawkins was walking around looking at Capones book collection. Capone was annoyed already by their rudeness. "You guys sure have guts coming here and talking thrash but I'm a busy man! I want to know if your here to start some kind of alliance or rebellion I'm not the right man to come too." "We aren't here to persuade you, we have someone else that wants to speak with you!" Killer said putting the Denden mushi on the desk.

    "Hello who am I speaking with? Is this the munchkin?" Bonney said over the Denden Mushi. "This voice sounds familiar are you that vile rude woman I met on Shabondy." Capone replied. "Firstly I want to say Luffy is strong enough to take down a Yonkou by himself and have energy left over. He will beat all of you when in the big fight and you will become his allies. Monkey D. Luffy will be the pirate king!

    Now to get to the point of this gathering, Capone I know all about you and your smuggling business, I know your nemesis is Doflamingo and that your going for his throne. I also know who your biggest rival in the smuggling game is. His name is Cyborg Franky of the strawhats crew. If you join this alliance you two might be able to strike a deal or something and ill even take Doflamingo out for you. If you don't join I will just come and burn your island down when I have some free time, that's if those guys don't do it first. That is all!" Bonney hung up the device.

    Capone was quite intrigued over finally knowing who was competing against him in the underground smuggling market, even more so over the thought that the Mugiwara pirates would take out Doflamingo for him." Tell me more about this alliance and this big fight!" Capone said.

    (On Dollsa)

    Virgil had just landed and was heading in town. Being the strongest Vice admiral he prided himself on removing threats around the world. When the bosses couldn't afford to send an admiral which was often in the last three years he was the next best choice. His ship was covered in kairoseki so he knew the signs Usopp was leaving around carelessly. Jumping between the blues carelessly occasionally leaving a seaking dead or leaving traces on islands that shouldn't be accessible to pirates.

    The man did good to avoid Virgil at Lougetown but Virgil now knew all his moves. Virgil knew Usopps ship was nearly uncatchable in the water but Usopp only targeted high profile islands. It was only a matter of time before he pulled a stunt on Dollsa and tried to flee again. The island was already very secure but with him their he figured it was bye bye to any invading pirates.

    (Two weeks later)

    Usopp pulled the furry creature from the portal and went out to the deck. "Where did you get that?" Marron asked. She was confused because it looked like the legendary hell hound but those were only said to appear randomly in the New world. " It's what you think it is, franky wanted me to give it to Mozu and Kiwi."

    "That means they figured out how to transport living thing through the portals?" Khalifa asked. "Thats not all, Luffy has Jhonny on the run in the New world! How are we doing here?" "We've gathered all the supplies needed, Everone is up to date in their training and our information says we're the biggest threat in Paradise. No word yet on the location of Virgil though. After our mission on Dollsa we should be ready to go to the New world!"

    Khalifa had used her experience as a secretary to organize the ship. She also became pretty close to Usopp acting as his body guard. She was actually touched by the fact that occasionally if not often they would crush other pirate crews and help out civilians. She fought more evildoers than perhaps she did working for the Goverment.

    The rest of Cp9 grew to trust Usopp also. They were free to do as they pleased and Usopp was a genius at the way he directed things. He had really unconventional means but they were effective none the least.

    Lucchi and Waipa had started arguing over how they would attack Dollsa and it had become physical. The fight drawing to close to Usopp set Marron and Khalifa off. Marron kicked Lucchi and Khalifa Waipa. " Do you guys have to fight about everything?" Mozu said. "These two fight more than Juan and Abagail." Zanbai added. "They probably fight as much as Sanji and Zoro." Complained Vivi.

    "It's all this guys fault, once an enemy always an enemy!" Waipa said. Lucchi stared back coldly. "If that's how you feel you can just scrap it out! We'll pull the ship over!" Marron said. "Nothing would make me happier!"

    ( on an island not far from Dollsa.)

    The strawhats gathered and started making bets on who would win. "Zanbai I bet a twenty million belli On Waipa!" It was known that Robin held a grudge against Lucchi and raised hell when Usopp allowed them to live let alone join. She also had confidence in Waipa she often saw him sneaking out late at night, when she would follow him he would be attacking pirate crews and burning the ships. Both had grown greatly in a short amount of time and had started to grasp the basics of Haki.

    They weren't among the main six main crew members who could already use both Haki forms but they were both stronger than the death sisters. The only reason they weren't considered stronger than Zanbai was because his ability made him to hard to hit. Usopp said he was just over a pascifista in hardness.

    Zanbai laughed. " This is good for business everyone was leaning towards Lucchi!" Usopp was massaging his temples trying to get rid of his headache. " I was trying to raise them to be a great asset to Luffy. They're my Sanji and Zoro. So why are they trying to kill each other?" He said. "Because they're your Zoro and Sanji. Marron laughed. "Think of it as a blessing. Who ever wins we'll let lead the attack!"
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    Luffy had cornered Jhonny to his last available hiding spot. Fourtanently it was a huge ice country where he couldn't easily be ambushed. Jhonny was completely enraged over Luffys campaign. He had spent the last nine mounts taking down his Generals and looting his islands. All that on top of big mom taking the remainder of his islands. Things looked bleak for Jhonny but he still had six of his best Commanders and his firstmate. He knew he could take Luffy if he could just get his hands on him and he knew he Luffy would give him that chance.

    (On the thousand sunny)

    Alu walked up to Luffy. "Thank you for everything you've done. I now know what I want, I will become a shikibukai, that way I can keep an eye on the Government and still visit you once you become Yonkou." He said. "Alu there's no need to do that, you don't owe me anything."

    (In the new world )

    The huge island sized ship emerged from the sea. The ship was fully coated and covered with cannons. Neptune allowed five hundred fish man island civilians accompany the voyage. The princess was sitting on a throne at the head of the ship. On her right side her brother stood armed and vigilant on her right was jenbe. Standing before Shirahoshi was the kings military officer. "We have 20,000 members of the fishman army accompanying us where should we go first?" He asked. "We shall go nowhere until Luffy comes picks us up." Rayleigh walked onto the scene.

    "I can't say your not already well protected but if your afraid of death you may not be able to travel with Luffy. He walks the most dangerous path of anyone." Rayleigh said. " I'm not afraid of death! The very goal of this voyage is to become part of this world and the only way to do that is through Luffy. We will wait for him, though in the mean time something must be done about these cannons. How can we become excepted by humans if we show up bearing nothing but arms. Shirahoshi said.

    Rayleigh laughed. "I will leave before Luffy shows up but I think I should stay a little longer the soilders have become quite attached to me." "That reminds me. Princess allow me to take a group of the soldiers out to survey the area. We must always be alert of are surroundings. Most people will be stumped by our existence but some may no what we are: if the government gets word of us before Luffy becomes Yonkou then they will dispatch admirals to try and take us.

    (In paradise)

    Lucchi and waipa had just started fighting. Waipa tried to tag Lucchi but Lucchi evaded his advances. The two went back and forth with Lucchi having the most numerous successful blows. A close call for Lucchi left a scratch on his face from waipas spear.

    Lucchi transformed in to his leopard form. Waipa noticed his increase in speed and strength. Waipa tried desperately to not get overwhelmed but Lucchi was pulling straight from his anomalistic brutishness and assassin instinct. Waipa thanked that he had COA and avoided any life threatening blows but he knew he wasn't going to win if be didn't do something quickly. When he felt the earth beneath his bare feat he felt something familiar to his soul. " is this what my ancestors felt when they charged into battle. It's so heavy it's like there's a whole mountain behind me.

    Waipa dug his feet into the earth and charged at Lucchi at his full strength. The change in speed startled Lucchi. The two were evenly matched and quickly started to wear down on each other. Lucchi wrapped his tail around waipa after creating an opening and hit him with a rokugan. Blood spurt from Waipas mouth.

    The crew thought that he fight was over but waipa wasn't down yet. Waipa was reaching behind his back hands shaking and blood gushing. Lucchi hit him with another Rokugan. The sight Lucchi saw next frightened him. Within his grasp a man hardly standing was staring him down, his eyes piercing through him and the sight of an ancient warrior standing over him. " rokogan.. Rokogan... Rokogan!"

    Even after the barrage Waipa was still standing his fingers now wrapped around his tomahawk. Waipa swung down the weapon as hard as he could. The very last thing Waipa saw before passing out was the very thing he wanted all along.. A gush of blood spraying from Lucchis blood.

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    Akainu sat at his desk reading over his reports. "How could they have taken all the slaves from Dollsa!? On top of that some unknown punk beat Virgil are strongest VA? Along with all the punks he's allied with he's sure to take on a yonkou anytime now? No matter how strong this punk is he doesn't know the powers the Yonkou have. If I send a large force to the battle grounds I can eradicate them both."

    (On Morias island ship)

    "They recovered well after losing to Marco!" Das said. "More importantly he has a profound influence with the shichibukai if be can use them he'll definitely be able to take the Yonkou."Crocodile proclaimed. " If it was you I'm betting you'd use them after the war to betray the government though I doubt Mugiwara has that kind of I depth thinking."

    It's just not his style, don't think the thought hasn't crossed his mind! It's because it's not me that they would even considered following him. It's because he never considers using people that they choose to follow him. But forget about him Daz we have problems of our own that girl of Morias is becoming a problem. She's too wild and Moria seems to have a soft spot for her. She's affecting business i thought you would might be able to handle her."

    " I don't know what I could do but I'll think of something Crocodile." Daz responded.

    (On the sunny go)

    "It went to far. Those two wont recover for a few months maybe shorter they're healing quite quickly!" Kaya said. "That's because of Sanji's food." Usopps responded. "I don't question you Usopp because I know who you are but as the doctor of this ship I'm going to ask that you find a better way to resolve issues. Waipa almost lost his life in that fight."

    Nami walked up to the two. " It time for you two to ship out. We have. The whole island surrounded but its so big they could be able to slip through if we don't cover everywhere. Boa and Law are going to depart tonight into the island to find the generals. Luffy already ran ahead to find Jhonny we haven't heard from him in three days. Also Shirahoshi is patrolling the coast. It can't be found out that we have brought Noah to the surface if you see any marines you can't let them get away if you know what I mean."

    "If Luffy is already out there I'm leaving tonight to go back him up!" Usopps said. "What happens if everyone goes inland fights to death with the kings of the silver medalist and some Vice admirals show up or even an Admiral? I know you want to be right there in the fight but right now Luffy needs you to watch over everyone else.marron said approaching from the shadows." "What am I suppose to do if a admiral shows up? How can I help Luffy by being out here? Usopps question fustrated.

    "You may not be the strongest in the crew but you know you can spot them a mile away!" Warren said. " "I thought we were alone!" Kaya said. " no matter what happens Jhonny falls tomorrow and this war will finally end. The hard part starts after Luffy will be going for big mam or maybe even Kaidou." Robin said.

    (On bonneys galleon)
    It's Sophia the Nightmare of the sea and Christian the troubled pirate. Looks like we got a gift from the gods!" Zoroastrian said. The two female pirate stod at the forefront tempting the pirates. The other pirates stood behind them as if they were only backup. "Two female who is there for me to fight.I can't hit such beautiful woman." "What about that kid there? he's giving of a scary aura. Something more sinister than my own!"

    The kid Zoro was talking about was a young man in a Samurai outfit brandishing an expensive katana. " He's just a kid." Sanji retorted. Bonney jumped down while the two were talking. With a swing from her rifle she caused the ground to split open. The earth swallowed up most of the pirates but Sophia and Christian evaded the attack. The aftershock caused the entire forest to be blown away.

    "She may not even need you guys!" One crew mate pointed out. Zoro jumped down from the ship with the intent to clean up the rest of the crew. Sanji chased after Bonney to see if she was going to need back up. He knew best that she wouldn't. He pondered himself just who she was capable of beating. Sanji knew the Vice admirals were no longer a threat to himself and that he was entering into the very top league of pirates but at the same time he realized that Bonney was superior for the time being.

    "The gap between me and Luffy has gotten to big, ill have to find a worthy opponent soon and show the world what I can do!" He chased after the huge explosions Bonney left behind her but found it difficult because the terrain was changing so rapidly. "She's fighting too hard! At this rate this part of the island will become detached and sink into the ocean.

    Sophia and Christian were leading Bonney further inland trying to avoid injury. "Who would have though in just under a year she would become so strong." Christian said. "Yea, I think she's just playing with us too. If anyway possible we have to defeat her. "Did you see the two men on the ship? They were The pirate hunter and the black leg, if I could distract her you could defeat them. They're bounties are only 250 each."

    Christian nodded her head as she ran in toward the approaching explosions. She jumped straight over Bonney. "Where do u think your going?" Bonney yelled. Sophia hit Bonney with her whips that extended from her hand. Bonney tanked the attack with no visible affect. Sophia was now certain that she was going to lose. Each one of her whips could take the tops off of a mountain easily. No body had brushed off those attacks since she once encountered Kizaru.

    (On the coast)

    Usopps was approaching Noah. Usopp had his crew surround the front of the ship. They could feel the ground shake on the huge island but couldn't see where the commotion was coming from. "Bonney has gotten unbelievably strong!" Usopps said greeting Jenbe. " we could say the same for you I've heard tales of your journeys in the news papers!" Jenbe said.

    " I need to speak with Shirahoshi!!" "Of course she will be happy to see you!" The two walked the extremely secure ships to shirahoshi's chamber. The hallways were filled with soilders patrolling every once in a while they would pass a civilian dorm. The inhabitants of Noah waiting ever patiently for the return of Luffy.

    It's not until then they would be reassured that their choice to go to the surface was th right thing to do. Shirahoshi inadvertently frightened her own people by trusting soely in Luffy. " I can only imagine how worried these people must be! Not only are they leaving their homes and showing defiance to big mam by meeting up with her enemy Luffy but by sailing this huge ship they are bringing attention to themselves on the most deadly of seas. Pirates and the government will be aware of their presence and looking for ways to exploit them."

    " no you mistake their antisipation for fear, they do not fear being here anymore than fishman island. It was only a matter of time as fishman island was destroyed, whitebeard was the only one caring for fishman island. Most people realize that Luffy is our only chance at living peacefully."

    "Is that so?" Usopp n Jenbe finally reached Shirahoshi's chambers and opened the door. " Shirahoshi it's Usopp he has something important to discuss!" "Usopp! Come in. As Usopp walked in a bullet came crashing into the room and hit him. Because of Usopp's fruit ability he was unharmed. " Shirahoshi get on the ground!" Usopp yelled. Jenbe ran into the hallway to check for a shooter.

    Rayleigh and shirahoshi's brother arrived shortly after. " what happened?" Usopp was coming in and suddenly someone starting g shooting." "Nobody suspicious is on the ship." Jenbe said. "That bullet didn't come the ship."'could it have been vanderdecken"? Shirahoshi asked. " "no that shot came from an experienced sniper." He shot the ship through the ceiling where it was most vunerable. Judging from its angle he likely not on this island." There's nobody on the sea for miles we have troops surveying this whole part of the sea."

    Rayleigh smiled. "He's right the man your looking for is on a whole other island!" The gang was shocked at the news. " if I'm not wrong your the sniper for this crew are you not?" Rayleigh asked. " Yes I am!" "do you think you'll be able to lay down return fire?" Jenbe asked. No it's not possible my ammo isn't made to go that far, a mistake I will fix in the future! Though if I don't do something alot of people can die. Nobody can deal with him here with me but.."

    "It's fine I'll watch your crew and protect this ship!"

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    A tired and frustrated Jhonny sit alone in his cabin, his battles with luffy had were exhausting and costing him dearly. Jhonny was losing some of his best fighters to luffy's crew members and to make matters worse Jhonny was also starting to lose most of his islands. Something took him years to get and build upon this was no longer a question of pride, but a fight for survival. With Jhonny's mind racing for solutions not only did he have luffy to deal with but Marco as well. Plans had been set in motion with only a hand full of good fighters left to protect his remaining islands Jhonny needed to do a bit of research on gadget.

    Jhonny couldn't place his finger in it but there was something odd about this young woman. Even though he's heard about Gadget skills and fighting style Jhonny himself had never really see the young woman go all out even with their fights with luffy.

    ( BBL to finish this )

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