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    Welcome to the Cafe!

    The Cafe is the place for general discussion that doesn't fit under a more specific forum category. Slice of life discussion, the latest news, serious debates, and forum games all fall under the sub-sections. Keep in mind that while general discussion and topics are allowed here, this isn't a section for your spam, that's what the Excrement Zone is for. If we feel it qualifies as EZ material then the staff will move your thread.

    The Cafe has several subsections:

    Millennium Weekly: news and articles;
    War Zone: debates and serious discussions;
    Mafia Forum: for playing the forum version of mafia;
    The Arena: a subsection for hosting the actual mafia games.

    In the main section we also host puzzles and games such as sheep, chess, or roleplaying games.

    Get posting and enjoy your stay!
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