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    Down with MEME!

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    We should take a crack at making a new rules thread as well. No stupid acronyms.

    Most of the stuff here isn't actually that bad but we can use a few subtractions, and perhaps just dilute it and make it easier to follow. Because even I'm falling asleep reading this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom View Post
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    The Mafia Ethics and Mandatory Effort Agreement (MEME) is a code of conduct for players to consciously follow the rules of mafia games and provide appropriate effort to achieve their faction's win condition. All parties involved in mafia games on TMF must become familiar with and agree to the MEME.

    Mafia Ethics and Mandatory Effort Agreement (MEME)

    I understand and agree to the following:

    As long as the game is ongoing, you may talk about the game only inside the game thread

    • Players who are not in the game may not post in the game thread while the game is ongoing.
    • Posting anything that could impact the outcome of an ongoing game outside the game thread is against the rules, and in general you should never mention ongoing games at all. It may not be harmful to mention being "alive in another game" with no details, but think carefully before you post. Making a post outside the game thread that affects the balance of the game is a serious detriment to the integrity of the game. Remember that the game is "ongoing" until the game moderator posts in the game thread that it's over.
    • The forum software allows users to include external images and videos, and to link directly to other webpages. This is generally permissible, but it is not intended that players use these methods as a primary means of communication. Using any of these things as a means to disguise or hide information is prohibited. Using images, video, or audio for the purpose of preventing your posts from showing up via text search is prohibited. Posting video or audio of yourself is controversial, and you should consult with the game moderator prior to the start of the game if you wish to do either of these things.
    • If you have a role which allows you to communicate outside the game thread, then you may do so only when allowed by your role, and only with individuals specified by your role

    You may post only when you are alive

    • Some game mods allow players to make one farewell post after death. It cannot contain any form of game-related content and must have the first line as: *** DEAD ***. Check the rules for your game to see if it's allowed.

    You may not post screenshots of, or directly quote your role PM, PM results, or any other game-related communication that originated outside of the game thread

    • Mafia is a game of interpreting information that is posted in the game thread. It is not intended that players can prove their role or their claims by introducing direct evidence that originated outside of the game thread. Players may share the basic mechanical information that is related to their role, powers, and other communication from the mod, but may not share any information about the communication which serves only to increase the credibility of the claim.
    • You may not post screenshots or post any exact quotations from messages received from the game moderator or from other players (if you have a role which allows you to communicate privately with other players). This includes your role PM, night results, as well as any and all other communication. Any information that you wish to pass along must be put in your own words.
    • You may not refer to the medium used to communicate with the mod or other players that you are allowed to chat with. Showing knowledge of which chat mediums are preferred by the mod or other players would give you an unfair advantage in convincing other players that you are being truthful. You should be careful to avoid making posts such as: "The mod PMed me last night and told me I got a new power." Many game mods communicate with the scum team on Skype or QuickTopic, so an innocent slip like this may unfairly cause people to think you are more likely to be a villager. Saying instead, "I was told..." will always avoid these problems.
    • You may not question other players about the details of their outside communication in a way that could lead to violations of these rules. Questions should be limited to what information a player has, and not to the precise manner in which that information was conveyed to him.
    • Are you about to post a message that has the word PM in it somewhere? Are you sure it's a legal post? There are some contexts where it's okay, but there are a lot where it's not.
    • Posting fake screenshots, fake quotes, etc, will be treated the same as posting real ones.
    • If you are uncertain about what you can post, consult first with the game moderator.

    You are expected to participate if you sign up for the game

    • At minimum you are expected to post at least once during each game day.
    • The game mod may establish further rules for minimum participation. You are expected to follow them.
    • Real life happens; if you need to stop playing a game PM the mod requesting a sub and stop posting in the thread. Do not post in the thread that you are requesting a sub.
    • It is considered bad etiquette to sub out of a game for any reason other than a lack of sufficient time to participate, or as a result of a breach of game integrity.
    • It is considered bad etiquette to sign up for multiple games at once, then decide to sub out of some but not others.

    You may post only from the account you signed up for the game with, and you may not sign up multiple accounts for the same game

    • Signing up two or more accounts for one game (multi-accounting) is cheating and will get you banned.
    • It may be considered bad etiquette by some to play on a gimmick and pretend to be a new player when you are not.
    • You may not use proxy servers or other technical tricks to hide your IP address from the forum moderators. If the mods cannot verify your true location, you will not be allowed to play. Lack of cooperation in establishing your identity may result in your account being banned.

    You are expected to behave civilly

    • Mafia is a game about lying and catching people lying. It's an adversarial game and arguments between players are normal and expected. Passion and intensity are fine but excessively personal attacks or insults are not. Even in a mafia game you must respect the forum rules about civility. Failure to do so may cause you to be infracted or temp banned, and repeated problems may get you perma-banned. Players are expected to abide by the spirit of this rule. Rude and obnoxious posts may not individually merit moderator intervention, but they are not tolerated as a pattern of behavior. If you are frequently involved in unpleasant encounters, the forum moderators will have a lower threshold for intervention, and you may receive infractions or bans based on a series of objectionable posts even if none of them individually are egregious.
    • Mafia is also a community and team-based game. While there are many styles and strategies and reasons for playing and you may choose your own, you are expected to be respectful of the time and energy others put in as players and as moderators. You are expected to play to win. Intentionally sabotaging your team, or choosing strategies with the sole purpose of trolling other players in the game is not allowed.
    • If you have problems getting along with other players, game moderators may choose to exclude you from their games. Game moderators may exclude any player for any reason, and have the full support of the forum moderators to exercise this right.

    You are expected to be familiar with the rules, and you are expected to abide by them even if you think they are incorrect

    • Ignorance is not a defense, although leeway and guidance will always be given to new players.
    • If you think a rule is unfair or unbalances the game, you must still follow it. Discuss it privately with the game mod, and if necessary, bring it up for public discussion AFTER the game.
    • If you have any questions about the rules or the setup of the game that you are in, ask them PRIVATELY to the game moderator. Game moderators should not respond to any questions posted in the game thread.
    • Players are expected to abide by the spirit of all rules, not just the letter of the rules. Violating the spirit of the rules while abiding by the letter of the rules is called angleshooting and is not acceptable, and may be punished the same as cheating in some situations.

    Note that all rules are subject to modification by game mods, and game mods may enforce rules at their discretion

    • Always read the game moderator's posts. You are expected to adhere to their rules even if they are significantly different then the default rules. Game mods may choose to modkill or otherwise respond harshly to fouls even in cases where forum mods would not.

    You must explicitly agree to the following:

    • I will always pursue the victory of my faction. I will not knowingly and/or willingly assist other factions, unless it does not interfere with my chances of victory. I will make no attempts, through any action or inaction, to knowingly hinder the efforts of others within my faction to achieve victory.
    • I will not, through any action or inaction, attempt to ruin the game's experience for others. I will not be arrogant in victory, nor contemptuous in defeat. I will be respectful toward all other players of any background and skill level.
    • The utilization of means to circumvent the phrasing of this agreement will be considered a violation. Anything determined to violate the spirit of this agreement is subject to penalties on par with a violation of any of the specific directives.
    • If for any reason it is determined that I am in violation of the MEME, I understand that I will be penalized for my actions with or without warning, inclusive of being expelled from current and/or future games.

    If you are incapable of abiding by this agreement, do not play the game.
    - don't dead post
    - don't talk about ongoing games
    - don't use outside communication

    - don't post screenshots or quote any conversation with a mod/your role pm
    - questions about a game, setup, rules, etc. should be asked in private to the mod, not in the thread

    - don't be inactive
    - if you are going to sub out of a game don't talk about it publicly

    - don't play with more than one account in a single game

    - don't gamethrow

    etc. etc.

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    I agree we should have some rules, but not too strict. I feel like MEME hurt mafia more than anything.

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