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    Character Most Associated With Their Genre

    What protagonist and antagonist do you most associate with specific genres of fiction?

    For instance Superhero fiction
    Protagonist - Superman (the obvious choice)
    Antagonist - Doctor Doom (I imagine that one is somewhat controversial)

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    80's manga: Goku
    Generic shounen: natsu
    Kung fu manga: kenshiro
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    Pirates- Luffy
    Ninja- Naruto

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    cheerleader - Orihime

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    shit-naruto and ichigo
    samurai-Vagabond's Musashi and LW&C's Ogami Itto
    troll-Gintoki Sakata
    psychological- Light Yagami and Usogui's Bak Madarame

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    Classic Shonen - Goku.
    Current Mainstream Shonen - Naruto/Luffy.

    Plain evil villain = Lord Frieza.

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    Kung fu manhua: Wind and Cloud
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    Good guy Shonen - Goku
    Bad guy Shonen - Freeza/Cell

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    Insanity - Joker
    Anti-hero - Vegeta
    Cute animal - Pikachu

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    Psychological: Light/L
    Death Note is the most popular psychological manga, and other psych. mangas that are also popular don't have iconic or super popular characters. ie. Monster
    Samurai:Ruruni Kenshin and Miyamoto Musashi to a lesser extent
    I haven't read many samurai mangas, but from what I know Ruruni Kenshin and Vagabond are the most popular.
    Early Shounen: Goku, and the YYH cast to a lesser extent
    Goku really steals the spotlight, but there were a ton of very good early shounen manga that got a piece of the pie. The most notable manga outside of DB is YYH.
    Modern Shounen: Naruto/Luffy
    Naruto is more popular in the west, but I think that Luffy is more popular internationally.

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