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    Welcome to The Helpdesk!

    The three main purposes of the section are to make suggestions, ask questions, or address any complaints you may have. Most suggestions will be discussed by the staff, the only exception is if it's a troll suggestion, such as asking to have nude models in the site banner; however we'll always allow you a chance to explain your suggestion and will try to have reasoning provided for whether or not we go through with it (except in the case where the information is classified and should remain in the parliaments).

    If you have any questions on how the forum works this is the place to put it, such as if you can't get the search feature to work, though more minor questions can generally be answered through a quick VM to one of the admins.

    If you are unhappy with something on the forum and want it changed, then you can address the complaint here for the staff to look at.

    Occasionally the staff will also make threads here to ask members their thoughts before going through with a change. Remember, unlike the parliaments this is a place for all members, we welcome anyone to address their opinions on any of the topics in this section.
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