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    This signup rate is sad.

    Wonder if Welter needs a replacement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darthe View Post
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    This signup rate is sad.

    Wonder if Welter needs a replacement.
    What is Welter

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    How awesome am I?
    Super Awesome

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    There's some kind of mafia black hole right now. All the games I've seen lately are inactive.

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    It's pretty gay. Same shit for me. Seriously I would rather play a seven person game that ran well than a 25 person game that took a month to get sign ups and was filled with people who don't care.

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    Do you believe in a collective subconsciousness

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    Still a few days before the game starts. I think it is better to have a decent amount of people in a game than a huge game where 5-10 people get mod killed for being inactive.

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    Sign me up as replacement.

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    [Great Potato]

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    What about all those guys that joined for the last one?

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    Some of em are still here but others like Cutty Flam left

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    There's a lot of gameplay options for 13 players. Could be a nice and intimate game <3

    10 town, 3 mafia

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    What is love?

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    Dammit Cry ruins everything

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    Goddammit TTT

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    Shutup bitch

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    I'll sign up as a replacement

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    Why not just play? It's more work to catch up later

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    Ill play when the noobs get themselves modkilled

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