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Thread: Toriko Anime Discussion Thread

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    OK so after not watching the anime for so long (since the episode toriko and starjun stopped fighting) i decided to look at how the last episode is and i have to say WTF WAS THAT TORIKO????? and then i realized that he fused with hes appetite demon and then he gave joa a guki punch and from that he died . but then near the end of the episode i saw joa again with neo and then i was like WTF didn't he die now that shit doesn't make any sense?now another problem ! ichiryuu is still alive and no blue nitro and now im curious on how are they going to move on with the story ifthere is going to be a continue.but the only thing that i really liked in the episode is ichiryuu midora jirou and setsuno eating together again even tho it never happened in the manga but that scene was fine . to say the truth i don't want the anime to continue if toei is involved.

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    I assume that if the anime will continue after this (it most likely will), they will somehow keep Ichiryu around, but he will retire from president of the IGO, and maybe they will kill him somehow later, they will place the meeting between Coco, Sunny, and Zebra about the birth of the Gourmet Age at another point, and they will start with Toriko & Komatsu in the Gourmet World, but will omit any reference about Toriko saving Komatsu from the Bishokukai HQ. And then everything will be back to normal, I guess.

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    If they choose to pursue further seasons of Toriko, the story from there on is going to be radically different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brohan View Post
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    If they choose to pursue further seasons of Toriko, the story from there on is going to be radically different.
    Yeah this'll be a problem, it'll be nothing like Toriko anymore if they do decide to carry on with the animation. Just by having some people that should have died move on with their lives and die some other way, in the end it will end up biting them in the ass.
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    Wow that last episode was just bad..No real words to describe it. I think this was a FU to TOEI because of it being cancelled.
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