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    well for that reason they prepared the ground work for time skip Toriko I guess (like Joa and Neo organization marching or 4HK exploring the Gourmet World), they for sure prepared for a future continuation. I am actually shocked to hear that the anime was THAT successful tbh. I guess they may pick it after DBS ends as you said then, hope they will change the rating tho, PG13 would ruin it...
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    I hope they make a new anime that shows some blood instead of mysterious light.

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    Lol Toriko isn't even PG-13. It has no blood at all for the first 100 or so episodes.

    Yup, Toriko was a massive hit. Look under the news section then see how many times it made the anime TV rankings.

    The ratings fell during the cooking festival arc since Toei did some retarded shit with it. If Toriko retained this level of success and if it was any other studio who was animating Toriko, then we would've seen this manga adapted entirely easily lol. It only ended to make room for Dragon Ball Super.

    To be fair, if the Toriko anime changed the age group then it's safe to say it won't be as successful (it'll still be more successful than most shonens). Toei's anime was aimed at all ages so they can cater to a larger audience, when it should've been aimed at the age of 13+.

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