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Thread: Dresden Files

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    Dresden Files

    Anyone read Jim Butcher's master piece ?

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    @Robin; have you read this series? would you recommend? im thinking of picking it up sometime

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schnarf View Post
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    @Robin; have you read this series? would you recommend? im thinking of picking it up sometime
    Do it. I read the first book and it was good.

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    I picked up some of these books at a garage sale, 1, 5, 6, and 7 in the series.

    I read #1 and it was okay, easy brainless reading and kind of entertaining. It was a lot of world/character building and shitty ish climax. The main character is a wizard detective but the mystery aspect of the book is weak. I think magic/mystery is difficult to make enjoyable. I like to try and anticipate what's going to happen in a mystery but knowing anything can happen and does happen makes it a useless exercise.

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    just finished the first book today. the mystery was laughably easy to figure out, but i do agree with ultra that it was nice for some brainless reading. will start on book 2 tomorrow

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