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    Anybody know if the blue nitro on earth are the top tiers of the BN or if they are not.

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    Above T.O.P. - There was no confirmation if they are top tiers or not.
    The only thing you can connect to it is the fact that NEO was known to be a universe level disaster, probably the worst thing Blue Nitros ever faced. These 8 BNitros were chosen to go after him, also they are called Gourmet Nobles for a reason, they know their stuff.
    BN Another wanted to taste "this Earth's" fullcourse, as if she tasted other fullcourses before.
    BN Atom showcased a good knowledge of different universes, because when they arrived into the Red Universe via the Gourmet Hole, he recognized the Gourmet Matter as a thing obstructing their vision and also deduced that eating food from this universe will help them to see better (little callback to the chapter where Toriko ate AIR for the first time, getting an insane vision and actually seeing into the space).
    All of them are pretty
    knowledgeable and kinda powerful considering they were able to hurt 100% Jirou, even though he was just too much. That being said, I would say it's safe to assume that these 8 BNs were indeed top tiers (atleast amongs the Blue and Red nitros). But there may be another, third color of Nitros that will surpass even them, but that would be something to introduce if Shima actually continued Toriko after they obtain the fullcourse (and possibly find a new planet after they destroy this one )

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