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  1. After this arc, there is mini arc where Yuhao went to collect a immortal tier heaven herb to save Wang Dong's illness that was mentioned in a letter given by Niu Tian and Tai tan(the acting father of Wang Dong in the human realm, sent by Tang San)(also, they're the Bull Python and Titan Ape from Douluo Dalu 1)(Niu Tian is ranked 99, and Tai tan is probably ranked 97-98). Yuhao was accompanied by Wang Qui Er who looked exactly like Wang Dong and he was crippled after drinking lava to pull out the heavenly herb for Wang Dong. By the time of the second tournament held in the Sun Moon Kingdom, Yuhao could only use his left hand and head. He still proved to be an absolute beast though, killing people by exploding their heads when he was pissed off. The Shrek Seven Devils at this time were Bei Bei ranked anywhere from 64-66, same with Xu San Shi. He Caitou is ranked 62. Xiao Xiao and Jiang Nanan weee both still Spirit King, probably rank 55 and 58 respectivelg. Wang Dong is ranked 61 and Yuhao's 52. Yuhao is confirmed to be the strongest of among the seven devils even with the lowest Spirit Rank. This tournament was alot more savage than the first tournament. Bei Bei was out for most of time after being attacked by Tang Ya(controlled by the Spirit Cult) but when he returned at the semi final, he killed two of their participating members. Actually, all of the seven devils killed at least one person in the tournament. However, the Shrek Seven Devils were representating Tang Sect in the tournament, the Shrek Academy was led by Wang Qui Er who is everyone's absolute favorite to win the tournament since she was just dominating all her fights and mostly solo'ed the enemy's teams. Wang Qui Er also defeated the Sun Moon Royal academy team. The main opponent in this tournament arc was the Sun Moon Royal Academy's Ming De Hall team(Xiao HongChen who took drugs to forcibly rank himself up to 70~ which is a new realm compared to 69 and below, being able to use their spirit essence avatar). The Innate Body Clan's successor was a bonafide ranked 70+ though. The Holy Spirit Cult had like 2-3 Ranked 70 members on their team. And all the members in their team was at least rank 60 and above which is incredibly rare. The highest age restriction of this tournament was 20 years old students. Yuhao and Wang Dong mowed them all down though in the end LLAB.

    After this arc, they escaped from Sun Moon Kingsom after setting off a level 9 guidance weapon bomb(iirc) and destroyed a major part of the kingdom's city and a lot of civilians died that time. When they escaped, the Shrek Academy had shit luck and went into a valley that a God looked over. Testing their love and by the end of it, Wang Dong died but was revived, and went into a coma who Yuhao sent her back to Niu Tian and Tai Tan in the Sky Clear Clan. Yuhao was berated by them heavily at that time. Timeskip happens here and Yuhao could use his whole body again after absorbing all the heavenly ice energy in his body and ranked all the way up to 70. He just needed the Spirit Rings. Yuhao at this time created three god tier homemade war techniques.

    Man, I typed alot. I'm going to stop here.
  2. Even a single Level 9 Soul Guidance Weapon is priceless and they got 5 of them and 4 Level 8.

    I don't really any big fights happening soon though.

    The current arc would be like

    Mini training arc under Mulao and then timskip 2 years, Yuhao and Caitou goes to Sun Moon Royal Academy as an exchanged student and then learn there for 3 years and comes back to Shrek. During the exhange program, the Snow Emperor Ice Heavenly Snow Woman's embryonic form was about to explode in order to kill the master of the Ming De Hall and Dubusi but it was contained and merge into Yuhao's. It is also in this arc that Yuhao met the first "girl" he took an interest in and the girl just fell madly in love with Yuhao but she was married off to the Sun Moon crown Prince. The ending of the exchange arc introduced Long Xiaoyao, an old friend of Mulao who is also a ranked 99 Limited Douluo who has the same spirit essence as Mulao except his is the Darkness Sacred Dragon. He's also stronger now considerin Mulao has a broken back. The Holy Spirit Cult is also introduced in this arc and they houses all the Evil Spirit Masters.

    When Yuhao was safely escorted back to Shrek by the Poseidon's elders, President Yan Shaozhe and Xuan Lao, the Shrek Dating/Matching Date on Poseidon Lake happens and most of the people gets paired up there. It also introduces most of the inner court students in Shrek Academy showing the Academy's young powerhouses. The eldest female student in the academy(like 35 years old(?)) is already a ranked 88 Spirit Douluo who has a 100,000 years spirit ring as her 8th Spirit Ring. Another 30 years old(?) female at ranked 82. Note that the original members of Shrek reached rank 80+ when they were mostly 25+ years old after training with the Seagod's Trials. This is the arc that introduces a girl that looked exactly like the girl in Yuhao and Wang Dong's 4th spirit fusion technique: Goddess of Light. She went into the Shrek's inner courtyard with her 60+ spirit rank and having the Golden Dragon spirit essence which has absolute strength and is ranked higher up in the absolute factor compared to Yuhao's Ice Jade Emperor Scorpion Absolute Ice. Wang Dong is also revealed as a girl during this pairing night. Yuhao also showed the inner courtyard his and Wang Dong's strength, defeating 5-6 other students by themselves with room of reserves. Yuhao is ranked 52 right now and Wang Dong is ranked 61. Yuhao ranks up slower due to his Absolute Spirit Essence until he is rank 80. The most epic part of this arc is when Yuhao showed off his Domain when he combined the Ice Jade Emperor Scorpion's Permafrost Domain with the Snow Emperor Ice Heavenly Snow Woman's Polar Ice Domain which created the Ice and Snow Dance Extreme Ice Domain that froze up everyone and the Seagod's lake very quickly.
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    I'm just messing with ya man. We all have a guilty pleasure series or two.

    Mine would be Rave, Inuyasha & Medaka Box. All three are mediocre and yet I still enjoy their horribleness
  4. The Innate Body Clan from a couple of chapters ago in DD2. The clan master Dubu Si is actually very strong.

    He's got 2 Yellow, 2 Purple, 2 Black, and 3 Red Spirit Rings configuration.
  5. Rereading the early parts of Douluo Dalu 2.

    I can't believe the manhua didn't mention about Mu Lao having a complete set of spirit bones. No wonder he's so strong.
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    Haha, thanks again. I try my best to be as respectful as possible. It's a lot more pleasant that way and accessible for other posters as well. After all, I like learning from new perspectives as it promotes growth. That said, congrats on your masters work and future plans! I take it you're studying to be in some type of medical or engineering field? That's tremendously interesting. How's that work coming along? Is it something that you're working with other students and professors on? Developing certain aspects of them?

    That's the question for the ages, isn't it? Not sure yet. Every day is an exercise in trying to figure it out. That said, I'm really going to try and get a plan mapped out. All I know is that I can't do a desk job and I have to have the freedom to travel. Well, I have a few interests but I'm not well into developing them yet so it's all a big adventure that I'll have to smartly enjoy.
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    It's okay. I'm used to it. And I'm plotting my way out one investment at a time.
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    XD No, it means you gets the most responsibility and burden.
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