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    Good luck.

    You'll need more than an evil african time warlock to move some of the parts of TMF.
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    I received the magic from a time travelling african warlock named Nelson Mandela.

    It's meant to talk about things specific to a series or within a series. It's sort of confusing here and there since some things which crossover go within the Manga section and some things don't.

    Honestly I have issues with the breakdown of the super sections altogether.
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    Moderator magic allows me to see deleted threads as well.
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    Also I moved your thread to Manga Series since it was series specific.

    Let me know if I did wrong with that.
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    You should be able to modify the title of any thread you create I believe.
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    I can see that, though you do keep logging on and off rather inconveniently.

    That sucks man. If you have to keep off the site, then that's natural, and it's not like you can't come on. Congrats though bud. All this hard work will reward you eventually. Which reminds me, you should definitely post in the Automation thread some more. It's a subject I've grown interested in and I'd appreciate any other insight in there, especially since there's a lot of potential discussion.

    Glad you feel better.

    All 3, hopefully. The last one is one I have a good feeling about, for some reason. The first two take more dominance though.
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    Seems like for many people when it came to Spider-Man and Wonder Woman it really fell down to what the viewer wanted to see more of: The character of Peter Parker or the adventure of Spider-Man, the caring nature beneath the skin of Diana or the problem solving practicality of Wonder Woman.
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    hey, it's James Bond
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    S'no problem. I'm just as bad. lol

    Homecoming did a lot to tell the tale of how Peter always felt like a more awkward outsider who wants a normal life but has problems jumping the gun to prove himself as a superhero while not being able to balance it out. A theme which will persist for the rest of his existence. It also helped capture how he uses humor to cover his insecurity and how his insecurity affects his personal relationships. He's never too confident until he's behind the mask and even then he's generally faking it. In the construction scene we see this play out the most because Peter has been intentionally focusing on smaller criminals and hasn't had to face something this tough before, only to dig down deep and channel his natural heroism. We also see it when Peter decides to chase the Vulture rather than avoid him after he threatened Peter, choosing to do the "right thing" no matter the personal cost. Another theme that tends to plague Spider-Man. It also went pretty far in showing that Pete doesn't rely entirely on his superhuman senses and tries often to plan out ahead for what he can, and plan out in the moment what he didn't know before. Overall it hit the tone of a teenage Parker pretty well.

    Wonder Woman I liked as it fixed a LOT of what was wrong with DC movies up to that point by showing characters as multi-dimensional. This played up the clash of cultures well but maintained Diana's ambassador of peace and love that she was known for previously without sacrificing her willingness to jump into battle or her understandable short-sighted actions of trying to cut a problem off before it becomes a disaster. It was a warm movie that helped for those of us who found the other movies just too cold.

    Justice League was an odd one. Somewhere between BvS and Wonder Woman is where this one sat, but didn't learn all the lessons from Wonder Woman while trying to maintain a thematic tone to the older film. Didn't help WB for some reason decided this was the movie to start putting time limits on. Floundered, a little too one-dimensional, and didn't levy the characters as it should have by never truly emphasizing any of them while definitely under-utilizing the ones they should have focused on. And the graphics were... not good.
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