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    what's the curse?
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    ho ho ho, heavy drinker I see
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    Mmmm. Beeeer.

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    personal experience?
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    Don't be jealous, Zentos.
  6. Tang Sect’s Sect Master and Vice Sect Master are both Rank 99 Limit Douluos with 4 Word Battle Armor

    The Sect Master is actuslly stronger than Shrek’s Pavilion Master Yun Ming. The Sect Master was the leader of the Shrek’s Seven Devils that Yun Ming was a part of.

    Tang Sect strongest in the world
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    you don't get it. It's not like anyone is seeking balance. Anyone is seeking survival and power. But by everyone seeking survival and power, a mechanism of balance is created, and it's ruling the entire pool until a breaking force occurs and unbalances the scene.

    sei himself is aware of the unification years being the absolute bloodiest of the entire Warring States' existence. It's not like it's even comparable to any of the petty territorial war that there's been before. Besides, to mark it with such huge words as "the absolute best path", you'd have to provide guarantee of an unified china being A) actually peaceful, B) manageable, C) capable of standing up again after the crippling war, D) solid throughout the years. Proving any of this is a challenge using either kingdom's rulebook or the real universe's, and it's also pointless since this discussion wasn't even about the content of Sei and Riboku's aspirations to begin with, for the simple reason that i don't support one above the other.
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    that's all pretty baseless, because i can flip it around and say yeah, nobody would pass on the opportunity to get bigger or more powerful, but it's also true that whenever it happens that they are the ones to be vulnerable, they'd much rather fight for the status quo to be kept instead of losing ground. So yeah, a lot of kings would be fine with keeping their own territories on the guarantee the others would do the same. Wei King Keibin is the type who would do that, for example, and a state like Han would certainly agree since they risk of getting wiped out at any fart of the bigger blobs.

    in other words, your point of unification being unavoidable as long as there is no deal to keep the borders as they are can be translated into unification being unavoidable if one of the countries becomes way more powerful and thirsty than the others and the balance is broken. Which is exactly why the Warring States balance has never let it happen before in 400 years of history (see Qi at the time of Gakuki's coalition). So if there's a rule the Warring States tend to, it's not unification, it's preservation of the balance. The reason why it's failing now it's because the Coalition wasn't successful and Qin is now past the point of not being able to cope with the rest of China by themselves alone, since Sei has provided the spontaneous force to break through the loop.
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    the difficulty grows exponentially with the fewer nations remaining, and to prove this it's the fact these 7 states have been holding for like 400 years with very little changes to China's geography overall. Plus, in the Warring States history there's been who tried to keep peace with treaties and conventions, so that way is not impossible and certainly less of a bloodbath even in the long run.
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