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    wtf did I just watch?
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    make a pursuit clause

    well, he did say he liked this map because it had more paths/options
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    If you're faced with a team that has more firepower than you, you'd fortify and maybe send out a spear to catch them offguard. But if I was you, I'd focus my attack, since I would have the muscles advantage but a rather terrain usage disadvantage. You did a pretty good job with your separate armies and support, but it was spread somewhat thin imo. I'd have a main attack force (around 50k) to overwhelm any of Nord's single armies in one go with a smaller army or two watching the flanks/back. Draw a sweeping path to take care of this other armies afterwards.

    If I was Nord, I wouldn't have had my armies fan out independently. I'd stick Riboku's ass on that mountain, fortify it, and rely my forces' abilities to actively defend while roaming a small area around the base with their superior maneuverability. Even if I used both of my strats for this match, I'd say my Nord team would be able to hold off my Zentos team.

    tl;dr I'd say stick to either a more unified attack or defense in this situation and try not to cover too much ground. Also, make your clauses of the Cic/vices more unified to a single main objective or two, I know it's the smart way to play by trying to cover all the bases to be fully prepped but it's trying to do so many things at once and your priority could be questioned.
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    well, not everyone cares to read and vote in the first place

    Bigger starting areas give you options and smaller ones would be greeted with "you can't fit all those men in that space". And you see, "loose" strats are most troublesome in this way: you have a reader who's not sure at how to concretely map out how the battle unfolds and goes with his own interpretation (more than usual) but then the player (with the benefit of his "loose" strat) only chooses the most convenient options with the "nuh uh, x thing would actually happen at y location cuz that's how it's supposed/I tended it to be". At least with concrete clauses and paths, you could pin hard evidence against them doing that but with looser strats, you really can't and it becomes a nightmare to debate. This is why I stress clauses and despise reliance on in character actions.

    not before he killed your idiots squad
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    and that's what I hate in a strat, too vague/flexible for me to make a definite decision/read

    I can still remember Kyouen's death like it was yesterday
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    honestly, I'd have to say they're too iffy most of the time, but not all of that is your fault as what strat you're facing makes it hard to judge if it was a good scheme to go with. then there's also the fact that you like to send your boys on a suicide mission but you expect them to live

    Your strat versus me was the best one as it was unexpected but it could've backfired
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    Yeah more or less
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    remind me to vote in the cyk when you see me online next
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    You don't have to do it one by one, you can just highlight all the text at once.
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    If you highlight all the text and press center you should be able to center the text.
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