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    haven't been reading much lately. been smashing through wolfenstein games for about a week now
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    thought you said disagree to the charge in question, whoops
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    it's not what i'm best at

    i used to do it with my young cousins tho, they're not that young anymore y
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    Shia Lebeouf?
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    Which one? lol
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    but of course young gay, one must use all of his resources to their utmost to buttfuck their opponent
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    Exactly. The key is to remember that some of the greatest people in history who did make a difference in the world didn't do it because the world around them was sugar, spice, and everything nice. They channeled their frustration and sadness into something positive. If you can't change it, change the way you think about it. And if you can change it, do exactly that. To change the world, you gotta change yourself and see what you can do.

    That's a good mindset to have. As long as you're keeping track of milestones. Nothing wrong with patting yourself on the back. But yeah, daily and consistent improvement is key.

    I'm glad things are chiller here. TMF isn't really good for you if you're sensitive, unfortunately. Which is why I left.

    Same to you, Zentos. You're a great guy.

    Indeed. Finding a decent job that meets my requirements is tough, though. So I've just been watching TV and trying to hone my skills. Have you used any learning resources, like Khan Academy, Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, Lynda, Treehouse etc? It's crazy what you can do on the Internet these days as long as you're committed. The bulk of the necessary career skills I need are all online.

    I can be pretty awkward. Charisma (or lack of charisma) is one of my biggest weaknesses.
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    I feel like mine are cause of some existential angst, like fear of the future and cynicism towards human nature...and the others have to do with recent world events. Having empathy is a double-edged sword.

    Knew you had it in you, man. That sounds like some pretty groundbreaking stuff. Are there any future projects or competitions you're going to go to?

    Seems about accurate for this point in the year. It still looks pretty booming. The recession will pass, I think. Who's left, exactly?

    I understand. The offer is still on the table if you change your mind though

    School this semester is only two classes and both of em are kinda lame. I am pretty content with my writing, though. I feel like I've improved quite a bit. Writing has also helped me be more honest with myself about what I think my strengths and weaknesses would be in certain fields. I notice I have an inclination to write about life. Life experiences, life advice, psychology, interpersonal skills, relationships, social interaction, people. It's weird, cause I'd say I'm a people person. I just have no people skills.
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    Thanks mane. There's been hiccups here and there, but it's life.

    International competitions eh? Sounds fancy. Mostly robotics, I presume? And what kind of projects are they?

    Good to see you've got a section you're really invested in. It seems like there's a lot of them around, though.

    Well if I don't, there's plenty of ways to reach me offsite if you're comfortable sharing any email or whatever. Has there been any other cool things happening here?
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    I've been good bro. There's the occasional bouts of sadness, but I've gotten better with not complaining. Lately my pursuits consist of quitting some bad habits, going to the gym, finishing my last semester of school before transferring, trying to find a better job, new experiences, watching more TV and writing often, and learning about myself and life in general. It's been a pretty eventful year.

    How about yourself? How's school and here going? I see you're a Blood now
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