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    stop playing hurt, zentosu

    you're not credible
  2. You definitely should.

    Remember this Poison Douluo from part 1?

    He ended the great war in Part 1. The total kills the Shrek Devils and the other titled douluos(Sword and Bone Douluo, Tang San's father and uncle) is only equal to 1/10 the amount Dugu Bu killed. His poison instantly kills ranked 79 and below spirit master within one second the poison got into their body. Ranked 80+ takes longer to kill but if the poison invaded the body, their doomed.

    The poison man when introduced as city massacring Poison Douluo lives up to his hype. He created a valley of death with his poison.

  3. The Sun Moon Royal Academy's Ming De Hall didn't get it's justice in the manhua.

    The soul spirit weapon are some crazy stuff in the light novel. 3 Titled Douluos ranked 93-94 with 9 levels of soul guidance weapon needs at least a super douluo-limit douluo(rank 96-99) to destroy them.

    The only country that have 9 levels of soul guidance weapon are from the Sun Moon Empire and there have multiple of them. With the help of Holy Spirit Cult, they are currently in a advantageous position after declaring war against 3 countries and Shrek Academy.

    The Cult Master ranked 99 have her own soul guidance weapon at almost level 10 is so powerful to the point 12 titled douluos are no match for her and one shot from her weapon killed 2,000+ ranked 70 and above spirit master in the beginning of the war.
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    why do you keep saying this, zentosu
  5. Douluo Dalu 2. Shrek Academy is such a huge powerhouse.

    The institute probably have over 20+ Titled Douluos, with like 10 being Super Douluos ranked 96-97. Even surpasses the Spirit Hall in sheer quantity and quality.
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    Clears ofc
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    any new threads i should be aware of?

    flame flame flame flame
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    Pfft, mavis got nothing on crispy's avatars.
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    stop downplay

    he is omnipotent+ you fuk.
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    He used to be worse you know, me and him had like a 20 page flame war because he said whitebeard was moon level
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Type 1 trying to recruit and getting the L.

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Wanna take white's spot in type 1?
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Zentos is a good choice tbh
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You wretched hive of scum and villainy. Do I look like a sellout to you?

A man does not turn his back on his people.


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