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  1. You're getting to the good parts.
  2. Oh yeah, I remembered that with hidden weapons with deadly poison, you could kill those at rank 70+

    But it's the strongest poison weapon the MC ever created though and he used it up already. lol
  3. He won the battle. Of course, the rank 76 guy wasn't even close to going all out.

    There is no way a rank 29 can beat a rank 76 guy in this series even if both of his spirit essence have 2 100,000 years old spirit ring. The difference is too big.

  4. Ongoing.

  5. His river grass essence transform later on a powerful spirit essence. Don't worry.

    And a huge spoiler, like super huge so that you won't be disappointed in his river grass essence in the future.

    The LN that finished, Tang San's river grass will eventually have 9 100,000+ years old spirit rings, the same for his hammer.

    This happens really far into the future though when he's becoming a God
  6. 10 if you can reached rank 100 Titled God which hasn't happen in the history of the continent yet.

    Yeah, the higher the years are for your spirit rings, the stronger the ability of the spirit essence becomes. So having 10,000+ years old spirit rings from his first to his last spirit ring would make an unprecedented spirit essence. It'd create a godly essence.

  7. You'll see why he's hiding his second spirit essence.

    If you wanna know, just check the spoiler.

    His father, and later his teacher/master was thinking of having him save his stronger spirit essence for later because if he trains them both at the same time, the most he'll get out of having two spirit essence is it's diversity since you can only use one spirit essence at a given time always.

    So instead of doing that method where you could get more diversity right now, they're thinking how to create a monster.

    At rank 10-20, you can absorb spirit ring at around 100-1000 years old. At rank 30-40, 1000+ years old spirit rings is their limits. When they're ranked 50-89, they can absorb 10,000+ years spirit ring and at rank 90 and higher, their limit will be over 100,000+ years spirit ring.

    So they decided to have him focus on his weaker spirit essence and train himself to the rank of titled douluo(rank 90) so that he can get all the spirit rings at that time which would mean his second spirit essence has no limit cap for the spirit rings he can absorb.

    So the plan was for him to reach rank 90 and then get 9 rings of 10,000+ years for his hammer to create a unfair spirit essence lol.
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    You guess.

    It's alright, man. Comics should be enjoyed at your own pace. Originally, and even to today, they were usually a once a month thing. The more you try to rush comics the worse the reading experience is. If you wanna binge them you should, but if you're waiting a little while that's fine too.

    If you find Spider-Man is a harder title to get into, you can always try a different title.
  9. Kind of.

    But he's a person who retained all his previous life's knowledge that he accumulated. He's becoming a legend within the world he reincarnated in.
  10. Yeah.

    Trust me, the art and story gets really good later on.
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