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    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Zentos again.

    Ok then, let's continue another time. Always fun to have some entertaining discussions from time to time
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    Also I'm gonna have another mod look over all the posts and see which ones probably shouldn't be counted.
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    Yeah, I can see that. The speed at which a manga can be read tends to help, and is a reason I was able to do BnHA so well. It wasn't a slog like some mangas can be with their heavy decompression (something I've -really- hated in Marvel for years now), and a quick clip can really help my enjoyment of a series. Especially in a bulk read.

    Unfortunately for me: BC just doesn't feel like it's even really trying to do something new. Like it is just copying the success of something else as opposed to following it with its own flavor. Sort of like I've read it before. If it makes SotM I'll probably try to re-read it (because it's not like finals is important or anything), but I get a feeling it'll be January's SotM either way.

    Thanks for the panel reminder. That Hyou is good, but just not good enough.
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    lol The whole thousand posts is why I added the part about contribution quality, because Rax has a history of inflated junk posting.

    I'm pretty sure BC will end up being the next SotM given its high voting for this month. I've noticed a series that votes pretty high in a previous month has extra attention for the following month. So I'm not too worried about it on that front, and people who voted in BC should be happy.

    Though I didn't enjoy it at all. lol When I read it, it felt like I was reading an automated check list when you ask a computer, "What is a battle shonen?"

    As for being campaigned against? At least one other mod agrees with you there, though it's hard for us as staff to determine what constitutes a good or bad vote since I'd basically be telling a voter what their intent was even if it wasn't that. Unfortunately, it also has led to some people making their votes for BC by backlash who might not have voted before. This was exacerbated by members seeing adherents bring in people from other forums just to vote for their series. The problem is some of the posters becomes super vocal and it sort of energizes other posters to act for or against another poster, but they still might actually want the series their voting for to succeed regardless of any other motives. That's why the staff and I have agreed to put in a new rule that should punish people who vote in a series and never vote for it. Which is gonna make my life hell as I evaluate a SotM when we start to get 10, 11, and 12 voters in.

    So unfortunately, this time around, there's not much I can do other than make sure that people who vote "out of spite" cannot vote next time if they're not going to contribute. However, that's a double edged blade next time SotM comes around. And I think I'll unfortunately have to be a stricter mod for the voting process since this just turned into another mud fight.
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    I'm not sure if there were any universal ones, but he's had some pretty powerful incarnations with some pretty souped up weaponry.

    As an aspect of Primus, he's basically acted as a conduit for the Cybertronian god. lol
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    A Gee Wunner is someone who considers anything past Transformers Generation 1 (G1 or "Gee Wun") to not be canon to the series itself. I've even known people who don't consider anything past the first season as canon. lol

    Given the show's history, Optimus Prime has had a very... difficult representation. From being able to fall from space, eat up several hundred tons of blows (per blow), to just eating city destroying blasts, he's also fallen low to being hit by other cars and other lame stuff. Basically he was as strong or as weak as he needed to be. But there was a few things we knew for sure: He was among the strongest of the Autobots since he is/was empowered by the Autobot Matrix of Leadership and one of the physically largest Autobots, especially given his capability of combining with other machines to attain even more powerful forms.
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    I enjoy quite a fair bit.

    But I'm no Gee Wunner if that's what you're curious about.
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