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  1. I think all the Shrek's Pavilion members died except the Rank 98 Holy Spirit Douluo Ya Li.

    damn. Shrek's pavilion had like 10+ Super Douluo and some more Titled Douluos, all 3 Word Battle Armor master.
  2. To launch the Rank 12th Cannon ball, the Holy Spirit Cult created this skeleton that needed 12 Titled Douluo, 20 Spirit Douluo, and an unimaginable number of mid-rank soul master.

    Yun Ming(i think combust his life source completely) to turn in a true Demi-God level power Spear pierce through the Rank 12th Cannon Ball and the Skeleton, destroying and killing them all in one instant.

  3. God damn it, Holy Spirit Cult destroyed Shrek Academy.

    For some unknown reasons, they managed to get a hold of two of the three 12th Rank Fixed Install Soul Guidance Cannon Ball(apparently, with the amount of resources on Douluo Continent, they don’t have enough to make a fourth 12th Rank Cannon ball)

    they even named the 12th Rank Soul Guidance Cannonball: Kill the Gods! Ruin the Heavens! Destroy the Earth!

    this thing cannot be blocked even by Yun Ming’s strength.
  4. Been reading Douluo Dalu 3

    the present Shrek’s Sea God Pavilion Master Yun Ming is a guy that is almost on Yuhao and Tang San’s level at the same rank. The guy is a Rank 99 Limit Douluo and 4 Word Battle Armor Master(4 Word = Rank 99 power).

    It seems the dude, to snatch his wife from the Continent’s Federation, defeated 16 Titled Douluos with 3 Word Battle Armor successively.

    The guy is apparently on the upper level Limit Douluo. The same stage that Yuhao and Tang belongs to.

  5. She even shed a tear for him

    and can't really call him fatty anymore cause his coolness is near Tang, Mubai, and Oscar's level lookwise
  6. yeah, Fatty changed from a cheerful guy to a gloomy pitiful guy.

    But that attracted the Lustful God tho
  7. Yeah

    Out of all the Shrek Devils, only Fatty changed.
  8. Oscar was the true MVP of the battle though, he was trolling the entire enemy's team from beginning to end.

    Oscar copied Tang's Asura God Sword attack and launch it at the Deadly Sins and they managed to block it together, but he still continues to use it again when he actually don't have the energy left to launch another one to delay the Deadly Sins and when they found out and tried to attack Oscar, the nigga back off behind Yuhao and the Deadly Sins couldn't really do anything about it
  9. It’s funny cause Yuhao was charging his knife with his god powers and intidimating the Deadly Sins gods and when he does use it finally, he threw it at the God of Destruction’s forehead

  10. Well, Tang San forced him to ignite his divine flame(using his life source as a power) and Yuhao knocked him ot with his knife
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