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    400 war chariots would replace 400 of your troops
  4. I completely finished Douluo Dalu 2.

    Yuhao managed to injure Tang San

    He used an ability that reflects all damage taken 50% back to it's user while displaying another ability to completely negate all mind ability/defense of Tang San's.

  5. As if that wasn't enough, Yuhao and Wutong decided to end the war and kill the Sun Moon Emperor as well as 11 Titled Douluo with 9 levels of Soul Guidance Master.

  6. Yuhao and Wutong strikes together to kill the Ranked 2nd 700,000 years Evil Eye Tyrant Emperor.

  7. He won't because he's receiving the God of Emotion Rong Nian Bing's powers little by little now.

    Basically, the reason why he's so strong is, when you reach Titled Douluo you create a soul nucleus in your body. However, in Yuhao's case he made a soul nucleus back when he was ranked 70+ and for him to reach titled douluo level, he needed to create a 2nd Soul Nucleus which is usually created when you break through to rank 99. And there are two ways to create a soul nucleus, the equal resonance and the yin yang supplement version. Only spirit beast so far have managed to create a yin yang supplement soul nucleus and even the Snow Emperor(700,000 years) failed to create a yin yang soul nucleus. Only spirit beast that has this is the ranked 1 and 2, Beast God Di Tian and Evil Eye Tyrant Emperor. Yuhao is the first human to use the method of yin yang supplement to create his soul nucleus(which is nigh impossible, he need the 6 big spirits in his body to help him and even Dragon God Douluo Mu En's last power to help him succeed, as well as eating a Dragon Pill which is the most precious thing in the whole world).

    So when he reached titled douluo, he was already stronger than peaked rank 97 Yan Shaozhe who was reaching rank 98 and is weaker than Xuan Lao only. Even in a direct fight, he might not lose because of his top grade 9th grade divine ice armor and having two Divine Instrument from the God of Emotion.
  8. It's all good.

    Yuhao appearance made the Sun and Moon Bright Virtue Hall's Hall Master Jing Hong Chen gave up on life and pleaded him to just spare his two grandchildren. (the two white haired brother and sister in the first tournament)

    He's now universally known as someone who undertook a 1v10 challenge. Fought 7 people back to back without resting and all of them are Titled Douluos, with 5 being Super Douluos. One ranked 98, ranked 97, ranked 96.
  9. Tfw Yuhao is so strong to the point they gave him two titles.

    Shura Eyes and Ice Spirit Duoluo.
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