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  1. Chen Xin is one of the strongest people around.

    The number of people I know that could beat him is

    1. Tang Chen Ranked 99 (Former Master of the Clear Sky Clan and the successor to the Asura God)
    2. Qian Dao Liu Ranked 99 (Spirit Hall's Elder Sect First Consecrator)
    3. Bo Saixi Ranked 99 (Master of the Seagod Island and the representative of SeaGod) -also the strongest of the three above if they fought on Seagod Island
    4. Tang Hao Ranked 97 (Current Clear Sky Douluo and is stronger than ranked 98 Titled Douluo, only people of Qian Dao Liu's caliber is worthy of being his opponent)
    5. Tang Xiao (maybe) Ranked 95-96 (Current Master of the Clear Sky Clan and Tang Hao's older brother)
    6. The second consecrator Ranked 98 (possesses a 100,000 years spirit ring as his 9th spirit ring; from one generation older than Qian Dao Liu)
    7. Bibi Dong Ranked 99 (Twin Spirit Masters and the successor to the Rakshasha God)

    That's all the people I can see being stronger than Chen Xin individually.
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    I seriously don't know how you can "blow off some steam" by debating but okay

    give it more time, can't start another right away cuz burnout
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    it's a knockout tournament, do you have any idea how long and tedious a round robin would be?

    then why you demanding?
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    it's over already

    unless you're free to do some mock battles with the new idea
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    Yeah lol.

    I had no idea sun tzu was a girl
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    I saw spiRos "akainu didnt struggle against whitebeard" thread.

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    At least I made it to 12 gold bars
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    Look at mine now
  9. Oh yeah. Titled Douluo Oscar is really broken in team battles.

    One of his ability is complete regeneration+spirit power restoration, one that gives your first attack a boost of 200%(any ability) so when you give the second one to someone like Xiao Wu, you're creating 9 bonafide Titled Douluos.
  10. Lol

    just so you know, even after they finished training at Seagod island and came back to the mainland, they wouldn't be able to defeat Chen Xin.

    And Zhuqing's 9 clone spirit ability is either wrong or if it's a manhua thing, it's completely broken. At titled douluo level, 90% power is like having 9 titled douluos with you. That was supposed to be Xiao Wu's 7th spirit ring ability at the 100,000+ years level.
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