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  1. I agree that it was rushed a lot after the timeskip but that have its own charm as well since this updates pretty slowly.

    Basically, only her flesh has been restored. She isn't completely revived yet and she'll be revived after a bit of training in Sea God Island when the Spirit Hall attacked the forest again.

    Tang San who went to help killed the Titled Douluo with his spear after he trained at the Sea God Island so look forward to that.

    I know, I was shocked when I realize the gap between rank 97 and 96. Chen Xin could take on over 10 Titled Douluo rank 96 and below.

    Tang San getting a total of 18 red spirit rings will be near EoS when he becomes a God. Either this or when he completes his training to inherit the Sea God's position in the Sea God Island.

    Read more, Huo Yuhao will have his second spirit essence, which has way more attack power than the 1,000,000 years old daydream worm.
  2. I...I have to go forward!
    Can't go back and re-check now.
  3. Hmm

    Tang San's mother is a 100,000 years old spirit beast reincarnated into a human. They were after her to for the 100,000 years old spirit ring and 100,000 years old spirit bone. There won't be any 1,000,000 years old spirit beast in Douluo Dalu 1.
  4. Yeah, I'm not sure why the translator got something so simple wrong.

    The scorpion Ma Hongjun killed was 4,500 years old. The spider Tang San killed was 10,000 years old. I think the tournament people even said it was a million years spirit ring when it was only 10,000 years old so the translator dun goof on this.

    Fast progress

    Keep it up!

    Tang San gets even more badass after the 5 years timeskip soon.

  5. Because it's different from manga
  6. I agree, Tang San is just that far ahead of the rest.

    Now, now
  7. The Shrek Seven Monsters

    Tang San
    Xiao Wu (Soft Bone Rabbit Essence)

    Dai Mubai (White Tiger Essence)
    Zhu Zhuqing (Nether Cat Essence)

    Oscar (Food God)
    Ning Rongrong (Seven Treasure Glaze Essence)

    Ma Hongjun (Evil Phoenix Essence)

    Basically, the main characters of the story.
  8. Impressive.

    Who is your favorite Shrek Seven Monster? Aside from Tang San?
  9. 74 chapters in one go

  10. Tang San is basically Dugu Bu's only friend.

    He's supportive of whatever Tang San does and aids him whenever he can.
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