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  1. That's a very detailed description of a prostitution dorms, probably because you live in one..

    Is that where you parents left you?
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    or how about you lick ur ass with ur hanging mouth and and move ur tail like little bit bol while keep barking ur scandalous way until u find someone to pat on ur head out of sympathy like how VICE pitied u and got in my way last time?
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    good thing you miss it little scum. how about i whip it with ur shit then? no, how about i stuff ur asshole and mouth with shit that u end up like those little fucks in the prostitution dorms who wld shit their beds and shed their ugly mugs in fear while on their filthy heads and toe.
  4. I am missing it. I took a big shit today but you were not there to wipe my ass like a pro.

    DreX the Asswiper. Wipes asses with a don! Guaranteed satisfaction of countless consumers

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    cunt, your barking is so gross. i thought pm's wld be better to avoid over lookers and for me to go all the way with you. aren't you missing me whipping ur ass?
  6. You are glad i triggered you, since you were itching to continue our little chat from yesterday but you disabled visitor messages....

    I am not interested in making fun of you on PM where no one can see it
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    U know im fuckin glad u triggered this, since I have been itching to continue with our little chat yesterday without disturbance this time. But ur shit is filling my profile. Off u go to pm's or the chatting box scum.
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    Bahaha lamo is this why u never attempted to change ur nickname retard ?
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    Or avoid them?

    Does that seem easier?
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    You do know the bully trope?

    You're going into that trope on a speeding train.
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About SpiRo
Putting Ketcup or Mayo on Pizza
Putting Ketchup or Mayo on Pizza


Kong Facts ~ 19.7.2017
KONG FACTS ~ 19.7.2017

Atheists are declining!

The way Europe is going, it will be Muslim in a few generations!

China is evangelizing on a scale this world has never seen!

China will be biggest Christian country!

Atheist are not even 2%!

Atheists don't even breed!

Science is Religion!

Atheism hampered science!
Kong Facts ~ One Piece Edition
-Carrot, Sanji and Pedro are Big Mom Pirates!
-Mihawk was talking about PHYSICAL distance across the ice!
Time to fill my signature with more intelligent posters of MF

Quote Originally Posted by Zentos View Post
Of course they do, they pick up shit like psychology, philosophy and art, because they can't finish any decent major. They can't contribute to society in any way. Freeloaders, nothing else.
Quote Originally Posted by Lionel Richie View Post
Ha, yeah. Steven Hawking never did anything to better humanity's place on this earth.
Quote Originally Posted by Lionel Richie View Post
There's no such thing as free education. But even if it did exist... it would be awful.
Quote Originally Posted by ReXDrake View Post
That CUNT SpiRo can get the fuck out. The act of watching graphic stuff like that is not in and of itself bad. Ive always had a fascination with snuff and disturbing films. If youre going to argue that im not a good person or whatever because of that, then i guess every single person who likes action movies, manga, sports or anything that contains physical combat and violence must also be the same. There is a distinction between having an INTEREST in something and ADVOCATING or APPROVING of it.
Quote Originally Posted by Gwenhwyfar View Post
What do you mean do I think Vergo could beat Sanji, it already happened in the manga.

Zoro is stronger than Vergo, was the same seat level as Pica and Zoro effortlessly put him down.

Zoro would beat Sanji with even less difficulty than he beat Pica.
Quote Originally Posted by Erkan12 View Post
No swordsmen can beat Doffy. The guy can stitch his internal organs after taking a Counter Shock hit, sword wounds are a piece of cake for him. Vista's Mihawk level Haki and base stats would probably push Doffy to high-difficulty though.
Quote Originally Posted by Erkan12 View Post
No swordsmen can beat Doffy with a sword. Plain and simple. It's same like beating Buggy with a sword or Jozu with a sword. It's impossible, use your brain.
Quote Originally Posted by Erkan12 View Post
Evidence is the anime filler and common sense.
Quote Originally Posted by Acno View Post
Doffy>Jozu>Cracker.The Manga show´s it pretty clear
Quote Originally Posted by Erkan12 View Post
the last battle of MF Whitebeard where he KO'ed Akainu.
Quote Originally Posted by Dayum View Post
Doffy cannot fight Mihawk for even 5 minutes.
Quote Originally Posted by Erkan12 View Post
Even Base Teach was able to defeat that pre-prime Shanks.
Quote Originally Posted by The Bald Headed Negro View Post
Akainu couldn't continue fighting while WB could. Pretty clear cut to me.
Quote Originally Posted by Donquixote Doflamingo View Post
Yes Fujitora is one of the fastest characters in the world if you did not know well you learned something today.
Quote Originally Posted by Donquixote Doflamingo View Post
Quote Originally Posted by Erkan12 View Post
Akainu, by some luck, didn't fall into the sea, he probably caught a piece of ground and cling onto it until he regained his consciousness.
Quote Originally Posted by Erkan12 View Post
Also we know that BM already defeated Kaido at least once or even twice.
DreX the "Intelligent" earned a special spot for all his remarkable claims

October 6, 2007: Chapter 473: Kuma appears and obviously uses his DF ability.
September 8, 2008: Chapter 513: Sentoumaru explains Kuma's ability.
April 24, 2017: DreX has a THEORY how "Repelling gotta be a part of Kuma's Devil Fruit ability"
DreX the Asswiper. Is a pro who wipes asses with a Don!

Quote Originally Posted by DreX View Post
So, Shanks is the protege of the PK? and Mihawk is the protege of the Apes king ? both of them were on the same ship idiot, not even a hint on who Roger preferred from the both in the manga, and when did i fucking say that Shanks has no potential, didn't even say that he falls to Mihawk in that aspect, i'm merely saying that we can say who.

Monkey, Mihawk said that he ain't fighting Shanks in that specific meeting of their, and it was in a sarcastic way of denying because he didn't come for fighting unlike usual, he came for showing him Luffy's poster.
Quote Originally Posted by DreX View Post
Every CoA is hardening but not every hardening is CoA
Quote Originally Posted by DreX View Post
Retard, Shanks lost deliberately to that marine snake. Why would he want to heal his lost arm.
Quote Originally Posted by DreX View Post
I understand you want to pride yourself with my sayings in ur sig but don't overdo it, ur sig reeks shit so it doesn't stand to it.
Quote Originally Posted by SpiRo View Post
Of course my sig reeks of shit when i have you in my sig.
DreX "making fun" of serious religion Pastafarianism..


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