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    Where have you been brah?
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    Its Nordlending

    Well there is a lot more people that has blond or dark blond hair than those who have brown hair. Its rare to find people with pure black hair.

    Blue eyes is definitely a majority. In my old class there was 2 people with brown eyes while the rest had either blue or some hybrid between blue and green (like me)

    Terms of personality? I can't really judge that, be more specific.
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    Heisenberg wants you to vote for Zoro
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    I remember saying that quite a while ago, not sure if it's still true. York Shin is definitely still in my Top 5 though.

    The whole arc was just thrill-ride from start to finish. No chapter was wasted; there was always a new character or plot twist introduced to keep the story moving. York Shin also debuted possibly the best group of antagonists ever in the Genei Ryodan. I've never seen so many different abilities and personalities brought together this well before. I also like how Gon didn't play a major role in this arc, it can get annoying when all the limelight is on the MC and no other characters get a chance.

    Those are a few reasons. I'd have to re-read it to go into more detail, which I might do since thinking about this stuff makes me want to experience it all over again.
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    I think that chapter is important to understand how such astral beings exist and how they get their power. That's why the author decided not to actually release it in the end, I think---it gave too much insight too soon. But I think that chapter is pivotal to telling us how someone like Guts is to defeat Griffith. But I think the manga still has a couple hundred more chapters to go. There's a lot that can needs to be sorted out and defeating the Godhand, if at all, is going to be a long and arduous task.

    Ah, you're almost done. Very nice. See what I mean about Griffith's power and how Guts isn't ready for him yet? And the mini arc? Which one? Where he gets raped by Donovan? That's really early in his life, so before Bazuso. Which chapters do you mean, though?
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    Ah, I see. Well yeah, it's truly one of the greats. I do agree about Casca. It sucks really badly that such a strong and capable character like herself was relegated to little more than a babbling adult baby and for so long too. She would've been a great support, getting stronger and wiser with everyone else while adding her perspective and thoughts on how to proceed on things.

    As for Griffith, if I'm remembering correctly he pretty much all of the power of casualty that is given to Femto in his physical body. So although he may not have *full* power, he can still greatly, greatly influence people via casualty.

    I seriously doubt it. Guts is still a human. He may have supernatural powers due to his new armor but it's extremely risky to use and its power is mostly exemplified physically. Griffith/Femto, on the other hand, has power that is derived more from casualty and the astral plane. That is, it's power is based on something that isn't at all corporeal. But I do see a way for Guts to beat him, though I may wait until you get a bit further in the story. Also, did you read the lost chapter?

    As for Zodd and Grunbeld, though the latter definitely has greater durability and firepower, Zodd has greater maneuverability, ferocity (I'm pretty sure at least) and honestly, just seems like a more experienced and better fighter to me. Plus, he's been a long running antagonist and rival to Guts. My money is on the Immortal Nosferatu Zodd.
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    I have greatly enjoyed the manga for the vast majority of it. There are only two things that I'd point out as possible missteps though. One is a criticism of something that happens with Guts in regards to his fighting potential (I don't want to ruin anything so I'm purposely keeping it cryptic) and one isn't until an arc that's much further in the future (specifically, the arc before the current one). The first is a criticism that I'm not too hung up on while the second is one that I personally have of it. Otherwise, I implore you to keep reading. I definitely think it's worth the time.

    Anything else I can help with? Sorry for the late response as well.
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    The Frieza/Namek saga falls under that right? That was the best of the three big sagas. Especially if the Vegeta fight is included.
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    It was my introduction to manga. I read it when I was a lot younger so I would have to reread it to pick favorites. It was definitely at its best early on though with a lot of good humor and fights that weren't mostly about pulling out a new SSJ power-up every other chapter.
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    Is there anyone there that might be interested in joining this place?
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