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    well since this is a board game that's not computerized, it'd be best to be simple. besides we've already made troop designations obsolete in the main game cuz reasons
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    people kinda do that anyways lol

    we can add mods to prevent it though, like slowing down unit speed or introducing objectives to get people to favor map control over simply massing units. we can also add caps to pieces, like capping their attack power and hp at a certain amount

    I looked at the formula and I'd rather we keep it simple by abolishing troop types for now and let everyone move at the same speed. exceptions being peeps like Reebok or Gekishin who have fast horses but they'll get bonus speed through a passive ability

    just give me some time to develop my own damage mechanics and we'll compare and discuss it from there
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    well, my basic idea that I formed was that HP is the number of troops you assign to a general (like, you assign 30k to Reebok, that's his HP) and each general piece gets a fixed attack stat, based on their martial or strategical strength in canon. it's up to balancing but say Moubu gets 5k attack so with each attack Reebok loses 5k men and a top guy like Reebok gets 5k attack as well so with each attack he also takes away 5k men/hp from an enemy general. we'll have to add passives, abilities, and damage mods so people don't just go after stat sticks, like Ousen could have a passive or ability that has him take less damage because of his defense

    for now, I would say let's brainstorm up abilities and stuff for the top general pieces, then decide the attack values of each piece to decide how much a piece can tank and then to determine how long a game would last

    honestly, I would like a game to last as long as a typical AG, but with only 2 people playing at one time, "Day Phases" will have to not last a day but just last until both players havesent in their actions and the host posts the writeup. though, I would love this to be more of a team game
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    yeah, was thinking a test run too. I want to mod the cyk maps we have now for this type of game, but it'd be a bit too complicated at first

    and damage mods too, gonna REALLY have to work on that
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    I'll try to come up with some basic outlines and post there within the week
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    forgot about that

    I was talking with Crispy around summer or before then about this kinda setup, he told me to brainstorm up the mechanics and such but I procrastinated

    we can definitely work out the kinks now
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    yeah, I just wanna get something going for fun

    I was planning a board game version of CyK where we keep the bidding phase but for the battle phase it's kinda like an assassin game with a map. the characters you bid on like Reebok or Heki have abilities that reflect their canon feats and attack power/HP will depend on their general status and/or how many men you assign to them.
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    why not?

    I'll try to brainstorm more map ideas and also get my cyk board game idea off the ground too
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    Your match will be with another season 1 nomination, so that you can at least follow your own match without spoilers.
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