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  1. That's not mean that's just acting your mind. Idk I've never seen you!
    You look supportive but people say you look intimidating?

    They're approaching me I'm just a loveguru handing out free advice I don't accept repeat customers I don't even remember how I got in the business

    It just is okay

    No you!

    No it isn't. Y'all living in some fake virtual reality where the don't add new expansions past the 80's

    I'm not a furry I'm a doggo tell your grandma she can come back

    I don't need to look anything up I know what being an introvert is that's just a weird explanation you gave.
  2. Give me an example, what's something mean you'd do. It is tedious but sometimes necessary to keep everything from going to hell. If attention is all you want then I can give it to you ONIIICHAN
    Really? I would think it's obvious to tell the difference if I'm getting patronized I want to leave right away don't have the patience for someone to list all my faults. I don't see you as someone who takes charge though. I can see you taking action for yourself and being reliable for getting work done but not for others. I don't think you're outspoken or intimidating enough.
    Yeah It's not a habit I'm happy about I guess I just have a heart. They can come for me for advice or encouragement Idc they're both time consuming I just don't want someone to keep coming back or try to be my friend. I didn't sign up for that
    Careful they might think you're going in for a kiss and file sexual harassment on you.
    Yeah maybe try to be less appealing and hush with that smooth old lady talk if you want people to stop approaching you.

    The damage is done

    Idk I imagine tiny rooms with a dated box T.V. on a short shelf with the antennas sticking out.

    Woah woah woah let's not say anything drastic now

    So you have a sugar crash? Lol what are you 8? Yeah sure kid I'm quaking in ma boots
  3. Well if you don't have an endearing face and you judge people right off the bat then idk why people confide in you lol I'd rather confide in a guy than with a girl because honestly girls gossip like crazy so your gender can't be it either. Do you usually give good advice? Any leadership traits? Lol you must either really hate or enjoy people confiding in you hahaha! If you're as mean as you say you would tell them to fuck off unless you're in a position where you can't so you either really hate it or you've learned to enjoy all the attention and gossip.
    I feel responsible for giving actual advice to someone who trusts in me for help or is just looking for someone to rely on for encouragement. I don't think speaking up would look like you're preaching anything bad, they came to you precisely because they want your opinion whether or not you have to be brutally honest dick or act like a support group depends on the situation and kind of person you are. Uhhh I struggle with body language when it comes to contact I hate being touched so them hugging me or resting their head on my shoulder makes me just lean awkwardly and push them away haha! I smile a lot and give them a facial expression that I'm thinking hard when I honestly just think "this is simple logic why do you need me again?" I also keep eye contact and face towards them not trying to be on my phone if it sounds important or act like I don't care even if I feel that way. Talk like an old lady? Damn you must be smooth with the men

    Hey you knew what you were saying

    Nerd! Good for you being able to live like not a slob in a 3rd world country. Who watches T.V.? We've gotten rid of it entirely save for 1 giant one mounted on the living room where we hook up a console to watch HBO, Netflix, and Hulu. Otherwise it's never on. Good don't be a snacker actually don't make a lot of trips in general. Moving around means you're looking for something else to do that isn't work. Trust me I feel the same way I can type texts to you rather than writing a 10 minute summary of 2 projects for work this morning. I can study all morning and still hold off on that little piece of work until the next day when it's overdue and I need to turn it in.

    Then I'll wear a dog costume and cosplay to get my cheeks pinched and a praise.

    Antisocial could mean you just don't like going out doesn't mean you're not a social creature. Can't see you as intimidating.
  4. Well do you judge people? Are you pretty? I think it's easier to divulge your problems to someone who looks like they won't chew you out and just yell at you. I called my brother when I was traveling 2 weeks ago because I lost my I.D. and needed him to send me a picture I.D. I had saved on my computer. He criticized me for the first 5 minutes so I just told him it was a joke and hung up. It's hard to accept help from someone who seems angry. So If you don't judge people and you smile and look pretty people will just pour out their secrets to you. I think it's better to speak up rather than sit silently and nod, words of encouragement "yeah I agree they were wrong" or just making sure the person doesn't do anything stupid "No Nicole selling your house and moving to Alaska won't fix your relationship issues" can show you care. Body language is telling too.

    Your little hole is very inviting?

    Make sure your house is clean, hide away all the distractions food included make sure all snacks are somewhere high up and if you're really hungry you can cook a meal and only visit the kitchen once. Listening to music helps keep morale high when you find yourself repeating the same task robotically. Make sure your house looks cool decorate it with stuff you enjoy and make sure the lighting is good too. Nothing worse than a dim house with nothing interesting inside of it that screams laziness. It's where you live make sure you enjoy it. Having an interesting house with cool tunes makes me more likely to take on boring tasks and finish them.
    If I can't have something that only makes me crave it more Nika, I want your grandma to pinch my cheeks! and tell me I'm a good boy!
    So you're not extroverted?
  5. I have a huge family, and too many people in Cali know my address. I get dragged out against my will with friends and family. So even when I don't have plans plans get created for me. Everyone talks once we're outside and I'm surprisingly social so people like to vent off to me all their problems. Knowing a lot of people there's bound to be drama happening soon, someone getting pregnant, someone's in an accident, people fighting about money, people ending up in court, I just wait patiently for the next shitstorm to happen and enjoy my peace in the luxury of my own home. I only get worried when nothing happens for a long period of time feels almost like a volcano overdue to erupt.

    Oh shit you have a cave too? CX Jk I don't have a cave my house is pretty inviting and inspires productivity. Not shy huh hmm is it too forward to ask for a pic? Of your grandma not you. ;)
  6. You're not a girl You are a toy! woman!

    Yeah but we won't have that relationship I'm telling you now I'm gonna be an asshole and ignore you for days and weeks at a time.
    If we somehow make it last and you end up on my friends list then we can work shit out

    I say I don't like drama but I get a daily dose of that shit everyday so feel free to be dramatic I don't mind it I'm not one to judge.

    Well for an introvert you sure have some confidence showing off your singing skills
  7. Aww nostalgia I only used Skype for wicked purposes

    But no unless someone openly states they don't want to be a part of my life anymore I let them be, I'm not a talkative guy for the most part and if they can accept that then we're good. I'll try to manage with them if I'm feeling it without jeopardizing the relationship I have with "real friends". Also I haven't let my long time friends go if we have a problem we deal with it then and if any shit happens we talk and work it out. That's just how we are.

    Umm what kind of inner demons? As long as it's no psycho shit do you want to add me outside of TMF? I think this forum's days are seriously numbered.
  8. Marriage is an interesting Idea Idk how I'd approach that then again I'm not as old as you. (shots fired ... hahaha *sarcastic laugh*)

    Yeah I always get to that point eventually and I hate it, it sucks. I am pretty hard on myself and say that I was a bad friend etc. etc. or that I'd eventually be an asshole and force someone out of my life etc. etc. like I don't deserve the attention they gave me and it's true for some cases but like I said I'm selfish and though I only make an effort within my small group of friends who I believe matter I still feel a tang of regret for those I couldn't keep in my life. Even if a few great friends is all I'm capable of having I still bite off more than I can chew and try for more like a little kid in a store with a small budget.

    That's a weird transformation from happy and leaving to coming back in a funk.
  9. Oh and in terms of forums I don't care too much about whether or not I talk to those people daily as long as I have a form of contact just in case I'm happy about not being active or them not being active. I leave due to having an active life and my attention being needed elsewhere. When I'm completely bored or am procrastinating I find myself back here
  10. Idk I feel I'm the same as you I don't reply to messages unless I want to and for those who matter less it can be a few days or weeks until I message back. That said I have an attachment issue? I'm sort of selfish where I expect everyone I talk to to stay in my life and get sad when they don't. I can't really put in more effort because doing so would be miserable and I don't want to look at having friends as being a chore. I just talk to a select few always and anyone new I talk to constantly at first until eventually they become someone who matters less
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