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    the bottom line is that, people would want to participate if things were different

    anyways, no use in continuing this discussion.
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    originally sent a long reply, but i'll just leave it at this, instead of making assumptions and judgements about other peoples choice not to participate, who you were certain wouldn't participate anyway because you're all knowing or whatever, perhaps take a look at the reason why they're not participating. When a single rule cuts both participation and variety submissions in half, there may be something wrong with that rule and not the submissions. Right now the only thing making this different from the singing contest is your own submission, which was originally also gonna be singing. Don't blame others for how your tournament turns out, nor mistake a lack of interest caused by disagreement over the hosting/rules with a flaw in the character of people not participating. When people don't want to join a contest because of the rules, it's clear where the problem lies. You can play the blame game if you like and make assumptions about the choices of people you aren't/weren't even aware of, but whatever.
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    your certain that it's not impossible... um okay i guess lol. Are you unable to see a poem, or see an artwork? I'll ask again, at an art show, do people come to see artist draw, or to look at art works? Talent is not a spectacle nika, reading is it's own art,it's own talent, poetry is something else entirely. You can hear lyricism without reading aloud, regardless of how your own internal voice may work, that's just how things work for most people. There are no first rules of poetry, some poems are not even written in a way that could be read aloud without missing out. I can even show you poems that it would make absolutely no sense to perform, and a lot more sense to look at it, but i don't need to because you're aware of this yourself.

    Look, the truth is, you can't find 10 people that are interested enough in this contest to give an opinion. 3 potential participates is a much bigger deal, than people who aren't even interested anyway, but clearly you do care about the voices of the few people that actually took an interest in your contest.

    Someone drawing a picture isn't precious in the slightest, rather its worthless, the picture itself is what is valuable, and what gives value to the work put into it, or even the desire for there to be a worthwhile picture is enough to give some meaning to that work.

    Look call it a talent show all you like, but you're not gonna see someone grab their sketchbook and start drawing on britain's got talent. If there's a photographer they're not gonna take photographs live if photography is their talent.

    Shows aren't even inherently performance base, plenty of galleries, shows and exhibits don't work that way. You're just excluding people that would've joined and increased not just the quantity but also the variety of the submissions. It doesn't have anything to do about being scared to try something new, it's just practicality. This change isn't for any specific 3 members, but for the sake of being more inclusive in general. I mean 3 might sound like a small number, but i can bet it's about equal to size that's actually gonna participate.

    Anyways, i was gonna drag this out and try to force it, since i'm not the only one who feels this way or would agree, but i've been rude enough about how i went about this so i'll just call it quits here, hope it goes well.
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    the fact that i didn't sign up should be proof of how little this has to do with my own interest in participating and how much it has to do with the general interest of the tournament but whatever. I could care less about if i get to submit in the way that i want to, what's important is haven't semi reasonable rules. Perhaps there would have been more sign ups if that were the case.
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    you're not certain of that and can't be, whereas i actually am certain of the opposite, and while i'm not gonna speak for other people i can name at least two who either aren't going to participate at all because taking hours to film a drawing is inconvenient, or want be able to participate in a fashion that shows their talents. And if you count me as one person, that makes 3 who are either not gonna participate or are a lot less likely to because of the rules. You can cut the participation rate in half if you want, but it doesn't really benefit anyone here.

    There's a reason why, people value drawings over watching people draw, people don't study art to get good at performing drawings, but to create good works. the final work is a lot more entertaining, people didn't pay to watch the mona lisa get done, they payed for mona-chan. Art shows, key word here is shows, showcase art works not people drawing. And again you're making this more about me than it is, i even read/perform poems live, but that's really besides the point. The point is that reading something doesn't show case the talent in question, you can read a poem that's not yours or have someone else read a poem you wrote. The poem itself is the showcase of the work and unless it was written for spoke word a reading of it is simply inadequate. And i'm not interested in a work around about this, what i'm interested in is changing rules that are gonna stifle the competition both in quality/variety and in quantity. There's a reason this contest so far is mostly featuring singing, because many of the other talents are marginalized by it, not because singing is the only talent on tmf.

    I'm not getting with the program, i'm changing the program and that's all there is to it here, you don't have to agree it's not like you have a monopoly on talent shows here, nor on how they're run, with this kind of thing the host is in all senses expendable and replaceable.
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    Also, looking at a drawing is more of a show than watchhing it get drawn over the course of ours, sped up or not.
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    there are contest of every kind, doesn't excuse excluding a talent. And no matter how much you wanna pretend that you're not doing that, by making some submissions impractical you're excluding them.

    rules are meant to help not hinder, and are often changed when they do the latter. Just saying that there are people who are being excluded from this contest and you are makinig the assumption that it's not the case, I can name atleast equal to the amount that is already participating that are likely not due to how inconvenient the rules are. Your vision in this case is simply flawed.
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    talent = videos apparently, that doesn't make any sense. I didn't demand for it to be a writing contest, but an actual talent contest as in a contest where talents are showcased. Does it make this a singing contest just because singing is possible? so why even bring up that this isn't a writing contest.

    Look, you can think that this is about me alone, or that i'm the only person who thinks that rule is stupid, but that's your faulty assumption. It really would only bring benefit to make a more inclusive tournament but whatever. I just don't see the need to be stubborn about changing this, or why you're assuming i'm the only one with something to gain from this. Even if that were the only reason why i brought this up to you that still wouldn't be the case, you should also realize that not everyone that thinks like this is gonna actually bring it up, that's just how some people are.
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    it's not about if i want to read a poem, it's about the rules being problematic. And you can create a format that's inclusive of something that isn't audio or video. May as well say that you can't have a format that allows both audio and video seeing hwo they're different mediums. Or that you can't judge both singing and dancing because one is visual and the other is audio. I don't really care about if i can participate it was a whimsical decision, but i do have p strong disagreements with that rule.

    When i say i'm boycotting i don't mean i'm excluding myself, i meant that i'm going to exclude the contest, viva la revolution nika-chan
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