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    rules are meant to help not hinder, and are often changed when they do the latter. Just saying that there are people who are being excluded from this contest and you are makinig the assumption that it's not the case, I can name atleast equal to the amount that is already participating that are likely not due to how inconvenient the rules are. Your vision in this case is simply flawed.
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    talent = videos apparently, that doesn't make any sense. I didn't demand for it to be a writing contest, but an actual talent contest as in a contest where talents are showcased. Does it make this a singing contest just because singing is possible? so why even bring up that this isn't a writing contest.

    Look, you can think that this is about me alone, or that i'm the only person who thinks that rule is stupid, but that's your faulty assumption. It really would only bring benefit to make a more inclusive tournament but whatever. I just don't see the need to be stubborn about changing this, or why you're assuming i'm the only one with something to gain from this. Even if that were the only reason why i brought this up to you that still wouldn't be the case, you should also realize that not everyone that thinks like this is gonna actually bring it up, that's just how some people are.
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    it's not about if i want to read a poem, it's about the rules being problematic. And you can create a format that's inclusive of something that isn't audio or video. May as well say that you can't have a format that allows both audio and video seeing hwo they're different mediums. Or that you can't judge both singing and dancing because one is visual and the other is audio. I don't really care about if i can participate it was a whimsical decision, but i do have p strong disagreements with that rule.

    When i say i'm boycotting i don't mean i'm excluding myself, i meant that i'm going to exclude the contest, viva la revolution nika-chan
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    i'm boycotting, no reason why this needs to be tmf's got talent instead of a legit talent contest that's inclusive of all talents in a convenient matter. What's the point of calling it a talent show when it already culls the majority of possible talents. A sped up video of someone drawing has no value, either in the context of a talent show like britain's got talent or in the context of a forum contest where it would just be easier for everyone to submit the drawing. Some drawings take months weeks etc. to make, same with writings, or even composing a song if the composing aspect were the talent.

    if we had a singing contest would that be a good reason to create a talent contest that for example, didn't allow audio and instead required you just submit song lyrics and notes?
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    but the talent isn't reading, it's writing

    if the only submissions are singing and dancing isn't it more like a singing/dancing contest

    why does show have to be so literal, i mean in that case, can't you show a poem. Also, many poems won't show their quality through reading aloud in the same way as they would if everyone was forced to read the actual poem themselves. You won't notice the changes in meter and form, the same way that you would, sure you'd hear it but its not the same, and you can't pay close detail to the nuances.

    Also what about stuff like drawings, if it takes 10 hours to draw a really high quality picture, would it really make sense to send a video? And the list goes on, most talents aren't really performance talents, so doesn't making it entirely performance base just end up excluding a large variety of talents and narrowing it down to just a few things that are practical within this setup?
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    hey nika, why does the talent thingie have to be a video or audio file. what about talents that doesn't work for, like if i had a friend that wanted to submit a poem.
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    so they're just dirty and annoying is your point?
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    they're dirty drooly noisy and annoying

    dogs never
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    sure, except you're the evil one
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    ... i confirm my idea of you being the enemy of anything cute and pretty

    looks like we're natural rivals, miss nikamara
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