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    Ah I see, I still haven't told my parents

    Yeah, I was right about you we are quite similar indeed. I'm saying this to get your vote, but not just to get your vote. But PoPs is the exact opposite of us in this regard, and so are his strongest supporters. This match is not only a struggle between posters, but one between ideologies. Run with your pack
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    haha thanks.

    Sounds very much like me, though I was a muslim. Was this transformation very difficult?

    yeah either they usually think that or they think it's a synonym for immoral. Yeah I think you'd really like nietzsche now that i know more about you, his biggest contribution would or atleast the thing that resonates with me much is that he recognized morality as a subjective concept, that as a subjective concept it's no longer even morality simply preference and fully realized the implications of that. He has a lot more to offer than that ofc, but I think that's whats had the biggest implications in my life and happened to be reading when I started to come to those same conclusions ironically.
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    All of those guesses just really matched my impression of you.

    I see, my nose was a bit off on that one

    Were you always like this btw?I find that some people are/were always amoral whereas others(myself) break free of moral chains at a later point in their life. Usually the former are kinda like you I think in that they're not usually very emotional people, though I'd also have to think that there upbringing would have to play a role if they were always amoral. Ie. there parents and influences were not very moralistc.

    no need to be sorry.
    hmm, you deal with animal abuse alot? How do you usually cope/put up with it?
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    sniffing out other's character traits is just one of the basic perks of being a true blue Romantic
    Kinda like a parlor trick
    If you're impressed now this next guess might really creep you out. But you're from the upper middle socioeconomic class?

    amoral /= sociopathic, one can be extremely emotional at times but be amoral. Simply acting outside the realm of moral judgements and doing as you please is what it means to be amoral. A moralistic person would claim that hurting a dog is bad, it's objectively wrong, whereas an amoral person would simply say that they dislike it or hate it. An amoral person doesn't claim a moral high ground or justification for his actions, he prouldy and boldly does as he pleases, which can vary from torturing animals to killing people who do depending on the person
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    beyond the tournament I got a bit interested in you within the thread after I asked you about yourself I guess, lol

    Nah, I just have super good instinct
    lemme guess, you're also amoral?
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    I'm far too confident to not be serious about such a thing

    I think we're made of similar stuff, but I also think I know a key way in which you and me differ. I'm an extremely passionate, romantic, and Heart driven person, but my guess is that you're more cold,apathetic and also analytical/logical. tbf I'm also a logical type as well as a romantic simultaneously
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    but of course, I don't just say I'll steal your heart and vote for nothing.

    those of the same breed can sniff eachother out pretty easilly
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    For starters you appear quite "arrogant" and elitist. I also doubt you're religious.

    As you are now you're probably not quite the perfect reader since nietzsche basically writes for people like himself, but I think this will atleastpique your interest and appeal to you.
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    he's an elitist indeed. Though I do warn he's rather hard to understand, and I'm not saying that because you have to be smart to understand him, but because he writes for a very specific kind of person. You might be that type though

    I'd recommend reading the chapter what is Noble, from Beyond Good and Evil.
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    hmm, I think you'd like him. He's the ultimate elitist, just as much as I am, perhaps even more.
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