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    No, what am I missing?
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    yeah, you're completely right actually
    The second example may only apply to a few people because I only have 1 or 2 specific people in mind when I think of it. In fact the second example is probably highly flawed since as an arrogant person myself it's much easier for me to understand narcissism rather than the opposite

    I guess the only thing I can really say with confidence is that it seems that some people exist who start from the position of low-self esteem as opposed to arrogance in all of their concious determinations. It's as if their inherent bias is against themselves rather than for themselves. I really wish I could understand how their minds work better, it's like I'm missing vital pieces to solving their puzzles and it annoys me
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    pretty much

    another thing I was going to touch on is that for people that are naturally lacking in confidence or lets say the opposite of arrogant they tend to do the opposite of what i just described in that they create and/or live by value systems that devalue themselves. I've been trying to unravel the mystery as to why this phenemona occurs for a while tbh
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    No, it's... complicated, but that's a convo for another day

    but yeah, I believe that the will to change the world is inherit in many of the things that we do. Philosopher's and prophets create moral systems to change the world into a place that works by the rules and principles they have a natural bias towards. Artist try and change the world by adding beauty to it, but beyond that there's also the innate joy that comes from artistic creation. And beyond this will to change the world lies the will to power. beauty, Good and Bad, it's all undeterminable and subjective. To change the world is to impose one's own beliefs about such matters onto the rest of the world, and what's a better definition of power than the imposition of ones will? I would even go as far to say that often times the beliefs and ideals that we have are spawned from our will to power as well. It is our ideals and beliefs that allow us to feel superior to others. To dictate that we are "good" and others are "bad" which is simply another way to look at yourself in a good light and others in a bad light.
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    I think we all want to change the world in one way or another. That is man's innate will to power in its purest form after all. This will to power this desire to change the world into an image you find more pleasing is what motivates man to do more than simply live. It is why artist create art, why prophets create religion, why scientist progress technology, why philosopher's create new philosophies. It's all fueled by this innate desire to make the world something you find more beautiful. And what is that but the desire to impress your will upon the rest of the world, no upon reality itself

    Though I think you may find that your desire for love may overcome even this will to power, for me it did atleast
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    All, well more specifically the one goal or dream that stands above all others(if you have one)
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    what are you aspirations in life?
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    Can you help me reach the finals bro. I need your support
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    Gold bar squad
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    No dont worry
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