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    Well, that explains a lot. So the one who was possessed by the Lifemaker is Zect, not Nagi. That makes sense considering his last moments. That being said, it doesn't mean my theory was wrong. Need to read a little bit more. I wonder if Negi is going to fight the Lifemaker, as it seems that she's (I think it's she, at least that's what she looks like) going to be freed and revived from World's Tree.

    By the way, you don't need to send any more chapters. Mangasee's scans are fairly good, and I already got used to it. I don't want to wait for you to post the chapters anyway, but I appreciate linking at least three of them.

    I'll inform you when I'm done with the series, it won't take that much time. I'll be reading chapter 328 to 355 right now.
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    Well, it was more of a mind battle rather than an actual fight. Yes, Nagi defeated the Lifemaker, however he possessed the Thousand Master after that. The Lifemaker couldn't completely take over his body, and they fought mentally for a couple of years. After that, Nagi couldn't hold the Lifemaker anymore and he felt like he's going to be completely possessed. So he killed himself after saving Negi's village. However, it was already stated by Al that Nagi is still alive, so I'm not sure how to feel about that. Well, there's not much left, so I'll see whether I'm correct or not in a while.

    Thanks, bro.
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    Yeah, more or less. I feel like he was possessed by the Mage of the Beginning. There's a in the Mahora tournament where Negi talks to Nagi, and Nagi was confused when Negi said that he was the one who saved his village 6 years ago. Obviously, that couldn't be Lifemaker as that's not his style, however that could be the last moment of Nagi. He tried to fight the Lifemaker within himself, however he couldn't win. Him saving a village was the result of gaining a little bit of freedom and overcoming Lifemaker's possession. After that, he probably killed himself as he couldn't stop the Lifemaker anymore. Well, my theory has some holes, but I can't think of anything else.

    You can already link some or even all of them. I'm currently on chapter 316 (Negi overcoming Magia Erbea once again, which is kind of eh, but whatever, and fighting other Fates - don't remember their names), so I'm going to catch up to chapter 325 in an hour or even less.
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    It was great, I love how Nagi's personality is completely different compared to Negi. I wouldn't want them to be the same. As for Ala Rubra's flashback, I was surprised when the Life Maker appeared. I thought Nagi was the strongest being in the world, yet there was someone who obliterated Ala Rubra on his own, even fricking Rakan didn't want to fight him. Well, Nagi defeated him after all, however I feel like he's not dead considering Zect's last moment. Also, I have a feeling that there's more than one Fate. I mean, his real name is basically a number, and as we've seen in the flashback, Nagi fought a grown up version of it.

    As for Fate vs Rakan, it was a good fight. Not my favorite, though. It has to be Negi vs Rakan, with Negi vs Takamichi in the second place. I was slightly salty when Fate pulled out Life Maker's key and defeated Rakan. Well, he came back for a moment after that, and it was somewhat necessary for Negi to move on.

    That's about it for now, I'm not going to tell any more than that as I haven't finished the series yet. I'll tell you when I'm done, so you can ask more questions regarding the story, characters, fights and so on.

    Sure, feel free to link them. I'm reading at a really fast pace, so I'd appreciate it. If they're good quality, that is.
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    No wonder people call it Unquality Holder.

    I'm currently on chapter 292 of Negima, so there's not much left.
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    How would you rate UQ Holder compared to Negima?
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    Negi vs Takamichi was dope, the best fight so far.
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    I just finished reading Kyouto arc, it was good. Negi is becoming more and more badass. After that, it was nice seeing Negi "defeating" Chachamaru and becoming Evangeline's student. I hope she can teach him some dope magic. I remember him becoming a badass later on in the series, it's amazing how he turned out to be like that despite him being such a whimp at the beginning of the series. Well, he's only 10yo after all.
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    I'm genuinely sorry fam. I hope you aren't serious about the friendship card being revoked, cause I think you a real cool dude
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    All some solid choices. Sadly I’m not really into expanding my music library like I once was anymore. Stairway to Heaven is an awesome song, but aside from that and other basic songs I can’t tell you too much from Zeppelin.

    Kanye is a given. The man is actually underrated for what he’s done for the genre as far as how his albums are ranked. I’ve told you this before, but College Dropout is the greatest rap album of all time for all subject matter that it touched.

    Eminem is another GOAT. Thoughts on his latest album?

    I’m pretty mixed on Weezy. I like his more serious songs (Tie My Hands, I Miss My Dawgs, Georgia Bush etc).

    You into Trey Songz?
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