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    all time fav
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    my mom has decided to buy the remains so that there is no food waste
    as for scraps, like neck and back we're buying it too for the dogs.

    yes common sense solves the day. Eventually I will have to learn though.

    well she has no choice. the only other option is to pay a baby sitter and it's hard to find good ones.
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    too busy I haven't even had any time to cook this week
    so busy since restaurant opened Monday.
    IT'S A DISASTER quality control is still an issue with the food. I'm the accountant, but I never took accounting so idk what all the accounting jargon means and this program they gave me doesn't make sense. So, I decided to keep track of everything in a day by day "account" using commong sense that makes sense to me . I've saved the doc entiled "Bush Accountant" cuz there are terms here called "Bush Doctor" and "Bush Lawyer" which means an unprofessional who still would treat you or deal with your legal affairs ahaha. So I made up Bush Accountant. Everyone is stressed out beyond belief. I have to wake up super early everyday. I don't have net at work. when I come home, I'm tired and fall asleep so quickly. My mom burned her hand. The cooks are already trying to steal food. Some things weren't cooked all the way through and ppl had to get refunds. It's small amounts. like so far it might only be 3 ppl, but that is still worrisome. We have a million inspections every day. we're jumping through all kinds of hoops and calling in all the cards we can to try and get a liquor license in a residential AND school zone. And I have to get my neice ready for school and feed her lunch every day for the forseeable future since her mom's shift is from 7 am - 2 pm, but really my sister has to get there for 6:30 everyday to open up so they can start prepping breakfast food.

    WOW that turned into a rant god I miss talking to you.
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    ur my fav
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    mambo 5 is good, that's true. i like that song
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    your taste is not bad at all, it's good

    why does your 90 nominations seem like jokes compared to your favourites?!
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    i can like everything
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    lol that sounds like the kind of bullshit that right up my alley XD
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    Sorry I couldn't tell you the joke.
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