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    got any Fault!! stuff?
  3. Gula was still probably my favourite

    I like the others, but Gula was just immense. His fight with the fragments was great
  4. The Black Knights

    I forgot how cool they looked, forget what I said best game
  5. It was sad because I grew to like a lot of the cast a lot, and then they just pull that bs out of nowhere. I dont really have a problem with it if that is the path they where going to take, but i just wish it had been handled better
  6. I finished it, I got so annoyed by the ending though. Most of it was just really sad, the part where Takahisa/and the teacher died was really sudden. Then Yukiko died because she wanted to prove that she accepted the idea that she was a monster and went on a suicide mission. The space of time between the three deaths felt way to rushed and it hit me right in the feels because of it.

    Then you had that whole day where everyone was super down because they couldnt see any way they could win against the knights and you basically had to console them. Honestly the tone of the game just took a really brutal edge towards the end and Im not sure I liked it. The stuff with Yuka and the phantasmagoria probably hit me in the feels the hardest, especially when she said stuff like 'if the world was going to end tomorrow, is there anyone else youd rather be with besides me' it just didnt feel good at all

    Then she died as well once her phantasmagoria ended, and i was like 'really?' jesus freaking christ we spend the entire game swearing to protect this girl and she just up and dies and our character barely even says a word about it, I thought her and yukiko might return but it explicitly states the void fragments shattered as you where fighting Liselotte. By the end when your character dies after the final battle I honestly just felt really hollow about the game, he spoke about it like it was some great victory but at the end of the day more than half your party is dead, you died, and there was no guarantee that other people who where still alive (Shiori, Kakeru, Tachibana) where still alive given the opponents they where fighting.
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    But has the student surpassed the master in perversion?
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    I'd almost say yes if Allara wasn't around to make that seem downright normal.
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    Only time I had any lessons was during school when it was required to pass school.
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