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    wanna play mafia

    I just need literally anyone with a pulse
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    Welp, that was fast. I haven't even started rereading it.

    What do you think about the series, any particular things you liked or disliked, favorite moments?
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    So obscure, yet so good...

    You're welcome. Everything for you.

    Damn, you're already that far? The only bad thing about this series is that it's really short.
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    Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou is the best comedy ever made, and I'm not talking about chinese cartoons alone. A parody of Dragon Quest is my favorite moment in the series, along with literature girl's moments.

    I believe I'm the one who recommended this series to you a few months ago.
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    I might reread the manga. It's been a while since I've read the original series.

    Clowns already fucked up episode 2 of :re. I won't talk about that as you haven't read :re yet.

    Chapter 80.

    Yeah, that's something I'd love to see as well. We can only pray.

    It depends on a series, honestly. That being said, my favorite studios are Madhouse, ufotable, Bones, A-1 Pictures and Shaft. It's hard to choose the best one between those five studios.
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    Yeah. I know it's such a small detail, but it would've explained a lot. Well, it's Studio Clown we're talking about. They tried to make a cool 'transformation', but it turned out to be edgy as fuck. I'm not trying to be rude as they wasted a lot of time and money to adapt Toyko Ghoul, but seriously... which one do you like better? Look at this image.

    Perhaps, but they could easily do that by skipping the least important stuff. I'd rather have that than filler story.

    Sure, there you go:

    MangaSee has the best quality scans, so I recommend reading manga on this site.

    Yeah, same. There's a lot of text and each chapter is fairly long.

    Well, that's true. Not even a single human introduced so far is a challenge for Ainz. The only ones capable of being a danger for him are those with World Items, but there's not many of them. That being said, Ainz's plan isn't to counquer the world. He simply wants his name to be famous in order to find his former guildmates.

    Also, there has been some hype for other countries and it's still unknown whether Ainz is the only YGGDRASIL player who got transported to this world. I'm sure the author won't let Ainz be the strongest for long. I hope that's that case at least.
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    Yeah, the whole Nazarick is overpowered. Even Pleiades (combat maids) are stronger than a majority of humans and monsters. The funny thing is, Ainz apparently isn't the strongest being in the world. Some Floor Guardians could defeat him if he wasn't fully equipped. The leader of Pleiades was stated to be the strongest being in Nazarick, who can easily match Ainz in terms of power.
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    Here's a summary of what actually happened in Tokyo Ghoul during the events of second season of anime.

    Let's start with the last episode of season one. Kaneki's hair turned white and he defeated Yamori. It was strange for him to defeat a ghoul who has Kakuja, but fortunately the manga gave us a brief explanation about that. Instead of Kaneki's hair turning white for whatever reason, his hair turned white because of stress and massive amount of RC cells, and it didn't turned white in one moment. We can actually see his hair slowly turning white as Yamori was torturing him. And he got stronger because Yamori was feeding him with human meat. Unfortunately, anime totally skipped that part.

    Okay, as for the events after Yamori's defeat. Kaneki never joined Aogiri. That's stupid as fuck. He created his own group with Tsukiyama, Banjou and some other homies. He created this group so he could find a doctor who turned him into a ghoul and get some information from him. Tsukiyama helped him to find the person who was fairly close to him by inviting everyone for a dinner. By a dinner I mean that 'dinner' where Kaneki was supposed to be a meal dozen of chapters before that. Kaneki slaughtered everyone and found that person. Oh, and he never ate human meat during that time. He was feeding on ghouls, which is a cause of his insanity and that centipede Kakuja. Some things happened, and he actually found that doctor. After that it was revealed that doctor was creating pseudo ghouls from Rize's Kakuge. He fought those pseudo ghouls and turned into a 'centipede' after eating them. He gravely injured Shinohara (investigator) and Amon was supposed to kill him, but he stopped as Kaneki regained consciousness. Once again some things happened, and the whole Anteiku extermination happened. First of all, both Kaneki and Amon gravely injured themselves during their fight. Kaneki took one of Amon's arms and Amon pierced Kaneki's stomach, leaving a large hole. Kaneki couldn't heal and once again went insane. As he was trying to escape, he met Hide who actually knew about him being a ghoul. We don't know what happened right there (it was revealed later on in :re), but Kaneki left with a fresh blood in his mouth and Hide went missing. It's as if Kaneki ate him. After that he met Arima, the strongest investigator. They fought against each other for a little bit, but Kaneki got obliterated. Arima pierced through his eyes and even brain. That's more or less how the series ended.

    Tl;dr version - Kaneki never joined Aogiri, Hide and Amon never died but went missing, Kaneki was 'killed' at the end of the series.

    Yeah, that's a lot. We haven't talked that much recently, but that's still an impressive amount. ;)
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    As far as I know, season three was already announced. I could be wrong though.

    Yeah. The first episode was terrible, but I gave it one more chance. It was a mistake.

    That's exactly how I feel about current state of this series. I feel like Oda should take a brake for a few weeks and think what he wants to do with One Piece. He's going to turn in into Bleach in a year or two - good series with awful ending.

    Alright. I'm going to sleep right now, so I'll do it later on. Of course they could, I still don't understand why they decided to fuck the manga and make their own version.

    Have fun. ;)

    I know how you feel. There has been many situations when I was reading some novels and realized how this could be so much better series if the author decided to change a single or even two simple things, like character's behavior, personality, decisions, and stuff like that.
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