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    As far as I know, season three was already announced. I could be wrong though.

    Yeah. The first episode was terrible, but I gave it one more chance. It was a mistake.

    That's exactly how I feel about current state of this series. I feel like Oda should take a brake for a few weeks and think what he wants to do with One Piece. He's going to turn in into Bleach in a year or two - good series with awful ending.

    Alright. I'm going to sleep right now, so I'll do it later on. Of course they could, I still don't understand why they decided to fuck the manga and make their own version.

    Have fun. ;)

    I know how you feel. There has been many situations when I was reading some novels and realized how this could be so much better series if the author decided to change a single or even two simple things, like character's behavior, personality, decisions, and stuff like that.
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    Agreed. Konosuba is one of my favorite Isekai series. There's no unnecessary harem, romance (well, there's some 'romance' later on in the story, but not for long), overpowered main character from the start, etc. etc.

    I've dropped Smartphone after the second episode.

    Yeah, I feel like I'm going to drop it soon. I'd love to see the ending of this series as I've been following it for over 4 yeas, but almost every single chapter is boring as fuck. I don't even bother read the series, all I'm doing is skimming through the pages without reading dialogue.

    Yeah, the original series is 140 chapters long after all. Do you want me to summarize you what's going on in the manga during the events of second season in anime? As I said before, almost everything is different, and most of things which happened in anime doesn't make absolutely any senes.

    Sure. The latest episode has ended on volume 6, so there's a link to prologue of volume 7. There are currently 12 volumes out. I think you need an account to read Overlord novel on this site, so you should make one.

    I wouldn't put it that high on my list, but it's really enjoyable.
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    Same here. That's what caused me to drop more series than I used to do. Usually I tend to give manga some time, even if it's bad. But I can't stand the series you just described. Smartphone is a good example of it. It has one of the most uninteresting characters ever - no personality, no goal, no motivation, no nothing. Well, as long as the author adds some bland female characters to his harem, a majority of viewers are going to be happy. That's fucked up, to be honest.

    I'll post in your thread about antagonist (or simply brutal and evil) main characters, so you can have a look at them and pick a series you'd like to watch.

    Yeah, I don't watch or read many shonens nowadays. I'm only following the series I've been reading for a long time, like One Piece, Gintama, Nanatsu no Taizai and so on.

    Nice, make sure you tell me your thoughs. Are you going to start from the beginning or :re? Just so you know, the manga is much, much better than its anime adaptation, and it's worth reading from chapter 1. Also, there are some changes in anime (90% of season two is filler).

    Season 3 of Ovelord is going to be awesome, trust me. The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc is my favorite arc so far. I'm afraid they'll skip some stuff from the novel like they did in previous arcs, but that's a common thing when anime is adapted from the novel so that's not a big deal.
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    I see. Shield Hero is dope. Unlike most cliche main characters, he's an anti-hero I like. And the fact he's not the strongest being in the series is what makes it good. Typical Isekai series has a main character with cheat abilities, who's instantly the strongest in the verse. Shield Hero's abilities are cool, he's a tank but he can't do anything when it comes to ofence.

    Yeah, same. Honestly, I got bored with shonen, and a majority of seinens are great.
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    Nice, what mangas have you read recently?
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    Why you gay boi
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    you never understood the point brainlet

    reds have infiltrated now - our ideas define the moderation of this forum, the oldguard has been cucked, and-

    how tf do we have 8 pages of conversation
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    Seems appropriate.

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    Announcements are supposed to come out next month
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