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    yeah I'll be there to welcome you with open arms
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    that'd go against my integrity

    Alright. I don't think we got where we wanted, but it's something.
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    because this is TMF? there's only 60 of us really regularly and out of them even fewer in EZ.

    you can't avoid interactions
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    the insults should be taken at face value. once there's change they'd stop pretty rapidly.

    to your other message, well, yeah. I mean wouldn't you hang in a crowd you'd want to be in?

    we can have differences of opinion but not in much else
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    Well, it's been unfortunate you've been on the limelight more often than others, but you're not the only one.

    it's just that you've been more exposed to me. but really, how could you know I've had stuff with other members as well?

    You see, it's not "why me", but rather, "why this time, and that time, and the next 5-6 times"

    Because It's below you, below me, below everybody. what you've been doing, has been in my opinion, beneath your wit, your intellect. and maybe the message hasn't been received, so I'll say it as nice as I can.

    "your posts have been low-brow and really, you could do better!"

    that's the intent at least. then you respond, I respond to that, it devolves to banter.

    See, I don't hate you, I don't really like your posting, but I hope it improves. I think it will.

    When we talk about tv series, you seem calm, and actually respond well. when we're in the EZ, you act more, well, unruly.

    just because it's a spam section doesn't mean it needs to be a landfill. we can have quality anywhere. your style of humor and mine don't see eye to eye on this.

    I'm a guy who sees a man post something like this in a "is feminism respectable" thread

    "women should be in the kitchen only "

    I'd lose my integrity if I didn't say anything about it. the way I say it doesn't matter to me.

    I hope that raised some questions for you. feel free to ask.
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    i need an aspirin
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    cov thinks Mel isn't 24 gigatons
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    we've got just under 1.5 hours, anything you want me to explain my motive on? any incident or just generally my feelings on you? what vexes you the most?
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    But I'm trying to initiate conversation here.

    If you'd just be open to it, I could explain my side of the issue, and then you could explain yours, and we could see what's negotiable.

    what's the point of me trying to talk to you if I'm trying to hurt you again?
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    alright. we could've had something nice for once but if that's how you want it...
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