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    B-but why?
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    How could you?
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    Here's a preview of what the stats could look like. The minimum sum of stats for each class is 30, while the maximum is 42. Participants would be give 37 points to spend as they wish.

    Today's been a really long day so I couldn't get anything else done, but I think about the rest a bit and I think I know what direction I'll be taking next.
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    A short preview of the classes, managed a stat system but I don't have time to upload it now, I'll do that later.

    Each class would have a passive and a few abilities by default. Fight would probably have to be disabled (except for specific flight inducing abilities) for the concept to work.

    Tank: A form of taunt/redirecting attacks to himself. An ability that soaks damage or reflects an attack. A shout/burst of energy that briefly dazes enemies and deals damage. Passive: Intimidating presence slows the speed of nearby enemies.

    Fighter: Some kind of charge-like gap closer with an AoE shock/slow upon impact. A crushing blow that briefly incapacitates the enemy and reduces his defense. A ground slam skin to grand knocking that does damage as well. Passive: An enrage that increases physical attributes (like strength and dura), stacking with time spent in combat.

    Mage: Blink that allows for instant teleportation around the field, works on allies in close proximity. Meteor shower, duh. Fire a bolt of magic that deals damage to the target and anyone close to them, as well as slowing them and locking their abilities for a short period. Passive: Successive hits (on the same or multiple targets) increase the next spell's potency.

    Support: A shield or other method of reducing an ally's incoming damage or healing existing damage. An ability that boosts the offensive capacity of allies and cleanses them of any enemy effects. A beam that deals damage and sap the enemy of their strength. Passive: Increases the defense and speed of all nearby allies.

    Assassin: Stealth with a short/mid range ability to appear behind the target. Poison that greatly reduces the fighting ability of those hit. A back stab that is able to penetrate most defenses. Passive: Being cloaked in shadows greatly reduces the chance of getting hit by enemies.

    Ranger: Fire a volley of attacks over an area that briefly root anyone hit. A set of traps for enemies that get too close carelessly. Lock onto all targets in sight for a precise shot that aims for a weak spot to deal increased damage. Passive: Deal increased damage with greater range and gain speed as enemies close in.

    Necromancer: Corrupt the target to slow them and deal damage over time. Control a ghoul(s) that can attack the enemy and posses the corpse of anyone slain. Fire a homing bolt that does damage, but reacts violently if the target was hit by any previous abilities. Passive: All damage dealt returns back as healing and reduces the defense/healing of those hit.

    The way I see this to be done is to go piece by piece, while keeping everything else in mind. Only when all the pieces are complete (classes, stats, spirit animals, etc.) can we look at the whole picture and balance things out. Got an idea for weapons, as well as a slight rework of the element/aura idea. Either way, I'll try to get them all underway, one by one. Any input is very good input, so please go at it.
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    I'll map something out in that case, make it more tangible.
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    I've got a rough sketch for unique characterisation. It's an idea that popped into my mind; everything about it can be changed into whatever is more appropriate.

    So, where do I start? Participants would be given a number of different choices.

    The first thing to pick would be a class. Based on the class, you are allowed to pick other things for your character. They would also have different stats (like strength, stamina, agility, etc. or maybe a more UBD approach: DC, dura, speed, etc.).
    Example: brawler, tank, assassin, mage, support, ranger, necromancer.

    Spirit animal:
    The animals themselves would be sorted into types (like defensive, offensive, speed, etc.). Not every type of animal could be picked by every class. For example, a tank wouldn't be able to pick an animal like a faerie dragon, which is something for a mage or support. Instead, he'll be able to get a defensive animal like a turtle, or perhaps something a bit more offense oriented - like a bear or gorilla. Naturally, they'd all be fictive animals, like a volcano turtle or molten bear. You get the idea, anyway.

    We can toss in elemental affinities or auras. A wind affinity would grant speed/utility, while ice would give crowd control and a boost to defense. While an ice shield/armor would give bonus defense and slow the attacker upon contact, a fire shield would only harm the attacker without bolstering your defense.

    Each class, spirit animal and natural affinity would give you access to certain skills; once again, based on the picks you've made thus far. A number of skills would be yours by default, perhaps 1-2 for each of the 3. The rest of the skills, any number between 1 and not too many, would be yours to pick - within the restrictions of your previous picks. A turtle mage with a skill that boosts your punches would surely be funny, but we should keep it *somewhat* sensible.

    There is room for other things like weapons, armors, spirit bones and more, each granting perks or skills. What needs to be found is a healthy balance between expressing creativity and a cluster fuck.

    Feel free to say what you love, what you hate and where you see room for improvement. Even if you hate the whole thing, do say, so we can move on to something else. It's just a train ride idea - no sweats broken.
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    That's true, which is why I brought it up. Perhaps that idea shouldn't be realised as a tournament, but rather in another format. A meta thread where participants would pick ideas that people are split on and go from there.

    The same problem can be seen in any tournament that has a broad selection. A balance needs to be found between too narrow and too wide (no improper implications here ). Perhaps simply giving more time would help, allowing the players to think their picks through.

    Likewise, appreciate the effort, so I'll gladly help if I can.
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    Thanks man
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    I see where you're coming from, but forcing someone to support an idea they do not believe is true is generally a bad idea. For a start, it's extremely dishonest. It might bring about a laugh or two when you see someone struggle like that, but I'm not sure it'd make for good debates. It might work for certain topics, I don't know.

    I already wrote a paragraph on a similar character acquisition idea in the critique thread, but I ended up deleting it. I don't know how far into CyK you've looked, but we don't pick our armies. A poll of, say, 50 commanders-generals is created and we buy them via auction. There are usually 6-10 characters per round and each round lasts for 20h with another 4h silent bids. Rules on outbidding and silent bidding are well established. Any leftover points can be used for perks like elites, prep time, etc.

    This way you'd be in control of the entries and that'd make for a more balanced tournament, but it's really hard to make it that way when we're talking about individual fighters. What allows CyK to work like that is the fact that you have a core army (75-300k) and you just need people to manage that. You can go about it like Void, by getting a monstrous core with Moubu, Kanmei and Renpa, or you can have a big roster filled with mid tiers and independent units like me. Auctions for fighters when you'll only be having 1 or maybe 2-3 would be really hard to pull off. Basically, the first one to bid all of his points on a certain character would be certain to get it.
    However, if we played with 16 players, you could create a poll of 30 characters and go about it that way. In other words, someone might have a single fighter, while someone else might even end up with 5. It's really messy, I know, but you might be able to pull something useful out of this.

    Creating unique characters did cross my mind, but that's something that would require enormous effort. Not only from the creator, but from the game mod (or perhaps even a mini council) that would have to make sure the characters aren't broken (both ways: too weak or too strong).
    Fiction has become so spread that it's hard to come with something completely new; especially when you have mangas like bnha that has taken the most stupid and trivial things and made them into powers. I think about these things sometimes, usually before going to sleep - it helps me fall asleep without thinking about any work/problems that I have to deal with the other day.
    The best way to go about that would probably be creating a whole mini-verse where there would be an equalized energy. That way the creator would be able to balance things out. It wouldn't have to be one person, it could be multiple persons working on the same canvas. If we are quick about this, I may be able to work something out before uni starts getting heated. Naturally, I wouldn't participate in the tournament afterwards. Most people don't read that many manhua/manhwa, we could use themes from there and build on that.

    Think this will do for now.
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    This is completely offensive, and uncool.
    You have triggered me.
    I am triggered.
    Check your privilege.
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